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Journal by itellya

From pages 136-7 of PUBS, PUNTS AND PASTURES by Joan Carstairs and Maureen Lane, available online. Paste the link, given in bold type, into your search bar to read the book. https://www.livingmuseum.org.au/download%20pdf/Pubs_Punts_Pastures.pdf

MARIA MCINTYRE ---------------------JAMES CHERRY
Born: 1848, Melbourne married 1869 Born: 1838, County Down
Died: 12.7.1927 Richmond---------- Died: 1889, Footscray
----------------------------------Parents: William & Jane Cumming

WILLIAM CHERRY, aged 36, labourer, and his wife JANE CUMMINGS CHERRY, aged 31, housemaid, arrived in Port Phillip on the 'Marquis of Bute' on the 30th of November, 1841. They came from County Down, Ireland. The children who accompanied their parents were: Sarah Jane, 11 yrs.; Eliza, 9 yrs.; James, 6 yrs. and Robert, 4 yrs. At least one more child, William, was born after arrival as we know from later marriage and death records. There could have been other girls born here who married, changed their names and became very hard to find. James, William and Robert married Maria McIntyre, Louisa Doherty and Eliza Blair respectively, and were having children in the 1870s / 80s at Maidstone.

From https://www.hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au/files/assets/public/documents/council/about-council/neighbourhood-profile/altona-northbrooklyn-neighbourhood-profile/altona_north-brooklyn_history__development.pdf
European settlers
William Cherry migrated from Belfast in 1841. Soon after arriving he began farming in the Keilor area*. By 1861, he owned 2,500 acres extending from Brooklyn down to Altona. Part of this landholding later passed to William’s son James. It is believed that
James’s home, Brooklyn Lodge, gave name to the suburb.

From http://www.ayton.id.au/wiki/doku.php?id=history:h_aust_vic_sunshine
1842: William Cherry took out pasturage licences around the Kororoit Creek, Altona, calling the farm “Shandwick”*. By 1861, he had purchased 2,500 acres at Crown land sales fringing Kororoit Creek from Brooklyn to Altona.

* "Soon after arriving" is rather vague whereas the information about the pasturage licences is quite definite, so that would make it seem that William first lived near Kororoit Creek rather than Keilor. However, to cross the Saltwater River with stock, a very roundabout route was required. William would have had to head north from Melbourne, crossing the Moonee Moonee chain of Ponds on Main's bridge at Flemington and climbing steadily until he reached today's Buckley St West at Essendon, which for many decades was known as Braybrook Road. Then he would head west to today's Milleara Rd, turning left to head south to roughly Raglan St, Avondale Heights, then down to Grimes' Flat and westward along the north bank of the river to roughly the south end of today's Rhonda St, Avondale Heights where there was a ford. (He would have been wasting his time travelling west along today's Canning St to the river unless he was likely to die of thirst. There he would have found fresh water BUT NO FORD at Melway 27 B8!)

It was the ford at Melway 27 C9 that would allow him to cross from the parish of Doutta Galla to the parish of Cut Cut Paw.

It was at this point in 1803 that Charles Grimes' party had to continue their journey upstream on foot because of the rocks, and found that the water was still salty. This was the ford that John Aitken would have used to reach Mount Aitken west of Sunbury and Dr. Andrew Thompson to travel to Corio. The ford at 27B8 was built by Michael Clancy in the 1860's to link his Doutta Galla and Cut Cut Paw grants (and possibly to prevent the fresh water fronting his property being tainted by king tides and to make use of the rocks from his rock walls which Thomas Derham's henchmen had strewn over his crops in order to persuade him to leave. By that time the bridge at the bottom of Smithfield Rd had been built so to describe the ford at 27B8 as "SOLOMANS (sic) FORD, (Historic crossing to Ballarat goldfields)" is nonsense for several reasons.

James Reid's 1855 plan of Braybrook Township shows Grimes' Rocks, the original Solomons Ford, and an un-named road (between Duke St and the river) leading to the second Solomons Ford, providing access to North Rd, Avondale Heights with the ramp up the escarpment being the western boundary of Thompson Reserve.
* James Reid's 1855 map of Braybrook Township. https://nla.gov.au/nla.obj-232495788/view

You will notice on Reid's map that the portion of Braybrook Township in Cut Cut Paw near the south bank of the river had not been alienated. That was probably why a new Solomons Ford was needed in 1855, so valuable land on the steep south bank could be subdivided and sold by the government.

After about 1855, the second Solomons Ford had become the direct route between Keilor and Altona. Another possible route was Sunshine Avenue, McIntyre Rd and Anderson Rd to Brooklyn, passing the McIntyre farm. This may be how James Cherry and Maria McIntyre first met each other. (See start of journal.)

William and Jane's son, Robert, arrived with his parents at the age of 4 as stated at the beginning of the journal. There was another Robert Cherry mentioned in the 1840's who was a poundkeeper and watchhouse keeper at Geelong in 1848. He was possibly the Robert Cherry who died at Mt Moriac (not far south west of Geelong) in 1882.

CHERRY Robert Death mother: Unknown father: Jno. place of death: MT.MORIAC
spouse at death: SPENCE, Ann 70, 1882, 2773/1882

There was no death notice, and to add to the confusion, probate of the will of Robert Cherry (Robert Cherry, £345, P.20, Advocate, 14-10-1882) was granted. Robert Cherry's widow Jane (of Duneed, a settlement near Mt Moriac) had applied for probate of his will in August 1882 (P.8, Argus, 16-8-1882.)

There are only 5 death records for ROBERT CHERRY between 1860 and 1900, the name of the spouse at death given in three cases, none named Jane, and the place of birth in the other two being Sale.


To avoid confusion with other people named Robert Cherry, most results for the son of William and Jane Cherry can be found by using his name and adding Seaford or Wyndham as search terms.

Some sources give the impression that Robert coined Seaford as a property name.
Robert Cherry 1838-1910 and his wife Elisabeth (Eliza) (nee Blair) 1841-1899. Robert is the son of William and Jane Cherry. Robert built Seaford Estate north of Cherry Lake. Seaford Estate was a large property that stood on an area of land bordered by Millers Road, Kororoit Creek Road and Kororoit Creek.

Robert served as a Werribee councillor and was elected as Shire President in 1881-1882 and again in 1896-1897. Robert spent his later years in Seaford House in Auburn Road, Hawthorn where his wife Eliza died in 1899.

Robert and Eliza are buried within Melbourne Cemetery near William and Jane Cherry (Presbyterian, Section G)

William Cherry may have coined Seaford as a name circa 1842 when crossing Kororoit Creek at a ford such as the one linking Racecourse Rd and Altona Rd at Melway 55 C8.

He used the name in the death notice for his wife, Jane, inserted in The Argus and The Age. The typesetter at the latter obviously needed glasses.

On the 10th inst., at Seaford House, near Williamstown, Jane, the beloved wife of Mr. William Cherry, aged 47 years, from near Spaw Well, county Down, Ireland. (P.4, Argus, 12-5-1857.)

I'll have to change the search term from Seaford to find the other death notice. Amazingly, Trove produced 90 results for ICEFORD, most due to poor digitisation. Luckily the death notice in The Age was the first result.
On the 10th inst., at Iceford House, near Williamstown, Jane the beloved wife of Mr. William Cherry, aged 47 years, from near Spaw Wall, County Down, Ireland.(P.4, The Age, 11-5-1857.)

Amazingly the funeral notice in the Argus of the 11th made the same mistake.
Funeral Notices.
THE Friends of Mr. WILLIAM CHERRY are most respectfully invited to follow the remains of his late wife from his residence, Iceford House, near Williamstown. The funeral to move from his house at ten o'clock on Tuesday next, and be at Flemington at half-past two, to the New Cemetery. THOMAS JENNINGS, Undertaker, 128 Queen-street, Melbourne.

The only results on trove for SEAFORD in Victoria before 1913 are in connection with William Cherry's family!

There is a reason that adjoining grants are included. Prices paid are "per acre". The numbers 131 to 141 refer to the order of auctions not crown allotment details, which follow the order of sale number.
Section 16.
Upset price £ 1 per acre.
131 375a 16p, allotment A. William Taylor, £ 1 2s. (This is the Taylors Lakes area between the old Calder Highway and Keilor Downs. The rest have a river frontage from Overnewton College to the bottom right corner of Melway 14 J5.)
132 179a 3r allotment B. William Taylor, £1 10s .
133, 121a 3r, allotment C. William Taylor, £3 5s .

Upset price £ 1 10s per acre
134 92 a 3r, allotment D. A. Russell, £1 10s
135 80a 3r 15p, allotment E. A. Russell, £2

Upset price £2 per acre,
136 19a 2r, allotment F, William Cherry, £5 2s.
137 22a 20p, allotment G .William Cherry, £6.
138 27a 3r 10p, allotment H, William Cherry, £3 18s.

Upset price £1 10s per acre.
139 45a 2r, allotmont I. Patrick Geraghty, £2 4s
140 40a 10p, allotment J. Isaiah Mills, £2
141 41a 12p, allotment K. Wm. Highett, £1 16s .

See the top right hand corner of the Maribyrnong parish map.

When I saw the following, I presumed that William was making use of crown land adjacent to his grants, not land near the Moonee Ponds, as stated. However all the land adjacent to his grants had ceased to be crown land by the end of June 1849.

OCCUPYING CROWN LANDS.—A man named William Cherry, residing near Keilor Inn, appeared at the Police Office, yesterday, to plead
to an information filed against him by District Chief Constable Brodie, for occupying Crown Lands without a license. Mr. Jennings, solicitor, appeared for defendant, and took several objections, which were answered by Mr. Brodie.
A long discussion took place as to the necessity for setting forth in the information that defendant did not hold the lands under lease, demise, license, etc., which Mr. Brodie contended was unnecessary. After some time the Chief Constable withdrew the
information with the intention of filing a fresh one. (P.2, Argus, 24 OCTOBER, 1849.)

Illegally Occupying Land. — William Cherry, who some time since had been proceeded against by Chief District Constable Brodie, fur occupying waste lands of the Crown without a license, situated near the Moonee Ponds, and who had been found guilty, and fined in a penalty of £10, subjected at the same time (at the suggestion of Mr. Henry Jennings, the Attorney, and by the permission of the bench) to an official reference to his Honor the Superintendent, on two grounds, viz : First— objecting to
the right of Mr. Brodie to lay the information without producing his authority from government to do so, and secondly of the same charge having been entertained on a prior occasion, and dismissed through an informality. These two objections were
severally put by his Honor to Mr. Croke, who overruled them both, considering the authority deputed in the Government Gazette
to Mr. Brodie, as sufficient to warrant his so acting, and further deciding that it required no extension of his authority for
him to resume the charge at any time or under any circumstances when individuals committed themselves under the Act. The
bench therefore decided that Mr Cherry should pay the fine originally inflicted of £10, and have 14 days to pay it in.
(P.4, Port Phillip Gazette and Settler's Journal, 20-12-1849.)

Mrs John F Hayes of Moonee Ponds was a grand-daughter of William Cherry and this article has photos of William and medals he'd won for his horses, all from the 1850's. https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/222602143

Mrs J.F.Hayes? Who was she?
We go back to the information from PUBS, PUNTS AND PASTURES at the start of the journal. Her father WHO MARRIED IN 1869 was James Cherry whose house was named BROOKLYN. Her given name was Lizzie or Elizabeth.

CHERRY (nee McIntyre).—On the 12th July, at her residence, 9 Muir street, West Richmond, Maria Theresa, relict of the late James
Cherry, of Brooklyn, Geelong road, Brooklyn, and loving mother of Lizzie (the late Mrs. J. F. Hayes), Annie (deceased), James, Hubert, Walter, Emmie (Mrs. Norman Job), Ossie, Willie, and Fred, in her 80th year. Born in Port Philip, 1847.
(P.1, Argus, 14-7-1927.)

1857. purchases (near Altona)
William's division of estate among sons.

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