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WHITEACRE in New Zealand from 1915

Journal by ngairedith

- of County Wicklow, Ireland
married on 6 November 1884 at Carlow parish, Hacketstown to:
Deborah UBANK/EWBANK (1857-1931)
- of Kilcarney, Hacketstown, County Wicklow

the ages of William & Deborah on the 1911 census do not match their ages recorded at death
* if William was 50 in 1911 his birth date should be about 1861
(age at death should then be 56 but is recorded as 66)
* if Deborah was 49 in 1911 her birth date should be about 1862
(age at death should then be 69 but is recorded as 73)

the census says they had 8 children and that 8 children were still living in 1911
The family arrived in New Zealand after the 1911 Census in Dublin, Ireland:-
Residents of a house 5 in Stormanstown (Drumcondra Rural, Part of Dublin)
William Whiteacre, aged 50, Head of Family, Land Steward, born County Wicklow
Deborah Whiteacre, aged 49, his Wife, Dairy Maid, born County Wicklow
Helen D. Whiteacre, aged 19, Daughter, Dairy Maid, born Queens County
Isabella S. Whiteacre, aged 17, Daughter, Scholar, born County Sligo
Carolina F. Whiteacre, aged 15, Daughter, Scholar, born County Sligo
Robert G. Whiteacre, aged 13, Son, Scholar, born County Sligo
Elizabeth M. Whiteacre, aged 8, Daughter, Scholar, born County Longford
Alexandra V. Whiteacre, aged 7, Daughter, Scholar, born County Galway
* missing from that address in 1911 were their sons George (then 26) & Edward (then 24)
NOTE in the 1901 census the family (including 13 year old Edward & Helen, Isabella, Caroline & Robert aged 3) were at house 5 in Templehouse Demesne (Temple, Sligo), also William's mother Isabella Whiteacre aged 84, but no older child than Edward. George was then 16.

the WHITEACRE FAMILY in New Zealand
. . 1 . .
George William Whiteacre (1885-1923)
(born Rathdrum, Ireland, 1st child of William & Debora)
* George was found in Ireland, England, Wales & Scotland. He was in the Military from 1914-1920. He married in Belfast in 1921 and died in Feb 1923.
Have not found him in New Zealand

. . 2 . .
Edward 'Eddie' Whiteacre (1887-1954)
(born in Queen's County, Ireland)
* Edward was a Constable in Wellington from at least 1915. In 1917 when he and other Constables of the area were called to arms the Commissioner of Police, Mr J. O'Donovan, appealed on public grounds that owing to the shortage of police officers it was impossible to release them for military service
Edward married Maude LOCKYER (1900-1971) in 1916
their children
* Edward William 'Teddie' Whiteacre
. .born 23 May 1917 - died 4 Oct 1993
* Eleanor Phoebe Maude 'Ella' Whiteacre (+ Kent)
. .born 15 Sep 1918 - died 20 Sep 1961
* Gloria Shirley Whiteacre (+ McGuinness)
. .born 8 Aug 1922 - died 16 Dec 1998
19 Dec 1922 I, Edward Whiteacre, 150 Tasman street, Wellington, hereby give notice that I have applied to the Magistrate's Court at Wellington for a License under the Land Agents Act 1921-22, to carry on business as a land Agent at 55 Courtney place, Wellington (later, they were at 7 Courtney place next to the Post Office), and that such application will be heard at the above Court after one month from the 19th day of December 1922, being the date of the first publication of this notice.
* they also lived in Lower Hutt for a time
- Maude left on 6 May 1937 on the Rangitane for a visit to England and Ireland. A surprise farewell party was put on for her at her own home, Hawker street, Mt Victoria, Wellington, by her good friend and wife of Edward's business partner, Mrs Vincent Dentice. Maude left on the Oxford to return to NZ on 29 Nov 1937 via Australia
- Maude's nephew, Alfred Churchill Lockyer, Flight Sergeant NZ428130 with the Royal New Zealand Air Force 550 Squadron, RAF, was killed in action 17 March 1945 in the UK
EDWARD died 24 Aug 1954 aged 67 and is buried Plot 112 E, Section CH ENG2 at Karori with parents & sister Nellie
MAUDE died 20 Sep 1971 aged 71 and is buried Plot 114 E, Section CH ENG2 Karori

. . 3 . .
Helen Deborah 'Nellie' Whiteacre (1891-1921)
(born in Queen's County, Ireland, eldest daughter)
Nellie married Albert Edward COUCHMAN (1886-1969) on 29 Nov 1919 at St Paul's, Wellington as his 2nd of 3 wives.
* Albert was born 24 Jan 1886 in Petone, 7th of 10 children of Charles Frederich Couchman (1854-1938) & Eliza Victoria Thornhill (1857-1933) who arrived in Wellington 8 Dec 1879 on the Arethusa. First settled in Bulls then later started the Couchman's Laundry in Petone (later known as the Victoria Laundry). Charles & Eliza are buried at Taita.
* Albert 1st married Isabella 'Bella' McGowan Flanagan (1878-1919) 25 Dec 1905 & had a daughter & 3 sons. Isabella died in Wanganui 19 March 1919 aged 40.
* Albert next married Nellie on 29 Nov 1919.
On Saturday 29th Nov 1919, at St Paul's, Wellington, by the Rev A. M. Johnson, Albert Edward, third eldest son of Mr and Mrs Couchman, Petone, to Helen Deborah, eldest daughter of Mrs and the late Mr Whiteacre, 1 Creswick-road, Northland, Wellington. The bride wore a check costume with loose panels, and white crepe-de-chine hat with osprey. She carried a bouquet of white roses and maidenhair fern. The bridesmaid, Miss Carrie Whiteacre, wore a gabardine costume and pink georgette hat, with feather trimming. She carried a bouquet of pink sweet peas. Mr and Mrs Counchman left for the North the same evening
HELEN died 18 months later, on 25 May 1921 in Wanganui aged 29 and buried Plot 112 E, Section CH ENG2 at Karori with her parents & brother Ed.
* Albert next married Ivy Kathleen Couchman (1896-1987) on 8 June 1922 (their fathers were brothers) & had a daughter & 3 sons. Ivy died 8 April 1987 in Wanganui aged 90.
Evening Post, 25 May 1922
- In loving memory of our dear sister Helen, who passed away on the 25th May 1921.
Still in our memory you'll remain,
We can't forget the grief and pain
Of one so true and kind we loved,
Is gone from us to Heaven above.
Inserted by her loving brother and sister-in-law, Eddie and Maude Whiteacre, also wee Teddie and Ella.
COUCHMAN - In loving memory of Helen (Nellie), dearly beloved eldest daughter of Mrs Whiteacre and the late William Whiteacre, of Northland, who passed away at Wanganui on the 25th May 1921, aged 29 years.
The Lord hath given, praise unto His name.
And with that praise our task has yet begun;
The Lord hath taken, still our thought the same,
His law, our law, His will, not ours, be done.
Inserted by her loving mother and sisters, Carrie, Lil and Vic.
COUCHMAN - In loving memory of our dear sister, Helen (Nellie), dearly loved eldest daughter of Mrs Whiteacre and the late William Whiteacre, of Northland, who passed away at Wanganui on the 25th May 1921, aged 29 years.
She bade no one her last farewell,
She waved her hand to none;
Her spirit fled before we knew
That she from us had gone.
Inserted by her loving sister, brother-in-law and nephew, Bell, CLiff and Bobbie Mitchell.

. . 4 . .
Isabella Susan 'Bell' Whiteacre (1894-1923)
(born County Sligo, Ireland)
Bell married Clifton Charles 'Cliff' MITCHELL 11 Sep 1917 at St Paul's, Wellington
on the 11th September 1917 at St. Paul's Pro-Cathedral, Wellington, by the Rev A. M. Johnson, Clifton Charles Mitchell, youngest son of the late Mr and Mrs Adam Mitchell, Remuera, Auckland, to Isabella Susan, second eldest daughter of William and Deborah Whiteacre, 4 Karori-road, Wellington, Auckland papers please copy.
their known children
* 1918 - 1983 Robert William Clement 'Bobbie' Mitchell
Isabella died 19 Nov 1923

. . 5 . .
Caroline Frances 'Carrie' Whiteacre (1896-1968)
(born County Sligo, Ireland)
Carolina married Alan Fleetwood GILBERT (1887-1974) on 9 Jan 1929
* Alan was the 5th of 6 children of William Charles GILBERT & his 2nd wife, Emily ROBINSON (1852-1941). Emily was born in Takaka, her father, John Perry Robinson, was a dentist and the Superintendent of Nelson Province. Emily died in Carterton Nov 1941
* Alan enlisted for WWI from Spring Grove, Waimea
CAROLINE died in Wellington 26 Aug 1968 aged 72
ALAN died 11 Nov 1974 aged 87
* they are buried together Plot 186 P, Section CH ENG at Karori

. . 6 . .
Robert Gordon 'Bob' Whiteacre (1898-1950)
(born County Sligo, Ireland)
* Robert was a Railway Fireman of Karori road when called to arms in June 1916
Bob married Caroline 'Carrie' ROTHERHAM on 10 Jan 1920
ROBERT died in Wellington, 25 April 1950 aged 52 and was cremated at Karori

. . 7 . .
Elizabeth May 'Lillian', 'Lil' Whiteacre (1902-1992)
(born 11 June 1902 in County Longford, Ireland)
married Noel Roy Robert George CRICHTON (1899-1991) in May 1923, St John's Church, Wellington
* Noel was born 8 Jan 1899 to Robert George Crichton (1870-1933) & Gertrude May Boon (1874-1944), who are buried at Kelvin Grove.
12 May 1923 A very pretty evening wedding recently took place in St John's Church, Wellington, when Miss Lilian Whiteacre, fourth daughter of Mrs and the late Mr W. Whiteacre, of Northland, Wellington (well-known in Dunedin), was married to Mr Noel R. Chrichton, youngest son of Mr and Mrs Crichton of Palmerston North. The Rev Dr Gibb officiated at the ceremony and Mr William Oliver, of Wellington, was best man. The bride, who was given away by her brother Mr Edward Whiteacre, wore a wedding gown of white simple satin, daintily embroidered in beads. A handsome veil was also worn, arranged with a wreath of orange blossom and she carried a beautiful shower bouquet. Miss Vic Whiteacre, sister of the bride, attended as chief bridesmaid, in a heliotrope satin frock with bell sleeves of all-over lace in the same colour. She wore a big picture hat of the same shade, with silver streamers. The bride's little niece, Miss Ella Whiteacre (daughter of Edward), made a very sweet little flower girl, in a pretty lemon taffeta dress and a wreath round her head. She carried a basket of exquisite roses and autumn leaves. After the ceremony, about fifty guests (relatives and intimate friends, including several from Auckland, Dunedin and Palmerston North) were entertained at the home of Mrs E. Whiteacre, where a most enjoyable evening was spent. The guests were received by the mother of the bride and the newly-married couple entered the house to the strains of the "Wedding March" and were showered with confetti. They left later for the North, the bride wearing a smart grey costume of elephant grey shade and a hat to match with a beautiful ostrich plume
NOEL died in Wellington 5 Feb 1991 aged 90
ELIZABETH died in Wellington 11 Aug 1992 aged 90
* they were both cremated at Karori

. . 8 . .
Alexandra Victoria 'Vic' Whiteacre (1904-1971)
(born 31 July 1903 in County Galway, Ireland)
Alexandra married Albert Edward WATSON (1902-1965) in Wellington on 6 March 1928
* Albert was born in Wellington 9 Sep 1902, to William Archer Watson (1874-1931) & Flora Ann Welsh (1879-1948)
their known children
(born Christchurch)
* 1931 - 1931 Florence Watson
* 1937 - 2009 Robyn Anne Watson (+ Martin)
ALBERT died of a Heart Attack in Christchurch 26 May 1965 aged 62
ALEXANDRA died 24 Aug 1971 in Harewood, Christchurch aged 68

William Whiteacre, father of the above, died on 22 Nov 1918 at his residence, 1 Cheswick road, Northland, Wellington aged 66. His occupation was listed as 'Life Attendant'?
Deborah Whiteacre, William's wife and mother of the above, died 15 April 1931 aged 73.
They are buried Plot 112 E, CH ENG2 at Karori with:
1921 - daughter Helen Deborah 'Nellie' Couchman
1954 - son Edward Whiteacre
Evening Post, 22 Nov 1921
- In sad and loving memory of our dear father, William Whiteacre, who passed away on the 22nd November 1918.
Inserted by his loving son and daughter-in-law, R. and C. Whiteacre
WHITEACRE - In loving memory of my dear husband and father, who passed away at his residence, 1 Creswick-road, Northland, on the 22nd November 1918.
We shall meet him some bright morning,
Resting by the waters fair;
He is waiting for our coming
In the Upper Garden there.
Inserted by his loving wife and daughter Lil Whiteacre
WHITEACRE - In loving memory of our dear father, who passed away at his residence 1 Creswick-road, Northland, on the 22nd November 1918.
For to thy dearest, there is no death,
Only a gentle murmuring breath;
Wind of God wafts him over life's sea
On the shores of Eternity.
Inserted by his loving daughter, son-in-law and grandson, Bell, Cliff and Bobbie Mitchell
WHITEACRE - In loving memory of William Whiteacred, who passed away at Northland on the 22nd November 1918.
We cannot call a day our own,
Nor yet one single hour;
For death will cut the strongest down,
And blast the fairest flower.
Inserted by his son-in-law, Albert Couchman, Wanganui.
WHITEACRE - In loving memory of our dear father who departed this life on the 22nd November 1918.
Sweet is the memory he left behind,
Of a life always loving, thoughtful and kind;
Peacefully sleeping, resting at last,
Life's troubles over, sufferings past.
Inserted by his loving son Edward and daughter-in-law Maude, also wee Ted and Ella.

the 1911 Census

- Residents of a house 5 in Stormanstown (Drumcondra Rural

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Edward (Ted) 1917 - 1984 not 1954
Gloria 1922 -1998
Eleanor. 1920- 1960s

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