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some New Zealand SOLDIERS

Journal by ngairedith

the following list of ANZAC Soldiers and their short bios was from:

Lt-Col T. H. E. Oakes, MC and bar*, m.i.d.;
Royal Artillery (retd); born England, 24 Mar 1895; CO 7 NZ Anti-Tank Regt, 16 May-30 Nov 1941; killed in action, 30 Nov 1941.

Lt C. S. Pepper, MC;
clerk; born NZ, 18 Nov 1911; Rugby All Black 1935 (United Kingdom); injured 26 Nov 1941; died, Wellington, 30 May 1943.

Lt-Col J. R. Page, DSO, m.i.d.;
Regular soldier; Wellington; born Dunedin, 10 May 1908; CO 26 Bn, 15 May 1940?27 Nov 1941; wounded 27 Nov 1941; invalided to NZ, 25 Feb 1942; Inspector of Training, 26 Aug 1942; GSO 1, Army HQ, 19 Jan 1943; Rugby All Black 1931; 1932 and 1934 (Australia); 1935 (United Kingdom).

Maj-Gen H. E. Barrowclough, CB, DSO and bar, MC, ED, m.i.d.;
barrister and solicitor; Auckland; born Masterton, 23 Jun 1894; in First World War rose from Pte to Lt-Col commanding 4 Bn, NZRB; wounded, Messines, 1917; in Second World War commanded 6 NZ Inf Bde, 1 May 1940?21 Feb 1942; GOC 2 NZEF in the Pacific and GOC 3 NZ Div, 8 Aug 1942?20 Oct 1944.

Maj A. T. Rawle, m.i.d.;
insurance clerk; born Auckland, 26 Sep 1909; died of wounds, 3 Dec 1941.

Capt I. G. Scott;
commercial traveller; Auckland; born Australia, 1 Feb 1914; wounded 2 Dec 1941; p.w. 22 Jul 1942.

Sgt T. E. Williamson;
contractor; Te Kauwhata; born Gisborne, 23 Sep 1911.

Lt P. Robertson;
labourer; Wellington; born Scotland, 7 Feb 1919.

Sgt T. E. Unverricht;
labourer; Heretaunga; born Lower Hutt, 4 Jul 1918; wounded 1 Dec 1941 and 5 Jul 1942.

Sgt T. H. Croft;
farm worker; Omihi; born NZ, 6 Nov 1909.

Gnr A. Graham;
labourer; Christchurch; born Scotland, 28 Nov 1912; wounded 23 Nov 1941.

Sgt C. J. Smith;
carpenter; Upper Hutt; born Wellington, 23 Feb 1912.

Gnr F. D. Nicholson;
labourer; born NZ, 19 Feb 1914; died of wounds, 23 Nov 1941.

WO II F. C. Barker;
freezing worker; Auckland; born Wanganui, 23 Apr 1912; wounded 13 Jul 1942.

Lt A. B. Gordon;
student; Lower Hutt; born Lower Hutt, 24 Mar 1917.

Gnr R. F. Davies;
sugar worker; Auckland; born Auckland, 16 Dec 1919; wounded 23 Nov 1941.

Gnr P. J. Keenan;
salesman; Christchurch; born Christchurch, 10 Jun 1919; injured 23 Nov 1941.

Sgt A. J. Harris;
joiner; Auckland; born Auckland, 26 Dec 1917.

Sgt M. A. Harry;
cellarman; Christchurch; born NZ, 4 Jul 1914.

Gnr P. Quirk;
labourer; Melbourne; born Australia, 13 May 1919; wounded and p.w., 2 Jan 1942; escaped to Switzerland, Oct 1943.

Sgt L. O. Naylor;
labourer; Lumsden; born Lumsden, 13 Oct 1908; wounded 18 Apr 1941.

Capt A. W. Wesney;
clerk; born Invercargill, 1 Feb 1915; Rugby All Black 1938 (Australia); killed in action 23 Nov 1941.

Capt G. C. Jennings;
medical practitioner; England; born NZ, 21 Jun 1913; p.w. 13 Dec 1941; repatriated May 1943.

Brig R. A. Bagnold, OBE, m.i.d.;
Founders? Medal of Royal Geographical Society, Fellow Royal Society; born England, 1896; served with Royal Engineers on Western Front, 1915?18; Royal Corps of Signals, 1920; original Commanding Officer LRP and LRDG, 1940?41; Inspector of Desert Troops, GHQ MEF, Aug 1941.

Maj P. A. Clayton, DSO, MBE;
Founders? Medal of Royal Geographical Society, Fellow Royal Geological Society, Fellow Royal Geographical Society; born England, 1896; served with Royal Field Artillery in Greece and Turkey, 1915?20; Inspector, Desert Survey of Egypt, 1920?38; Survey Department, Lands and Mines, Tanganyika, 1938?40; Intelligence Corps, 1940; patrol commander LRP and LRDG; wounded and p.w. 31 Jan 1941.

Col E. C. Mitford, MC;
Royal Tank Regiment; patrol commander LRP and LRDG; first OC A Sqn LRDG, 1941.

Lt-Col D. G. Steele, OBE, m.i.d.;
farmer; Lake Roto Ma; born Wellington, 22 Mar 1912; patrol commander LRP and LRDG; OC A (NZ) Sqn LRDG, 1941?42; CO 22 NZ (Mot) Bn, 1944; CO 27 NZ (MG) Bn, 1944.

Maj L. B. Ballantyne, ED, m.i.d.;
sheep farmer; Pongaroa; born Waitahora, 18 Jul 1912; Adjutant and Quartermaster LRP and LRDG; patrol commander LRDG; CO Composite Training Depot 2 NZEF, 1942.

Col F. B. Edmundson, OBE, m.i.d.;
medical practitioner; Auckland; born Napier, 22 Jan 1910; Medical Officer LRP and LRDG; CO 4, 5, and 6 NZ Field Ambulances at various times; Deputy Director of Medical Services 2 NZEF, 1945.

Maj W. B. K. Shaw, OBE, MBE, m.i.d.,
Belgian Croix de Guerre with Palm; Gill Memorial of Royal Geographical Society; born England, 1901; Sudan Forest Service, 1924?29; Department of Antiquities, Palestine 1936?40; Intelligence Corps, 1940; Intelligence Officer LRP and LRDG.

Capt C. H. B. Croucher, m.i.d.;
Merchant Navy; Feilding; born England, 25 Feb 1910; commissioned in British Army; patrol commander LRDG; GSO III, G(Ops), GHQ MEF, 1942; Adj LRDG, 1943; IO LRDG (Aegean operations), 1943; GSO II Raiding Forces MEF, 1944; IO LRDG (Adriatic operations), 1944.

WO II A. F. McLeod, BEM;
motor-body fitter; Auckland; born Canada, 1 Jul 1905; in charge of Light Repair Section, A (NZ) Sqn LRDG.

Cpl W. J. Hamilton;
labourer; Auckland; born Auckland, 23 Jun 1917.

Capt R. A. Tinker, MC, MM, m.i.d.;
motor driver; Timaru; born NZ, 13 Apr 1913; patrol commander LRDG; now in New Zealand Regular Force.

S-Sgt J. Emslie;
truck driver; Auckland; born Scotland, 5 Dec 1909.

Sgt R. O. Spotswood, m.i.d.;
plumber; born Carterton, 8 Jan 1914; killed in action, Italy, 4 May 1944.

Lt-Col J. H. Sutherland, MC;
stock inspector; Masterton; born Taieri, 10 Dec 1903; second-in-command of patrol LRP and LRDG; CO 2 NZ Div Cav, 1942?43.

Sgt L. A. Willcox, MM;
sawmill hand; Wanganui; born Hawera, 25 Aug 1918; wounded 19 Sep 1942.

Sgt C. D. Hewson;
labourer; born Auckland, 27 Jan 1908; killed in action, 11 Jan 1941.

Capt L. H. Browne, MC, DCM, m.i.d.;
accountant; London; born England, 8 Jul 1908; patrol commander LRDG; GSO III, G(Ops), GHQ MEF, 1942; IO LRDG, 1943; wounded 11 Jan 1941, 31 Jan 1941, 18 Nov 1942, and 22 Dec 1942.

Sgt I. H. McInnes, MM;
labourer; born Waipu, 8 Jun 1908; killed in action, Alamein, 24 Oct 1942.

General Philippe de Hauteclocque Leclerc, CB, DSO and bar;
born France, 28 Nov 1902; Governor of French Cameroons, 1940; Military Commander of French Equatorial Africa; GOC 2nd French Armd Div; GOC French Far East Forces, 1945; Inspector-General of French Armies in North Africa, 1946; killed in air accident, 28 Nov 1947.

Tpr F. W. Jopling;
farmhand; Auckland; born England, 15 Apr 1913; wounded and p.w. Sep 1942.

Cpl F. R. Beech, m.i.d.;
radio engineer; born Picton, 24 Jul 1908; killed in action, 31 Jan 1941.

L-Cpl L. Roderick;
linesman; born Gisborne, 19 Feb 1913; p.w. 31 Jan 1941; killed in Italy, 6 Apr 1944, while leading Italian partisans.

L-Cpl W. R. Adams;
salesman; Whangarei; born Auckland, 1 Aug 1918; p.w. 31 Jan 1941.

Cpl R. J. Moore, DCM, m.i.d.;
farm hand; Morrinsville; born Tc Aroha, 10 Sep 1915; wounded 31 Jan 1941 and 22 Dec 1941.

Cpl F. Kendall, m.i.d.;
carpenter; Kati Kati; born South Africa, 7 May 1904; p.w. 23 Nov 1941.

L-Bdr C. O. Grimsey;
farmer; Te Aroha; born England, 25 Dec 1907; p.w. 27 Dec 1942.

Col G. L. Prendergast, DSO;
Royal Tank Regiment; CO LRDG, 1941?43; second-in-command Raiding Forces (Aegean operations), 1943.

Capt R. F. T. Barker;
engineering foreman; Christchurch; born Waimate, 7 Nov 1909; pilot LRDG aircraft.

Lt-Col J. R. Easonsmith, DSO, MC;
Royal Tank Regiment; patrol commander LRDG; OC B Sqn LRDG; CO LRDG (Aegean operations), 1943; killed in action, 16 Nov 1943.

Lt-Col A. D. Stirling, DSO;
Scots Guards; CO Special Air Service; p.w. Jan 1943.

Maj A. D. N. Hunter, MC;
Royal Tank Regiment; patrol commander LRDG.

Lt-Col G. C. T. Keyes, VC, MC;
Royal Scots Greys; born England, 1917; killed in action, 17?18 Nov 1941.

L-Cpl R. T. Porter;
clerk; Whangarei; born NZ, 3 Nov 1915; p.w. 22 Nov 1941.

Tpr L. A. McIver;
taxi driver; born Wairoa; 22 Feb 1914; p.w. 23 Nov 1941; wounded in battle between Germans and Russians, 9 Feb 1945; died while p.w. 16 Feb 1945.

Capt J. R. Olivey, MC;
Sherwood Foresters; patrol commander LRDG.

Sgt C. Waetford, MM;
truck driver; Whangarei; born NZ, 27 May 1914.

Capt P. R. Freyberg, MC;
attached LRDG; wounded 12 Dec 1942; now in Grenadier Guards.

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