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the PECK on PECK of Taita

Journal by ngairedith

the PECKs on the tree as at 13 Aug 2010
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* Adelaide Joy Peck
daughter of Neville Arthur Peck & Heather Jane Bremner

* Alan Roger Peck (1962-)
son of Roger Vivian Peck & Joan Barr

* Alfred Henry 'Mac' Peck (1900-1981)
born in Waione, Dannevirke. Died in Martinborough

* Aliza Ann Peck
daughter of Raymond Leslie Peck & Susan Anne Melville

* Allan Ernest 'Jim' Peck (1937-2013)
married Henrietta Gardiner in Dannevirke 1969
died in Dannevirke, buried Mangatera

* Allen Charles 'Pat' Peck (1902-1962)
3rd son of William Peck & Laura Rose Jensen

* Allen Robert Henry Peck (1930-1994)

* Alvin Peck (twin with Annette 1947-)
son of William Henry Peck & Annie Dardenella Bartosh

* Annette Victoria Peck (twin with Alvin 1947-)
daughter of William Henry Peck & Annie Dardenella Bartosh

* Annie Alice Peck (1870-1958)
married John Hume Fortune in Palmerston North in 1889

* Annie Elsie Peck (1894-1983)
married Daniel Joseph Southee in 1916

* Arthur Peck (1885-1957)
married Myrtle Peck in Taihape in 1909
her father Samuel & his father Charles were brothers

* Arthur Peck (1898-1979)
born in Waione to Daniel Peck & Jane Sargent

* Arthur Henry Peck (1876-1876)
born still son of Richard Peck & Elizabeth Gaskin

* Barry Peck
son of Samuel George Peck & Mabel Joyce Dalgiesh

* Belinda Vanessa Peck
daughter of Raymond Leslie Peck & Susan Anne Melville

* Bernard Graham Peck (1958-)
married Betty Roimata Paehus in 1983

* Bernard Michael Peck (1965-)
son of Kenneth Peck & Theresa Ellen Lichtwardk

* Beryl Patricia Peck (1922-2006)
married Frederick Woulfe 'Fred' Flanagan in Dannevirke 1941

* Beverley Peck (1936-)
daughter of Wilfred Norman Peck & Maggie Kendrick

* Beverley Dawn Peck
daughter of Norman David Peck & Iris Ruby Isla Salisbury

* Brenda Anne Peck
daughter of Percival Arthur Peck & Gwynetha Nesta Byers

* Bruce David Peck
son of Norman David Peck & Iris Ruby Isla Salisbury

* Caroline Peck (1842 - 1919)
married Edward Hall in Lower Hutt 1859

* Caroline Peck (1876-1877)
daughter of Samuel Peck & Fanny Stent
died aged 4 months, buried Christ Church, Taita

* Casey Marie Peck
daughter of Trevor Murray Peck & Linda Richardson

* Charles Peck (1809-1860)
married Harriett Benge in Kent in 1830

* Charles Peck (1838-1901)
married Annie Gaskin in Lower Hutt in 1866
* his mother and her father were siblings

* Charles Peck (1863-1958)
married Alexandria (aka Atlantic English) Thomsen in Palmerston North 1889
married Henrietta Gilbert in Feilding 1909
married Florence Isobel Jones in 1947
died in Palmerston North, buried Kelvin Grove

* Charlotte Peck (1847-1910)
married George Davison in Lower Hutt in 1866
died in Palmerston North, buried Terrace End

* Charlotte Rose Ann Peck (1910-)
daughter of William Peck & Minnie Sargent

* Charlotte Rose Ann Peck (1913-1993)
married Alfred George Paramore in 1929
married Albert Frederick Patterson in 1933

* Claraence Peck (1929-)
married John Rudolph

* Colin Peck (1914-1976)
son of Charles Peck & Henrietta Gilbert

* Daniel Peck (1809-1887)
married Elizabeth Gaskin in Kent 1833 & had 14 children

* Daniel Peck (1833-1833)
son of Daniel Peck & Elizabeth Gaskin
died in England before they emigrated

* Daniel Peck (1860-1930)
married Jane Sargent in Wimbledon, Manawatu 1891

* Daniel Peck (1879-1965)
married Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Peck 7 Nov 1901

* Daniel Peck (1886-1945)
married Elsie Ada Annie McKelvey in Lower Hutt 1912

* Daphne Gwen Peck (1921-2006)
married George Albert Young in Kihikihi in 1951

* Dawn Merlyn Peck (1937-)
married Stanley Owen 'Stan' Jones in Whakatane 1959

* Dorothy Grace Peck (1900-1975)
married Charles Henry Gartner in Woodville 1921
Charles's grandfather (his mother's father) Charles Peck and Dorothy's father Samuel Peck, were brothers

* Douglas Leslie Peck (1904-1969)
married Jean Sabrina Dowdell in 1930

* Douglas John Peck (1929-1931)
son of Wilfred Norman Peck & Ellen Christina 'Maggie' Kendrick. Died aged 1.6 and buried with his mother in Dannevirke

* Edith Peck (1881-1962)
married Thomas William Lyall in 1903

* Edna Frances Peck (twin with Myra 1917-2005)
married Walter Leonard McGill in Otorohanga in 1940

* Edna May Peck (1918-2005)
married Selwun Edgar Nikolaison

* Edward Peck (1882-1893)
son of George Peck & Elizabeth Barnes
died aged 11 in a farm accident in Naenae

* Eileen Mary Peck (1903-1985)
married Ernest Charles Christison in Hawkes Bay 1923

* Elizabeth Peck (1855-1943)
married Thomas Minogue in Lower Hutt in 1876
They had no children of their own but brought up Elizabeth Gaskin (1882-1959) who was a daughter of Charles Gaskin & Mary O'Loughlin, of Makara and who became a nun, using the name Sister Mary Gonsaga in the Order of Sisters Of Mercy.

* Elizabeth Peck (1870-1942)
married William Wilson in Lower Hutt 1888 & 9 known children
died in Taita

* Elizabeth Peck (1877-1957)
married Reginald Fowler Russell in 1898, 10 known children

* Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Peck (1881-1921)
Elizabeth married her 1st cousin Daniel Peck, in 1901, her father Samuel's brother (Charles') son.
Elizabeth died aged 39, 44 years before her husband.
Manawatu Times, 15 April 1921 The friends of Mr and Mrs Peck, of Woodville, will learn with regret of the death of their daughter, Lizzie, and wife of Mr Boag Peck, which occurred at the Dannevirke hospital yesterday afternoon, after a long and painful illness.
They are buried together, with her parents, Grave 61, Block 14 at Old Gorge cemetery.

* Elizabeth 'Eliza' Peck (1873-1899)
married John Gartner. She and her sister Hannah had a double wedding, marrying two Gartner brothers John and William respectively on 31-3-1892. She died aged 25

* Elizabeth Jane Peck (1892-1984)
married Richard Saxton in 1920

* Ellen Peck (1844-1906)
married John George Pilcher in Lower Hutt 1862
13 known children

* Ellen Peck (1879-1958)
married William Herbert Peagram in Lower Hutt 1900

* Emma May Peck (1888-1968)
married Gustof Trudor Lindstrom in 1905
married Frederick Patient in 1946

* Ernest Harold James Peck (1892-1958)
married Margaret Smillie in 1915

* Ernest James Peck (1898-1952)
married Florence Mabel Boland in 1926
married Minnie Ada Gartner in 1933

* Ernest Seddon Sydney 'Sid' Peck (1907-1977)
married Margaret King in 1934, buried Mangatera

* Esther Jean 'Dump' Peck (1925-2011)
married Robert Gordon 'Bob' Charteris
married Adam Ashley Tabb

* Fiona Jan Peck
daughter of Percival Arthur Peck & Gwynetha Nesta Byers
married William Brown

* Florence Louisa Peck (1898-1995)
married William Handley in 1919

* Florence Violet Peck (1900-1982)
married Daniel Barton in 1920, buried Kelvin Grove

* Frances 'Fanny' Peck (1831-1919)
* Frances was added to the tree in 2017 after being contacted, but it is very suss info and has been changed & adjusted to fit their theory. I haven't research Fanny as yet but you can read her 'story' here ..

* Frances 'Fanny' Peck (1898-1903)
daughter of Samuel Peck & Fanny Stent
died aged 5.8 in Taita, buried Christ Church cemetery

* Frances Emmeline 'Em' Peck (1910-1984)
married Eric Samuel Hunter in Lower Hutt 18 Jan 1928

* Francis Alfred 'Froggie' Peck (1920-2002)
Francis did not marry. He served in WWII as Driver 398045 with the NZ Army Service Corps, Second NZEF. He enlisted in 1942 and his mother (Maggie nee Kendrick) was his next of kin at Tinatu R.D., Dannevirke

* Frederick Peck (1872-1904)
son of Charles Peck & Annie Gaskin, buried Dannevirke

* Garth Raymond Peck (1929-2019)
married Marjorie Joyce Paul
married Norma in 1987 .. Garth & Norma

* George Peck (1831-)
1st child of Charles and Harriett (Benge) Peck he arrived in NZ in 1841 aged 10 on the 'Catherine Stewart Forbes'

* George Peck (1848-1930)
married Elizabeth Barnes in Lower Hutt 1876
married Manu 'Mary' Panapa in 1914
* PECK - On September 16, 1941, at the residence of her niece, Mrs J. McDavitt, Wainuiomata, Mary (Manu) Peck, widow of the late George Peck, late of Lower Hutt; aged 98 years. R.I.P.
* The death occurred at her home at Epuni, Lower Hutt, on Thursday, of Mrs Manu tekura Peck, one of the oldest, if not the oldest resident of the Hutt Valley. Mrs Peck was twice married, her first husband being Honiana Te Puni, a grandson of the well-known old chief of the early days. Mrs Peck was born in New Plymouth and was a member of the Ati-awa tribe. She often spoke of the Maori wars of the sixties, but her tribe were neutrals and Mrs Peck had recollections of members of her tribe conveying munitions and food in bullock wagons to the various military posts. When Mrs Peck was 17 years old, her marriage with Honiana Te Puni was arranged and her family brought her to Petone, where the marriage took place. The Ceremony was performed at the home of the old chief, Mrs Peck being the second bride of the tribe to be married there
For many years before her marriage to Mr George Peck, Mr Peck lived with Mr and Mrs Daniel Love, Mr Hapi Love's parents, at Waiwetu.
A tangi is being held at the Maori hall. Mrs Peck had no children

* George Peck (1868-1922)
son of Richard Peck & Elizabeth Gaskin
committed suicide and buried Mangatera

* George Peck (1881-1955)
married Mary Josephine Creech in 1908

* Gladys Evelyn Peck (1900-1987)
married Esric Edmond Maxwell McIntosh in 1921
married Thomas Harwood

* Gladys Edith Myrtle Peck (1905-1978)
married Jacob Andersen Bak in 1922
married Arthur Miller

* Gordon Charles Peck (1917-1988)
married Thelma Lillian Fowler in 1945

* Gregory Peck
son of Samuel George Peck & Mabel Joyce Dalgiesh

* Gwendoline Rebecca Peck
married Lyall Alfred Ingram Murray
married Thomas Davies

* Hannah Peck (1840-)
daughter of Daniel Peck & Elizabeth Gaskin
believed to have died shortly after arriving in 1841

* Hannah 'Annie' Peck (1865-1964)
married John Robert McCall in 1901

* Hannah Peck (1868-1947)
married Wilhelm Diederich Gartner in Palmerston North 1892

* Harold George Peck (1923-2008)
died in Dannevirke

* Henry Peck (1824-)
son of Richard Pek & Lydia Grey

* Henry Peck (1883-1945)
the 10th of 12 children of Charles Peck & and Anne Gaskin

* Henry Peck (1883-1971)
son of Samuel Peck & Fanny Stent
married Violet Anna Elizabeth Laurence in Palmerston North 1913. Died in Auckland

* Isabella Peck (1877-1959)
married Johann Joseph 'John' Taucher in Lower Hutt 1896

* Ivan Francis Peck (1922-2011)
married Kitty Hazel ?
married Dulcie Joan Hore in 1976
* No 442614 L/Sgt Signals Italy, J Force WWII. Passed away peacefully at Radius Peppertree Hospital, Palmerston North 16 Nov 2011

* Ivy Peck (1893-1925)
married Percy Sowerby in Woodville 1912

* Ivy May Peck (1908-1983)
married James Wi Huatahi Hema in 1930

* James Peck (1894-1918)
Killed In Action 18 July 1918 in France

* James Peck (1939-)
married Marie Erhorne in 1962

* Jane Mary Peck (1854-1944)
married Alexander Ross in 1878

* Jean Peck (1916-)
married Albert Edward Norton

* John Peck (1845-1922)
John married Annie Browne from Ireland in 1871. Their house stood on High St, opposite the Western entrance to the Hutt Hospital. John was described as a gardener. He and Annie had no children of their own but they adopted a little girl and named her Violet Henrietta Peck.

* John Peck (1878-1879)
son of George Peck & Elizabeth Barnes
On the 26th March, John Peck, aged 6 months. Deeply lamented by a large circle of friends. The Friends of GEORGE PECK are respectfully invited to attend his son's Funeral, which will leave his residence, Naini, on Saturday, at half-past 1 o'clock, to proceed to the Taita.

* John 'Jack'/'Jonah' Peck (1889-1959)
8th child of Samuel Peck & Fanny Stent. Didn't marry

*John Lawrence Peck (1919-2010)
married Lauris May Udy, buried Clareville

*John Thomas Gordon Peck (1873-1875)
son of Richard Peck & Elizabeth Gaskin

* John Thor Peck (1875-)
9th of 10 children of Richard Peck & Elizabeth Gaskin

* Kalm Elizabeth Ellen Peck (1897-1985)
married Brian Arthur Hereward Barker in 1918

* Kenneth 'Ken' Peck (1932-)
married Theresa Ellen Lichtwark in 1959

* Leonard Peck (1886-1953)
married Ida Nelson in Lover Hutt in 1908

* Leonie Peck (1942-)
married Gary Wiltshire
married Brian Wood

* Leslie Peck (1938-)
married Janet Grant in 1960

* Mary Ann Peck (1834-1901)
married Edward Elliott in Lower Hutt 1850

* Mary Ann Peck (1863-1956)
married John William Duley in Palmerston North 1882

* Mervyn Douglas 'Peter' Peck (1925-1990)
married Elsie Juanita Kosy

* Minnie Ada Peck (1896-1918)
married Ernest Reginald Sowerby in Feilding 1912

* Minnie Ada Peck (1887-1907)
died at Tamaki aged 20. Not married

* Morton Percival Peck (1913-1913)

* Murray Peck (1940-)
married Caroline Higgs in Auckland in 1963

* Myra Anna Peck (twin with Edna 1917-2009)
married Joseph 'Grahame' Roberts in Te Awamutu 1938

* Myrtle Peck (1891-1977)
married 1st cousin Arthur Peck in Taihape in 1909
her father Samuel & his father Charles were brothers

* Myrtle Eva Peck (1896-1984)
married Arthur George Bennetts Laurens in 1919

* Neville Peck (1933-1999)
married Joan Elizabeth Sarah Reardon in 1956

* Ngaire Edith Peck (1922-2006)
married Charles Gallagher in Wellington 1948

* Norman Charles 'Min' Peck (1931-1993)
married Rupapere Nga Tai O Te Hau A Uru 'Josee' Kau

* Norman David Peck (1914-1970)
married Iris Ruby Isla Salisbury in 1940

* Olive Rita Peck (1895-1975)
married Percy Sowerby in Feilding 1933

* Patricia Anne Peck (1962-)
daughter of Kenneth Peck & Theresa Ellen Lichtwark

* Patricia Rose Peck
daughter of Percival Arthur Peck & Gwynetha Nesta Byers

* Percival ArthurPeck (1911-1986)
married Gwynetha Nesta Byers in Masterton 1950
died Pahiatua, buried Mangatainoka

* Phyllis Eileen Peck (1929-1998)
married Graham Anderson Dais in 1950
married Leslie McDonald in Marton in 1971

* Raewyn Peck
daughter of James Peck & Marie Erhorne

* Raymond Leslie Peck
married Susan Melville

* Raymond Seddon Karauria Peck (1934-1999)
son of Ernest Seddon Sydney 'Sid' Peck & Margaret Taniora
died in Hastings, buried in Mangatera

* Richard Peck (1780-1810)
married Lydia Grey in Kent, England 1808
they died in Marden, Kent & buried at St Michaels, but 3 of their sons emigrated on the Catherine Steward Forbes, becoming some of the earliest settlers in the Hutt Valley.

* Richard Peck (1836-1903)
son of Daniel Peck & Elizabeth Gaskin (1813-1877)
married Elizabeth Gaskin (1836-1917) in Taita 22 Aug 1860
* His mother was a sister to his wife's father, Samuel Gaskin
died in Dannevirke, buried Settlers Cemetery

* Richard Peck (1866-1955)
married Sarah Eleanor Brown in Wellington 1896

* Richard John 'Dick' Peck (1904-1971)
married Alma Doris Irene Brannigan in 1927

* Roger Vivian Peck (1936-)
married Joan Barr in 1960

* Ronald Charles Peck (1912-1991)
married Irene Downey in 1937

* Ronald William 'Bill' Peck (1911-2000)
married Margaret ?. Married Ngaire Lorranie Hunt
died in Dannevirke

* Rose Majorie Peck (1921-2010)
born in Taihape, married Laurence Christensen

* Ross William Peck (1943-)
married Diane Royce Pearl Galloway in 1970

* Samuel Peck snr (1850-1931)
married Frances 'Fanny' Stent in Lower Hutt 1874
died in Woodville, buried Old Gorge cemetery

* Samuel Peck jnr (1875-1946)
married Edith White in Newtown, Wellington 1906
died in Te Awamutu, buried Christ Church, Taita

* Samuel George Peck (1902-1988)
married Mabel Joyce Dalgiesh in 1939

* Sarah Peck (1833-1907)
daughter of Charles Peck & Harriett Benge
married Charles Stent 5 March 1848
died in Ohingaiti, buried with her mother

* Sarah Louise Peck
daughter of Leslie Peck & Janet Grant

* Sharon Lee Peck (1964-)
daughter of Roger Vivian Peck & Joan Barr

* Shirley Joyce 'Shoo Shoo' Peck (1928-1979)
married Richard George Hocking in Dannevirke 1954
died in a car accident in Christchurch

* Thomas Peck (1841-)
son of Daniel Peck & Elizabeth Gaskin
born 2 months after they arrived in NZ

* Tony Nelson Peck
son of Percival Arthur Peck & Gwynetha Nesta Byers

* Trevor Peck (1938-1938)
son of Ernest James Peck & Minnie Ada Gartner
died an infant in Taumaranui

* Trevor Murray Peck
married Linda Richardson

* Valerie Celia May Peck
daughter of Norman David Peck & Iris Ruby Isla Salisbury

* Vanessa Jan Peck
daughter of Neville Arthur Peck & Heather Jane Bremner

* Vena Joyce Peck (1911-2002)
married Hilary Thomas 'Tom' Denby in Taita 1939
died in Rotorua

* Vernal Dorothy Peck (1939-2015)
married Louis Edward Robert 'Bob' McKay in Whakatane 1959
died 20 Dec 2015 in Whakatane

* Violet Alice Peck (1918-2008)
married Desmond Brown in 1947
died in Middlemore Hospital, cremated Purewa

* Violet Henrietta Peck (1886-1955)
adopted daughter of John Peck & Annie Rebecca Brown
married Heber Mudgway in 1904

* Virginia Anne Peck
daughter of Leslie Peck & Janet Grant

* Vivian 'Viv' Peck (1907-1964)
married Louisa Doris Morrison in Lower Hutt 1935
died in Whakatane, buried Hillcrest

* Walter Peck (1877-1949)
married Margaret Jane Morris in Dannevirke 1901

* Walter Allen Peck (1909-1978)
married Ngaire Mary Calvert in 1932

* Wilfred Peck (1911-2003)
married Cecilia Doreen Williams in Lower Hutt 1938

* Wilfred Norman Peck (1890-1961)
married Ellen Christina 'Maggie' Kendrick in Dannevirke 1918
died in Dannevirke, buried Mangatera

* William Peck (1852-)
13th child of Daniel Peck & Elizabeth Gaskin
presumed died in infancy

* William Peck (1905-1942)
married Laura Rose Jensen in 1926
died xmas day in Napier, buried Mangatera

* William Peck (1927-)
son of William Peck & Laura Rose Jensen

* William Charles 'Bill' Peck (1901-1980)
married Jean Mavis Pearce in 1933

* William Albert Peck (1913-1987)
married Annie Dardenella Bartosh Lower Hutt 1939
died Mt Maunganui

* William 'Bill' Peck (1862-1921)
married Minnie Sargent in Wimbleton 1901
died in Waione, buried Pongaroa

* Winifred Elizabeth Florence Peck (1896-1899)
died aged 2.6. Buried Dannevirke

* Zeta May Peck (1908-1975)
married George Edward 'Gundy' Gorrie in Lower Hutt 1932
died Carterton, buried Clareville

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