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The Charlotte Gladstone arrival 1866 - Passenger List

Journal by janilye

Transcribed from

The South Australian Register of June 18 1866 , Adelaide

THE CHARLOTTE GLADSTONE 1866 departed Plymouth, Devon, England with 394 government immigrants, arrived Glenelg, South Australia on April 16, 1866 CHARLOTTE GLADSTONE - PASSENGER LIST, as recorded at SA State Records [66/4 GRG 35/48
The above ship is a capital specimen of the Commissioner's selection, and there can be no doubt but that it is preferable to pay a little more to secure such spacious 'tween decks and ample recreation surface, although in this case those matters have not entirely prevented the appearance of sickness.
She is a new vessel on the first voyage, commanded by Captain Fraser, and superintended by Dr. Crane, whose long experience in the transport of people eminently qualifies him for the post.
His task on the present occasion has been rather more onerous than usual, from hooping-cough existing when the ship left Plymouth.
There were but two mild cases, but unfortunately the epidemic was communicated to others, and a large number were treated for the same, five of whom died, aud the remainder had partially recovered, leaving but two on the Surgeon's list on arrival.

In consequence of this the Assistant forbade communication till Dr. Duncan's visit of inspection; and with praise worthy zeal for the service, that gentleman was early in attendance and mustered the people. From the surgeon's and master's opinion with the general appearance of the immigrants some slight idea may be formed of their suitability for colonial purposes; and it is but fair to remark on the good order and observance of routine manifested.
This resulted from stringency at commencement, which ripened into cheerful obedience at the close. By far the majority are assisted passage certificate holders, imported to the order of friends here, and doubtless many recognitions of familiar faces will occur in the course of the day, for it is unlikely any quarantine regulations will be enforced. The cleanliness in the single females department is very creditable to the feminine part of the floating community, and the same will apply to the married folks, though the number of juveniles is rather against its remaining in strict order long.
The single men have more space than any others, for on the stowage of the hammocks the apartment extends from side to side without obstruction.
As regards the dis tiller and ventilator, Dr. Crane is in favour of both, but recognises the necessity of some modification in the latter, in order more thoroughly to clear the 'tween decks from impure air.

Subjoined are the names of the immigrants

James, Louisa, Elizabeth, Louisa, James, Emma, and Frederick Allen, Jesse, Elizabeth, Adeline, Rosalinde, and Sylvia Aubris, Mary J. Bailey, William Benny, Richard Best, William, Elizabeth, Annie, Samuel, William, and Kate Biles, Isaac, Mary J and Ellen J. Blackmore, Eli Hannah, Sarah, and James Bradbury, Samuel Brand, George, Ann, and George Butter, James and Rachel Bye, William, Harriet, John, and Daniel Cannon, William, Mary, Sarah, Mary, and William Carnail, Marshall, Martha, Fred., and Benj. Carter, Richard and Emma Carter, William Chapman, Charles Curnow, Thomas, Mary T., and William Clarke, Thomas and Selina Davis, Richard Dawe, Miss E. Duffey, Edward, Mary, Ann, Mary, Bertha, and Edward Dingle, James, Emma, James, and Jane Draper, Mark and Sarah Fishlock, Eliza Forrestall, Sarah Forster, Alice Foskett, Lewin, Mary, George, and Anne E. Fry, William George, George, Hope, Edith, and Annie Gibbons, Stephen, Mary A., and Anne Gibbons, Anne Gingall, Thomas Guest, William, Elizabeth, Mary A., and Elizabeth Harris, John and Margaret Harvie, John Hatherby, George and Mary Hearny, Mark N. Hillier, Emanuel, Caroline, Eliza, Elizabeth, Ketty, and Angelina Hellier, Charles and Mary Higgs, Joseph Honniball, John Ingram, David Jones, Joseph Kingston, John Knight. George Lane, Sarah A. Lanthias, Anna Lee, Jane McKeon, Thomas, Charlotte, and Ernest Matthews, Wm. Medland, Daniel Megins, Wm. Merrifield, Richard Nicholls, Henry Osmond, Thomas Page, William Parsons, James Raines, Anty Retallach, James and Alfred Richards, William and Susan Rodda, William G. Roskilly, John, Anna, Sarah, William, Fanny, John, Asenok, and Elijah Smart, Charles Smith, Richard Sahey, John Stocker, Edward Townsend, Thomas Tripconey, Thomas Tuckey. Harry Turpin, Mary A. Welsford, Chas. Wheeler, Mary. A. Wilcocks, Sophia, William, Mary, and Mary Williams.

Scotch:- Mary J ,George, and Robert Anderson, Roderick and Catherine Beaton, William Cameron, Donald Campbell, Ann Campbell, Wm. Fraser, Louis Grant, Alexander Gullard, Robert Hardie, Thomas McDonald, John McKenzie, William Moir, Thomas, Elizabeth, Agnes, and Christina Robertson. Thomas Robertson, Hugh Ross, Mary Ross, Thos. Russell, Albert, Margaret, and Jessie Skirving, John Souter, Jane Stoudart, James Sutherland, William Taylor, Wm. Turnbull, James Watson.

Irish:- Sarah and Elizabeth Abbott, Mary A. Aitchison, Henry and John Allan, Ellen, William, and Hamilton Armstrong, Johanna Bannan, Robert Breaden, Johanna Brown, William Burns. Mary, Bridget, and Margaret Casey, Mary, Catherine, and Margaret Casey, Edmund Casey, William and James Casey, Betchley Cerry, Catherine Comerford. Michael Comerford, Bridget Considine, Mich. Consadine, Mary Conway, Bridget Crowe, Ann Culhiran, Bridget Currnean, James Daly, Maria Daly, John and Daniel Daly, Pat Dillon, Francis Dillon, Mary Dillon, Johanna and Mary Dillon. Pat Doulan, Mich Donnellan, John Donoghue, Honora Doody, William Dowler. Mary A. Eagan, Elizabeth and Anne Eakins. Sarah Eakins, Alexander and James Eakins, Pat Egan. T. J. Ewart, Margaret Farrell, T. Farrell, Mich Farty, Thomas Flanagan. Elizabeth and Margaret Fleming, Peter, Catherine. Mich., Mary, and John Francis. John Francis, Margaret Francis, John and Connor Francis, Kate Francis, Pat, Honora, John, Mich., and Mary Francis, Pat Grady, Eilen Giltemane, Thomas Gleeson, Ellen Green, Mary A. and Margaret Greer, James, Mary. Henry, and Emily Greer, John Greinason, Mary Guthrie, Bridget Guthrie, Edward Halloran. James Hanlan, Mich. Healy, Bridget Healy, Hannah Healy, Bridget Hehir, John and Pat. Hehir, William Henderson, Jane Henderson, Mary Hogan. Thomas Hogan, Margaret Howard, Mary Hynes, Sarah Hynes, William and John Jones, Samuel A. Jones, James and John Keane, Bridget Keef, Anne Keogh, John Keogh, Robert and Thomas Kemp, Elizabeth Kemp, Biddy Kerin. Michael and Margaret Kerin, Dennis and Michael Kerin, James Kerr, Margaret Kiely, Honora Kitt, Ellen and Johanna Leary, Cornelius Leary, Pat. Lee, Mary Lineham, Martin and Mary Lineham, Pat Lunard, Thomas Lucas, Mary Lynch, John, Ellen, John, and James Lynch, James and Catherine Lynch, Margaret Lyons, Pat. and Michael Lyons, Rose Mackill, Pat. Madden. John Madjan, Catherine Mann, Bridget Markham, John McGrath. Mary, Bridget, Catherine, and Catherine McMahon, Julia McGrath, Betty McGaun, Anorah McCormick, Rose McNally. Mich., James, and Pat. McMahon, Thomas Molan, Thomas Moloney, Mary Molloy, Margaret and Margaret Morrissey, Margaret Morissey, Alice Mullen, James, John, and Pat. Murphy, Thomas Murphy, Julia, Margaret, and John Murphy, John, Harriet, Cornelius, Maurice, and Eliza Murphy, Ann O'Brien, William O'Brien. Margaret O'Brien, Mick O'Connell, Edmund O'Donnell. Margaret O'Donnell, Kate O'Loughlin, Terence, John, Thomas, Pat, and John O'Loughlin, Mary O'Neil, Ellen Paterson, Joshua, Mary A., George, William, Ellen, and Eliza Pratt, Bridget Ready, James Ready, John Roach, Bridget Rodgers, Pat. Russell, Margaret Ryan, John, Mick, and Timothy Ryan, Thomas Ryan, James, Martha, Catherine, Thomas, and James Shannon, John and Margaret Sheahan, Bridget, Helen, and Margaret Sheady, Dennis and Margaret Sheady, James and John Sheady, Mick, Mary, John, Pat. Kate, and Mick Shein, James, Isabella, and John Stevenson, Ann Stokes, Michael Stokes, John Stimon, Thomas Sweeney, Bridget Sweeney, Sally Tierney, Thomas Tilson, Catherine Torney, Robert Tweedy, Mary Welsh, Johanna and Hannah Whelan, Nancy, Margaret Bridget, Kate, and Ann Whelan, Hannah and Mary Whelan, Dominick Whelan, Pat, Margaret Catherine, and Mary White, John Wilson, and John Woods.

Married men, 42;
Married women, 43;
single men, 155;
single women, 129.
Children between 1 to 12:?
Boys, 31;
Girls, 35.
Children under 1:?
Boys, 6;
Girls, 2.

Total, 443? equal to 402 statute adults

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on 2011-08-02 08:13:28

janilye - 7th generation, Convict stock. Born in New South Wales now living in Victoria, carrying, with pride 'The Birthstain'.

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by peterhehir on 2012-12-09 07:02:47

The surname Hebir is an incorrect transcription. The correct spelling is Hehir. This can be verified independantly using the digitised Trove record. I assume Bridget John & Patrick are members of the same family & are my possible antecedants.


by janilye on 2012-12-09 08:17:31

Thanks for that Peter, actually I picked up a few more mistakes, by looking again. Might be time to hand over the transcriptions to younger eyes.
Those particular HEHIR's MIGHT be John HEHIR 1806-1896 and his wife Bridget, nee HARTNEY 1804-1884 They had a son Patrick and settled in South Australia in Lochiel but don't take my word for it. There was another HEHIR family in Kapunda but they arrived in the 1850's, about the same time as the Victorian HEHIR's.

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