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ROPER marriages 1873-1890 Victoria Australia

Journal by tonkin

ROPER marriages 1873-1890 Victoria Australia.


Horatio Valentino
Married: Ann Rogers BEEL 1873.
Nine issues located.
1. John Edward, born 1874 Sandhurst, Victoria.
2. Mary Sarah Constance, born 1875 Sandhurst, Victoria.
3. Frederick Horatio, born 1877 Sandhurst, Victoria.
4. Alfred Joseph, born 1879 Sandhurst, Victoria.
5. Henry Cecil, born 1881 Sandhurst, Victoria.
6. George Harris, born 1883 Sandhurst, Victoria.
7. Ethel Maud, born 1885 Sandhurst, Victoria.
8. Clarisse May, born 1888 Sandhurst, Victoria.
9. Hubert Rogers, born 1891 Bendigo, Victoria.

Married: Catherine DOBLE 1876.
No issues located.

Married: Anna HENRY 1877.
No issues located.

Alfred Henry
Married: Mary Ann THOMPSON 1879.
Four issues located.
1. Helena Sarah, born 1880 Sandhurst, Victoria.
2. Arthur John Leopold, born 1884 Sandhurst, Victoria.
3. Alice Lillow, born 1887 Sandhurst, Victoria.
4. Hilda Eliza, born 1891 Ballarat, Victoria.

Married: Catherine Frances NEWINGTON 1880.
No issues located.

George Henry
Married: Catherine Agnes ELLIOTT 1881.
Seven issues located.
1. George Elliot, born 1883 Coleraine, Victoria.
2. Kathleen Haywood, born 1884 Coleraine, Victoria.
3. Arthur Stanley, born 1886 Coleraine, Victoria.
4. Mabel, born 1888 Coleraine, Victoria.
5. Reginald, born 1890 Coleraine, Victoria.
6. Frank, born 1892 Coleraine, Victoria.
7. Marjory, born 1899 Coleraine, Victoria.

Walter Henry
Married: Rachel LEWIS 1884.
Four issues located.
1. Leslie, born 1885 Tallangatta, Victoria.
2. Norman George Norman George Raymorn, brn 1887 Tallangatta, Victoria.
3. Marjerie Laura Louisa, born 1892 Tallangatta, Victoria.
4. Madalena, born 1896 Mitta Mitta, Victoria.

Alphaeus Milner
Married: Mary FAUX 1885.
Seven isssues located.
1. Walter Cyril, born 1887 Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Edward Milner, born 1890 South Yarra, Victoria.
3. Frederick Charles, born 1893 Prahran, Victoria.
4. Henry David, born 1896 Prahran, Victoria.
5. Florence Emily, born 1899 Prahran, Victoria.
6. Inez Nellie, born 1903 Prahran, Victoria.
7. John William Luke, born 1907 Prahran, Victoria.

Married: Sophia LARKIN 1885.
No issues located.

Frederick Henry
Married: Margaret Jack WHITELAW 1886.
No issues located.

Arthur Charles
Married: Florence Welesley SMITH 1886.
No issues located.

Alfred Francis
Married: Julia Edith OSULLIVAN 1887.
Eight issues located.
1. Joseph Basil, born 1888 Warrnambool, Victoria.
2. Inez, born 1890 Warrnambool, Victoria.
3. Harold Alfred, born 1891 Woodford, Victoria.
4. Eric Tasman, born 1893 Warrnambool, Victoria.
5. Enid Mary, born 1895 Warrnambool, Victoria.
6. Edith Muriel, born 1897 Warrnambool, Victoria.
7. Alfred Leon, born 1900 Warrnambool, Victoria.
8. Ida May, born 1902 Warrnambool, Victoria.

Married: Ada Martha GRIMES 1888.
Two issues located.
1. Edith Polly, born 1889 St Kilda, Victoria.
2. Mabel Elizabeth, born 1895 Kew, Victoria.

Married: Mary CONDRON 1888.
Six issues located.
1. Margaret, born 1890 Brunswick, Victoria.
2. Richard Alexander, born 1892 Brunswick, Victoria.
3. Mary Jane, born 1894 Brunswick, Victoria.
4. Joseph Andrew, born 1896 Brunswick, Victoria.
5. Thomas John, born 1898 Carlton, Victoria.
6. Alic, born 1901 Coburg, Victoria.

Married: Mary HOWMAN 1888.
Eight issues located.
1. Frank, born 1889 Beechworth, Victoria.
2. Irena Nelly, born 1890 Beechworth, Victoria.
3. Bertie Henry, born 1893 Beechworth, Victoria.
4. Reginald John, born 1894 Dederang, Victoria.
5. Helen Mary, born 1896 Dederang, Victoria.
6. John Frederick Peter, born 1899 Bright, Victoria.
7. Jessie Anna, born 1904 Bright, Victoria.
8. Dulcie Ada, born 1910 Yackandandah, Victoria.

William Land Washington
Married: Annie Elizabeth HAUB 1889.
Four issues located.
1. Myrtle Agnes, born 1890 Yackandandah, Victoria.
2. Herbert Charles, born 1895 Yackandandah, Victoria.
3. Margaret Marianne, born 1897 Yackandandah, Victoria.
4. Annie Augusta, born 1900 Yackandandah, Victoria.

Married: Elizabeth DOUGLAS 1890.
Two issues located.
1. George Ashton Walter, born 1891 Fitzroy North, Victoria.
2. Charles Alexander, born 1896 Fitzroy West, Victoria.


Married: William BROWN 1875.

Married: Johathon HORNE 1876.

Mary Jane
Married: Henry WEBB 1883.

Married: Michael MOLONEY 1886.

Emily Frances
Married: William Francis HAYMES 1886.

Louisa Mary
Married: Patrick OCONNOR 1886.

Lily Elizabeth
Married: William James WEBBER 1889.

Agnes Catherine
Married: Walter Morris George HOCKEY 1890.

Alice Maud
Married: Thomas COULSTOCK 1890.
Eight issues located.
See Post: COULSTOCK Thomas married Alice ROPER 1890

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the ROPER lines.

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by tonkin Profile | Research | Contact | Subscribe | Block this user
on 2017-05-31 23:56:43

tonkin lives in Victoria, Australia.
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by ngairedith on 2017-08-25 14:07:02

hi tonkin,
that name Coulstock is unusual (Alice Maud Roper married Thomas Coulstock) and because of that I remember a long time ago I did a bit of research for someone who was looking for them

Thomas was born in Wangoom, Victoria in 1856 to Alfred Coulstock and Janet Garden McGhie from Scotland.
Alice was born in 1870 Yackandandah, Victoria

The Argus, Sat 13 Sep 1890 MARRIAGE
COULSTOCK—ROPER — On the 26th ult., at St. Luke's, Wodonga, by the Rev. A. J. Drewett, Thomas, eldest son of the late Alfred Coulstock, of Warrnambool, to Alice Maude, youngest daughter of Walter Henry Roper, of Yackandandah.

Thomas & Alice had 8 children and lived for awhile in Granya, Victoria. I could see if I can find all the kids if you would like and add them here - or send them to you to add, if and when I find them :)

by tonkin on 2017-08-26 23:36:24

Hello ngairedith and thank you for your offer.
I have the names for Thomas and Alice's 8 children and details will be included in another journal for Thomas and Alice.
Have a great day.

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