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SCANDRETT in New Zealand

Journal by ngairedith

known SCANDRETT marriages in New Zealand 1863-1928:

? Anne Scandrett (1866-1930)
- 2nd born of George & Helena Scandrett
- married Herbert RALLS (1861-1931) in 1892
- Herbert was born in Somerset, England 5 Oct 1861 to John Tolman RALLS & Mary Hannah RALLS (his 1st cousin)
known children of HERBERT & ANNIE:
* 1893 - 1893 Annie Helena Ralls
- Annie died aged 4 months
* 1894 - 1968 Herbert George Ralls
- Herbert married Annie PHILLIPS 19 Nov 1923 at Snells Beach
* 1896 - 1905 Hector Tolman/Johnan Ralls
- Hector died aged 8
* 1901 - 1979 Ernest Terrett Ralls
- Ernest married Kathleen Annie 'Kitty' KEYES in 1927

? Anne Emily Scandrett (1872-1904)
- possibly a daughter of William Benjamin Scandrett of Invercargill
- married David Sligh THOMSON (1872-1919) in 1898
ANNE EMILY Scandrett died aged 32 in 1904
- David remarried 2 years later to her (possible) sister Elizabeth Hinton Scandrett

? Arthur Cyril Scandrett (1881-1932)
- Arthur married Ellen TIVOHILL in 1908
- he was living in Waihi in 1918
ARTHUR CYRIL Scandrett died 17 January 1932
- he is buried in PLOT ACS, ROW 6, AREA: Plan VII at Archer St, Masterton

? Douglas Martin Scandrett (1883-1959)
- son of William Benjamin Scandrett below
- Douglas married Louisa Harriet NICHOLSON 24 Dec 1910, Knox Church Dunedin
- he was a Land Agent living at 86 Victoria Ave, Invercargill
DOUGLAS MARTIN Scandrett died 27 Octobr 1959 aged 76
- his ashes were returned to the Funeral Director

? Elizabeth Hinton Scandrett (1870-1926)
- daughter of William Benjamin Scandrett of Invercargill (below)
- married David Sligh THOMSON (1872-1919) in 1906 as his 2nd wife (see Anne Emily Scandrett above)
ELIZABETH HINTON Scandrett died in a private hospital in Feilding 21 Dec 1926
- she is buried in PLOT 863, ROW 81, BLOCK 2 at Feilding Cemetery with David

? Eric Scandrett
- Eric married Elsie Mary REID in 1920
- their son, Eric Reid Scandrett, was born in 1910 and died on 8th Sept 2002 aged 82. His ashes are in SOLDIERS ASH BURIAL K Row 9a, Plot 216 at Waikumete

? Eric Scandrett (1896-1967)
- a son of William Francis & Annie Isabella Scandrett
- Eric married Ella Lottie GRANT (1898-1960) of Norsewood in 1921
- his brother Richard Graham married Ella's sister Mavis Hilda Grant
- Eric was a Stock & Station agent
ERIC Scandrett died 18 August 1967
- his ashes were buried SOLDIERS ASH BURIAL K Row 1b, Plot 41 at Waikumete

? Ernest Victor Scandrett (1886-1954)
- Ernest married Daisy TREMBATH (1886-1957) in 1914
- Daisy was a daughter of John & Mary Jane Trembath
- she attended the Fortrose School, Southland

? George Scandrett (1834-1915)
- born 1st January in Moira, County Down, Ireland
- he emigrated to Australia then sailed to NZ on the "Green Jacket" about 1860
- George married Helena DILLON (1840-1913) in 1864
HELENA Scandrett died 24 May 1913
GEORGE Scandrett died 1 October 1915
- they are buried in ANGLICAN DIVISION F Row 2, Plot 3-5 at Waikumete, Auckland
- the family farm was sold to the Auckland Regional Council in 1998 and it is now Scandrett Regional Park
the known children of GEORGE & HELENA:
1865 - Mary Scandrett
1966 - Anne Scandrett
1868 - Georgina Scandrett
1871 - Helena Scandrett
- Helena was a nurse and did not marry. She died 23 April 1911
- she is buried in the ANGLICAN DIVISION F Row 2, Plot 3 at Waikumete
1873 - Maria Roberta Scandrett
- Maria died 5 June 1873 aged 5 months
1875 - Hessey Maria Scandrett
1876 - Thomas Henry Scandrett
1877 - George Scandrett
- more info at the "notes" link below

? George Scandrett (1878-1937)
- 8th born of George & Helena above
- George married Anabella McKENZIE in 1901
known children of GEORGE & ANNABELLA:
1902 - 1986 Hector Scandrett
1903 - 1986 Donald McKenzie Scandrett
- Donald was a faultman with the Power Board in Invercargill when, in September 1933, he and his workmate Stanhope Sherwell SMART were engaged in cleaning out a birds nest from the choke coils. Stanhope was killed by an 11,000 volt shock which stopped his heart
1905 - 1977 George Scandrett
1908 - 1986 Burns Reginald Scandrett
1910 - 1975 Malcolm Arnaud Scandrett
1912 - ? Helen Dillon Scandrett
1916 - 2003 Allan Sarrail Scandrett

? George Scandrett (1905-1977)
- George married Harriet Aileen Jessie WHITTINGHAM (1905-1959) in 1928
- George was a Company Manager
- he was living at 112 Prince Albert Rd, Dunedin in 1959
- he was living at 26 Brigans St, Alexandria in 1977
HARRIETT died 12 August 1959 aged 54
GEORGE died 19 June 1977 aged 71
- his ashes are buried in PLOT 111, BLOCK C at Andersons Bay Cemetery in Dunedin with his wife Harriett

? Georgina Scandrett (1868-1948)
- 3rd born child of George & Helena above
- Georgina married Charles Poune TAYLOR (1856-1932) in 1897
- Georgina was his 2nd wife, his first wife was Hettie Ethel Bernice FLUDE (1853-1893) whom he married in 1876
- Charles was born in Islington, London in 1852 & died in Rotorua
- (thanks to Kathy for this info on 14-3-2011)... Charles came to NZ in 1862 with his parents (James & Jane Taylor) and *9 brothers and sisters, coming as non conformists to Albertland (near Wellsford), but then settling Auckland when the land proved unproductive ...
- Georgina separated from Charles Poune Taylor in the mid-1920's and ran a boarding house at 11 Wilding Ave, Auckland. Thomas HYDE and
Percy RHODES from Mangonui, North Auckland, boarded there and met
their respective spouses, Georgina's daughters Helena and Olga. Their other child, James Poune Taylor, married Violet LUMLEY in 1924
*Charles's siblings were:
Henrietta Charlotte Taylor
Frank Gorringe Taylor
Richard Taylor
Eveland Taylor
Mary Ann Taylor
Stephen Taylor
Emily Jane Taylor
Arthur Taylor
Sydney 'James' Taylor

? Gordon Frederick Scandrett (1885-1963)
- Gordon married Alice May RODGERS (1881-1961) in 1908
- they divorced in 1918/1919
- he next married Na Juna 'June' KENNING (1886-1969) in 1926
- in September 1930 Gordon was charged with embezzling $491 3s 6d while employed as cashier with the Wairarapa Farmers Co-operative Company (equivalent in 2010 to $44,640). He was at that time earning ?6 10s a week and supporting 8 people with an invalid wife ($554 in 2010). He was sentenced to 12 months hard labour. He died 16 October 1963 and is buried in PLOT 26, ROW E, AREA: Lawn A-X at Archer St Cemetrey Masterton with June. June died 17 May 1969 aged 83

? Hector Scandrett (1869-1944)
- 4th born of George & Helena Scandrett
- Hector married Eliza Charlotte COWLEY (1875-1952) on 27 March 1907
- Hector was a Storeman
HECTOR Scandrett died 9 September 1944 and was cremated at Waikumete
ELIZA died 1 Sep 1952 and buried PROTESTANT LAWN A Row 1, Plot 6 Waikumete
- a daughter, Dorothy Helena Scandrett, was born 7 Feb 1908 and lived for 5 days. She is buried WESLEY DIVISION B Row 3, Plot 27A at Waikumete Cemetery Auckland
- they also had another daughter, Roberta Josephine Frances Scandrett (nothing known)

? Hector Scandrett (1902-1986)
- son of George Scandrett & Annie McKenzie
- Hector married Mary LATIMER 7 August 1930 in Westport
- Mary was born in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, Scotland
known children of HECTOR & MARY:
1931 - Thomas Gordon Scandrett
1935 - 2006 Robert Burns Scandrett
- he was known as DeLarno the magic master and had a magic shop in Christchurch entertaining generations of children, from the 1950s until the 1990s with his illusions, and millions internationally for his TV performances
- there are hundreds of Burns Scandrett collection of posters at
- between 1936 & 1943 Mary & Hector had 4 babies born still

? Hessey Maria Scandrett (1875-1958)
- 7th born of George & Helena Scandrett
- Hessey married William John GOLDSWORTHY (1869-1902) on 27 June 1899
- they had a daughter, Hessey May Goldsworthy (1900-1993 unmarried)
- Hessey remarried on 24 April 1916 to James DRIVER (1871-1932)
- they did not have any children

? Lyndall Hinton Scandrett (1903-1969)
- born in Invercargill, a daughter of William Francis & Annie Scandrett, Lyndall died in Christchurch
- Lyndall married Horton George HITCHON (1897-1966) in 1926
- born in Tokomairiro, Otago, a son of William Henry HITCHON (1872-1957) & Sarah Barrett HORDER (1866-1947), Horton died in Auckland. His father, William Henry (and 1 of his brothers, Manly Hitchon) started a Bacon Factory in Milton in 1903 which became known as Hitchon Brothers Bacon Ltd., that at least 2 generations worked in before it was taken over by Kiwi Bacon Ltd
- LYNDALL & HORTON had 2 known children:
1927 - 1929 born still daughter on 24 Oct 1927, buried Bromley
- (Lyndall & Horton were then living at 52 Mersey St, St Albans, Christchurch)
1933 - 2002 John William Hitchon, lived & died in France

? Mary Scandrett (1865-1918)
- the first born of George & Helena Scandrett
- Mary married Arthur NEWMAN on 27 January 1892

? Minnie West Scandrett
- daughter of William Benjamin Scandrett
- married William Alexander CRAWFORD on 17 Sep 1896 in St Paul's Parish, Invercargill
- Minnie died 11 June 1948 aged 78
- she is buried with 9 others in PLOT 145, BLOCK 4 at Eastern Cemetery Invercargill
In loving memory of
William Benjamin Scandrett
Born at Clapham, near London
Who died at Invercargill
23rd September 1917 aged 78
- And of his beloved wife
Susanna Hinton Scandrett
Born at Bromley, Kent
Who died at Invercargill
18th August 1917 aged 72
Lovely and pleasant in their lives
And in their death they were not divided
- Also of their dear children
Susy who died at Invercargill
31st January 1875 aged 18
Richard Milstead accidentally
Drowned at Feilding NZ
5th July 1896 aged 25
Anne Emily beloved wife of
D.S. Thomson (Feilding) accidentally drowned
At Riverton NZ 16th January 1904 aged 32
- Also -
her sister Minnie West Crawford
Daughter of W.B. & S.H. Scandrett
Died 11th June 1946
- Also -
Douglas Martin Scandrett
Beloved husband of Louisa
Died 27th Oct 1959
Aged 76 years
- And his wife
Louisa Harriet
Died 25th Aug 1961
Aged 80 years
- Also -
Jean Edna Scandrett
Died 17th June 1986
Aged 74 years
John Carruthers Scandrett
22nd Feb 1915 - 29th Aug 2006

? Richard Graham Scandrett (1898-1985)
- Richard married Mavis Hilda GRANT (1902-1987) of Norsewood in 1924
- his brother William Francis married Mavis's sister Ella Grant

? Thomas Henry Scandrett (1877-1927)
- 8th born of George & Helena Scandrett
- Thomas married Lucy Susie DRIVER (1879-1970) on 1 April 1907
the known children of THOMAS & LUCY:
... 1 21 Jan 1908 - 29 Aug 1997 Mabel Roberta 'Mong' Scandrett
big thank you to pjwtrc who is providing all extra info for Mable (10 Nov 2012)
27 June 1945 - MABEL's WEDDING
... MORRIS?SCANDRETT - A quiet and pretty wedding of local interest was solemnised at the home of Mr and Mrs Hamilton, "The Grange," Warkworth, on June 27th, when Mabel Roberta, only daughter of Mrs Lucy and the late Thomas Scandrett, of Mullet Point, was married to Bernal Francis Morris (1900-1959), of Warkworth. The Very Reverend George Budd, of Devonport, officiated. The bride, who was given away by Mr Hamilton, wore a powdery pink silk crepe frock and carried a bouquet of roses, camelias and lachenalias with coloured leaves. A reception followed the ceremony, the bride and bridegroom leaving later for Whangarei.
- Bernal was born 17 Sep 1900, 1 of 2 children of Charles Horatio MORRIS & Frances Marie VENDORE
- his sister, Marjorie Frances Morris, married James Grieve BRUNTON in 1922
- Bernal Morris first married Edith Lilian NORMAN in 1929 & had 4 sons
... 2 23 Nov 1909 - 9 July 2006 George Henry Scandrett
... 3 19 Oct 1913 - 9 Aug 1993 Raymond Renshaw 'Ray' Scandrett
- (Renshaw was Lucy's mother's maiden name)
... 4 12 Aug 1917 - 16 Sep 2004 Thomas Reginald 'Tom' Scandrett

? William Benjamin Scandrett (1840-1917)
- 6 times Mayor of Invercargill
- William married Susanna HINTON (1845-1917) in 1863 in Oamaru
- William's Obituary
- there is a Scandrett St in Appleby, Invercargill
SUSANNAH died 21 August 1917
WILLIAM died 23 Sep 1917
- they are buried in the Eastern Cemetery, Invercargill (see Cemetery Link below)

? William Francis Scandrett (1866-1926)
- William married Annie Isabella LITTLE (1870-1949) in 1895
the known children of WILLIAM & ANNIE:
1896 - 1967 Eric Scandrett
1898 - 1985 Richard Graham Scandrett
1903 - 1926 Lyndall Hinton Scandrett
1906 - Runa Mansfield Scandrett

An Annie Scandrett was found in the NZ Maritime Index as a Vessel Owner between 1937-1948

A bio for George Scandrett & Helena Dillon

Scandrett Regional Park on the northern coast of the Hauraki Gulf, about an hour's drive from the Auckland CBD, is Auckland's newest regional park and boasts spectacular views across to Kawau Island

The Scandrett Surname Resource Center links to the majority of the Scandrett surname data on the web, as well as to individual Scandrett family trees, Scandrett origin and Scandrett meaning if known, and many other Scandrett genealogy resources.

There are 15 Scandrett buried in Invercargill Cemeteries of Eastern Cemetery, Saint Johns Cemetery & Southland Cemetery (many with headstone photos):
SCANDRETT, ALICE MAY aged 80, Eastern Cemetery
SCANDRETT, HELEN GLENDINNING aged 2 weeks, Saint Johns Cemetery
SCANDRETT, INLAY MAY aged 1, Eastern Cemetery
SCANDRETT, JEAN EDNA aged 74, Eastern Cemetery
SCANDRETT, JOHN CARRUTHERS aged 91, Eastern Cemetery
SCANDRETT, LOUISA HARRIET aged 80, Eastern Cemetery
SCANDRETT, MAVIS HILDA aged 84, Southland Crematorium
SCANDRETT, OF MRS D, Stillborn, Eastern Cemetery
SCANDRETT, RICHARD GRAHAM aged 86, Saint Johns Cemetery
SCANDRETT, RICHARD MILSTEAD aged 25, Eastern Cemetery
SCANDRETT, SUSANNAH HINTON aged 72, Eastern Cemetery
SCANDRETT, SUSIE MARIA MAUD aged 10, Eastern Cemetery
SCANDRETT, WILLIAM BENJAMIN aged 77, Eastern Cemetery
SCANDRETT, WILLIAM FRANCIS aged 60, Saint Johns Cemetery
SCANDRETT, WILLIAM RICHARD aged 54, Southland Crematorium

There are 9 Scandrett buried in Waikumete Cemetery Auckland

There are 5 Scandrett buried or cremated in Dunedin

There are 5 Scandrett buried in Christchurch (3 born still 1940-1943)
SCANDRETT, KATE DALEY (born Invercargill, spinster) aged 60
SCANDRETT RICHARD FRANCIS aged 72 (born England)

HEADSTONE of Charles Horatio Morris
& his sister Emma Sarah BINGLEY
ANGLICAN DIVISION E Row 7, Plot 37 Waikumete, Auckland
-Charles was the father of Bernal Francis Morris (see Mabel Roberta Scandrett)
???? Sister
died 15th Oct 1921 aged 78 years
Also Her Brother
died 30 Nov 1925 aged 79 years
taken from the site Gravestone Photographic Resource

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by ngairedith on 2012-11-11 00:02:33

Subject: Mabel Scandrett
To: ngairedith
From: pjwtrc
Date: 2012-11-10 22:51:28

MABEL married my grandfather Bernal Morris June 27th 1945. This was his second marriage. Bernal already had four boys from his first marriage, his oldest Raymond being my father. Mabel and Bernal had two boys Brian and Lloyd. She was an amazing woman as she raised the boys pretty much alone as he died of cancer I think in 1959 when the boys were still young. The following is from the Morris and Morris Funeral Director site which is about her and Bernal. Mabel must have been close to 90 when she died in Whangarei probably nearly 20 years ago. There was actually a full page article in one of the Whangarei newspapers about her when she turned eighty but so far have not been able to get a copy. Her sons still live up North.

When Morris & Morris Ltd was set up it was quite common for a funeral directing business to be associated with other occupations and to be a Home furnisher would not have been unusual.

But we have moved on from those days and although the style of funeral directing may have changed the service has become more individual and unique, we now provide the best possible way for a family to express their emotions and farewell their loved ones.

In the early 40's Bernal Francis Morris, a clerk with the North Auckland Farmers Co-Op and Mabel Roberta Scandrett in charge of Warkworth accountant's office, had many discussions on the lack of a funeral director in Warkworth and surrounding districts. So in Easter 1944 both Mabel and Bernal took the opportunity of making a trip of investigation throughout Auckland, looking at funeral directors, services and premises. In June of that year Bernal Morris opened a furniture shop in Warkworth and notified the public that he would be acting as the resident funeral Director as well. Although no formal training was available or needed to become a funeral director, Bernal Morris was able to rely on firms in Auckland for help, advice and assistance.

Thus the family business was established at Warkworth in June 1944 by Bernal Morris, as a combined business of Funeral Director and home Furnisher, under the name of B.F. Morris. These small rented premises were used for preparing of caskets, as caskets at this time were travelling by rail from Auckland to Warkworth, the caskets were then varnished and polished by Bernal. The first funeral provided by B.F. Morris was in August 1944 and the people of the district were glad to have a funeral director living in the town, so easily contacted instead of calling in someone from Auckland.

June 1945 saw Bernal and Mabel married both continuing in their own work as well as running the funeral business. August 1946 saw the arrival of Lloyd Henry Morris their first son and about this time Raymond, Bernal's son from his first marriage came to live with the family and so was occasionally asked to help his father on calls into the country. This is when the partnership of Morris & Morris was formed in 1948, and a building occupied as Dentists rooms was purchased in the centre of Warkworth town and became the new Morris & Morris office.

By 1949 it was decided that Mabel should do accountancy for her own clients who were eager to have their books kept and returns made, so the partnership then became Morris & Morris Funeral Directors & Taxation Specialists. By 1950, Donald and Graham two other sons from his previous marriage, were working in their chosen trades, but all lent a hand when help was required in the family business. Later his forth son, Neville would assist when required.

December 1951 saw the birth of Brian Robert Morris, Bernal and Mabel's second son and at this time, travellers for business dealing in funeral requirements kept advising Morris & Morris to set up a second business in Whangarei. In 1953 the possibility of moving the business to Whangarei was seriously explored and eventually a storage area of down town Whangarei was rented.

So June 1953 saw the trek from Warkworth to Whangarei and the beginning of a new life for all concerned.

In 1954 new premises were secured at 7 Kamo Road, Whangarei. Considerable alterations were made to these premises in order to establish a chapel, viewing rooms, and reasonable working areas. Mabel continued in her role as an accountant for local clients but by 1956 had relinquished them all as the number of funerals the firm was handling was steadily increasing. Up to 1956 casual help had been used when assistance was required but in 1956-57 Bernal's third son, Graham, became a full-time assistant.

In 1958 new business premises were needed and were leased at 180 Bank Street, Whangarei at this stage Morris & Morris used only one third of the building. Eventually Morris & Morris came to occupy the whole building and conducted all business from there by early 1962. Bernal Morris died in June 1959 but Mabel decided to continue on with the funeral directing business with the assistance of Graham.

In 1963 it was becoming evident that when the lease on 180 Bank Street expired, new premises would need to be found. After a considerable search, the property at 126 Bank Street was purchased in 1964 with the intention of building new funeral premises to their specifications. By mid 1967 construction had started and the new Funeral Home would include a Chapel, viewing rooms, working area and garaging the business operated here from April 1968. During the 1960's business was increasing and in the later part of the decade additional full time staff were employed. In August 1971 Mrs Morris's eldest son Lloyd commenced full time duties and in 1976 he was appointed manager with Mrs Morris still retaining the position of Governing Director.

In 1977 Morris & Morris Ltd bought two adjoining properties in Norfolk Street with the intention of extending the building and expanding the business. They were kept as residential units but as time went on it was realised that the company would be better served by a complete shift of property rather than an extension.

In August 1981 Morris & Morris Ltd purchased the long-standing funeral firm of B.C. Squire & Son in Kaikohe. This business is operated by three full time staff and is run as a separate entity, although in close co-operation, with Morris & Morris Ltd.

By 1986 it was realised that the mortuary at Bank Street needed enlarging, and parking at the site became a problem as the Chapel was unable to cope with the increasing number of people attending funerals, so for these and other reasons it was decided to again purchase a property in Kamo Road and this would be the site for the new larger building for Morris & Morris Ltd. The original Morris & Morris Ltd sign was removed from Bank Street and placed in position at Kamo Road to keep the old image, and give the public a sense of continuity, and an idea of where Morris & Morris Ltd would be in the coming future.

The official opening of Morris & Morris Ltd's new complex was held on
17 September 1988. The new building was highlighted as being the most modern funeral facility in the country.

In 1990 Morris & Morris Ltd received the honour of having its manager Mr Lloyd Morris elected as the president of the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand (FDANZ).

As the next generation of Morris's began a new era in the complex on Kamo Road, the previous generation slowly began to take a back seat in the business and personal decisions made by the company. After some 44 years of service in funeral directing with her company of Morris & Morris Ltd, Mrs Mabel Morris retired on 30 March 1992. From the beginnings of a business in 1944 and opening of the new state of the art complex in 1988, Morris & Morris Ltd truly became a family business and a big part of the Whangarei community.
Hopefully you will find this of interest


Surname: MORRIS
Age: 58 Years
Gender: Male
Date of Death: 20 June 1959
Funeral Director: Morris & Morris, P O Box 8043, Kensington, WHANGAREI
Cemetery: Maunu Cemetery, Cemetery Road, Whangarei
Plot Location: Forest Lawn Block Fifteen Plot 911
Date of Burial: 23 June 1959

Surname MORRIS
Age: 89 Years
Gender: Female
Date of Death: 29 Aug 1997
Date of Cremation: 1 Sep 1997
Funeral Director: Morris & Morris, P O Box 8043, Kensington, WHANGAREI

by colloy on 2014-02-07 16:35:33

Mabel's ashes are interred in Te Kapa Cemetery, Mullet Point,Warkworth alongside the graves of her parents and her brothers

by ngairedith on 2014-02-07 21:42:48

thank you to colloy for the message:
Subject: Scandrett and Morris
To: ngairedith
From: colloy
Date: 2014-02-07 20:25:39
Bernal Francis Morris(1900-1959) was the elder son and second child of Charles Horatio and Frances Marie Morris. His older sister was Eila (born1899 and later married Alf Tailby. Eila and Alf both cremated, ashes interred in their daughters grave in Te Awamutu Cemetery
Younger brother was Ashley , born around 1904 was married several times His only child is daughter Judith (Parlane) now living in ... (supplied)

will post more details when I can sort out some of the info I have filed away!

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