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TOPP Grooms New Zealand

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TOPP GROOMS 1870-1938
* Topp Brides

Albert Topp (1887-1957)
married Rose Howard in 1910
their known children
1910 - Eileen Mary Topp
1911 - Phyllis Esme Topp
1913 - Ernest Sefton Topp
1915 - Doreen Olga Lorraine Topp
1916 - Verdun Howard Topp
1918 - 1975 Selwyn George 'Sally' Topp

Alfred Topp 1871-1919)
married Ada Maria Porter in 1899
their known children
1901 - Alfred Percy Topp
1903 - Elizabeth Hilda Topp
1906 - 1912 William Douglas Topp
1908 - Nina Evelyn Topp
1910 - Dorothy Esther Ada Topp
1912 - Stanley Oswald Topp
1914 - Edna Annie Topp
1915 - Lila Mary Topp
1917 - Sybil Irene Topp

Alfred Benjamin 'Ben' Topp (1859-1933)
married Emily Pope in 1908
* Ben was a horse owner/breeder in the Canterbury district
Press, 19 June 1933
TOPP - On June 18th 1933, at the Christchurch Hospital, Ben, beloved husband of Emily Topp, of 76 Mary Street, Papanui; in his 74th years. Deeply regretted.
* Mr Ben Topp was highly respected by the people of Kaikoura.

Alfred Bethridge Topp (1873-1942)
married Ada Frances Freeth in 1901
their known children
1902 - Ada Frances Freeth Topp
1904 - Alfreda Betheridge Topp
1905 - Florence Elizabeth Topp
1908 - Hereward Joseph Betheridge Topp
1915 - Ruth Rowena Betheridge Topp
1917 - Joan Alice Betheridge Topp
Evening Post, 6 July 1942
Mr A. B. Topp, who died on Saturday in his 70th year, was in the service of the Wellington Gas Company for 46 years and had been its head storeman for some time prior to his retirement in April 1939. Mr M. J. Kennedy, manager of the company, in making a presentation on behalf of the company to Mr Topp on that occasion, referred to his long and faithful service and to the high esteem in which he was held by all with whom he came in contact. Mr Topp was one of the founders of the Ngaio Chess Club and was its first president. His name is on the club's championship roll and he also won prizes in the annual championship event. In the early nineties he was the best allround player of the original Kilbirnie Cricket Club. Mr Topp was a lay-reader at All Saints Church, Ngaio

Alfred James Topp (1906-1978)
married Veida Agnes Weir (1910-1982) in 1931
* daughter of Thomas Richard Weir & Zetta Mabel Lay
* buried together at Waimairi

Alfred Percy Topp (1901-1977)
married Frances Lilian Todhunter in 1938
Press, 21 Sep 1938 CIVIL COURT
The Magistrate reserved his decision in a claim brought by Alfred Percy Topp, a farmer of Sefton, against the Australian Provincial Assurance Association, Ltd., for compensation claimed to be due for a period of disability caused by an operation for appendicitis and for medical expenses. The total amount claimed was £32 3s 8d but this was later amended to £23 6s, Mr Gresson said that the plaintiff had a policy with the defendant's firm which entitled him to medical expenses, £3 a week while he was confined to the house and 15s a week for a period up to four weeks while he was not confined to the house, but still incapacitated from attending to his business as the direct and exclusive result of appendicitis treated surgically. The plaintiff had contracted symptoms which led to an operation for the removal of his appendix and the claim was based on the clause in the insurance policy stated to cover this. The defence was that the plaintiff, although he had undergone an appendectomy, had not actually been suffering from appendicitis, but from renal calculus.

Alfred Richard Topp (1891-1970)
married Ivy Marion Simson in 1916
their known children
1916 - Laura Marion Topp
1918 - Isabel Hazel Topp

Charles Topp
married Zellah Annie Johnstone in 1890
Ashburton Guardian, 16 June 1911
TOPP - On June 14th, at Christchurch, Zellah Annie, beloved wife of Charles Topp, of Sefton and eldest daughter of Mrs F. Johnson, Burnett Street, Ashburton; aged forty-one years. Very deeply regretted. R.I.P.

Charles Edward Topp
married Agnes Louisa Weaver in 1913
Press, 11 June 1938
TOPP - On June 10, at her residence, Agnes Louisa, beloved wife of Charles Topp, Saltwater Creek; aged 77 years.

Clarence Henry Topp (1910-1991)
married Annie Louisa Fisher (1911-2002) in 1937
* daughter of Thomas McKenzie Fisher & Laura Beatrice Elliot

Edgar Charles Topp (1893-1966)
married Florence Mary Watson in 1921
North Canterbury Gazette, 20 July 1934
Are Harvester Headers Vehicles
A case of considerable interest to farmers was heard in the Rangiora Magistrate's Court on Wednesday when Edgar Charles Topp was charged with knowingly using an unregistered harvester header ..

Edward James Topp
married Margaret Tait in 1909
their known children
1911 - Eileen May Topp

Edward Bethridge Topp (1894-1973)
* son of John Bethridge Topp & Hannah Matilda Beyer
married Violet Heather McKenzie Ponder (1894-1968) in Kilbirnie, 12 Nov 1915
* Violet attended Victoria University in 1912
their known children
1916 - 1941 Edward Bethridge Topp
- Edward (jnr) served in WWII as Pilot Officer 43713 with the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. His parents Edward & Violet were next of kin in Wellington. He was killed in Hamburg, Germany 17 July 1941. Listed as Topp in 'For Your Tomorrow' abd as Bethridge-Topp in CWGC.

Edward William Topp
married Edith Emily Whittington (1876-) 1897
* daughter of Samuel Whittington (of the stone quarry in Christchurch) & Amelia 'Millie' Jones

Egbert Bethridge Topp
married Irene Myrtle Cook in 1920

Fred Topp (1873-1922)
married Emma Eldridge in 1920
* Emma remarried in 1932 to Sydney Nash
Evening Post, 16 June 1922
The death of a man named Fred Topp, 49 years of age, who collapsed on Friday afternoon last while filling bags at Mr Robert Lawrence's coal yard in Riddiford-street, was the subject of an inquiry held by the Coroner Mr W. G. Riddell, S.M., to-day. A finding was returned that death was due to syncope of the heart. He was a married man and resided in Donald McLean street.

George Topp
married Sarah Elizabeth Breach in 1878
their known children
1879 - Eliza Ellen Topp
1881 - Elizabeth Emily Topp
1882 - William Henry Topp
1884 - Eliza Annie Topp
1887 - Caroline Agnes Topp
1893 - Lily May Topp

George Henry Topp (1896-1979)
married Elizabeth Ruth Gofton (1904-1972) in 1925

George Leslie Nelson Topp (1907-1988)
married Jean Mildred Pattison in 1929

Gerald Patrick Topp (1913-1981)
married Mary Elizabeth Rosevear in 1938

Harry Henry Topp
married Bridget Sheehan (1878-1935) in 1910
their known children
1911 - John Joseph Topp
1912 - Henry 'James' Topp
1916 - Alice Margaret Topp
1918 - Edward Charles Topp
1919 - William Francis Topp
Press, 2 Nov 1935
The death occurred at her home, Mount Palm road, Rotherham, of Mrs Bridget Topp, wife of Mr harry Topp. Mrs Topp was born at Tai Tapu and was a daughter of the late Mr and Mrs John Sheehan. Since their marriage in 1910, Mr and Mrs Topp have lived in the Rotherham district, where for the last 16 years they have been engaged in farming. Mrs Topp is survived by her husband, four sons - Messr John, James, Edward and William Topp, one daughter, Miss Alice Topp and a sister, Mrs W. Dunne (Ashburton).
The funeral, which took place at Rotherham cemetery, was attended by a large number of friends and relatives. The service at the graveside was conducted by the Rev Father Halvey. The pallbearers were Messts L. Popplewell, S. Popplewell, C. Hand and W. Hampton jun.
Wreaths were sent by: Loving husband, sons and daughter; mr and Mrs E. Britton and family; Mr and Mrs P. Hadley; Annie, Albert and family; Mr and Mrs D. McIntosh and family; Phoebe, Tom and family; Mr and Mrs T. E. Robinson and family; Mr and Mrs T. Somerville and Margaret; Mr and Mrs H. Dampier-Crossley; Rotherham School Committee; Mr and Mrs Jim Clark and family; Eileen; H. Worrall Sefton Dairy Company; Norah, Harry and family; B. Smith and S. Popplewell; Mr J. Hoban and family; Mary, Charlie, Willie, Alf, Veida, George and Jean; Mr and Mrs Parker and family; M. Poulter; Mr and Mrs Chick and son; Mr and Mrs W. Hampton and family; H. S. and E. N. Palmers; Mr and Mrs Hawley and family; Mr and Mrs G. Popplewell and family; Mr and Mrs J. J. Gallagher and family; Mocketts Motors ltd; Mr and Mrs Hand and family; Mr and Mrs J. Topp and family' Mr and Mrs T. Harland and family; Mr and Mrs Cooksley and family; Mr and Mrs J. Flintoft; Mr and Mrs G. Flintoft and family; Andy Nielson and Percy Creed; Mr and Mrs Carson and family; Mr and Mrs M. Anderson and family; Mr and Mrs B. Walsh; Mr H. Davies and family; Mr and Mrs E. Dobbin and family; Mr and Mrs G. Jelfs and family; Mr and Mrs E. Roberts.
* Harry remarried in 1938 to Rita Alma Norrish Piper (1903-1980)

Henry Topp (1828-1894)
* born England, died Seton
married Phoebe Pope (1830-1912)
* born England, died Rangiora
their known children
1850 - 1927 Emma Topp (born UK)
1851 - 1923 George Topp
1853 - 1925 Eliza Topp
1856 - 1856 unnamed Topp
1857 - 1899 William Topp
1858 - 1882 Mary Topp
1859 - 1933 Alfred Benjamin Topp
1861 - 1938 Richard Henry Topp (born NZ)
1863 - 1863 Joseph Topp (aged 8 weeks)
1864 - 1915 Joseph William Topp
1865 - 1938 Phoebe Topp
1868 - 1942 Charles Edward Topp
1871 - 1919 Alfred Topp
1874 - 1882 Anna Topp
Star, 16 Aug 1894
On Tuesday evening an elderly farmer named Henry Topp, living in the Sefton district, was trampled on by one of his draught horses in the stable and very seriously injured. Both Dr Clayton and Dr Ovenden were attending him yesterday afternoon, but the man died at four o'clock this morning. Mrs Topp arrived in Lyttelton in the ship 'Caroline Agnes' in 1856. She leaves a family of seven sons, three daughters and 64 grandchildren and 49 great-grandchildren.
Star, 16 Aug 1894 TOPP On February 9th, at Sefton, Phoebe Topp, widow of the late H. Topp; aged 84 years. By request no flowers

Hereward Joseph Bethridge Topp (1908-1985)
married Elizabeth Bedkober (1915-1997) in 1935
* They are buried Takapau Cemetery Hawke's Bay

James Topp
married Ellen Andrew in 1875

John Topp (1855-1927)
married Mary Ann Farquhar in 1876
Press, 3 Feb 1876
TOPP-FARQUHAR - On the 1st of February, at Addington, by the Rev J. McIntosh, M.A., Mr John Topp to Miss Mary Ann Farquhar, both of Little River.
their known children
1877 - Sarah Jane Topp
1881 - 1882 Mary 'Annie' Gertrude Topp
1883 - Mary Ann Topp
1887 - Emma May Topp
1890 - John Farquhar Topp
1891 - 1891 Eliza Topp (aged 3 weeks)
1906 - Mary Ellen Topp
Press, 13 Sep 1882 A child named Annie Topp, 15 months old, died of blood poisoning on Friday last, at Wagstaff's Hotel, Akaroa. Her parents reside at Little River and it appears that on Wednesday the child (an unusually strong one) was running about in the bush with the other children, quite well and happy. On Wednesday night however, it was very restless, but the mother did not know anything serious was the matter, thinking it was caused by teething or some other ordinary child's illness. On Thursday morning however, on washing the child, Mrs Topp noticed that the left knee was much inflamed and there were two little incisions, as if from the bite of some insect. On consulting a neighbour, it was determined, as the child kept getting worse, to take her to Akaroa, so as to be under regular medical treatment. Dr Singleton saw the child, but was unable to do anything for her and she gradually sank, dying at 3am on Friday.
Press, 14 Sep 1908
TOPP - On September 12th, fell asleep at her late residence, Little River, Mary Ann, beloved wife of John Topp, in here 53rd year.
Press, 8 April 1927
MR J. TOPP. By the recent death of Mr John Topp, of Puaha, Little River lost an old and much respected resident. The late Mr Topp was born in Cambridge, England, in 1855 and came to New Zealand with his parents the same year. His early life was spent at Sefton, where his parents had taken up a farm. At the age of 12 years he went to work for Mr Crossley Dampier; six years later he came to Little River with the late Mr Allen. Four years later he worked for the late Mr W. Coop carting timber with a six horse team to Christchurch. In 1888 he came to the Tararewa sawmills and worked there till 22 years ago. When the Morris Settlement was cut up he purchased a farm which he successfully conducted until the time of his depth. Mr Topp married in 1876 Mary Ann, eldest daughter of the late Wm, Farquhar, of Amberley, who predeceased him 18 years ago. Although of a retiring nature, his willingness to assist any neighbour in trouble and his sincereness won for him many friends. He is survived by a family of four daughters and one son and fifteen grandchildren. The daughters are: Mrs J. Smith. (Puaha), Mrs E. Watkins (Greenpark), Mrs Percy Morris (Woodend), and Miss A. Topp (Puaha), and the son, Mr J. Topp (Puaha). The funeral, which took place at the Little River cemetery, was largely attended. The burial service at the graveside was conducted by the Rev. W. H. Stych. The pall-bearers were the oldest residents of the Puaha Settlement and the directors of the Wairewa Cheese Factory. The many beautiful wreaths received showed the esteem in which the deceased gentleman was held.
* 23 June 1927, LAND TRANSFER - Section 16, Block XIII, Pigeon Bay, "Morice" 83 acres 3 roods 20 perches, Public Trustee in estate John Topp (deceased) to John Farquhar Topp.

John Topp
married Mary Naughton in 1904
their known children
1905 - William Henry Topp
1906 - Mary Ellen Topp
1908 - John Francis Topp
1909 - Leonard Joseph Topp
1911 - Annie Veronica Topp

John Topp (1888-1959)
married Lily Dawson McLeod (1895-1967) in 1919

John Betheridge Topp (1843-1912)
* born in Cape Town
married Martha Matilda Adams (1839-1922)
* born in South Africa
their children
1865 - 1960 John Betheridge Topp
1866 - 1926 Maria Elizabeth Ann Topp
1868 - 1943 Richard Bethridge Topp
1869 - 1941 Alice Mary Topp
1872 - 1948 Elizabeth Martha 'Lily' Topp
1873 - 1942 Alfred Bethridge Topp
1877 - 1962 William Albert Betheridge Topp
Evening Post, 12 June 1912
Mr John Bethridge Topp, who arrived in New Zealand nearly half a century ago and has lived in Wellington for many years, died at his residence in Wordsworth-street yesterday. The deceased, who was sixty-nine years of age, was born in Capetown and was on friendly terms with the late Sir George Grey when the latter was Governor of Cape Colony. In 1866 Mr Topp came to New Zealand in the 'Nil Desperandum' his wife and only child accompanying him. After living in the town of Auckland for two years, he took charge of a station on the Kaipara, remaining in the position for eight or nine years. He then went to Te Kopuru and was for some time a sub-manager of the big sawmill there. Thirty-three years ago he came to Wellington and entered the service of Greenfield and Stewart, sawmillers, Courtenay-place. For some time before his death he was bookkeeper for Mr J. B. Grove. The cause of death was paralysis.
Deceased has left a widow and a family of four sons and three daughters, as well as several grandchildren and a grandchild. The sons are Messrs John, Alfred and William Topp (residents of Wellington) and Mr Richard Topp (Pelorus Sound), while the daughters are Mesdames A. B. Philip and L. Sievers and Miss Topp, all of this city.
Manawatu Standard, 15 June 1922
An old and respected resident of Wellington, Mrs Martha Matilda Topp, died at Brooklyn last week, in her 83rd year. Mrs Topp arrived in New Zealand from South Africa in 1866 and lived first at Auckland, then at Northern Wairoa and went to Wellington 43 years ago.

John Betheridge Topp
married Annie Elizabeth Bradbury (formerly Anson) in 1930
Annie first married Frederick John Granby 'Eric' Anson in 1916 and divorced in 1929

John Bethridge Topp (1865-1960)
married Hannah Matilda Beyer (1868-1928) in 1889
Evening Post, 26 Jan 1928
TOPP - On the 25th January 1928, at the residence of her daughter, 82 Queen's Drive, after a short illness, Hanna Matilda, dearly beloved wife of John Bethridge Topp, in her 60th year

John Bethridge Topp
married Margaret Brooks in 1904
NZ Herald, 23 July 1943
TOPP - On July 22, at her residence, 37 Virginia Avenue, Eden Terrace, Margaret, beloved wife of the late John TOpp, late of Coroglen and loved third daughter of the late Andrew and Margaret Brooks and loving sister of Mrs J. Irwin and John Brooks; aged 67 years. Funeral will leave the above address today (Friday), at 3.30pm for the Crematorium. No flowers by request.

John Charles Rumbles Topp
married Ruth Ireline Simpson in 1925
* He was found guilty of bigamy in the Nelson Courts in Dec 1930, his first wife being still alive in England. The judge told him that if he "take immediate steps to obtain a divorce from your first wife and marry the second within twelve months you will hear no more of this matter"
He married again to Ruby Ireline Simpson in 1933

John Farquhar Topp (1890-1967)
married Jeannie Forbes Wood Brown in 1919
Otago Daily Times, 4 Oct 1920
TOPP - On September 23, at Christchurch (suddenly), Jeannie Forbes Wood, beloved wife of John Topp, Little River; aged 28 years.
John married Agnes Winifred Jane Prestidge in 1927

John Francis Topp (1908-1988)
married Thora Selina Mary Phillips in 1935

Joseph Topp (1864-1915)
married Mary Smith in 1883
their known children
1885 - 1961 Henry Topp
1888 - 1959 John Topp
1889 - 1967 Ellen Topp
1890 - 1897 Mary Topp
1892 - Emma Topp
1894 - 1964 Norah Lily Topp
1895 - 1924 Joseph William Topp
1897 - 1951 Mary Topp
1898 - 1958 Charles William Topp
1900 - 1985 Thomas William Topp
1904 - 1921 Benjamin Topp
1906 - 1978 James Alfred Topp
1907 - 1988 George Leslie Nelson Topp
Press, 2 Sep 1915
Mr Joseph Topp, whose death occurred at Medbury recently, was the sixth son of the late Mr and Mrs H. Topp, of Sefton. He had spent most of his life in North Canterbury. In the early dats he followed the occupation of a waggoner and had many narrow escapes in crossing rivers. In later life he was farming and contracting. His kindly manner endeared him to all who knew him and his death was generally regretted. He leaves a widow and family of eight sons and six daughters to mourn their loss

Joseph William Topp (1896-1924)
married Evelyn Mary Honeybone (1901-1948) in 1921
Press, 11 June 1924
Evelyn Mary Topp proceeded against her husband, Joseph William Topp, for separation, maintenance and guardianship orders on the ground of failure to maintain. The orders were granted and maintenance was allowed for the wife at the rate of £1 per week and at 12s 6d per week for the one child.
* Evelyn next married Stanley Charles Scott (1899-1979)

Leonard Joseph Topp (1890-1971)
married Ellen Hartnett (1909-1980) in 1937
* they are buried together at Waimairi

Leslie Edward Topp (1909-1997)
married Christina Myrtle Hemingway in 1937

Norman Gordon Topp (1893-1957)
Greymouth Evening Star, 21 Aug 1917
A telegram received on Saturday by Mrs Topp of Reefton, from the Minister of Defence, states that her son, Private Norman Topp, has been wounded and gassed at the front. He is the fourth son of Mrs Topp now serving with the forces, having enlisted in the North Island and went with the 18th Reinforcements,
Norman married Kathleen Rosengrave McFlinn in 1920

Richard Bethridge Topp (1869-1943)
married Mary Strong in 1889
their known children
1892 - Grace Mary Bethridge
1895 - Ruby Jane Bethridge Topp
1898 - Richard John Bethridge Topp
Evening Post, 3 April 1943
Mr Richard Bethridge Topp, second son of the late Mr and Mrs John Bethridge Topp, Wellington, died recently in his seventy-fifth year at the home of his daughter, Manaroa, Pelorus Sound. The late Mr Topp was born in northern Wairoa and as a young man he was engaged in the building industry in Wellington. Fifty years ago, as an early pioneer, he moved to the Pelorus Sound to take up farming. For over 50 years Mr Topp was a member of the Ancient Order of Foresters. He leaves a wife, two daughters and one son

Richard Henry Topp (1862-1938)
married Ellen Isabella Killeen (1860-1936) in 1887
their known children
1888 - Albert Topp
1889 - Walter Charles Topp
1891 - Alfred Richard Topp
1893 - Norman Gordon Topp
1894 - Esme Laura Topp
1896 - 1979 George Henry Topp (born xmas day)
1899 - Minna Phoebe Topp
1900 - Enid Agnes Topp

Richard John Bethridge Topp (1898-1964)
married Muriel Esther Holyoake (1900-1968) in 1924
their known children
1925 - 1976 Barbara Esther Bethridge Topp

Thomas Bethridge Topp (1880-1946)
married Ivy Waters in 1908
their known children
1909 - Winston Bethridge Topp
1912 - Una Winifred Topp
Thomas next married Irene Valentina Bradford in 1926
Ivy next married Denis Norton in 1933

Walter 'Charles' Topp (1889-1966)
married Daisy Ellis in 1914
Inangahua Rimes, 31 Oct 1914
TOPP-ELLIS - A quiet but pretty wedding took place at the Church of England on Wednesday last, when Miss Daisy Ellis, daughter of Mr J. Ellis, Devon, England and Mr Charles Topp of Reefton, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony, by the Rev E. A. Parker. The bride who was given away by her cousin, Mr Harris (Greymouth), looked very dainty in a cream charmuse satin, with a tunic of cream lace and pearls, draped and caught with orange blossoms. She carried a beautiful shower bouquet. Miss Bessie Walton (Greymouth) and Miss Enid Topp sister to the bridegroom, acted as bridesmaids. They wore very pretty cream dresses, trimmed with lace tunics and silk hats to match. They also carried shower bouquets. Mr W. O'Neill ably filled the role of best man. After the wedding the guests adjourned to the Royal Tea Rooms where a sumptuous repast was partaken of and the usual toasts honoured. The bridegroom's mother wore a pretty brown silk poplin trimmed with silk and lace and black silk lace that trimmed with black plumes and gold roses. The bride's present to the bridegroom was gold sleeve-links and the bridegroom's present to the bride a beautiful gold pendant and chain and to the bridesmaids, gold brooches set with rubies. The presents received by the young couple were very useful and costly including a couple of cheques.
The happy couple left by the evening train for Hokitika. The bride's travelling costume was a navy tailor made with floral silk ninon hat to match.

William Bethridge Topp (1846-1922)
married Margaret Mary Josephine McGinley in 1870
their known children
1871 - 1950 Elizabeth 'Charlotte' Topp
1873 - 1956 Myrtle Alice Maud Topp
1874 - 1946 William Bethridge Topp
1877 - 1926 John Bethridge Topp
1878 - 1946 Thomas Bethridge Topp
1879 - 1879 Lily Topp (1 day)
1879 - 1879 Eveline Topp (2 days)
1881 - 1882 Pearl Valerie Topp (21 months)
1882 - 1884 Athelstan Bethridge Topp (15 months)
1882 - 1972 Egbert Bethridge Topp
1884 - 1947 Dora Topp
1886 - 1973 Daisy Topp
* Sisters Charlotte & Daisy married Davison brothers

William Albert Bethridge Topp (1874-1946)
married May Hughes in 1904
their known children
1906 - Harriet Topp
1908 - Margaret Mary Josephine Topp
1912 - Doreen Topp

William Henry Topp (1883-1966)
married Lulu Wall (1885-1948) in 1904
their known children
1905 - Elsie May Topp
1906 - Elma Violet Topp
1914 - Lorna Ruby Topp

William Thomas Topp (1900-1985)
married Irene Patricia Orpwood (1920-1993) in 1937
* they had 6 children
William, Irene & son Peter (1947-1970) are buried together at Horsely Down, Masons Flat, Canterbury

Plot 346 Y, CH ENG at Karori
Martha Matilda Topp (1839-1922) and her son John Bethridge Topp (1865-1960)

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