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I still haven't given up on the almost impossible task of trying to find the article in which Watson Eaton testified that he'd never attended university or had any medical training. Another go found the following. The extract is from page 21.

Family Tree Maker -
Esther Davis and William Griffith were witnesses at a wedding at Sadsbury. Monthly Meeting ...... Watson Eaton was a despondent at his inquest. He wrote: "The

Abraham is the son of Jonah Griffith, grandson of Abraham & Elizabeth
This is the story of Abraham. He was born in Lancaster County, PA in the year
1816. He is reported as being "the captain of a whaling ship out of Philadelphia"
but I can find nothing to prove this. He met his wife Rebecca Hurley in PA and
they were married in Blair County. Sometime after this they went on the Oregon
Trail but apparently came back to PA. They had five children, but when they came
to Australia, they only had three with them so presumably the other two had died.
On the seventh day of March 1855 a small barque entered the heads and sailed
into Pot Phillip Bay. She was the "Nimrod" out of New York. Her captain was G.C.
Whiting and she carried a cargo of wheels, lobsters, furniture, scales and seventy
passengers. The Nimrod weighed in at 450 tons, built in Maine in 1849. Aboard
the Nimrod was Abraham Griffith, his wife Rebecca and three children; Arthamece
aged 15, John Calvin aged 9 and Jonah aged 7. Abraham and Rebecca had two
other sons but as they did not come to Australia it is presumed they had died. The
two boys who presumably died were William Harris and Sylvester. Family lore has
it that Abraham was interested in gold and 1855 was the height of the Victoria
Gold rush. They are believed to have arrived with a "black servant" and a
Conestoga wagon.
With the sub-division of Crown Lands in 1854, more settlers were attracted to the
district, among them being Richard Watkins, an Englishman who is credited with
building the first house in the township. In 1857 he was joined by Abraham
Abraham grew a crop of maize that was the "wonder of the district." They lived on
rented land on Jamison's Survey until the Land Act of 1869 brought changes
allowing settlers to select tracts of less than 350 acres, and those who lived on
the Survey made their application. In 1879 Abraham had 150 acres. In censuses
and old books of the time he is variously described as a farmer, builder and
contractor. He and Rebecca had no children born in Australia. Unfortunately little
is known of Abraham in Victoria. In 1861 he is a patron of the National School,
whatever that was, perhaps a forerunner of the State Schools. In 1861, he signed
a document praising a schoolteacher. On this document is also the signature of his
friend and partner, Watson Eaton. Nothing more is heard of Abraham until March
1874 when he had an accident at Mt. Martha and was injured from which injuries
he died a few days later.
Watson Eaton was a despondent at his inquest. He wrote: "The deceased Abraham
Griffith about 58 years old was my partner. I saw him the day before he was
brought by Mr. Wiseman. His wife and I found him a good deal agitated. The next
three days he was going about and he was able to explain what had happened to
him. He said the horses ran away with him and that he kept them on the road but
could not keep them away from the saplings. He said the accident would not have
happened but for the saplings."
Abraham is buried in the cemetery at Dromana, as is Rebecca. In company with
about twenty other old graves they are kept tidy by the Dromana Historical
Society. Unfortunately no records have survived as to which grave is which and the
sea winds have worn the inscriptions from the headstones. Jonah is buried there
with his wife as is John Calvin and his wife and Abraham's great grandson Ves
(Sylvester) and his wife.
GRIFFITH, b. Abt. 1816; d. Australia; m. REBECCA HURLEY; d. Australia.

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on 2015-02-10 16:44:02

Itellya is researching local history on the Mornington Peninsula and is willing to help family historians with information about the area between Somerville and Blairgowrie. He has extensive information about Henry Gomm of Somerville, Joseph Porta (Victoria's first bellows manufacturer) and Captain Adams of Rosebud.

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by Linda955 on 2016-01-16 16:30:19

Hi My name is Linda and I found this page by accident and am delighted. I am a great great granddaughter of Arthamecy and George Elliman. My grandfather was Ada Maud (Marie) Elliman's (1871-1952) son Fredrick Ernest Elliman (1895-1966). Given the extensive research yo have undertaken I am wondering if you have come across any information that would provide an insight into Ada's life. I have been unable to find out much about her. My grandfather and his sister Ethel Arthamecy were both illegitimate but obviously due to physical comparisons had the same father. They were both born on the Peninsula. Ada was known within the family as Naunt and she gave nothing away about their father and their birth and marriage certificates are full of misinformation. Given their colouring and my mother's colouring I suspect it is possible that there many be some indigenous blood. But family legend is that she was the mistress of a local Doctor whose wife was very ill and he would not/ could not divorce her. If you have any information I would be very grateful. I do have a copy of some information on the Hurley Family in the USA including information the Stottlemyer connection and slave holdings etc If you do not already have that information. I look forward to hearing from you my email is Kind regards Linda

by itellya on 2016-01-16 23:10:08

Colin McLear (P. 69, A DREAMTIME OF DROMANA) mentioned Arthamecy's marriages to 1. George Bidgood and 2. George Elliman, her children being Rebecca George and William James Bidgood and John William, Ada Maria and Isabella Elliman. George and James Bidgood were number 1 and 2 on the register of Dromana State School (presumably in 1873) by which time Ada had been born.Colin states that Arthamecy lived on the Survey after moving from the Bellarine Peninsula and later moved to Mornington*(P.69); also that George Elliman had been a tenant on the Survey, by Griffith's lease,in an area known as Elliman's Flat high up on Dunns Creek,and adds: "One of Jonah Griffith's daughters married an Elliman (P.141.)

(*The move of George Elliman to Mornington would seem to have been in about 1909. Arthamecy did not accompany him- unless he exhumed her. SHE DIED IN 1893 ACCORDING TO ALL REPORTS.

The funeral of the late Mr Geo. Elliman (whose death was reported in our last issue) took place on Thursday, 15th inst. The deceased was a colonist of over 60 years, nearly the whole of the
time being spent on the Peninsula. He was well known and highly respected throughout the (?) (Red?)(Hill?), where he was employed at the Kent Orchard for over 20 years. The deceased,who was 73 years of age, came to Mornington about two years ago, where he resided until the time of his death. The remains were interred in the Moorooduc cemetery; the Rev W. Sandiford officated
at the grave. Mr Summerland, of Mornington, carrying out the mortuary arrangements.
(P.2, Mornington Standard, 24-6-1911.)

Messrs. Elliman and Meehan are the only two successful candidates for vacancies in the Railway department, out of the number who applied from this district.
(P.2, Mornington Standard, 8-8-1901.)

Kent Orchard was crown allotment 79B Balnarring, now containing the west end of Kentucky Rd (Melway 191 H-left half J 1-top half 2, adjoining the present Port Phillip Estate Winery land to the south. I presume that Elliman's Flat was near 161 E6 (where Dunns Creek enters the Survey) or 160 J8 (from where the creek flows into Griffith's), the latter certainly BY THE GRIFFITH LEASE (AND FREEHOLD HOMESTEAD BLOCK,LOT 9 OF THE SUBDIVISION OF THE CLARKE ESTATE), Melway 160 H4 and bounded by the highway with Pickings Lane and Bluestone Cottage indicating its northern boundary. George Elliman would have worked for A.E.Bennett until Bennett's marriage and relocation to "Seven Oaks", immediately north, and then John (Peter) Shand who had just married Mary (nee Hope) the widow of John Huntley Jnr. George Elliman's application to join the railways was probably made when John and Mary Shand bought today's 212 and 214 Bittern-Dromana Rd (c.a 14 Balnarring) to establish Kentucky and Rosslyn. (Bill Huntley.)

F.Elliman, almost certainly your grandfather, was attending the Mornington State School by 1908 and featured in the under 15 races at the Empire Day Sports.
Mornington Standard (Vic. : 1889 - 1908) Saturday 30 May 1908 p 3 Article)

W. Elliman had been visiting Mornington in 1906 (MORNINGTON.
Mornington Standard (Vic. : 1889 - 1908) Saturday 20 October 1906 p 2 Article) but an association with Dromana was retained (DROMANA. OPENING OF THE NEW MECHANICS INSTITUTE AND LIBRARY.
Mornington Standard (Frankston, Vic. : 1911 - 1920) Saturday 30 November 1912 p 3 Article
... peace with all the s world. The Variety Entertainment, - y Mornington Peninsula performers, wast anl ... , grey muslin des],i. hrtnd embroid- S e]e c; 3Miss Elliman, pink silk with C black lace; Miss G. Edwards ).

Applications for pensions and welfare were made through local courts in those days and it would appear that George was granted an old age pension; it couldn't have been Arthamecy because it's stated without dispute that she died in 1893.

Applications for Old Age Pensions were granted to Mr and Mrs Perrott, John Unthank, William Clarke, Mrs Quinn, Mrs Martin and Elliman*. Pensions from £22/10 to £26 per annum were given.
(Mornington Court of Petty Sessions.
Mornington and Dromana Standard (Vic. : 1908 - 1911) Saturday 10 July 1909 p 2 Article)

Mr. Mouritz (Naval Base) asked Mornington delegates if they could explain why a man named Elliman, of Melbourtne Juniors, was played at Naval Base on the llth inst.
(FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION MEETING "Standard " Influence Discussed.
Frankston and Somerville Standard (Vic. : 1921 - 1939) Wednesday 22 August 1923 p 5 Article)

The above was probably John William Elliman,George and Arthamecy's oldest child, who seemed to have been commonly called W.Elliman and whose name was removed from the electoral roll because he was probably working in Melbourne, along with that of John Hurley who had most likely moved from Melway 163 A12 to Sorrento.

ARTHAMECY seems to have died in 1893. Did you attend the Griffith, Bidgood, Elliman reunion in 2005?
From: "Ross Crockett"
Date: Tue, 04 May 2004 14:31:56 +0000

Hi Kay
I hope you are aware of the following posting, and have tried to make
contact with the person posting this back in 1999.

From: "Marie McMahon"
Subject: George BIDGOOD
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 11:03:16 +1000

I am seeking information on the above who arrived in Victoria from Devon
and married Artha Mecy GRIFFITH in Geelong Dec 4, 1856. They had three
children and Artha Mecy (yes, that does appear to be the correct name odd
tho it seems) then married George ELLIMAN in 1868.

Problem is, what happened
to George Bidgood? Did he die, divorce or just disappear?

Would appreciate any help in solving the mystery

Hi Suzie,
A very big thank you for this new information - small pieces of information
like this help put flesh on characters that had been little more than names
and dates! Can you tell me please if the records include extra detail, or if
that is pretty much it.

I am also grateful for the correction about Indented Head - I had thought it
to be synonomous with Drysdale, but now realise it could be anywhere on the
Bellarine Peninsula. Is there any way I could narrow down the location of
where they lived - rate books or such? I know it was early and may predate
these records. I have looked in the directories available on microfiche, but
not seen anything related to George Bidgood.

Many thanks for your help - it is greatly appreciated.



> Hi Kay,
> And he was still there in 1862 when he appeared in the Drysdale Court ...
> name of George Bedgood (but on closer inspection could definitely be
> Bidgood). And just a reminder that "lived in Indented Head" doesn't mean
> the town of Indented Head which didn't exist then. Indented Head was the
> name of the whole Bellarine Peninsula and the local Roads Board,
> not the town.
> His court appearance was 2nd January 1862. George was the complainant and
> Sidney Searle was the defendant. Cause - assault Mrs Bidgood. Decision -
> no appearance of Geo Bidgood. Discharged. Than an added remark -
> and brought up on bail to the court (presume this is referring to Sidney
> Searle). In 1861 he appeared to be in business with Jenkins (think that's
> Charlie) and applied for his slaughtering licence on February 14, 1861 -
> slaughtering yard was at Drysdale.
> Regards ....... Susie Z

> > Hi Heather & Jenny,
> >
> > Thank you so much for your replies - there are some resources there I
> > not investigated - can you please tell me what the Gibson index is?
> >
> > As far as the detail goes, I have all the certificates - marriage and
> birth
> > of each child. George and his wife definitely lived in Indented Head
> until
> > at least 1861 and he was a butcher. He informed on the first two
> children's
> > birth certificates, but not the third who was born in 1865 in Kangerong,
> > where Artha Mecy's parents lived. I am not sure if George lived in
> Kangerong
> > at all, the only pieces of evidence I have that suggest he did were the
> two
> > I mentioned - the certificate for the third child registered by his
> > and the baptism entry which is a transcript from the original register
> > (Patricia Draper's transcript of St Peter's Mornington records).
> >
> > I have tried every combination of *'s and mispellings I can think of,
> > have not located anything vaguely resembling a death entry for him in
> > pioneers index. There was no record in the inquest index.
> >
> > Artha Mecy was working as a servant at the time of her second marriage,
> > she definitely was in reduced circumstances, which could have occured as
> > result of either a death or desertion, I suppose.
> >
> > I have thought of newspapers, but it is an immense job given the date of
> > possible death could be anywhere between say, 1862 and 1866. I am not
> > what newspapers covered the Kangerong area during that period.
> >
> > So, I think I will look in the Police Gazette and some of the records
> > mentioned, but I fear this one may never be solved. A pity, as a few of
> us
> > are wondering whatever happened to George Bidgood!
> >
> > Thanks once again for your detailed and helpful replies,
> >
> > regards
> >
> > Kay

> > From: jenny
> > To:
> > Sent: Tuesday, May 04, 2004 10:19 AM
> > Subject: [GSV] Re: Unregistered death

> > > Kay
> > >
> > > Your query on the death of George BIDGOOD not being registered.
> > >
> > > I have a similar problem, the children all being carefully registered
> > > by the mother on their birth (and death), with the last one born 1866
> > > and dying 1867. The mother remarried and listed her first husband's
> > > death as September 1868. The death is not registered.
> > >
> > > As someone suggested to me a while ago, try
> > > - every possible spelling you can think of (BEDGOOD, BIDOOD, parents
> > > names etc)
> > > - the original fiche index (less transcription errors!)
> > > - Police Gazette records, and Gibson Index
> > > - Other states or perhaps his home country
> > > - Inquest records (these often not listed on the BDM index)
> > > - Probate/Will records and Government Gazettes
> > >
> > > Apart from that, your George might be like my ancestor. ......
> > >
> > > It is possible that George died and his wife was left with no money
> > > to bury him, or possibly it just didn't occur to her to register it.
> > > Which one of the parents' registered the children? Although desertion
> > > is a possibility, it is likely that it wasn't registered.

There's a photo on a pay to view genealogy site for the above's grave at Mornington, formerly Moorooduc, Cemetery but it is not on the Australian Cemeteries page for Mornington Cemetery or Val Wilson's fabulous pioneer graves website.

by itellya on 2016-01-16 23:45:52

Linda955, I have posted your comment and my reply (above) on the HISTORY OF DROMANA TO PORTSEA Facebook group's page, asking anyone who knew Ada to provide information. Hopefully my reply will help you in some way, even though none of it is about Ada.

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