JOHN SCOTT (b. 1799 Seavington St Mary's, Somerset) and ELIZABETH PHELPS (b. 1806 Seavington St Mary's, Somerset) family :: Genealogy
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JOHN SCOTT (b. 1799 Seavington St Mary's, Somerset) and ELIZABETH PHELPS (b. 1806 Seavington St Mary's, Somerset) family

Journal by ALV

JOHN SCOTT born 10 Nov 1799 Seavington St Mary, Somerset, England; died 1890 Seavington St Michael, Somerset, England; married ELIZABETH PHELPS (bapt 23 Nov 1806 Seavington St Mary, Somerset, England; died 1873 South Petherton. Somerset) 20 Feb 1828 Seavington St Mary. (PHELPS family aka PHILPS, PHILIPS and PHILLIPS).

SARAH born (christened 20 Apr) 1828 Seavington St Mary; married CHARLES VICKERY
MARY ANN born (christened 25 Jun) 1829 Seavington St Mary
FORTUNE born (christened 8 July) 1834 Seavington St Mary; married JACOB LONG
THURZA/THIRZA born 1839 Seavington St Mary; died 1902 Keynsham, Somerset
WILLIAM EDWARD born (christened 25 Mar) 1842 Seavington St Mary
ELIZABETH born 1844 Seavington St Mary
CHILD born and died 20 Apr 1845 Seavington St Mary
JOHN born (christened 27 Oct) 1848 South Petherton; married SARAH ANN MADDOCK

ANNA SCOTT born (christened 28 Oct) 1832 Seavington St Mary; unmarried


Walter SCOTT is my great great grandfather; for more details see Walter Scott

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on 2012-02-25 04:32:19

Looking for all my family and my wife's links - basically Norton, Simons, Curtis, Wright, Vickers, Lambert, Ashby, Williams, May, Scott, Smith, Hambling, Timperley (Timperly), Davis, Pease, Howe, Thomas, Osborne, Corthine, Hardwick, Powis, Huckens, Vickery, Phelps, Howland, Chipman, Bassett, Claghorn,Cleveland, Dunham, Robinson, Mayhew, Hawes, Winn, Soule, Slade, Waterman, Dangerfield, Orpin, Camp, Singyard, Houghton,Leakey, Garland, Dawe, Lawrence & Cleal.

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by janilye on 2012-02-25 06:24:21

I think it is the son because he was 10 and declared to be their son in the previous census. If he was the grandson there is no SCOTT male old enough to be his father in this family.
However Elizabeth would have been 44 when he was born
I'm sending you more documents to worry your mind a little more.
Take note of ANN Phelps who ends up living with John

Fortune Scott b:9 July 1834 at Seavington married Jacob LONG 1835-1909 at Seavington on the 24 February 1857.
Jacob was the son of William LONG 1804-xxxx and Ann CALLER 1804-1874
Jacob and Fortune arrived on the Anna Maria on the 20 June 1857
They had 6 children:-
Elizabeth Ann Long 1858 ? 1948
william LONG 1859 ? 1924
Mary LONG 1861 ? 1927
Jacob LONG 1863 ? 1865
Sarah LONG 1867 ? 1954
Job Long 1868 ? 1905
Fortune died in Ryde in 1917

by janilye on 2012-02-25 08:16:11

this is another Elizabeth Phelps family, I'm placing it here so you don't confuse her with the Elizabeth Phelps who married John SCOTT.
You'll note Thomas PHELPS in this family I have here married to Ann I believe this Ann is Ann SCOTT sister to John SCOTT in the census record I emailed you.

Elizabeth PHELPS was born in Seavington, Somerset, England about 1805. She died in South Petherton, Somerset, England on the 23 November 1880.
She was the daughter of William PHELPS born 9 September 1766 at Merriott, Somerset and died 17 November 1846 in Somerset, England.
Her mother was Grace CHISLETT born 18 April 1776 at Seavington St Mary, Somerset, England and died on the 4 September 1836 in Somerset.
These are the children of William PHELPS and his wife Grace, nee CHISLETT all born in Seavington St Mary, Somerset, England:-
Betty Phelps 1796 ? 1796
Mary Phelps 1798 ? xxxx m. James ASH in 1826
Thomas Phelps 1800 ? 1801
Thomas Phelps 1801 ? 1854 m. Ann ? b: 1797 they had 1 son- Thomas
Joseph Phelps 1803 ? 1845 m. Annice HEXT 1801-1878 in 1826
Elizabeth PHELPS 1805 ? 1880 m. James NAPPER 1798-1878 on 19 September 1826 at St.Mary Somerset
John Phelps 1808 ? killed in action, Somme, Picardie, France
Anna Phelps 1810 ? 1838
Giles Phelps 1812 ? 1844 m. Elizabeth BRIDGE 1806-1879 in 1833
Fanny Phelps 1814 ? 1881 m Joseph JAMES 1812-1898
Honour Phelps 1816 ? 1818
Abraham Phelps 1820 ? 1891 died in Ipswich, Queensland
Honour Phelps 1822 ? 1854
Amos Phelps 1831

The children of James Napper and Elizabeth, nee PHELPS all born in South Petherton, Somerset, England were:-
William Napper 1827 ?
Charles Napper 1828 ? 1912 died in NSW
Isaac Napper 1831 ?
Jonah Napper 1833 ? 1912
Edmond Napper 1835 ? 1915 died in NSW
Enos Napper 1837 ? 1910 died in NSW
Anna Hannah Napper 1839 ? 1886
Anna Napper 1839 ? 1886
Eliza Napper 1840 ? 1923 died in Victoria
Samuel Napper 1842 ?
Fanny Napper 1843 ? 1910 Died in Victoria
Hanny Napper 1843 ? 1874
Clarissa Napper 1845 ?
Emma Napper 1846 ?
George Nopper 1846 ? 1922 died in NSW
Lucy Napper 1849 ?

by ALV on 2012-02-25 19:07:31

Thanks Janilye. I really appreciate all that you have done. You are fantastic!!!

Yes you have provided me with lots to think about.

At some point in the future I will research the Fortune.

I found Thurza in the UK BMD listing. She was born 1839. That means I can add another brick in my wall/branch on my tree.

It now looks like my Elizabeth Phelps may have also been born in 1805 but in Winsham, Somerset. If it is her, then her father was Thomas Phelps and her mother was also Elizabeth.

by ALV on 2012-02-25 19:08:21

Whoops I meant Fortune's line in Australia.

by ALV on 2012-02-25 19:35:14

by ALV on 2012-02-25 19:39:22

Just found out that THURZA/THIRZA married at age 12 to Giles Hodges in Seavington 6 November 1851.

It seems that until the early 20th Century Females in England could marry as early as 12 with parental consent.

by janilye on 2012-02-25 19:49:32

This is the whole and complete family of John and Elizabeth SCOTT 9 children in total.
1851 England Census
Name: John Scott
Age: 57
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1794
Relation: Head
Spouse's Name: Elizabeth Scott
Gender: M (Male)
Where born: Seavington St Mary
Civil parish: Seavington St Mary
County/Island: Somerset
Country: England
Registration district: Chard
Sub-registration district: Ilminster
ED, institution, or vessel: 5
Household schedule number: 38
Piece: 1927
Folio: 49
Page Number: 30
Household Members: Name Age
John Scott 57
Elizabeth Scott 46
Sarah Scott 22
Mary Ann Scott 20
Anna Scott 18
Thirza Scott 11
William Scott 9
Elizabeth Scott 6
John Scott 2
Walter Scott 3 Months

Also there was Fortune who did not appear at the above address in this household census because she was staying at the house of John and Sarah PHELPS in number 34
1851 England Census
Name: Fortune Scott
Age: 15
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1836
Relation: Relative (Other Relative)
Gender: F (Female)
Where born: Seavington St Mary

Civil parish: Seavington St Mary
County/Island: Somerset
Country: England

Street Address:

Registration district: Chard
Sub-registration district: Ilminster
ED, institution, or vessel: 5
Neighbors: View others on page
Household schedule number: 34
Piece: 1927
Folio: 48
Page Number: 29
Household Members: Name Age
John Phelps 67
Sarah Phelps 69
Fortune Scott 15 relation, occupation, Glover
James Scott 12 Grandson

by ALV on 2012-02-26 17:50:03

John PHELPS was christened in April 1784 Dowlish Wake, Somerset, UK. He was the uncle of Elizabeth SCOTT (nee PHELPS).

His brother was GERMAN(christening documentation)/JARMAN (Wedding documentation)christened 1 Aug 1779 Dowlish Wake, Somerset, UK.

German/Jarman married MARTHA PERRY 31 Jan 1802 Dowlish Wake.

ELIZABETH PHELPS born (christened 10 April) 1808 Dowlish Wake.

I will now update this in my journal above.

by ALV on 2012-02-26 23:02:44

Should have said that ELIZABETH PHELPS was the daughter of German/Jarman PHELPS and Martha PERRY.

by ALV on 2012-02-27 23:16:10

Thirza Scott married Giles Hodges 6 November 1851. However the Thirza in question was actually her cousin who was born Aug 1828 to THOMAS and ANN SCOTT in Seavington.

by ALV on 2012-02-27 23:36:48

In fact my great great great aunty THURZA/THIRZA SCOTT never married and died in Keynsham, Somerset in 1902.

by ALV on 2012-04-07 05:46:40

Thanks to cmsv for finally providing me with the info that proved Elizabeth was the daughter of John Phelps and Sarah Rendal. She also gave me the info that proved Anna Scott was the real mother of Walter Scott and that John and Elizabeth were his grandparents.

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