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New Zealand's first ALL BLACKS rugby team - named the ORIGINALS in 1905

Journal by ngairedith

As at 2011 1,109 players have been All Blacks
UPDATE 1,184 as at 2019

The Original All Blacks (also known simply as "The Originals") were the first New Zealand national rugby union team to tour outside Australasia

The 1905 All Blacks tour of Britain went on to achieve legendary status within the rugby world and New Zealand in particular. They scored 976 points and conceded only 59 and thus set the standard for all subsequent All Black sides. The tour also saw the first use of the All Blacks name and established New Zealand's reputation as a world class rugby nation

The team departed New Zealand as the New Zealand Football Team, or simply The New Zealanders, though names such as Maorilanders and Colonials were also applied. Reference to the team by the name "All Blacks" first appeared during the "Originals" tour when, according to Billy Wallace, a London newspaper reported that the New Zealanders played as if they were "all backs". Wallace claimed that due to a typographical error, subsequent references were to "All Blacks"

Some authorities record the origins of the haka by the New Zealand team as occurring in Britain in 1905/6. Sydney based Kiwi journalist Spiro Zavos however claims the very first New Zealand team, in New South Wales in 1884 "used a Maori war cry to introduce itself to its opponents before each of its matches".
Although the 1905/6 All Blacks in Britain really popularised the haka, the "Originals" were not the first rugby team to perform the haka in Britain. That distinction goes to the "Native" team on 3 October 1888 before their tour opener against Surrey. The privately organised "Natives" tour had to pay its way and the pre match haka was no doubt seen as a means of attracting the public. The original intention was that the haka would precede each match and that mats and other traditional costume would be used. The mats were soon discarded and the initial reaction to the haka was rather unfavourable. The war cry they are described as using, "Ake Ake Kia Kaha", suggest it was not the Te Rauparaha haka they performed.

Harold Louis "Bunny" ABBOTT
born 17 June 1882 in Camerontown
died 16 Jan 1971 Palmerston North aged 88
children of William & Annie
1880 - William George Abbott
1882 - Harold Louis Abbott
1884 - Marion Catherine Abbott
1885 - Frederick Edwin Abbott
1886 - Ethel Maud Abbott
1897 - Eric Abbott
1901 - Vera Pretoria Abbott
HEIGHT - 1.79m (5 ft 10 in)
WEIGHT - 82 kg (12st - 180 lb)
SPOUSE - Harold married Isabell Ruth EDGCOMBE (1894-1984) in 1914
their known children
* 1914 - Rita May Abbott
* 1915 - Annie Vera Abbott
* 1916 - Harold William Abbott
* 1918 - George Edwin Abbott
BIO: added to the team after the preliminary tour of Australia, he won his first Test cap for New Zealand on January 1, 1906 against France. In total he played one Test in 1906. After Billy Wallace he was the longest survivor of the Originals, dying in early 1972 just a few weeks before Wallace

Ernest Edward 'General' BOOTH
born 24 Feb 1876 in Teschemakers, Otago
died 18 Oct 1935 in Christchurch aged 59
buried in Old Oamaru cemetery
PARENTS: David Booth & Annie Bald Brownhill
children of David & Annie
1869 - 1961 Sarah Brownhill 'Sadie' Booth
1872 - 1951 Annie Eddington Booth
1873 - 1881 George Joseph Booth
1874 - 1878 Flora Maude Booth
1876 - 1935 Ernest Edward Booth
1880 - David Edwin Booth
1882 - 1969 Clarence Reade Booth
SPOUSE: Ernie never married
HEIGHT - 5' 7" - 1.73m
WEIGHT - 11st 10lb - 70.4kg
BIO: Ernest was nicknamed 'General' after the founder of the Salvation Army. He won his first Test cap for New Zealand on 1 Jan 1906 against France. In total he played 3 Tests over a period of 1906 to 1907. He covered the tour of 1908-09 Wallabies as a journalist and sent detailed reports back to the Sydney-based Referee sporting newspaper on the match on Christmas Eve against North Glamorgan which was played at Merthyr's Penydarren Park where the tourists won 13-5 - the match is sometimes omitted from Australian histories. His War service: 2nd Lieutenant, YMCA, Australian Imperial Force. Some Rugby Don'ts told by Ernie to Waikato players

Stephen Timothy 'Steve' CASEY
born 24 Dec 1882 in Dunedin
died 10 Aug 1960 in Dunedin aged 77
PARENTS: John & Honora CASEY
- NZ children of John & Honora:
1875 - John Casey
1877 - Michael Casey
1880 - Helen Catherine Casey
1883 - Stephen Timothy Casey
1893 - Honoria Casey
SPOUSE - married Katie KANE in 1906
HEIGHT - 5ft 10in
WEIGHT - 12st 4lb
BIO: Stephen's All Black jersey was offered by its Australian owner to the New Zealand Rugby Museum in Palmerston North for $57,000

James 'John' CORBETT
born 1 Jan 1880 possibly Reefton
died 11 April 1945 aged 65 in Ratapiko
HEIGHT - 5ft 11in
WEIGHT - 13st 9lb
BIO: Played 16 matches for NZ. John Corbett like many rugby players over the years played at representative level for both the West Coast and Buller provinces. Corbett, a lock-forward, was selected in the 1905 'Originals' All Blacks for their famous tour of Australia and Britain. He was selected from the Reefton club which in those days was affiliated to the West Coast Union. Interestingly Corbett played for the All Blacks before he had ever played provincial rugby. On the British tour Corbett took the field in 12 matches, his appearances being restricted by injuries. Played well enough to win South Island honours twice after his return from Britain but did not gain New Zealand selection again. As a Buller player in 1908 Corbett had the honour of captaining a combined Buller-West Coast team against the touring Anglo-Welsh side (The early form of the British Lions). In 1915 he was a Buller selector

William "Bill" CUNNINGHAM
born 8 July 1874 in Rangiaohia
died 3 Sep 1927 in Auckland
SPOUSE: He married Ethel Minnie DANCE 1 August 1907
they had a son
* 1907 - 1907 William Henry Cunningham (aged 1 day)
HEIGHT - 5ft 11in
WEIGHT - 14st 6lb (put on 2 stone before the Ireland match)
BIO: When the team returned to New Zealand after the 1904 Australian tour season the experienced Aucklander Bill Cunningham was added to fill a weakness that had shown up in the specialist lock position. He was one of the 2 Maori players (the other was Billy Stead). In the game against Scotland on November 18 1905, Bill scored a try with seconds remaining making the All Blacks winners at 127.
NOTE thanks to Rokay for filling in the blanks (see comments)

Robert George 'Bob' DEANS
born 19 Feb 1884 in Christchurch
died 30 Sep 1908 in Christchurch aged 24
.. complications from an appendix operation
PARENTS: John DEANS & Catherine Edith PARK
- children of John & Catherine:
1880 - John Deans
1883 - Jane Edith Deans
1884 - 1908 Robert George Deans
1885 - James Deans
1886 - Catherine Deans
1889 - William Deans
1891 - Alexander Deans
1892 - Douglas Deans
1894 - Colin Deans
1896 - Violet Deans
1898 - Stuart Maxwell Deans
HEIGHT - 6ft
WEIGHT - 13st 4lb
BIO: Among his team-mates and everyone else, it seems, Deans had a reputation for the utmost honesty and integrity. A non drinker and non smoker, Deans was one of the most religious members of the Originals and on Sundays a regular attender at services. Wallace later described him as having "a generous nature" and because he was so great-hearted was loved by all of his team-mates.
NOTES Deans' great nephews Ian 'Bruce' Deans (1960-2019) and Robbie Deans also played for Canterbury and the All Blacks. Robbie is the former Australian head coach.
* Bruce Deans (All Black, half-back, #891) died 15 Aug 2019 aged 58 from cancer
* His grandmother, Jane Deans (nee McIlraith, 1823-1911) was a NZ pioneer and community leader.

George Henry DIXON (1860-1940) (Wellington) MANAGER
* kept a diary on the tour and the team. He was also employed by the newspaper publishers so a number of books/articles are online

James 'Jimmy' DUNCAN (1869-1953) (Otago) COACH
born 12 Nov 1869 in Dunedin
died 19 Oct 1953 in Dunedin
CLUB - Kaikorai
POSITION - Five-eight and Wing Forward
HEIGHT - 5ft 9
WEIGHT - 12st 9lb
He appeared for Otago before being selected to play for NZ in 1897. He captained NZ for the first time against Wellington in 1901. He captained NZ in its first Test, against Australia, in 1903. That was also his last game for New Zealand.
Jimmy then moved to coaching, coaching NZ in its first home test, against Great Britain, in 1904. In 1905 he was selected to coach the NZ team to tour the Northern Hemisphere. His appointment as coach was unpopular and most of the coaching ended up being done by team members Billy Stead and Dave Gallaher instead.
In 1908 he refereed a Test between NZ and the Anglo-Welsh.
James Duncan is credited with naming the position "five-eight"; as there was already positions half-back and three-quarters, he came up with the name according to the fraction between them.

David "Dave" GALLAHER (Captain)
born 30 Oct 1873 in Ramelton, County Donegal, Ireland
died 4 Oct 1917 aged 43 in Belgium
PARENTS: James GALLAHER & Maria McCLOSKIE who emigrated to New Zealand in May 1878 as part of the Katikati Special Settlement scheme in the Bay of Plenty. Originally settling in Katikati in the Bay of Plenty, they moved to Auckland in the 1890s and it was there that Dave played his provincial rugby.
SPOUSE - he married Ellen Ivy May FRANCIS in 1906
HEIGHT - 6ft
WEIGHT - 13st
BIO: Dave Gallaher would have been among the most imperishable legends of All Black rugby because of the fact that he led the first landmark national team, the "Originals" on their extraordinarily successful tour of Britain and France. He was not only the leader but a key player in the controversial position of wing forward and also with the vice captain, the five eighths Billy Stead, one of the team's tactical masterminds.
David Gallaher fought in the Boer War serving as corporal #3229 in the 6th and 10th New Zealand Contingents of Mounted Rifles. Although exempt from conscription due to his age, he also volunteered to fight in World War I as Company Sergeant Major #32513 but then reverted to Sergeant upon arrival in England (he apparently altered his date of birth to 31 October 1876). He saw action at Ypres and was killed during the Passchendaele offensive on 4 October 1917. He is buried at Nine Elms Cemetery, Poperinge, where his gravestone bears the silver fern. Two of his brothers were also killed in France

George Arthur GILLETT
born 23 April 1877 in Leeston, Canterbury
died 12 Sep 1956 in Auckland aged 79
- Children of Richard & Anne:
1875 - Richard Gillett
1877 - George Arthur Gillett
1878 - Dora Mary Gillett
1879 - Annie Gillett
1880 - Amy Kate Gillett
1882 - unnamed baby Gillett
1889 - Ella Margaret Gillett
1891 - Leonard Edgar Gillett
1893 - Lawrence Henry Gillett
SPOUSE - married Charlotte ALDERSON in 1909
- (possibly) married Elizabeth McLEOD in 1930
PROVINCE - Canterbury
HEIGHT - 183cm (6 ft 0 in)
WEIGHT - 83kg (13 st 1 lb)
BIO: He was a member of the legendary Original All Blacks tour in 1905-06 on which he played 25 of the 35 matches including his first Test cap for New Zealand on 18 November against Scotland. In total he played 30 matches during the period of 1905 to 1908 including eight Tests. A brother, Jack, appeared for Auckland 1897-99

Francis Turnbull 'Frank' GLASGOW
born 17 Aug 1877 in South Dunedin
died 20 Feb 1939 aged 59 in Wellington
- children of James & Annie:
1880 - Francis Glasgow (only child found at this time)
- James McClure Glasgow ( 1805- 1890) had a brother, the Rev Adam Dickey Glasgow (1814-1862) both servied for some time as missionaries in India. ...
SPOUSE - married Kathleen Edith Mary DAVIS in 1900
HEIGHT - 5ft 10in
WEIGHT - 13st 3lb
BIO: Glasgow played as a loose forward, either in the back row or on the side of the second row, though he could also cover hooker. Glasgow played all 5 tests on the Originals tour, and was recalled to play hooker for the final test against the 1908 Lions. In 1905: New Zealand forward Frank Glasgow leaves the inaugural All Blacks tour to the UK and Ireland to form an alternative peace commune in Cornwall. His departure is even more shocking as it comes midway through the 15-0 win over Ireland in Dublin.

William Spiers 'Bill' GLENN
born 21 Feb 1877 in Greymouth
died 5 Oct 1953 in Wanganui aged 75
PARENTS: George & Catherine Spiers GLENN
- children of George & Catherine:
1875 - Robert Alfred Glenn
1877 - William Speirs Glenn
1879 - Isabella Mary Glenn
1883 - George Cyril Glenn
1886 - John Andrew Glenn
1888 - Gertrude Susan McConnell Glenn
SPOUSE - married Linda Marian PARSONS in 1904
HEIGHT - 5ft 11in
WEIGHT - 12st 12lb
BIO: William was elected a member of the Manaia Town Board in the year 1904. He had a farm of 350 acres on the Waimate Plains and carried on dairying. he moved to Taranaki as a child with his parents, who settled at Manaia. He was educated in the Manaia public school and brought up to farming. Later on he became an auctioneer in the firm of Steuart and Corrigan for three years. He was secretary of the Manaia Tennis Club and a member of the Egmont Racing Club and of the Egmont Agricultural and Pastoral Association. He owned several thoroughbred brood mares and was part owner of the well known horse Maniopoto. He was a Reform Party Member of Parliament, elected to the Rangitikei electorate in the 1919 general election but was defeated in 1928

Eric Tristram Gerald "Aristocratic Eric" HARPER
born 1 Dec 1877 in Papanui into a prominenet pioneer family
died 30 April 1918 aged 40 in Jerusalem, Palestine
PARENTS: George HARPER & Agnes Margaret LOUGHMAN 11 Cashel St, Christchurch
- children of George & Agnes:
1877 - Eric Tristram Gerald Harper
- Before he enlisted in 1917 he was a Barrister and Solicitor
1880 - Cuthbert Strachey Harper
- served in the South African War, 1899-1902 #5853
1883 - Philip Hamilton Harper
- served in the Boer & First World war
1886 - Robert Paul "Robin" Harper
- served in WWI & WWII
1885 - Gerald Gordon Harper
- Gerald enlisted with the Canterbury Mounted Rifles as early as October 1916 and saw action at Gallipoli. He was wounded during the beach landing at Suvla Bay in August that year and was hospitalised in England. He received a D.C.M and a commission to 2nd Lt for services while in charge of machine guns at Gallipoli. After recovering he went to Egypt where he was part of the Yeomanry Cavalry. He died on 12 August 1916 from shell wounds received while fighting at Romani alongside his brother Lt Robin Harper. Robin carried him off the front line personally. Gordon is buried at Cairo War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt
SPOUSE - Beatrice A.S. Harper (nee ??)
- 2 children Frederick George & Annie Harper
HEIGHT - 5ft 11in (1.8m)
WEIGHT - 12st 7lb (80kg)
BIO: He was educated at Christchurch Boys High. A sportsman of some note he won the first national track title in 1901 in the 440 yards hurdle and the next year won the 880 yards hurdles. Harper was also a keen mountaineer and made important discoveries in the Southern Alps. With the outbreak of the First World War he joined the New Zealand Expeditionary Force, a military unit sent from New Zealand to fight for the British. Reaching the rank of Sargent Major he served in the Canterbury Mounted Rifles division and was posted to Palestine. On 30 April 1918, while his unit was coming under artillery bombardment in Jerusalem, he attempted to quiet horses and was killed in the attack. He is commemorated at the Jerusalem Memorial in Israel.

James 'Jimmy' HUNTER
born 6 March 1879 in Hawera
died 4 Dec 1962 in Wanganui
- children of Moore & Mary:
1875 - Janie Hunter Hunter
1877 - Alexander Hunter
1879 - James Hunter
1880 - Margaret Hunter
1882 - Moore Hunter
1884 - Amelia Hunter
1887 - Robert Gilchrist Hunter
1888 - Andrew Torry Hunter
1890 - Isabella Bell Hunter
1893 - Mary Murray Hunter
HEIGHT - 5ft 6in (1.68m)
WEIGHT - 11st 8lb (73kg)
BIO: Jimmy Hunter will probably always be a name that will live forever in New Zealand rugby. A gifted midfield back, Hunter had deceptive pace and agility and a trickiness. Described by a contemporary critic EDH Sewell as "one of the most sinuous runners" he had seen, Hunter was one of the stars of the 1905-06 Originals on their tour of Britain. He was from a farming family in Taranaki and attended Wanganui Collegiate. He then joined the Hawera Rugby Club and was selected to play for Taranaki in 1898 at the age of 18. He played in almost every position in the Taranaki backline before settling on second five-eighth. He continued to play for Taranaki and played for them against the touring Great Britain team that toured New Zealand in 1904. He was also selected to play for the All Blacks to play the one Test match against Great Britain, but after an injuring himself the day before the match, he was replaced. He was Captain in the 1905 tour of Australia

William, (Bill) "Massa" JOHNSTON
born 13 Sep 1881 in Dunedin
died 9 Jan 1951 in Sydney, Australia
- (known) children of Robert & Mary Ann
1879 - Agnes Johnston
1881 - William Johnston
1885 - Robert Johnston
HEIGHT - 6ft
WEIGHT - 13st 6lb
BIO: Bill first played senior rugby union for the Alhambra club in 1897 aged only 15. He made his debut for Otago in 1903 and represented Otago again in 1904, playing in six matches in total. In 1904 he was the first played sent off in a Ranfurly Shield match as Otago went down to Wellington. He played for the South Island in 1904, 1905 and 1907. After returning to New Zealand with the touring party, Johnston then returned to Great Britain, signing with the Wigan club. In Wigan he helped the club win both the Championship and the Lancashire Cup. The next season Wigan again lifted the Lancashire Cup. In 1910 he moved to Warrington. After retirement Johnston moved to Australia where he was a commissionaire at the Royal Sydney Agricultural Showgrounds

William Henry 'Bill' MACKRELL
born 20 July 1881 in Milton, NSW, Australia
died 15 July 1917 in Auckland
PARENTS: unknown
HEIGHT - 5ft 10in (178cm)
WEIGHT - 12st 7lb (79kg)
BIO: Mackrell didn't go to Australia for the short tour in July, instead opposing the team for Auckland in the shakedown match and then played the last of the warm-up games, against Wellington Province, before sailing for England. Amazingly, this proved to be Mackrell's last first-class match in this country. George Dixon noted in The Triumphant Tour of the New Zealand Footballers that he was 'the unlucky man of the tour. He contracted influenza shortly after landing and it was a long time before he was thoroughly well again.' He finally got his chance against Munster and played the next two midweekers before having the entire Welsh portion of the tour on the sideline. He played his only test against France (won 38-8) and both matches in America on the way home.

Alexander 'Alex' McDONALD
born 23 April 1883 in Dunedin
died 4 May 1967 in Wellington aged 84
HEIGHT - 5ft 10in
WEIGHT - 13st
BIO: The tour of North America by the All Blacks was the last international games played by their captain Alex McDonald. His last match was against Vancouver on 24 November 1913.

(dubbed the 'Flying Scotsman' because of his speed)
born 16 July 1881 in Kaiapoi
died 11 March 1947 in Timaru aged 65. Duncan died in poverty and was buried in Timaru.
PARENTS: Alexander McGREGOR & Barbara GUDEX
children of Alexander & Barbara
1867 - Elizabeth Ann McGregor
1869 - John McGregor
1870 - Elizabeth Mcgregor
1871 - Margaret McGregor
1873 - William McGregor
1874 - Jessie McGregor
1875 - Peter Alexander McGregor
1876 - Alexander McGregor
1878 - Thomas McGregor
1880 - Minnie Louise McGregor
1881 - 1947 Duncan McGregor
HEIGHT - 5ft 9in (1.75m)
WEIGHT - 11st 3lb (72kg)
BIO: All Black Test Try Holder for 90 years. 27 All Black matches. He scored four tries in the 15-0 test win against England - a record only equalled by Jonah Lomu.
In 1907 he joined the professional NZ team that toured Great Britain and Australia; this team played the sport now known as rugby league. He was a strong supporter of the tour from the outset and was one of the tours selectors, served on the tours Management committee and had a role in coaching the backs. However, while on tour, he could not consistently make the first team and played in many of the mid-week games. Duncan only ended up playing in one of the eight test matches on tour. He opted not to return to New Zealand, instead staying behind in Great Britain to open a sports store in Gloucestershire and sign with the Merthyr Tydfil club. In 1912 he suffered an ankle injury and retired from the game and returned to NZ.
* In 2005 he was honoured with a headstone

Harry Jonas 'Simon' MYNOTT
born 4 June 1876 in Auckland
died 2 Jan 1924 aged 47 in New Plymouth
children of John & Jane
1869 - Matthew James Mynott
1871 - Eva Jane Mynott
1873 - Laura Elizabeth Mynott
[i/]1876 - Harry Jonas Mynott
1881 - Elsie Margaret Mynott
HEIGHT - 5ft 7in
WEIGHT - 11st 9lb
BIO: Usually a first five-eighth, Mynott made his international debut against Ireland as a wing three-quarter. Until Frank Bunce overtook his record in 1996, he was the oldest back to represent New Zealand. He was 34 years and 28 days old when he took the field for his final international, the third test on the 1910 tour of Australia. A brilliant attacking player and also sound on defence Also known as 'Simon', Mynott was regarded as a splendid sportsman. With Jimmy Hunter he formed a formidable five-eighth combination known as 'the Taranaki Twins'. He was a Taranaki selector 1910-14 and an All Black selector in 1913.

Frederick 'Fred' 'Fatty' NEWTON
born 7 May 1881 in Christchurch
died 10 Dec 1955 in Christchurch aged 74
PARENTS: William NEWTON & Mary Anne Strickland
children of William & Mary Ann
1873 - Henry James Newton
1874 - Charles Leonard Newton
1877 - 1943 Albert William Newton
1877 - 1877 Eveline Strickland Newton (aged 1 day)
1880 - 1891 Edward Ernest Newton
1881 - Frederick Newton
1883 - 1918 William Richard Newton
1884 - Francis Henry Newton
HEIGHT - 6ft - 1.8m
WEIGHT - 15st - 95kg
BIO: 19 matches (3 tests) for NZ. At 1.83m and 95kg Fred was the biggest player on the 1905 'Originals' All Blacks tour. His physique won him the nickname of 'Fatty'. Playing out of the Linwood club Newton was selected for Canterbury and the South Island side which eventually led to his All Black selection in 1905. A railway worker Newton was transferred to Westport where in 1908 he played the last of his 30 first class games in the Cardinal and blue colours of Buller in a match against Marlborough.
NOTE Frederick was the grandfather of former All Black Ian MacRae's wife

George William NICHOLSON
born 3 Aug 1878 in Auckland
died 13 Sep 1968 in Auckland
PARENTS: John William & Annie Katrina NICHOLSON
SPOUSE - possibly married Ellen Frances McINTYRE in 1913
their known children 1919 - 1996 John William Reoch Nicholson
HEIGHT - 6ft 3in
WEIGHT - 13st 10lb
BIO: In the Cardiff game on 26th December 1905, the match was played at Cardiff Arms Park in front of 50,000 spectators. After a missed drop goal and missed penalty Cardiff scored with a try to Nicholls that was set up by Gabe. The conversion was successful giving Cardiff a 50 lead. about 20 minutes into the match Jim O'Sullivan broke his collarbone after being tackled heavily; as a result the All Blacks played the rest of the match with only 14 men. The All Blacks attacked with every opportunity they could and before half time Mona Thomson scored in the corner for the All Blacks. Wallace converted the try to leave the scores 55 at half time. For the first 30 minutes of the second half the two teams attacked one after the other. After Cardiff captain Percy Bush failed to force down a ball behind his own goal-line George Nicholson dived on the ball to score a try. Wallace converted to give the All Blacks a 105 lead

James Michael 'Jim' O'SULLIVAN
born 5 Feb 1883 in Okaiawa
died 21 Dec 1960 in Hawera
- children of James & Mary:
1880 - John O'Sullivan
1881 - Mary Bernardine O'Sullivan
1883 - James Michael O'Sullivan
1884 - Patrick Denis O'Sullivan
SPOUSE - married Katherine Ellen Stephen SHEAHAN in 1911
HEIGHT - 5ft 10in
WEIGHT - 13st 7lb
BIO A loose forward, Jim played 29 matches for the All Blacks including five internationals. He later served as president of the Taranaki Rugby Union.

Frederick 'Fred' ROBERTS
born 7 April 1882 in Wellington
died 21 July 1956 in Wellington
PARENTS: William Jones ROBERTS & Eliza Jane PHILLIPS
HEIGHT - 5ft 7in
WEIGHT - 12st 4lb
BIO: Fred Roberts was the first great All Black halfback. He scored two tries in the All Blacks v Lions test, June 6 1908. The match with Munster was played at Markets Field in Limerick on Tuesday 28 November 1905 and the touring side defeated Munster 33-0. The eight tries witnessed by the 3,000 strong crowd included a penalty try after Fred Roberts was tripped close to the line. It was reported by the British press that Stead and fellow All Black Fred Roberts used the Maori language to direct play ...

Charles Edward, 'Charlie', 'Bronco' SEELING
born 14 May 1883 in Wanganui
died 29 May 1956 Stalybridge, England in car accident aged 73
PARENTS: unknown
SPOUSE - married Margaret SULLIVAN in 1907
HEIGHT - 6ft (1.83m)
WEIGHT - 13st 7lb (87kg)
BIO: Seeling played as a combative loose forward. Considered the most complete forward in NZ rugby until Maurice Brownlie in the 1920s. Seeling played 10 tests in the back row and 1 in the second row. He played in the forwards for the original All Blacks, appearing in 11 tests. He then signed with English rugby league club, Wigan RLFC in 1910. From then until 1913 he scored 54 tries for Wigan and appeared in three consecutive championship finals. Seeling went on to make over 200 first grade appearances for the club over thirteen years, playing as captain for three of them. Noted British rugby writer, E. H. D. Sewell, wrote of Seeling: "Search where one may, a better forward than Seeling does not exist." He spent the rest of his life in Britain

John William 'Billy' STEAD
born 16 Sep 1877 in Invercargill
died 21 July 1958 in Bluff aged 80
- children of John & Florence:
1877 - John William Stead
1880 - Henry Arthur Stead
1882 - Allan Stead
1884 - Florence Violet Stead
1887 - Margaret May Stead
1889 - Oswald Victor Stead
1894 - Norman Farrel Stead
SPOUSE - married Emily Agnes RICE in 1901
HEIGHT - 5ft 8lb (1.73m)
WEIGHT - 10st 9lb (64kg)
BIO: A bootmaker by trade, he also co-authored The Complete Rugby Footballer with Dave Gallaher, and was a columnist for the Southland Times, and New Zealand Truth. He was one of the 2 Maori players (the other was Bill Cunningham). Billy Stead first played representative rugby for Southland in 1896. He was only 18 at the time, and continued to play for the province until 1908; raking up 52 matches for the province in total. Vice Captain in 1905 (Dave Gallaher was Captain)

George William "the Greyhound" SMITH
born 20 Sep 1874 in Auckland eldest of 10 children
died 8 Dec 1954 in Oldham, England
PARENTS: William SMITH & Caroline PELL
HEIGHT - 5ft 7in
WEIGHT - 11st 12lb
BIO: Both on the preliminary tour of Australia and New Zealand, in which playing at centre he scored a try against Auckland, and in the Originals' early matches in Britain George Smith was in great form. In 14 matches he finished with 19 tries, with his personal highlight coming in the international against Scotland. He scored two tries in the 12-7 win but after playing in the international against Ireland he broke a collarbone and made just one more appearance on the tour. Smith was playing in Auckland club rugby. and there was much criticism of his omission from the All Blacks' 1907 tour of Australia. This may have been because he was suspected, rightly so, as being involved with the organisation of the proposed "All Golds" rugby league tour and because he had not signed the NZRFU's loyalty agreement. After touring with the All Golds he stayed on in Britain to play professionally with the Oldham club until 1916 when he broke his leg. His son, George Smith, played both rugby codes and died in a Japanese prisoner camp in 1943

Hector Douglas "Mona" THOMSON
born 20 Feb 1881 in Napier
died 9 Aug 1939 in Wellington aged 58
PARENTS: Archibald Bruce & Amelia Ann THOMSON
- children of Archibald & Amelia Ann:
1878 - Frank David Thomson
1879 - Robert Goulding Thomson
1881 - Hector Douglas Thomson
1883 - Arthur Maxton Thomson
SPOUSE - married Mabel Gertrude DIMANT in August 1909
HEIGHT - 5ft 8in
WEIGHT - 10st 9lb
BIO: His only Test was New Zealand v Anglo-Welsh at Dunedin, 6 June 1908

George Alfred 'Bubsie' TYLER
born 10 Feb 1879 in Auckland
died 15 April 1942 in Auckland
- children of George & Mary Ann:
1877 - James Tyler
1879 - George Alfred Tyler
1880 - William Thomas Tyler
1882 - Elizabeth May Tyler
1883 - John Russell Caradus Tyler
1885 - Harold Tyler
1890 - Ellen Kathleen Tyler
SPOUSE - married Ellen MAHONEY in 1912
HEIGHT - 5ft 10in
WEIGHT - 13st
BIO: A write-up in the New Zealand Free Lance, 27 July 1907, about his retirement (scroll to about half way)

William Joseph, (Billy) "Carbine" WALLACE
born 2 Aug 1878 in Wellington
died 2 March 1972 in Wellington aged 93
PARENTS: Matthew Rolleston WALLACE & Louisa STIRLING
- children of Matthew & Louisa:
1877 - Elizabeth Wallace
1878 - William Joseph Wallace
1880 - John Wallace
1885 - Rose Wallace
SPOUSE - married Jessie MOWATT in 1911
HEIGHT - 5ft 8in (1.73m)
WEIGHT - 12st (76kg)
BIO: Wallace was the first New Zealander to top 500 first class points. He won his first Test cap for New Zealand on August 15, 1903 against Australia. In total he played 11 Tests over a period of 1903 to 1908. When speaking at the team's 50th Jubilee in 1955, Billy gave his version of how the name originated: "Now I'm just going to mention how we got the name of All Blacks'. These coves don't know, I was on the Committee and I know all about it. We played Hartlepool and we beat them 63-0, and the 'Daily Mail; an English paper, wrote up 'New Zealand team all backs' you see. So we were, all our forwards could pass as good as any back, and it was headed up 'New Zealand All Backs'. And the next match we went on, I think it was Somerset. This All Black' was a printer's error and we went on to Somerset and all around the town it said 'Come and see the All Blacks play; the printer had made a mistake and instead of All Back' he had got the 'l' in somehow and made it All Black; and that's how the name of All Blacks' originated and it's stuck ever since. The 'Daily Mail' took it up and we went to Ireland and we were on our way to have a bit of a practice and they announced the route in the papers and everybody was at the gate to see the All Blacks' go past and they all thought we were a lot of, you know, blacks and when they saw us go past 'Bejasus, they are as white as ourselves, as white as ourselves'. Just the name, when they changed to All Blacks' they did think we were dinkum, you know, darkies."

Despite the success of the tour and the reception the team received on its return home, by the end of the following year four of the side George Smith, Bill Mackrell, Massa Johnston and Duncan McGregor had switched codes to Northern Union (rugby league) and toured Britain again with the All Golds. A fifth, George Nicholson, it seems was within a smidgeon of switching also but stayed with rugby and made a huge contribution to the Ponsonby club. George Tyler, whose brother was one of the All Golds, may also have been close to joining them. By 1911 two more team members, George Gillett and superstar forward Charlie Seeling, had also changed codes. The Northern Union scouts who had seen some of the All Black matches and approached several of the players had to wait but met with some eventual success.

* Caricatures of Great All Blacks by Murray Webb

All Blacks team that toured the UK 1905-1906

Description reads: The colonials, who so far have had a brilliantly victorious career, play their last international match on Saturday against Wales, which is expected to be the toughest encounter of the tour and there is not a Maorilander who does not wish his fellow colonists "kia ora" on that occasion.
TOP ROW James 'John' Corbett - William 'Massa' Johnstone - William 'Bill' Cunningham - Frederick 'Fatty' Newton - George William Nicholson - Charles Edward 'Bronco' Seeling - James Michael 'Jim' O'Sullivan - Alexander 'Alex' McDonald - Duncan McGregor - James 'Jimmy' Duncan (coach).
MIDDLE ROW Eric Tristam Gerald 'Aristocratic Eric' Harper - William Joseph 'Carbine' Wallace - John William 'Billy' Stead (vice-captain) - George Henry Dixon (manager) - David 'Dave' Gallaher (captain) - James 'Jimmy' Hunter - George Arthur Gillett - Francis Turnbull 'Frank' Glasgow - William Henry 'Bill' Mackrell.
BOTTOM ROW Stephen Timothy 'Steve' Casey - Harold Louis 'Bunny' Abbott - George William 'the Greyhound' Smith - Frederick 'Fred' Roberts - Hector Douglas 'Mona' Thomson - Harry Jonas 'Simon' Mynott - Ernest Edward 'General' Booth - George Alfred 'Bubsie' Tyler - Robert George 'Bob' Deans.

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Annie Blair Parlane DID NOT MARRY the All Black Ernest Edward Booth 1876-1935. She married another man of the same name, Ernest Edward Booth 1868-1939. They are buried together at Andersons Bay Cemetery, Dunedin [].

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