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Searching for the Decendants of Henry William or William Henry Cook born 1800's

Journal by Barry1943

William Henry or Henry William Cook was born in Shoreditch, St Andrew England in the early 1800's, he was a Convict and transported to Australia to serve his sentence. Cook was sentenced to 7 years for stealing andarrived in Australia in 1830 abord the "Lady Feversham". His wife to be Ann Rooney arrived in Australia in 1836 abord the "Pyramus". Ann was sentenced to 7 years for perjury. They married in 1836 after the Governors conscent was given.

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on 2010-06-23 00:12:18

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by flossie00 on 2011-03-30 01:47:14

Hi Barry, just found this website and saw your post. I am a descendant of Henry William Cook born 18 Aug 1806 in St Andrew Holborn (or Shoreditch St Andrew). Henry is my great x 3 Grandfather on my mother's side. Would love to hear back from you.
Cheers...Kerry (Aust)

by Deidrewakely on 2011-04-15 22:21:44

Hi Barry and Kerry, I am a descendant of Henry William Cook as well - his son John is my great grandfather and my grandfather is his son Henry William. Henry William came to NZ in 1911 and married my grandmother Eileen Adair. Have been to Goongoonoo station and looked at the family plot and records there - very interesting. Would love to hear from you both.

by spiritseeker on 2011-07-01 16:47:40

Hi i am a descendant aswell. Have travelled a long road to discover who Henry and Ann are in my family tree. Fascinating story about Ann. there is lots of information on the internet about her trial and what happened to her.
Unfortunately she was not the best at being truthful which makes anything that she has said in her trial about her family

by Barry1943 on 2011-07-04 01:01:18

Dear Spiritseeker:
I totally agree with you write as I have found that Ann was very careless with the truth and it was that's why she was transported to Australia. I don't reall have all that much info about Ann in Australia but I doubt if she changed all that much.
Kind Regards
Barry 1943

by flossie00 on 2011-07-04 09:21:51

Hi All,
Just wondering if any of you have seen the wonderful "Cook Family Album" compiled and self-published by Allen W. Maunder (another Cook descendant)which gives a reasonable explanation as to why Ann changed her name. Although, as you say, she was loose with the truth so who could believe anything she said? Unfortunately, there are no more copies of the book available and Allen wasn't sure whether a reprint would be an option.
Spiritseeker, Would you please tell me where to find the info about Ann's trial on the net as I haven't seen this yet? Thanks.

by alicat on 2011-07-28 23:40:20

Does anyone know the exact date henry and anne got married?? i cant seem to find it...i have the family album at home but i'm bording away so i cant consult if anyone knows please can they for an english assignment...thanks

by alicat on 2011-07-28 23:44:30

i am also a descendant of henry william cook and ann rooney through my dad

by flossie00 on 2011-08-09 20:58:34

Hi Alicat,
I have the date of their marriage as 18 September 1837(registration 1837-30-130). As you probably already know, they applied for permission to get married on 23rd August 1837 but permission was denied due to Ann being in the Female Factory at Parramatta. They ignored this and went ahead and married at St. Patrick's RC Church anyway. It is presumed the marriage was declared invalid, so they again applied for permission and it was granted the second time. The officiating clergyman was Reverend T.C. Sumner and they had one witness. Henry did not sign with his mark in the register and there was nothing to indicate that the visiting magistrate had given his consent.
I hope this is the info you wanted and it's not too late for your assignment!
I would love to know how you descend from Henry and Ann. I am their great x 3 granddaughter through their 2nd daughter Eliza, who married John Spinks.

by flossie00 on 2011-08-09 21:02:16

Just noticed the registration from my message has come out as a phone number! The computer did this automatically.

by flossie00 on 2011-08-09 21:03:55

Just noticed the registration from my message has come out as a phone number! The computer did this automatically.

by Barry1943 on 2011-08-09 22:51:13

Dear One & All: I am working on some of the questions asked above and shortly I may have some new information for you regarding the Cook/Davis Families. As a descendant of Henry Cook, William Henry Cook, Eliza Cook/Spinks, Jane Nell spinks and Isaac James Davis; I may be able to help a bit.
Kind Regards
Barry Davis

by Barry1943 on 2011-08-09 22:57:45

I am a descendant of John Cook as well through my Grandfather and my mother and have some info; although I couldn't find so far any info that takes John to NZ. John had a son called John Cook he also had a middle name perhaps this is the John cook that went to NZ.
Kind Regards
Barry Davis.

by spiritseeker on 2013-03-16 13:37:26 lovely to see so many others also interested in this family......can anyone shed some light on why Ann changed her name..i presume her birth name was Walsh...? and she changed her name to Rooney...?..does anyone know why....> i would realy appreciate it......
if you are interest you can try this link
which is about Ann's trial.

I hope it works...i feel quite sorry for Ann. i feel she was a victim herself and taken advantage of by those who should have known better. I believe she was used in a battle between, politics and religion. I would love to write a book about her!

by allenma on 2013-04-05 01:08:44

Dear spiritseeker...
I am another of several thousand descendants. I've seen Ann's name as Ann and Anne plus the surnames as Walsh, Welsh and Rooney. Like you, I don't really know why her surname varies but maybe it's a similar story to that which happened with so many transported convicts. The following is strictly guesswork - but it happened with many convicts: Let's assume that Ann Walsh's passage was booked on the "Pyramus". For some reason Ann died after her name was put on the "passenger list" but before boarding. Now having one vacant place, the authorities grabbed the next available "reluctant tourist", that person being poor old Ann Walsh. Changing the entry in the "passenger list" seemed like just too much red tape so, as if by magic, Ann Rooney became Ann Walsh for the duration of the voyage. These things DID happen.

Somebody mentioned my book, "The Cook Family Album". It has been out of print for about 15 years.

by spiritseeker on 2013-04-10 22:13:37

Hi allenma..thanks for your dearest grandmother..died a couple of years ago and it is her family I am researching.......I remember her talking about Spinks....Cooks...Hill ( her maiden name)..Maunders and she married a Pope in Tamworth.

I truly would love the name change with Ann Cook/ Rooney/ Walsh solved...maybe it would help me chase her down in Ireland..i cannot find her birth...parents you know...every little bit helps....thank you so much for your time and responses..
best wishes to everyone on your seeking....

by cookie9 on 2014-08-03 00:00:44

Hi I'm another GG Grandson of Henry William OR William Henry Cook.
Not sure if Ann Walsh OR Ann Rooney was convicted of "Perjury".
Not certain which Ann WHC married but lean towards Walsh.
Happy for advice on any of my uncertainties.
Didn't realise Ann's court transcript was available and would be very grateful if somebody could link me to it. Also didn't realise that Ann had a reputation for mistruth. Is these some evidence beyond the trial transcript. Happy to learn whatever the evidence.
I have & am happy to share my tree with the trunk.
Henry William Cook b1806
John Cook b1842
Marshall William Cook b1893
Clifford Beresford Cook b1917
me b 1948
Barry do you or your friends know anything of HWC's ancestors?

by spiritseeker on 2015-07-12 13:49:18

Hi everyone! you can read about ANN by googling
The sessional papers by order of the house of lords Ann Rooney.

type that into google and it should bring the links up that take you to the website.
good luck!

by spiritseeker on 2017-05-28 08:12:06

Hi, wondering if anyone has any new information? I have no doubt whatsoever about Anne Rooney being her correct name. It's possible Walsh was her mother's maiden name. Coincidence with the priest who was murdered. However any new info on the Walsh/Rooney names most welcomed. I am going to their graves long weekend, not holding much hope anything will be there..we will see.and either way I love my GGG granny..she was a poor ignorant Irish lass for sure, my wish is to be able to prove what truly happened and how she came to be in the situation

by Catherinejane67 on 2018-11-03 03:50:05

Hi everyone,
I am yet another relative! I thought I'd check in to see if you or anyone else has updated or new information?
My GG Grandparents were Isaac Davis and Jane Spinks (my middle name was given to me after her). Like most of you, I am interested in Ann Rooney, what a character. I am considering a trip to Goonoo Goonoo soon and just want to know what I'm looking for!

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