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William Ambrose FORD (1811-1866) and First four settler ships to Canterbury, New Zealand

Journal by DennisL

William Ambrose FORD was born 1811, Portsea, Hampshire, ENGLAND. William died 24 July 1866, Christchurch, Canterbury, NEW ZEALAND.

William married Mary HATHERLEY 4 Dec 1831, Portsea St Mary's Hampshire, England. They had the following children

Mary Anne FORD (1832-1895)
Emily Amelia (1834-1851)
Rebecca (1836-)
Sophia (1837-1915)
Emma (1839-1917)
Susannah (1844-)
William Ambrose (1846-1899)
Jane (1850-1851)
William Henry (1867-1907)

This is an account of how they came to New Zealand

The First Four Ships carried the Canterbury Association?s first settlers. The Association, founded in 1848 and guided by Edward Gibbon Wakefield and John Robert Godley, imagined the founding of an Anglican Church settlement in New Zealand comprising a cross-section of English society. In late 1848, the Association?s land surveyors found what they considered the ideal site for the proposed settlement of Canterbury and its chief town, Christchurch (originally, the Wairarapa was to be the site). In May 1849, official sanction was gained and the Association in London was notified. By July 1849, the setting out of the port town and surveying of the Bridle Path and Port Hills were under way. On January 3, 1850, the Association?s purchase terms were approved for a reservation of 2? million acres in the Canterbury region. With that, the Association began recruiting emigrants, and by July 1850, preparations were well under way for the voyage to New Zealand.

Those who came to Canterbury on the First Four Ships were divided into two main groups: ?colonists? and ?emigrants?. Colonists travelled as cabin passengers and had the money to buy land in the new settlement. The Canterbury Association required that a rural allotment of at least 50 acres be bought at ?3 an acre, as well as a town section in either Lyttelton or Christchurch. These high prices were aimed at preventing labourers and the like from buying land. The Association intended that the colonists be the leaders in Canterbury in its formative years.

The ?emigrants? were mainly agricultural labourers, tradesmen, domestic servants and young married couples. Emigrants travelled in steerage and paid what they could afford for their fare. The shortfall was made up either by the Canterbury Association or by their future employers travelling on the same ship. Emigrants were required to be under 40 years old, to provide their own tools, and to supply testimonials as to their qualifications, medical certificates and certificates from the minister of their parish, countersigned by a Justice of the Peace.

Cabin passengers paid ?42 a berth, intermediate passengers ?25 a berth, and steerage passengers ?15. Each ship carried a chaplain, a surgeon and a schoolmaster, all paid for by the Canterbury Association. The doctor received 10 shillings for every passenger safely delivered to Lyttelton, but had to pay back 20 shillings for every passenger who died.

Early on Saturday, September 7, 1850, the first ship, the Charlotte Jane, departed Plymouth Sound, England. The Randolph followed a few hours later, and late on Saturday night the Cressy left. The Sir George Seymour departed the following day about 11am. The exact number of passengers on board the ships is not known; surgeons? lists and shipping lists do not match, and some young children were not counted. About 154 passengers were on the Charlotte Jane, 217 on the Randolph, 155 on the Cressy, and 227 on the Sir George Seymour.

Life on board was cramped. Steerage passengers were confined to a small space below the main deck. Single men slept in bunks 6? feet long by 2 feet wide. Married couples shared a slightly wider bunk (3? feet) and had a curtain for privacy. This space was used not only for sleeping, but also for storing everything needed for the voyage. There was a lack of fresh air, and dampness was a constant concern.

Basic food was provided, such as salted meat, flour, rice, biscuits and potatoes, but steerage passengers had to cook it themselves. A large table was fixed to the floor down the middle of the steerage area for this. A bucket was supplied for washing and laundry.

Cabin passengers had slightly better conditions. Living quarters had more space and privacy, and meals were cooked and served by stewards.

Many suffered from seasickness. The worst of this was during the first two weeks, but for some it continued for the whole voyage. Passengers passed the time at sea plotting the ship?s course, writing letters and diaries, sewing, playing cards and games, and dancing. Prayer meetings were held every morning and afternoon, and there was a full church service on Sundays. There were also school lessons for the children.

The Charlotte Jane anchored at Lyttelton at 10am on Monday, December 16, 1850. The Randolph arrived at 3.30pm. The Sir George Seymour anchored at 10am the following day, and the Cressy arrived on December 27. The ships brought about 800 people to Lyttelton. Initially, many were housed in immigration barracks, while others set up V-huts and tents. As soon as possible, many of the settlers made the arduous journey up the steep Bridle Path to the summit of the Port Hills and then down into a swampy Christchurch.

Heavy goods were transported by boat down Lyttelton harbour, across the shallow bar of the Sumner Estuary and then up the Avon River. A number of families lost their possessions when boats sank crossing the bar.

Passengers who arrived by the four ships "George Seymour," "Randolph," "Charlotte Jane," "Cressy."

Vessel tonnage Masters Cabin Intermediate Steerage Total Dates of arrival
Charlotte Jane 720 tons Captain Alexander Lawrence 26 24 104 154 Dec. 16. 1850

Randolph 761 tons Captain Dale 34 15 161 210 Dec. 16. 1850

Sir George Seymour 850 tons Captain Goodson 40 23 164 227 Dec. 17. 1850

Cressy (barque) 720 tons Captain Joseph Dennison Bell 27 23 105 155 Dec. 27 1850

Sir George Gray, Governor, of the colony, came down the coast in her Majesty's
sloop of war Fly to welcome their arrival. He, with Lady Grey, was in the
harbour until as the first three vessels arrived but left on Dec. 18 for the

The four vessels carried in all 746 passengers. List of the chief and fore cabin
passengers who arrived by the four ships complied from the Lyttelton Times
January 18th 1851. Steerage passengers compiled from information obtained from
Colin Amodeo and used here with his permission. Resources used by Colin include
the Immigration Agents and Surgeon Superintendent lists and the Barracks
Registers in addition to other resources.
The Christchurch Press First Four Ships Project
"Charlotte Jane", 730 tons, left Plymouth Sound, captained by Alexander
Lawrence, cast anchor off Port Lyttelton on Monday the 16th of December, at 10
o'clock; thus making her passage in 93 days from land to land, or 99 days from
port to port. Another listing
"Randolph", 761 tons, sailed from Plymouth, entered Port Victoria at half past
three o'clock in the afternoon of the 16th, having accomplished the passage in
99 days under the command of Captain Dale.
Another list of cabin passengers for the Randolph
"Sir George Seymour", 850 tons, came to anchor about 10 o'clock on Tuesday,
Dec.17, being 100 days almost to the very hour from the time she left
"Cressy", 634 tons, barque, built in 1843 in Sutherland, Class 11 A1. She
sailed from Gravesend 7 September 1850 and was the last of the first four to
arrive anchored at Lyttelton on 27 December 1850 , ten days later, under
Master Joseph Dennison Bell. She had lost her fore-mast south of Cape of Good

In December 1850 the first four Canterbury Association ships arrived at
Lyttelton with 782 passengers onboard and a further 56 either deserted or took
their discharged at Lyttelton. These are the Canterbury Pilgrims. Twelve, names
unknown deserted from the Randolph at Lyttelton. Who were those twelve? The
Press in Christchurch commissioned research into the family histories of those
featured in four group photographs (131 former passengers) taken in 1900 of the
surviving passengers of the Charlotte Jane, Cressy, Sir George Seymour and
Randolph and ran a special series, "The First Four Ships Project" from Monday
January 2nd 2006 to Thursday 6th January 2006. These group photographs were
published in the newspaper, with each individual named and labeled, and a
snippet on the families. Some names have quite a bit written about them, others
very little. Also a list of names of deserters and the names of those who
worked their passage and were discharged at their own request.
List of names from the Charlotte Jane from the 1900 reunion photo in
Christchurch "Press" Monday 2nd January 2006
1/ Thomas WILSON (1850 - 1918)
2/ John JEFFS (1839 - 1902)
3/ Charles HILL
4/ Jabez THORNTON (1817 - 1904)
5/ Hon. C.E.BOWEN. (1830 - 1917)
6/ Samuel HORRELL (1850 - 1923)
7/ William Rising TAYLOR (1844 - 1913)
8/ James Temple FISHER (1828 - 1905)
9/ Mrs FREE seems she was Elizabeth Simpson
10/ Mrs J.S.THOMPSON - no information available
11/ Mrs S. KINGSBURY, nee Dixon
12/ James SAIL (1819 - 1908)
13/ Mrs Mary ANDERSON nee Dixon
14/ Rockwood Comport BISHOP (1847 - 1925)
15/ Samuel Delabere BARKER (1848 - 1901)
16/ Mrs BERGH nee Elizabeth Marley
18/ Mrs W. BUSS nee Mary Elizabeth Howard
19/ Mrs W. BLAKE nee Agnes Kate Bishop
20/ Mrs J.T. FISHER (Harriet) with husband James Temple Fisher
21/ Mrs WHITMORE nee Jean Grubb
22/ Mrs FIELD Louisa formerly Mrs Nippriss
23/ Mrs BARKER may be Ann nee Dixon
25/ Mrs CHICK Sarah nee Hill
Worked Passage as Crew on the Charlotte Jane
Discharge at Lyttelton January 1851
Surname First Names Age Place of Birth Rank Register Ticket
Austin William 18 Somerset Ord Seaman 503 058
Griffith William J. 33 Tipperary Ord Seaman 57 279
Tulloch Henry J 17 Poole Cuddy servant 503 220

List of names from the Cressy from the 1900 reunion photo in Christchurch
"Press" Tuesday 3rd January 2006
1/ Richard BAKER
2/ Thomas PATRICK
3/ Fred ALLEN
4/ Michael Brennan HART (1843 - 1908)
5/ Charles T. DUDLEY (1843 - 1929)
6/ Edward DOBSON (1816 - 1908)
7/ Edwin Coxhesd MOULDEY (1842 - 1925)
8/ Moses MOULDEY
9/ Jacob PARISH (1842 - 1907)
10/ George DUNFORD
11/ Isaac PARISH (1846 - 1921)
12/ John R. CHILDS
13/ James Frederick BAKER (1845 - 1916)
14/ John BENNETT
15/ Thomas KENT (1827 - 1915)
16/ George R. HART (1841 - 1911)
17/ George William PICKERING (1832 0 1913)
18/ Edward BAKER (1850- 1922) 13/ Baker family above
19/ Robert EVANS (1826 - 1911)
20/ Mrs CLARIDGE no information available
21/ Mrs COXHEAD nee Mouldey
22/ Mrs PATTEN nee Mouldey
23/ Mrs J.A.GRAHAM nee Whitmore
24/ Henry CLEAVER
25/ Thomas HEWITT (Hewett) (1825 - 1903)
26/ Joseph L. PATRICK
27/ Mrs R.M. CRESSWELL nee King
28/ Mrs FREE Mrs Maria Free nee Patrick
29/ Mrs WILLIS Elizabeth,
30/ Mrs PAWSEY no information available
31/ Mrs EVANS Sarah
32/ Mrs Mary Ellen VINCENT
33/ Mrs Sarah BAKER
34/ Mrs BUGG nee Baker,
35/ Mrs EDER no information available
36/ Mrs Antonia ZUPPERUCH nee Cleaver
37/ Mrs Emma HEWITT (Hewett)
38/ Miss F.F. DUDLEY may be Frances Dudley
39/ Mrs PRATT nee Duffell
Worked Passage as Crew on the Cressy
Discharge at Lyttelton January 1851
Surname First Name Age Place of Birth Rank Register Ticket
Beresford William 22 Liverpool 4th Officer 392 012
Over John 19 London Boy 505 171
Stribling Thomas 18 Cornwall Apprentice 376 548
Wills William 32 Southampton Emigrants' Cook 198 799

List of names from the Sir George Seymour from the 1900 reunion photo
in Christchurch "Press" Wednesday 4th January 2006
1/ George Alexander WORNALL (1859-1927) ( this is the date in the article) think
it should be 1849 as it says he was one.
2/ Joseph RICHARDS
3/ Benjamin CORLETT age 6
4/ George CRESSWELL (1847 - 1914) 4yrs old
5/ John HILL age 14
6/ Phillip LARAMAN (1837 - 1917) age 18
8/ John ANDERSON jnr (1849-1934) aged 1
9/ Rev. Frederick INWOOD infant
10/ Rev. Frederick George BRITTAN (1848-1945) aged 2
11/ James INWOOD (1840-1903) aged 10
12/ Edward WASHBOURN (1843-1935) age 10
13/ Henry R.R. LITTLE
14/ Robert M. CRESSWELL (1840- 1916) aged 10
15/ Richard James Strachan HARMAN (1826- 1902) aged 24
16/ James CLOTHIER infant
17/ John CHURCH aged 12
19/ George Septimus PHILLIPS (1844-1920) aged 6
20/ Augustus INWOOD (1848-1915) aged 2
21/ William BRITTAN (1844-1916) aged 6
22/ Mrs BANKS Maria nee Washbourn aged 10
23/ Henry SALT (1837 - 1901) aged 13
24/ Mrs NEWTON no information available
25/ Mrs Ann DALTON age 23
26/ Mrs WRIGHT no information available
27/ Mrs G.A. WORNALL, Esther age 29
28/ Mrs C. COATES nee Brittan
29/ Mrs Eliza THACKER aged 30
30/ Mrs C. WITHELL
31/ Mrs Mary WASHBOURN
32/ Mrs CHESTERFIELD no information available
33/ Miss Fanny WASHBOURN aged 6

Worked Passage as Crew on the Sir George Seymour
Discharge at Lyttelton January 1851
Surname First Names Age Place of Birth Rank Register Ticket merchant_navy_service_seamen1835to1857_officer1835to1844.pdf
AUSTIN Benjamin George 41 Essex Butcher's mate 503 155
BROWN Thomas 18 Bailing? Cuddy Servant 503 097
HOLDEN Charles 18 London Ord., Seaman 503 092
JONES William 27 London Steward 303 166
LITTLECOTT William 25 Surrey Ord. Seaman 393 218
MATTHEWS Joseph 25 Surrey Ord. Seaman 458 348
RITCHIE John 32 Stepney Emigrant's Cook 503 004

List of names from the Randolph from the 1900 reunion photo in Christchurch
"Press" Thursday 5th January 2006
1/ Charles BOURNE (1829-1907)
3/ Randolph G. HARPER born on board ship
4/ Elijah HARPER (1849-1933)
5/ Enoch SMART (1844 - 1907)
6/ Emon SMART (Enon)
7/ Randolph CHANEY born on board
8/ Joseph CHANEY (1848-1928)
9/ George PHILPOTT aged 3
10/ Edwin G. PHILPOTT (1844 - 1922)
11/ John HARPER
12/ William. STORER aged 2
13/ Mrs HOWELL - nee Elizabeth Dale Waghorn born on voyage
14/ William PHILPOTT
15/ William Derisley WOOD
16/ Amos SMART died 1915
17/ Charles . Hood WILLIAMS (1844-1912)
18/ Thomas Frederick PEEL (1824-1907)
19/ Mrs WINTER - nee Sarah Stokes a (1844-1930)
20/ William Ward STOKES
21/ Mrs RAPLEY - nee Sarah Elizabeth Woodford, marr. Joseph Jesse Rapley
22/ Mrs FRANKISH nee Mary Williams (1846- 1906)
23/ Mrs C.C. AIKMAN nee Isabella Williams m. Colin Campbell Aikman.
24/ Mrs E. HARPER
25/ Mrs HARPER - nee Mary Bennington,
26/ Mrs HUNTER - nee Mary Ann Waghorn
27/ Edmund SMART
28/ T. KERRIDGE, no further information available
29/ Mrs F. MONCRIEF nee Fanny Stokes born on Randolph
30/ Mrs MORRIS nee Elizabeth Stokes,
31/ MRS MOFFETT nee Abigail Rotheray (1831-1906)
32/ Mrs COCHRANE no information available
33/ Mrs RHODES nee Emma Suzannah Chaney (1832 - 1928)
34/ Mrs NEALE nee Charlotte Chaney (1842-1908)
35/ Mrs NEUGESCHWINDER nee Martha Brown,
36/ Mrs Wm BRYANT (Ann) (1828- 1904)
37/ Wm BRYANT (1818- 1901)
38/ Mrs WATSON no information available
39/ Mrs HOWSON nee Jane Free (1849-1918)
40/ Mrs BAYFIELD Matilda, (1807-1909) died aged 92 in Sumner (as in paper)
41/ Mrs STANLEY Mary (1830-1901)

"Charlotte Jane"Barker Dr. Alfred Charles 31 Surgeon-Superintendant of the "Charlotte Jane," d. 1873
Barker Mrs Emma 30 d. 1878
Barker Richard 4
Barker Samuel Delabere 2 1848-1901
Barker Arthur 1 d. 1938
Bishop Edward Brenchley 28 d. 1887
Bishop Charles Wellington 26
Bishop Mrs Ellen 30
Bishop Vallance 6
Bishop Miss Agnes 4 later Blake,
Bishop Rockwood Charles 3 d. 1925
Bishop Frederick Augustus 25
Bishop Miss Emma Kate 23
Bowen Charles 45 (1804-1871)
Bowen Mrs Georgina 40
Bowen Miss Letitia 10
Bowen Miss Anne 44 d. 1876 Aunt to children
Bowen Charles Christopher 20 d. 1917
Bowen Croisdale 18 [Croasdaile] (1831-1890)
Cholmondeley Thomas 19
Cholmondeley Charles 27 d. 1891 plaque in ChCh Cathedral
Fisher James Temple
Fisher Mrs Harriet 23
Fisher Stephen 30
Fitzgerald James Fitzgerald 32 d. 1897
Fitzgerald Mrs Frances 18
Howard Smith Snr. d. 1893
Howard George 10
Howard Miss Lucy
Howard Miss Agnes 8 later Mrs Hurse
Howard Smith jnr.
Howard Miss M.E. later Mrs Buss
Howard Elizabeth 6
?Hooper Ann 16
Kingdon The Rev. George T.B. 36 St Winows, Cornwall
Kingdon Mrs Sophia 18
Mountfort Benjamin W. 26 d. 1898
Mountfort Mrs Emily 21 d. 1897
Mountfort Miss Susanna 22 later Mrs Luck
Mountfort Charles Wheeler 24
Mountfort Mrs C.W.(Mary) 21
Pursglove Mr Schoolmaster
Pursglove Mrs ?Pierglove
Shrimpton John
Ward Edward Robert 25 drowned 1851
Ward Henry 19
Ward Hamilton 16
Wortley The Hon. James SturatSteerage Passengers
Abernathy James 18 labourer
Abrahams Thomas 42 stone mason d. 1878
Abrahams Mrs Mary Ann 39 d. 1899
Abrahams Marian 12 ? Mary AnnAdams William 39 upholsterer
Allan George 45 labourer (Allan)
Allan Mrs Ann 43
Allan Ann Elizabeth 9
Allen William Glover
Allfrey George 43 labourer (Alfrey)
Allfrey Mrs Arabella 36
Allfrey Alfred 8
Allfrey Miss Marian 19 nurse later Mrs James Anderson, Kaiapoi
Atkinson Mr
Bassett Jane 11
Caughey Henry 22 labourer
Carlton Edward 20 labourer ?Charlton d, 1900 Picton
Derry H. William 22 whitesmith
Derry Mrs Hannah 2
Dixon Joseph 34 labourer d. 1890
Dixon Mrs Mary 33
Dixon James 6
Dixon Ann 9 later Mrs Barker
Dixon Mary 8
Dixon Elizabeth 4
Dixon Jane 2
Dixon Joseph infant
Doutch Maria 21 milliner
Dowling Virginia 26 domestic servant, returned to England
Faucett Thomas 31 shepherd (Fawcett)
Faucett Mrs Mary 29
Ferguson Margaret 26 domestic servant
Griffiths William d. 1884
Griffen Nath. Edward 23 agent d, 1884 (?Griffin)
Griffin Mrs Mary 21
Geddes Andrew 30 carpenter
Grubb Mrs Mary 30 d. 1886 (John Grubb already working in Lyttelton as shipwright)
Grubb Mary 6 d. 1894 later Mrs Maude
Grubb Jean 4
Grubb Jessie 2 later Mrs Munro
Haffenden Ann 29 servant d. 1853 ?Heffenden
Hill Joseph 36 labourer
Hill Ann Browning 34 Mrs
Hill Charles O. 7
Hill Henry J.
Hill Frances infant
Hill Ann B. 5 d. 1882 later Mrs Brown
Hill Sarah later Mrs Chick
Horrell John 28 ag. machinist
Horrell Mrs Elizabeth 24
Hughes Samuel 26 labourer
Hughes Mrs Mary 26
Hughes Mary infant
Jeffs Mrs Elizabeth
Jeffs Albert (Abbott)
Jeffs Charles 24
Jeffs Richard 4
Jeffs Benjamin 24
Jeffs John 1
Jeffs Sarah ` infant
Larkham Philip 16 agriculturist
Lewis Elizabeth 17 servant
Marley William 34 carpenter c. 1897
Marley Mary 37
Marley Eliza 3 later Mrs Bergh
Marley Mary Ann infant
Marriott Benjamin Smith 28 smith
McCormack William 27 labourer d. 1868 ?McCormick
McCormack Mrs Jane 37 d. 1853
Newnham William 36 schoolmaster
Newnham Frederick 10
Nippriss Henry 28 labourer d. 1851
Nippriss Mrs Louisa Jane 22
Padgen Silas 19 labourer
Payton Charles 26 servant
Payton Mrs Emma 24
Shrimpton John Ingram 17 printer
Shrimpton Walter (first printers of "Lyttelton Times")
Simpson Joseph 22 whitesmith
Simpson Mrs Harriett 27
Simpson Elizabeth 7 later Mrs Ritchie
Sloane James 24 labourer
Sloane James 22
Stout James B. 27 agriculturist
Stout Mrs Jane 23 d. 1898 (?Jean)
Sail James 31 labourer
Taylor Joseph 45 stone mason d. 1863
Taylor Charlotte 39
Taylor Virginia 7
Taylor George 20
Taylor William 5
Thornton Jabez 32 carpenter
Turnbull John 26 d. 1890
Varyer John 39 printer
Varyer Mrs Jane 30
Varyer Frances 13
Varyer Eleanor 11
Varyer John 9
Walter George 16 farm labourer
Wilson Robert 35 labourer
Wilson Samuel 6
Wilson Sarah 4
Wilson Thomas infant
Winchester Henry 19 printerThe above steerage passenger information courtesy of Colin Amodeo. Posted 14
April 2000
"Whitesmith" one who files and polishes iron to a silvery surface. Iron will
take on nearly as deep a polish as silver, but not as rich, and certainly much
more work. On the other hand, iron costs about fifty cents a pound! A
whitesmith indeed, works iron to a high finish. A tinsmith.

"Randolph"Bayfield Arthur D. d. 1861
Bayfield Mrs Matilda and child [Arthur D. Bayfield]
Beelby Richard C. [Bealby] returned to England 1851
Blanchard H. Richard
Boly E. [could be Boby]
Bridge C.J. Mr
Butterfield Joseph (Batterfiled)
Duncan Thomas
Duncan Mrs T.S. and child [Miss]
Earle James W. Surgeon-Superintendant of the "Randolph."
Earle Mrs J.W.
Earle Ellen 13
Earle Edward 9
Earle Katherine 8
Earle infant
Flemming Richard John
Flemming Emma Mary
Flemming George Spencer 1
Flemming Emily 4
Harrison Thomas Haynes
Keele Mr [Peele, F.F.]
Parlby Mr
Parson Lee [Lee-Parsons]
Puckle The Rev. Edward
Puckle Mrs E.
Puckle Edward 15
Puckle Summers 12
Puckle Sidney 10
Puckle Mary 6
Puckle Murray 3
Puckle Keel infant
Ransom Miss Schoolmistress [Ranson]
Stoddart Mr Schoolmaster left the colony
Stoddart Mrs [Stoddard] left the colony
Taylor Miss W.R. Schoolmistress [Frances Taylor]
Tullock Mr.J.
Willock The Rev. William W.
Willock Mrs Willcock [& 1 son?}
Williams Theodore and Mrs and three children [Chas. Hood Williams, Daniel Theodore Williams]
Wood William Dearsley
[Williams] Mr and Mrs John & (2 sons*)? John Williams, J.J. Struthers Williams]
[Chownes] John
[Howard] Mr & MrsSteerage Passengers
Bailey John 38 gardener
Bailey Mrs Madeline 29
Bailey Eliza 3
Bailey Madeline 4
Bailey Henry infant
Bennington John 38 ag. labourer (Bryenton)
Bennington Mrs Ann 32
Bennington John 12
Bennington Ann 10
Bennington James 8
Bennington Mary A. 5
Bennington William 2
Bourn C.J. groom & ag. labourer
Brown Charles 34 sawyer
Brown Martha 37
Brown Martha 1
Bryant William 29 (Bryan)
Bryant Mrs Ann 22
Bryant William 1
Bryant Sarah infant
Campbell John ag. labourer & surveyor
Campbell Mrs Frances 36
Campbell Francis 7
Campbell Charles 3
Campbell Alfred 1
Chaney William George 47
Chaney Sarah 42
Chaney John 11
Chaney Charlotte 4
Chaney Elizabeth 4
Chaney Joseph 2
Chaney Randolph born aboard
Chaney William 18 stone mason
Chaney Emma 17 domestic servant
Coslins Thomas 23 ag. labourer
Coslins Mrs Eliza 26
Coslins George 1
Crouch Cherry 22 domestic servant
Cox James George 18 storekeeper
Cox Louisa 24
Cutting David 21 miller steerage paying
Fitch Margaret 26 domestic servant
Foulkes Thomas 35 house servant
Ferguson Donald 40 lighterman
Free John 35 labourer, embarked Plymouth d. 1866
Free Mrs Mary 30 d. 1892
Free Henry 15 labourer
Free William 10 d. 1877
Free Mary 10
Free John A.S. 8
Free Robert Rhys 6
Free Elizabeth Emily 4
Free Jane 1
Gosling William 30 ag. blacksmith d. 1879
Gosling Mrs Lucy 30 d. 1890
Gosling Charles 6
Gosling Mary 5
Gosling William 3 d. 1879
Gosling Elizabeth 2
Harper John 26 ag. labourer
Harper Elizabeth 22
Harper Elijah
Harper Randolph born aboard
Jeffreys John 24 ag. labourer steerage paying
Jenkins Frederick 22 carpenter
Kerridge Charles George 19 house servant
Lane William 32 butcher embarked Plymouth
Lang James 23 labourer embarked Plymouth
Lang Mrs Mary 26
Lang Mary infant
Luxford James 35 builder steerage paying
Luxford Mrs Sarah 34
Luxford John 11
Luxford William 9
Luxford Sally 7
Luxford Edward 5
Luxford Ann 3
Luxford Robert infant
Luxford Jane 36 domestic servant
McLean John 26 carpenter steerage paying
Neil Elizabeth 23 domestic servant
Orchard Wiliam 37
Orchard Mary 25
Orchard Hiram 12
Orchard Sarah 10
Orchard Caroline 7
Orchard Enoch 4
Orchard William 2
Perry Frederick 25 ag. labourer
Phillpot John 34 ag. labourer
Phillpot Mrs Lucy Jane 29
Phillpot Frederick 9
Phillpot Edwin 7
Phillpot Adolphus 5
Phillpot George 3
Phillpot Olive infant
Phillpot Isaac 36 gardener
Phillpot Mrs Mary 32
Phillpot Albert 9
Phillpot William 7
Phillpot Lydia 4
Please Hannah 23 domestic servant
Pye John Thomas 21 ag. labourer
Shepard Edward 30 carpenter
Shepard Mrs Sarah 32 d, 1868
Shepard Sarah 4
Shepard Emma 1 d. 1883
Sleath William 26 steerage paying
Soar George 36 gardener
Soar Mrs Sarah 32
Soar William 1
Smart William 45 ag. labourer
Smart Sarah 39
Smart Orton 12
Smart Eliza 10
Smart Enos 9
Smart Enon 8
Smart Enoch 6
Smart Elijah 5
Smart Eli 2
Smart William infant
Smart Amon 18 ag. labourer
Smart Amos 17 ag. labourer
Smart Amy 16 domestic servant
Smart Edward 14 ag. labourer
Stanley John 23 ag. labourer
Stanley Mrs Mary 19
Steel John 19 steerage paying
Stokes William 32 ag. labourer (Stoke)
Stokes Mrs Sarah 35
Stokes Elizabeth 13
Stokes Thomas 12
Stokes John 10
Stokes James 9
Stokes Sarah 6
Stokes William 3
Stokes Charles 1
Stokes Mary 15 domestic servant
Storer Edward 26 ag. labourer
Storer Mrs Ann 29
Storer Thomas 3
Storer William 2
Storer Edward infant
Taylor George 25 labourer steerage paying
Waghorn Arthur 36 lighterman from Kent
Waghorn Louisa 32 [Dale]
Waghorn Mary A. 8
Waghorn Louisa 1
Wall George 24 to Melbourne
Wall Sophia 21 to Melbourne
Williams John 41 baker d. 1850
Williams Isabella 42
Williams Elizabeth 13
Williams Marjory 10
Williams Isabella 7
Williams Mary 4
Williams James J. 2 [Struthers]
Williams Emily infant
Williams John 16
Williams Theodore 38
Williams Mrs T. 34
Williams Catherine 11
Williams Daniel Theodore 9
Williams Charles Hood 7
Williams Margaret 21 domestic servant
Woodford Richard 39 ag. labourer
Woodford Ann 38
Woodford Richard 3
Woodford Elizabeth 2
Woodford Mary A. 1
The above steerage passenger information courtesy of Colin Amodeo. Posted 20 April 2000

"Sir George Seymour" Beecham Mr Alfred
Bilton Mr John Schoolmaster [Bilton, Mrs. nee Inwood]
Brittan Mr Wm. Guise and Mrs. and four children [ Wm. Guise & Rev. Fred'k.]
Burke Mr Michael
Cooke Mr Leonard S.
Cookson Mr C. J. Wentworth [Cookson, Mrs. Wentworth (nee Macfarlane)]
Crompton Mr Thomas
Davie Mr Cyrus
Denton Mr and Mrs. and three children
Dicken Mr Joseph
Fendall Mr Walpole C.
Harman Mr Richard J. S.
Hill Mr James [and Hill, John]
Jacobs The Rev. Henry and Mrs. Jacobs
Lake Mr Alfred
Macfarlane Mr and Mrs. Dugald and five children [Dugald, Norman Hugh, Miss Flora]
Macfarlene Miss
Parker Mr Horatio [could be Parkes]
Philips Mr. and Mrs. Henry and six children [Charles, George S., William, Thomas, James, Frederick, John]
Philips Mr Frederick
Rooke Mr Leonard Home [An Italian, educated in England married Miss Duffell settled in Temuka]
Richards Mr and Mrs. [Richards, Dr. H. & Mrs Richards][Richards, Leonard H.]
Richards Mr Joseph
Walker Mr Roger C. and Mrs.
Ward Mr Charles S.
Washbourne Mr and Mrs. Henry and four children [Henry and John Edward]
Watts-Russell Mr and Mrs.
Wilkinson Mr Frederick Surgeon-Superintendant of the "Sir George Seymour."
Wright Mr John T.
Steerage Passengers (incomplete)
Anderson John wife and son John Andrew
Ashby John wife and two children
Austen Thomas wife and six children
Austin Benj. Jones
Bevins John 41 b. Colton- Staffordshire Ag Labr
Bevins Harriett 28 b. Mavesyn Ridware-Staffordshire On the plaque in the square in ChCh spelt Bevans
Bevins William 8 b. Mavesyn Ridware-Staffordshire
Bevins John 6 b. Colton-Staffordshire
Bevins Henry 4 b. Colton-Staffordshire
Bevins Elizabeth 2 b. Colton-Staffordshire
Bevins Joseph 1 b. Colton-Staffordshire Died on the voyage to NZ.
Bevins Harriett 6 mths b. Colton-Staffordshire
Bradley Mrs
Brown Thomas Malmesley
Caulfield Rebecca
Church Israel wife and three children
Corlett Stephen 44 agricultural labourer
Corlett Jane 44
Corlett Eliza 8
Corlett Benjamin 6
Corlett Alfred 2
Corlett John 16 agricultural labourer
Corlett Mary Ann 20 servant
Cresswell Thomas 36 Carpenter
Cresswell Jemma 29 and four children wife to Thomas
Dalton George wife and child
Dillaway John wife and three children
Druton wife and four children
Drury George wife and child
Durey Elizabeth
Finch Emma
Garlick William wife and child
Graham Thomas wife and three children
Holden Charles
Inwood Daniel 47 b. 20 Jul 1803 St Dunstan London d. 16 Apr 1876 CHCH
Inwood Marianne 41 b. 14 Jul 1809 ENG d. 26 Oct 1905 CHCH
Inwood George Thomas 18 b. 8 May 1832 ENG d. 23 Jan 1886 CHCH
Inwood William 17 b. 2 Apr 1833 ENG d. 5 Feb 1926 CHCH
Inwood Elizabeth 13 b. 31 Dec 1837 Windlesham,Surrey d. 17 Dec 1900 Timaru
Inwood James 10 b. 25 Oct 1840 Windlesham,Surrey d. 30 Jan 1903 CHCH
Inwood Mary Ann 8 b. 3 Mar 1842 Windlesham,Surrey d. 1 Sep 1930 CHCH
Inwood Daniel Newman 4 b. 22 Jun 1846 Windlesham,Surrey d. 1 May 1905 Hokatika
Inwood Augustus Robert 2 b. 7 May 1848 Windlesham,Surrey d. 23 Oct 1915CHCH
Inwood Frederick Richard 1 b. 2 Sep 1849 ENG d. 1 May 1939 CHCH
Lewis Thomas wife and child
Marks Francis wife
Matthews Joseph
Norman wife
Phillips family
Ritchie John
Rossiter Peter
Rossiter Mary wife
Rossiter Elizabeth daughter
Salt Eli wife and three children
Stubbs John 30 quarryman
Stubbs Jane wife 30
Stubbs Arthur infant
Thacker wife
White Charles wife

"Cressy"Beard Mr George C.
Birch Mr John
Dobson Mr Edward, age 33, and two children [George, Arthur]
Dudley The Rev. Benjamin Wooley 44
Dudley Mrs 40
Dudley Fanny 10 (Frances)
Dudley Henry 5
Dudley Charles T. 7
Dudley Edward
Gale Mr Hamilton and Mrs.
Harvey Mr W.
Jones Mr H. and Mrs.
King Mrs Martha
King Miss Frances b. 1834
King Miss Jane
King Miss Sarah Anne
King Charles
Lawrence Mr William 18
Peach Mr Conyers
Pickering Mr George W. 18 (1832-1913) Lived in Colombo St. for 46 yrs.
Porter Mr David
Rankin Mr George
Read Mr W. H.
Toomath Mr Edward Schoolmaster [Toomak]
Townsend Mr and Mrs.
Townsend Mr James
Townsend Mr Charles
Townsend Mr William
Townsend Mr Robert
Townsend Miss Mary
Townsend Miss Frances
Townsend Miss Alicia
Townsend Miss Priscilla
Townsend Miss Maria
Townsend Miss Margaret
Watkins Dr. Daniel Surgeon-Superintendant of the "Cressy"
Watkins Mrs
Watkins Stephen Child
Watkins Laura Child
Watkins Alfred Child
Watkins William Child
Welsh Mr David
Wright Mr Edward
Wyatt Mr Benjamin

Steerage Passengers (incomplete)
Allan Robert wife and two children
Allwright wife and five children
Baker James wife and six children
Barrell Samuel
Bennett John age 3, Fredrick(infant), Margaret(12), Richard 11), Elizabeth(9), Stephen(5)
Bennett William (1832-1923) station hand, a contract carter, farmed at Pleasant Valley, moved to Kaiapo
Bennett Margaret 40 wife of Joseph Bennett
Bennett Joseph b. 1810 a gardener, wife and eight children, family moved to Kaiapo
Childs Joseph wife and three children Charles
Cleaver Henry wife and four children
Clifford Maria Mouldey's sister
Duffell William 38 farm labourer [from Betchworth, Surrey]
Duffell Jane Elizabeth 31 [nee Burrell]
Duffell John 9
Duffell Emma 8
Duffell Ellen 6
Duffell George 4
Duffell Emily 3
Duffell Elizabeth 1
Dunford wife and six children
Evans Robert 24
Evans Sarah 23 and two children Richard
Frost wife and three children
Ford William Ambrose 39 carpenter [from Portsea in Hampshire]
Ford Mary 39 [nee Hatherley]
Ford Martha Anne 18
Ford Emily 16
Ford Rebecca 14
Ford Sophia 12
Ford Emma 10 [married William Francis Chaney, a passenger on the Randolph]
Ford Susannah 6
Ford William Ambrose 4
Ford Henry 1
Halliday C.N. wife
Higham wife and two children
Harper wife and two children
Harman John
Hart Michael Brannan 35
Hart Mary Ann 34 [nee Swan]
Hart George Robert 9 b. 1841 d. 1911 Joined the Canterbury Standard.
Hart Michael Brannan 7 b. 1843
Hewett Thomas wife and child
Hewsto Charles
Kent Joseph 17 brother to Thomas
Kent Thomas 23 (1827-1915) carpenter, wife, Mary (24) and child, Edward (1848-1920)
Mouldey Moses (1810-1882), bricklayer, wife, Eleanor(38), and seven children, Moses(12), Mary Ann(6), William(3), Phoebe(1), Eleanor(b. 21.12.50)
Mouldery Henry (17), a bricklayer, and Sophia (14), relatives to Moses
Oldfield William 38 *wife and three children (Wm, Charles, Charlotte)
Oldfield Harriet* 35
Parish William (list below :wife and five children)
Parish Mrs W.M.
Parish Jacob
Parish Isaac
Parish William
Parish Isabella
Parish Elizabeth
Parish John
Parish Abraham
Patrick Joseph 38, agricultural labourer, wife, Alice, and seven children, Thomas (3)
Porter David 22
Presley Samnuel wife and three children
Quaife John Price 38 Labourer
Quaife Mary A. 33
Quaife Mary A. child
Stace Hugh wife and three children
Whitmore wife and three children

There was betting going on as regards to which ship would reach Canterbury
first. Each vessel carried a surgeon, chaplain and schoolmaster. The cargo
included several prefabricated frame houses in sections, a lithographic
printing press, 2,000 books donated by Oxford University to start a library,
and a church organ.
BARKER, Samuel Delabere, 1848-1901 came with his parents and family in the
'"Charlotte Jane" in 1850. He was educated at Christ's College and spent some
time working at Ohapi, Orari before joining the National Bank in Timaru in
August 1869. In 1870 he was sent to the West Coast and was engaged in buying
gold for the bank at Waimea. In March 1871 he left the bank and returned to
Ohapi for a time, where he worked with his brother, Dick. He later travelled
extensively in Australia and America but returned to New Zealand in the 1880s.
He was appointed Librarian to the Supreme Court in 1886. Barker had an
interest in botany and specialised in native plants and shrubs. He was
Secretary of the Domains Board for a time and a member of the committee of the
Christchurch Beautifying Society.
BOWEN, Charles Christopher (Sir) 1831-1917 b. County Mayo, Ireland. Came to
Canterbury on the "Charlotte Jane" at age twenty but return to the old country
and received his law degree from Cambridge. A lawyer and politician. He was
a private secretary to Godley, and was involved in the prosecution of James
Mckenzie, the sheep stealer. Bowen's portrait is on Timeframes His parents and
sister retired to Guilford, Surrey.

Hawera & Normanby Star, 5 April 1900, Page 2
Christchurch, April 2
Mrs Bradley, widow of the late stationmaster at Lyttelton, died unexpectedly
last night; aged about 66 years. She came to Canterbury in the ship Cressy
BURKE, Michael John received his education from Winchester College and Dublin
University where he graduated as a barrister of law. He took up "Halswell
Station" in 1855 and a station later named "Raincliff" in South Canterbury.
He would take on farm cadets. At Burkes Pass there is a memorial to him. A
"Sir George Seymour" cabin passenger.
DOBSON, Arthur Dudley, b. 9 Sep. 1841 in London came to New Zealand aboard the
"Cressy" with his father Edward, Provincial Civil Engineer, and his elder
brother George (1840-1866). Edward (1816-1908) decided it was a bit rough for
the boys and sent them off to another relation, Rev. Charles DOBSON, in
Tasmania whence they returned on 8th July 1854. Mary Ann Lough DOBSON, wife
of Edward Dobson, arrived in Lyttelton on the 'Fatima' arriving 27 Dec. 1851
exactly one year after the 'Cressy' arrival with the rest of the kids and her
brother-in-law Alfred Dobson. Edward built a sod cottage at the foot of
Richmond Hill on 50 acres. George, became a surveying engineer, named
"Arthur?s Pass" as Arthur was the first European to cross the pass in March
1864. George was murdered by the Burgess gagng in 1866 after they had mistaken
him for a gold courier. Both Edward and Arthur worked on the Lyttelton Tunnel
project. Arthur died in 1934.
DUDLEY, Archdeacon Benjamin Wooley, 44, born 1805 in Staffsordshire., Mrs
DUDLEY 40, Benjamin 11, Frances 10, Charles 7, and Henry 5 years arrived on
the "Cressy". Benjamin is buried at the Rangiora Cemetery.
FENDALL, Walpole Cheshyre, son of Rev. Henry Fendall. At age twenty he was
sent out sent out on the "Sir George Seymour" to select a bare section in
Christchurch, which his father, had bought from the Canterbury Association in
England. Later he leased land at Avonhead and established a farm, he called
Fendall Town near the Clyde Road-Fendalton Road intersection. His farm was
surrounded by other farms: Ilam (Watts Russell), Bryndwr (Jeffreys), and
Burnside (Boag), as well as Riccarton. For twelve years, during which time his
father arrived from England, Fendall developed the farm by draining swamp,
clearing bush and scrub, fencing, ploughing and sowing grass, and planted
trees for shelter. His bride-to-be also arrived during this time. To provide
an income the land was sub-divided and sub-divided by subsequent owners. The
area, and the suburb of Christchurch became known as Fendalton. Lucy Swann had
been only 18 when Fendall left England and her parents had refused her
permission to marry and accompany him. In 1854 they were wed in St Michael's
Church in Christchurch. Walpole and Lucy Fendall moved to North Canterbury.
They had 12 children. Buried at St Paul's, Papanui. Reference: Christchurch
Press 9 Dec. 2000.
JEFFS: Charles b. 18 June 1825 and his wife Mary Button b. 1824 arrived on
Charlotte Jane 1850. Mary passed away not long after their arrival and and he
remarried Mary Gaskill. Charles had at least fifteen 15 children. Mary
Gaskill died 2 May 1922 in Christchurch. Charles parents were George Jeffs and
Ann Waldin. George's parents were John & Sarah Jeffs.
KING, Martha came to Canterbury on the "Cressy" as a widow with her children
Hannah Rebecca Frances (b. 1834 Warwickshire, d. 1897 Christchurch), Martha,
Jane, Sarah Ann and Charles George King. She ran a boarding house in
Christchurch. Hannah Rebecca Frances married John Scott Caverhill in 1855.
PHILPOTT. On April 2nd, at his residence, St Albans, Isaac William Philpott,
in his eighty- third year, beloved father of Mrs F. Smith, Timaru, deeply
regretted. Arrived on one of the first four ships "Randolph". Timaru Herald
April 1896
PYE, John Thomas, b. at Stoke Doyle, Northamptonshire, ENG 1833, second son of
John and Mary Ann Pye. John T. Pye and Mary Ann Corlett were married by the
Rev. O. Mathias at St. Michaels Church of England, Christchurch on 20th
December 1852. Shortly after their marriage, Mary and John Pye left for
Australia. Mary Ann died 2 August, 1872 near Hendon leaving behind nine
children aged between two and nineteen years. John T. Pye Snr. died at 76 in
Taringa, on 18 Feb. 1910. Mary Ann was the second born child of Stephen and
Jane Corlett nee Lawson, born 17 March 1830 and baptised at South Ramsey, Isle
of Man. She left the island at the age of fourteen. After spending six years
in Cheshire, the Corlett family emigrated to New Zealand leaving on the "Sir
George Seymour". In a brief memo at the end of the shipping list it stated
that the undermentioned emigrants had been transferred by Mr. Bowler, from the
ship "Sir George Seymour". John Pye, Embarkation Order 69 and Number 130 in
the Application Register, became one of the 161 passengers who travelled
steerage on the "Randolph" and not the "Seymour" as first planned. Source:
The Christchurch Star Monday 18 May 1891 page 2 Death -
PYE - May 17th at her residence 9 Madras Street, suddenly, Mary Anne Pye, aged
Death of a Pioneer - Mrs PYE -
Mrs Pye, one of the pilgrims who arrived here under the auspices of the
Canterbury Association, in the Cressy in 1850 died rather suddenly at her
residence, Madras St, yesterday. She brought with her a family who have since
settled in Canterbury. Mrs Pye formerly Mrs Allen has resided in Madras St for
over 30 years, and owned considerable property
there. Her 2nd husband Mr Pye, gasfitter and plumber, died some years ago.
'Star' Christchurch Monday 16 February 1891 Page 3 Obituary -
QUAIFE - Late on Saturday night Mr John Price Quaife died at his resedience,
St Albans, at the advanced age of 79. Mr Quaife was a native of Canterbury in
Kent, where his ancestors had been yeomen for many generations. He arrived in
Lyttelton aboard the ship Cressy, on the morning of Dec. 17th 1850, and
followed agricultural pursuits for many years. Thereby securing a competency.
During the past two years he has been an invalid. He leaves a widow; his only
daughter was the victim of a drowning accident in the Avon in 1852.
ROSSITER, Peter Pillar was baptised 21 June 1825 St. Andrews,
Stokeinteignhead, Devon. He was the second son of William ROSSITER and
Elizabeth PILLAR. He married Mary Ann WHITE 18 July 1847 at Devonport Devon.
Their first born was Elizabeth Ann Pillar Shapland ROSSITER was born 20 July
1848 at 27 Portland Place, Plymouth, Devon. Peter, Mary and Elizabeth were
listed in "Uncertain Embarkation Orders", issued by Mr J.W. Fitzgerald and
were transferred by Mr Bourke to the ship "Sir George Seymour"., Embarkation
Order No.75., application number 153. In another list they are listed as
steerage passengers and Peter is incorrectly shown as Phillip ROSSITER.
On the 4th Sep 1850, the "Sir George Seymour" departed from Gravesend calling
in at Plymouth to take on late embarkations which included Peter, Mary and
Elizabeth and several other passengers.
The family eventually settled in Oxford where they were timber millers.
Later they moved to Dannevirke in Hawkes Bay. Elizabeth A.P.S. ROSSITER
married Matthew HENDERSON 09 Mar. 1876. On the 30th Jan 1851 Peter and Mary's
second child William Henry ROSSITER was born., "the first European boy to be
born in Canterbury after the arrival of the Pilgrims." Peter Pillar ROSSITER
died 08 Mar 1899 and was buried at the George Street Cemetery Dannevirke. His
wife Mary Ann died 26 July 1904 and was also buried at George street. The
first four ships were sent to Lyttelton by the Canterbury Association which
was sponsored by the Church of England. Free passage was offered. Edward
ROSSITER a brother of Peter ROSSITER arrived NZ a few years later and settled
in Rangiora. Rossiter Road in Rangiora is named after Edward. Information
courtesy of Merv Rossiter. Posted 3 Dec. 2000.

SOAR/KEATS - Seeking information on both these families. Julia Soar b. 1859
Oxford NZ married Richard Henry Keats in 1879 Oxford NZ. They had a daughter
Hetty Evelyn Keats b. 25.12.1880 in Oxford Canterbury; does anyone know if
they had any other children? Julia?s parents ? George and Sarah SOAR (b. 1814
& 1812 UK) came out on the Randolph Ship 1850 with their infant, William (b.
1848 UK). Does anyone know where they came from originally? Submitted by
Maria. Posted August 12 2002.
Edward was born in Warwickshire, England in 1824. He married Ann DAY in Aston
Juxta Birmingham, Warwickshire, England, 6th July 1845. Edward died 13th
November 1900 in Kaiapoi, New Zealand, at 76 years of age. He was buried in
Kaiapoi, New Zealand. Edward, Ann, and three sons (William, Thomas and Edward)
sailed from Plymouth, England on the 7th September 1850 aboard "Randolph" and
arrived in Canterbury, New Zealand on the 16th December, 1850.
STORER - on 13 November 1900 at his residence, Ohoka Road, Kaiapoi, Edward
Storer, in his 77th year.

At a Kaiapoi cemetery "St. Bartholomew's Historic Cemetery" there is a
headstone of Thomas Storer
Timaru Herald Tuesday 24 December 1889 pg2
The Press of yesterday states: - The many friends of Mrs W.J.W. Hamilton will
learn with regret of her death, which took place on Friday evening. The
deceased lady was one of the Canterbury Pilgrims, arriving here with her
family in the Cressy, one of the first ships. She was the eldest daughter of
the late Mr James Townsend, and sister of Mrs Doctor Donald, and had won for
herself by many acts of unobtrusive kindness the love and esteem of a very
wide circle of friends. She was the widow of the late Mr W.J. W. Hamilton, for
many years Collector of Customs in Lyttelton. Her decease, though she was
somewhat of an invalid, was unexpected.
WASHBOURN - St Peters Church, Church Corner, Riccarton, Christchurch Maria
BANKS eldest daughter of the late H J WASHBOURN d 2 July 1929 in her 89th year
'A Canterbury Pilgrim' also Edward WASHBOURN d 4 Jan 1935 in his 93rd year 'A
Canterbury Pilgrim.' They arrived on the Sir George Seymour.
Hawera & Normanby Star, 22 November 1882, Page 2
CHRISTCHURCH, This Day. Dr. Watkins, a very old and well known colonist,
especially to visitors and residents on the Peninsula, died at Akaroa
yesterday morning, at the age of 91. The deceased gentleman who had been in
feeble health some time past, was the oldest member of the College of
Surgeons, and likewise the oldest medical practitioner in the colony. He was
one of the original Canterbury" pilgrims," having arrived here in the barque
Cressy, the last comer of the famous first four ships, bringing immigrants to

Christchurch Mill. Buried in the Linwood cemetary, former suffolk flourmiller
William Dearsley Wood from the Randolph erected an imported English mill in
Antigua Street. Few know that in 1854 Wood Brothers' seven-storey white
windmill stood in Windmill Road, now Antigua Street, Christchurch. It was a
distinctive landmark for distant travellers slogging their way through the
swamp and tussock that surrounded the town, rather like the cathedral spire
used to be before the city lost its "English" flavour. About 1861 the mill was
removed by a 26-horse, 32-bullock trolley to Leithfield. There it perched on
the ridge near the hotel for about 17 years until nor'westers reduced it to a
dangerous condition and it 'was dismantled. Here too, it stood out like a
beacon, not only for land travellers but for seamen making the passage from
Motunau to Lyttelton on a relatively featureless Pegasus Bay coastline.

The Star Wednesday 13 August 1884
Friday 15 August 1884 page 3
Obituary - Charles Wellington BISHOP - The death of Mr C.W. Bishop
Mr Bishop was a good type of the "Canterbury pilgrim" -- a man of Kent, born
at Maidstone, on August 24 in 1815, the year of Waterloo, his name was a
memorial of the "great victory" in his early years the family removed to the
North of France, where he was educated returning to England at age 17 he was
one of the first to set foot on the shores of Lyttelton being among the
passengers of the Charlotte Jane, He with his Bros., Messrs E.B. and F.A.

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