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Short Stories Of The Busby's Of Texas

Journal by robertwbusby

My Busby family arrived in Texas after a long drawn out trip from the East Coast, South Carolina area, stopped along the way due to weather, jobs, kids, family and so on. On arrival in Texas the family made it to Mooresville where they branched out in an ever expanding circle. Today the only family in Mooresville are in the cemetery, the living family is all over Central Texas (mostly in Waco) and many locations around the United States.

My Grand Father (GF) Charles Cloy Busby Sr. and my Grand Mother (GM) Pearl Terry Busby were still living when I was in high school. Had a car so managed to go see them several times a week to talk about the family and keep them company. They were a funny couple, lived on a farm/ranch near Riesel, Texas most of their life. , I would go see him as often as I could. Most of the time visited them on Saturday mornings so they could fix breakfast for me and them. They argued about everything, how to heat the pan, how to crack the eggs, how to make the coffee, they loved discussing the how to in the kitchen. They were not ugly to each other, just wordy at times. Can still hear my GF Papa as we called him saying to GM who we called Mama "Peal did you burn the toasted?". GM would reply "Yes, Charlie's, you like it burned!".

GF would tell me stories about his early days in Texas when he was growing up. Did not keep very good notes and my memory is not as good as it should be. GF told me he came to Texas in a covered wagon from Alabama. Not sure of the date the trip to Texas took place, GF was born 03 March 1887, so am thinking the trip had to be in the 1890's. Said he crossed the Red River at a low water crossing area in the wagon, no bridge, water was in the wagon while they crossed, lost a cow and a horse in the crossing. GF did not mention how long it took for him and his family to get to Mooreville, Texas but said his Great Great Grand Father was at Mooreville and that is why they were moving to Mooreville.

GF mentioned after a few years the folks he was living with (never mentioned why he was not living with Busby's) decided to relocate to the Oklahoma Territory for free land and a new start. They left Mooreville and took a month to travel to Oklahoma where they had no trouble getting a homestead of ten acres for free. After building a house, barn, coral, and planting a crop they found out why the land was free. Indians started attacking them on a weekly basis, they fought them off each time, but the Indians stole a lot of their crops and property in each raid. After a year of fighting with the Indians, no loss of life for GF or his folks, they decided to move back to Mooreville, Texas where the Indian Wars were over. GF did not remember much about the trip back to Texas and did not want to talk much about Mooreville.

More short moments of the Busby's to follow.

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on 2014-01-28 16:20:28

Keep smiling and having fun cause these are the good old days.

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