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Red Hill and Main Ridge residents don't have the same access to local papers as Peninsula coastal dwellers but thanks to the Red Hill District Lions Club,they enjoy the HILL 'N' RIDGE COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER. The September 2013 issue has an article by Bev. Laurissen (a descendant of Sarah Wilson,subject of one of my journals)about the Bayne family. I will quote it in full for the benefit of those not fortunate enough to live at Red Hill or Main Ridge.

BAYNES ROAD RED HILL SOUTH. Located behind RedHill Village shops from Shoreham Road to Point Leo Road.
When William Bayne decided to leave Perthshire Scotland I wonder if he thought he would have a road named in his honour.

William,his wife Annie and daughter Ellen, arrived in Melbourne on the "David Fleming" from Liverpool in November 1859. William had sent his two sons James and John ahead. They had arrived on the "Ida" a month earlier. The boys were listed as labourers, but William was a farmer as well as a skilled stonemason.

William and family settled in the Dromana area. It didn't take himlong to find work. In 1861 William was awarded thecontract to build the Electric Telegraph Office at Mornington for 861 pounds. This is now the home of the Mornington Historical Society,pictured below (in the newsletter.)

He also set about becoming a farmer in his new country.

In 1862, William had a lease on 208 acres close along the west side of Shoreham Road in the Parish of Balnarring. The family acquired more land in the parishes of Flinders and Wannaeue and by 1874 had possession of most of the land on both sides of Shoreham Road to Punty Lane. When William died in 1889 he left his extensive landholding to his wife and family. Annie died in 1891 and her share went to her children. Ellen married Tom Eynon (pronounced Eenon)and lived on the property below Shands Road,nearer to Shoreham. Today, longstanding Red Hill folk remember the hill below Red Hill Estate as Eynon's Hill*. James and John were bachelors. James died in 1913: John in 1915 and members of the family are buried in the Flinders Cemetery.

After John died his land was auctioned. In the Peninsula Post April 1916, the substantial holding of over 300 acres of his rich farm and orchard areas, seaside blocks etc in and around Red Hill, Shoreham and Flinders were listed for sale. Some of the land listed was the original land owned by William. These were "the 208 acres A and B, Crown allotment 78 parish of Balnarring, situated opposite the well known Simpson's Orchard and within one mile from the proposed Red Hill Railway. Lot D was 142 acres of Crown allotment 89 opposite the last named commanding beautiful views of Westernport bay."

This early settler family is now remembered only by a road name.

Thanks so much for this great information, Bev!

*Not being aware of the topography, I can only surmise that Eynon's Hill was on 66B or 65 Balnarring.

Baynes Rd was part of Shoreham Rd until 1921 when the Country Road Board built a deviation from the west end of the station in c/a 74K Red Hill Village Settlement and through the McConnell grant, c/a 75,reaching its farthest point west at Beaulieu Rd (named after the native abode of the Nash family) which is called Simpson Rd east of the deviation. The land between the original road and the deviation was purchased by one of the Simpsons. (See the JOSEPH SIMPSON entry in my journal DROMANA PIONEER PATHWAY.)

The 208 acre property advertised in 1916 was 76 AB, not 78AB at the south corner of Stanleys and Red Hill Rds, granted to W.Gibson (A.190 acres; see DROMANA PIONEER PATHWAY) and J.B.Journeaux (B1. 95 acres.) The mistake was probably caused by a hard-to-read parish map used by the auctioneer or the Post's typesetter.

76 AB; 104a. 0r. 18p. each; W.Bayne; no date; Cherry, Allorn, Russell Rds and Webb St area,Melway 190 J 10.
89B; 142a. 1r. 21p.; W. Bayne; 8-9-1880; between Pine Ave and Oceanview Ave with s/e boundary of c/a 89 (including Joseph Simpson's 89A) being a line between the bends just west of 202 Pt Leo Rd and 19 Oceanview Ave.
90 and 91; 322a. 0r. 19 p.; J&J.Bayne; 4-9-1879; fronting sth. side Oceanview Ave and Shoreham Rd with s/e boundary indicated by a line from Punty Lane corner to Rahona Rd corner.
66 B; 39a. 3r. 26p.;H.Bayne; 24-4-1889; between Shoreham Rd and Stony Ck with road frontage opposite No 49 and including No 58,roughly 255 J2. (South of 66A, granted to George Wilson, son of SARAH WILSON.)
65; 99A. 3R. 23P.; Helen Bayne; 14-3-1881; east of 66B, between 58 Shoreham Rd and Punty Lane.
64A; 69a. 3r. 26p.;John Bayne; 14-3-1881; east of Punty Lane to Stony Creek at 256 B/C4 border and 30 Shoreham Rd.

No grants found until I read the Mornington Standard advertisement of 1916. See locations after this advertisement. Most were very early grants.

24D, section B.; 84a.1r.22p. J.Bayne; 18-1-1905; fronting east side Purves Rd between bend in 171 F2 and Whites Rd, roughly 171G 2-3.
23A1,section B.; 52a. 1r. 8p.; J. Bayne; 18-1-1905; fronting south side of Whites Rd to middle of 171 J4. Southern boundary is an extension of the northern boundary of Austplan Nurseries to the east.

William Bayne was obviously still using his building skills in 1874 when he was a witness in the case of the Schnapper Point Murder.
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Monday 14 September 1874 p 6 Article.)

John Bayne, of Shoreham, farmer,left real estate valued at ?2947 and personal estate valued at ?924. Testator bequeaths certain allotments of land at Balnarring to a friend, the residue of the estate to the Melbourne Hospital. (P.24, Weekly Times, 4-3-1916.)

A quiet wedding took place on Tuesday at the residence of Mr. Bayne,when Miss H. Bayne and Mr. T.Henan were joined together in the holy bonds of matrimony. The Rev.Somerville performed the pleasing ceremony. When they returned on Saturday a number of the young fellows accompanied with their usual instruments, gave them the usual salutation. (P.2, Mornington Standard, 21-3-1895.)

Red Hill District.
A.-146 acres, 2 roods, 30 perches being Crown Allotments 23A1 and 24D,parish of Wannaeue, situated in Purves
road about 3.5 miles from Dromana and proposed Red Hill Railway Station. A fine block, partly fenced, with timber largely killed, comprising a nice slope and rich flats, watered by a good creek and carrying rough natural grasses, the soils being chocolate and grey and well adapted for orchard and other purposes.
B. 73 acres. 1 rood, 16 perches, allotment 23A, section A, parish of Flinders, with long frontage to Main Creek and Dromana and Flinders road. A good irrigable block with rich soils.
C.-208 acres, subdivisions A and B of allotment 76, parish of Balnarring, situated opposite the well-known Simpson's Orchard and within 1 mile of the proposed Red Hill Railway Station. The land is fenced and nearly all cleared with the exception of a few dead trees and logs, with good soils, watered by Creeks and Springs. This land is exceptionally adapted for Strawberry and Orchard purposes or for subdivision into small blocks for which the demand is increasing greatly in the locality.
D.-142 acres, 1 rood 21 perches, being Crown allotment 89B, parish of Balnarring, situated immediately opposite the last named. A fine block, commanding beautiful views of Westernport and having fine eastern slopes and good flats watered by permanent creek.
Flinders District.
E.--197 acres, 2 roods. 20 perches, being Crown allotment 20, section A, parish of Flinders, fronting the Merimendicwokewoke Creek and close to the Main Coach road to Bittern and Flinders, 3 miles from Flinders and adjoining the well-known property of Mr Henry Tuck. A splendid, partly cleared, but practically virgin block, with rich chocolate soils, very suitable for a growth of English grass, root crops, etc, and well-known in years past for its fattening qualities, though now partly overgrown with sapling timber.
F.-381 acres. 1 rood, 12 perches, being Crown allotment 18 and 19, section A, parish of Flinders, adjoining the last mentioned, and fronting the Dromana and Flinders road, close to the well-known properties of Dr. Spark and Mr Beecher with good chocolate soils, fenced and partly cleared, and watered by the Merimendicwokewoke and Cotton Creeks. This is also a fine block and suitable for cultivation and subdivision.N B.-Together with last-mentioned it would make a fine area for subdivision into orchard and agricultural blocks.

Shoreham District.
G.-19 acres, 2 roods, 18 perches, being Crown allotment 2 and 3, township of Balnarring, at Shoreham, situated close to the charming sea-side residence of Mr Churnside, and also to the pier, school, post-office, etc., commanding uninterrupted views of the Bay. Phillip Island, etc. This is a very attractive block and the
only one available on the shore frontage.
H.-1 acre, 3 roods, 10 perches, being allotment 9A, at Shoreham, parish of Flinders, fronting Flinders road and forming a choice week-end block.
I.--69 acres, 3 roods, 26 perches, being Crown allotment 64A, parish of Balnarring, situated on the Red Hill to Shoreham roads, comprising a commanding chocolate soil hill* and rich flats, nearly all cleared and-fenced, watered by permanent creek and overlooking Westernport. This is both an ideal residential and a first class farm block. (P.2, Mornington Standard, 15-4-1916.)

*This would probably be Henan's (Eynon's) Hill.

23A, Section A.(Lot B, 73 acres.)There was no crown allotment 23A. Crown allotment 23 of 159a.1r.26p. was granted to Edmond Riley and must have been subdivided. c/a 23 is roughly Melway 256 B-E8.

20, Section A. (Lot E, 197 acres.)Granted to William Bayne on 7-7-1863. Roughly 255 G10.
18, Section A.(Lot F.) Granted to James Bayne on 28-8-1878. Roughly 255 H9.
19, Section A. (Lot F.)Granted to James Bayne on 28-8-1878. Roughly 255 J11.
C/A18 and 19 fronted the south side of Punty Lane from Musk Creek Rd to Merimendiewokewoke Creek, and south east of them was c/a 20 which extended south east to adjoin Henry Tuck's 20A about 80 metres past No 95 Musk Creek Rd.
C/a 2 and 3, Balnarring Township (Lot G, 19 acres)were at the end of Shoreham Rd in the parish of Balnarring. Townships almost always straddled a stream which was often,as in this case, a parish boundary. J.Bayne was granted all but one of the seven township blocks (most on 9-7-1869), lot 4 being acquired by lime merchant W.A.Blair. Lots 2 and 3 were between Prout Webb and Cliff Rds, south east of the Steen Ave house blocks.

9A, Shoreham in the parish of Flinders (Lot H) was part of the same township and was granted to J.Bayne on 19-9-1871. Being triangular it had the whole frontage on the north side of Higgins Lane, a fair frontage to Stony Creek but none to the main road.

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Itellya is researching local history on the Mornington Peninsula and is willing to help family historians with information about the area between Somerville and Blairgowrie. He has extensive information about Henry Gomm of Somerville, Joseph Porta (Victoria's first bellows manufacturer) and Captain Adams of Rosebud.

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by itellya on 2013-10-17 10:43:16

The Mornington Post Office, built by William Baynes of Main Ridge for 825 pounds, turns 150 this year and will be the subject of the Leslie Moorhead Lecture delivered by Mornington Historical Society president, Diane White, at 2:30, Saturday,26 October, at St Mark's Uniting Church,Barkly St,Mornington.

Excellent article,P.12, Mornington News, 15-10-2013.

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