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Samuel John GAMMAN (1834-1901) Sawmiller, Canterbury & Manawatu

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Samuel John GAMMAN (1834-1901) was born in Sheldwich, Faversham, Kent
He was a private and later a corporal with the Royal Engineers, stationed at Shorncliffe and Chatham in Kent as well as Port Louis Mauritius.
He married Eliza WOODCOCK (1840-1930) on 22 Feb 1859 in Brompton, Kent. He emigrated to New Zealand 6 days later, from London, on the 1st March 1859 and arrived in Lyttelton on 11th July 1859, on the CAMEO
- Eliza followed him in 1863 on the METROPOLIS. Although married she travelled as a Single Woman with an Emily Gammon who may have been a sister of Samuel. They were listed as Domestic Servants from Middlesex

Samuel & Eliza had about 10 children (still researching) in Oxford, Canterbury, New Zealand before they moved to the Manawatu in the North Island


12 April 1862 - CLAIMS TO VOTE
Samuel John Gamman attested the signature of the Claimant, Luke Parham, head of Akaroa harbor, leasehold, land in Barry's bay, Akaroa

... Samuel was fined 10s and costs for allowing his cattle to wander at large

27 June 1873 - MEETING AT OXFORD
... A preliminary meeting was held at the Oxford Hotel, Oxford, on June 24, for the purpose of making arrangements to call a public meeting to take into consideration the action taken by the inhabitants of East Oxford, in forwarding a memorial to the Minister for Public Works, praying that the terminus of the Rangiora and Oxford Railway may be on a section immediately behind the Harewood Arms Hotel. The meeting consisted of a number of sawmill proprietors, storekeepers and business men generally. Mr P. Briggs occupying the chair.
Mr Richard Walker proposed the above, seconded by Mr Gammon, carried unanimously

4 November 1873 - SERIOUS ACCIDENT
... An accident of a very serious nature occurred on Friday afternoon last, at Oxford, Canterbury, to a man named Jacob, an employee of Messrs Gamman and Davis, sawmill proprietors. He was employed feeding the saw, when by some means the log slipped and the left hand coming in contact with the machinery, was severed by the wrist. He was taken to Rangiora and attended to by Dr Downes, who recommended his immediate removal to the hospital. Mr John Burt, coach proprietor, took the sufferer to Christchurch

... The Perseverance Lodge of the I.O.G.T. Oxford, held their usual weekly meeting on Friday, 8th May, when the following business was transacted; Twelve candidates were initiated and ten others proposed and duly elected. The following officers were installed for the ensuing term by the installing officer Bro J. W. Warboys
? Bro S. J. Gamman, W.C.T.
? Sister Gamman, R.R.S.
? Bro E. Griffiths, Acting P.W.C.T.
? Sister E. Griffiths, W.L.S.
? Sister H. Griffiths, W.G.T.
? Bro H. Marsh, W.T.
? Bro R. Morris, W.A.S.
? Bro H. Paget, W.J.G
? Bro F. Panal, W.D.M.
? Bro L. Parsons, W.S.
? Bro H. Pickeral, W.F.S
? Bro J. Symmonds, W.C.
? Bro H. G. Wilson, senr., W.M.
? Bro H. G. Wilson, W.O.G.
The members of the above lodge are increasing so rapidly that the U.F.M. Chapel kindly lent by that society for lodge purposes is found to be much too small, and they have resolved to erect a very commodious building as a Templar Hall

21 November 1874 - IN COURT
... S. J. Gamman, John Lee and Thomas Woodfield were each fined 20s and costs 6s 6d, for having weights and measures unstamped and incorrect. The Magistrates admitted that sufficient facility was not given by the authorities for the traders in the up country districts, to get their weights and measures periodically inspected and adjusted

7 January 1874 - OXFORD ROAD BOARD
... A meeting of the ratepayers of the East and West Oxford districts was called to elect three members, in lieu of Messrs Sladden, Sedcole, and Gamman, retiring on Jan 5th

17 February 1875 - OXFORD ROAD BOARDS
... Mr Pearson moved, Mr Cooper seconded that a new Board office be erected with a five-stall stable attached and plans and specificiations be prepared. A letter from Mr S. J. Gamman was read, offering to sell a quantity of 8 by 3 timber at a low figure, and it was decided the Board should take all that the surveyor passed

15 May 1875 - OXFORD RACES
... It is pleasing to note, that after a lapse of nearly ten years, the inhabitants of the Oxford district successfully resuscitated their annual race meeting on Thursday, in a manner which did the promoters credit, both as regards the manner in which the details were managed, and the liberal prizes offered.
Samuel was one of the Stewards

22 June 1875 - OXFORD RAILWAY
... Long looked for come at last was probably the remark passed by the majority of the Oxford public on Monday morning last as they witnessed the first passenger train steam through the township to the West Oxford terminus. The opening of this line of narrow guage railway has been seriously delayed ... much more at link ... on the buildings around there was a profuse display of flags, notably on Mr Gamman's store and the principal public-houses

... a long argument of the Waste Lands Board Appeal Act, and re the Application of Samuel John Gamman to purchase eighty acres of rural land, situate in the Oxford District

31 August 1876 - OXFORD ROAD BOARD
... The secretary reported that the Bush road was finished, and that cattle were causing great damage to the drains and that willows be planted on the embankment at Gamman's Creek

... A meeting was held in the West Oxford school on Thursday night, the 22nd instant, for the purpose of electing two members in the place of Mess Portens and Youngman who have forfeited their seats from non-attendance. Mr McKenzie proposed and Mr Harry Marsh seconded, Mr S. J. Gamman as a member

31 January 1879 - OXFORD
... Samuel was fined 10s for allowing his cattle to trespass

... Samuel John Gamman, of West Oxford, sawmiller, Joynt and Perceval, solicitors

6 March 1884 - NOW in MANAWATU
... Mr S. J. Gamman, of the Bunnythorpe sawmill, is in want of a good bushman

3 June 1884 - MANAWATU
... A meeting of S. J. Gamman's creditors takes place to-morrow
5 June 1884 - GAMMAN'S ESTATE
... At a meeting of creditors in this estate held at the Court-house yesterday, an offer made by Mr Holland to purchase the estate for the sum of ?100 (June 2012 equivalent of $17,400), in two bills at six and nine months, was considered, and finally accepted. it is expected this will pay each creditor about 3s in the ?

28 January 1885 - RE OPENED
... Mr S. J. Gamman notifies that his saw and planing mills are now open and that he is prepared to supply timber at lowest current rates

3 February 1885 Feilding Star - BUNNYTHORPE
... To-day we publish an advertisement from Mr Gamman, in which he informs the public that the Bunnythorpe Sawmill is now open. As Mr Gamman has a splendid totara bush at his command his future success is certain, especially as timber has now an upward tendency

14 July 1885 - ASHLEY, Christchurch
... At the Kaiapoi magistrate's Court yesterday, upon the application of the Registrar of Electors of the Ashley District, the name of S. J. Gamman, formerly of Oxford, was ordered to be removed from the roll, he to pay cost of summons 10s to show cause

14 August 1886 - BUNNYTHORPE
... The bankruptcy is announced of Mr S. J. Gamman of Bunnythorpe. A meeting of the creditors will be held in Palmerston on Thursday next

11 December 1888 - NORSEWOOD SCHOOL
- Laura was Samuel's 5th born & 2nd daughter -
... Laura Gammon, Standard III at Norsewood School came 5th in class at the annual examination

25 August 1891 - SUPPLY OF SLEEPERS
... The following list of successful and unsuccessful tenders for the supply and delivery of totara sleepers for the Napier section of railway we publish for general information:-
? H. Carlson and Co., Dannevirke, 4000 at 2s 2?d per sleeper, to be delivered at Tamaki (accepted)
? G. A. Gamman and Co., Kumeroa, 3000 sleepers at 2s 4d, to be delivered at Oringi siding (accepted)
? G. N. Clausen, Maharahara, 2000 sleepers at 3s 3d, to be deliverd at Oringi siding (accepted)
? B. L. Knight, Hasting, 4000 sleepers, at 2s 9d, to be deliverd at Tahoraite, Tamaki siding, and Dannevirke (delivered)

8 October 1892 - ORMONDVILLE COURT
... F. W. Redward v Samuel John Gamman; judgment summons for ?7 2s; cost 10s (Oct 2011 equivalent of $1300). Mr Redward, sworn, deposed that defendant had promised to pay 30s per month, but this last month only ?1 had been paid, which he was not agreeable to accept. Judgment for amount to be paid forthwith, in default imprisonment for 14 days. Order to be suspended for three months

23 May 1895 - IN COURT
... At the Dannevirke Magistrate's Court yesterday, Gamman and Co, sawmillers were fined ?25 (May 2012 equivalent of $4500) and costs for having, on five occasions, made wilful misstatements of the quantity of timber loaded on railway trucks

4 March 1897 - NEW SCHOONER
... The three-masted schooner that Messrs Gannam & Co have secured as one of their vessels to carry timber to Australia will be able to take 150,000 feet on a draught of seven feet

19 October 1897 - PORT OF FOXTON
... Messrs Gamman and Co's schooner, the Whangaroa, is now waiting for a favourbale opportunity to get away for Sydney. She is heavily laden with timber from Messrs Gamman & Co's sawmill at Foxton, the deck-part also being utilised for storage to a line above the bulwarks. It is by far the largest quantity yet taken by any vessel trading to this port

1 November 1897 - CONCERT at ORMONDVILLE
... The concert and dance held in the Village Hall, Norsewood, last evening was a very fair success. there was a fairly good attendance. Mr Westall occupying the chair. In a brief speech he introduced the programme, which was replete with novelties. The conert playing of the Gamman Brothers was esceptionally good, while the quintette "Village Chimes" and the trio "Merry Sunshine" by members of the band were extremely well played. The tumbling performances of Messrs Gamman and Skipworth were of exceptional merit, being repeatedly applauded. Their horizontal-bar work was quite up to date, and deserving of great praise

17 January 1898 - GREAT DAMAGE IN FIRE
... Our reporter was informed that two settlers had been burned out during the night. On the return journey one of these settlers was met at Smith's siding and on being questioned as to his loss, said "Oh no, it is not as bad as that, I was not burnt out. I have been watching the house for three days and three nights without sleeping, but I think the fire has gone past me now. I had my fence, pigstye and poultry house burnt, together with the fowls" Then with grim humor he remarked, "had I know earlier that you were coming through I could have given you roast fowl for breakfast"
... almost every resident of the district had packed his furniture ready for speedy removal in the event of his
house going
... Mr Ashley, who occupied one of the houses burnt near the station, succeeded in saving his furniture and effects
... Smith's siding just past Makotuku, is burnt to the ground and 200,000ft of sawn timber which was stored there has also gone
... Mr Gammon's house at Makotuku it is thought will go, unless there is a change in the direction of the wind.
... The Waikopiro Block is on fire in many places, and it is considered certain that some of the houses there have been burnt
... At the Piri Piri siding, however, the full force of the fire had been felt. The whole of the mill buildings, stables and sheds, had been completely destroyed, together with five portable engines and the valuable mill plant and machinery which was lying on the ground, buckled and twisted almost out of recognisable shape. The immense stacks of slab timber, over 40 feet in height, had been consumed and the embers were still burning. The fire reached these stacks at about midnight on Saturday and Dannevirke residents who witnessed the immense volumes of flame which shot up into the air, say it was the finest sight they had ever seen

10 November 1898 - STAYING PUT
... Messrs Gamman and Co. are not going to shift their sawmill, as they have made arrangements for the disposal of all the yellow pine which may be cut. This piece of news will be much appreciated by the people in the district

23 March 1899 - BOSHER BROTHERS
... Messrs Bosher Bros., of Feilding, are erecting a sawmill in the Te Ohu block, near Matamau, having acquired Messrs Gamman and Simmonds lease of 1250 acres

... The late train to Napier last night brought from Messrs Gamman and Simmonds' mill a consignment of 30.000ft of timber, the first lot of a 210,000ft order which the firm has contracted to supply a Sydney firm

13 June 1899 - KOPUA
... Our Ormondville correspondent writes under yesterday's date:- The successful tenderers for the bushfelling at Te Ohu block were Messrs:
? C. A. Olsen
? F. Findsen
? Alf Olsen
? C. Larsen
? O. Lund
? Arnold Olsen
Messrs Gamman and Co's first mill at Kopua will shortly be removed to a new site, already being prepared in Prescott's bush, where there is several years' supply of timber. At their second mill, situated about three miles on the Ormondville side of Takapau, the Railway Department is about to put up a siding for their use, the tram line from the mill being already in course of construction

2 August 1899 - COLLISON AT SYDNEY
... The schooner 'Whangaroa', en route to Newcastle to load coal for Foxton, collided in the harbor with another schooner. The Whangaroa is slightly damaged. The Whangaroa is owned by Messrs A. Gamman and Co., sawmillers, of Dannevirke

28 September 1899 - ANOTHER MILL
... Messrs G. A. Gamman & Co., who have lately purchased the timber business of Mr C. A. Clausen at Palmerston North, near the railway station will necessitate Mr Simmonds, a member of the firm, residing there. Mr Simmonds has secured Mr Broad's fine residence, which is in close proximity to the timber yard

14 October 1899 - ANOTHER MILL
... Messrs Gamman and Co. are putting in a sawmill on the Piripiri flat to work their Otanga bush. The plant includes a 35-horse power stationary engine, which, in addition to driving the saws, will haul the logs up the steep bank from the stream at the edge of the flat

3 February 1900 - AN INVENTION
... An invention of immense advantage to sawmillers has been perfected and patented by Mr George Gamman. The machine is termed 'cutter heads' for planing machines, and is specially adapted for tongue and grooving seasoned flooring boards with dry edges. The cutter heads have been manufactured to Mr Gamman's order at the Vulcan Foundry, Napier, and they have been fitted up in Gamman and Co's Tahoraite, Kopua and Takapau mills, where they are running with great success, the clean nature of the work being greatly admired by experts. The improvement over the old style square disc is very marked. The new machine is of circular form, and as many knives can be inserted as there are teeth in a saw, and it can run twelve hours without sharpening. The new cutter heads will soon come into general use in every mill in the colony and we congratulate Mr Gamman on the success of his invention

22 January 1901 - FOUR MILLS
... Mr G. A. Gamman, who has four large sawmills in the dannevirke district, is inspecting the extensive bush at Motu, Poverty Bay. From what he has seen, he believes that if the Motu district were connected with Gisborne by rail, timber from it could be landed in Wellington at a lower rate that that at which he is now able to sell the output of his Dannevirke mills in this city. He estimates that there is sufficient timber in dannevirke to keep the mills there going for another fiftenn years

23 January 1901 - HORSES
... Messrs G. A. Gammon and Co's horses which were so successful at the Manawatu Show, have been entered for the Woodville Show. If the horses are turned out in the same condition as they were at the manawatu Show, Messrs Gamman and Co. should secure a number of prizes at Woodville

30 May 1901 - SUDDEN DEATH
... A sudden death occurred at Makotuku on Monday evening, when Mr S. J. Gamman, sen., contractor for the Hawke's Bay Timber Company, died at the Makotuku Hotel
... The Makotuku correspondent of the Waipawa Mail writes:- Quite a sensation was caused this afternoon when it was reported that Mr Gamman, senior, the sawmiller, had died at the Makotuku hotel. It appears that Mr Gamman had been in Makotuku since Thursday and Dr Francis had been attending him the last day or two. The cause of death is stated to have been heart disease
... Mr S. Johnson, Coroner, held an inquest at Makotuku on Tuesday evening on the body of the late S. J. Gamman, who died suddenly on Monday. The following jury were empanelled:- Messrs J. Scholes (foreman), L. Wright, P. Olsen, L. Webb, J. McCann. and C. Mitchell.
Constable Baker watched the proceedings on behalf of the police. Evidence having been given by Messrs Gamman (deceased's eldest son), Geddes, Clayton, and Dr Halse-Francis, a verdict was returned that deceased died from failure of the heart's action, accelerated by excessive drinking and insufficient nourishment

3 May 1902 Wairarapa Daily Times - MARRIAGE
... GAMMAN-BROOM, At Palmerston North, on 30th April, by the Rev Lawry, Flora Beatrice 'Flo', elder daughter of Henry Broom, of Masterton, to Charles W. Gamman, of Makotuku, Hawke's Bay

27 May 1902 - IN MEMORIAM
... S. J. GAMMAN - Departed this life on 27th May, 1901 aged 66 years
He has gone but not forgotten
Never shall his memory fade,
Fondest thoughts shall ever linger
Round the spot whre he is laid
-- Inserted by his loving wife, Eliza Gamman

1907 - from NZETC
... Wood Trade - Gamman, G. A., and Company (G. A. Gamman, W. A. Gamman, and H. M. Simmonds, proprietors), Sawmillers, Timber and Coal Merchants, Dannevirke. Messrs G. A. Gamman first started business as proprietors of a mill at Kumeroa, gradually extended their operations, and now (1907) conduct four mills, situated respectively at Makotuku, Matamau, and Piripiri. The mills at Makotuku are situated at Smith's siding, and are fitted with first-class machinery. One is driven by a thirty horse-power engine, and the other by two portable twenty horse-power engines. They employ seventy persons, and cut about 18,000 feet of timber daily. The Matamau mill is driven by a twenty-five horse-power stationary engine, and turns out 9,000 feet of sawn timber daily, employing thirty persons. The mill at Piripiri is a re-cutting, planing, and moulding concern, possessing four planes and a complete plant of the latest moulding machinery, and employs about sixteen persons. The timbers cut are chiefly totara, rimu, white pine, and matai, which find a ready market. At Palmerston North the firm have established a large sash and door factory, which is fitted with the latest machinery, and employs fifteen persons. The firm also hold cutting rights over 6,000 acres in the King Country. Besides a large local and New Zealand trade, Messrs Gamman and Company export largely to Australia.

8 Oct 1935 - DEATH of ERNEST EDWARD Gamman
... The death occurred early this morning of Mr Ernest Edward Gamman at his residence in Edgecumbe Road. He was 58 years of age and was born at Oxford, Canterbury. Deceased was the fifth son of Samuel Gamman, who was well known in Oxford. As a child he accompanied his parents to Dannevirke, where his father carried on sawmilling at Seventy-mile Bush. Deceased with his brothers started sawmilling at Oropi, Tauranga, and carried on till 1918, when he joined the same industry at Whakamarama. He continued there till six weeks ago, when he became ill. He is survived by his widow and one son

? Samuel died 27 May 1901 at Makotuku Hotel
? Eliza died 23 May 1930 in Dannevirke
they are buried with a granddaughter Plot 323, Block 1 at Ormondville Cemetery
14 August 1908 Bush Advocate
On 12th August, at Rakaiatai, Lilla Joyce, infant daughter of Arthur Frederick and Delia (nee Cole) Gamman; aged 5? months. Deeply regretted

Gammon Bros., Sawmill, Ohakune c1910

taken from the site Alexander Turnbull Library

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