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WICKENS family Wellington, New Zealand ex Sussex, England

Journal by allycat

Dear Members, Below is a part of my family tree, my interest lies in the NATHAN/HARRIS # family in particular.

Frederick Nimrod WICKENS born 18 Feb 1830 Rotherfield, Sussex, England died 27 Jun 1909 Wellington, New Zealand. He was the son of George WICKENS 1792~1872 of Rotherfield, Sussex, England and Mary MANSER born 1795 Ticehurst, Sussex, England died 1864 Rotherfield, Sussex, England.

Frederick married 10 May 1871 Frant, Sussex, England Elizabeth Turner PEEK 1850~1896, her parents names not yet known.

The couple had 6 children that I can find:-

1. Frederick William WICKENS born 1872 Ticehurst District, Sussex, England died 1913 New Zealand, married 1895 New Zealand Florence Isabella BALCHIM 1875~1935. Children: William Keith WICKENS 1902~1989; Dora Ethel WICKENS 1903~1963 married Cyril ALLEN 1903~1965; Frederick Clifford WICKENS 1907~1908.

2. Trayton (or Frayton) George WICKENS born 1873 Uckfield District, Sussex, England died 5 Sep 1900 New Zealand, married 1896 Jane Francis Antionette NATHAN born 1875 New Zealand, the daughter of Anthony Charles NATHAN 1843~1942 and Sarah Ann HARRIS # 1844~1878. Children: Trayton Lyall WICKENS born 3 Nov 1897 died Mar 1973 New Zealand, supposedly buried Hastings Cemetery, married 1922 Caroline RIDDELL born 30 Nov 1897 New Zealand, died 1 Sep 1957 New Zealand, the daughter of George RIDDELL and Elizabeth; and John Nimrod WICKENS born 1899 New Zealand first married 1928 New Zealand Irene SCUTT 1906~1944 and they have one son, she was the daughter of James SCUTT and Margaret, after Irene's death he then married Living PARSONS and they have five children.

3. Mary Louisa WICKENS born 1875 Tunbridge District, Kent, England died 1902 New Zealand, married 1900 Henry Arthur HANCOCK 1874~1947. I have no further information on this couple.

4. Arthur Henry WICKENS born 24 Feb 1877 Tunbridge District, Kent, England died 1946 New Zealand, married 1905 New Zealand Janet STEWART 1884~1936 New Zealand. Children: Arthur Stewart WICKENS 1906~1965; and Dorothy Holgate WICKENS b 1909 NZ.

5. Frank Nimrod WICKENS born 27 Aug 1884 died 1908 aged 24 years New Zealand

6. Stanley Huia WICKENS born 23 Nov 1892 New Zealand, died 14 Jun 1957 New Zealand, married either 1917 or 1918 Madeleine Elizabeth ROBERTS 1895~1960.

Can anyone please add to my information? I am unaware at present how/when the WICKENS arrived in New Zealand but it would have been between 1877 and 1884.



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by allycat Profile | Research | Contact | Subscribe | Block this user
on 2009-04-17 20:29:13

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by ngairedith on 2009-04-17 21:21:00

Hi Ally,

There is a Frank Nimrod Wickens buried at Karori Cemetery, Wellington on 29-6-1909 (born 1833).
He was a 'surveyor' which is quite exciting because he should be easy to find and track.

Frank Wickens jnr is also buried there on 28-8-1908 (born 1884)
He was a plumber and is buried in the same plot, as is a Trayton George Wickens on 11-5-1900 (born 1874) - this is even more exciting as he was a well known photographer in Manners St., Wellington, starting a business in 1895 and immediately took 'front rank' as photographic artist because of his excellence in workmanship.

You can read about him here T.G. WICKENS

Of course, you may have this info but thought it would be of interest if you didn't.

Funny thing, I can't find any women buried with them ...

Trayton died aged 26 and Frank jnr was 24 - why so young?
Died after the Boer Wars and before WWI

by allycat on 2009-04-17 21:39:16

My gosh you are even quicker. Thank you so much. I didn't have any of that information before. If any WICKENS descendants find this information they will be really thrilled.

Q.Do you know where Hastings Cemetery is? Link etc.? Trayton Lyall Wickens is supposedly buried there.


by ngairedith on 2009-04-17 22:10:30

Yes, he is there with another 5 Wickens
Trayton Lyall Wickens was cremated on 3-3-1973 aged 75

Hastings is in the Hawkes Bay - up near Napier - the 'fruit bowl' of New Zealand.
I used to spend a lot of time up there in the holidays etc. Nice coast

by allycat on 2009-04-17 22:29:22

Much appreciated, thanks.

by ngairedith on 2009-04-17 23:06:22

Frederick Nimrod Wickens &
Henry MacKinnon &
George Burke

were partners carrying on a business as 'Brewers' in Dunedin
They dissolved the business on 15th August 1860

In March 1858 he applied to purchase rural land, at the Waste Land Board Office of Dunedin.

ALSO, this is a link to the [url=http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~wickens/] WICKENS damily of SUSSEX[/url where I believe yours originated from.

OR WICKENS - ARE RECORDS - very big site, Frederick is on that one too.

Stanley Huia Wickens went to war in April 1917 - using his friend Miis M. Roberts of Gisborne as his next of kin.

Trayton Lyall Wickens went to war in October 1915 and used his grandfather A. Nathan (presumably Jane's father Anthony - who was living in Taihape at the time) as next of kin

John Nimrod Wickens went to war in November 1915, a month after Trayton, he also used A. Nathan as his next of kin

by ngairedith on 2009-04-17 23:08:06
by wongie on 2009-06-02 01:51:24

Hi Alison,

I can tell you more about Elizabeth Turner PEEK.

Her mother was Frances Louisa Housego
Birth: 1815 Southwold, Suffolk, England
Death: 1869 Frant Sussex.

I am not 100% sure who her father was but i believe it was a William TURNER. I know they lived together for a number of years. They eventually married at Frant Sussex 22 Nov 1867

Elizabeth Turner PEEK had a sister called Frances Turner Peek born 1852 Frant Sussex. Frances married Alfred Wyle Newington at Frant 9 Oct 1873.

Elizabeth also had a half sister Louisa Peeke Housego born 1837 Southwold, Suffolk, England
died 1875. She married Edward ANSELL.

Its all a little bit odd, the name PEEK is some times spelt PEEKE and PEETE.

All her three daughter have it would appear their fathers surname as a middle name. Its as if their mother was unmarried at the time of their birth.

In the 1851 census Frances Louisa Housego is said to be the widow of Robert PEETE and she has her two oldest daughters Louisa Peete Housego aged 13 and Elizabeth Turner Peete aged 3 months living with her and William TURNER. The most odd thing is she is stated to be an inmate!

More about William Turner and how Elizabth probably met her husband Frederick Nimrod Wickens. Frederick Nimrod was a land surveyor and so was William.

William's Occupation in 1867
Description: Post Office Directory entry Turner William, auctioneer, appraiser, land surveyor, estate & commission agent; Whittington club, Arundel st. Strand, London W.C. and Bells Ewe Green Frant Sussex.

Frederick Nimrod Wickens was a widow when he married Elizabeth Turner PEEK. He had been married to a Maria Storton on 19 Jun 1852 at
St Lukes Chelsea, London.

If you would like to find out more about Frederick Nimrod Wickens, his parents and siblings and other ancestors of his just have a look at my web page all about the Wickens of Rotherfield Sussex.
link to web page http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~wickens/

I also have a photo some where of Frederick Nimrod, Elizabeth and their children.

Hope that is of some help Alison.

Susan Wickens.

by allycat on 2009-06-02 17:23:50

Amazing stuff, Susan. Thank you for sharing. I did see your Wickens of Rotherfield Sussex site after I posted my journal. Well done.


by stephenwickens on 2009-11-17 00:39:27

Hi Alison,
Number 2 at the top of this thread isn't quite right, as my grandfather John Nimrod Wickens has been confused with my father Trayton Nimrod Wickens. John was married to Irene, as stated. My father Trayton Nimrod was born 6 Feb 1930,an only child, so was about 13 when his mother died. John Nimrod did remarry some time later to Laura Francis Johnston (not sure of the spelling of Johnston) a divorcee. I think my dad was their best man when they married. They had no children. My grandfather John Nimrod died in Barcelona, Spain while on holiday.I need to check the dates but it was around 1961 from memory. It always intrigued me that he was just 15 when he went to war. I know that he was shot in the leg. He designed his own snipers badge, which he wore on his uniform, and which my dad gave to the NZ Army museum in Waiouru. It was my father Trayton Nimrod who married Betty Lorraine Parsons, and they had five children. I am the eldest of the five, and was born in 1950. I remember Trayton Lyall. We knew him as Uncle Lyall. I came across an article from the Victoria Gazette from 1855 the other day. It appeared from that that Frederick Nimrod owned land in Melbourne before he came to NZ. He seemed to get around a bit! In 1876 he lost an appeal against having land in Dunedin taken under the Public Works Act without compensation on the grounds that he wasn't currently in the Colony (still on his honeymoon perhaps?) and that his land was now worth more as it was close to the railway line! NZ Archives Dunedin Bankruptcy files have him declared bankrupt in 1884. Hope this is of some interest! Kind regards Stephen Wickens

by stephenwickens on 2010-01-11 18:18:06

Hi All,
Trayton George Wickens, my great grandfather was just 26 when he died from typhoid, leaving Jane Frances Antoinette (nee Nathan) with two little boys - Trayton Lyall, about 3 and my grand father John Nimrod about 1 yo. A year later their mum, Jane Frances Antionette (Nettie) remarried - to David Pirani, a newspaper publisher. The next few years are a bit of a mystery. Nettie took her young boys to South Africa - and I suspect that this was without David Pirani, as in 1904 he was busy establishing a new newpaper in Cambridge. In March 1906 Nettie died in South Africa, and Anthony Nathan, by then a JP in Taihape, and shortly thereafter Mayor of that Borough, apparently went to SA to rescue Trayton Lyall and John Nimrod. My grandfather was about 7. It is hardly surprising that both John and Lyall listed Anthony Nathan as next of kin when they went to war - he was the one who had rescued them and raised them. I really would love to find out what were the circumstances of Netties departure for South Africa, the cause of her death, and if there is any truth to the oral histeroy that she may have had another child.

Stephen Wickens

user rip1944 deactivated
by allycat on 2010-07-03 18:11:39

Thanks rip1944.

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