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some WANGANUI HOTELS & their landlords

Journal by ngairedith

* written for Laraine
* links usually show photographs of the hotel
* if 2 or more hotels are listed with the same name it is because I found with different address but the landlords may have been in one or the other

ALBION HOTEL, Ridgway Street - established 1865
* Charles THOMAS (late of the 'Rutland') was there in 1867
* In June 1876 George PEARCE renewed his license. Still there in 1878
* In 1889 Frederick John TASKER applied for a 'new license'. (Prior to this he had the Victoria Roller Skating Rink at the Drill Hall). He renewed the license in 1891. Still there in 1894 when he applied for an extension of hours to 11pm. In 1897 He sold the hotel to Mrs WHELAN and became unlicensed. He agreed to buy Mrs STOTT'S interest in the Rutland Hotel but the Certificate was refused
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Whelan) - Middling; in fair order, rairly furnished, fire escape, stairs and ropes provided
* In June 1903 Arthur R. MALTBY renewed the license
* In June 1911 the transfer of the license from J. BINES to F. C. FABER was granted, the license being granted on condition that certain repairs to the building were carried out before the next meeting of the Committee

ALBION HOTEL, corner Market Place & Campbell Place
* A. H. ROGERS in 1907
* In June 1912 the lease was sold to John ROBINSON formerly of the Phoenix Hotel in Palmerston North
* In Feb 1913 Mr J. GRANVILLE's interest in the hotel went to E. J. IBLE*
* In June 1913 the lease, furniture and goodwill was sold to Alfred BISHOP formerly of the Pahautanui Hotel. In 1914 Alfred sold his interest in the hotel to H. E. SOMMERVILLE from Wellington
* In 1916 H. D. McIVER renewed his license. He was still there in 1918
NOTES about Edward James IBLE (1871-1939)

* In 1888 John McLAREN renewed his license. Still there in 1891
* was previously the Hibernian Hotel, later changed to the Commercial Hotel

* John WALKER had it in 1867
* In 1876 Harrison GIBSON renewed his License
* M. A. RICHARDSON was there in 1878
* In May 1886 at half past 2 on a Saturday morning the Aramoho Hotel, owned by G. W. FIRMAN was burned to the ground leaving only the chimneys standing. Mr Firman was away up river on a shooting expedition. The only people in the hotel at the time was the housekeeper, a servant and a child. They jumped out a window, first throwing the cash-box out before them. No one was hurt. The cashbox split open and the money was scattered, only a few silver coins were later found
* In 1887 Mr William TUTTY was granted the license
* In 1893 Thomas COADY took over from Mrs Fanny TUTTY
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Coady) - Middling; small rooms, in fair repair, poorly furnished, fire escape ropes in bedrooms
NOTE William Tutty (1845-1893) & Frances 'Fanny' Colebrook (1859-1922) married in Waitara 21 March 1877 & had 3 children. William died in Wanganui 3 Jan 1893 aged 47. Fanny remarried to Frederick Walter Merson. She died in Wellington 2 Feb 1922 aged 63 and buried Plot 25 G, CH ENG2 at Karori
* Thomas Coady was still there in 1898. He had the Railway hotel in 1886. In 1899 Thomas transferred the license of the Aramoho to W. S. POOLE. In Feb 1901 William Shakespeare POOLE (1862-1949) was charged with selling liquor after hours and for permitting drunkenness on the premises. He transferred his license to David Prideaux BARRETT* later that year. David renewed the license in 1902 & 1903
* In June 1911 F. J. PRESTON renewed the license
NOTES about David Prideaux Barrett (1864-1940)
* 8 Feb 1864 he was born in Cornwall, England, 7th of 12 children of Thomas Stanning Barrett & Ann Prideaux
* 8 Oct 1878, at the age of 14 he arrived into Wellington on the Rakaia with his 16 year old brother, Evan Prideaux 'Doc' Barrett (1862-1937) who never married and lived all his life in Wanganui. Other members of their family arrived later and also lived in Wanganui
* On 11 July 1885 he married Louisa Maria STREETER (1865-1957) & had 6 children
* In 1893 he was a Baker/Confectioneer at Wicksteed Place, Wanganui
* In 1892 his wife commenced business in Wanganui in drapery & millinery
* In 1893 he gave up his bakery and started hawking drapery
* In 1894 he opened a drapery & millinery business in Fergusson St., Feilding in his wife's name
* In Feb 1895 their business premises and that of Mr Prior the solicitor, was destroyed by fire
* In 1896 he was running the Colyton Hotel. In Dec that year he obtained the lease of the Manchester Hotel, Feilding, from W. T. Watts and in Feb 1897 he transferred the license of the Colyton Hotel to George Nicholas
* In Oct 1900 he transferred the license of the Manchester Hotel in Feilding to Michael Cooney Ryan
* In 1901 he obtained the license of the Aramoho Hotel as above and renewed the license in 1902 & 1903
* In June 1908 he again had the Manchester Hotel in Feilding
* In Aug 1910 he was the Licensee of the Trafalgar Hotel in Nelson and renewed the license in 1911
* On 23 Jan 1918 brother Jabez (aka James) Barrett (1876-1918), Sapper 4/1990 died of his wounds in France
* In April 1918 he was charged in the Feilding court with supplying Cyril Avery (Cyril Mostyn 'Sam' Avery 1898-1975) & Neil Larsen (Neil John Larsen 1904-1983), both under the age of 21, with shandies (half beer, half lemonade)
* 15 Feb 1940 David died in Wellington aged 76 & buried Karori
* 23 Oct 1957 his wife Louisa died in Ranfurly Hospital aged 91 & cremated at Kelvin Grove

* In 1870 J. K. PRICE renewed the license
* In Aug 1876 Messrs Ashforth & Liffiton auctioned the stock and furniture of the hotel, the lease being purchased by Mr CUMBERLAND
* In 1894 Alexander McDONALD renewed his license

BRIDGE HOTEL, on the banks of the Wangaehu river
* In 1885 John McDonald's application was granted
* In June 1892 Angus McDONALD's application for the old-established hotel was granted. In 1894 he renewed his license
* In 1897 it contained the Post Office where Mrs HILLIER was the postmistress and mail was received and despatched daily. Mr Hillier had the hotel license
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): No complaints; in fair repair and fairly furnished, fire escapes provided
* Jeremiah O'LEARY was there in 1901. In 1892 his license had been renewed for the Empire Hotel in Waimate, Canterbury
Wanganui Chronicle, 19 June 1902 Mr Marshall said that since the meeting of the Committee on Monday the owners had had a conference with the licensee and were nor prepared to go on with the building of a new hotel according to the plans submitted to the Committee. The owners would undertake to proceed with the building of the hotel at once

* E. KENNEDY was granted the license
* John DAVEY in 1891
* Thomas J. BENNETT in 1898
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Bennett) - Middling; licensee was fined L5 and costs for unlawful Sunday trade 29/1/98. One storey house, in middling order, furniture middling
* In 1902 the assistant health officer, Alfred Henry Kendal stated he found the place to be in a very unsatisfactory state. The license was renewed to M. A. NEILL as long as a new building was erected as soon as the present lease expired
* In June 1903 George S. BROWN renewed the license
* In June 1911 Bessie DOOLEY renewed the license
* In 1916 D. M. WILSON renewed his license

* In Nov 1915 Mrs E. TOWLER opened the private hotel at Castlecliff charging 6s 6d per day or 35s per week

CHAVANNE'S HOTEL, Victoria Avenue
(see also VICTORIA HOTEL below)
* In 1902 Edith REID transferred her license to James Sydney PALMER. The chairman drew attention to the fact that the hotel had recently changed hands and expressed the opinion that it was not in the interests of the public that there should be such frequent changes. It was noticeable that hotels like Chavannes and Fosters which had been under the same proprietorship for years were conducted better that where a licensee took over a hotel for a short time at a high rental.
* In 1918 was being run by Mr J. G. SWAN

* James O'HALLORAN in 1891

* In 1870 P. B. ROSS renewed the license
* In June 1876 James J. ANDERSON renewed his license
* George HOWE in 1878
* Arthur H. WOOLLEY in 1878
* In 1883 Julia PRICE renewed her license
* In 1888 C. LAIRD was there
* In 1894 J. CATTELL renewed his license
* In 1902 L. J. LLOYD renewed his license
* In June 1903 Andrew SUMMERS renewed his license
* In 1904 J. C. PALMER renewed his license
* In June 1911 H. J. TYRRELL renewed the license
* It was originally named the Hibernian hotel & later the Anchor

* John BRENNAN in 1873. He owned the Metropolitan hotel in 1901
* Frank LEDBURY (1837-1880) in 1873
* In June 1876 James THURSTON renewed his license
* In 1891 Thomas McLENNAN renewed his license
* In 1894 John BRENNAN renewed his license

* Hugh MORROW there in 1867. In 1897 he had been there for 30 years and disposed of his freehold of the hotel to Mrs TABOR of New Plymouth who in turn leased it to Thomas COADY who was so well and favorably known in Wellington and particularly the Hutt
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Cody/Coady) - Fairly well; in fair repair, fairly furnished, fire escapes provided
* In 1902 John JARVIS, as licensee, was in trouble for selling liquor on a Sunday
* By 1908 it had become Criterion House, a boarding establishment

EMPIRE HOTEL, corner Wicksteed Place & Campbell Place (opposite Phoenix Hotel)
* In 1870 C. P. O'HANLON renewed the license
* D. McGREGOR was there in 1873
* In June 1876 James S. CAMPBELL renewed his license. Still there in 1878
* In 1883 Mrs BALLAM (formerly of Waverley) took over from Mrs POWER
* In 1904 an application to transfer the license from George BLEASEL (1879-1939) to William Henry BLEASEL (1855-1905) was granted. William died suddenly in the night at the Hotel on 22 Oct 1905 from erysipelas of the throat

EMPIRE TEMPERANCE HOTEL, corner Wicksteed St & Campbell Place
* J. SHELLEY in 1878. For many years it was known as the Empire Hotel but, along with a number of others, had the license discontinued. Mr Shelley bought it in order that he might increase his accommodation, already owning the 'Buffet' in Victoria Ave
* In 1888 E. McELWAIN renewed the license

- This was the Railway Hotel until 1904 when Mr TREADWELL was granted permission to change the name of the new building and Charles SIDDELLS was the proprietor
* In 1916 A. GRYLLS renewed his license

FORDER'S TEMPERANCE HOTEL, Victoria Avenue (built 1879, opened early 1880)
- It was built by Forder on the left hand side of the thoroughfare, a few yards above Guyton street and immediately adjoining the owner's horse and carriage repository. Consisting of 2 stories, ten rooms on the ground floor including bar, kitchen, dining room, billiard room and several parlors. Upstairs there were 20 bed, bath and sitting rooms.

FOSTER'S HOTEL, Taupo Quay - established 1857
(originally the Steam Packet Hotel)
* In 1894 William Henry George FOSTER renewed his license. Still there in 1907 when he retired and his son took over
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Foster) - Fairly well; in good repair, well furnished and provided with fire escapes and ropes
* In 1916 John Robert FOSTER (his son) renewed his license
... a handsome three-storeyed building of brick and wood. On the ground floor there are seven sitting-rooms, including commercial, writing, and club rooms, a handsome dining hall, with accommodation for a large number of guests, and a fine, well-lighted billiard-room, containing one of Alcock's tables. The first and second floors contain sixty-two rooms, including two sitting-rooms and lounge. The hotel is lighted throughout with electric light, and has a splendid independent supply of artesian water. There are also two extensive roofed balconies, which serve as sitting-rooms during the greater part of the year, and from which a magnificent view of the Wanganui river is obtainable. In conjunction with the hotel, the proprietor farms forty-eight acres at Sedgwick, which farm supplies butter, milk, eggs, vegetables, and fruit for the requirements of the hotel ...
* In 1918 Mr Foster wanted to demolish the hotel and rebuild on the same site but owing to the serious effect the war was having on all building operations his proposal to convert the corner building, of which he had secured a lease, into a hotel, he instead was permitted a temporary permit for 3 years to join the hotel on Taupo Quay to the wooden building on the corner of Victoria Ave
NOTE about William Henry George Foster (1853-1914)

* James LEYDON was there in 1878. He previously had the Royal Oak (see below). James died there in Sep 1879
Wanganui Chronicle, 29 September 1879 SUDDEN DEATH - Mr James Leydon, of the Hibernian Hotel, late of H.M.'s 12th regiment, died very suddenly yesterday morning aged 63 years. He was up and about as usual in the early part of the day, but being suddenly seized with painful and alarming symptoms, his medical adviser and Father Kirk wwere both sent for without delay. However, before these gentlemen arrived, Mr Leydon had breathed his last.
- changed to the ANCHOR Hotel & later the COMMERCIAL Hotel

HOTEL BRAEBURN, Wanganui Street
- mock Tudor style, private hotel (Telephone Exchange No.600) situated on an elevated site on Anzac Parade was opened Monday 15 Nov 1915 just before the Wanganui Show

* In 1876 William TINGEY applied for a renewal of his license. The police objected because of the filthy state of the house and gambling being permitted. License was granted after cautions
* R. E. TINGEY had it in 1878
- An interesting read on this hotel in 1884
* In 1887 C. E. GREAGOR took over the license. Still there in 1893
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Tawse) - No complaints; in good repair and well furnished, fire escape ropes in bedrooms
* In 1901 W. G. NICHOLSON applied for a renewal. He had installed fire escape ropes in all the upstairs bedrooms. The application was granted. He again renewed it in 1902
* In 1918 when the license renewal was applied for the police report was unfavorable. The building was in a bad state and the committee were of the opinion that the hotel should be rebuilt

an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Rowe) - No complaints; in fair repair, fairly furnished, fire escape ropes provided

* In 1894 Arthur ELLIS renewed his accommodation license
Wanganui Chronicle, 3 June 1904 We hear on reliable authority that Mr P. S. LACY has brought the freehold of the Mangamahu Family Hotel form Messrs Ellis and Robinson, at a figure close to L4000. The licensee, now owner, intends in the near future to carry out a lot of improvements, both inside and out. The grounds about this hotel can be made very beautiful by a little expenditure of capital and labour on tree planting, shrubberies, etc., and the house itself will be put in thorough repair from top to bottom, which, no doubt the local settlers and travelling public will appreciate

MASONIC HOTEL, Plymouth Street & River Bank (12 rooms)
* Charles BATT there in 1867
* In 1870 J. NEILSON renewed the license
* In June 1876 Catherine NEILSON renewed her license
* In 1878 the Sub-Inspector objected to the renewal of the license to Robert SHEARER as the applicant neglected to support a wife and family in destitution in Glasgow. The Court ruled that the family would be in more distress if they took away the applicants means of obtaining a livelihood
* In 1884 Eric Henry Oscar SUISTED applied for a renewal of the license. Still there in 1888
* William B. PATRICK was there in 1891
* In May 1894 Arthur H. WOOLLEY transferred the license back to Charles BATT
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Hintz) Prior to December indifferently and since that fairly well; part of it very old and the rooms low; in moderate order, furniture middling. Police comment: None for this quarter, beyond that the house is not up to the average standard required for licensed houses in this town
* William Henry BLEASEL (1855-1905) there in 1900 when he thoroughly renovated and scrupulously cleaned it up. He renewed his license in 1902
* In June 1911 A. McQUIRE renewed the lease
* In 1916 A. MANGUSON renewed his license

* In 1876 William CAMBELL renewed his License then transferred to James ANTHONY. He was still there in April 1878 when the hotel was totally destroyed by fire. The house was owned by Messrs Taylor and Watt
* James Anthony (1841-1828) married Mary Hogan (1855-1932) 3 Aug 1876. They had a son, Alfred William James Anthony (1877-1951) who was 11 months old at time of the fire. Mary gave birth to David Henry Anthony (1878-1948) 2 months after the fire. They also had twins Thomas (1882-1961) & Eliza (1882-1954) & Florence Anthony (1890-)
James reopened the 'new' Maxwelltown Hotel in Sep 1878, transferred the license to Thomas Poole in May 1879 and then bought the lease of the Waitotara Hotel in the same month. A meeting of his creditors in June 1880. In March 1895 he was living at Castlecliff when charged in Court that he had failed to support his destitute mother. He stated that he was willing to support her in his own house but could not do so outside. She said she could not live in the house owing to disagreement with her daughter-in-law. He was ordered to pay her 5s a week and his brothers should also contribute

- built c1869 opposite the Railway Station
owned by Martin O'HARA from 1891, leased by Charles James McCARTHY in 1897
* In 1892 Charles was granted the publican's license for the Rutland Hotel
* On 20 March 1897 he took a 10 year lease of this building and it became McCarthy's Family Hotel
an 1898 Inspector's report : Fairly well; in good repair and fairly furnished; fire escapes, ropes and stairs, ladder for balcony
* In the May 1904 flood, the waters extended some distance beyond the Railway Station and water was flowing into McCarthy's Hotel. In fact he was the most unfortunate owner on the Quay. The floor of the building from back to front was covered with over a foot of water and mud.
* In Sep 1904 Mr MARSHALL applied for a renewal of the lease under which Mr McCarthy held the hotel from the owner Mr O'Hara. The Final Warning
* In April 1905 McCarthy's Hotel was destroyed. There were 15 boarders in the house, 6 servants and 5 members of the McCarthy family in the hotel
* 3 May 1905 the FIRE INQUIRY
* In Feb 1906 a pleasant social gathering was held in the cosy dining-room of Mr C. J. McCarthy's new hotel
* In Feb 1906 an old acquaintance of Charles, Mr W. Gordon, of the Survey Office, New Plymouth, was in town. He and Charles had been fellow civil servants in the Oamaru telegraphic 30 years earlier
* 17 Oct 1907 Mr W. J. Walter, Inspector of Meat at Patea was in town on business and was staying at McCarthy's Hotel
* In June 1911 C. J. McCarthy renewed his license
* 14 June 1915 Wanganui Enlistments, C. J. McCarthy, hotel manager, McCarthy's Hotel, Wanganui
* In April 1916 the 'Georgetti Estate' was put up for auction. The country lands comprised 'Papaiti', 5 farms varying from 83 to 195 acres and 'Whataroa' comprising 3 farms varying from 594 to 646 acres. The town lands comprised 3 sections between McCarthy's Hotel and Hatrick & Co's warehouse
NOTE Charles James McCarthy (1861-1926) married Lucy Jane GASQUOINE (1863-1939) in 1886 & had 4 sons

METROPOLITIAN HOTEL, corner Taupo Quay & St Hill St
- established 1890 (52 rooms)
* Henry Hallett MACE there in 1890
... a two-storeyed wooden building, containing about fifty-two rooms. A unique feature of the building is a promenade on the roof, commanding a splendid view of the river and town. On the ground floor is a large dining-room (which has accommodation for 100 guests), a sitting-room, a fine commercial room, the private office, and the public and private bars. The first floor contains the bedrooms, three private sitting-rooms, bathrooms (with hot and cold water laid on), and lavatories. The bar, which is a well-appointed apartment, is stocked with the best ales, spirits, and wines. The Metropolitan is well managed, every care being taken to meet the special needs and wishes of the guests, and a good table is kept ...
NOTE Henry Hallett Mace (1871-1969) was born in New Plymouth to Captain Francis Joseph MACE & Rachel Alice ARDEN. He was a store keeper in Inglewood and Stratford and later a Land Agent in New Plymouth. He had the Bunnythorpe Hotel before taking over the Metropolitan. He married Edith Agnes ELLIS (1866-1948) in 1893 & had 3 children
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Brennan) - No complaints; in good order, well furnished and well provided with fire escapes, stairs and ropes
* In 1901 Edith REID transferred her license to William Robert TUCK. The owner of the hotel was then John BRENNAN
* In 1903 & 1904 Alfred MITCHELL renewed the license
* In June 1911 T. H. Nixon renewed the license
* In 1916 T. H. NIXON transferred the license to J. HANNAN

(later the Imperial Hotel)
* In 1888 J. W. WATKINS renewed his license & obtained a 12 o'clock license
* In 1891 W. R. TUCK renewed his license. Still there in 1894
* In 1898 W. P. STUART, late of Hastings, took it over
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Guthrie) - well conducted; in fair order, fairly furnished, fire escapes provided, stairs and ropes
* In 1902 Margaret STUART'S application for a renewal was held over until the new building was finished
* In 1903 Neill McKenzie FORBES renewed his license. Still there in 1911
* In 1916 Frederick Charles FABER renewed his license

* Philip Edmond DOVER in 1901
* In June 1903 David Roux BUISSON applied for a permanent transfer. In answer to the Chairman, counsel stated that the police had reported that a strict watch had been kept on the New Criterion Hotel since the present licensee had been in possession and no trading after hours had been detected; but complaint had been made that the licensee had permitted gambling to take place on his licensed premised on two occasions. Inspector Kelly stated that the police intended to object to the transfer
* In 1916 W. J. WILLIAMS renewed his license

* In 1876 William HANDLEY renewed his License. Still there in 1893

* W. F. BAKER in 1878
* In 1887 Mr W. HENDLEY renewed his license
* In 1888 W. H. REED renewed his license although the police objected due to the bad repair of the house and with the indifferent characters who frequented. They believed the house should be re-built or repaired to a great extent and if not then it must lose its license. The license was granted on conditions

* opposite the Empire Hotel, see photo at Empire Hotel above
* Frank E. EVANS there in 1873
* In 1876 J. HEYWOOD applied for a renewal but was opposed by the police and neighbours which was considered the worst conducted house in Wanganui.

PIER HOTEL, Taupo Quay
* Martin O'HARA in 1867. He owned the McCarthy Family Hotel in 1891
* In Sep 1876 application was made by Andrew TOD for a license for the house formerly known as the Pier Hotel
* In 1891 S. HOOPER renewed his license

* Jane Hearn RAPLEY there in 1867. Still there in 1876
* Jane (nee Nathan 1832-1912) married James Rapley (1827-1877). Their daughter, Mary Ann Rapley (1864-1936) married Charles Huddell Chevannes, (as his 2nd wife) owner/proprietor of a number of hotels in Wanganui (see Victoria Hotel below). Jane remarried to George Wilson Ormsbee in 1878 (see next)
* George Wilson ORMSBEE there in 1878
* In 1888 J. W. JACKSON renewed his license
* In 1891 Emma SIDDELLS renewed her license

- established in the 1860s ... one of the oldest licensed houses in the town, and was founded in the sixties. The present building is a two-storeyed one, and contains about fifty rooms. The house is conveniently appointed, and furnished with excellent taste. On the ground floor are four sitting rooms, a commercial room, the dining room (with accommodation for sixty guests), and the bar. The first floor contains two sitting rooms, the bedrooms, bathrooms, and lavatories ...
* Janet BROUGHTON (Mrs H. E. Broughton) had it in 1878. In 1891 she renewed her license. Still there in 1894
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Tuck) - Fairly well; in good repair, well furnished and provided with fire escapes
* In 1902 William LIGHT was granted a renewal
NOTE William Robert Tuck (1856-1935) was born in London, England. He was brought up by his uncle in Liverpool and educated at Battersea College. As a lad he kept his uncle's books and at 19 he emigrated to New Zealand. For a time he conducted a livery stable in Nelson and later one in Wanganui. He was a partner in the firm Messrs Swan and Company, local brewers. He took a keen interest in rowing and is remembered as Webb's backer in the rowing match for the championship of the world, at Sydney, in 1907. He had the Occidental and Newmarket Hotels. Later he visited England and on his return bought the Metropolitan Hotel (there in 1901), which he afterwards sold and acquired the Provincial. He renewed the license in 1916

* E. EILERS took over the hotel in July 1876 and made extensive alterations and improvements
* In 1886 Mr BRODIE retired from the business & Thomas COADY was the incoming tenant. Thomas was charged with assaulting and beating Emma Littlewood in 1887 when he swore at her, pulled her around by the ear and pushed her out on the pavement after she refused a drink at the bar. Thomas renewed the license in 1888. He had the ARAMOHO in 1893 from Mrs TUTTY
* In 1889 Thomas Coady transferred the license to John MAHONEY who was still there in 1891
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Hartshore) - Well conducted; in good order, fairly furnished, fire escape, stairs and ropes provided
* In 1902 P. HARTSHORN wanted to renew the license. It was not granted but adjourned to enable plans to be prepared for a new building
* In June 1903 Charles SIDDELLS applied for a renewal. Counsel stated that the licensee was the holder of the freehold and proposed to start at once rebuilding that portion fronting the Market Square and erect a balcony. The portion of the hotel fronting Taupo Quay was in good condition. It was intended ultimately to rebuild the whole
* In 1904 Charles SIDDELLS renewed the license and the name was changed (on request of Mr Treadwell), to the FEDERAL HOTEL after the new building was erected
* In 1909 M. BARRY transferred his license to W. BELLVE

* In June 1876 Thomas BROUGH renewed his license
* In 1894 James BENNETT renewed his license
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Fordell-Cooper) - Middling; in fair repair, fairly furnished, fire escape provided
* In 1902 J. COOPER renewed his license

* In Sep 1876 the license was granted to Frederick EILERS. A son was born there 18 March 1881, (ALbert Frederick Eilers (1881-1887)
* In 1883 Mr E. ANCHOR, late of the Anchor Hotel, purchased the hotel from Mr MELLHONE
* In May 1894 Joseph RUSCOE transferred the license to Michael O'REILLY
* In 1894 John MAHONEY renewed his license

RED LION HOTEL, Taylorville (Campbelltown)
* photo of the hotel, from Shakespeare Cliff, showing its view of the river (c1860)
* the destruction of the Red Lion Hotel in 1874 when G. ROSS was proprietor
* McDONNELL in 1867
* In 1870 W. COOMBES renewed the license
* In 1885 John ROBERTSON had the license cancelled on the ground that the previous licensee, who had been refused a license, had been carrying on the business, refusing Robertson the transfer of the lease and management
* In 1887 H. G. WALLER's application was granted
* In 1894 Frederic Louis Kossuth HILL* renewed his license. In June 1889 he purchased Mr W. H. HUTSON's interest in the wholesale wine and spirit business in Hawera
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Killeen) - Fairly well; some-what out of repair, moderately furnished, fire escape, stairs and ropes provided, also ladder for balcomy. Police objection: This house will need considerable repairs before the annual meeting
* John William PEMBERTON in 1901
* In 1902 George COTTERELL was granted a renewal. In June 1903 George applied for a transfer. The Council applied that the name of Cottrell should be substituted for that of John Cameron, The Chairman stated that the Committee had no objection whatever to Mr Cameron, who they thought a desirable person to hold the license, but the formalities of the Act with regard to advertising and giving the public an opportunity of objecting had not been complied with - application granted under section 94
* In June 1911 J. CAMERON renewed the license
* In 1916 J. W. MILLS renewed his license
NOTES about Frederic Louis Kossuth HILL (1851-1914)
* born 1851 in Nottingham, England
* married in Christchurch in 1882 to Pamela Kate GODSO (?-1903) in 1882 & had 3 children in Ashburton
* In 1882 he had the Somerset Hotel in Ashburton, leased from Mr Robert William Shearman who died accidentally aged 41. Still there in 1885
* In June 1886 he took the license of the Lincoln Hotel in Christchurch from D. W. Bartram. Still there in 1889
* In May 1894 he renewed the license of the Red Lion in Wanganui, as above
* In 1897 he purchased the goodwill of the Provincial Hotel in Napier, then held by Mr Jubal Fleming. He transferred the license in June 1899 to J. W. McDuff
* In June 1899 his partner George Shaw, wool carder, was bankrupt. Frederick had invested L350 (2014 equivalent of $62,268)
* He was in Hawera in 1900
* In Jan 1902 Mr A. J. Whittaker of Hawera was holidaying in Europe; Sydney to Fremantle to Colombo to Aden to Suez to Marseilles, then on to London & Glasgow. France, Denmark & Ceylon. He said among those he met at 'Home' was the Sheriff of Nottingham, the uncle of Mr F. L. K. Hill of Hawera
* In June 1902 he was granted a wholesale liquor license in Hawera
* In May 1903 Mr G. Stringer, liquidator in Frederick's estate, asked for a transfer of the lease in Princes street, Hawera from Frederick to Mr H. King. He asked for a rebate in the amount of rent due
* In Dec 1903 his wife Pamela died at sea
Wanganui Chronicle, 7 December 1903 HILL - Pamela Kate, on board the Moeraki, on December 1, two days from Sydney, wife of Mr F. L. K. Hill, daughter of W. Godso, Wanganui
* Frederick died 26 Nov 1914 from Bronchitis in Christchurch aged 63 and buried Plot 279, Block 20 at Linwood

* the building was erected in 1876. William McDONALD applied for a liquor license but the Councel refused a License on the unanimous decision that opening a hotel in the neighbourhood was undesirable

Wanganui Chronicle, 23 October 1874 ROYAL OAK HOTEL - Yesterday the Royal Oak Hotel, Market Square, was offered at auction by Mr CHADWICK and knocked down to Mr Joseph Nathan for L1000 (Oct 2013 equivalent of $128,000)
* In April 1874 James LEYDON renewed his license & complained to the Council about the drainage to his property and the state of the road. He renewed the license again in 1875
* In 1875 the public were notified that in future the booking office and starting place for Messrs Cockery's line of coaches would be the Steam packet Hotel instead of the Royal Oak
* In 1876 James Leydon renewed the license & complained to the Council of the broken culvert in front of his premises by which an accumulation of surface water was a source of annoyance to himself and pedestrians. In 1877 he had the Hibernian. He died suddenly in Sep 1879 (see Hibernian)

RUTLAND HOTEL, corner Ridgway St & Victoria Ave
* established in 1845 & about 70 rooms, it was rebuilt in brick in 1904 to 3 storeys
* In March 1862 a farewell dinner was held here for Mr Treweek from Kai Iwi
* SULLIVAN in 1867
* In June 1876 Pierre 'Peter' George Alexandre CHAVANNES renewed the license. Still there in 1878 (had the Victorian Hotel in Dunedin in 1862. Had the New Zealander Hotel, Manners St., Wellington in 1865 which, by 1915, no longer existed). He was the father of Charles Huddell Chavannes, mentioned many times here
* In 1888 A. J. PARSONS renewed his license
* In 1892 Charles James McCarthy had the license. He later had his own hotel, see above
* In 1894 C. J. McCARTHY renewed his license
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Sullivan) - Fairly well; building very old and worse of wear; kitchen and scullery quite unfit for the purpose; should be re-built; furniture fairly good. Police objections - No objections at present, but building requires great improvement before annual meeting. The building is quite out of proportion to the requirements of the site
* Frederick Charles FABER in 1901, renewed it in 1902 & 1903
* In June 1911 Thomas Lawless renewed the license
* In 1916 S. L. PARSONS renewed his license

* Mr T. (or P.) O'RILEY there in 1867 & renewed the license in 1870

SHIP HOTEL, corner of Taupo Quay & Wilson St
(also see Ship Hotel c1870)
- opposite the railway station, it later became a temperance boarding establishment of 39 bedrooms. Renamed the Wanganui Coffee Palace and run by Miss Jane DOBLE
* In June 1876 H. LITTLEWOOD renewed his license
* R. W. LITTLEWOOD in 1878
* In 1888 W. ODGERS renewed his license. The police were now satisfied with the way it was now conducted

* James CATHRO (1818-1892) had the license in 1868. In Jan 1878 James transferred the license to John RAWLINGS. In 1875 James was ordered to the Lunatic Asylum in Wellington. In Sep 1875 his wife Catherine Hannah (nee PARKES) died in Victoria Ave aged 50. They had a son Henry Samuel Cathro (1862-1955)
* In June 1876 J. RAWLINGS
* Thomas Henry WIXCEY in 1884. Thomas (1848-1921) married Mary Ann WINDSOR (1851-1916) in 1869 & had at least 8 children. Their son Charles Wixcey (1887-1907) drowned at Castlecliff when bathing with some friends
* In 1888 E. HACKETT renewed his license

STEAM PACKET HOTEL, nearly opposite the bridge, Taupo Quay
(later named Fosters Hotel, see above)
* William Henry George FOSTER
* the proprietor, JOHN DAVIDSON, died there June 1867
* In 1870 G. H. BLAIR applied for a transfer and renewal of the license. He renewed his license in 1876
* W. PATERSON there in 1878

established about 1878, the first of its kind in Wanganui
* Mrs Annie Adelia HENLEY (1855-1913), who was born in Wellington, was there 1878. She died in Auckland

THE EXCHANGE HOTEL, corner Taupo Quay & Market Square
* In 13 Jan 1868 a meeting of the creditors of William TESTAR/TESTER, late landlord of the hotel was held and a dividend of 9d in the pound declared. He was from Datchet, Berkshire, England and died 12 Nov 1891 at Bell Street aged 77. His wife, Davida Craig Wright died 10 Feb 1899 aged 76
* In 1870 A. BENNET renewed the license

* John MATTHEW there in 1867

VICTORIA HOTEL, corner Victoria Ave & Maria Place
(this may be what they called 'Chavannes Hotel')
- two stories, about 50 rooms, including 49 bedrooms, a ladies' drawing room, commercial and writing rooms, two sitting rooms and a large and well-appointed dining hall
* In June 1876 J. W. ROBINSON renewed his license
* C. H. CHAVANNES renewed his license in 1881. Still there in 1894
the demolition of original building Chavanne's Victoria Hotel 1870
Chavanne's second hotel, on the site of Victoria Hotel
NOTES about Charles Huddell CHEVANNES (1854-1934)
* born in Wanganui to Pierre 'Peter' George Alexandre CHAVANNES (1826-1879, from Jamaica) & Agnes HUDDELL (1822-1879)
* In 1879 Charles married Emily Ann Davidson and had a daughter, (1879-1930) Hilda Isabella Agnes Chavannes. Emily died in July 1881 aged 25.
Wanganui Herald, 2 July 1881 CHAVANNES - On the 1st instant, at Wanganui, Emily Ann, the beloved wife of Mr Charles Huddell Chavannes, aged 35 years. Friends are informed that the funeral of the late Mrs Charles H. Chavannes will leave the Victoria Hotel on Sunday afternoon, the 3rd inst, at 4 o'clock
* In 1885 Charles remarried to Mary Ann 'Polly' Rapley (1864-1936). Daughter of James Rapley (1827-1877), who arrived with the 65th into Bay of Island 19 Nov 1846 and of Jane Hearn Nathan (1832-1912), born in London to Henry Nathan & Jane Hearn who emigrated to NZ in 1841. Her father James died in Christchurch aged 50 when Polly was 13. Her mother Jane had the Prince of Wales hotel in Wanganui for quite some time (see above), she remarried to George Wilson Orsmbee in 1878 and he took over the license.
* In 1886 Charles & Polly had a son, Charles Huddell Chavannes (1886-1924) who married Christina Colquhoun Scott in 1907 and had a son they also named Charles Huddell Chavannes (1911-1983)
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Chavannes) - well conducted; in excellent order, well furnished and well provided with fire escapes
* James Sydney Palmer renewed his license in 1903. James was born in London and educated partly there and later in Forfarshire, Scotland. He came to New Zealand in 1878, settled in Christchurch and was in the railway service for 12 years. He was transferred to Wellington and was in the General Manager's office until 1896, when he retired to take up a hotel in Feilding. In 1902 he moved to Wanganui and took over the Victoria Hotel
* In June 1911 J. G. Swan renewed the license

* In 1870 D. ATKINSON renewed the license
* In June 1876 Alfred MULLER renewed his license
* Joseph CHADWICK there in 1878

WANGANUI TEMPERANCE HOTEL, corner Bell St & Campbell Place
- Formerly the Wanganui Hotel
* Mrs E. REES, who was born in Picton, on the death of her husband, went into business to provide for her family. She bought it for the purposes of a general boarding-house. Her husband was a licensed interpreter and commission agent in Wanganui and his father and uncle were doctors in Wanganui

The WANGANUI BREWERY is established in Market Square
- GIBBONS & HOLE are the proprietors in 1898


No sale of intoxicating drinks being allowed on Sundays except to travellers or lodgers, but railway licenses are not subject to any restrictions of this kind. Christmas and Good Friday are to be regarded as if they were Sundays, and no female, except the wife or daughter of the licensee is to be employed in the bar for more than 10 hours a day or after 11 p.m., with or without consent
* For a publicans' license within the limits of any borough: 40 pounds. Outside the aforesaid limits: 30 pounds
* For a family hotel: 20 pounds
* For a billiard-table: 10 pounds
* For a conditional license: not exceeding 30 pounds
* For a packet license: 10 pounds (see notes)
* For a club license: 20 pounds
* For a wholesale license: 10 pounds

Clause 124 of the Licensing Act, 1881, says:- Every licensed publican shall keep a lamp fixed over the door of his Licensed premises, or within 20 feet thereof, lighted during the whole of every night, from sunset to sunrise, during the time of his holding such license.

A meeting of licensed victuallers and others interested in the amendment of the Licensing Act was held at the Rutland Hotel to adopt the petition as drafted for submission to Parliament, Those present were:
Mr WATT (chairman)

In the early 1900s there were licensed River Steamers in Wanganui. They were called 'Packet Licenses' and the Maori strongly opposed to intoxicating liquor being brought into native kainga. This led to a number of conditions.
Some of the steamers:
The Otunui, The Ohura (launched 1897), The Waione, The Wairere, The Waiora, The Wairua, The Whakapai

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