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the SAXELBYs in New Zealand

Journal by ngairedith

there were very few SAXELBY family members in New Zealand
- the majority lived in or around OTAUTAU
- the following is what has been found to date. Can you add more?
- some birth years are based on age at death ..

Benjamin Saxelby
- born 1862
- died 12th May 1890 aged 28
- SAXELBY - On Monday, the 12th instant, at the residence of W. Simcox, Esq., Otaki, suddenly, of hear disease, Benjamin Saxelby, of Hall Green, near Birmingham, England, and late of Waitapu, near Feilding, New Zealand, aged 28 years
- SAXELBY - At Otaki, N.Z., on May the 12th, Benjamin Steadman, eldest son of the late Thomas Saxelby, of Mercote Hall, Warwickshire, England, and nephew of John Saxelby, Woodlands, N.Z., aged 29 years
- probate in Wellington

Betsy Saxelby (nee Petford)
- born Cradley, Worcester, England 1844
- married John Saxeley on 17th Oct 1862 in Birmingham, Warwick, England. Their children were:
1863-1946 Tom Petford Saxelby
1866-1920 Sarah Silk Saxelby
1869-1932 John King Saxelby
1872-1942 Allan Saxelby (twin with Duncan)
1872-1955 Duncan Saxelby (twin with Allan)
1878-1955 Guy Bolding Saxelby
- Betsy died 24th April 1914 aged 70
- 28th April 1914 .. The death is announced at Woodlands of Mrs Betsy Saxelby, relict of the late John Saxelby, and mother of G. B. Saxelby, assistant Wallace County engineer
- buried PLOT 89 at Woodlands Cemetery (see Guy for headstone)
- probate Invercargill
- in Nov 1915 her 'deceased estate' was assessed for stamp duty at ?2516

Betty Robertson Saxelby (nee ?)
- born 14 December 1906
- she worked at the Medical School
- divorced John Dennitts Saxelby about 1938 Christchurch
- John was born 1st February 1909 to John King & Edith Saxelby (see below). He died on 3rd September 1991 in Sydney Australia aged 82
- Betty died 10 October 1983 aged 76 at Brookside Road, Leeston, Christchurch - her ashes were scattered 13 Nov 1984 in Dunedin

Edith Charlotte Dennitts Saxelby (nee WILLCOX)
- born 1881
- married John King Saxelby in 1907
- a son, Clive King Saxelby was born in Woodlands, Otago on 27th October 1921. He died on 21st March 1999 in Torquay, Devon, England
- Edith died 20th September 1934 aged 53
- buried PLOT 14 at Woodlands Cemetery
- HEADSTONE READS: John King SAXELBY died 5 Jan 1932 age 62 years also his wife Edith Charlotte Dennitts SAXELBY died 20 Sep 1934 aged 53 years
- probate in Invercargill

Guy Bolding Saxelby
- born 22nd July 1878 in Kings Norton, Warwick, England
- married Margaret Martha KNOX
- he was mentioned many times in the newspapers of the day. He was a very avid Bowls player. He was a Civil Engineer in Otautau. Voted Chairman of the Birchwood Hunt in 1930. Vice President of the Otautau Branch of the RSA, enjoyed playing Cribbage, involved with many sport fixtures, cycling, croquet, bowling, football, hunt club, an official of the Otautau Athletic Society, on the debating society. In May 1908 he was appointed Inspector of works & traffic licenses. Inspector for the Wallace County Council, involved with the Otautau Racing Club, he said in 1910 that owing to professional duties he could not afford the time to play tennis, was too shy to play the game in public but was a good barracker for oters.
- in March 1911 as assistant engineer of the Wallace County Council, he received an increase in his salary which was ?25 a year
- he served in WWI as a Gunner, Serial Number 43059, with the NZEF, New Zealand Field Artillery. He embarked at Wellington on 26th April 1917 on the HMNZT 84, the Turakina for Plymouth, England
- From the Otautau Standard and Wallace County Chronicle 17th 1917
- GUNNER GUY B SAXELBY, It was a happy inspiration that induced the members and staff of the Wallace County Council to tender their late Inspecting Engineer Mr G. B. Saxelby an official send-off while down on his final leave before sailing for the front with the 25th reinforcements. The gathering, which took the form of a dinner, in Keith's Hotel on Wednesday evening was presided over by Mr W.J.A. McGregor, Chairman of he Council. After effectively dealing with the good things provided by Host Keith and honouring the loyal toast "The King", the Chairman proposed "The Guest", and in doing so said he was proid to know that Mr Saxelby was going forward to do his bit in the homeric struggle; he considered that the young fellows who were flocking to the colours, were deserving of their highest regard, young fellows like their guest who were acting the man. The Chairman paid a glowing tribute to the genious of Britain's Premier Mr Lloyd George, the man he believed who could be considered the greatest civilian of the age, who at the crucial moment stepped into the shoes of the Soldier Statesman, the late Earl Kitchener. With such men in the lead, and with loyal soldiers of the type of their guest, pouring in from every part of the Empire, he felt confident, that we now had the enemy at bay, and on a fair way to defeat and the punishment he so justly deserved. The Chairmans remarks were punctuated with approval by those present.
- in November 1919 a transfer was granted of Section 39, Block 2, Otautau town, 1 rood, to Guy from R. Sweetman
- in Oct 1920 he was transfered a lease of a section in Chester Street Otautau from M. O'Brien, was still there in 1931
- he died 17th August 1955 aged 89
- he is buried in BLOCK II at Woodlands Cemetery Southland
- the headstone reads: John SAXELBY late of Kings Nortion, Birmingham, England died at Kings Wood Woodlands 11 Oct 1905 age 69 years also his wife Betsy SAXELBY died 24 Apr 1914 age 70 years also their only daughter Sarah Silk SAXELBY died 24 Sep 1920 age 54 years also their eldest son Tom Petford SAXELBY died 12 Aug 1946 age 83 years also their son 4/3309 Gnr Guy Bolding SAXELBY 1st NZEF husband of Margaret SAXELBY died 17 Aug 1955 age 76 years

Joan Silk Saxelby (nee GWYNNE)
- born 25 March 1924
- married ? Saxelby
- died 2002 aged 78

John Saxelby
- born 1836 in Kings Norton, Birmingham
- married Betsy Petford
- he was a farmer
- in Feb 1890 he won a 2nd & 3rd prize for the cheese from the Roslyn Bush Dairy Factory at Woodlands
- he was a very good Bridge player
- on 12th January 1897 ... WANTED for Dairy Factory, a middle aged woman to cook for four and wash cheese cloths. Apply personally at once, John Saxelby, Woodlands
- in August 1897 ... FOR SALE, FARM, 423 Acres, in good heart, all in English grass, except 20 acres in turnips; suitable for milking cows or sheep; one mile form Station on Main Line, Dairy Factory, School, and Timber Yard; 11-roomed House (in good repair), Barn, Stable, Cowshed, Piggeries, &c.; Orchard and Garden in full bearing; 50 acres of splendid bush; 12 miles from Invercargill, on good road. Will sell cheap, owner having other engagement. Apply JOHN SAXELBY, Woodlands.
- in Nov 1897 ... the dairy factories are again in full swing, and the Roslyn factory obtains an ever increasing amount of partonage. This is on account of the good and reliable management in connection with the factory. No complaints are ever heard. You send your milk, and care is taken that the rest is regulated in a way which cannot help commanding confidence. The proprietor is Mr John Saxelby, and Mr King Saxelby acts as manager (interestingly in 1896 the owner of the Roslyn cheese factory was **Mr George Saxelby, no info found for a George at this time)
- John died 1905 aged 69
- SAXELBY - On 11th October, 1905, at his residence, Kings Wood, Woodlands, near Invercargill, N.Z., John Saxelby; aged 69 years. The funeral will leave the house at 2.30p.m. on Saturday, 14th inst., for Woodlands Cemetery. KINGSLAND & FERGUSON, Undertakers
- buried PLOT 89, BLOCK II at Woodlands Cemetery (see Guy for headstone)
- probate in Invercargill

John King Saxelby
- born 13th May 1869 in Kings Norton, Warwick, England
- married Edith Charlotte Knox
- won prizes for his greyhounds at the Southland Shows
- on 17th Dec 1905 ... WANTED - Handy man to do fencing and odd work on farm. Apply J.K. Saxelby, Woodlands
- in Septmnber 1916 ... at a metting of dairy factory managers at Invercargill (the Southland Times states), Mr John Sawers said that stilton cheese could be made in New Zealand to-day as good as could be made in Cheshire, England; in fact, he would go further and say that at Woodlands Mr J. K. Saxelby was making better stilton cheese than was being made in England, and with less loss
- his cheese, under the "Antler" brand, was well celebrated and described as "nothing better in the world". An ad in the papers said "ask your Grocer for Saxelby's Stilton Cheese; quality unsurpassable"
- he died 5th January 1932 aged 62
- buried PLOT 14 at Woodlnd Cemetery with Edith (see above)
- probate in Invercargill

Margaret Martha Saxelby (nee KNOX)
- born 10 June 1886
- married Guy Bolding Saxelby in 1920
- From the Otautau Standard & Wallace County Chronicle 4th June 1929:
BAKING, PRESERVES, ETC - Collection of Sauces (2 entries), Mrs G. B. Saxelby 2nd. Tomato Sauce (3 entries), Mrs G. B. Saxelby 2nd and 3rd. Apple Sauce (3 entries), Mrs G. B. Saxelby 1st. Cauliflower Pickles (3 entries) Mrs G. B. Saxelby 2nd. Jelly, any other variety (6 entries), Mrs G. B. Saxelby 2nd. Marmalade (4 enteiws), Mrs G. B. Saxelby 1st. Collection of tea cakes (3 entries) Mrs G. B. Saxelby 1st. Needlework, Fancy Bag (4 enteries), Mrs G. B. Saxelby 1st
- she died 1st August 1976 aged 90 at the Sacred Heart Home in Dunedin, she is buried in PLOT 29, BLOCK 254 at the Anderson Bay Cemetery with her brother John Albert KNOX (1889-1974,). They were 2 of the children of John Thomas KNOX & Mary FOGGERTY

Margaret Mary Saxelby (nee DAHLENBURG)
- born 19 March 1921
- married ? Saxelby
- died 2004 aged 83
- their is a Tom Dahlenburg mentioned (with photo) at the RSA link at Guy Saxelby above

Myra Theresa Gardiner Saxelby (nee STAFFORD)
- born 1871
- married Tom Petford Saxelby in 1899
- she died 19th August 1915 aged 44 (31 years before Tom)
- buried PLOT 78 at Clareville Cemetery, Carterton

Sarah Silk Saxelby
- born September 1866 in Kings Norton, Warwick, England
- only daughter of John & Betsy Saxelby
- Sarah didn't marry
- died 24th September 1920 aged 53
- buied with parents (see Guy above)

Thomas 'Tom' Petford Saxelby
- born September 1863 in Kings Norton, Warwick, England
- MARRIAGE, SAXELBY - STAFFORD - On the 3rd of August 1899, at St John's Church, Featherston, New Zealand, by the Rev. J. Hewson, Tom Petford, eldest son of John Saxelby, King's Wood, Woodlands, Invercargill, New Zealand, to Myra Theresa Gardiner, only daughter of the late Captain Randolph John Stafford, of Belfast, Ireland. No cards.
- On the 14th May 1900: FOR SALE, Cheddar Cheese Factory, with plant, boiler, engine, etc,; corner section, 2 acres; 4-roomed cottage; 6 miles from Invercargill, in good dairying district; has been running for last 9 years. Address T. P. Saxelby, Clareville, Wairarapa
- From the EVENING POST 10th August 1903: The report to be presented at the annual meeting of the Taratahi Dairy Company, Limited, states that the total output of cheese last year was 127 tons, an increase of 18 tons on the previous year. This was made from 2,863,445lb of milk, and it took 10.4lb of milk to make one pound of cheese. The building, plant, and land are now free of debt. A dividend of 6 per cent on the paid-up capital of ?640 is provided for. Cheesemaking by contract is to be abandoned, and Mr T.P. Saxelby is to take up his old position as factory manager
- on 21st July 1908: Mr T.P. Saxelby, manager of the Kaituna Cheese Factory, Masterton, has been appointed to the managership of the Belvedere Cheese Factory, out of twelve applicants for the position of Belvedere Factory Manage, Mr T. P. Saxelby, of Kaituna, Masterton, has been selected. Mr Saxelby formerly was for eight years manager of the Taratahi Dairy Company
- died 12th August 1946 aged 83 (31 years after Myra)
- buried PLOT 89, BLOCK II at Woodlands Cemetery (see Guy for headstone)

**George Saxelby. On 22nd April 1896 .. STILTON CHEESE - The manufacture of Stilton cheese in Southland is proving a great commerical success. The local paper says Mr George Saxelby, owner of the cheese factory at Roslyn Bush, is, it is stated, about to enlarge his operations owing to the demand for his cheese, which he sells readlity (wholesale) at 1s per lb. He is contemplating the erection or purchase of another factory near Invercargill. Mr Saxelby is paying the suppliers of milk 3&1/2d per gallon.

There was a James T Saxelby in Waituna in Sept 1892 when he called for tenders for bush felling of 80 acres of bush in the West Waitapu. Apply Crabb's Store, Waituna
- From the FEILDING STAR 25th Feb 1893 .. Mr James Saxelby, whose mental condition had caused his friends some anxiety, has been taken to Wellington for medical examination

On November 14th 1932 a Miss Molly Saxelby won 1st prize for the best costume at the St Andrew's Church Sports Fancy Dress at Otautau, she went as Bo Peep

From the EVENING POST 19th Seotember 1881 - passengers per New Zealand Shipping Cos PIAKO, which left Gravesend for Wellington on 28th July:- ... Saloon: John (2), Betsy, Tom, Sarah, Duncan, Allan and Guy Saxelby

From the OTAGO WITNESS 3rd August 1904 (from London correspondent) - The S.S. WAIWERA MURDER CASE At the Worship Street Police Court yesterday, before Mr Cluer, John Sullivan, aged 20, a seaman lately in the employ of the Shaw, Savill, and Albion Company, living at Saxelbys Buildings, Custom House quay, was again brought up on the charge of having, on May 18 last, wilfully murdered Dennis Lowthian on board the s.s. Waiwera on the high seas, between Montevideo and Teneriffe, and within the jurisdiction of the British Admiralty

From the OTAGO WITNESS on 14th June 1894: Of the season's operations of the Tapanui Dairy Factory the Courier says:- "The milk suppliers on Thursday last handed over the premises of the Tapanui Dairy Factory, which are open until the 15th inst. for sale or lease by tnder. The suppliers are very satisfied with the result of their season's operation, and Mr Allan Saxelby, the cheesemaker, has handed us the correct figures in connection with milk supplied and cheese manufactured

12 Francis Rd, Edgbaston, Warwick, England
Family History Library Film - 1341707
Public Records Office Reference - RG11
Piece/Folio - 2956/13
Page Number -17
.. John SAXELBY Head aged 44, birthpkace Kings Norton, Worcester, England No Occupation
.. Betsy SAXELBY Wife aged 37, birthpkace Cradley, Worcester, England No Occupation
.. Sarah S. SAXELBY Daughter aged 14, birthplace Kings Norton, Worcester, England No Occupation
.. John K. SAXELBY Son aged 11, birthplace Kings Norton, Worcester, England No Occupation
.. Duncan SAXELBY Son aged 8, birthplace Kings Norton, Worcester, England No Occupation
.. Guy B. SAXELBY Son, aged 2, birthplace Kings Norton, Worcester, England No Occupation
.. Allan SAXELBY Son, aged 8, birthplace Kings Norton, Worcester, England No Occupation
.. Alice REED Servant, aged 20, birthplace Tipton, Stafford, England General Domestic
.. Frederick S. GOODWIN Lodger, aged 28, birthplace Walton, Norfolk, England Solicitor
.. Percy T. HILLS Lodger, aged 25, birthplace Dring, Sussex, England Bank Clerk
.. George C. KENRICK Lodger, aged 27, birthplace Stixwood, Lincoln, England Bank Clerk

Very Coincidentally? or is there a connection? there is in America. The owner is [url=]Anne Saxelby

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