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James LOVEDAY & Lydia KEMP - Norfolk to Woodville

Journal by ngairedith

read comments below for valuable info added by descendants of this family

Thank youto craigsm for his message 4-7-2010, adding valuable info to this family

JAMES LOVEDAY (1840-1913) and LYDIA KEMP (1841-1920) were married in Bunwell, Norwich, Norfolk, England in May 1862 at Forncett, St Peter Norwich
James' parents were:
John LOVEDAY (1816-1891) & Lydia HALES/HAILES (1821-1896)
Lydia's parents were:
David KEMP (1818-1870) & Mary COOPER (1816-1878)
- recorded as Silk Weavers living at Little Green Bunwell in the 1851 census
- Mary arrived in NZ in 1874, 4 years after the death of her husband

* Lydia Kemp & Daniel Kemp were siblings
JAMES & LYDIA had 7 children then on 10 Feb 1874 they all boarded the Schichallion and arrived in Hawkes Bay 26 May 1874
James was 33, Lydia was 31
their children were:
* George aged 11
* Florence aged 10
* William aged 7
* Eliza aged 5
* Sarah aged 4
* James aged 2
* 9 month old Daniel died a month into the voyage having had bronchitis for 4 days
With them was:
* Lydia's mother
.. Mary Kemp, aged 58 (ship's list says 49 but it was common practise for older immigrants to lower their age)
* Lydia's siblings:
.. Frederick Kemp, aged 28 (1846-1 March 1877) with his wife Harriet aged 27 and their 3 children, 6 year old Elijah (who died in 1879 age 8), 4 year old Willie, 2 year old Harriet and a baby daughter born on board on 27 March 1874
.. Daniel Kemp, aged 24 (1849-1931)
- Daniel married Harriet GENTRY (1845-1921) in 1884, settled in Kumaora, Woodville & had 4 children. Daniel is buried in Grave 11, Block 2 at Mangatainoka with a daughter, Rosa Ellen Kemp (1888-1977. Harriet is buried Grave 41, Block 2 in Mangatainoka
.. Elizabeth Kemp, aged 19 (1855-?)
.. Edward Kemp, aged 16 (1858-1932)
- Edward married Maria LITTLE in 1886, settled in Kumeroa, Woodville 6 & had 9 known children. One of them was Frederick William Kemp
.. Elijah Kemp, aged 11 (1861-1917)
- Elijah married Emily SILK in 1885 & had 8 children
They all settled in Woodville as part of the original Woodville Farm Settlement

James and Lydia had another 8 children in Woodville
a total of 15 children -
... 1
GEORGE Loveday (1862 Forncett, St Peter, Norfolk England - 26-6-1925 Ohura, 51km W of Taumaruni)
- married Bessie DONEY 1887 in Woodville
- they had:
1888 - 1956 Edith Lilian Loveday
- married Peter Markus DONS in 1912
- they had a son, Markus George, who died aged 13 (1913-1926)
1890 - ? Leslie George Vivian Loveday
- Regimental Sergeant Major 10/3938 with NZEF, 37th Reinforcements B Company, 2nd Battalion, Wellington Infantry Regiment was awarded the Military Medal London Gazette 17-6-1919, page 7700, Record No. 3153. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in the field east of Le Quesnoy, on the 4th November 1918. On every occasion this man?s platoon was held up, he gallantly rushed ahead alone to clear the obstructions, thereby allowing the platoon to keep under the barrage. The successful work accomplished by his platoon was in a large measure due to this man?s incomparable fearlessness and dash, which were a magnificent example to his comrades.
- Leslie married Margaret Elizabeth RICKARD (1900-?) in 1926. Margaret qualified for a Junior Scholarship in 1914 through the Wanganui Education Examination
1892 - 1964 Maude Evangeline Loveday
- married Clair Stanley WILLIAMS (1891-1921) in 1915
- Maude remarried in 1925 to Robert MILNE
1895 - 1952 Herbert Cecil Loveday
- married Edith Asinath/Asenath Margaret HASTIE (1897-?) in 1916. A daughter of Andrew John Hastie, Kaponga's first butcher and pioneers of the Waikato & Bay of Plenty with large holdings on the Waimate Plains and on whose farm near Manaia the 'Battle on Hasties Farm' took place 18 July 1886
1896 - 1949 Cyril Charles Loveday
- married Dorothy Margaret BRADY (1904-1992) in 1924
- they had a son, Owen Ralph Loveday (5 June 1932-1999)
1900 - 1967 Clarence Vincent Loveday
- married Alyce/Alice Merle SHARROCK (1904-1980) in 1925

... 2
FLORENCE Loveday (1863 London, England -1931 Hawera)
- married Thomas G Henry WALKER in 1886 in Sydney NSW
- they had:
1887 John William (Aus)
1888 Ethel M (Aus)
1891 Sydney (Aus)
1892 Florence Vera
- married George Henry CROSS in 1924
1894 Olive Grace
- married Cyril MURCH in 1919
1895 Lillian Adelaide
- married John Stanley ROBERTS in 1917
1898 Francis Henry
- married Ada Nellie KENNEDY in 1920
1900 James Edgar
- married Bernice Jessie WYLIE in 1923
- married Ivy Myrtle WIDDOWSON in 1926
1901 Blanche Nina
- married Frederick Cyril PURSER in 1923
1908 Leslie Vivian
..(not all verified as theirs, apparently there was another son named Alf, but no evidence of this)..

... 3
WILLIAM Loveday (1866 Tottenham London England -1947 Palmerston North)
- married Elizabeth Winifred WALKER in 1901 Woodville
- their known children:
1902 - 1967 John Leo Loveday
- John married Eileen Rosalie SPENCER (1907-1956) in 1930
1903 - ? Constance Lydia Loveday
- nothing known
1905 - 2003 Ethel Vida Loveday
- Ethel married ? McDONALD
1907 - ? Grace Evelyn Loveday
1910 - ? Linda Olive Loveday
William Lovdeay died 5 April 1947 aged 79. His last address was Bryant St, Palmerston North. His wife Elizabeth Winifred died 3 July 1937 in Palmerston North aged 67. They are buried together PLOT 056 - BLOCK 058 at Terrace End Cemetery.
... William & his brother George represented NZ in the Rifle team at Bisley, Surrey, England (the village of Bisley has been the location for the UK National Rifle Association Championships since 1890 and hosted the 1908 Olympic Games & all the sooting of the 2002 Commonwealth Games)
in 1902 he and his brother George were in the Woodville Rifle Asociation
in March 1902 He and brother George were amongst those selected for the team to go to Bisley
in 1905 William was in Mauriceville, Waiarapa when he intimated that he was unable to join the Bisley Team unless the Government allowance was increased

... 4
ELIZA Loveday (22-11-1868 Tottenham London England - 6-9-1931 Hamilton)
- married Francis Alfred Burdette 'Frank' Ingpen (1863-1936) in 1891 Woodville
- they had 6 daughters:
1893 - ? Ethel Ivy Ingpen
1895 - 1978 Constance Maud Ingpen
- Constance married Frederick Charles ROBINSON (1889-1977) in 1923
1897 - 1952 Edith Eliza Annie Ingpen
- married James Reginald BAIRD (1902-1983) in 1928
1899 - 1988 Grace Lydia Ingpen
- Grace married Arthur BETTLEY (1898-1944) in 1920
1903 - ? Florence May Ingpen
1907 - ? Harriet Frances Ingpen
Frank & Eliza lived in Victoria St, Hamilton. Eliza died aged 62 in 1931 & Frank died aged 77 in 1936. They are buried together in LOCATION BB-M-031 at Hamilton East Cemetery

... 5
SARAH Loveday (1869 Tottenham London England - 25-9-1940 Wellington)
- married Harry Ernest LONG (1869-1934) on 20-1-1892 Woodville, at the resiidence of James Loveday
- they had:
29-5-1892 - 19-6-1959 Flora Ida Violet Long
- married 26-4-1927 to Bert RIGGS (1893-1962)
17-12-1893 - ? Myra Mary Lydia Long
- married Joe PACKHAM
- they had a child Hilda Packman
12-8-1899 - 1979 Edna May Long
- married George Alfred John WILSON in 1924
- they had a son George Wilson
- husband George died on 13-1-1925 aged 22
- Edna later remarried to John RHODES
- they had Joy & Edna Rhodes
5-2-1902 - 1997 Nita Ruth Long
- married 1926 to William John ROBSON
- they had Shirley Robson
16 March 1911 - 1978Jack Harry Hamilton Long
- married Annette McCLOUD (1917-2011) on 6th Feb 1940 in Wellington
- their children were: Ross, Murray, Malcolm (1940-1942) & Cynthia
Harry Ernest Long was an Upholsterer. He was buried 2 August 1934 aged 65 and is buried PLOT 132P at Karori, Wellington. His wife Sarah is buried with him

... 6
JAMES Loveday (1872 England - 1906 Hamilton}
- James never married
18 January 1906 Mr James Loveday, a former resident of Woodville, died at Hamilton yesterday aged 33

... 7
DANIEL Loveday (1873 England -1874 at sea)
- died at sea aged 9 months on 9th March 1874, 1 month after leaving London, on board the Schichallion after having had bronchitis for 4 days

... 8
ANNIE LYDIA Loveday (1875 Woodville - 1955 Wellington)
- married Robert (Bob) PATTISON (1880-1964) in 1918
- had 2 children Robert & Isabel Pattison
Annie died 30 Jan 1955 aged 79 and was cremated at Karori. Bob died 26 March 1964 aged 83 & was also cremated at Karori

... 9
GRACE Loveday (1876 Woodville - 1853)
- born 15 June 1876
- Grace married George CROSS 9 July 1906 at Gladstone street, Woodville at the home of her sister Eliza & Francis Alfred Burdette INGPEN (lived on that road myself once-upon-a-time)
GRACE died 27 Serptember 1953 at Wellington Hospital aged 77
- she was cremated at Karori, Wellington

... 10
JOHN Loveday (1878 - 5-2-1890 Woodville)
- John died aged 12. He is buried GRAVE 59 - BLOCK 11 at Old Gorge Cemetery with 2 year old Elizabeth May Loveday (1884-1887) who was very probably his sister (see below)
- the HEADSTONE READS: John Loveday, buried February 7th 1890, 12 years. Son of James - Woodville butcher

... 11
MARY Loveday (1879 Woodville -1934 Hamilton)
- married Seymour Pope TRELOAR (1878-1952) in 1912 Hamilton
- they had 3 children, Irene, Mary & Seymour William (1919-1991)

... 12
LILY REBECCA Loveday (1881 Woodville - 1951 Hamilton)
- married Richard (Dick) CASEY of Claudelands, Hamilton, 5 Dec 1906 in St Mary's Church, Hamilton. She was given away by her brother George
- had 14 children, Mary, Ida, John, Richard, William, Vera, Patrick, Clifford, Ethel, Cushla, James, Mervyn, Keith & Anthony

... 13
EMILY JANE Loveday (1883 Woodville - 1947 Hamilton)
- married Victor Roy SCOTT in 1905 Hamilton
- they had:
1907 - 1976 Grace Ethel Scott
- Grace married Thomas Henry Langley BRADDOCK (1904-1985) in 1931
1908 - May Scott

... 14
ELIZABETH MARY Loveday (1884-1887 Woodville)
- there is a Elizabeth "May" Loveday (1884-1887) whom I believe is probably this Elizabeth Mary. She died 15 Jan 1887 aged 2years 3 months. She is buried Grave 59, Block 11 at Old Gorge cemetery Woodville with her 12 year old brother John Loveday (see him above)

... 15
ETHEL MAUDE Loveday (1890 Woodville - 1954 Hamilton)
- married Robert Henry WHITTEN in 1913
- had 4 children, May, Norma, Robert Reginald (1918-1968) & Thelma Loveday Whitten (1920-1998)

* Lydia's mother Mary (nee Cooper) emigrated to NZ with Lydia and family. She died 4 Oct 1878 & is buried at Kaikora North cemetery. According to her marriage certificate Mary's father was John Cooper, her mother was not mentioned
* James Loveday died in Avondale, Auckland 6 Feb 1913 aged 72 and was buried in Plot A2A-R-33 at Hamilton West Cemetery (no headstone)
* Lydia died in Hamilton 12 Jan 1920 and was buried in Plot A3A-SW-30 Hamilton West Cemetery (other end of the cemetery)

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by Ashford on 2010-10-08 05:39:46

Hello, I am related to Frederick Kemp who you have notes on here. I am wondering if you have any other information about him. Also would you have any photo's either of him or his parents Mary & Daniel Kemp. Frederick is my Grandmothers Grandfather. Janette Ashford

by craigsm on 2011-11-19 11:17:38

Frederick Kemp 1846-1877
Frederick was born in England (probably Bunwell, Norfolk) in 1858. His parents were David (not Daniel) Kemp (1818-c.1866) and Mary Kemp (n?e Cooper, 1816-1878).
Frederick married Harriet (b.1847) and they had four children, Elijah (b.1868), Willie (b.1870), Harriet (b.1872) and another daughter (b.1874).
They emigrated to New Zealand in 1874 with his sister Lydia, brothers Edward and Elijah, and the members of the Loveday and Cooper families and settled in Woodville.
He owned the Belle View Hotel in Lower Hutt.
It appears Frederick died in New Zealand in 1877 at age 31 but tbc.
I have no photo of Frederick or his parents

by lovelybuttuglysg on 2012-08-13 18:35:27

Does anyone know of, or have connection with the family who helped alan loveday and who his mother and father were?

by jandel on 2012-09-03 03:23:37

I am a grandaughter of Grace Lydia Ingpen #4. I can give you information on all this family if you are interested.
Grace #9 was only named Grace according to Waipawa birth entry 15 June 1876.
Elizabeth #14 was named Elizabeth May (known as May) according to Woodville birth entry 23 Oct 1884. She died 15 January 1887 age 2 of convulsions according to Woddville death entry registered as May.
I have recently had contact with descendents of George #! and Emily #13.
Very happy to communicate with anyone about these families.
Regards Jan

by jandel on 2012-09-03 03:38:33

also as noted in a previous comment - Lydia's father was David not Daniel. Regards Jan

by craigsm on 2013-01-07 18:26:30

In answer to lovelybuttuglysg:

The parents of retired violinist Alan LOVEDAY (29.02.1928-) were Leslie George Vivian LOVEDAY (1890-1955), who was also a violinist, and Margaret Elizabeth LOVEDAY (nee RICKARD, 11.04.1900-03.10.1983).

Alan is my mother's second cousin.

Some notes about Alan:
Professional violinist. Taught by his father. First public at age four. In 1937 impressed the Budapest String Quartet while on tour in NZ so they staged a benefit performace in Palmerston North to start a fund for him to continue his studies in England. Alan gave a farwell concert at the Palmerston North Opera House on 10 December 1938. The fund having reached 1500 pounds Alan left for London on 24 January 1939 to study the violin. Pupil of Albert Sammons, the acclaimed British violinist, who agreed to teach him for six months at no charge. Awarded a scholarship to study at the Royal College of Music under Sammons. Early concert performances included playing the Mendelssohn violin concerto at Worthing with Sammons conducting (a rare occurrence). ?Official? UK debut in 1946 at the People?s Palace. Played the Tchaikovsky violin concerto at a Promenade concert in 1946. Reviewed very positively in The Strad magazine. Performaces followed with Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra under Sir Malcolm Sargent and the Halle Orchestra under John Barbarolli. Lived in Sussex. Played a Stradivarius purchased in 1953 for GBP 3000 from a wealthy amateur violinist who ?played it for about five minutes on Sundays?. In 1955 he was appointed Professor at the Royal College of Music. In 1960 formed a trio with guitarist John Williams and cellist Amarylis Fleming. A founder of the Steinitz Bach Players in 1968. Lead the Academy of St Martins in the Fields under Neville Marriner after Marriner swapped form leading to conducting in autumn 1970. Soloist on famous Decca recording of Vivaldi?s The Four Seasons recorded in one take in September 1969 at St John?s Church, Smith Square, London after the players visited a local pub. The success of that recording was instrumental in ASMF becoming the world?s most recorded chamber ensemble orchestra. Orchestra named after the church in Trafalgar Square that was the venue of its first performance on 13 November 1959. Also plays on ?Within you without you? on the Beatles? 1967 album ?Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band?. After retiring lived for some time in the Ivor Newton House care home in Bromley, Kent run by the Musicians Benevolent Fund until it closed in 2008. Chapter dedicated to Alan in Donald Brook?s 1948 book ?Violinists of Today?. Vivaldi recording featured in Norman LeBrecht?s 2007 book ?Maestros, Masterpieces and Madness?.



by jandel on 2013-01-14 02:03:07

thankyou Craig for the above info.

I believe that Frederick Kemp 1846-1877 was born Ezekiel KEMP to David and Mary in 1846 in Norfolk and came to NZ as Frederick.
Frederick married Harriet (b.1847) in 1866 in London. Unfortunately I am unable to decipher her maiden name on the documents I have (Fredericks death, births of 2 chn and death of one child). They had two other children from those you mention. Elijah (b.1867/68 london, d.14 March 1879 at Waipawa NZ age 8 years of peritonitis), Willie (b.1869/70 London), Harriet (b.1871/72 London), Elizabeth Schiehallion (b.17 March 1874 at sea registered in Napier NZ, d.1876 NZ age 22 mths), David (b.12 Feb 1875 Waipukurau NZ) and James (b.1876 NZ).

Have you verified that he owned the Belle view Hotel in Lower Hutt? My information says his occupation was farm labourer and bricklayer from when he arrived in NZ until his death and has him living in Waipawa, Waipuurau and possibly Napier but not Wellington. I'm wondering if it was a different LOVEDAY.
Frederick died in New Zealand on 1 March 1877 at age 31 of peritonitis.

Is Alan LOVEDAY still living in London? I have been unable to locate death entries in NZ for either Les or Margaret and note you have dates for them. Am I correct in thinking Alan was their only child and that they emigrated to England with Alan therefore deaths would be there?

I Look forward to further comments from you all.

Regards Jan

by ngairedith on 2013-02-09 20:35:53

big thank you to jandel for her message:

Subject: Kemp family
To: ngairedith
From: jandel
Date: 2013-02-09 20:04:49
... Hi Ngaire
I am interested in the KEMPs of Kumeroa and surrounding area. My grandmother was Grace Lydia INGPEN, daughter of Eliza LOVEDAY, daughter of Lydia KEMP, daughter of David KEMP and Mary COOPER. Lydia is a sister of #4 Elijah.

I am happy to share information with you
Kind regards

thank you Jan, we look forward to anything you would like to share.
Please add in the comments boxes below

by jandel on 2013-02-10 17:10:24

my Nana often talked about the Kemps of Kumeroa and especially mentioned Uncle Dan and Aunt Harriet - (see daniel and harriet Kemp)

David KEMP and Mary COOPER were married on 7 April 1843 in the Established Church parish of Bunwell Norfolk England. David was a weaver/silk weaver and his father, Daniel KEMP was also. Mary's father was John COOPER was also a weaver. David and Mary had 11 chn:
1. Jane KEMP b: c1841 Norfolk England was a bobbing filler age 10 (from 1851 census)

2. Lydia KEMP b: 10 May 1843 Bunwell Norfolk England married James LOVEDAY (see LOVEDAY family from Woodville)

3. William KEMP b: c1845 Norfolk England was a scholar age 6 (from 1851 census) and a silk weaver age 16 (from 1861 census)

4. Ezekiel (?Frederick) KEMP b: c1846 Norfolk England I have assumed that Ezekiel and Frederick are one and the same person - Frederick came to NZ in 1874 with wife Harriet and their 3 children Elijah, Willie and Harriet,his mother, and some brothers and sisters (see below for further info). They had 3 other chn: Elizabeth Schiehallion KEMP b: 17 Mar 1874 at sea on board ?Schiehallion?, d: age 22 mths; David KEMP b: 12 Feb 1875 Waipukurau NZ and James KEMP b: 1876 NZ

5. Daniel KEMP b: c1849 Norfolk England - as per ngairedith entry Daniel and Harriet Kemp . Corrections to this info are: Rosa Ellen KEMP b: 15 August 1889 Woodville NZ; d: 4 Oct 1977 and Charles Alfred Travers KEMP b: 16 Dec 1892 NZ; d: 14 Oct 1975 Pahiatua (pvt 2803 Australian Imperial Forces buried RSA Woodville plot 49 block A

6. John KEMP b: c1851 Norfolk England; d:c1899; m: Harriet FLINT; father of Edna Maude Mary KEMP b: c1894 East Selkirk Canada who married Travers son of #5

7. Sarah KEMP b: 1852 Norfolk England - no info

8. Elizabeth KEMP b: c1854 Norfolk England came to NZ in 1874 with family; no other info

9. Edward KEMP b: c1857 Norfolk England; d:12 Sep 1932 Kumeroa NZ age 77; bur Old Gorge Cemetery Woodville plot 16 block 18 sect main; m: Maria LITTLE on 18 Feb 1886 at Puketoi/Kumeroa NZ; They had 9 chn = Mary KEMP b: 13 Nov 1886 Puketoi NZ; Frederick William KEMP b: 17 Dec 1888 Woodville NZ, Eliza KEMP b: 1 July 1890 Kumeroa NZ, Edward Francis KEMP b: 16 April 1892 Kumeroa NZ, Maria Erven KEMP b: 20 Sep 1893 Kumeroa NZ, Matilda Elizabeth KEMP b: 4 Apr 1898 Woodville NZ, Edith Myrtle KEMP b: 1901 Kumeroa NZ, Violet Lydia KEMP b: 14 July 1904 Kumeroa NZ and Ella Lilly KEMP b: 20 July 1908 Kumeroa NZ

10. Harriet KEMP b: c1859 Norfolk England - no info

11. Elizah (Elijah) KEMP b: c1862 Norfolk England; d: 9 March 1917 Hastings; bur:Hastings Cemetery plot 252 block C; m:Emily SILK 7 January 1885 in the residence of Albert COOPER of Waipawa; they had 8 chn - David Francis Silk KEMP b: 9 Nov 1885 Waipawa NZ, Elizabeth Maud Mary KEMP b: 1887 Napier NZ, Eva Blanche KEMP b: 28 Mar1889 Kumeroa NZ, Phoebe Alma KEMP b: 3 Aug 1891 Woodville NZ, Myrtle Laurel KEMP b: 8 Oct 1893 Woodville NZ, John William Elijah KEMP b: 27 Nov 1895 Kumeroa NZ, Louisa KEMP b: 4 Mar 1899 Pinfold Rd Woodville NZ, Henry Albert KEMP b: 9 Feb 1901 Napier NZ

Mary came to Hawkes Bay NZ on 26 May 1874 from Norfolk England on board the ship ?Schiehallions? with her daughters Lydia (+husband and 7 children) and Elizabeth, her sons Frederick (+wife and 3 children) Daniel, Edward and Elijah, and her nephew Albert COOPER (+wife and daughter). Her occupation was stated as nurse and her age 49 years (younger than actual as was common practice for single woman immigrants).

The KEMP family was split up by employment:
? Daniel (24) and Edward (16) were hired as labourers by CONDIE, a run-holder at Petane, just North of Napier. Daniel at ?52 a year and Edward at ?40 a year.
? Frederick, Harriet and their children and Elijah (11) went South with the LOVEDAYS to Waipawa/Waipukurau to work on bush felling and road making for the Government.
? Mary (49) was hired by MARSHAL at Meeanee.
? Elizabeth was hired by HISLOP at Meeanee, both of them after living in the transit barracks for 21/2 months. Mary?s wage was 12/- a week.

I have other bits and pieces of information but would love to have gaps filled. I look forward to others comments, especially like to know where you ngairedith fit in the family?.

Regards Jan

by jandel on 2013-02-10 17:12:51

sorry also please note the name of the ship is Schie..... not schic

Kind regards Jan

by trishburgess on 2013-08-06 00:16:10

Can anyone tell me about Elizabeth Kemp b 1855, I have birth certs for 3 children, Ellen, Elizabeth & William Henry, all born to Elizabeth, no father named on any, but I believe it is a Samuel Burgess, a road overseer based around Kaikora/Waipawa areas at the time the Kemp family arrived in NZ. 1 child was born in Napier in 1880,the other 2 in Wellington in 1878 & 1882. They must have gone to Australia at some stage, as 1 daughter died there in 1889, the other 2 children and Samuel all returned to NZ, and records then showed their names as Burgess rather than Kemp. The daughter that died in Australia (Elizabeth), her death cert noted that her mother was already dead. This means that Elizabeth Kemp must have died between 1882 & 1889, does anyone have any info. I am also unable to find any marriage cert for her and Samuel. They would have been my husband's great grandparents. PLEASE!!!!!

by RichardGr on 2017-01-11 08:02:08

I'm the grandson of Lily Rebecca Casey (nee Loveday) (1881-6 June 1951) and the 14th (of 15) child of James and Lydia Loveday.
Alan Loveday died within the last year or 2 in London. I thought I had kept the details but can't find them. Alan's parents were I believe, George Loveday (1862-26 Oct 1926) the 10th child of James and Lydia, and Bessie Donnie.
Regards Richard Gribble

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