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WINGATE marriages (males) 1858-1934 South Australia

Journal by tonkin

WINGATE marriages (males) 1858-1934 South Australia.

WINGATE (males)

Married: Catherine DAVEY.
Date: 25 November 1858.
Place: Wesleyan Church, Gawler River, South Australia.
Ten Issues located.
1. Catherine, born 12 October 1859, Port Gawler, South Australia.
2. John William, born 12 May 1861, Gawler River, South Australia.
3. James Thomas, born 12 July 1863, Munno Para West, South Australia.
4. Henry, born 26 October 1865, Gawler River, South Australia.
5. Herbert, born 03 Junr 1868, Gawler Plains, South Australia.
6. Cecilia Jane, born 25 December 1869, Gawler River, South Australia.
7. Sarah Ann, born 01 February 1872, Gawler River, South Australia.
8. Arthur George, born 01 June 1874, Gawler River, South Australia.
9. Robert Thomas, born 13 August 1876, Gawler River, South Australia.
10. Ida Louisa, born 19 August 1879, Gawler River, South Australia.

Married: Eliza RAYNER.
Date: 25 December 1862.
Place: Residence of Mr. Wingate, Gawler River, South Australia.
Eight Issues located.
1. Joseph Edward, born 23 August 1863, Gawler River, South Australia.
2. Frances Elezabeth, born 03 June 1865, Gawler River, South Australia.
3. Priscilla Ann, born 10 March 1870, Gawler River, South Australia.
4. Rosella, born 03 June 1872, Red Banks, South Australia.
5. Alice Alberta, born 07 May 1873, Gawler River, South Australia.
6. Edith Ellen, born 16 August 1875, Gawler Hills, South Australia.
7. Ethel Eliza Ruth, born 17 August 1883, Gawler River, South Australia.
8. Walter Leonard, born 14 April 1883, Boolcunda, South Australia.

Married: Mary Ann FOLLAND.
Date: 09 April 1863.
Place: Residence of Mr. Wingate, Gawler River, South Australia.
No Issues located.

James Thomas
Married: Kate RICE.
Date: 11 October 1890.
Place: Primitive Methodist Manse, Gawler, South Australia.
Four Issues located.
1.James Arthur Bertram, born 22 March 1892, Gawler, South Australia.
2. Mary Grace Melinda, born 29 December 1894, Gawler South, South Australia.
3. Florence Evelyn, born 11 December 1896, Gawler West, South Australia.
4. Nellie Gladys May, born 28 June 1895, Gawler South, South Australia.

Joseph Edward (Recorded as John Edward in the marriage records)
Married: Martha Jane HARCUM.
Date: 29 April 1891.
Place: Salvation Army Barracks, Quorn, South Australia.
Five Issues located.
1. Silvanus Edward, born 05 June 1892, Quorn, South Australia.
2. Wilfred Oscar, born 06 February 1894, Willocha, South Australia.
3. Alfred Leslie, born 20 August 1898, Quorn, South Australia.
4. Edgar Britain, born 15 January 1906, Quorn, South Australia.
5. Martha Pearl, born 30 September 1910, Quorn, South Australia.

Married: Catherine BARRETT.
Date: 31 August 1891.
Place: Adelaide, South Australia.
Five Issues located.
1. Olive Pearl, born 20 August 1892, Gawler, South Australia.
2. Daisy Byril, born 12 November 1894, Gawler, South Australia.
3. Dulcie Evanston, born 08 June 1897, Gawler South, South Australia.
4. Frank Henry, born 05 February 1903, Gawler South, South Australia.
5. Leonard Barrett, born 10 March 1910, Gawler South, South Australia.

Robert Thomas
Married: Rose Emily WALTON.
Date: 27 May 1903.
Place: Congregational Church, Gawler, South Australia.
Five Issues located.
1. Irene May, born 20 May 1904, Gawler South, South Australia.
2. Alfred Wesley Thomas, born 10 October 1905, Gawler, South Australia.
3. Vera Daisy, born 20 June 1907, Kadina, South Australia.
4. Vivian Eric, born 15 February 1910, Gawler South, South Australia.
5. Corel Reta, born 18 December 1912, Willaston, South Australia.

John William
Married: Maude WALTON.
Date: 31 August 1904.
Place: Methodist Church, Gawler, South Australia.
Two Issues located.
1. Myrtle Jean, born 08 January 1905, Gawler South, South Australia.
2. Edgar John, born 17 April 1914, near Gawler, South Australia.

Silvanus Edward
Married: Martha Minna LIEBICH.
Date: 21 May 1914.
Place: Residence of B LIEBICH, Arden Vale, South Australia.
Seven Issues located.
1. Roy Bennett, born 10 December 1914, Quorn, South Australia.
2. Doris Dardanelle, born 09 January 1916, North Quorn, South Australia.
3. Ruby Vera, born 27 June 1917, Quorn, South Australia.
4. Walter Amos, born 13 November 1919, North Quorn, South Australia.
5. Hilda May, born 01 March 1921, North Quorn, South Australia.
6. Maurice Edward, born 12 January 1923, Quorn, South Australia.
7. Allan Alfred, born 24 November 1928, Quorn, South Australia.

Wilfred Oscar
Married: Elsie May HENEKER.
Date: 19 December 1917.
Place: Residence of G CHAPMAN, Hawker, South Australia.
Two Issues located.
1. Olive May, born 27 October 1919, Quorn, South Australia.
2. Beryl Pearl, born 04 May 1925, Hawker, South Australia.

James Arthur Bertram
Married: May WINTER.
Date: 21 February 1924.
Place: Methodist Church, Hamley Bridge, South Australia.
One Issue located.
1. Joan, born 18 November 1924, Solomontown, South Australia.

Frank Henry
Married: Edna Rita HEAVEN.
Date: 18 July 1925.
Place: Salvation Army Hall, Prospect, South Australia.
One Issue located.
1. Graham Edgar, born 06 January 1929, Medindie, South Australia.

Leonard Barrett
Married: Elva Margaret BURR.
Date: 24 March 1930.
Place: Salvation Army Citadel, Renmark, South Australia.

Edgar Britain
Married: Violet Grace EATON.
Date: 23 May 1931.
Place: Recreation Hall, Cook, South Australia.

Alfred Thomas Wesley
Married: Mary Ellen BUDARICK.
Date: 18 January 1932.
Place: Maughan Church Vestry, Adelaide, South Australia.

Vivian Eric
Married: Marion Priscilla DALSTENNE.
Date: 10 June 1933.
Place: Registry Office, Adelaide, South Australia.

Roy Bennett
Married: Irene Gladys MCLEAN.
Date: 31 March 1934.
Place: Residence of S E WINGATE, Quorn, South Australia.

Compiled from the South Australian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the WINGATE lines.

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