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William STALLARD & Amelia DEMENT - Nelson

Journal by ngairedith

- was born in London in 1840 to:
William STALLARD (1816-1854) & Harriet COOK (1821-1881) * see notes below

- William (jnr) was a Publican/Hotel Proprietor in Nelson. In 1874 (at least) he had the MINER'S ARMS Hotel, corner of Collingwood and Hardy street. The Miners' Arms Hotel was built in 1855. Henry Jasper was a landlord before William. The hotel was later renamed as the Panama Hotel and rebuilt in 1883.
The Panama Hotel closed in July 1976
- William died 3 April 1885 aged 45
3 April 1885 at his residence, Panama Hotel, after a long and painful illnes, William Stallard, aged 45 years. Deeply regretted by all.
- he is buried in Fairfield cemetery, Trafalgar st, Nelson (as is his father)
4 April 1892 In loving memory of William Stallard, who departed this life on April 3rd, 1885, aged 45 years
Though we miss him, but how sadly
None but bleeding hearts can tell
Earth has lost him, heaven has found him,
E'er the Lord's done all things well

William was married to Amelia DEMENT (1843-1915) on 18 September 1862 at Christ Church, Nelson by the Bishop of Nelson
- Amelia was the eldest daughter of William DEMENT (1814-1900, a bricklayer from Jersey) & Mary Ann SAMWAYS (1817-1910) of Hardy street, Nelson (both are buried Plot 061, Block 03 at Wakapuaka)
Amelia died 16 May 1915 in Wellington aged 72 & is buried at Karori

William & Amelia had 7 known CHILDREN
... 1
1863 - 1932 Alice 'Emily' Stallard
- Alice married Frederick Batters VAUSE (1847-1902) in 1886
- they had 3 children:
1886 - 1935 Ruby Alice Vause
- Ruby married Henry Bertram REID (1880-1950) in 1905
1888 - 1957 Sydney Frederick William Vause
- Sydney married Nellie Isabella WEBB (1890-1955) in 1913 (they are buried Karori)
1890 - 1960 Constance Reta Vause
30 April 1902 at his residence, Wakatu Hotel, Frederick Batters Vause, aged 45 years
1 May 1902 The Friends of the late Frederick Batters Vause are informed that his Funeral will leave his late residence, Wakatu Hotel this (Thursday) afternoon, at three o'clock, for the New Cemetery.
COURT ROBIN HOOD, A.O.F. - Members of the above Court are requested to meet at the Court Room today at 2.30 p.m. to attend the funeral of our late Bro. F. B. Vause - J. Hurley, C.R.
NELSON VOLUNTEER FIRE BRIGADE - Members are requested to assemble at the Station House at 2.30 this afternoon, for the purpose of attending the funeral of our late Member, F. B. Vause - C. R. Harley, Secretary
10 June 1902 PROBATE - On the motion of Mr Harley, probate of the will of Frederick Batters Vause was yesterday granted by Mr H. W. Robinson, Registrar of the Supreme Court, to Alice Emily Vause, the executrix named in the will
7 May 1902 I, ALICE EMILY VAUSE, of the City of Nelson, widow, do hereby give notice that I desire to obtain, and will, at the next Licensing Meeting to be holden at the Magistrate's Courthouse, Nelson, on the Second day of June, 1902, apply for a Certificate authorising the issue of a Publican's License (with eleven o'clock extension) for a house, situate at Collingwood-street, Nelson (Wakatu Hotel), containing seventeen rooms exclusive of those required for the use of the family
20 Feb 1903 I, ALICE EMILY VAUSE, of Nelson, being the holder of a Publican's License in respect of the house and premises situate at Collingwood Street, Nelson, known as the Wakatu-Hotel, do hereby give notice that I desire to obtain, and will, at the next Licensing Meeting to be holden at Nelson on the First day of June, 1903, apply for a transfer of the said license from myself to George Hogg, my appointee

... 2
1864 - 1943 Arthur William Stallard
- Arthur married Nellie Elizabeth HALL (1868-1939) in 1886
- they had 2 children in Nelson:
1887 - 1964 Ruby Florence Aroha Stallard
- married George Robert DRURY in 1910 & moved to Sydney, Australia
1890 - 1930 Keith William Stallard
- Keith married Rose EDWARDS (1881-1957) in 1913 in Nelson & had 5 children
Nellie died 8 July 1939 aged 71
Arthur died 25 March 1943 aged 79
- they are buried Plot 034, Block 10 at Wakapuaka cemetery
27 Oct 1904 SELLING by PUBLIC AUCTION - LOT 1, Part of section No 444, City of Nelson, containing seven perches more or less, having a frontage to Hardy-street of 20ft 6in by a depth extending back at right angles to the said frontage 90ft. Title under Land Transfer Act subject to lease, of part of same (20ft 6in by 67 feet) to Arthur William Stallard for 7 years from 1st March 1901, at a rental of ?52 per annum (2012 equivalent of $167 a week)

... 3
1867 - 1937 Harry Walter Stallard
19 March 1900 the N.Z. ROUGH RIDERS (Boer War) - the 5th Contingent, Nelson. The final selection was made by Captain Littlejohn, Surgeon-Major Pearless and Quarter-Master Coleman, as follows:
William Edmond BROWN, Nelson Rifles, Farrier (#2441)
John Edwin Thomas BURNETT, Waimea Rifles
William Wilson GODDARD, Stoke Rifles (#2476)
Ralph Vincent JAMES, Stoke Rifles (Trooper 2483, died from Enteric Fever, Nov 1900)
John Charles KIRWAN, Stoke Rifles
Timothy McGEE, Nelson Rifles
Alfred James McMURRAY, Waimea Rifles (#2500)
Edwin Nelson SNOOK, Waimea Rifles (also served WWI, Gunner 2/942)
Harry Walter STALLARD, H Battery, Saddler (#2521)
John Robert WATSON, Nelson Rifles, Farrier (#2532)
John Walter RICHARDS, H Battey (#2513)
- Harry returned from war on the 'Tagus' in July 1901

... 4
1869 - 1932 Constance Adele Stallard
- Constance married Sidney Arthur Buxton BLACK (1869-1906) in 1893
3 July 1893 at Bishopdale Chapel, by the Right Rev the Bishop of Nelon, Sidney A. Buxton Black, youngest son of William Black, to Constance Adele, second daughter of the late William Stallard, both of Nelson
Sidney was the Hon. Secretary of the Nelson, Philosophical Society
4 July 1893 A quiet wedding, though one in which a good deal of interest was evinced by the many friends of the happy couple, took place yesterday, the ceremony being performed by his Lordship, the Bishop of Nelson in the Bishopdale Chapel. The bridegroom was Mr Sidney Black, a grandson of the late Mr E. Buxton and the bride the second daughter of Mrs Stallard, of Hardy street. Later on Mrs Stallard entertained a large number of guests and the very best of wishes for the future happiness of the bride and bridegroom were cordially expressed. After the ceremony Mr Black and his bride drove to the Waimea, where they spend the early part of the honeymoon
- they had 3 children:
1894 - 1970 Everilda Adele Buxton Black
- Everilda married Clarence Nathaniel NEWMAN (1891-1973) in 1926
1898 - 1945 Adrian Buxton Black
- Adran married Ena WALLINGFORD in 1929
1900 - 1917 Colin Buxton Black
- Colin served in WWI as Private 3/2744 with NZEF, 22nd Reinforcements New Zealand Medical Corps. His mother was then living at 9 Mulgrave Street, Thorndon, Wellington. Adrian DIED OF WOUNDS 15 Oct 1917 in Belgium
1 Sep 1897 In the Nelson Supreme Court yesterday, on the motion of Mr Moore, letters of administration in the estate of Everilda Henderson Black, deceased (1835-1897) were granted to Sidney Arthur Buxton Black
30 March 1906 In the Supreme Court, in Chambers, at Wellington, on the 16th inst., his Honor Mr Justice Cooper, on the application of Mr E. B. Moore, granted probate of the will of Sidney Arthur Buxton Black, deceased, to Constance Adele Black, the sole executrix named in the will

... 5
1872 - 1928 Francis Bertram Stallard
- Francis married Isabella Adelia DAWSON (1874-1965) in 1907
- they had a daughter:
1908 - 2001 Isobel Estelle Stallard
- Isobel married Frank William MARSHALL (1906-1995)
Francis died in Reefton, West Coast & Isabella died in Nightcaps, Southland 37 years later

... 6
1874 - 1954 Ethel 'Blanche' Stallard
- Ethel married Halstead Thomas HARLEY in 1902
- they had 2 known sons:
1917 - John Rhodes Harley
1918 - 1975 William Donald Harley

... 7
1877 - ? Hilda Louise Stallard
- in Dec 1891 Hilda was at the Sacred Heart High School in Nelson and won a prize for Elementary Drawing & Mapping

20 June 1895 ... On Tuesday last there passed away another of the oldest of the Nelson settlers, and a lady whose goodness of heart will long be remembered by all who had the privilege of her acquaintance. The late Mrs Waters was a native of Bath, but she came to this Colony in the ship Sir Charles Forbes in the year 1842, together with her first huband Mr William Stallard. Shortly after their arrival they went to reside at Wakapuaka, and while living there Mr Stallard invented a machine for dressing flax, in which industry he engaged. At that time troubles with the natives in that district were not infrequent and after residing there some time, Mr and Mrs Stallard removed to town, where Mr Stallard, who was a plumber and glazier by trade, started business in those lines. While thus following his calling he made the lead light windows for he original Church on the hills and which now find a position in the Cathderal. It was about the year 1845, we believe, that Mr Stallard died, and a few years later his widow married the late Mr W. R. Waters (Harriet married William Ridd Waters (1830-1881) in 1857), who succeeded the late Mr Joseph Levien as Mayor of this city and who for many years occupied a seat in the Council. He was too, a prominent member of the Ancient Order of Foresters and there are any who can yet testify to the general interest which he took in the welfare of Friendly Socities. The deceased might have been better known had she been more self-assertive, but she was of a retiring disposition. Her acts of kindness and generosity were numerous, but she permitted not her left hand to know what was done by the right. Mrs Waters experienced her full share of the troubles and anxieies of the early settlers and was able to relate many an interesting and an exciting anecdote of the early days. She has left sorrowing, three sons and one daughter, all of them married, as well as twenty-five grand children and six great grandchildren
the 4 children were:
1840 - 1885 William Arthur Stallard, born in London
- William married Amelia DEMENT
- they had 7 children, as above
WILLIAM died in Nelson 3 April 1885
... on April 3, at his residence, Panama Hotel Nelson, after a long and painful illness, William Stallard, aged 42 years. Deeply regretted by all
1847 - 1918 Francis Stallard, born in Nelson
- he married Frances 'Fanny' JAMES (1858-1947) in 1874
- they had 2 children
? 1875 - 1950 Francis John William Stallard
? 1877 - 1945 Edward George Stallard
FRANCIS died in Nelson 16 Nov 1918 *see OBITUARY at end
FANNY died aged 89 & buried Plot 2, Block H at Collinfwood cemetery
1850 - 1927 Edward Boxall Stallard, born in Nelson
- Edward married Mary Jane RABYJOHNS (1853-1924) in NSW, Australia in 1873
- they had 8 children
? 1874 - 1875 Harriet Mabel Stallard (died Young, NSW)
? 1876 - 1955 Albert Edward Stallard
? 1878 - 1935 Walter Francis Stallard
? 1880 - 1959 Edith Clarice Stallard
? 1884 - 1889 Frances Eveline Stallard (died Nymagee, NSW)
? 1886 - 1973 Frederick William Stallard
? 1888 - 1961 Arthur Bertram Stallard
? 1892 - 1945 Hubert Henry Stallard
EDWARD died in Goulburn, NSW, Australia in 1927
1851 - 1906 Ellen Lucy Stallard, born in Nelson
- married William Coleman (1844-1918) of Wollongong, NSW in Nelson, 1874
- they had 12 children
? 1875 - 1939 Bernard Francis Peter Coleman
? 1876 - 1937 Harriett Alice Mary Coleman
? 1878 - 1914 Constance Annie Lucy Coleman
? 1880 - 1966 William John Hallard Coleman
? 1883 - 1914 Edward Bernard Berkeley Coleman
? 1884 - 1964 Sydney James Murray Coleman
? 1886 - 1945 Eugene John Graham Coleman
? 1888 - 1975 Norman Athol Coleman
? 1889 - 1889 Emily Coleman
? 1890 - 1890 born still baby Coleman
? 1891 - 1958 Richmond Roy Coleman
? 1893 - 1966 Godfrey Steven Hall Coleman
ELLEN died in Wellington 3 Dec 1906 aged 55
WILLIAM died in Richmond, Nelson 27 May 1918 aged 74
- they are buried together Plot 57, Row 10, Old Block at Richmond cemetery

*OBITUARY of Francis Stallard
... On Saturday afternoon there passed away at Nelson a very old and highly esteemed resident of Collingwood in the person of Mr Francis Stallard, who first went to reside in the Golden Bay township some fifty-one years ago. Mr Stallard was born in Nelson seventy-one years ago, his father having been one of the 1842 settlers. At the early age of sixteen years he went to the Waikato as a volunteer, and took part in the fighting there, and was one of those entitled to wear the New Zealand War medal. He learned the trade of a baker, but after his apprenticeship was concluded he had a turn at goldmining, both in Collingwood and on the West Coast, and met with some success. Subsequently he opened a storekeeper's business at Collingwood, and then added a bakery. He became identified with the business and social life of Collingwood, and was one of the best known and most respected of its residents. He was for a long period of years harbourmaster of Collingwood Park. Mr Stallard was a prominent member of Court Aorere, of the Foresters' Order, on a number of occasions representing that Court at the Nelson District meetings. He was also a member of the Southern Star Lodge of Freemasons, and at the time of his death was one of the oldest of the active members. Mr Stallard married Miss James, a member of a well-known Collingwood family, and his widow survives him, as do his two sons, Captain F. J. Stallard, on active service in France, and Private E. G. Stallard, now in Featherston Military Camp. The interment will take place at Collingwood

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by Scott_J on 2012-09-13 07:43:27

A visitor left this comment to me in an email rather than replying here. Hopefully she will see this, and register to discuss further.


I wish to bring to your attention 3 erros with regard to the information listed as regards relatives of William Stallard and Amelia Dement Nelson NZ.

1. Firstly you have listed a previous marriage by William to a Marie Armistead. There is no such marriage listed in NZ BDM's. I have found no marriage other than the one to Amelia Dement.

2. Secondly further down as regards William Coleman who married Ellen Lucy Stallard, William coleman is born in Wollongong NSW Aust 17th February 1844-Father Peter Mother Alice. (I have his baptismal record). It was his father Peter who was born in Ireland Not William.

3.Thirdly where you list the children of Edward Boxall Stallard and Mary Jane Rabjohns (my great grandparents) you list them as having 9 children. I have both their death certificates and there are definitely only 8 children. There is no Arthur Boxall STallard and never has been. Only Arthur Bertram(who is my grandfather). I would appreciate you correcting this information as these people are my ancestors and other people are accessing this information and assuming it to be correct, without checking.

Thank you, R.S.

by Barb08 on 2015-01-12 19:07:52

Another mistake, as far as the family listed for William and Ellen Lucy Coleman.
There is a child listed as still-born in 1890. This child was not still born, but died in 1959.

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