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TOMBS marriages 1853-1940 Victoria Australia

Journal by tonkin

TOMBS marriages 1853-1940 Victoria Australia.


Married: Selina STEPHENS 1856.
No issues located.

Henry John
Married: Annie Elizabeth REVELL 1868.
Nine issues located.
1. Herbert Horton, born 1870 Heathcote, Victoria.
2. Henry Ernest, born 1873 Heathcote, Victoria.
3. Alice Revell, born 1876 Hearhcote, Victoria.
4. Percival Charles James, born 1880 Heathcote, Victoria.
5. Alen, born 1882 Emerald Hill, Victoria.
6. Elsinore May Revell, born 1884 Melbourne, Victoria.
7. Raymond Leslie, born 1887 Melbourne, Victoria.
8. Edith Annie Muriel, born 1891 South Melbourne, Victoria.
9. Eveline Winifred, born 1894 South Melbourne, Victoria.

Married: Eliza CARTER 1869.
Henry also recorded as Albert Henry in the birth records.
Six issues located.
1. John Henry, born 1869 South Yarra, Victoria.
2. Albert, born 1873 Richmond, Victoria.
3. Charles William, born 1875 Richmond, Victoria.
4. Florence Eliza, born 1876 Hotham, Victoria.
5. Erbest Edward, born 1878 Richmond, Victoria.
6. Alice Louisa Victoria, born 1881 Richmond, Victoria.

Married: Grace Lepper MAIN 1876.
MAIN also recorded as MAINE in the birth records.
Six issues located.
1. Thomas, born 1874 Raywood, Victoria.
2. James William, born 1875 Eaglehawk, Victoria.
3. George, born 1877 Heathcote, Victoria.
4. Robert, born 1880 Heathcote, Victoria.
5. Alick, born 1883 Heathcote, Victoria.
6. Elizabeth Chambers, born 1885 Heathcote, Victoria.

Herbert Horton
Married: Mary Ann DEWSBERY 1895.
No issues located.

William Allen
Married: Mary FENTON 1896.
Two issues located.
1. Enid Mather, born 1901 Geelong, Victoria.
2. Allen George Fenton, born 1904 Geelong, Victoria.

William Linthwaite
Married: Ellen Millard SAMBROOK 1897.
No issues located.

Married: Elizabeth COX 1901.
No issues located.

Married: Maria BIBBY 1904.
Three issues located.
1. John Henry, born 1904 West Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Mary Veronica, born 1906 Melbourne West, Victoria.
3. Elizabeth Josephine, born 1912 Melbourne West, Victoria.

Percival Charles James
Married: Phoebe Sophia Ann ROCKLEY 1909.
No issues located.

James William
Married: Mary Ann COX 1912.
One issue located.
1. Janet Grace, born 1917 Kyabram, Victoria.

Henry George
Married: Blanche Hetty MAKEHAM 1920.
No issues located.

Percival Charles James
Married: Ruby Macrea FUSSELL 1925.

John Henry
Married: Catherine Doris CONWAY 1928.

John Hair
Married: Gretcher Lillis HUMPHREY 1937.


Susannah Emily
Married: Henry Baker ARMSTRONG 1853.
Three issues located.
1. William Davis Henry, born 1855 Fryers Town, Victoria.
2. Amelia, born 1859 Vaughan, Victoria.
3. Alfred, born 1861 Sandhurst, Victoria.

Ada Elizabeth
Married: Henry PERT 1872.
Four issues located.
1. Emily Sarah, born 1876 Alexander, Victoria.
2. Harry Alexander, born 1885 Yea, Victoria.
3. Charles Lancaster, born 1890 Year, Victoria.
4. Rachel Ruth, born 1892 Yea, Victoria.

Jessie Elizabeth
Married: William SANDERSON 1887.
One issue located.
1. Elsa Jessie, born 1888 Armadale, Victoria.

Married: John Francis MOORE 1892.
Four issues located.
1. Adelaide Louisa, born 1894 Oakleigh, Victoria.
2. Raymond John Francis, born 1903 Ballarat, Victoria.
3. Edwin Montgomery, born 1909 Armadale, Victoria.
4. Burton William, born 1914 Armadale, Victoria.

Married: Thomas Henry YARNTON 1896.
One issue located.
1. Winifred Mary, born 1909 Armadale, Victoria.

Alice Revell
Married: Alexander BROWN 1898.
Two issues located.
1. Dorothy Alice, born 1904 Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Marjorie Alexia, born 1909 Williamstown, Victoria.

Married: Frederick Herman John SANDERSON 1904.
No issues located.

Elisnore May Revell
Married: John Ernest LEACH 1905.
Four issues located.
1. Henry Walter, born 1906 Melbourne East, Victoria.
2. Alexander Ernest, born 1908 Melbourne South, Victoria.
3. Sydney Ronald, born 1910 South Melbourne, Victoria.
4. George Leslie, born 1913 Melbourne South, Victoria.

Alice Louisa Victoria
Married: Alexander David SMITH 1908.
Three issues located.
1. Alexander Albert, born 1908 Cranbourne, Victoria.
2. Roy, born 1913 Cranbourne, Victoria.
3. Edna May, born 1916 Hastings, Victoria.

Myra Victoria
Married: Frank Romuald PLOMINSKI 1914.
No issues located.

Alice Maud
Married: Claude Hamilton TATLOCK 1916.
No issues located.

Married: Frederick NORMAN 1920.
No issues located.

Married: James Malcolm WARREN 1921.

Doris Elizabeth
Married: Henry Wilfred Leo WOODGATE.

Ethel Sabina
Married: James August PARK 1926.

Mary Veronica
Married: John Morton BELL 1930.

Enid Mather
Married: Ian Charles WATT 1934.

Grace Janet
Married: William SPERLING 1937.

Elizabeth Josephine
Married: Raymond Frederick TOWNNSEND 1937.

Lillian May
Married: Philip Raymond MELVERTON 1938.

Louisa Elizabeth
Married: Ernest STEVENSON 1939.

Elizabeth Ella
Married: Carl William HUMPHREY 1940.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the TOMBS lines.

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