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SKELTON marriages 1911-1930 Victoria Australia

Journal by tonkin

SKELTON marriages 1911-1930 Victoria Australia.


James Murray
Married: Annie CRANSTON 1904.
Three issues located.
1. James Murray, born 1905 Brunswick, Victoria.
2. Raymond Henry, born 1913 Hotham West, Victoria.
3. Ivy Jean, born 1918 Brunswick North, Victoria.

Edward Lovell
Married: Emmeline LATTA 1905.
No issues located.

Ernest Alfred
Married: Annie Isabella JAMIESON 1906.
Five issues located.
1. Alma May, born 1907 Buninyong, Victoria.
2. Cora Mabel, born 1909 Buninyong, Victoria.
3. Grace Margaret, born 1910 Buninyong, Victoria.
4. Mary Jamieson, born 1915 Buninyong, Victoria.
5. Jessie Annie, born 1918 Buninyong, Victoria.

William George
Married: Annie OLEARY 1906.
Four issues located.
1. Francis George, born 1907 Brunswick, Victoria.
2. James Vincent, born 1908 Brunswick, Victoria.
3. Edna Monica, born 1910 Brunswick, Victoria.
4. George William, born 1911 Brunswick, Victoria.

Married: Mary GRANT 1909.
No issues located.

Charles Walter
Married: Agnes Jane LETISSER 1910.
Seven issues located.
1. Walter Leslie, born 1910 Dunolly, Victoria.
2. Irene Mary, born 1912 Dunolly, Victoria.
3. Arthur Samuel, born 1913 Dunolly, Victoria.
4. Albert Thomas, born 1915 Dunolly, Victoria.
5. Hazel Esther, born 1917 Dunolly, Victoria.
6. Harold, born 1919 Dunolly, Victoria.
7. Victor Charles, born 1919 Dunolly, Victoria.

... Harold and Victor were twins.

Edward Henry
Married: Mabel Emma COKER 1910.
Seven issues located.
1. Marjorie Ada, born 1910 Carlton, Victoria.
2. Arthur Edward, born 1910 Carlton, Victoria.
3. Evan, born 1912 Point Nepean, Victoria.
4. Eric, born 1915 Sorrento, Victoria.
5. Leslie Owen, born 1916 Sorrento, Victoria.
6. Dory Esda, born 1918 Richmond, Victoria.
7. John Steven, born 1920 Sorrento, Victoria.

... Marjorie and Arthur were twins.

Percival William
Married: Mabel AITCHISON 1910.
Two issues located.
1. Frances Jean, born 1911 Footscray, Victoria.
2. Alan Thomas, born 1912 Footscray, Victoria.

Claude James.
Married: Lelia Maud Marsden WIDDICOMBE 1913.
No issues located.

Married: Hilda HARRISON 1914.
No issues located.

John Francis
Married: Marie PERTZEL 1914.
Two issues located.
1. Myrtle Elizabeth, born 1915 Benalla, Victoria.
2. Lorraine, born 1920 Benalla, Victoria.

George James
Married: Elizabeth WEBB 1915.
One issue located.
1. Jean May, born 1920 Cheltenham, Victoria.

William Arthur
Married: Nancy GRAYLAND 1917.
Two issues located.
1. Raymond William Forbes, born 1917 Sorrento, Victoria.
2. Hazel May, born 1920 Sorrento, Victoria.

Married: Gladys Maud PRICE 1918.
One issue located.
1. Mavis Joyce, born 1918 Armadale, Victoria.

William Taylor
Married: Myrtle Carstairs HENDERSON 1918.
One issue located.
1. Jack Henderson, born 1919 Rochester, Victoria.

Albert Leslie Norman
Married: May TUCKER 1920.
One issue located.
1. Ellen Mavis, born 1920 Northcote, Victoria.

Leslie Ivan
Married: Lina Louise SIEBERT 1920.

John Henry
Married: Ethel BILLSON 1921.

Alfred Ernest
Married: Myrtle Florence HOLYHEAD 1923.

Walter Amos
Married: Elsie Louise Wheelden SYKES 1924.

Leslie Thomas
Married: Emma May PLATT 1925.

John Thomas Durham
Married: Elsie Elizabeth SELWAY 1925.

Leslie Alfred
Married: Margurette Annie BENNETT 1928.

Lancelot Phillip
Married: Nellie Victoria BLACK 1929.

William George
Married: Elsie Maria Frances CHAMBERS 1929.


Frances Alice
Married: Joseph Albert MOORE 1906.
Two issues located.
1. Doris Ida, born 1910 Footscray, Victoria.
2. Joyce Alice, born 1920 Buninyong, Victoria.

Ethel May
Married: Arthur William TRENWITH 1908.
Five issues located.
1. William Arthur, born 1902 Swan Hill, Victoria.
2. Alice Mabel, born 1907 Swan Hill, Victoria.
3. George Edward, born 1910 Swan Hill, Victoria.
4. Reginald George, born 1910 Richmond, Victoria.
5. Doris Leonore, born 1911 Point Nepean, Victoria.

Ada Augusta Harriet
Married: James Henry AITKEN 1910.
Two issues located.
1. Henry Gregg, born 1912 Richmond, Victoria.
2. Maria Ada, born 1913 Richmond, Victoria.

Married: George Richard BROWNING 1911.
Three issues located.
1. Muriel Jean, born 1913 Geelong, Victoria.
2. Una Elizabeth, born 1914 Geelong, Victoria.
3. George Oakley, born 1917 Geelong, Victoria.

Mabel Jane
Married: Leopold George JOHNSON 1911.
No issues located.

Mary Grace Helen
Married: Ernest Arthur SMITHSON 1912.
Four issues located.
1. Muriel May, born 1912 Buninyong, Victoria.
2. Eric Thomas, born 1914 Buninyong, Victoria.
3. Herbert Henry, born 1917 Buninyong, Victoria.
4. Ernest Keith, born 1920 Buninyong, Victoria.

Married: Horace Ebenezer BREWER 1914.
One issue located.
1. Alfred Horace, born 1915 Brighton, Victoria.

Florence Margaret
Married: Harold Henry BAWDEN 1916.
No issues located.

Ida Frances
Married: William Leslie RUSSELL 1916.
Two issues located.
1. John Skelton, born 1918 Brighton, Victoria.
2. Nancy Moyle, born 1919 Brighton, Victoria.

Violet Alethea
Married: Frederick FIELDSEND 1917.
No issues located.

Married: David MAHER 1918.
One issue located.
1. Eileen Mary, born 1919 Brunswick East, Victoria.

Ilma Frances
Married: William Wells Hopkins WRIGHT 1923.

Annie Helena
Married: Walter Cook TAYLOR 1823.

Jessie Victoria
Married: Clarence Rupert ROBINSON 1823.

Married: Norman George COATES 1924.

Isabell Harriet
Married: James COTTIER 1924.

Doris Alethia
Married: Alfred Harry REDMAN 1925.

Anna Masy
married: Duncan Samuel MCMILLAN 1926.

Sybil Effie
Married: George Hector Alexander MCDONALD 1926.

Hazel Thelma
Married: Clifford Horace John CARTER 1927.

Married: William Henry BERKLEY 1929.

Ivy Alice
Married: George Freserck COATES 1929.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SKELTON lines.

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