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UNDERWOOD Deaths Victoria Australia 1911-1921

Journal by tonkin

Victoria Australia 1911-1921.


Albert Leonard Oliphan.
Born: 1912 Kew, Victoria.
Died: 1912 Carlton, Victoria.
Age: Months.
Death: Recorded as Albert Leonard Oliver UNDERWOOD.
Parents: Walter Albert UNDERWOOD & Amelia Mary MATTHEWS.

George Allen Henry.
Born: 1897 Fitzroy North, Victoria.
Died: 1914 Powlett River, Victoria.
Age: 16 years.
Parents: Joseph Allen UNDERWOOD & Mary Louisa HAGON.

Phillip Thomas.
Born: 1875 Penshurst, Victoria.
Died: 1914 Heidelberg, Victoria.
Age: 39 years.
Parents: Charles UNDERWOOD & Eliza PHILLIPS.

Thomas Adam.
Born: -
Died: 1914 Newport, Victoria.
Age: 55 years.
Parents: Henry William UNDERWOOD & Jemima WARD.

Born: -
Died: 1915 Heidelberg, Victoria.
Age: 72 years.
Parents: Richard UNDERWOOD & Rose MULLINS.

Thomas Robinson.
Born: 1861 Geelong, Victoria.
Died: 1915 Warragul, Victoria.
Age: 54 years.
Parents: William UNDERWOOD & Sarah ROBINSON.

Edward William.
Born: 1856 Emerald Hill, Victoria.
Died: 1916 Hawthorn, Victoria.
Age: 60 years.
Parents: Edward UNDERWOOD & Ann REID.

Born: -
Died: 1918 Eganstown, Victoria.
Age: 83 years.
Parents: Thomas UNDERWOOD & Isabella HILL.

Richard Henry.
Born: 1869 Pitfield, Victoria.
Died: 1918 Berringa, Victoria.
Age: 49 years.
Parents: Thomas Rufus UNDERWOOD & Jane PANTON.

Samuel Thomas.
Born: 1918 Berringa, Victoria.
Died: 1918 Berringa, Victoria.
Age: 01 year.
Parents: Richard Henry UNDERWOOD & Lucia Susan BOYD.

Basil Arthur.
Born: 1912 Korumburra, Victoria.
Died: 1919 Korumburra, Victoria.
Age: 06 years.
Parents: Joseph Allen UNDERWOOD & Mary Louisa HAGON.

Ernest Leslie.
Born: -
Died: 1919 Mildura, Victoria.
Age: 29 years.
Parents: Edward Erskine UNDERWOOD & Henrietta Mary COX.

Harry Victor.
Born: -
Died: 1919 Melbourne South, Victoria.
Age: 35 years.
Parents: Arthur UNDERWOOD & Rosina Ann HUGHES.

Born: 1919 Carlton, Victoria.
Died: 1919 Carlton, Victoria.
Age: 0.
Parents: James UNDERWOOD & Gertrude SULLIVAN.

Ronald Herbert.
Born: 1917 Collingwood, Victoria.
Died: 1920 Clifton Hill, Victoria.
Age: 02 years.
Parents: David Ward UNDERWOOD & Ethel DAVIS.

William Charles.
Born: 1866 Moorabool, Victoria.
Died: 1920 Yan Yean, Victoria.
Age: 54 years.
Parents: William UNDERWOOD & Jane CARTER.

William Roy.
Born: 1906 Port Campbell, Victoria.
Birth: Mother named as Isabel HAMILTON.
Died: 1920 Kew, Victoria.
Age: 13 years.
Parents: William UNDERWOOD & unknown.

Charles Stewart.
Born: 1898 Port Campbell, Victoria.
Died: 1921 Camperdown, Victoria.
Age: 22 years.
Parents: Chris UNDERWOOD & Eliza Jane MIDDLETON.


Laura Lavina.
Born: 1912 Doncaster, Victoria.
Birth: Mother named as Rose Agnes MATTHEWS.
Died: 1912 Doncaster, Victoria.
Age: Months.
Parents: Hubert Edward UNDERWOOD & Agnes MATTHEWS.

Elizabeth Augusta.
Born: -
Died: 1913 Penshurst, Victoria.
Age: 42 years.
Parents: Edlich William UNDERWOOD & Mary Ann FLACK.

Mavis Louisa Flower.
Born: 1900 Carlton, Victoria.
Died: 1913 Warragul, Victoria.
Age: 13 years.
Death: Recorded as Masie Flower UNDERWOOD.
Parents: Thomas Robinson UNDERWOOD & Kate Trelavan LANYON.

Thelma Daphne Irene
Born: 1913 Bendigo, Victoria.
Died: 1913 Bendigo, Victoria.
Age: Months.
Death: Recorded as Thelma Daphne June UNDERWOOD.
Parents: Francis Henry Bertram UNDERWOOD & Jean JONES.

Eileen Florence May.
Born: 1911 Flemington, Victoria.
Died: 1914 Clifton Hill, Victoria.
Age: 03 years.
Parents: Charles Berkshire UNDERWOOD & Florence Jane Lismore IRVING.

Born: -
Died: 1914 Broadford, Victoria.
Age: 94 years.
Parents: Thomas JACKSON & Hannah NEWTON.

Jean Frances.
Born: 1911 Bendigo, Victoria.
Died: 1915 Bendigo, Victoria.
Age: 03 years.
Parents: Frank UNDERWOOD & Jean JONES.

Born: -
Died: 1916 Ballarat, Victoria.
Age: 86 years.
Parents: Charles ABSOLUM & Frances PEPPER.

Born: -
Died: 1916 Collingwood, Victoria.
Age: 56 years.
Parents: Thomas WILLIAMSON & Jane DRYSDALE.

Mary Agnes.
Born: -
Died: 1918 Prahran, Victoria.
Age: 45 years.
Parents: Fergus BALL & unknown.

Edith Olive Merle.
Born: 1917 Ringwood, Victoria.
Died: 1918 Croydon, Victoria.
Age: 01 year.
Death: Recorded as Olive Edith Merle UNDERWOOD.
Parents: Walter Albert UNDERWOOD & Amelia Mary MATTHEWS.

Bertha Mary.
Born: 1919 Penshurst, Victoria.
Died: 1919 Penshurst, Victoria.
Age: 0.
Parents: Allan Henry UNDERWOOD & Julia Ann ADAMS.

Born: 1916 Staffordshire Reef, Victoria.
Birth: Mother named as Lucia Susan BOYD.
Died: 1919 Ballarat, Victoria.
Age: 03 years.
Death: Recorded as Louisa UNDERWOOD.
Parents: Richard UNDERWOOD & Louisa BOYD.

Lucia Susan.
Born: 1889 Staffordshire Reef, Victoria.
Birth: Parents Duncan BOYD & Margaret EMMEL.
Died: 1920 Berringa, Victoria.
Age: 30 years.
Parents: Dunkin Rankin BOYD & Margaret unknown.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Death Inxexes to assist others researching the UNDERWOOD lines.

Please remember.
Information supplied by informants was not always correct.
Errors may include the wrong given names, age at death
and parents names of the deceased.

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