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Discovering DAVEY of Frankston AND Red Hill and Jamieson's Special Survey, Victoria, Australia.

Journal by itellya

I know that I haven't finished listing the Kangerong grantees and their allotments etc, etc but I'm sort of like a dog with a bone when there's a mystery to solve. And I've solved it. I suggested a link between H.P.Davey (at Forest Lodge, Red Hill) who urged donations for the destitute family of William Connell and the two Davey girls of "Marysville" Frankston but I don't need to suggest any more, and boy, have I found some good stuff!
I do not intend starting to use my trusty left index finger on all of this now, it being nearly 1 a.m. Here's the proof of the connection between Frankston and Red Hill.
(Mornington Standard, 4-11-1911, page 3.) James Davey Esq., a resident of long standing in Frankston, died in Melbourne last Friday (this article would have been written on Friday 3rd). He had suffered a long time from illness and had seemed to recover but.. (I'll leave it for you to find out and post it as a comment.)By the way this is not verbatim.He had resided at St Kilda for the last two years. He was born at Gardiners Creek but lived the greater part of his life at Davey's Bay. He was the second eldest son of James Davey, after whom Davey's Bay was named. For some time the deceased gentleman lived at Red Hill but the greater part of his life was spent at "Marysville" , Davey's Bay, built by his father in 1851. Its slate and timber came from Tasmania and it was the mansion of the district. It was dismantled by A.H.Sargood (probably after John A. and James Davey were ejected by court order at the end of February, 1909.)
He had four daughters and six sons, all of whom moved away apart from Len who is a Mt Eliza Resident.

Before I present information from trove and rate books, I think we had better inspect the family tree, starting with the grandfather of the above, William, old man Davey, after whom Olivers Hill was originally named. William's father, James, was buried in a mousehole! I'll give details of this mousehole tomorrow.
APOLOGY. THE MOUSEHOLE WAS WHERE WILLIAM'S FATHER DIED, NOT WHERE HE WAS BURIED. I WAS SO BUSY THINKING OF MY LITTLE JOKE THAT I CONFUSED THE DETAILS! There is a Melbourne in Victoria and a Melbourne in the U.S.A. There is a Mousehole in Cornwall. It is 3.1 miles south of Penzance. The google map of Mousehole shows that is quite close to Paul which features often in the Davey genealogy.

The following genealogy comes from the Kessell family tree:pedigree of Davey of Frankston, Mornington. There is another website about the Davey family on www.gencircles but I couldn't be bothered with more passwords; however I extracted valuable information from the summary, as follows, detailing the names of the Davey runs and explaining why Mornington is mentioned.
Many Frankston websites mention Davey's Bay and land between Frankston and Mornington but do not give the names.
"In 1840, James Davey took up the Cannanuke pastoral run and Cannanuke Inn near Frankston." (It is possible that the Frankston websites' date of 1846 is a mis-reading of almost illegible writing or that 1840 should be 1846.) "He also had the Ballanrong run, four miles west of Hastings from 1846 until 1851."
Bruce Bennett has reproduced a map of runs south of Frankston in "The Butcher, The Baker, The". One thing that I remember clearly is that no boundary was drawn between Tuerong and Archibald Yuille's Ballanrong. Tuerong stretched south to Merricks Beach between Coolart and Tuck's Mantons Creek and it is likely that the northern boundary of the run, as for the pre-emptive right,was the line of Tuerong Rd. Ballanrong probably went north to Boundary Road (Canadian Bay Rd.) The Ballanrong pre-emptive right was bounded by Racecourse, Bungower, Three Chain (Moorooduc) and Tyabb Rds. The Chechingurk run (Balcombe's The Briars) was west of Ballanrong to the beach and Yan-ti-cran probably stretched along the coast from Sunnyside Rd to the Cannanuke run centred along Davey's Bay.
Historic Dams: Family C-32 (a thoroughbred website) states that William C.Yuille sold Ballanrong and Rockbank in 1852-3 and Yuille's biography says that he bought Ballanrong in 1851 and sold it to his cousin Archibald. Valda Cole provided Graeme Butler with data for the Hastings District Heritage Study,Volume 2 (page 7)about the lessees of Ballanrong: Meyrick (of Coolart)1840, Gorringe 1841-5, Jasper Davey 1845-51, W.C.Yuille 1851, Archie Yuille 1852-7 when lease ended. (In 1858, T.J.Sumner of Stony Park, Melway 30 B8, bought the Ballanrong P.R. while Archie bought land to the west between Tyabb Rd and Tanti Ck, and to the north, bounded by Balcombes Ck/ Wooralla Dr to the roundabout, the line of Wynnstay Rd, Moorooduc Rd and Bungower Rd west to the creek. Another buyer of part of the Ballanrong run was William Robertson, through whose Tanti Park Sheep Station Robertson Dr. now runs.)
The above raises two questions. 1. Was Jasper a nickname or did Valda misread almost-illegible type? 2. Why did the Daveys leave Ballanrong?
I can think of two possible answers to the second question. The period 1943-51 was not a good time for squatters. The depression was as bad as that of the 1890's. The banks would not lend money and graziers could not sell their cattle and sheep. Bruce Bennett details how many Peninsula graziers slaughtered most of their stock and boiled them down for tallow. Raleigh (Maribyrnong) and Coghill (Bulla) established boiling down works and the payment of 5 shillings per sheep helped some squatters to struggle through the slump. The funniest thing is that a squatter, on the run that gave Monageeta (near Mt Macedon) its name, whose ruin was prevented by his estate at Melway 16 H6 being in his wife's name, became the greatest opponent of the squatters.Who's going to be first to put his name in the comments space? Davey might have been close to becoming insolvent.This possibility is increased by the property being mostly used by W.C.Yuille as a thoroughbred stud, rather than for grazing.
The second possibility is that the property was associated with a family tragedy and that daily reminders were too much to bear. Rebecca, daughter of Mr and Mrs Furze, died at Ballanrong on 28-5-1851. Why was that a Davey family tragedy? She was the wife of Old Man (William) Davey and mother of James Davey! It seems that the Daveys shared their time between the two runs, living in fairly basic dwellings and that Ballanrong was Rebecca's favourite place. William and James probably retained the run until her death, but disposed of it shortly afterwards.It seems unlikely that the sale was forced by financial circumstances because James built the mansion, Marysville, in 1851 according to the obituary of James Davey of Frankston and Red Hill.

GENEALOGY. It seems that I don't need to present much Davey genealogy as it is all available on the web. Many of the descendants of the James Davey who died in Mousehole went to South Australia. His son William (Old Man Davey) and accompanying family seem to have spent time near Gardiners Creek before moving south.
If you google JAMES WILLIAM DAVEY, the first listing will be janilye's journal on Family Tree Circles. The writing on his mother's death certificate must have been hard to read and nobody seems to be sure what was the place of death of Rebecca (nee Furze); janilye made the logical assumption that it was Balnarring, the only current place name that bears any resemblance to Ballanrong. She has provided much information regarding the ships that carried Old man Davey (William)and his relations to Australia and where they settled. She also has a picture of the Davey house in Cornwall.
As mentioned before, PEDIGREE OF DAVEY, FRANKSTON, MORNINGTON has extensive genealogical detail, although full details are not available about every family member.
Many descendants of the Davey family have posted in a conversation on Genforum. This will come up first if you google DAVEY, CORNWALL, FRANKSTON.
My immediate task is to find if there is any relationship between Henry Pearce Davey of Forest Lodge, Red Hill and the Frankston Daveys. WATCH THIS SPACE!
Janilye said that H.P.Davey did not seem to be related to the Frankston Daveys and there seems to be no direct relationship.He was apparently born in South Melbourne in 1879 to Mary Ann (nee Pearce) and Thomas James Davey . This is interesting because there seems to be a strong connection between old man Davey's relations who went to South Australia and the Pearce family. His name was Henry Pearce Davey and he married Vivienne Eva Jeannie Thompson on 2-9-1908. The marriage notice is on page 11 of the Argus of 12-9-1908. The strange thing is that a Thomas James Davey born in Bristol in 1844, who came to Australia in 1857, started as a storekeeper at Sale but became an accountant and Lord Mayor of Melbourne 1911-12 and 1912-13, and married three times, had a son called Mr H.P.Davey from his first marriage to a Miss Davis of Tasmania.

My inspection of rate records this morning aimed to locate the properties of H.P. and James Davey at Red Hill. We already know the time of Henry's departure from Red Hill and that he had been there for about ten years (I hope I've told you!)

I discovered that Henry had 190 acres, Kangerong. J.Davey was granted 22 A and B of 78 and a bit acres each. The parish map gives no indication of when these were issued.The western border of this land is that of the Kangerong Nature Conservation Reserve extended north onto Melway map 161 and south to a point where it would meet a line (parallel with the south boundary of the reserve) drawn north west from the bend in Red Hill Rd just north of Darling Park Wines. The north east corner was 120 metres north of the Craig Avon Lane corner. How the rate collector arrived at 190 acres is a mystery. I thought that he had 44 acres to the north of Forest Lodge as well (200 acre total minus now-closed road), but the 1900 rates show that Charles Fritsch had this as well as his other grant, almost 103 acres to the north and fronting Myers Rd from 8 Myers Rd to the Wallaby Downs entrance.Robert Coxon Young's grant of 121 acres to the west of Forest Lodge was not separately assessed and my best guess is that Henry, or J.Davey, had bought 34 acres and the McIlroys (who now had almost 300 acres more than they were granted)had bought the other 87 acres. This 190 acre property was definitely Forest Lodge according to Keith Holmes, who said it was the first property on the right as you entered McIlroys Rd from Red Hill Rd and that the Haigs had owned it later. Strangely Bertram John Davey had land at the south west corner of Jamieson's Special Survey, not far north of Forest Lodge.

James Davey was leasing 160 acres Wannaeue from the Crown by 1875.By 1882, he had only 158 and a bit acres, probably because of road making. Between the time that the 1886-7 and the 1887-8 assessments were prepared, he had become the owner.In 1896-7, James Davey was recorded as the owner of 158 1/2 acres Wannaeue.This was blatantly incorrect! In 1896-7, James Davey, farmer, Frankston, was recorded as owner and occupier of 28a Wannaeue, the only property in the Riding of that size. In 1900-1 and the next year Watts and Stephens, executors of the Davey Estate were assessed on 28a Wannaeue. Where was 28a? It was between Main Creek Rd and Willian Rd, with its north west corner opposite Whites Rd and the south east corner near the end of William Rd. This Wannaeue map also contains the information that James Davey obtained title to the 158 acre 2 rood 7 perch property on 5-9-1878. (It took quite a while for the rate collector to become aware of this, didn't it!)

The family connections entry in my Peninsula District History seeks to explain how the bride and groom met.
Sometimes they had been schoolmates but in a high number of cases they were near neighbours.This is such a case. James Davey (1845-1911), grandson of Old Man Davey and 2nd son of James Davey (depasturing licence for Ballanrong and Cannanuke after whom Davey's Bay was named), married Mary Ann Hillis/ Hillas in Melbourne in 1871, according to Janilye.And where did Mary Ann live? On the other side of Main Creek Rd on 23b Wannaeue who noth and south boundaries were a western extension of those of 28a.William Hillis received the grant for 23b on 10-12-1885 and gained title to 23a on 12-11-1888. The latter block, 480x 500 metres and containing almost 60 acres, could be accessed from Purves Rd via Wilson Rd at its south west corner.
Hill Hillas (as Colin McLear calls him) married James McKeown's sister, Mary, in Ireland and arrived in Red Hill in 1855. (P. 86 A Dreamtime of Dromana.)

It could be dangerous to state emphatically that any Davey who appeared in the Frankston and Red Hill areas was totally unrelated to the Daveys of Frankston. Henry Pearce Davey of Forest Lodge, Red Hill was the son of Thomas Henry Davey, born in Bristol, which is 275 km from Mousehole. It could be that T.H.'s father had originally lived near Mousehole but had fled to escape arrest for smuggling.The Davey and Pearce families had a connection in South Australia.
Another case is that of Bertram John Davey who had 446 acres and buildings, lot 13 and part 14, survey, Kangerong in 1919-20. He was the Managing Director of Edwin Davey and Sons, flour millers and seems to have come from near Burra in South Australia. Lots 13 and 14 in the subdivision sale of the estate of Sir William J.Clarke in 1907 are indicated by Melway F-K 4-6, not far north of lots 23a and b Kangerong and not far from John Oswin's Newstead near Tubbarubba, where Henry Pearce Davey spent a holiday about five years after he had left Forest Lodge.
Henry Pearce Davey was involved at Balnarring where he was a very efficient Secretary of the committee that ran the Sports (athletics etc.) Mary Karney, the author of "The Golden Plains Tabbarubbarel" tells me that the Davey family settled in Balnarring in the 1860's alongside the Oswins and Buckleys etc. (Part of Balnarring Rd was originally called Buckley Rd.) Perhaps J.Davey, who was granted Forest Lodge, was a member of the Balnarring family, brother of Henry Pearce Davey and father of James Davey who found the coral encrusted coal a mile inland near Warrawee. (Wrong, see below!)
Keith Holmes told me that Forest Lodge was the first property on the right when you turned into McIlroys Rd from Red Hill Rd, confirming my description of its location.
The Cannanuke Inn was established by local pastoralist, John Davey,in the 1840's and was the only substantial building when Permien surveyed the township of Frankston, according to the Frankston City Council website. Its site, 1R Plowman St, is heritage listed. Georgiana McCrae of the Arthur's Seat run described Davey's Inn as flea-riddled and spent a sleepless night there on the way to Melbourne. When young George McLear took a fresh horse to Frankston for Charles Graves ( who was due to return soon from Melbourne with goods to hawk all over the Southern Peninsula), he made his way home on foot rather than share Georgiana's problem. Was this the inn that Frank Stone's father ran?

I'M OFF TO THE DROMANA MUSEUM TO FIND OUT ABOUT THE DAVEY FAMILY OF BALNARRING! What a fizzer! It was the Davies family that pioneered in the Balnarring parish. There is good family history in the museum, bound in a green cover. Keith Holmes was at the museum and when I pointed to Davies, Red Hill, in my rates transcriptions, he told me that the surname was actually Davis.

I've now been able to confirm that James Davey (the second son described on page 5) was the grantee of the crown allotments detailed below. A curious thing is that Henry Pearce Davey (son of Thomas James Davey from his first marriage to Miss Davis of Hobart) was a subsequent owner of Forest Lodge. Thomas James Davey was born in Bristol in 1844 and came to Victoria in 1857, starting as a storekeeper in Sale. In 1891 he was elected a Lonsdale Ward councillor and became Lord Mayor of Melbourne in 1910-11 and 1911-12.

Henry Pearce Davey also offered one pound per acre to buy block 55 (242acres) of the Clarke Estate but his offer was knocked back.(P.2, Mornington Standard, 27-4-1907.) To save Davey researchers a lot of frustration, I must point out that there is no lot 55 on Land Plan 4916 (The Clarke Estate.) The lots are numbered 1 to 54 with lots 25 to 54 mainly consisting of 5 acres along the Safety Beach coast.No lot consisted of 242 acres.

I can only guess that H.P.Davey was offering to buy part of lot 14 of 532 acres 3 roods and 32 perches, part of which is now Wallaby Downs (Melway 161 H5.) Lot 14 was about a mile north along Junction Rd from James Davey's grants in the parishes of Kangerong and Balnarring. H.P.Davey was apparently a friend of the Oswins of "Newstead" which was just east of James Davey's grant that became "Seven Oaks", and spent a holiday with them after he had moved to St Kilda.

Davey St, Dromana (Melway J-K 7) on Spencer Jackson's Panoramic Estate (1927), was probably named by Spencer, and suggested by the Dysons who had a keen interest in the area's history, to honour James Davey.

James Davey's grants near Red Hill.
Kangerong 23 a, b 158 161 F-J 10-11 "Forest Lodge". Bisected by DunnsCk Rd.
Balnarring 14a 121 161 K 10, 11 (Gr.20-1-1874) Became Kentucky&Rosslyn.
Balnarring 79a 128 161 J 11,12. Became A.E.Bennett's "Seven Oaks".
Wannaeue 28a 158 190 pt.A, B 5,6 (Gr. 5-9-1878) Later Bullocky Bob White's.

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on 2012-01-11 09:08:44

Itellya is researching local history on the Mornington Peninsula and is willing to help family historians with information about the area between Somerville and Blairgowrie. He has extensive information about Henry Gomm of Somerville, Joseph Porta (Victoria's first bellows manufacturer) and Captain Adams of Rosebud.

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by itellya on 2012-10-07 11:09:33

Thank to Steve Johnson for this gem.

THE ARGUS, 19TH MAY, 1855.
SUSPECTED MURDER.-The two aborigines, Benjy and Toby, suspected of having murdered the woman whose body was recently discovered in the Kananook Creek, perforated by gunshot wounds, were yesterday brought up for examination at the District Court. Benjy was admitted approver, and his evidence was re- ceived through the medium of an interpreter, Mr. Lacy, a builder, residing at Prahran. Benjy deposed : I know a man named John Davey. I have known tho prisoner Toby since he was a small boy. I do not know his house, but himself, I was at James Davey's house about three months ago. There were only blacks there at the time. They were spearing eels. At that time I heard something about John Davey's wife. I saw it. I saw John Davey shoot his lubra while I was spearing eels. There were a great many blacks there at the time. Toby, the prisoner, was there, spearing eels too. There was a white man named Jem, with a pock- marked nose, there, shooting ducks. It was about twelve o'clock in the day. John Davey was drunk at the time. He shot the woman with a pistol. I did not see the prisoner Toby have anything to do with it. After Davey shot his wife I went to another station. I left Toby at Kananook. The man Jem was close by. There was another white man there. A boy named Willy saw what happened. (On the question being repeated, the witness qualified his answer.) The boy only heard it, and told me of it. The boy showed me the body in the creek. He did not say who it was. The boy told me no thing at dinner time (The witness then made the following statement voluntarily to the interpreter, without any previous interrogations)

I saw Davey shoot his wife with the pistol, After he shot her, he ran away to his house. Davey put the body into tho creek. (The witness here went back to a circumstance of prior occurrence, and resumed) Davey then took his wife up and threw her into the creek. I never saw Toby have anything to do with the matter. At the conclusion of this witness's evidence, Inspector Smith applied for a remand, as he hoped to be able to bring foward another black man whose evidence would corroborate that of Benjy.

by itellya on 2013-02-15 19:57:19

Steve has provided me with more information that confirms that it was James Davey Junior, the second son of James Davey, who received all the grants near Red Hill,in three different parishes.These are all specified at the end of the journal. The connection between the grantee of Forest Lodge (James Davey Jnr) and a subsequent owner (H.P.Davey)is interesting, as the girls from "Marysville" (the Davey property at Davey Bay) and H.P. Davey were also involved in collecting for the destitute (through illness) Connell family of Red Hill.

by itellya on 2015-04-28 08:53:04

The Hillis family was also related to James McKeown (with Hill Hillis leasing 50 acres of McKeown's grants west of the future Red Hill Village Settlement(as Barry Wright's book on Wildwoodwill detail,and Robert White senior(twice). Henry Wells burnt lime and later crayfished with Robert Rowley at Sorrento before settling at Frankston.

James William Davey 1769-1851
by janilye 3 years, 3 months ago
Dylan Thomas once described Mousehole (pronounced Mowzel) as the lovliest villiage in England.

It was Raginnis Farm near Mousehole where James William DAVEY 1769-1851 and his wife Alice WILLIAMS 1774-1844 raised their eight children;

1.James Davey 1793-1875 m. Mary BOSSENCE 1795-1872
2.William Davey 1795-1880 m. 1.Rebecca FURZE 2.Susannah HOWELL
3.Thomas Davey 1796d:1862 Adelaide. arrived Adelaide 1849 on the "Trafalgar" m. Margaret LEAN 1795-1862
4.John Davey 17981869 Also arrived in Adelaide on the Trafalgar m. Sarah VINGOE 1805-1893
5.Alice Davey 1800 d:1873 in Cornwall . m. Thomas EVA
6.Mary Davey 1802 d: XXXX Cornwall m. 1. Richard KEMP 2. Henry BISHOP
7.Margaret (Peggy) Davey 1803 xxxx Cornwall. m. William MATTHEWS
8.Benjamin Davey 1806 d:1869 Norwood, SA. m. Joanna Harvey DONNITHORNE 1810-1871 Arrived with wife Adelaide 3 May 1847 "Theresa"

2.William Davey* 1795-1880 , died in Victoria buried at Frankston Cemetery married twice (1.) Rebecca FURZE 1793-1851. William and Rebecca arrived in Victoria on the 'PHOEBE' on the 29 April 1846.
(*Olivers Hill at Frankston was originally called OLD MAN DAVEY'S HILL because William used it to spot fish.-itellya.)

The couple produced eleven children;

1.REBECCA DAVEY 1815 1903 arriv. Phoebe with family and husband William Williams and died in Bendigo.

2.**James DAVEY 1818 d: 13 July 1884 Frankston, Vic. is in an unmarked grave at Frankston Cemetery. Married Mary WILLIAMSON 1808-1893 at Scott's Church in Melbourne on the 26 January 1843 this couple had five children:-
2a.William Henry DAVEY 18431916 m. Fanny SHEPHERD 1848-1910 m. Catherine CAHILL 1864-1945
2b.***JAMES DAVEY 1845 1911 m. Mary Anne HILLIS 1846-1920
2c.JOHN DAVEY 1848 1920 m. Jesse Lamont MCDOUGALL 1851-1893
2d.Robert DAVEY 1851 d: 1940, Hobart, Tasmania m. Elizabeth CONLAN 1852-1910
2e.Thomas Humphrey DAVEY 18531923. m. Fanny Dewie Raebourne PETRIE 1860-1922

3.WILLIAM DAVEY 1818 1879 m. ?? in Cornwall, arriv. 'Phoebe' died in Moonta, South Australia
5.JOHN DAVEY 1826 1827
8. BENJAMIN WILLIAMS DAVEY 1828- XXXX m. Mary DUNSTAN in Kooringa, South Australia had about 5 children
10.THOMAS HENRY DAVEY 1832 xxxx m. Martha APPLEDORE in Kooringa 25 October 1848
11.JOSEPH DAVEY 1834 1839

Rebecca DAVEY, nee FURZE died at Balnarring, Western Port on the 28 May 1851. She is buried at St.Andrews Brighton, Melbourne.

William DAVEY next married Susanna HOWELL nee ROWNEY at Brighton, Melbourne on the 27 November 1855. Susanna had been born at Bedfordshire in 1817 and died at Frankston on the 19 July 1905.
William and Susanna produced two children;
12.CHARLES EDWARD DAVEY 18561892 m. Emily ROTHERHAM 1847-1906
13. MARY ANNE DAVEY 1859. m. Octavius WELLS 1856-1935

2b***James DAVEY 1845-1911 b:11 November 1845 at Gardiner's Creek, Victoria and died 1911 at Kew a farmer, married Mary Ann HELLIS/HOLLIS/HILLIS 1846-1920 in Melbourne in 1871. The couple had twelve children all but the last two born in Dromana, Victoria:-

James Williamson Davey 1872
William Henry Davey 1873
Ethel Sarah Davey 1875 never married. lived with mother and brother John till 1924 then with Ada
Ada Elizabeth Davey 1876 1944 Ada was a Milliner, never married lived with her sister Ethel
Leeland Robert Davey 1878 d: 1941 in Williamstown,a Gardener lived at Mt.Eliza m. Lucy MOSELY 1870-1937
Frances George Davey 1879 died in 1953, Mornington
John Alexander Davey 1881 died 1960 in Mornington.
Mary Florence Davey 1883
Ernest Victor Davey 1885 died 1902 in Frankston
William Edward Davey 1885 1956
Haddassah Margaret Davey b:1888 Frankston, Victoria
Hugh Stephen Davey b:1890 Frankston, Vic. d: 1961 Malvern, m. Janet Gilbert SMITH 1891-1959

The image below is Raginnis Farm, Cornwall
I haven't tracked the origin of the article below and unfortunately this copy does not have a date attached.

To be auctioned by Mr Rodd at the Union Hotel, Penzance by order of the devisees of the late Edwin Ley, esquire.
Lot 17: fee-simple in reversion of dwelling house and two thirds of tenement at Ragennis Cliff in Paul, held on lease by the representatives of James Davey, for a term determinable on two lives aged 49 and 38 at 35 shillings per annum [sold to James Davey for £60]

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by CHWfamhist on 2018-01-27 09:35:45

Just a little more to add to the Davey genealogy. I have traced the brother Benjamin William Davey of James Davey (1818-1884). He was married a second time to Olive Barrett in 1874 and had two children, Albert Charles and Mary (Marion on her birth Certificate) Jane Evelyn who is my wife's grandmother. Mary was born in Frankston in 1876 and married George Burchett in 1901 and died in 1947.

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