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some ELECTORS in NELSON New Zealand write to James Balfour WEMYSS 10 July 1860

Journal by ngairedith

the original list was taken from NELSON EXAMINER 11 July 1860 through Papers Past

We, the undersigned electors under the Nelson Trust Funds Act, 1854, beg that you will allow yourself to be put in nomination as a Candidtae for the seat in the Council of Governors f the Nelson College lately become acant.
We make this request, feeling confident that, as a person of liberal education and independent principles you are well fitted to perform the duties of a Governor of the College in a manner advantageous to the interests of that Institution and of the public at large

I have placed the names in alphabetical order for easier research

ADAMS - Henry
- Henry was a Solicitor
- he lived in Trafalgar St Nelson
AIKEN - George
- George owned a store
AKERSTEN - William
ASKEW - Thomas
- Thomas was a Baker

BAKER - George
BALME - Charles (1833-1883)
BATCHELOR -Thomas Charles (1823-1977)
BETTS - Alfred George (1825-1877)
BLACK - James P.
BRUNNER - Thomas
BUSH - George Frederick
- Medical Practioner ([died 1863 - Coroners Inquest)

CURTIS - Herbert Evelyn (1818-1890)
- he was a merchant in bridge Street
CURTIS - Oswald (1821-1902)
- he was a merchant in bridge Street

DANIELL - Henry Cooper (1817-1895)
- Henry was a Clerk in the Town Office
DOMETT - Alfred

EDWARDS - Nathaniel (1823-1880)
- Nathaniel was a Surveyor
ELLIOTT - Charles
- Charles was a Printer in Examiner Street
EVERETT - Edward (1822-1905)
EYES - William Henry (1819-1907)

GARDINER - William
- William was a Carpenter
GOODMAN - Henry Josey (1817-1894)

HALLIDAY - Charles
- Charles was a Police Constable in Hampden St East
HILL - Isaac Mason (1816-1885)
- Isaac was a Storekeeper
HODGSON - Benjamin Oliver ()
- Benjamin was a Writing Clerk (died in 1861)
HOOPER - George
- George was a Brewer
HUNE - John


KING - Charles

LUCK - John (1806-1862)
- had the Trafalgar Hotel
- his Furniture & Fittings etc of the Trafalgar Hotel were up for sale 12 days before his death

McGEE - Charles
- Charles was a Shoemaker
McRAE - George
McRAE - William
MONRO - Sir David (1813-1877)
- Politician and Speaker, House of Representatives
- David Monro was the son of Dr Alexander Monro, Professor of Anatomy at the University of Edinburgh, and President of the College of Physicians. His own degree of Doctor of Medicine was taken in that University, with which his family had been prominently connected for over a century and a quarter, three generations having filled the professorial chair.

One of the original Nelson settlers, Monro arrived in the colony in 1842. He accompanied Frederick Tuckett, the surveyor appointed to select a site for the establishment of a Scottish settlement, on his journey to Otago in 1844 and described it in the Nelson Examiner in the following July ... more at his link ...

NESBITT - William ()1819-1877)
NEWCOMBE - Major Richard Kinderley Esq., (1811-1865)
- born in Wales
- arrived in Nelson in 1842
- was a Lieutenant in the 95th regiment of foot and Major of the Nelson Militia
NICHOLSON - William Robert
- William was a merchant

PERCY - John
- John was a Schoolmaster
PHILLIPS - James Charles
PICKETT - Robert
POLLOCK - Robert
- John was a Solicitor

*RANKIN - Alexander (senior) (1798-1867)
- Alexander was a Baker in Collingwood, Nelson
- died at his residence, Collingwood St, Nelson aged 69
- see his Epitaph below -


SCHRODER - George William (1819-1895)
- George was a Merchant in Haven Road
SNOW - Edwin (1825-1876)
- Edwin was a Master Tailor in Trafalgar Stret
- Edwin died in Wanganui
STANTON - William
- William was a Storekeeper


WEBB - Joseph
- Joseph was a Tailor in Nelson
WELLS - William
- William was a Farmer
WHITE - William
WINTERBURN - Joseph (1819-1863)
- Joseph was a Publican
- he died on 18 April 1863 at the Pier Hotel, Haven Rd, Nelson
WRIGHT - William
... Nelson, July 9, 1860

To Dr. MONRO and the other Gentlemen, signin the Reguisition addressed to me
GENTLEMEN - I beg to thn you for the honour you have done me by requesting me to become a candidate for the office of Governor of Nelson College.
I shall be happy to compy with your invitation and assure you that if I should be elected, I will give my best attention to the advancement of the position and utility of the institution.
I have the honour to be,
Your obedient servant,

the Epitaph of Alexander Rankin was taken from the COLONIST of 10 September 1867 through Papers Past
- the unknown author signed - D.B.

Here lies, at rest, this little bank in,
Here his mortal journey closes;
Here, in silence, he reposes;
Not a care his heart encumbers;
Not a dream breaks on his slumbers;
Deep the sleep that now hangs o'er him;
Long the rest that lies before him.

What he thought, sound sense adjusted;
What he said, was greatly trusted;
Did still, as he would be done by;
Though in doing, there was none by.
Took delight in honest measure;
Counted duty double pleasure.
Had the will to make man better;
But the power the wish would fetter.

Many ills in life beset him;
But to meanness could not get him.
Want and poverty, he ken'd them;
But by diligence did end them.
Kindly to the humble, ever;
Stooping to the proud one, never.
Sturdy independence swayed him,
Till, at last, in earth they laid him.

Hope, that gilds the coming morrow;
Grief, that wrings the heart with sorrow;
Joy, that lights the eye with gladness;
Love, that fires the veins with madness;
Wealth, that every mind enriches;
Fame, whose trumpet tongue bewitches,
Knock at they heart in vain; ah! never
Shall they be his again. For ever!

Here around his letter'd marble;
Summer's vocal children warble.
There the cloud-capp'd hill above him;
Looks as if it said, "I love him."
Far below, the trangquil waters
Sweetly smile, lie beauty's daughters,
Bright in noon-day splendor glancing;
Zephyr-courted wavelet, dancing.

Ye who trace those simple numbers;
Soon, like his, may be thy slumbers.
Ye in youth and beauty springing;
Hearts in hope and gladness singing;
Ye who tread those green paths over;
Aged step, and youthful rover;
Such thy fate is - all are mortal -
All must enter Death's dark portal.
D. B. - Nelson, 1867

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