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WELDON marriages 1847-1890 Victoria Australia

Journal by tonkin

WELDON marriages 1847-1890 Victoria Australia.


Married: Elizabeth WILLIAMS 1854.
No issues located.

Married: Sarah MAGUIRE 1854.
Six issues located.
1. Sarah Jane, born 1855 Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Joseph James, born 1869 Winters Flat, Victoria.
3. Elizabeth Ann, born 1863 Daylesford, Victoria.
4. Ellen Theresda, born 1865 Daylesford, Victoria.
5. William John, born 1867 Daylesford, Victoria.
6. Emily Louisa, born 1869 Daylesford, Victoria.

Married: Eliza SIMMONS 1857.
Two issues located.
1. Ada Flora, born 1860 Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Unnamed Male, born 1861 Carlton, Victoria.

Married: Ellen SKELLEY 1875.
No issues located.

Married: Mary DEVEREUX 1878.
One issue located.
1. Mary Antionella, born 1879 Carlton, Victoria.

Henry Banks
Married: Elizabeth THURLOWAY 1882.
Five issues located.
1. Robert James Max, born 18882 Landsborough, Victoria.
2. Aileen Eulalie, born 1884 Ballarat, Victoria.
3. Vera Iris Elizabeth, born 1885 Ballarat, Victoria.
4. Una Harriet, born 1889 Ballarat, Victoria.
5. Olga Dorothy Margaret, born 1892 Lal Lal, Victoria.

Married: Tereanda SMITH 1884.
Nine issues located.
Tereanda also recorded as Treamba, Trinda, Trianda, Trenda and Tremba
in the birth records
1. Mabel Mary, born 1885 Yackandandah, Victoria.
2. Ethel Jane, born 1887 Yackandandah, Victoria.
3. William John, born 1889 Yackandandah, Victoria.
4. Stephen Edwin, born 1891 Yackandandah, Victoria.
5. Alice Rose, born 1894 Yackandandah, Victoria.
6. Richard Seymour, born 1897 Dederang, Victoria
7. Myrtle May, born 1899 Dederang, Victoria.
8. Thomas Henry, born 1901 Dederang, Victoria.
9. Edna Florence, born 1910 Dederang, Victoria.

Married: Tabitha Ann HUTCHINSON 1884.
No issues located.

Joseph James
Married: Johanna EGAN 1886.
Four issues located.
1. Sarah Maguire, born 1887 Daylesford, Victoria.
2. Joseph John, born 1888 Daylesford, Victoria.
3. William James, born 1897 Daylesford, Victoria.
4. Annie Vera, born 1898 Daylesford, Victoria.


Married: Charles JARY 1847.
No issues located.

Mary Ann
Married: Edwin James LEACH 1854.
No issues located.

Married: John HARCOMBE 1855.
Six issues located.
1. Alice, born 1859 Alma, Victoria.
2. Robert, born 1863 Alma, Victoria.
3. Thomas, born 1864 Alma, Victoria.
4. Emily, born 1866 Alma, Victoria.
5. Annie, born 1870 Alma, Victoria.
6. Charles, born 1872 Alma, Victoria.

Married: James RUDMAN 1856.
No issues located.

Married: Robert SCATCHARD 1860.
Six issues located.
1. Elizabeth, born 1863 Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Robert, born 1865 Melbourne, Victoria.
3. Rose, born 1867 Melbourne, Victoria.
4. John, born 1870 Melbourne, Victoria.
5. Mary, born 1873 Melbourne North, Victoria.
6. Sarah, born 1877 Hotham, Victoria.

Married: James CONNELLY 1861. (Registered 1907)
Five issues located.
1. James Patrick, born 1865 Fitzroy, Victoria.
2. Mary Ann, born 1867 Melbourne, Victoria.
3. John, born 1868 Carlton, Victoria.
4. Catherine, born 1870 Melbourne, Victoria.
5. William, born 1872 Melbourne, Victoria.

Married: Timothy MCCARTHY 1863.
One issue located.
1. John, born 1864 Melbourne, Victoria.

Mary Ann
Married: Isaiah TAYLOR 1864.
Four issues located.
1. Joseph Edward, born 1865 Sandhurst, Victoria.
2. Kate Susannah, born 1869 St Kilda, Vivtoria.
3. Arthur Cyrus, born 1873 St Kilda, Victoria.
4. David Ernest, born 1876 St Kilda, Victoria.

Married: John Christian ROMETSH 1866.
Four issues located.
1. Catherine May, born 1870 Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Julia, born 1871 Melbourne, Victoria.
3. Christian George, born 1876 Melbourne, Victoria.
4. Annie Theresa, born 1879 Melbourne, Victoria.

Married: Joseph SMITH 1868.
Six issues located.
1. Ellen, born 1869 Eldorado, Victoria.
2. Joseph Stephen, born 1874 Hillsborough, Victoria.
3. John Thomas, born 1878 Wangaratta, Victoria.
4. Adelaide Ann, born 1881 Wangaratta, Victoria.
5. Maud Martha, born 1883 Wangaratta, Victoria.
6. Charlotte May, born 1887 Wangaratta, Victoria.

Mary Ann
Married: John KIELY 1874.
Four issues located.
1. Mary Jane, born 1865 Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Margaret Theresa, born 1868 Melbourne, Victoria.
3. Anna Maria, born 1873 West Melbourne, Victoria.
4. John James, born 1874 Melbourne North, Victoria.

Married: Martin Ferdinand SCHRAPE 1875.
Two issues located.
1. William Theodore, born 1876 Prahran, Victoria.
2. Ferdinand Joseph, born 1880 Richmond, Victoria.

Married: Frederick DANIEL 1876.
No issues located.

Sarah Jane
Married: Charles Henry SWINDLE 1878.
Five issues located.
1. Mary, born 1879 Daylesford, Victoria.
2. Ellen Elizabeth, born 1880 Daylesford, Victoria.
3. Charles James, born 1882 Daylesford, Victoria.
4. Joseph Henry, born 1883 Daylesford, Victoria.
5. Albert Norman, born 1888 Daylesford, Victoria.

Married: John WOODCOCK 1880.
One issue located.
1. Pattie Elizabeth, born 1882 Carlton, Victoria.

Ellen Theresa
Married: Charles GILBERT 1883.
Three issues located.
1. Elsie Ethel May Gibb, born 1884 Daylesford, Victoria.
2. Evelyn Mary, born 1885 Daylesford, Victoria.
3. John Weldon Earl, born 1887 Prahran, Victoria.

Married: William Henry HUGHES 1884.
Four issues located.
1. William Herbert, born 1885 Myrtleford, Victoria.
2. Alice Maud Mary, born 1886 Myrtleford, Victoria.
3. Mary Myrtle, born 1888 Wangaratta, Victoria.
4. Frances Vane, born 1894 Myrtleford, Victoria.

Married: Antonio CORTESI 1884.
No issues located.

Married: James Robert PAYNE 1884.
Six issues located.
Father named as John Robert PAYNE in the birth records.

1. Frank John Thomas, corn 1886 Richmond, Victoria.
2. William George, born 1889 Richmond, Victoria.
3. Thomas Weldon, born 1900 Collingwood, Victoria.
4. Thomas, born 1901 Collingwood, Victoria.
5. Tasman Ernest, born 1902 Collingwood, Victoria.
6. Thomas Sutton, born 1904 Collingwood, Victoria.

Florence Roselle
Married: Frances Theodore PAGET 1884.
No issues located.

Married: John WRIGHT 1888.
Nine issues located.
1. James Patrick, born 1889 Richmond, Victoria.
2. Margaret Ann, born 1890 Richmond, Victoria.
3. William Alexander, born 1892 Richmond, Victoria.
4. John Thomas, born 1893 Cannu Creek, Victoria.
5. Wilfred, born 1897 Werracknabeal, Victoria.
6. Ivy Jane, born 1899 Werracknabeal, Victoria.
7. Archibald Norman, born 1900 Werracknabel, Victoria.
8. Alfred Victor John, born 1902 Mount William, Victoria.
9. Bessie Lavinia Rose, born 1906 Mount William, Victoria.

Married: Patrick MAHONY 1889.
Six issues located.
1. Daniel, born West Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Geraldine James, born 1891 Kensington Hill, Victoria.
3. Julia Mary, born 1894 Kensington Hill, Victoria.
4. Margaret Josephine, born 1895 Kensington Hill, Victoria.
5. Patrick Michael, born 1897 Kensington Hill, Victoria.
6. John Joseph, born 1900 Kensington Hill, Victoria.

Emily Laura
Married: Habib KHYAT 1889.
No issues located.

Sarah Ann
Married: George Henry ELLIS 1889.
Ten issues located.
1. Alfred, born 1890 Yackandandah, Victoria.
2. Pearl, born 1892 Dederang, Victoria.
3. William George, born 1893 Dederang, Victoria.
4. Gertrude Elsie, born 1895 Dederang, Victoria.
5. Edith Rose, Born 1896 Dederang, Victoria.
6. John, born 1898 Dederang, Victoria.
7. Florence May, born 1899 Dederang, Victoria.
8. Jessie Sybil, born 1902 Dederang, Victoria.
9. Charles, born 1905 Dederang, Victoria.
10. Henry Stephen, born 1907 Dederang, Victoria.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the WELDON lines.

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by Sarah23 on 2020-02-06 06:43:24

Hi There,
I've been looking for information on Violet Weldon (dob 1883) for quite sometime now and have been absolutely struggling!

I can see that you have Sarah Maguire and Joseph Weldon listed as her parents, however looking into both, they would have been around 60 years old at the year Violet was born (so possibly too old to have children by that stage). I obtained a copy of Violet's birth certificate which just states Sarah Ann Weldon as the mother and father is left blank. There is also no further details as to the family of Sarah Weldon on the birth certificate.

My thoughts are that Violet's mother could possibly be the Sarah Weldon that married George Ellis in 1889 but that George Ellis is not her father.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this?

Kind Regards,

by tonkin on 2020-02-07 00:34:31

Hi Sarah23.
Looking at my old notes for Joseph and Sarah I don't have a daughter named Violet listed and I don't know why she was included and has now been removed. On my notes for George ELLIS and Sarah WELDON I have a Violet WELDON at the bottom of the list circled with a question mark beside it, thinking Sarah may have had Violet before she married ELLIS. Will try and follow up on Violet.

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