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William SMART & Sarah WILLSON had 14 children - Moulten Northamptonshire - New Zealand

Journal by ngairedith

WILLIAM SMART was born 1805 in Moulton, Northamptonshire, England

He married SARAH WILLSON in Moulton, on the 11th November 1830
- Sarah was born 1810 in Long Buckby, Northamptonshire.

They had 12 children in Moulten.
They emigrated to New Zealand on the RANDOLPH arriving in Lyttelton on the 16th December 1850
They had 2 more children in Riccardton, Christchurch

- those born in Moulten:

Edmund Smart 18 Sep 1831 - 1919
- he married 1. Sarah Jane COX (1835-1920) in 1853
- he married Sarah when he was 22 & she was 18
- they and had 6 children
- he married 2. Frances MEEK (1829-1888) in 1873
- he married Frances when he was 42 & she was 44
- no children
- Frances was previously married to William Thomas PENTECOST and had 9 children. The first, Isaac Henry Pentecost, married Edmund's daughter Clara Jane SMART and the second, Frances Sophia Pentecost, married Edmund's brother Enon
- he married 3. Jane Susannah UREN (nee WALKER) (1842-1918) in 1899
- he married Jane when he was 68 & she was 57
- no children
- Jane was previously married to John Ellis Uren (1834-1896) in Victoria, Australia in 1861 and had 10 children. John was born 16 Feb 1834 in Madron, Cornwall to John UREN and Elizabeth ELLIS. He arrived in Victoria on the "Indiana" in July 1857. He died in Christchurch in 1896 aged 62.
- A daughter of John Ellis & Jane Susannah Uren, Elizabeth Jane Uren, (born 1862 in Ballart - died 1901 in NZ) married William Matthews JARDEN (1859-1903) in 1883

Amon "Itaman" Smart 1 Dec 1832 - 25 Jan 1913
- buried Tempelton Christchurch
- he married Ann BAKER in 1873 - no children
- he married Mary Elizabeth LINKWATER in 1906 - no children

Amos Smart 13 Feb 1834 - 14 Sept 1915
- buried Balcaim, Rangiora
- married Margaret HULCUP 4 Aug 1856 St Michael's Christchurch
- they had 14 children

Amey Smart 13 Oct 1835 - 9 March 1896 buried Timaru
- married Charles BOURN 20th May 1852 in St Michael's Christchurch
- they had 17 children
- (Charles had arrived on the same ship as a 21 year old)

Horton "Acton" Smart 22 Jan 1837 - 10 June 1877
- buried Barbadoes Christchurch
- (didn't marry) Rosanna NEAL and had 5 children
- she is buried as Rosanna JOHNSON, the surname of her husband whom she married in 1856

Eliza Smart 29 May 1839 - 12 Aug 1901
- buried St Saviours, Templeton
- married William ELLIS 30 Dec 1858 Wesleyan Church Christchurch
- they had 10 children

Enos Smart 23 Jan 1841 - 22 May 1933
- buried Park St Napier
- married Elizabeth IRELAND Register General's Office Ashley, Clinton
- they had 4 chidren

Enon Smart 9 Feb 1842 - ?
- married Frances Sophia PENTECOST on 9 March 1874 at St Andrews Presbyterian Church in Christchurch
- they had 5 children
- (see the notes at brother Edmund above)

Enoch Smart 16 Aug 1844 - 10 March 1907
- buried St Saviours, Templeton
- married Margaret GOODWIN 1 May 1867 St Peters Church in Riccarton, Christchurch
- they had 12 children

Elijah Page Smart 16 April 1846 - 5 Dec 1930
- buried Burkes Pass
- married Mary GREIG (Gregg) on 28 August 1878 in the residence of Mr Andrew BURNETT in Timaru
- they had 8 children

Eli Perkins Smart 17 Jan 1848 - 23 Sep 1938
- buried Old Gorge Cemetery, Woodville
- married Mary COGAN on 25 October 1872 at St Peters Church in Riccarton, Christchurch
- they adopted 2 children

William Wilson Smart 22 March 1850 - 31 March 1935
- buried Havelock North
- married Mary MOODY on 18 July 1877 in Kaiapoi
- they had 7 children

- those born in Riccarton, Christchurch:

Emily Smart 8 Jan 1852 - 7 June 1894
- buried Old Waimate
- married George DEANS on 21 July 1879 at St Marys Church School in Timaru
- they had 8 children
(after her death George married her neice Sarah Ann ELLIS on 27 July 1910 in Dunedin - no children)

George Thomas Smart 1 Sep 1853 - 28 June 1896
- buried Linwood, Christchurch
- married Isabella McDONALD 24 January 1878 at the St Andrews Presbyterian Church in Christchurch
- they had 9 children

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by phill on 2010-06-05 23:43:50

Greetings NGAIRE EDITH. EDMUND SMART was my great great grandfather by his first wife SARAH JANE (nee COX). ALICE MARIA, their second daughter was my great grandmother being married to GEORGE MILLS, labourer of Christchurch.

You probably have the information I'm about to relay however I shall continue.

SARAH, her parents and six siblings came to NZ on the "Midlothian" in 1851 while EDMUND,as you record and his parents and eleven siblings arrived in 1850 on the "Randolph". The "Randolph" was only the second ship to arrive in Lyttleton (only a few hours after the first). EDMUND'S name and those of the other passengers is engraved on a plaque in the Square in Christchurch.

The names of some of WILLIAM and SARAH SMART'S children are particularly quaint with reference to biblical old testament figures.

GEORGE SMART, EDMUND'S youngest sibling, was born seven and a half months after his father, WILLIAM, died.

I have a copy of the grave stone inscription for ALICE MARIA and husband GEORGE MILLS. It reads "In loving memory of GEORGE the beloved husband of ALICE MARIA MILLS who died at Cheltenham April 23rd 1908 aged 53 years: Also of the above ALICE MARIA MILLS who passed away November 4, 1939 aged 83 years The Lord is my Shepherd"

I have a rather grainy photocopy photo of ALICE MARIA and her sister-in-law, ANN DAHLIA (married name Williams) taken at Cheltenham at the house of ALICE and GEORGE. The original photo was in the possession of my late great aunt, MAY COLE of Wellington.

ALICE MARIA married CHARLES (CHARLIE) POPE in 1910 in Feilding. He died in 1921 in the Palmerston North Public Hospital. I am uncertain as to the cause of his death but I believe it may have been cancer although rumour around the family has it that he liked his tipple and the cause of death may have been due to an alcohol-related condition. It is certainly clear that the many children of ALICE MARIA and GEORGE eschewed alcoholic beverages possibly on the basis of their observations and experience of its effects.

by phill on 2010-06-05 23:52:13

I should have added that my late great aunt MAY COLE's maiden name was MILLS and was the sister of my maternal grandfather, FRANK HENRY MILLS.

by jmp on 2010-08-16 01:50:20

Hello Phill and Ngaireedith,
I was the data entry person for the Cox Family Reunion held Labour Weekend 1991 in Christchurch. Although a book was not published, I try to keep the family tree up to date.
Phil, I have several questions for you, but will start with this one. I think your grandmother was Effie Scadden - I have not been able to find a death date for her - can you help?
And to you both - I am very happy to send what I know for your families - always looking for updates and corrections.
Regards, Jean

by jmp on 2010-08-23 00:03:34

Hello Phill,
Have now found the death date for Effie Muriel. What a great age.

by phill on 2010-09-04 21:28:23

Greetings Jean
Haven't used this site for awhile so missed your request re Effie. Yes she did achieve a grand old age. Although the last few years were somewhat clouded for her with dementia she remained a sweet old lady who enjoyed food and company. I recall my daughter, Sophie (aged about 5 years) sat on Effie's knee in the aged care home where she resided and said, "Mammam have lost your marbles?" Mammam (Effie) laughed uproariously and was unable to make comment because of her mirth. Although my contact with Effie had been extensive throughout her life towards her end she did not really recognise me and referred to me as that nice young man.

by phill on 2010-09-04 21:30:55

Sorry missed a word should read "Mammam have you lost your marbles?"

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