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LUDERS in New Zealand

Journal by ngairedith

LUDERS in NZ as at 5 Sept 2010
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* 2 June 2010
* 4 Sept 2010

I believe there were more Luders marriages but the spelling has limited the search. For example there was a Frederik Wilhelm Luders, sometimes written Lyders (or perhaps that is the true spelling) who married Marion Smith in 1892 and had at least 10 children

* 24 Nov 1891
Henry LUDERS (Peter Heinrich Luders)
born: 1 March 1867 in Hamburg, Germany to Peter Luders & Cecilia Luhmann of Mauganui, Taranaki
Henry married Anna/Annie McARTHUR (1864-1950) in New Plymouth
* Annie was born in Banffshire, Scotland. Her mother Christiana/Christina McArthur (1840-1930), married William Jordan (1832-1911) in NZ in 1883
their known children
* 1892 - 1975 Ethel Ivy Luders
.. 'eldest daughter'
* 1895 - 1970 Christina Adeline 'Chrissie' Luders
.. '2nd daughter'
* 1896 - 1962 Ruby Violet Luders
.. born 23 March 1896
.. '3rd daughter'
* 1898 - 1904 Edward Rufus Luders
.. died 27 Aug 1904 aged 6. Buried Midhirst Old Cemetery
* 1899 - 1985 Florence Evelyn May 'Florrie' Luders
* 1901 - 1984 Lawrence Henry Luders
* 1903 - 1903 Henry Luders at Midhurst
Stratford Evening Post, 17 March 1920 Ann & Henry Luders were in the Election Court. Mr Levi announced that Rose and Vincent Devinski and Ann and Henry Luders were admitted as unnaturalised aliens who had voted ..
Henry died 2 Feb 1939 in Midhirst, Taranaki aged 72. Anna died 1 Feb 1950 aged 83.
Anna died in Auckland 1 Feb 1950 aged 85.
Gisborne Herald, 2 Feb 1950 Elderly Woman KILLED BY TRAIN A woman was killed instantly when she was struck by a train while crossing the railway lines at the Otahuhu Railway Station. She was Mrs Anna Luders, a widow aged 82(sic). She was staying at her son-in-law's residence at Otahuhu. Mrs Luders stepped from behind a stationery train into the path of the Auckland-Wellington express goods train which was drawing to stop. She was very deaf.
Henry & Anna are buried Plots 73 & 74, Block C at Midhirst Old Cemetery

* 15 Aug 1902
Claus 'Martin' LUDERS (1880-1968)
* Claus was a son of Dr Louis Peter Luders (1833-1910) & Anna Lehman(n) of Holstein Germany. (Anna was the 2nd wife of Dr Louis, he married her after the death of his 1st wife, Anna's sister, Maria Katrina Lehman(n)
Claus married Anna Christina ANDRESEN (1880-1965)
* Anna was born in Taranaki, 1 of 8 known children of Andreis Iwer Andresen (1827-1904) & Maria Andreasen (1850-1908) also from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
the children of Claus & Anna
* 1900 - 1976 Alvina Mary Luders
.. In Sep 1917 at the results of the annual Scripture Exam of the Sunday School Union, Alvina Luders in the fourth Grade at Te Kuiti, gained 75 points for the Methodist Honours Certificate
* 1903 - 1988 Louis Peter Luders
.. in 1928 Louie was present with the booby award at the euchre tournament held in the Y.M.C.A. at Waharoa
.. in 1941 Louie was a Prisoner of War. His mother was living at 9 Anzac Rd, Morningside, Whangarei but 'she knew he was safe'. In 1945 Louie was declared as 'now safe'. His mother was then living at Woodlands Park (now a suburb of) Titirangi, Waitakere, Auckland
* 1904 - 1977 Doris Anna/Annie Noreen Luders
* 1906 - 1973 Ernest Martin Luders
* 1909 - 1997 Althea Cecelia Luders
* 1911 - 1951 Hazel Vera Luders
* 1914 - 1924 Edna May Beryl Luders
Waikato Times, 31 Jan 1924 FATAL ACCIDENT Edna May Beryl Luders, a nine-year daughter of Claude Martin and Annie Christina Luders, residents of Hungahunga, Te Aroha, was spending a holiday with some friends in Sentinel Road, Ponsonby, when she was knocked down by a motor car in Jervois Road and later died at the hospital from her injuries. The little girl was walking across Jervois Road when she passed round the rear end of a stationary tramcar. A motor car, driven by Mr R. W. Turple, of Mount Albert, was proceeding down Ponsonby Road and the girl ran in front of this vehicle. The driver applied his brakes promptly but could not prevent the accident. The child was taken to the hospital, but died about three hours later.
* 1916 - 2010 Heather Jean Luders
* 1920 - 1921 Gwenneth Joy Luders
* 1923 - 1999 Melva Loris Luders
Northern Advocate, 27 Oct 1936 WELCOME IN Kupe, Princess Raranga and the staff at Headquarters extend a hearty welcome to the following Young Northlanders who have this week joined the Kupe Club: .. and Melva Luder (aged 13), Whangarei
* Melva married ?Ward, she next married ?Hipkins. Her ashes were scattered, with her 2nd husband, on the banks of the San Francisco river
NZ Herald, 24 April 1926
A claim was made by Claus Martin Luders in the magistrate's Court yesterday against William Henry Mathers to recover £26 10s alleged balance of money due to him for milking defendant's cows ..
* 29 Sep 1927
Lawrence Henry LUDERS (1901-1984)
born to Henry & Annie Luders
Lawrence married Hilda FOREMAN (1907-1984)
* daughter of George Ernest 'Leo' Foreman & Mary Alice Knuckey, farmers at Tikorangi

* 25 Oct 1933
Ernest Martin LUDERS (1906-1973)
born to Claus & Anna Luders
Waikato Times, 18 Dec 1926 MOTOR COLLISION Ernest m. Luders was charged by the police with driving a motor-cycle along the Waharoa road in a negligent manner and also with driving a motor-cycle without a license. The facts were that accused ran into a horse and gig driven by Mrs J. McSweeney, accompanied by Mr J. W. Ryan and a child. The vehicles were all travelling the same way and the impact took place at the back of the gig, overturning it and throwing the passengers out on the road. Accused maintained that the horse swerved across the road, but the witnesses denied this. After hearing evidence His Worship said that it was impossible to believe that the horse served. There was ample space to pass. The accused must have been travelling at a great speed and both he and his companion were inexperienced riders. He would convict for negligence and inflict a fine of £5 and costs £1 10s 6d. On the charge of driving without a license the offender was convicted and discharged. He was the holder of a license to drive a motor-car but not a motor-cycle.
NZ Herald, 19 Oct 1927
Ernest Martin Luders, aged 20, is in the Waikato Hospital suffering from a fractured leg and sever injuries to his body. He was riding his motor cycle on Wardville Road, Waharoa, about 8 o'Clock last evening, when he collided with a milk lorry owned by Goosman and Co., of Waitoa. The cycle was smashed, but the lorry was not damaged.
... 12 Nov 1927 Mr E. M. Luders, who met with a serious motor accident three weeks ago, is making good progress in the Waikato Hospital.
Ernest married Irene Ivy Maude SORENSEN (1912-2008)
* daughter of Peter Christian Sorensen & Ivy Annie Eriksen
Patea Mail, 27 Oct 1933
Miss Irene Sorensen Honoured
On Tuesday a very jolly surprise party met at the home of Mr and Mrs P. C. Sorensen, Omata Vale, some 30 neighbours and friends being present and a very pleasant and happy time was spent. Cards and dancing was the entertainment. The party, which had been organised by Mesdames Daniell, Dassler, Ross, Reardon and Hooper, took the form of a kitchen and gift evening in honour of Miss Irene Sorensen, whose marriage with Mr Luders will take place on Wednesday. At the close of the dancing the opening of the parcels by the bride-to-be revealed a collection of most beautiful and useful gifts, these bearing testimony of the esteem in which the guest of the evening was held. After all had been open Miss Irene, who looked very sweet, gowned in a frock of lido blue silk, in a few words thanked the visitors for the very nice party and the lovely gifts they had all given her. A very dainty supper was then passed round, the health of the bride-to-be being proposed by Mr Potts, this bring to a close a very enjoyable evening. An apology was received from Mrs Geo. Ross who was unable to be present at the function owing to sickness in the family.

6 May 1893
Ada Gretha LUDERS (1873-1896)
* born in Germany to Peter Luders & Cecilia Luhmann (later of Mauganui, Taranaki)
Ada married Herbert Arthur BRIDER (1870-1955) in Stratford, as the 1st of his 5 wives (see below)
Wanganui Herald, 18 May 1893
- At Stratford, on May 16th, Herbert, second son of Mr E. C. Brider of Wanganui, to Ada, second daughter of Mr Peter Luders, Manganui, Taranaki
* Herbert was the 2nd son of Edward Charles BRIDER (1841-Oct 1903) & Tryphena WILKINS (1844-March 1904) of River Bank Wanganui (they had married in Elstead, Surrey 1862 and emigrated to NZ in 1874 on the Golden Sea)
* Herbert was 3 when he emigrated
Henry's siblings on board
. 1864 - 1935 Edward Henry Brider, born Godalming, Surrey, England
.. married Frances HISTED in Wanganui on Xmas Day 1884 & had 10 children, a daughter in 1892, named Tryphena Adelaide Brider, married Bernard COURTNEY (1888-1953) in 1912
. 1867 - 1935 Tryphena Brider
.. married Michael REARDON in 1886 & had 7 children
. 1870 - 1955 Herbert Arthur Brider
.. married Gretha 'Ada' Luders in 1893 as above

. 1874 - 1874 Ernest John William Brider
.. born on board, 17 April 1874, died at sea
6 more siblings born in NZ
. 1875 - 1953 Selina Maude Brider
.. married John James WALL in 1894 & had 4 children
. 1878 - 1943 Dennis Brider
.. married Jane WILCOX in 1900 & had 3 children
. 1881 - 1915 Rosalind Brider
.. married Thomas HERIN in 1903 & had 4 children
. 1883 - 1915 Edith Frances Turner Brider
.. married Charles Pritchard KENDALL in 1907 & had 3 children
. 1886 - 1915 Albert James Brider
.. married Emmeline Sutherland GORDON in 1909 & had 3 children
. 1889 - 1970 Catherine Brider
.. married Charles Henry KING in 1909 & had 5 children
3 of these siblings died in Wanganui in 1915 ..
April 1915 - Rosalind Brider (Herin) aged 34
July 1915 - Albert James Brider aged 29
..his wife Emmeline remarried in 1917 to Albert James Relph. She died 2 years later aged 34
Aug 1915 - Edith Frances Turner Brider (Kendall) aged 32

9 June 1915
Christina Adeline 'Chrissie' LUDERS (1895-1970)
born to Henry & Annie Luders
Chrissie married Arthur WALL (1885-1945)
Stratford Evening Post, 11 June 1915
On June 9th, at All Saints Church, Midhirst, by the Rev M. Howard, Arthur, youngest son of William Wall, Esq., Essex, England, to Christina Adeline, second daughter of Mr and Mrs Luders, Midhirst. New Plymouth, Hawera and Canterbury papers please copy
their known children
* 1916 - Zena Lily Wall
* 1917 - 2001 Arthur William Wall
* 1919 - 2014 Stanley Cecil Wall

19 Jan 1916
Ethel Ivy LUDERS (1892-1975)
born 24 Aug 1892 to Peter 'Henry' & Annie Luders
had a son: 1913 - John Albert Hamilton Luders
had a son: 1915 - 1915 Leo Richard Luders (3 months)
Ethel married William Edward Thomas BELL
Stratford Evening Post, 25 Jan 1916
- On January 19th 191, at Holy Trinity Church, Stratford, by Rev Geddies, William Edward Thomas, eldest son of Mr John Bell, of New South Wales, to Ethel Ivy, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs H. Luders, Midhirst.
.. A quiet wedding was solemnised when they were united in the holy bonds of matrimony. The bride wore a dress of silk embroidered voile with the usual veil and orange blossoms and carried a bouquet of cream roses and Canterbury bells with fern. The bridesmaids were Miss Ruby and Florrie, sisters of the bride and Mr Graham acted as best man. After partaking of the wedding breakfast the happy couple left by motor car for their future home amidst showers of rice and good wishes
their known children
* 1917 - 1980 Leslie William Bell
Ethel died 12 April 1975 aged 82

22 June 1921
Ruby Violet LUDERS (1897-1962)
born to Henry & Anna Luders
Ruby married William Thomas SEAMARK (1894-1962)
* William was a son of William SEAMARK (1861-1943) from Australia & Ellen PEARN (1862-1934) born Taranaki
William's siblings
. 1877 - 1925 Lillian Seamark
. 1885 - 1886 Charles Seamark
. 1887 - 1966 Emily Eliza Seamark, born New Plymouth
.. Emily married George William MILHAM in 1915 & had 7 children
. 1891 -1966 Lavinia Rose Seamark
.. Lavinia married Percy MILHAM in 1920
. 1892 - 1925 Annie Margaret Seamark
. 1894 -1962 William Thomas Seamark
.. William married Ruby LUDERS (below)
. 1895 - ? Nellie Seamark
Stratford Evening Post, 25 June 1921
At All Saints' Church, Midhirst, on June 22nd, William Thomas, only son of Mr and Mrs Seamark, Fitzroy, to Ruby Viola, third daughter of Mr and Mrs Luders, Midhirst.
.. A very pretty wedding was solemnised on Wednesday 22nd June at All Saints Church, Midhirst, by Rev C. W. Howard. The contracting parties were William Thomas, only son of Mr and Mrs Seamark, of Fitzroy and Ruby Violet, daughter of Mr and Mrs Luders, Midhirst. The bride looked sweet in white embroidered voile ivory satin, hand embroidered with pearls and wore the usual veil and orange blossom, carrying a bouquet of white roses, white and pink chrysanthemums and maiden hair fern. There were three bridesmaids; Miss Florence (sister of the bride), Miss Frances Small, wearing cream gabardine costume and picture hats and Miss Jessie Collins in a frock of embroidered voile, carried a similar bouquet. Two tiny tots, Hazel Milham and Kathleen Clark, of New Plymouth, looked pretty in white voile trimmed with real lace, carrying baskets of flowers. Mr Lenord Pearn, cousin of the bridegroom, was best man and Lawrence, brother of the bride was groomsman.
After the ceremony about 50 guests partook of breakfast in the Town Hall when speeches were made. The bridegroom's present to the bride was a handsome string of pearls; to each bridesmaid, gold Signet rings; and to the little flower girls, silver bangle. The bride's present to the bridegroom was a travelling rug. The presents were numerous and costly, including cheques. Mrs Mail presided at the organ. Mr McMeekan did the catering which was highly appreciated and admired, especially the lovely cake. The happy couple left by motor for Wanganui and Palmerston for their honeymoon amidst showers of rice and confetti, Mrs Seamark travelling in a navy serge costume with hat to match.
Ruby died 18 Jan 1962 in Taita, Lower Hutt
* William died 9 months later

in 1922
Alvina Marie LUDERS (1900-1976)
born to Claus & Anna Luders
Alvina married James Alwin du TEMPLE (1900-1977)
* James was born 12 Aug 1900 in Papeete, Tahiti to Alphonse James du Temple (1870-1913) & Sarah Mathilde Gooding (1875-1962). He was on the Northcote (Auckland) Borough Council (1960s)
24 Nov 1936 to Mr and Mrs J. A. Du Temple, of Gordon Street, Dargaville, a daughter - Both well. No visitors for 7 days
29 Jan 1933 to Mr and Mrs J. A. Du Temple, 20 Somerset Road, a son. No visitors for 10 days

in 1924
Doris Annie Noreen LUDERS (1904-1977)
born to Clause & Anna Luders
Doris married Ernest Harris REARDON (1898-1985)
(they were in Gisborne in 1949)
* Ernest was a son of William REARDON & Mary Ann HARRIS of Kurow
Ernest's siblings
. 1885 - 1973 Jane Hanizine/Thonezine/Thamzine Reardon
.. Jane married Edward Charles BENSON in 1906
. 1887 - 1965 William Joseph Reardon
. 1888 - 1973 George Edward Reardon
. 1891 - 1921 Joseph Henry Reardon
.. Joseph married Ethel Maud DYKE in 1915
. 1898 - 1985 Ernest Harris Reardon
.. Ernest married Doris LUDERS (above)

NOTE Thank you to ayrfan for his message 13-9-2010:
.. A correction on the Reardon side. Jane, William, George, Joseph and Ernest are children of William and Mary Anne Reardon [nee Harris], Wanganui [Maxwell]
.. Herbert, Julia and Lucy are children of William and Mary Reardon [nee McQuinn] Duntroon [Kurow] . these are 2 different families
. I have since deleted

14 Dec 1927
Florence Evelyn May 'Florrie' LUDERS (1899-1985)
born to Henry & Annie Luders
Florrie married John Joseph PETERSON (1900-1975)
* son of Andrew Peterson & Elizabeth McCabe

in 1928
Hazel Vera LUDERS (1911-1951)
born to Claus & Anna Luders
Hazel married Alfred Edwin Gordon/Courtney (1906-1985)
* born 1 Aug 1906 in Whangarei to Mary Katherine Gordon (1884-1925?). Alfred had a sister, Iris Rose Gordon (1909-1988) & a brother Arthur Thomas Courtney (1911-1981). Their father wasn't registered. He was Alfred Charles Courtney (1875-1933), son of Alfred Charles Courtney & Alice Wright. Alfred was a blacksmith in Whangarei. He served in the South African War, Regimental No.5308. He & Mary Katherine Gordon didn't marry, but when Alfred died 25 June 1933, his will split his estate between his 'three illegitimate children'
* Hazel & Alfred divorced. Alfred married Mabel Emily Nicholson (1913-2003)

27 Nov 1929
Aletha Cecilia LUDERS (1909-1997)
born to Claus & Anna Luders
Aletha married Matthew 'Percy' SCHAARE (1910-1991)
* 1 of 8 children of Otto Schaare (1879-1944) & Emily Gaylard (1883-1954) of interest, Emily was 1 of at least 17 children of William Gaylard (1838-1897) & Millicent Emma Moverley (1850-1920) born in Taranaki
NZ Herald, 24 Oct 1930 SCHAARE - On October 19 1930, at the Matamata Hospital, to Mr and Mrs Percy Schaare (nee Aletha Lauders), a son

The 5 marriages of Herbert Arthur Brider (1870-1955)
* Herbert was a newspaper publisher, chief of the "Herald" in Wanganui
he married ..
.. 1 .. 6 May 1893
Gretha 'Ada' LUDERS
* Gretha was 20 & Herbert was 23
Gretha was born in Germany to Peter & Cecilia Luders
they had 1 child
* 1894 - 1966 Annie Cecilia Brider
.. Annie married Frank HOUSTON in 1915
Gretha died 12 July 1896 aged 23 in Marton
BRIDER - On 12th July, at Marton, Gretha, the beloved wife of Herbert Brider, aged 23 years. Friends are informed that the funeral will leave the residence of Mr E. C. Brider, Russell Street, River Bank, at 1pm - John James, undertaker

.. 2 .. 15 Sep 1897
Edith Hester Blake DELANY
* he was 27 & she was 23
Edith was 1 of 9 children (7 girls) of John Delany (1873-1912) & Jane Blake Hawken (1849-1935)
they had 3 children
(born in Wanganui)
* 1903 - 1968 Eileen Ross Brider
.. Eileen married Walter Lawson Jeffrey MAY in 1928
* 1909 - Lulu Isabel Jean Brider
. On Saturday the 15th May 1909, At Hylton Street, Aramoho, the wife of Herbert A. Brider, of a daughter. Both doing well
.. Lulu married John Barrett HARRIS in 1928
* 1912 - 1982 Brian Isaac Brider
.. born 14 July 1912, a stock agent in Wanganui, lived at 'Sandyhook' Upper Aramoho, died 11 June 1981 aged 68, buried Aramoho
Edith died 16 July 1912 aged 38, 2 days after the birth of her son Brian

.. 3 .. 28 July 1913
(nee ? 1881-1920)
* he was 43 & she was 32
Wanganui Herald, 28 July 1913
Mrs Rebecca Doherty, of Belfast, Ireland, was married to Mr Herbert Arthur Brider, of Aramoho, to-day
Rebecca died 22 March 1920 aged 39
Wanganui Herald, 23 March 1920
On the 22nd inst., at Wanganui, Rebecca, beloved wife of H. A. Brider; aged 39 years. Private interment.
buried Aramoho cemetery, Wanganui

.. 4 .. 12 April 1921
(nee Lammas 1869-1938)
* they were both 51
Edith was born in Richmond, Tasman to Edwin Arthur Lammas (1843-1911) & Mary Oram Bartlett (1846-1870). She first married Henry Christian Jacob Springer (1866-1917) in 1889 & had 2 children
Edith died 6 Feb 1938 aged 69
buried Aramoho cemetery, Wanganui

.. 5 .. 1944
Marianne Estelle DAVIS
(formerly THOMSON 1873-1959) in Wanganui
* he was 74 & she was 71
.. Marianne's grandfather was Rev Richard Davis, the first missionary in the district of Waimate North, was the first man ordained by Bishop Selwyn into the ministry of the Anglican Church and the only European invited to visit the deathbed of Hone Heke
.. Marianne first married John THOMSON of Kihikihi 14 May 1908, honeymooned in Rotorua and Taupo and made their home in Napier
Herbert died 16 Feb 1955 aged 85 in Cambridge & buried Plot 65, Row 4, Block K at Hautapu cemetery
Marianne died 26 Dec 1959 aged 86 in Cambridge & buried Plot 111, Row 4, Block L at Hautapu Cemetery

known Luders DEATHS 1876 - 2008
* in alphabetical order
(some birth dates are based on age at death)
* 1950 - Anna Luders
born: 1865 in Germany to Peter Luders & Cecilia Luhmann of Mauganui, Taranaki
died: aged 85

* 1965 - Anna Christina Luders
born: 1880
died: 21 July 1965 aged 85
buried: CHRRY-33-06 at Hamilton Park Cemetery with Claus Martin

* 1972 - Bertie Luders
born: 1915
died: aged 57

* 1876 - Charles Luders
born: 1876
died: 15 Nov 1876 aged 6 weeks
buried: at Inglewood, Taranaki

* 1882 - Cecilia Anna Luders (nee Luhmann)
born: 1843 in Storkathen, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany to Claus Luhmann & Cecilia Mohr
married Peter Heinrich Luders 14 Oct 1866 in Seester, Schlewig-Holstein, Germany
died: 18 Dec 1882 aged 38
buried: in the Midhirst Cemetery, Taranaki
* emigrated into Wellington 11 July 1875 on the Lammershagen with husband Peter and children: Anna Luders aged 10 (1865-1950), Peter Heinrich 'Henry' Luders aged 8 (1867-1939) & Gretha 'Ada' Luders aged 1 (1873-1896)

* 1968 - Claus Martin Luders
born: 1880
died: 2 Nov 1968 aged 88
buried: CHRRY-33-07 at Hamilton Park Cemetery with Anna Christina

* 1924 - Edna May Beryl Luders
born: 5 Sep 1914
died: 29 Jan 1924 aged 9
buried: FRONT-K-38 at Hamilton East Cemetery

* 1973 - Ernest Martin Luders
born: 20 Dec 1906 to Claus & Anna
..lived at 30 Brookfield St, Hamilton (as did wife Irene Ivy Maude)
died: 19 Feb 1973 aged 66
ashes spread: GARDN-SUNKN-0000 at Hamilton Park Cemetery

* 1921 - Gwenneth Joy Luders
born: 1920
died: 8 Nov 1921 aged 1
NZ Herald, 8 Nov 1921
- On November 7 1921, at the Waikato Hospital, Gwenneth Joy, dearly beloved daughter of Claude Martin and Annie Christina Luders, of Rotongaro; aged 1 year. Interment to-day (Tuesday) at Hamilton East Cemetery
Auckland Star, 8 Nov 1921
DIES IN HOSPITAL. Hamilton, this day. An infant named Gweneth Luders, one year old, daughter of Mr and Mrs Claus Luders, farmers of Rotongaro, near Huntly, was scalded by the overturning of a kettle of boiling water on Sunday. The child was admitted to the Waikato Hospital yesterday and died last evening from shock. An inquest was held at the hospital this morning by Mr W. H. Platts, S.M., coroner. Evidence was given that deceased's elder sister, aged 13, was taking boiling water from the range, when it upset over the head and shoulders of deceased. Dr Gray of the hospital staff, said death was due to shock and toxic absorption following scalds.
Gwenneth is buried: FRONT-K-38 at Hamilton East Cemetery, Waikato

* 1903 - Henry Luders Luders
born: 1903
died: a new born in 1903

* 1984 - Hilda Luders
born: 11 Jan 1907
..lived 290B Treaine Ave, Palmerston North
died: 2 May 1984 aged 77 (2 days after her husband Lawrence)
buried: plot 027, block 014 at Kelvin Grove Cemetery with Lawrence

* 2008 - Irene Ivy Maude Luders
born: Sorensen 29 March 1912 in Ngaruawahia. Married Ernest Martin Luders in 1933
..lived (and died) at 30 Brookfield St, Hamilton
died: 28 July 2008 aged 96
buried: GARDN-GK-055 at Hamilton Park Cemetery

* 1984 - Lawrence Henry Luders
born: 28 Oct 1901
..he was a Foreman with the New Zealand railways, living at 290B Treaine Ave, Palmerston North
died: 30 April 1984 aged 82 (2 days before his wife Hilda)
buried: plot 027, block 014 at Kelvin Grove Cemetery with Hilda

* 1915 - Leo Luders
born: April 1915 to Ethel Ivy Luders, father not registered
died: 27 July 1915 aged 3 months
buried: Nonconformist Division C Row 4, Plot 13B at Waitakere

* 1988 - Louis Peter Luders
born: 28 April 1903
died: aged 84 on 8 April 1988
ashes scattered: at PUREWA Auckland

* 1975 - Margaret Packman Luders
born: 27 March 1897
died: 3 June 1975 aged 78
buried: Protestant Lawn D Row 7, Plot 25 at Waitakere, Auckland

* 1999 - Melva Loris Luders
born: 1 Feb 1923
died: aged 76

* 1910 - Peter Louis Luders
born: 1833 in Holstein, Germany
died: aged 77
Taranaki Herald, 27 Sep 1910
Mr P. Luders
, one of our pioneer residents, passed away on Friday, 23rd inst., after a long and painful illness, Mr Luders was greatly esteemed by all those with whom he came in contact and quite a gloom was cast over our town when the news of his death was announced.
.. The funeral of the late Mr P. Luders took place last Sunday and a large following attended. The old gentleman breathed his last at about 5 p.m. on Thursday, the 22nd, having reached the ripe old age of 77. Nov 1910 his deceased estate was valued for stamp duty as worth £1236 (2010 equivalent of $184,352)
buried: in Midhirst Cemetery
* emigrated into Wellington 11 July 1875 on the Lammershagen with wife Cecilia (nee Luhmann) and children: Anna Luders aged 10 (1865-1950), Peter Heinrich 'Henry' Luders aged 8 (1867-1939) & Gretha 'Ada' Luders aged 1 (1873-1896)

* 1939 - Peter Heinrich 'Henry' Luders
born: 1 March 1867 in Hamburg, Germany to Peter Luders & Cecilia Luhmann
died: aged 72

* 1997 - Trevor Maurice Luders
born: 24 Feb 1929
.. lived Tauwhare Rd R D 4 Hamilton
died: 11 July 1997 aged 68
ashes returned: from Hamilton Park Cemetery

* 1944 - Winstone Lawrence Luders
born: 1944
died: aged 4 months

In 1881 Peter Luders was one of 11 selectors holding 923 acres on the deferred payment system. Read the Rangers Report

In 1881 Peter in Taranaki Peter Luders and others requested the Taranaki Land Board to expend a portion of the money now in hand for the York and Rutland roads in the construction of a bridge or large culvert on the small river crossing the York road, in sections 254 & 225 - it was referred to the County Council

In 1885 Henry at Stratford Henry Luders put in an application to the land Board to purchase section 34, block 10 at Huiroa

In 1887 Henry at Stratford Henry Luders applied to surrender his lease of section 34, block 10 at Huiroa to the Land Board

In June 1888 Henry at Stratford Henry Luders was taken to court for owing 17s 9d on section 34, block 10 at Huiroa. He stated that he had been unwell and could not pay, besides which he had surrendered the section 6 months previously. Judgment was given for the Board with costs of £1 6d (2010 equivalent of $200)

In 1888 Peter at Opunake Peter Luders applied to the Land Board for a 4 year extension of time to pay for section 10, block 13 at Opunake Survey
* Peter Luders pleaded guilty at the Police Court to having an unregistered dog. He stated that he had let it to his son who had forgotten to pay the money. He was fined 7s & costs and ordered to pay the tax of 2s 6d

In 1889 Henry at Midhirst Henry Luders requested the scrub be cut from the front of his land in Mangaotea Rd at Midhirst

In 1890 Henry at Midhirst Henry Luders paid £1 to the Midhirst Road Board

In 1891 Henry at Stratford Henry Luders applied to extend the period of deferred payment of section 16, block 10 a Huiroa from 10 to 14 years - this was acceded

In 1894 Henry at Stratford Henry Luders acquired the freehold of his deferred payment land of section 16, block 10 at Huiroa

In 1894 A Mr Luders was a neighbour to 2 Polish men, Mr GROSHINSKI and Mr HARNEL at Midhirst when they were involved in a grazing dispute

In 1903 there were 136 pupils at Midhirst School. 'Chrissie' Luders passed her Standard II exams

In 1904 A fire occurred at Midhirst at 4 o'clock on the morning of Jan 28th. It totally destroyed several buildings:
FOSTER - confectioner
COLLINS - commission agent
BANK of NEW ZEALAND - unoccupied
MYNOTT - saddler
Mrs TURNER - tea rooms
WHITE - bootmaker
LUDERS - storekeeper

In 1905 Christina Luders was in Standard IV at Midhirst School, while attending her school concert the Luder's store was broken into and £2 was stolen (2010 equivalent of $306)

In 1908 a Miss V. Luders (Ruby Violet?) gave a opening piece at the annual school concert in Denbigh Road, Midhirst

27 May 1912 Claus in Midhirst Mr C. M. Luders has purchased the farm at the bottom of Denbigh road (Midhirst)recently occupied by Mr J. Kipling. We wish him success in his new undertaking.

31 May 1913 Claus leaves Taranaki Farmers, please note that Mr Newton King holds a clearing sale on account of Mr C. M. Luders, of Midhirst, on June 6th. He has received instruction from Mr Luders, who is leaving the District. He is to sell, without reserve, the whole of his Choice Dairy Herd, Farm Implements, Household Furniture, etc., as follows:-
* 29 young cows, mostly early calvers
* 2 2-year old heifers in calf
* 24 calves
* 1 bull
* 1 horse, aged
* 1 gelding, rising 7 years, by "General Wheeler"
* 1 hog, 2 breeding sows, 2 good cattle dogs
* 1 spring cart (nearly new), dog cart, spring cart and harness, gig and harness, 21 fowls, mostly White Leghorn pullets, McCormick mowing machine, McCormick rake, stumping jack, plough, set tine harrows, aerator, buckets, saddle and bridle, swingle trees, 6 milk cans.
* 46 shares (fully paid up) in Midhirst Dairy Co.
Also contents of a well-furnished 6 roomed house
Sale at 12.30 - Luncheon Provided. NOTE - Mr Luders, who has been farming for the last 12 years, has heavily culled his cows and the above Herd can be relied on in every respect

30 June 1915 Claus in King Country The quarterly meeting of the I.O.R. Rohe Potae Tent, No 20, was held on Thursday last to appoint officers for the ensuing half year. They are as follows:- Bro G. T. Hopkins Chief Ruler, Bro R. B. Webber Past Chief Ruler and District Representative, Sister C. Lawrence Deputy Chief Ruler, Bro R. Hough Secretary and Treasurer, Sister E. E. Lawrence Cash Steward, Bro Claus M. Luders Levite, Bro Walter Knauf Guardia, It was also decided to commence a Juvenile Tent

In July 1920 Claus leaves Tirau Mr C. M. Luders, of Tirau, who has sold his farm there to Mr McQuain of Waihou, is removing to Huntly about the end of the week.

16 Sep 1922 Claus leaves Huntly Clearing Sale At Huntly West. Favoured with instructions from Mr C. M. Luders, Rotongaro, Huntly West, we shall sell on the above date:- 23 dairy cows, mostly in milk, 1 Springer Heifer, 2 x 2 year Empty Heifers, 2 Shorthorn Bulls, 6 Yearling Heifers, 3 Young Heifer Calves, 1 Breeding Sow, 1 Berkshire Boar, 3 Store Pigs, 3 Draught Horse, all harness, 1 Pony, 1 2½ year Gelding. Nine-coulter Massey Harris Drill, Oliver Plough (99), Set Tripod Harrows, Disc Harrows (2 blades), Spring Cart and Harness, Hand and Power Chaffcutter, Double-seater Buggy (good as new), Set Buggy Harness, 2 Sets Collars and Hames. 3 Sets Plough Chains, 3-horse Set Swingletroes, ½-ton Ideal Potato Manure, 4 10-gal Cream Cans, 2 Pig Barrels, Sundries. Also the farm containing 343 acres with dwelling and numerous out-buildings thereon, being Section 12, Block VI, Rangairiri Survey District, held under Renewable Lease from the Crown for 66 years, having about 42 year to run, at the annual rental of £7 8s

In Oct 1925 Henry and his neighbour Robert W McDonald, urged on by his wife Margaret Jane McDonald, became engaged in 'fistic combat' over a piece of wood .. over the fence he went and closed with Luder. Then young Gordon cleared the fence and also fell upon the unfortunate Luder to the encouraging cries of Mrs McDonald..

In Oct 1936 Henry in Midhirst Stratford Evening Post, 13 Oct 1936 Attacked bu bill When leading a bull by a chain last week Mr Henry Luders, Midhirst, was attacked by the animal and forced through a fence. He received a severe bruising to his back and was admitted to the Stratford hospital

known CEMETERIES where Luders found:
1915 - Leo Luders aged 3 months
1988 - Louis Peter Luders aged 84 (ashes scattered Purewa)
1975 - Margaret Packman Luders aged 78

HAMILTON, Waikato:
1921 - Gwenneth Joy Luders aged 1
1924 - Edna May Beryl Luders aged 9
1965 - Anna Christina Luders aged 85
1968 - Claus Martin Luders aged 88
1973 - Ernest Martin Luders 66
1997 - Trevor Maurice Luders aged 68
2008 - Irene Ivy Maude Luders aged 96

1984 - Hilda Luders aged 77
1984 - Lawrence Henry Luders aged 82

1876 - Charles Luders aged 6 weeks (Inglewood)
1882 - Cecilia Anna Luders aged 38
1903 - Henry Luders aged 1 hour
1904 - Edward Rufus Luders aged 6
1910 - Peter Luders aged 77
1939 - Peter Heinrich 'Henry' Luders aged 72
1950 - Anna Luders aged 83

Plots 73 & 74, Block C at Midhirst Old Cemetery
Peter Heinrich 'Henry' & Anna Luders
taken by theosmum 18 Jan 2018

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by cuppatom on 2011-02-26 04:39:16

Hi my grandmother is Melva Loris Luders,she prefered to be called Loris. Her ashes were scattered with her second husband on the banks of the San Francisco river.

by Fallout on 2011-04-16 22:12:42

Re Heather Jean Luders/Jones.

Died 23/2/2010 at Queen Elizabeth II hospital,Brisbane,aged 93

by courtneys on 2012-01-04 21:48:37

re claus martin luders& anna christina andresen not (anderson)

thier children alvina mary luders. louis peter luders.doris anna doreen earnest martin luders althea cecelia luders. hazel vera luders. (my mother)edna may beryl luders
heather jean luders. joy luders.loris melva. +1 died at birth.

my name is louis neville claus courtney 5th january 2012

by aocallaghan on 2014-01-31 18:27:02

Hi I have some more information for you regarding the Luders family in the Tarankai area, mainly for Claus Martin and Annie (nee Anderson). According to the information that I have they had 11 children.

Louis Peter 28 April 1903 - 8 April 1988
Doris Annie Noreen 30 December 1904 - 17 October 1977
Ernest Martin 20 December 1906 - 19 February 1973
Althea Cecilia 14 August 1909 - 1997
Alvina Mary 10 September 1910 - 1976
Hazel Vera 1911 - 24 October 1951
Irene Ivy Maud 29 March 1912 - 28 July 2008
Edna May Beryl 5 September 1915 - 29 January 1924
Heather 1918
Gwenyth Joy 19 October 1920 - 7 November 1921
Loris Melva 1 February 1923 - 1999.

Edna was killed when she was hit by a car on Jervois Road, Auckland when she visiting with an older sister.

I am related through Claus's older brother Henry (Henrich) who is my great grandfather.

by pixie1966 on 2017-06-19 10:12:23

Hi I am Etha (ADA) andresens (Annas sisters) great grand daughter. any info/photos/stories greatly received.

by ford1933 on 2019-04-21 13:05:56

Maria andresen (Anna's sister) never married claus luders. Maria andresen married William haslett

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