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ship INDUS into NELSON - 1843

Journal by ngairedith

thank you to Janilye for finding the passenger list (23-7-2014)
helping NoelGeorge
short bios will be added as time permits

Indus: 425 Tons, Sailed Gravesend 1 Oct 1842 - arrived Nelson 5 Feb 1843
Captain: David McKenzie
Surgeon Superintendent: Frederick George Hammack


Frederick George - Surgeon on board

* J. S. Gentleman, Explorer (James Swinton Spooner 1816-1884)
* Mrs (not yet found)
NOTE Worked as surveyor for the New Zealand Company and was an amateur artist. A painting of Admiralty Island attributed to him is in the Alexander Turnbull Library. Cotterell Peak was named by Charles Heaphy (1820-1881, also an artist) and James Swinton Spooner, who went there in December 1843. Fort Arthur on Church Hill, enclosed the hill forming part of Trafalgar Square, built from the design and under the superintendence of, J. S. Spooner in 1843 and used as a refuge from expected Maori attack following the Wairau Massacre. It had a 12-foot deep outer trench and drawbridge, an inner trench and 8-foot stockade with towers and loopholes for muskets and 6 cannon. Spooner Range bears his name. The Kawatiri or Buller River was first made known to Europeans on 15 Nov 1843 by Major Charles Heaphy & James Swinton Spooner when they were exploring in the vicinity of its source
James returned to 'The Chantry' Shropshire, England
A daughter, Elizabeth Emily Sydney Spooner (1844-1916) married Bernard Coleman (from Woollongong) at the residence of Isaac Coates, Esq of Hamilton, Waikato on 27 Sep 1881

William 33 Butcher
Mary 33
John 11
George 9
William 4
Elizabeth 2

Eliza 17 Servant

Aurora 22 Husband in colony

William 43 Wheelwright & Joiner
Elizabeth 38
John 19 Wheelwright Joiner
Thomas 16 Farm Servant & Sawyer
William Jnr 14 Farm Servant
George 12
Mary Ann 9
Peter 7
Elizabeth 5
Joseph 1 Died on board

John 24 Soapmaker & Gardener
Isabella 21
* John Frederick BALLARD (1818-1877) from Ireland & Isabella WRIGHT (1821-1914) from Scotland
* In 1857 John had the Golden Fleece Hotel in Christchurch
* In 1859 he was the Honorary Secretary of the Canterbury Rifle Corps
* In early 1860s he won prizes at the shows for his roses, pansies etc
* In 1873 he was gazetted Accountant in the Immigration Department
Otago Daily Times, 18 May 1877 Mr John Frederick Ballard, at Wellington, formerly of Cork, accountant in the Immigration department, a very old colonist, well known in Canterbury, has died in the hospital from paralysis
* John is buried Plot 5309, C of E at Bolton street cemetery
Otago Daily Times, 23 June 1914 BALLARD - On June 22, at her residence, Mill road, Dunedin, Isabella, widow of John Frederick Ballard; in her ninety-fifth year. Christchurch papers please copy
* Isabella is buried Plot 9A, Block 155 at Northern Cemetery with 10 year old Miriam Elizabeth Armstrong (1888-1899)

Walter 20 Sawyer (1822-)
Jane 23 (1819-)
John 3
Female born on board
* In 1822 Walter was a Sawyer in Nelson

William 21 Plasterer & Bricklayer (1821-1848)
Ann 22 (1820-)
* William died 13 May 1848 aged 27. Ann remarried in 1849 to William McGEE

Thomas 38 Labourer (settled in Brook Valley, Nelson & started a weaving business)
Hannah 39 (nee GAY married 8 July 1822 in Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire)
George 18 Gardener
Enoch 17 Gardener (married Caroline IVES, 11 children)
Charles 14 Gardener
Hannah 13
William 9
James 5
Benjamin 2

Walter William 21 Cabinet Maker (1821-1845)
* Walter drowned at Wakapuaka 8 March 1845 aged 24
Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 15 March 1845 A melancholy case of frowning occurred in the harbour on Saturday evening last. A young man named Bushnell, by trade a cabinet-maker, left Nelson in a boat about eight o'clock in the evening in question, in company with Mr Wastney, and proceeded up the harbour towards Wakapuaka, where Mr Wastney resides. On arriving abreast of Mr Wells's farm, the boat grounded when Bushnell got our to search for the channel. A few seconds after he left the boat, she floated, as the tide was rising fast and Wastney called to him to return immediately. This summons he appeared to disregard, and Wastney then also got into the water to prevent the boat being carried away from Bushnell by the strong tide. After again calling, Wastney was compelled to return into the boat, as she had got into deeper water. Bushnell now called on Wastney to pull down to him, and while he was doing so, and had got within about three boats' lengths of him, Bushnell suddenly disappeared. The unfortunate deceased, being unable to swim, must have been carried off his legs by the strength of the tide, as the depth of water where he stood could have been little more than four feet. The body has not yet been found.
Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 29 March 1845 The body of Bushnell, whose death by drowning we mentioned a fortnight since, was discovered floating our of the harbour on Sunday last. An imquest was held on the body on Monday, when a verdict of 'accidental death' was returned.

Charles 25 Sawyer (1816-1909)
Dinah 25 (nee Jowett 1815-1894)
William 4 (1838-1932) married Wilhelmina 'Amelia' PATON in 1864 in a triple wedding), go to his link at notes
Sarah Ann Infant (1840-1908) married John James STANAWAY in 1861
NOTES 2 more children born in NZ
See William CLARK + Wilhemina PATON

Adin 24 (1819-1870) Farmer-Butcher
Hannah 21 (nee TEAL, 1822-)
(Adin & Hannah married in Yorkshire, England)
* In 1844 Adin was a Butcher in Nelson
* He was in Nelson in 1847 and in Wellington by 1853
* In 1852 he was a land and stock owner in Wellington
* In 1858 he was a 'Tanner' in Taranaki st., Wellington
* In 1859 Adin, an old setter in Wellington, with his wife and child, was heartily welcomed back from England on the 'Acasta'
* In 1863 he had a leather tan-yard in Wellington
* In 1868 Adin had 3 shops on Lambton Quay (opposite the BNZ) for lease or sell. Also 4 acres in one block, 3 laid down in English grasses with a substantial house and other out-buildings (his private residence), on the corner of Brougham and Austin streets, Mount Victoria, Wellington
Evening Post, 3 February 1870 - NOTICE
WANTED, 20 Boarders for the 'London Restaurant' which will be open again with superior accommodation at 21s per week; all meals 1s; good clean beds 1s. At the same time the premises are to let, and stock taken at valuation. Apply to A. COCKROFT, on the premises
* Adin died 8 Feb 1870
Evening Post, 8 February 1870 On the 8th inst., Mr Adin Coclroft, aged 52 years
- He is buried Plot 2300, C of E at Bolton street
Wellington Independent, 10 February 1870
The Funeral Procession of the late Mr Adin Cockroft will leave his late residence, opposite the New Zealand Bank, this day (Thursday), at a quarter past 3 o'clock p.m.

George 29 Domestic Servant
Jemima 28
COTTON buried Nelson

William Henry Post Office clerk

William 26 Smith Horseshoer
Mary 21

George 45 Ship wright
Mary 42
Sarah Ann 18 School Assistant
Mary 15 Servant
Lucy 13

Thomas John 21 (1821-1888) Agriculturist
(School Master in Auckland. Farmer in Canterbury. Hotel Keeper in Wellington. Master Mariner in Auckland & a skilful carver)
Marlborough Express, 14 September 1888
NELSON, Sept. 13 - An old resident, Mr Thomas Ferrers, was found dead in his bed this morning. An inquest will be held to-morrow.
Star, 15 September 1888 - OBITUARY
NELSON - At the inquest on the body of Thomas John Ferrers, who was found dead in bed yesterday, it transpired that death resulted from fatty degeneration of the heart. A verdict was returned accordingly. The deceased arrived in Nelson in 1843, and was at one time a schoolmaster here. Then he became one of the first farmers in Canterbury. Subsequently he took a hotel in Wellington, and then went to Auckland and became a master mariner. Fifteen years ago he again settled in Nelson and became well-known for his carving. Several Catholice churches contain specimens of his artistic work in their altar pieces. He belonged to an old Warwickshire family and a short time ago was led to believe that he had come into possession of Raddesley Hall and a baronetcy; but a distant cousin turned up who was thought dead.
* Mr George Blick of Bronti-street, went across the street to take his friend the morning paper. He found Thomas dead in bed
* brother of Bernard 'Barney' Ferrers (1826-1863) who married Mary Lauder in NZ in 1853 and lived in Wellington and Hawkes Bay
Wellington Independent, 11 April 1863
FERRERS - March 24, at the Star Hotel, Napier, after a lingering illness, Mr B. Ferrers, formerly of the New Zealander, Wellington, aged 37 years.

John 39 Agricultural Labourer
Mary 34
Edwin 17 Butcher
Henry 15 Agricultural Labourer
Sarah Ann 13
John 11
James 8
Ann 3
Samuel 1

Charles 31 (1803-1892) Farm Labourer
Mary 28 (nee VICKERS 1805-1893) (died at Wai-iti)
William 12 (1830-)
John 6 (1835-1910), see below
Elizabeth 4 (1837-) (+ George Moonlight 1865)
Taken from NZETC - Foxhill written c1906 (with photo of John Gaukrodger)
* Mr. CHARLES GAUKRODGER, sometime of Foxhill, was born at Halifax, Yorkshire, England, in 1803, and died on the 8th of October, 1892; his widow survived him only until the 9th of January, 1893, when she died, aged eighty-four years. Mr. Gaukrodger was brought up to farming, and came to New Zealand in February, 1843, in the ?Indus.? He resided in Nelson a short time, and then took up land at Foxhill, on which he resided till his death. Mr. Gaukrodger was of a very retiring disposition, and took no part in public affairs. He left a family of two sons and one daughter, but only one of the sons is now alive; namely, Mr. John Gaukrodger.
* Mr. JOHN GAUKRODGER, formerly owner of the Foxhill Inn, was burn in Halifax, Yorkshire, England, in 1835, Before settling down at Foxhill he spent twelve years in various parts of New Zealand, principally in Canterbury. He has a grown up family of eight sons, six of whom reside in New South Wales and Queensland; one is manager of a station carrying 200,000 sheep, and three conjointly conduct a large butchering business, Mrs. Gaukrodger died about twenty years ago, and one son lost his life in a buggy accident on the 11th of October, 1903, Mr Gaukrodger now lives in retirement at Foxhill.
- John married Ann HONEYMAN (1845-1884) in 1864 & their sons were:
* 1865 - a son (born 17 May at Fox Hill Hotel)
* 1867 - Frank Gaukrodger
* 1868 - Charles Gaukrodger
* 1870 - 1913 James Gaukrodger (died 'St Ives' Tymble, Sydney)
* 1872 - George Gaukrodger
* 1875 - 1903 Arthur Gaukrodger (+ Emily Fellowes 1901)
* 1880 - Fred Gaukrodger (had Globe Hotel, Waitapu)

Thomas 34 Carpenter
Ann 34
Henry 13
Alfred James 12
Mary 9
Harriett 5
Caroline 1

Alfred 28 Joiner

Richard 30 Carpenter
Eliza 20
Richard Infant

Henry 34 Cooper
Ann 32

David 35 Agriculturist
Mary 33
Louisa 5

John 31 Mechanic & Farm Labourer
Mary Ann 27
Thomas 1
Daughter Born and Died on board

Thomas 35 Sawyer
Mary 40
Mary Ann 12
James 5

John 39 Agricultural Labourer & Gardener
Sarah 39
Francis J. 19 Sand & Loam moulder
John Scott 17 Turner & Engineer
Sarah 14 Servant & Sempstress
Ann 12
Jane 9

Robert 34 Limeburner
Ann 31
Edward 14 Servant
Ann 12
Grace 9
Robert 7
Catherine 5
Helen 1
Child Born on Board

James 26 Boot & Shoemaker
Catherine 27

John 27 Farm Labourer & Stone Getter
Sarah 27
Betsy 7
Mary 5

Samuel 22 Quarryman
Margaret 22

Thomas 38 Bricklayer
Maria 37
Maria 16 Dressmaker
David 12
Mary Ann 9
Joseph 4

Alexander 30 Blacksmith
Sarah 30
Eliza 10
Jane Infant

Thomas 19 Painter - Son of Mrs Locke

William T. 19 Shipwright Apprentice

Thomas 37 Blacksmith & Shoer
Mary Ann 31
William Infant

Elisha 20 Blacksmith & Shoer
Grace 18

William 34 Carpenter
Frances 30

Henry Percival 25 Butcher & Agriculturist
Elizabeth Sarah 25

George 27 Smith & Engineer
Ann 32
Sarah Ann Infant

William 25 Gardener

Richard 32 Shepherd & Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 28
Ann 9
Sarah 7
Martha 5
Jane 1

Thomas 31 Labourer
Sarah 30
Matilda 2

William Collard 27 Agricultural Labourer
Mary B. 24

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