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Came across your interesting articles re the Springs Tullamarine/Keilor. My Wife's GG Grandfather was Samuel Fleming who arrived at Port Phillip in 1839 on the ship "Hope" from Sydney,they quickly settled (by family contacts) at the Springs I assume on a ten year lease. They moved to Mia Mia in 1850 becoming one of that area's earliest settlers. The Fleming's family still thrive today.

Springs could either describe the location of James Laverty south of Keilor Road or David William O'Niall of the Lady of the Lake Hotel at Tullamarine which was rather confusing so residents near Keilor were soon afterwards referred to as living at Springfield. As the earliest ratebooks available in 1863 (Broadmeadows) and 1868 (Keilor), I'll have to rely on trove.
Ross Bird of Australia:Information about Samuel Fleming
Samuel Fleming (b. 1799, d. 26 Mar 1870)
Samuel Fleming (son of Joseah Fleming and Eliza) was born 1799 in Derryloran, Tyrone, Ireland, and died 26 Mar 1870 in "Rockdale Farm", Kyneton, Vic206. He married Margaret Brown on 1817 in Tyrone, Ireland, daughter of Robert Brown and Angela.
More About Samuel Fleming:
Immigration 1: 03 Oct 1838, "Parland" arrives Sydney, NSW from Londonderry, Ireland.207
Immigration 2: 28 Jan 1840, Samuel Fleming from Tasmania destination "The Springs" Keilor, Vic.208
Residence 1: 13 Sep 1846, "The Springs", Keilor, Victoria.209
Residence 2: 24 Nov 1853, "Rockdale Farm", Kyneton, Victoria.210
More About Samuel Fleming and Margaret Brown:
Marriage: 1817, Tyrone, Ireland.
Children of Samuel Fleming and Margaret Brown are:
Jane Fleming, b. 1820, Derryloran, Tyrone, Ireland, d. date unknown, Canada211.
William Fleming, b. 1821, Derryloran, Tyrone, Ireland, d. date unknown.
David H Fleming, b. 1824, Derryloran, Tyrone, Ireland, d. date unknown.
Robert Fleming, b. 1825, Derryloran, Tyrone, Ireland, d. date unknown.
Thomas Fleming, b. 1828, Derryloran, Tyrone, Ireland, d. 18 May 1856.
+Eliza Fleming, b. 1829, Derryloran, Tyrone, Ireland, d. 30 Aug 1865, Melbourne, Vic212.
+Sarah Fleming, b. Jan 1830, Tyrone, Ireland213, d. 03 Mar 1890, Shepparton, Vic214.
+Samuel Fleming, b. 1831, Derryloran, Tyrone, Ireland, d. date unknown.
Margaret Fleming, b. 1836, Derryloran, Tyrone, Ireland, d. date unknown.

The Brown connection leads me to believe that "The Springs", Samuel's destination, was near Keilor (as stated above) rather than Tullamarine. The Brown family after whom Browns Rd on the Arundel Closer Settlement was named had been living near Keilor Road for about half a century before the closer settlement was established. I was contacted many years ago through family tree circles by a descendant of the Brown family.

Could this have been Samuel and Margaret's grandson? (Paste link into search bar.)

Jane would seem to have been the daughter of Samuel Jnr. (1831-unknown,i.e. 1897*.)


EventDeath Event registration number13345 Registration year1897
Personal information
Family nameFLEMING Given namesSaml SexUnknown Father's nameFleming Saml Mother's nameMargt (Brown) Place of birth Place of deathKton Age62

SAMUEL SNR.'S DEATH NOTICE.(N.B. His mother's name could be a mistake.)
EventDeath Event registration number1529 Registration year1870
Personal information
Family nameFLEMING Given namesSamuel SexUnknown Father's nameJosiah Mother's nameMargaret (Brown) Place of birthTYRO Place of death Age82 Spouse's family nameBROWN Spouse's given namesMargeret

At her residence, Kyneton, on the 29th March,Margaret, the wife of Samuel Fleming, late of Tyrone,Ireland, aged 61 years. (P.4, Argus, 5-4-1853.)
There is no death record for Margaret on Victorian BDM.

Also along with Samuel Fleming there was another Irish settler Henry Wilkinson, who arrived in Pt Phillip in 1841 and married Sarah Fleming in Melbourne in 1846, I also believe that Henry may have farmed at the Springs, After 1851 Henry and Sarah also moved north to Kyneton then shortly after to Kialla near Shepparton. The Fleming and Wilkinson families continued to inter marry over the years.

Another Inquest was held yesterday at Keilor, on the body of a man supposed to be Emanuel Chasey, who was found dead about three miles beyond Keilor.
Jury:—Messrs George Bayley, Samuel Flemming, Patrick Ruskin, Robert Hill, John Orr,Elias Smith, Edward Winters, William Fleming, Tnomas Faithful, M. Burke, M. Brown and H.Wilkinson.(P.2, Argus, 19-1-1850.)

Samuel Fleming and Henry Wilkinson each donated 2 guineas towards the proposed hospital at Kyneton.
(P.7, Argus, 15-8-1853.)

No articles about Springs or Springfield prior to 1851 mention Samuel Fleming and there was no obituary for Sam Snr. in 1870 which might have given some indication what he was doing at Springs in the 1840's. He may have been an indentured labourer or leasing land. There is evidence of small farms being available at Springs such as one of 30 acres mentioned in 1845.

There is no death record for the victim in this case (who is not named as a child of Samuel and Margaret Fleming on Ross Bird's page)but the fact that the accident happened on the road to Keilor ON THE WAY HOME FROM MELBOURNE would seem to rule out a Fleming family usually described as resident at Moonee Ponds. This other Fleming family lived in Brunswick; Moonee Ponds meaning ANYWHERE near the Moonee Moonee Chain of Ponds in such early days. However the accident happened only two miles from Melbourne so they could have been heading north west to Ormond Rd, a western extension of Brunswick Road. The Bulla road had been surveyed in 1847 but as the gold rush had not begun it was not yet the great road to the diggings so Mt Alexander road north of Flemington bridge would have been referred to as Keilor road. This is included to indicate that it is probably a red herring.

Fatal Accident.-On Monday evening a melancholy occurrence took place on the Keilor Road, about two miles from Melbourne. Mr. Fleming, junior, was driving a gig, in which were his mother and his two sisters, being on the way from town to his father's residence on the Moonee Ponds; when at the turn of the road, the wheel of the vehicle came in contact with a stump and threw out Miss Elizabeth Fleming,who was standing at the time in front of the gig, with violence to tho ground, alighting on her head. She was immediately raised, seemingly not much hurt, and conveyed to the next house, where she expired in an hour afterwards during the absence of her brother for Mr. Fleming. Concussion of the brain was the cause of death. The body was brought into town and deposited at tho St. John's Tavern, An inquest was held next day before Dr. Wilmot, and a jury of householders, when a verdict of "Accidental Death," was returned. (P., Argus, 2-8-1849.)

Mr Fleming Jnr. who was driving the gig was probably John Wood Fleming, aged about 13, or maybe an older brother who had died by 1912.
John's claim that Flemington was named after his family is wrong. It was named by the grantee of the Flemington Estate, James Watson*, after an estate of that name in Scotland managed by his father.Hugh Glass retained the name. (People, cows, and cars : the changing face of Flemington / Marcus Breen)
*Watson was also responsible for the names of Keilor, Watsonia and Rosanna.

I could find no marriage record for Samuel Fleming Jnr. (1831-1897) but the following death record indicates that he might have married Emily Carl(e)ton. The death was (registered?) at Malmsbury.
EventDeath Event registration number10058 Registration year1873
Personal information
Family nameFLEMING Given namesEmily Carlton SexUnknown Father's nameSamuel Mother's nameEmily (Carleton) Place of birthMALM Place of death Age5

This is almost certainly the death record of Samuel Jnr.'s widow.
EventDeath Event registration number13505 Registration year1918
Personal information
Family nameFLEMING Given namesEmily SexUnknown Father's nameCarleton Goodwin Mother's nameMary Ann (Unknown) Place of birth Place of deathMalmsbury Age81

Sarah Fleming (b. Jan 1830, d. 03 Mar 1890)
Sarah Fleming (daughter of Samuel Fleming and Margaret Brown) was born Jan 1830 in Tyrone, Ireland216, and died 03 Mar 1890 in Shepparton, Vic217.She married Henry Wilkinson on 13 Sep 1846 in Melbourne, Vic, son of Henry Wilkinson.
More About Sarah Fleming:
Immigration 1: 03 Oct 1838, "Parland" arrives Sydney, NSW from Londonderry, Ireland.218
Immigration 2: 28 Jan 1840, Samuel Fleming from Tasmania, destination "The Springs" Keilor, Vic.219
Residence 1: 13 Sep 1846, "The Springs", Keilor, Victoria.220
Residence 2: 23 Dec 1863, "Fair View" Kyneton, Victoria.221
Residence 3: Abt. 1870, "Almond Vale", Arcadia, Shepparton, Victoria.222
More About Sarah Fleming and Henry Wilkinson:
Marriage: 13 Sep 1846, Melbourne, Vic.
Children of Sarah Fleming and Henry Wilkinson are:
+Henrietta Wilkinson, b. 02 Jul 1847, Keilor, Victoria223, d. 15 Jul 1916, Shepparton, Victoria224.
Eliza Jane Wilkinson, b. 05 Aug 1848, d. 04 Apr 1894, Kyneton, Victoria225.
Samuel Wilkinson, b. 18 Dec 1849, d. 17 Nov 1904, Kialla, Victoria225.
Henry Wilkinson, b. 10 Nov 1852, d. 25 Jan 1854, Kyneton, Victoria225.
Margaret Wilkinson, b. 05 Sep 1854, Kyneton, Victoria, d. 01 Sep 1935, Lilydale, Victoria225.
Henry Wilkinson, b. 11 Jun 1856, Kyneton, Victoria, d. 27 Aug 1913, Euroa, Victoria225.
William John Wilkinson, b. 30 Jan 1858, Kyneton, Victoria, d. 24 Mar 1858, Kyneton, Victoria225.
Sarah Wilkinson, b. 17 May 1859, Kyneton, Victoria, d. 09 Mar 1939, Kialla, Victoria225.
William John Wilkinson, b. 01 Jul 1861, Kyneton, Victoria, d. 19 Jan 1937, Kialla, Victoria225.
Thomas James Wilkinson, b. 01 Mar 1863, Kyneton, Victoria, d. 31 Jul 1926, Shepparton, Victoria225.
Elizabeth Gordon Wilkinson, b. 20 Feb 1865, Kyneton, Victoria, d. 25 Jan 1878, Murchison, Victoria225.
+Robert Alexander Wilkinson, b. 20 Jan 1867, Kyneton, Victoria, d. 1909, Violet Town, Victoria225.
Moses Wilkinson, b. 14 Aug 1869, Kyneton, Victoria, d. 10 Nov 1945, Euroa, Victoria225.
David Hamilton Wilkinson, b. 26 Mar 1872, Arcadia, Shepparton, Victoria, d. date unknown.

Sarah FLEMING was born November 1830 and baptised at Saint Luran's Parish Church, Derryloran (Cookstown, Co Tyrone, Ireland) on 3 Feb 1831. At the time her parents Samuel FLEMING and Margaret BROWN were living in nearby Knockaconny (St. Luran's Parish Church records).

Her Victorian death certificate (1890 #4704) states 32 years in Victoria) with her parents and siblings .

She and her parents arrived in Sydney on 3 Oct 1838 per "Parland" from Londonderry (Derry) in Northern Ireland, sailing to Melbourne a month later on the "Hope" arriving 3 Jan 1839 with their children.

Their eldest daughter Jane did not accompany them, having married a Mr Kimpston and going to America. After leasing at Keilor, the family purchased land at Kyneton which they named "Rockdale". Sarah's mother Margaret died there shortly afterwards in 1853 aged 50 years (source: First Families website, State Library of Victoria, no longer available) and Samuel died 26 Mar 1870 aged 82 years (Victorian death certificate #1529).

Sarah FLEMING married Henry WILKINSON on 30 Sep 1846 at St. James Church of England, Melbourne (Victorian marriage certificate).

Sarah FLEMING is also the sister of Samuel FLEMING who married Hannah GOLLAN*, the daughter of Roderick GOLLAN and Jane LITTLE (see her father James LITTLE).

Sarah died 3 Mar 1890 Shepparton, Victoria 60yo, and was buried 5 Mar 1890 at Kialla cemetery.

*Hannah Gollan certainly married a Samuel Fleming but Sarah's brother Samuel would have been 44 when this marriage took place.
EventMarriage Event registration number390 Registration year1875
Personal information
Family nameGOLLAN Given namesHannah SexFemale Spouse's family nameFLEMING Spouse's given namesSamuel

From the same website.

Henry WILKINSON arrived in Melbourne per "Neptune" 30 Mar 1841 at 21 years of age. He was born 1819 in Co Armagh, Ireland (source: Early Families of Shepparton Wilkinson pages by Don Reid) on 5 March (source: Henry's g-grand-daughter Thelma from Henry's grand-daughter Margaret Scott nee Wilkinson). He spent 63 years in Victoria until his death 16 May 1903 (Victorian death certificate). Before coming to Victoria, Henry was a farmer. A native of Co Down, he was known to be living with his father and mother and siblings at the village of Donaghcloney, Co Down, between 1823 and 1828 (source: First Families website). I found no trace of the family in the Donaghcloney parish records and a search of Down and Armagh (both cited as his birthplace) is not feasible without further information.

Henry's father Henry Wilkinson, Lieutenant in the 40th (2nd Somersetshire) Regiment of Foot, was in Captain Semporius Stretton's Company at the Battle of Waterloo, serving for some time in the army of occupation in France, being a faithful and trusted member of the staff of the Iron Duke (sources: First Families website, Early Families of Shepparton Wilkinson pages by Don Reid, Henry Wilkinson's obituary). Henry Wilkinson (snr) signed on as an Ensign on 8 May 1810 and was later promoted to Lieutenant on 12 May 1812 before going on half pay from 14 May 1818 for which he was listed up until 1861 (Army Lists, Society of Genealogists, London). Given his age, it is possible that he died in 1861/2.

After a couple of stints at labouring and market gardening at Richmond for a year, Henry rented a farm at Sunbury for seven years (source: First Families website, State Library of Victoria, no longer available).

On 30 Sep 1846, Henry WILKINSON married Sarah FLEMING, daughter of Samuel FLEMING at St. James Church of England in Melbourne (Victorian marriage certificate).

Henry left farming for a short while to look for gold. He had no luck at Ballarat but found enough at Castlemaine and Bendigo to purchase a team of six horses. He then spent at least 3 years transporting essentials like flour from Melbourne and various parts of the country to Mt Alexander and Bendigo. In 1854 he puchased 33 acres near Kyneton (near the present Lauriston Reservoir). In 1870 he sold Kyneton and purchased "Almond Vale", 500 acres at Arcadia in the Goulburn Valley (source: First Families website, State Library of Victoria, no longer available).

Henry and Sarah had 14 children (1847-1873).

Their daughter Sarah WILKINSON married George GOLLAN, the son of Roderick GOLLAN and Jane LITTLE.

Lenore Frost's index for Christine Laskowski's STEELE CREEK AND THE LADY OF THE LAKE makes no mention of Samuel Fleming or any of his family, only James and John Fleming but page 132 (no Christian names) could be of interest.

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on 2017-06-25 02:34:20

Itellya is researching local history on the Mornington Peninsula and is willing to help family historians with information about the area between Somerville and Blairgowrie. He has extensive information about Henry Gomm of Somerville, Joseph Porta (Victoria's first bellows manufacturer) and Captain Adams of Rosebud.

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by TedBall2 on 2017-06-25 09:53:33

Hi Thanks for the info,

Samuel Snr died 1870, my Wifes's family recollections is that he died at the house of a Mr Thompson of Kyneton. It is possible on the death of his wife in 1853 that Samuel moved to a Farm on the Lauriston/Malmsbury Road near Kyneton ( 1856 Land And Voting Reg) and his son's William Harper and Samuel Jnr took over the Mia Mia property known as Rockdale Farm. I have been to Queenstown in Co Tyrone in 2014 and I believe that the Fleming Family lived on Rockdale Road, now an Industrial estate. It is interesting about the Kyneton Hospital Donation, thanks for that. I am starting to believe that Samuel Snr died in Testate, for I have searched all records and Cannot find any in relation to his death apart from the above answer, he and wife are buried at Kyneton!. I really want to find out where the Fleming's lived at the Springs, apparently it appears they must of had a 10 year lease (ie, 1840-1851). The surname Fleming could of been spelt with 2 M's in the old days! for it appears in several documents of the day. I did not know of Samuel's Wife 's side (The Browns) being in Australia., that's a plus, Gee thanks for that!!! I will check this out. Any more news or reports re this Post would be gratefully received.


Ted Ball

by itellya on 2017-06-25 10:48:32

Ted, I'm almost certain that the Keilor Browns were Roman Catholic. Would that mesh with the Flemings' religious affiliations? If so, I'll chase up the Brown descendant in my private messages.

by TedBall2 on 2017-06-25 23:52:32


Re above, thanks for that other info in relation to Henry Wilkinson and other stuff that confirms what I have. I think you are correct about Keilor not Tullamarine.. I believe I did see somewhere in the past that the Browns were RC. The Fleming Family, like many from Northern Ireland and other settlers around Mia Mia and Kyneton where strict Presy's and seemed to have kept marrying into the same, ie, Metcalf (Also from Nth Ireland) Gollan's (Scotland) and Rollinson's . The Flemings had a strong connection with the building and running of the Mia Mia and Barfold Presy churches over many years. I am still a bit puzzled re Rockdale Farm at Mia Mia. I know it was sold in early 1900's from the Estate of Samuel Jnr to a Mr Jerimah O'Sullivan a Councillor from Heathcote and remained in that family for a long time. Samuel and Margaret initially went their in 1850/51, however both of them died in Kyneton which is a fair way from Mia Mia (1853, 1870) Voting and Land records reveal that a Samuel Fleming was listed as a Farmer at Lauriston/Malmsbury in 1856? which Samuel Junior or Senior I am uncertain ? I do know from my wife however, that her Grandmother Molly Fleming (later Metcalf) grew up at Mia Mia she was the daughter of Samuel Junior. I was not aware that Margeret's Browns family also migrated to Australia, was this prior to 1839?

Ted B

by itellya on 2017-06-26 02:48:36

Bad news Ted. I've spent hours going through all my F.T.C. private messages and 1268 email conversations to find the contact from the Brown family of Keilor without any success.

by TedBall2 on 2017-06-26 04:19:18


Gee Thanks for all your trouble it was interesting stuff I did not know all of the Henry Wilkinson Stuff. I may do a quick search of Family tree's in Ancestry for the Browns I should be able to come up with a bit of info there maybe? I will let you know if I have any success. Do you know when the Browns came over?


Ted Ball

by itellya on 2017-06-26 08:13:35

Thomas Brown and Bridget, nee Fox, seem to have been the ancestors of the Keilor Browns. I don't think they came out as early as Sam and Margaret, more likely in the 1850's. I've got a feeling that I've written information (supplied by a descendant) about them in one of my early landowners (Doutta Galla/Tullamarine parish) books, so I'll have a look there. Keep in mind that Thomas Brown might have been totally unrelated to Margaret, nee Brown.

by TedBall2 on 2017-06-26 22:43:58

Itellya, You could be right Ancestry tree's,about 10 of them, all have Margaret's Parents as Robert and Angela Brown. So Thomas and Bridget very well may not be the Parents, however I suppose it is possible they maybe related? Will continue to look for a connection. Thanks again for your info.


Ted B

by itellya on 2017-06-29 10:17:29

TedBall2, Bridget Brown, nee Fox, wife of Thomas Brown, was a sister of Michael Fox, another pioneer of the Keilor area. Both had the same parents and died in the same year, 1918.

EventDeath Event registration number13308 Registration year1918
Personal information
Family nameBROWN Given namesBridget SexUnknown Father's nameFox Chriser Mother's nameMargt (Burns) Place of birth Place of deathKeilor Age85

Michael, a brother and sister (i.e. Bridget) had come to Australia with their mother who was a widow. from King's County in Ireland. Information on page F.76 of my DICTIONARY HISTORY OF TULLAMARINE AND MILES AROUND.

BROWN.—On the 31st October at Keilor, Bridget,
beloved wife of the late Thomas Brown, and
loving mother of John, Charlie, Maggie, Mrs.
Cass, Robert, Alice, William, Katie and Joseph,
aged 85 years. A colonist of 67 years. R.I.P.
(P.13, Argus, 2-11-1918.)

From Michael's obituary.
"Mr. Fox came to Australia
in his youth, and, after spending a
short time in Queensland, settled at
Keilor. where he resided continuously
for the past 52 years." (P.25, Advocate, 14-9-1918.)

Thomas and Bridget married in Victoria in 1858 Reg. no2965.

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