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Tullamarine Scots
hi Itellya, two things - are itellya and XXX XXXX one and the same? and do you know the origin of the Scots of Tullamarine? so far I have the following (including some non-Scots)

settler origin arrival farm
John, James and Malcolm Ritchie Aberdeenshire 1852 Aucholzie (later Gowrie Park)
John & David Mansfield Suffolk 1850 Roseleigh
John and Duncan McNab Inverness-shire 1848 Victoria Bank/Oakbank
John Grant Inverness-shire 1850 Seafield
Richard Gibson Ayrshire 1870? Barbiston
Donald Gray Ayrshire 1850 Bellno
Walter Clarke ? 1860 Glenara
David Duncan Inverness-shire 1853 Gowrie Park
Michael Loeman ? 1842 Glenloeman
any assistance geatly appreciated

Good guess, Gary.

(Postscript foreword if there's such a thing. I thought you meant arrival in Australia but I just twigged that you meant in Tullamarine.)


1.Ritchie- *.The Ritchies also had Overpostle on Tullamarine Island, across Deep Creek from Aucholzie, for quite some time.

2.Mansfield.* Would you like to borrow my copy of Neil Mansfield's THE DAVID MANSFIELD STORY?
Isaac and Ann Mansfield,natives of Suffolk, arrived 7-11-1849 with their sons Sam, Geo, Isaac, David and daughter Mary Ann,their second eldest,John having emigrated with his wife and family in 1848. Their original timber home, Roseleigh, on the south side of Mansfields Rd (wrongly called Victoria Bank)has apparently been recently demolished.In the land boom of the 1880's a speculator,possibly Marks Herman, bought the property from David, who had inherited it from his father Isaac. The speculator went bust so David regained the farm and used the forfeited deposit and part payments to build the duochrome brick Glenalice which,being right near the east-west runway was demolished during airport construction.

3.McNab* (I think the biogs do claim that they settled in 1848.)
The McNab biogs in VICTORIA AND ITS METROPOLIS for Angus and his brother mention their father moving away and that was why the first Victoria Bank )second most southern quarter of section 8 was absorbed into Oakbank, and on his return Angus established the second Victoria Bank on the 93 acre portion of 9A Tullamarine, fronting Barbiston Rd, on which (Agnes?) Richie (Malcolm's mother?) had previously been assessed.

The following describes the farm to which Duncan moved and why, as well as showing how the Grants and McNabs co-operated in their breeding efforts from the original Oakbank Annie. (The Tasmanian Ayrshire herd owed its origin to the McNab and later the Buchanan herds.)

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Friday 23 February 1883 p 9 Article

4.Grant* Do the vague Maths from Campbellfield etc. He was a co-grantee of section 8 Tulla with the McNab brothers so I always assumed that they would have settled at the same time.

5.Richard Gibson. It was obviously Richard who gave the farm this name.There was a
Barbiston farm in Ayrshire (from where he definitely came.) Unfortunately his obituary doesn't mention when he settled on Barbiston but Harry Peck might have in MEMOIRS OF A STOCKMAN.

Traralgon Record (Traralgon, Vic. : 1886 - 1932) Tuesday 17 August 1886 p 3 Article

D.Robertson was assessed on Barbiston (NOT NAMED BUT IDENTIFIED BY ITS ACREAGE) in 1868 so Richard probably arrived no earlier than 1870.(P.13, TULLAMARINE BEFORE THE JETPORT.)

There are no trove entries for robertson, barbiston or gibson,barbiston in the 1870's so I'll try barbiston,tullamarine. No matches for that either. Try GIBSON,TULLAMARINE. No luck in the 1870's. Try 1880's.

The earliest result found for Richard Gibson in Tullamarine so far is 1882. What is interesting however, is that Charlotte Robertson, the wife of a David Gibson died near the M.C.G. in the 1870's. Was D.Robertson a relative of Richard's wife and managing Barbiston for him? There also was a 44000 acre estate in Gippsland called Barbiston,which might be why a Gippsland paper wrote his obituary. Every report of Richard Gibson in the 1870's concerned his pure stock-selling company and those of the 1880's concerned additions to and then the dispersal of his Barbiston (Tullamarine) herd.

6.Donald Gray.
Unfortunately I didn't even record the memorial details for Donald Gray on my Melway for section 13 Tullamarine although I transposed every one of Fawkner's subdivision lots allocated to the members. In my book I only mentioned some original purchasers. However the co-grantees of 13A, Fawkner and Coghill, did not partition the grant, each receiving 246 acres,until 28-9-1852 (volume U folio 187) so it is more likely that Donald did not settle on Bellno (funny name!) until late 1852 or early 1853.

7. Walter Clark (no e.) Walter Clark was supposed to have bought Alexander Kennedy's portion,including the Inverness Hotel or Coghill's Glencairne in 1856. His place of origin is given below.

Clark, Alister (1864–1949)

by H. E. Rundle

This article was published in Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volume 8, (MUP), 1981

Alister Clark (1864-1949), rosarian and sportsman, was born on 26 January 1864 at Brighton, Victoria, second son of Walter Clark and his second wife Annie, née Cooper. Walter Clark, born in Argyllshire, Scotland, in 1803, arrived in Sydney on 23 January 1838 in the Minerva, sponsored by Rev. J. D. Lang. He became a partner with Sir William Macleay in Kerarbury station on the Murrumbidgee River, and made money out of stock during the gold rush. He overlanded stock to Melbourne, took up land at Bulla and built Glenara in 1857.

8.David Duncan.
I presume he'd settled on Gowrie Park by 1848. He was a builder and built Roseneath in Woodland St,Essendon where Big Clarke was nursed during the incapacitated last stage of his life. He bought out his co-grantee,Thompson quite early.
Would you like my EARLY LANDOWNERS: PARISH OF TULLAMARINE and EARLY LANDOWNERS: PARISH OF DOUTTA GALLA which have quite a bit of titles information,maps,photos etc?

9. Michael Loeman.* I think he went to Bulla in 1854. Do the maths re Moreland etc. I'll see what Isaac Batey says.Michael might have settled before he received the grant.

Sunbury South Post-Contact Heritage Assessment
Dec 18, 2014 - Isaac Batey, the son of Martin and Alice Batey of Redstone Hill, was one of .... A number of settlers purchased land in the area south of Sunbury in 1854, including A. and J. Guthrie, F. Harding, M. Loeman, W. Craig and J. O'Grady, and J ...... family - John, Michael Joseph, James, Margaret Anne, and Mary.

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Itellya is researching local history on the Mornington Peninsula and is willing to help family historians with information about the area between Somerville and Blairgowrie. He has extensive information about Henry Gomm of Somerville, Joseph Porta (Victoria's first bellows manufacturer) and Captain Adams of Rosebud.

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I first met Gary at the Living Museum of the West about a quarter of a century ago and he was so helpful that if he says jump,I just ask, "How high?"

Olwen is Olwen Ford,who with Joan Carstairs and Angela Evans taught me much about the history of Melbourne's north west.

Staff and Associates - Melbourne's Living Museum of the West
Olwen is a well known local historian and it was her passion for investigating ... Industrial Archaeologist and Heritage consultant Gary Vines produced many of ..

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