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William Shuttleworth Elizabeth Slater family in Victoria.

Journal by janilye

Please just treat this as just a guide to the SHUTTLEWORTH's in Victoria. I have collected these names and dates from several trees and I have not researched. This is the line of SHUTTLEWORTH's from William SHUTTLEWORTH and Elizabeth, nee SLATER

William SHUTTLEWORTH born 1822 Cumberland England
Died 6 December 1882 at the Amhurst Hospital in Amhurst, Victoria
Father: William SHUTTLEWORTH b:1800
Mother: Ann HARRISON b:1800
Religion: Roman Catholic
Spouse: Elizabeth SLATER b: 1826 Liverpool, England d: 2 March 1906 Chiltern, Victoria daughter of Thomas SLATER 1809-xxxx and Sarah SHANNON 1807-1859. Arrived on the 'Frances' 1941 with family
Married: 1846 at St. James CofE Melbourne Victoria
Arrival 18 Feb.1844 Port Phillip
Ship: Royal Consort

William and Elizabeth supposedly had 12 Children, Here's what I found.

Children of this marriage:-

1.Joseph Reed SHUTTLEWORTH b:1847 Heidelberg, Victoria d:12 June 1910 Talbot, Victoria.
In 1872 Joseph Reed SHUTTLEWORTH married Maria LEE born 1852, and died 21 November 1917 at Dods St. Brunswick. buried at Talbot, Victoria.

The children of this marriage:-

1.Lucy Bertha SHUTTLEWORTH b:1873 Timor, Victoria d: 10 August 1947 m. Ninian Arthur LOCKHART

2.Celia Elizabeth SHUTTLEWORTH 1875 Timor, Victoria d:16 Jan. 1961 m. George PUNSHON 1876-1942 in Victoria 1905.

3.William John SHUTTLEWORTH b:1877 Amherst, Victoria d: 26 January 1942 Amherst, Victoria

4.Alice SHUTTLEWORTH b:August 1879 Talbot, Vic. d: 2 September 1943 Maryborough, Vic. m. Walter COLLINGS 1878-1965 in 1900 in Victoria.

5.Elizabeth SHUTTLEWORTH b:1882 Talbot, Vic. d: 1966 Ballarat, Vic.

6.Henrietta SHUTTLEWORTH b:1884 Talbot d: 1965 m. Wilfred LOY 1886-1974 in Victoria in 1914.

7.Hugh Lee SHUTTLEWORTH b:1887 in Talbot, Vic. d:18 July 1955 Sherwood, Queensland (salesman) m.Victoria Juliet DUNLOP born 1890 Sandhurst, Vic. d:17 Nov.1982 Burwood, Victoria (she was a school teacher) buried at Springvale Cemetery. married in Victoria 1920.

8. Charlotte Scuse SHUTTLEWORTH b:1890 Talbot, Vic d: 26 February 1972 m. Edward Rees TOZER 1890-1972

9. Joseph Reed SHUTTLEWORTH b:1894 Talbot d: 1982
m. Lillian Elizabeth ORR 1894-1983

2.William SHUTTLEWORTH b:1848, Heidelberg, Vic. d:7 Sept.1897 Majorca, Victoria. m. Elizabeth Ann DEADY b:1855-xxxx
in 1877, children of this marriage :-

1. Charles Henry Strathmore SHUTTLEWORTH 1891 d:1960 Ballarat m.Ellen Gladys FAWCETT 1896-1959 in 1917

2. George William SHUTTLEWORTH b:1891 Majorca, Victoria d: 23 October 1947 Royal Melb. Hospital. m. Kathleen Eileen QUINANE 1888-1958 in Victoria in 1913. see one child to this marriage- George William Shuttleworth b: 2 Oct 1916 Euroa, Vic. d: 2007, Kerang Vic. m. Monica RYAN

3.Thomas SHUTTLEWORTH b:1850 Collingwood, Vic d:1851 Collingwood.
4.Sarah Jane SHUTTLEWORTH b:1852 Collingwood d:1852 Collingwood.

5. John Richard SHUTTLEWORTH b:1854 at Collingwood and died on 17 July 1931 Stawell, Vic. buried at Stawell (grave #6364)

In 1875 John Richard married (1.)Agnes Kate EDWARDS b:1855 Ballarat, Victoria d:1898 in Ballarat, Victoria

The children of this marriage were:-

1. John Richard SHUTTLEWORTH b:1876 Majorca, Vic. d:26 August 1956 Cheltenham, Melbourne.
In 1902 married (1) Josine O'BRIEN b: 1881 and died 1904 at Stawell, Vic.They had 2 children Amelia 1902?1913 and John William 1904 ? 1905

(2)In 1905 at Maryborough,Vic. married Frances Hilda POWELL b: 1888 Colac, Vic. d: 1970 Parkville, Melbourne.

2. Agnes May SHUTTLEWORTH b:1877 Amhurst d:1968 South Melbourne. m Walt LYONS 1877-? in Victoria in 1894

3. William John SHUTTLEWORTH b:1879 Craigie, Vic. d: 1942 Carlton

4. Violet Daisy SHUTTLEWORTH b:1881 Craigie d: 1964 Footscray, Vic.

5. Rosie Ethel SHUTTLEWORTH b:1884 Footscray d:1964 Carlton. m. Walter David RICKHUSS 1857-1930 in Geelong 12 June 1901.

6. Minnie SHUTTLEWORTH 1887 ? 1887

(2.)Hannah 'Anna' Jane KNIGHT b:6 March 1865 Queensland d:19 January 1944 Stawell, Victoria. m.1901 the children of this marriage were:-

1.Lillian Maud SHUTTLEWORTH b:1884 Carlton d: 1884 Carlton
2.Bertrando SHUTTLEWORTH b:1885 Carlton d: 28 December 1959 Stawell, m. Margaret Jane WAKE
3.Arthur SHUTTLEWORTH b: 1887 Coburg, Vic. d:24 June 1951 Stawell m. Agnes May WAKE 1890-1972 ( Arthur was a gold miner)
4.Henry SHUTTLEWORTH b 26 October 1890 Coburg d:6 December 1958 Stawell. m. Elsie Bertha PICKERING 1898-1963 on 1 December 1917 at Stawell.
5.Harold Edward SHUTTLEWORTH b:1899 d:4 March 1967 m. Dorothy Evelyn May DAY ( Harold was a train driver)
6.Norman Reginald SHUTTLEWORTH b:5 April 1900 Stawell, Vic. d:1944


6.Thomas Simson SHUTTLEWORTH b:26 January 1856 d:6 August 1949 at daughter "Agnes May" house 'Erindale' Finley in New South Wales.
Married Emma Jane LYE b:31 July 1878 died 1939 at Tocumwal,NSW on the 2 September 1903 the children of this marriage were:-
2.George Wilfred SHUTTLEWORTH 1900 ? 1965
3.Agnes May 1903 ? 1982 m. BALCOMBE m. NEELD
4.Elsie SHUTTLEWORTH 1905?1940 m. John BEATTIE 1898-1985 in 1925 at Tocumwal, NSW
5.Elizabeth SHUTTLEWORTH 1907 ? 2001 m.Sydney Richard CHAMBERS in 1937 at Tocumwal, New South Wales.
6.Emily Hunter SHUTTLEWORTH 1909 ?? m. BOYD
7.Keith SHUTTLEWORTH 1920 ? 1948


7.Sarah Ann SHUTTLEWORTH 1857 ? 1928 No Information
8.Charlotte SHUTTLEWORTH 1859 ? 1859
9.Eleanor Ruby SHUTTLEWORTH b:1862 McCulum Creek d: 1915 Wangaratta, Victoria m Henry Percy Alfred TRUEMAN b:1854 London d: 1925 Wangaratta, Victoria at Maryborough
found one child:-
Olive May Trueman b: 3 October 1893 Stockyard, Victoria d: 31 July 1938, married Richard VYNER 1877-1958
10.Lucy Bertha SHUTTLEWORTH b:1865 McCullums Creek d: 1947 m. (1.) John Carey BARCLAY 1861-1892 at Craigie on 5 December 1882.
The children of this marriage were:-
1.Elizabeth Barclay 1883 ?
2.Arthur Thomas Barclay 1887 ?
3.May Emmaline Barclay 1891 ? 1919
Next Lucy married
2) Alex Claude MCINTOSH in 1893

by janilye Profile | Research | Contact | Subscribe | Block this user
on 2011-07-03 21:28:15

janilye - 7th generation, Convict stock. Born in New South Wales now living in Victoria, carrying, with pride 'The Birthstain'.

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by janilye on 2011-07-03 21:35:35

becdean don't shoot the messenger,I know you will disagree with number 6. Not a Mary Brown in sight. I'm working on that. Jan

by becdean on 2011-07-03 22:22:25

no i certainly wont shoot you Jan - there are a lot of Shuttleworths in Victoria thats for sure. My head is spinning trying to read that.
The information i had collated showed Thomas Richmond SHUTTLEWORTH (1832-1913) marrying Mary BROWN in 1860 in Victoria. They had 8 chidren:
1. Charles Henry SHUTTLEWORTH (1862-1942)
2) Alexander SHUTTLEWORTH (1864-1923)
3)Thomas SHUTTLEWORTH (1866-1952)
4) James SHUTTLEWORTH (1868-1872)
5) Richmond SHUTTLEWORTH (1868-1945)
6) Grace Elizabeth SHUTTLEWORTH (1873-1937)
7) John James Brown SHUTTLEWORTH (1875-1943)
8)Margaret Ellen SHUTTLEWORTH (1878-1885)

He then married Martha SINCOCK in 1878 in Footscray and had a further 5 children:
1)Thomas George SHUTTLEWORTH (1879-1953)
2) Jame Everet SHUTTLEWORTH (1880-1942)
3)Frederick William SHUTTLeWORTH (1883-1942)
4)Martha SHUTTLEWORTH (1889-1889)
5)Thomas Simson SHUTTLEWORTH (1889- )

Could it be a different line of Shuttleworths?? Perhaps Thomas Richmond SHUTTLEWORTH and the William SHUTTLEWORTH you listed are brothers??
and one last thing that is a lot of children... phew!!

by janilye on 2011-07-03 22:40:11

Well, There were Shuttleworths entered NSW and Adelaide I really don't know I am looking at that Thomas Simpson at the moment I have found 3 different birthdates for him and not much else. Hell I just saw Grace Elizabeth now who did she marry TOZER I think now where was that. Your head's spinning! As for George Shuttleworths they are everywhere. I'll just go back and check Grace 1st.

by janilye on 2011-07-03 22:52:44

I know I have Thomas George 1879 and Thomas Simpson 1889 as brothers which seems wrong was like that on 4 trees maybe Thomas Simpson who looks like a twin died. That whole number 6 seems wrong. I just get the feeling Emma Lye married another Thomas Shuttleworth. But then the LYE/SHUTTLEWORTH family buried him.
Here's Grace Elizabeth
Birth: 1873 - Bungaree, Victoria, Australia
Marriage: 1893 - Victoria, Australia
Death: Aug 1937 - Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Spouse: Frank Duke 1872-1948

Don't know where I got Tozer from !!

by janilye on 2011-07-03 23:24:45

by becdean on 2011-07-04 00:21:10

Thanks Jan - I might do another journal entry so we can compare what i have to the research you have just done. So i take it both our heads are now spinning. They've not made it easy for us - but i do like a challenge ;) I'll get that journal started now..

by janilye on 2011-07-04 05:09:02

The Argus Tuesday 17 May 1910.
STAWELL, Monday. At the police court to-day, before Mr. E. Harrison, P.M.. and the mayor (Councillor Kernot), Arthur Shuttleworth was charged with smelting gold without having a license. Superintendent Fowler prosecuted, and Mr. T. G. Grano appeared for defendant. Shuttleworth admitted smelting gold between July and December last year, but stated that he
was working for his brother, Betrando, who was ill and away in Tasmania. The cyanide works were in the name of his brother, who had an assayer's license. The Bench decided that, as the defendant was employed by his brother, be was entitled to smelt, and the case was dismissed, with ?1 1/ costs.
Shuttleworth was then charged with selling gold to a gold-buyer in Ballarat. He was fined C1, with 12/1 costs.
On a similar charge, John Shuttleworth, father of the previous defendant, was fined 10/, With 12/0 costs.

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