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Journal by itellya

This journal springs from another journal entitled JOHN THOMAS SMITH AND HIS ELECTORS. Thomas Bertram was mentioned there in regard to establishing the location of Glengyle, occupied by the Guthries in 1851 and Thomas by 1854. Glengyle, which Thomas Bertram apparently renamed as Ellengowan, was in the horseshoe bend of the Maribyrnong River occupied by Browns Rd, Keilor (Melway 14 G2.)The ramp leading down to Bertram's Ford went through Ellengowan. THE BERTRAM NAME WILL REMAIN IN KEILOR FOLKLORE AS LONG AS THERE IS A MILBURN, BROWN OR MANSFIELD."DEATH AT BERTRAM'S FORD" IS ONE OF THE POEMS IN RAY GIBB'S 1989 HISTORY OF TULLAMARINE ENTITLED "WHERE BIG BIRDS SOAR".
Thomas's wife seems to have been a Campbell and was possibly related to the true original owner of "Arundel", section 1, parish of Tullamarine.K.B.Keeley stated in his architectural thesis on Arundel (supplied to me by Tony Cockram, the owner of Arundel Farm circa 1990)that he believed that Richard Hanmer Bunbury obtained the Grant on behalf of COLIN CAMPBELL who was the owner from 1843 until 1851(See the SMITH AND HIS ELECTORS journal.)

It is possible that Colin Campbell named section 1 Glengyle and retained the Browns Rd area when he sold the rest of the property. It is also possible that the Guthries rented the farm from him until they could obtain their grants near Sunbury and that Glengyle was then occupied by an in-law, namely Thomas Bertram. The perpetuation of the name COLIN CAMPBELL as given names provides evidence that that the Thomas Bertram living in Caulfield when his son, Colin Campbell Bertram married in 1892 was indeed the same Thomas Bertram who lived at Ellegowan, Keilor and Victoria Bank, Brunswick.There is a huge gap in the TROVE chronology below so it is hard to determine when the Bertram family left Ellengowan, but I think I know why the family moved.

In the 1880's a railway to Bulla was proposed. The alternative routes were along Bulla Rd and up the east bank of the Maribyrnong River. G.W. Taylor and Marks Herman bought much land along Bulla Rd and the Essendon Tramway and Land Company bought much land along the river. The Crottys on "Broomfield" and David Mansfield sold their land but when the bust came they regained it as well as pocketing part payments,the former building a new homestead on the Honda site in Sharps Rd and the latter building "Roseleigh" near the western end of the Melbourne Airport Runway. I would say that Thomas Bertram moved to Willow Bank just before 1886. I believe that William Taylor of "Overnewton" bought the land from Thomas with the aroma of profits in his nostrils. The Arundel Closer Settlement on the Overnewton Estate, of which Ellengowan was part, was subdivided in 1906.

Thomas moved from Keilor to East Brunswick or North Fitzroy and became the close neighbour of T.J.Sumner of Stony Park. Thomas Bertram must have sold "Willowbank" to Sumner soon after his sister Jean died there in 1888 (at the height of the land boom)as the Fitzroy Press of 27-9-1889 (page 2) refers to the Summer (sic!) Willow Bank Estate in Northcote at the North Fitzroy tram terminus (a stone's throw from Willowbank Rd and Ida St, the house being located in the latter at Melway 30 C10.)Sumner's mansion was just across Glenlyon St where we see Sumner St and Peers St; Peers was his wife's maiden name. Sumner was granted the huge Annesleigh Estate in the parishes of Frankston and Moorooduc between Sumner Rd (Melway 106 D7) and 147 A6, and was a relative and business partner of the Grice family of Sunnyside (Melway 105 A7.)It is likely that Thomas moved to Caulfield in late 1888 or early 1889.

The following information comes from TROVE.(A= The Argus.)
Elizabeth, second daughter of the late Murdoch Campbell Esq. of Callis, Coll, Argyleshire, Scotland, died at 7 a.m. on 14-4-1854 at the residence of Thomas Bertram Esq., Glengyle, near Keilor (A.15-4-1854 p.4.)
On 29-5-1858 a daughter was born to the wife of Thomas Bertram at Ellengowan (A.5-6-1858 p.4.)
On 4-3-1860, at Ellengowan, Keilor, the wife of Thomas Bertram Esq. gave birth to a daughter.(A.9-3-1860 p.4.)
The year, 1865 was not kind to the Bertrams. Young Andrew died in April and David, possibly a young man, died in May. Andrew George Thomas, the second son of Mr Thomas Bertram died on 9-4-1865 at Ellengowan, Keilor, aged 12 (A. 11-4-1865 p.4.) Andrew George Thomas Bertram is recorded as dying at Ellengowan in 1865 on, which also states that his parents were Thomas and Ann (nee Campbell.) This confirms my suspicion that Thomas had married a Campbell.
"The funeral of the late Mr David Bertram of Keilor will leave No.8 Elizabeth St north today at noon." (A.17-5-1865 p.8.) This David could have been the young man named David Bertram who was admitted to the Melbourne Hospital with severe internal injuries about six weeks earlier (A. 1-4-1865 p.5.)
There were two other men named David Bertram, one a Carlton resident who chaired a rowdy Separation (of Carlton from Melbourne) meeting (A. 14-8-1883 p.9) and a dairyman of 8 Oakover Rd, Preston (A.4-2-1909 p.8.)As family members later lived at Heidelberg and these two areas are near Brunswick/Northcote, there could have been some connection with the Keilor-Fitzroy-Caulfield crew.Also possibly related was Thomas E. Bertram who died in 1955 (A.26-1-1955 p.14.) and whose wife (nee Littlejohn) gave birth to a daughter at Newmarket (30-1-1904 p.9.)

The marriage of A.H.Borthwick and Annette Marie Stuart, the second daughter of Thomas Bertram, late of Ellengowan, Keilor, took place on 21-7-1886 at Willow Bank, BRUNSWICK, the residence of the bride's parents
(A.4-8-1886 p.1.)
Thomas Bertram's sister, Jean, relict of the late William Fish of Churnside,Berwickshire, Scotland died on
31-3-1888 at Willowbank, NORTH FITZROY (A.2-4-1888 p.1.) She was buried at Keilor cemetery.
The happiness of a marriage was soon followed by a death at their new home in Caulfield. COLIN CAMPBELL, the eldest son of Thomas Bertram, Caulfield, was married on 19-2-1892 to Emmeline Bessie, elder daughter of Captain Charles H.Hall of H.M. 40th Regiment.(A. 7-3-1892 p.1.)
Anna McLean, the wife of Thomas Bertram died at Arthur St, Caulfield on 17-4-1892 (A.18-4-1892.)I suspect that Anna's maiden name was Campbell and that her mother's maiden name was McLean.

Annette Marie Stuart (Ettie)Borthwick,younger daughter of the late Thomas Bertram, who had married at Willowbank , Brunswick in 1886,and given birth to a daughter there on 5-9-1888 (Gippsland Times 5-9-1888 p. 3) died at her residence, Melrose, Mount St, Heidelberg, (A. 26-7-1921 p. 1.) The birth notice in 1888 indicates that the Bertrams noted in Gippsland (Traralgon, Sale?) were related to Thomas. The firm of Little and Borthwick conducted horse sales in many Gippsland towns. Whether these Borthwicks were descendants of Sir Thomas Borthwick (born 1798) who utilised the new refrigerated ships to set up a huge business importing meat from New Zealand and then Australia is not clear. The house in Heidelberg was probably so-named because Ettie's husband, Alexander Hay Borthwick, was from Melrose, Roxburghshire,in Scotland.William Borthwick of Maffra who died in 1883 seems to have been Alexander's brother (A.10-7-1883 p.1.)

Ettie's sister, Alice (daughter of Thomas and Ann Bertram of Keilor) apparently did not marry and also died at Melrose. Her death notice (A. 26-12-1935 p. 1) provides proof that Colin Campbell Bertram,was her brother.

The poem, "Death At Bertram's Ford" and John Milburn's photo of the ford may be added to this journal later.

Miss Alice Beatrice Bertram, of Mel-
rose, Mount street, Heidelberg, died at
her home on Christmas eve. She was the
daughter of the late Mr. ThomasBertram,
who came to Australia in 1849, and who
with his brother, Mr. John Bertram, was
closely associated with the developments
of the pastoral industry in the 'fifties and
'sixties. Mr. Thomas Bertram was the
first man sworn in in the Victorian
Defence Force during the Crimean War.
His commission was signed by Sir Henry
Barkly, and the "No. 1" sword that was
issued to him at the time was in the
possession of Miss Bertram at the time of
her death. Miss Bertram was born at
Keilor 77 years ago. She learnt singing
under Madame Christian, and she sang
in the choir associated with the Melbourne
Exhibition of 1888. During the 21 years
in which she lived in Heidelberg she
unostentatiously associated herself with
many charities. Her brother, Mr. Colin
Campbell Bertram, who was a station
manager and station owner in Queens-
land, also lives at Melrose, Heidelberg.
(P.9, Argus, 26-12-1935.)

Some specimens from Ellangowan,
near Keilor, show Mr. Bertram to have re-
tained his knack as a cultivator, and also
show how propitious the season has bson.
These are exhibited at Messrs, Ltw and
Somner's shop, and are really splendid.
Prairie grass 1B shown standing between seven
and eight feet high, the stalks strong and
succulent, and the well formed ears full'of
seed. It is thought the crop will yield some-
thing about fifty bushels of seed to the acre.
Heretofore the seed of this grass has been
costly, but in fature, so much of it has boon
raised this year, the price is likely to be
moderate, in which case it is dosorvlng of the
attention of all improving farmers. Italian
rye grass, also from Ellangowan, measures
seven feet, and the common perennial rye
grass about four feet.(P. 1s,Argus,8-12-1866.)

Ellangowan was sold in 1867 for L 2016.
(P.4, Argus, 6-7-1867.)

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by itellya Profile | Research | Contact | Subscribe | Block this user
on 2011-11-28 10:03:19

Itellya is researching local history on the Mornington Peninsula and is willing to help family historians with information about the area between Somerville and Blairgowrie. He has extensive information about Henry Gomm of Somerville, Joseph Porta (Victoria's first bellows manufacturer) and Captain Adams of Rosebud.

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by itellya on 2013-08-25 22:44:41

I'm not one for meetings when I could be researching instead, which made me the worst possible choice as President of the re-formed Keilor Historical Society; luckily Sue Jennison O.A.M. took over. However I always enjoyed chatting with Chris Laskowski, who was such a keen researcher. Chris served as editor of the society's newsletter for many years, providing the material contained in my journal about the newsletter. Thanks for this snippet Chris.

Although Thomas Bertram had moved away,he must have retained a love for the Keilor area.

Established in 1854, the most significant feature of Keilor Cemetery is its ?ordinariness?, Ms Laskowski said.
?If you had money in those days you were buried in Melbourne Cemetery.
?Indeed, Thomas Bertram is the only one of the original cemetery trustees who decided to be buried here.?

Ms Laskowski said the unpretentiousness of the cemetery surprised visitors from the Friends of the St Kilda Cemetery, who asked her: ?Haven?t you got any prominent people here??

by itellya on 2013-08-25 22:48:29

Oops,I forgot to paste the source for the above snippet.

Tours a dead set hit | Sydenham Star‎
Jul 18, 2008 - Next week she will host a guided tour of the old Keilor Cemetery to uncover ... ?Indeed, Thomas Bertram is the only one of the original cemetery ...

by glad on 2013-10-16 01:30:36

I've just purchased Chris Laskowski's book "Steele Creek and The Lady of the Lake" with its amazing amount of information about the Keilor area - after you alerting me to it. Thanks once again. I've found out some more interesting information about Isaac Davies and Norwood.

by itellya on 2013-10-28 17:41:16

Details re Thomas and daughter Alice, and the sale of Ellangowan (from trove) have been added to the journal.

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