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SKIDMORE marriages 1896-1920 Victoria Australia

Journal by tonkin

SKIDMORE marriages 1896-1920 Victoria Australia.


Married: Mary Jane Farrington HARWOOD 1896.
Mary recorded as Mary Jane FARRINGTON last two births.
Four issues located.
1. Clarence Charles, born 1898 Brunswick, Victoria.
2. Victor Robert, born 1899 Brunswick, Victoria.
3. Samuel Roy, born 1902 Brunswick, Victoria.
4. Alexander Thomas, born 1905 Brunswick, Victoria.

Married: Barbara SMITH 1897.
Two issues located.
1. William Wallace Reid, born 1898 Beechworth, Victoria.
2. Francis Jamieson, born 1901 Beechworth, Victoria.
3. Norma Merle, born 1903 Beechworth, Victoria.

William Isaac Kerslac
Married: Violet Maude WARR 1901.
Five issues located.
1. Vera Alberta May, born 1901 Kyneton, Victoria.
2. Alma Eileen, born 1903 Rochester, Victoria.
3. Gladys Harold Wynne, born 1906 Oakleigh, Victoria.
4. William Herbert John, born 1914 Melbourne East, Victoria.
5. Ethel Joyce, born 1919 Carlton, Victoria.

Married: Florence LEURY 1907.
Six issues located.
1. Kathleen Alice, born 1907 Brunswick, Victoria.
2. Florence Isabel, born 1909 Brunswick, Victoria.
3. Francis Valentine, born 1912 Brunswick, Victoria.
4. Eileen, born 1914 Brunswick North, Victoria.
5. Mavis May, born 1917 Brunswick North, Victoria.
6. Dorothy Emily, born 1919 Brunswick North, Victoria.

Joseph Henry
Married: Minnie Horenza Guana BURROWS 1912.
No issues located.

Daniel Hope
Married: Elsie BRITT 1914.
Two issues located.
1. Danirl Sinclair, born 1914 Melbourne West, Victoria.
2. Harold Edward, born 1916 Carlton, Victoria.

Married: Ellen Jane JOHNSON 1915.
No issues located.

Henry Jack James
Married: Esther BALDWIN 1915.
Three issues located.
1. Dorothy Lorraine, born 2926 Kyneton, Victoria.
2. Geoffrey Baldwin, born 1919 Kyneton, Victoria.
3. Kenneth John, born 1920 Kyneton, Victoria.

Married: Eileen Lizette REILLY 1915.
No issues located.

William John
Married: Elsie Victoria Alexandria LEVITT 1915.
Two issues located.
1. Beatrice Mabel, born 1916 Beechworth, Victoria.
2. Albert Edward, born 1920 Beechworth, Victoria.

William Nelson
Married: Ethel Mary TREVERS 1917.
One issue located.
1. Harold William, born 1918 Fairfield, Victoria.

George Edward
Married: Elsie Maud DRURY 1918.
One issue located.
1. Gwendoline Alice, born 1919 Footscray, Victoria.


Married: Patrick CAREY 1896.
No issues located.

Married: James CAMPBELL 1897.
Three issues located.
1. Ada Ellen, born 1897 Melbourne South, Victoria.
2. James Henry, born 1899 Melbourne South, Victoria.
3. Albert Jasper, born 1902 Melbourne South, Victoria.

Fanny Matilda
Married: Alexander PUNTON 1897.
Three issues located.
1. Alexander Thomas, born 1898 Moonambel, Victoria.
2. Florence Mary Ellis, born 1900 Moonambel, Victoria.
3. Harold James, born 1905 Moonambel, Victoria.

Married: Peter MCCARROLL 1899.
MCCARROLL recorded as CARROLL marriage records.
Sic issues located
1. Alice Monica, born 1899 Footscray, Victoria.
2. Daphne Myrtle, born 1903 Footscray, Victoria.
3. Thomas Charles, born 1906 Footscray, Victoria.
4. Lawrence Ronald, born 1909 Footscray, Victoria.
5. Hazel Mabel, born 1914 Footscray, Victoria.
6. George Harold, born 1917 Footscray, Victoria.

Susannah Louisa Jane
Married: Edwin Witts PERKIN 1901.
Susannah named as Frances Louisa SKIDMORE in the birth records.
Four issues located.
1. Herbert Edwin, born 1902 Kyneton, Victoria.
2. Alfred Allen, born 1904 Kyneton, Victoria.
3. Frederick Witts, born 1909 Kyneton, Victoria.
4. Bessie Jane, born 1914 Kyneton, Victoria.

Eva Matilda Mary
Married: Sedgwick Percy HARPER 1902.
Three issues located.
1. Alma Jane, born 1903 Kyneton, Victoria.
2. Sedgwick John, born 1911 Kyneton, Victoria.
3. Stewart George, born 1917 Kyneton, Victoria.

Kate Roberts
Married: Thomas Edward TUPPER 1904.
No issues located.

Alice May Collerine
Married: Galdstone Consort Disrade SMITH 1907.
Four issues located.
1. Alice May, born 1908 Melbourne West, Victoria.
2. Edna Victoria, born 1910 West Melbourne, Victoria.
3. Doreen Isabella, born 1914 Melbourne West, Victoria.
4. Jack, born 1918 Melbourne West, Victoria.

Mary Jane
Married: James MCKENNA 1907.
No issues located.

Annie Kent
Married: Jabez Henry FLOYD 1908.
No issues located.

Estella Louisa
Married: William James HARKOM 1908.
Five issues located.
1. Eric William, born 1909 Collingwood, Victoria.
2. Pearl Catherine, born 1911 Collingwood, Victoria.
3. Rita Nora, born 1912 Collingwood, Victoria.
4. David Francis, born 1914 Richmond, Victoria.
5. Estella Maud, born 1917 Richmond, Victoria.

Married: John Joseph ROBERTS 1909.
No issues located.

Miriam Jane
Married: William Alfred BULLOCK 1909.
Four issues located.
1. Myra Allen, born 1910 Sebastopol, Victoria.
2. Pearl Elizabeth, born 1910 Sebastopol, Victoria.
3. Hazel Ruby, born 1911 Sebastopol, Victoria.
4. William Thomas, born 1912 Sebastopol, Victoria.

... Myra and Pearl were twins.

Enid Hardy
Married: William Eyton BATTEN 1915.
One issue located.
1. Bernard Skidmore, born 1917 Armadale, Victoria.

Isabella Margaret
Married: Harold GARDINER 1915.
No issue located.

Gladys Evelyn
Married: John BEATTIE 1916.
Two issues located.
1. Lorna Eveline Mavic, born 1917 Collingwood, Victoria.
2. Gladys Isabel, born 1919 Collingwood, Victoria.

Ruby Victoria
Married: James Patrick DONOGHUE 1916.
Three issues located.
1. Dulcie Victoria, born 1916 Collingwood, Victoria.
2. Patricia May, born 1918 Collingwood, Victoria.
3. Francis Edward, born 1920 Collingwood, Victoria.

Alice Mabel
Married: Francis James MCFARLAND 1919.
One issue located.
1. Francis Edward, born 1920 Collingwood, Victoria.

Amy Elizabeth
Married: Thomas Edward Stanley COLLINS 1919.
No issues located.

Vera Myrtle Irene
Married: William Henry Theodore JOHNSON 1919.
One issue located.
1. Phyllis Lavania, born 1920 Footscray, Victoria.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SKIDMORE lines.

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