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TROY marriages 1901-1920 Victoria Australia

Journal by tonkin

TROY marriages 1901-1920 Victoria Australia.

TROY (males)

Charles Hemsworth
Married: 1903 Laura Fanny CHADWICK.
Three Issues located.
1. Marge Hemsworth, born 1904, Camperdown, Victoria.
2. Colin Hemsworth, born 1909, Camperdown, Victoria.
3. Shirley Hemsworth, born 1919, Maryborough, Victoria.

George Lavington
Married: 1903 Mabel Annie JARDINE.
No Issues located.

James John
Married: 1903 Grace Winifred MILLER.
Six Issues located.
1. Francis Patrick, born 1903, Waubra, Victoria.
2. James Alexander, born 1905, Waubra, Victoria.
3. Winifred Elizabeth, born 1906, Waubra, Victoria.
4. Leo, born 1907, Waubra, Victoria.
5. Alphonsus, born 1910, Waubra, Victoria.
6. Thomas Robert, born 1917, Ballarat, Victoria.

Patrick William
Married: 1904 Hilda Winifred AINSWORTH.
Five Issues located.
1. Aileen Julia, born 1906, Carlton, Victoria.
2. Patrick Lawrence, born 1908, Melbourne South, Victoria.
3. John Leahy, born 1910, Port Melbourne, Victoria.
4. Elizabeth Maria, born 1912, Port Melbourne, Victoria.
5. Michael Luke, born 1914, Port Melbourne, Victoria.

Henry Robert
Married: 1906 Alice BASSE.
Three Issues located.
1. Alice Louisa Arabell, born 1906, Beech Forest, Victoria.
2. Herman Joseph Lawrence, born 1909, Lauriston, Victoria.
3. Dorothy Mary May, born 1913, Colac, Victoria.

Daniel Peter
Married: 1908 Martha Bridget Ann WESTBLADE.
Five Issues locate.
1. James Francis, born 1909, Kerang, Victoria.
2. Daniel Frederick, born 1910, Kerang, Victoria.
3. Lawrence, born 1913, Kerang, Victoria.
4. Thomas Henry, born 1917, Kerang, Victoria.
5. Gladstone Michael, born 1918, Kerang, Victoria.

David Frederick
Married: 1908 Catherine Gray BAIN.
No Issues located.

John Claude Turner
Married: 1908 Florence Annie Isobel MCPHERSON.
No Issues located.

John Andrew Joseph
Married: 1910 Christina Honorah RONAYNE.
Two Issues located.
1. Carmel Clare Kathleen, born 1912, Clifton Hill, Victoria.
2. Elsie Maria, born 1914, Carlton North, Victoria.

... RONAYNE recorded as SEEDORF and SIEDOROFF in the birth records.
... Must have been a second marriage for Christina.

Andrew George
Married: 1912 Elizabeth Lillian DINGEY.
Three Issues located.
1. Lillian Eileen, born 1913, Carlton, Victoria.
... Father named as Andrew Patrick.
2. Andrew James, born 1915, Carlton, Victoria.
3. Dory May, born 1918, Carlton, Victoria.

Married: 1913 Mary MADIGAN.
One Issue located.
1. James Cornelius, born 1913, Kerang, Victoria.

Claude Byron
Married: 1917 Henrietta GOUDIE.
No Issues located.

Married: 1917 Catherine DONNELLY.
Two Issues located.
1. Sheila Catherine, born 1918, Ballarat East, Victoria.
2. William Patrick, born 1919, Ballarat East, Victoria.

James Lee
Married: 1917 Ellen Sophia DOBNEY.
One Issue located.
1. James Frank, born 1918, Richmond, Victoria.

William James
Married: 1917 Hannah Elizabeth TAYLOR.
Two Issues located.
1. Leonard William, born 1917, Coburg, Victoria.
2. Joyce Kathleen, born 1918, Coburg, Victoria.

Edmund Augustine
Married: 1919 Thelma Gwendoline MITCHELL.
One Issue located.
1. Gwenneth Ann, born 1920, Ararat, Victoria.

William Patrick
Married: 1920 Mary Philomena BIRD.
No Issues located.

TROY (females)

Mabel Melvine
Married: 1901 John MARSHAL.

Married: 1904 Albert PINNUCK.

Annie Maria
Married: 1906 Thomas Emmanuel SERONG.

Married: 1908 John DOWNEY.

Married: 1909 Thomas Edward UTTING.

Margaret Mary
Married: 1909 John James DILWORTH.

Ellen Rhoda
Married: 1910 Ernest Henry WELSH.

Married: 1911 William Frederick ABBOTSON.

Married: 1911 Charles TYRER.

Married: 1915 Robert BARTLEY.

Alice Louisa Elizabeth
Married: 1916 John Samuel TEMBY.

Mary Albenia
Married: 1917 William John WHELAN.

Ellen Mary
Married: 1919 John Absalom OAKMAN.

Stella May
Married: 1919 John Joseph BARRETT.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the TROY lines.

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