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Two Family Names - One Family!

Journal by 42rb05

Born 1942 in Johnston County, Oklahoma. Just Northeast of Tishomingo near Pennington Creek, Devil's Den. Walked life out as Edgar "Ralph" Biggs with six generation of Biggs men documented to the past. In 1980, introduced to my Biggs Family Tree of ancestors I knew nothing about! {I'll put it together when I retire.}

Mid-2005, I questioned the trail of my Male Ancestors because they did not "write out" as it was given, stated, spouted, believed! - No help to walk back into the past? - Shortly, I BUSTED the "Biggs family STORY" and Proved a different trail of my direct Male Ancestors went through a Younger Brother from the past! - Old trail we walked: Me to my Father, Edgar Biggs to my grandfather, Hardy/Hardie Biggs to my great-grandfather, Andrew Allen Biggs to my great-great-grandfather {?} William Biggs, to my third-great-grandfather, one David Biggs born 1777/80 in North Carolina.

Documentation Replaced one connection! - True Trail of my Male Ancestors: Me to my Father, Edgar Biggs to my grandfather, Hardy/Hardie Biggs to my great-grandfather, Andrew Allen Biggs to my great-great-grandfather one HARDY Biggs and his first wife! Then to that David Biggs, 1777/80 of North Carolina! - WHY was my trail diverted in the Past? - Numbers!

In November 2005, I personally HANDED the "Biggs Family SKELETON" with No Proof. * It had to be TRUE! - Why? - Because no one documented David Biggs Parents! No one ventured deeper into the past!

I kept the "Skeleton" close and never said a word to family kin for over -5- Years. I wanted PROOF before I set a Wild-Fire of questions I did not have the answers to. In 2010, I chose to LEARN the truth for myself. I chose to go Male DNA with FamilyTreeDNA group as: Edgar Ralph Biggs and documented my trail back to one David Biggs. - FTDNA came back: "No kin to ANY Biggs out of North Carolina." {Dang! - I had known that for almost -5- years. I just couldn't Prove it!} - FamilyTreeDNA's next question: "Are there ANY OTHER Possibilities?" - Oh Yes! Please run my Male DNA as: MANNING. {I'm holding the Skeleton in my hands.}

FamilyTreeDNA CONFIRMED: I am Manning LINEAL BLOOD with Biggs name. {David Biggs was RAISED by a STEPFATHER. David's real name was MANNING. He came from England.} - David Manning must have LOVED an old man named Biggs to take his last name and start his family as Biggs around 1800 in North Carolina.

Today, three men from this "Biggs family" have gone Male DNA and Each of us walk directly into the Manning Family Tree with out a true Branch to cross to! * WHO was David Manning's Birth Manning Father and Mother? - This is my/Our Mystery I would LOVE to solve before I pass.

Tough question: What happened for my Manning ancestors to get to the Biggs family for them to raise?

Some "historians" show this David Biggs to be a son of Joseph Joel Biggs and Nancy Elder; however, per Male DNA - It could NOT BE because Joseph Joel Biggs Haplogroup # is in the I's. * My/OUR DNA says our Haplogroup # is R-M269. - FTDNA says: One Haplogroup #'d male can NOT produce a different Haplogroup #'d male!

I resigned as a historian in mid-2005 and became a family researcher to learn the truth and have since proven out a straighter trail of my ancestors.

I leave the door open. - Oh, Ancestry at one time did put some Manning connections in their "Thruline Project" to show them connecting to me/us. - FALSE! - In that trail of No Evidence ancestry inserted two FEMALES in a MALE straight Line lineal descendt! - THEN, replace that David Biggs with a Robert S. Manning who was born elsewhere and with a different date of Birth as son of a John Manning! {Guessing? Hoping? Wishing? - Not thinking!}

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