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9th New Zealand North Island Contingent - BOER WAR

Journal by ngairedith

taken from 9th New Zealand North Island Contingent
* the 10th New Zealand North Island Contingent

7405 Private Albert ADAMS

7262 Private William AITKEN

7135 Private Walter ALDERDICE

7548 Dispenser Corporal Edward Henry Micklethwaite ALFORD

7401 Private Albert William ALLARDYCE

7402 Lance Corporal Arthur AMOS

7002 Private Anthony ANDERSON

7001 Private Charles Barnes ANDREWS

7400 Private Robert ARCHIBALD

7263 Private Leslie Hamar ARDEN

7403 Private Arthur ARNOTT

Captain Beckham ARTHUR

7261 Private Claude ASHENDEN

7136 Private Rupert William George ASHMORE

7000 Sergeant Albert Arthur ATKINS

7341 Private Edgar AUSTIN

7139 Private Augustus George BADDILEY

7269 Private Edward BAI

7138 Private Edwin BAILEY

7265 Private Arthur BAKER

Surgeon Captain Robert Hall BAKEWELL

7140 Private Walter Herbert BARKWILL

7013 Private William Harcourt BARNES

7266 Corporal Thomas Meredith BARNOTT

Lieutenant Frederick BARTON

7009 Private Iselin Ross BARTON

7415 Saddler Robert BARWICK

7411 Private Francis John BASSETT

7270 Private William Thomas BASSETT

Chaplain Captain Rev Daniel Cross BATES

Captain and Adjutant James Bruce BEALE

7412 Private Frederick BEARD

7267 Private Thomas Christopher BEECHEYE

7276 Private Albert Henry BELK

7148 Corporal Allan BELL

7406 Private Arnold Edward BELL

7408 Private Arthur Hamilton BELL

7004 Corporal William Ernest Osborne BELL

7407 Private John BELSKI

7011 Private Frank BEMROSE

7416 Private Albert BENNETT

7551 Private Charles BEUTH

7268 Private Joseph BIEMAN

7007 Private Alfred Ernest BIGGS

7010 Private Christian Frederick Edmond BLUCHER

Captain Charles BOCKETT

7142 Private Charles Frederick BOND

7141 Private Thomas Higginson BOND

7271 Private Frederick William BONE

7008 Private George BOOT

7143 Private George BORRELL

7275 Private Hugh Townsend BOSCAWEN

7006 Private Frederick BOWER

7015 Private Frederick Arthur BOYS

7272 Private Ernest Vernon BRABANT

7144 Private George BRADY

7005 Private James BRINE

7145 Private Walter Albert BRINKLEY

7414 Private Harry BROADBENT

7253 Private Charles Edward BROCKWAY

7277 Private Edward Renata BROUGHTON

7413 Private Tythe Joyce BROWN

7550 Private John Albert BRYAN

7146 Private Alexander BUCHANAN

7014 Farrier Sergeant James Robert BUCKHAM

7016 Private Henry BULL

7147 Private Arthur John BURCHELL

7528 Private George William BURRELL

7012 Private George Arthur BUSH

7258 Private Walter Stanley BUSH

7410 Private John BYRNE

7017 Sergeant William Edwin CAIRN

7282 Private James Inglis CAIRNS

7284 Private John Donald CAMERON

7023 Private William George CAMP

7426 Corporal Sydney Arthur CAMPBELL

7425 Private Charles Daniel CAMPION

7150 Private Percy CANNELL

7018 Private Vernon CARGO

7157 Private Martin CARKEEK

7024 Private Robert Byron CARPENTER

7287 Private William CARRINGTON

7424 Private Lionel Charles CARTER

7151 Private James Henry CASLEY

7281 Sergeant Joseph Andrew CATHERALL

7019 Private George CHALMERS

Lieutenant and Quartermaster Richard Wellesley Benjamin CHAMBERS

7290 Private Charles CHEFFINGS

7020 Private Robert N CLAGUE

7289 Private John CLARK

7537 Private John Thomas CLARKE

7288 Private Harry Herbert CLEAVER

7286 Private Thomas William CLIFFORD

7152 Private Alexander CLODE

7021 Corporal Arthur Hamilton COCHRANE

7154 Lance Corporal James COFFEY

7055 Private Frederick Charles COLDICUTT

7025 Private Herbert John Drew COLEBROOK

7421 Private Frederick COLEY

7278 Corporal Albert Edward COLLETT

7156 Lance Corporal Edward COLLIER

7280 Sergeant Leslie COLLINGE

7427 Private Michael Augustus COLLINS

7418 Private John COMERFORD

7285 Private Leonard Willis COMPTON

7417 Private John Patrick CONNELLY

7283 Private Richard Edward COOK

7420 Corporal John George COOKE

7396 Private Arthur John COOPER

7423 Private George Valentine CORLET

7149 Corporal Patrick John COSSGROVE

7155 Private William Charles COTTEE

7543 Orderly Room Sergeant Charles Kenneth COTTON

7422 Private Charles Walter COUTIER

Lieutenant Michael William COVENTRY

7153 Private William COWAN

7291 Lance Corporal William CRAIG

7279 Private William James CRAWFORD

7022 Saddler Sergeant James CROMBIE

7419 Private Horace Montague CROSS

7130 Private Norman CUNNINGHAM

7163 Private Reginald DARROW

7029 Private Charles DAVIS

7031 Sergeant Arthur Edward DAY

7393 Private Eustice Raoul DE BOURBEL

7032 Lance Corporal George Tancred DE MONTALK

7428 Private George D'EMDEN

7158 Private Maxwell DEMPSTER

7292 Private John Michael DODUNSKE

7395 Sergeant Harley Hodgson DONALD

7027 Bugler Ernest Walter DORMER

7159 Private Robert William DRABBLE

7026 Sergeant Harry DRAPER

7160 Private John DREW

7255 Private Jesse Carr DREWET

7033 Private William Andrew DRINNAN

7293 Private Harry John DULLER

7161 Private Charles Edward DUMPHY

7429 Farrier Sergeant Edmund Clarke DUNCAN

7162 Sergeant Christopher Blencoe Noble DUNN

7165 Private Randolph Albert Alexander EAGLETON

7294 Private Edward John EARLY

7037 Private William EDWARDS

7536 Private Harold ELLIOTT

7035 Private Robert Gordon ELLIS

7531 Private William John Percy ELLISON

7034 Private Charles Hedley Vickers ENSOR

7036 Private George Watson EVANS

7164 Private Robert James EVES

7038 Corporal Edward Joseph FAHEY

7439 Private Eustace Claude FAIRBROTHER

7295 Private Frederick FARR

7434 Private Hiram Henry FEASEY

7433 Saddler George FERNANDOS

7039 Private Andrew Thomas FINNAGAN

7040 Private John FITZGERALD

7435 Private Thomas FITZGERALD

7436 Private Thomas George FLORENCE

7166 Private Edward Arthur FLOYD

7168 Lance Corporal Bruce FORDYCE

7438 Private Samuel James Beart FOSS

7297 Private Jack FOX

7432 Sergeant James FRANCIS

7167 Farrier Sergeant Thomas FRANCIS

7041 Private Percy James FRANCOIS

Veterinary Surgeon Lieutenant William Thorley FRANKS

7525 Private Frederick Campbell FRASER

7296 Private Robert Henry FRASER

7437 Private John George FRASI

7170 Private William GARDNER

7171 Private Thomas Albert GARMONSWAY

7047 Private George GATHERCOLE

Private William Joseph GEAR

7178 Sergeant Andrew Kirk GILMOUR

7174 Lance Corporal Alfred Ernest GODWIN

7302 Lance Corporal Alexander GOODWIN

7303 Private Herbert GOODWIN

7172 Private Lawrence GORDON

7126 Private William GORDON

7173 Private William Nelson GORDON

7544 Assistant Quartermaster Sergeant Martin William GRACE

Lieutenant William Russell GRACE

7043 Sergeant Andrew Johnston GRANT

Lieutenant Edward Marryatt GRANT

7301 Private Alexander GRAY

7045 Private Ernest John GRAY

7300 Private Robert Johnston GRAY

7305 Private Norman Victor GREAGER

7298 Private Arthur GREEN

7440 Private Walter Gray GREEN

7441 Private William Havelock GREEN

7044 Private Richard GRIFFITHS

7048 Private William Mortimer GRIFFITHS

7169 Lance Corporal Wilford GRIMSDALE

7442 Private Arthur GRIMSTONE

7175 Private Bernard GROOM

7304 Bugler Frederick Thomas GRUBB

7442 Private Joseph Joshua GUSSY

7184 Private Jack HALL

Lieutenant and Paymaster William HANDYSIDE

7052 Private Edward HANSON

Lieutenant William James Vc HARDHAM

7446 Private Edwin Arthur HARRIS

7308 Private Walter Edwin HARRISON

7449 Private Herbert Ernest HART

7057 Private David HARTWELL

7309 Private Charles HASSE

Lieutenant J G E HAWKESBY

7311 Quartermaster Sergeant William Edward HAWTHORNE

7448 Private Ralph HAYBITTLE

7182 Private John William Augustus HAYES

7051 Private David HENDERSON

7443 Corporal Lawrence Matthew HENDERSON

7183 Private Robert Martin HENDERSON

Captain William Francis HENDERSON

7451 Private William John HENDERSON

7310 Sergeant Lancelot Tuckwell HERBERT

7540 Regimental Sergeant Major Job Robinson HESP

7179 Sergeant Major Thomas Snowden HEWITT

Lieutenant HEYWOOD

7535 Private A J HIBBS

7050 Private Charles Henry HINTON

7450 Private Percy HODGKINS

7447 Private James HOGG

7049 Private Andrew Arkle HOLMES

7306 Private Percy HOOKER

7445 Sergeant Major James HORSFALL

7185 Private John William HOSKIN

7053 Sergeant Edward George HOUGHTON

7312 Private William HOWELL

7186 Private Frederick Ernest HUGHES

7444 Lance Corporal Harold Clive HUME

7181 Sergeant Major Gilbert HUNTER

7054 Private John HURLEY

7313 Private William Alexander HURLEY

7307 Private Thomas Allan HUTCHISON

7056 Private Wyndham HUTTON

7314 Private Frederick William IRELAND

7060 Private Herbert Lionel JACKSON

7059 Quartermaster Sergeant John Frederick JACKSON

7452 Private William Alfred JACKSON

7187 Private Douglas JOHNS

7390 Farrier Ernest Newton JOHNS

7452 Saddler Sergeant Albert Sven JOHNSON

7316 Private Norman JOHNSON

7317 Private John Hall JOHNSTONE

7058 Private William Henry JONES

7454 Private William Wallace JONES

7315 Private James Stewart JORDAN

7188 Private Robert JOUGHIN

7190 Corporal Percy John KELLY

7061 Private Leicester Walpole KEPPEL

7538 Private Thomas Henry KERR

Surgeon Captain Frederick William Robert KING

7189 Private John KING

7192 Private John Edward KING

7062 Private William John Carr KING

Lieutenant William Henry Scott KINSEY

7318 Private Albert KIRK

7191 Private Douglas KITCHEN

7456 Private Leonard KNIGHT

7534 Private Walter KNIGHT

7196 Private James LAMOND

7461 Lance Corporal Alfred LARKIN

7066 Private Edward LARNER

7320 Private Arthur K LASH

7526 Private Frederick William LASKEY

7322 Sergeant Richard Edward Alexander LEAN

7194 Private Jason LEE

Lieutenant Harold George LEWIS

7321 Private John Edward LEYDON

7319 Private Frederick William LOCK

7195 Private Noel John LOCKIE

7067 Lance Corporal Gordon LOCKLEY

7193 Corporal Arthur Feltham LONG

7064 Private William Charles LOVE

7460 Private James Thomas Andrew LOVELL

7063 Private George Walter LUBBOCK

7549 Private Herbert Richard LUMLEY

7065 Private Stuart LYELL

7474 Private Albert MACALISTER

7206 Private Donald MACDONALD

Lieutenant Henry John MACDONALD

7323 Private John Tod MACKAY

7468 Private Robert Burton MAGEE

7073 Private Harold Gilbert MAIR

Lieutenant Norman William Lynedock MAIR

7072 Private Cecil Norman MARDON

7455 Private George William MARKS

7331 Lance Corporal Alfred Hayes MARSH

7325 Private Norris Charles MARSH

7200 Private William MARTIN

7070 Private John Walter MASON

Veterinary Surgeon Lieutenant Frank Carle MATTHEWS

7069 Private Barndt Henry MATTSON

7328 Private Francis MCCABE

7208 Private Donald MCCARTHY

7207 Private John Richard MCCAULEY

7211 Private Arthur Edgar MCCONKEY

7326 Quartermaster Sergeant Peter MCDONALD

7475 Private Clyde MCGILP

7209 Private Douglas Roy MCGLASHAN

7527 Farrier James MCGOLDRICK

7476 Sergeant Robert Patrick MCGOLDRICK

7327 Private Robert Henry MCGOUGH

7478 Private Edward MCGRATH

7480 Private George Henry MCIVER

7078 Saddler Sergeant James Alexander MCKEE

7324 Private Alexander Frederick MCKENZIE

7330 Lance Corporal John Murdock MCKENZIE

7335 Corporal Charles James MCLEAN

7391 Private Donald John MCLENNAN

Lieutenant Neil Glouster MCLEOD

7079 Private Percy Rona MCLEOD

7077 Private George Hamilton MCMAHON

7076 Private William George MCMILLAN

7210 Private James Alfred MCNEISH

7479 Private Charles E MCPHAIL

7472 Private Harry MEECH

7074 Private Francis Joseph MELLARS

7203 Private Ernest Alfred MEREDITH

7463 Private John MEREDITH

7464 Farrier Sergeant Thomas MERSON

7198 Private Herbert Vivian METCALFE

Lieutenant MICKLE

7329 Private Charles MIDDLETON

7075 Private William MIKKELSON

7467 Lance Corporal Ernest Harry MINIFIE

7462 Private Herbert MITCHELL

7202 Private Daniel Henry MOAR

7068 Corporal Carl William MOLLER

7201 Private William John MONDS

7465 Lance Corporal Thomas Joseph MONNOCK

7334 Private Hubert James MONTEITH

7197 Private William John MOORE

7470 Private Edward Stanley MORGAN

7471 Private Frederick George MORGAN

7530 Private George MORGAN

7469 Lance Corporal Henry MORGAN

7333 Private George MORTON

7071 Private Moss MOSES

7336 Private Charles John Victor MUNN

7205 Sergeant Benjamin MUNRO

7466 Sergeant Hector MUNRO

7199 Corporal Thomas MURDOCH

7080 Private John Buffett NAZER

Lieutenant Frank Frederick NEALE

7083 Private Alfred Augustus NEILL

7337 Farrier Arthur NELSON

Lieutenant William Henry NEWDICK

7087 Private Joseph NICHOLAS

7082 Private George Oscar NILSON

7081 Lance Corporal Gustaf NILSON

7084 Private Percy Martin NOLAN

7085 Private Frank Stevens NOTON

Major Lucius O'BRIEN

7338 Private Charles O'HAGAN

7213 Private Daniel Joseph O'KEEFE

7088 Private Clarence O'NEILL

7089 Lance Corporal Eugene Philip O'REILLY

7532 Private Alfred Britain ORMROD

7523 Private Geoffrey David OTTERSON

7481 Private Robert OWEN

7212 Private Robert Bruce OWEN

7492 Private Walter Sydney PAGE

7491 Private Cecil Watson PALMER

7216 Private Charles Robert PALMER

7341 Private James PALMER

7487 Private Oswald Gavin Mcintyre PARK

7344 Farrier Joseph Wylie PARKER

7094 Private William Charles PARKER

7096 Private George Thomas PARNELL

7484 Private James Lewis PARRANT

7339 Private Alfred John PARSONS

7482 Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant George Frederick PARSONS

7090 Private William Bertram PARTRIDGE

7252 Bugler Hedley Vicars PATTRICK

7485 Bugler George Edward Nelson PEARCE

7217 Private Ernest Herbert PEARSON

7489 Private Herbert John PELHAM

7097 Private William Stewart PERRY

7093 Private Andrew PETERS

7343 Corporal William Alfred PETERSON

7488 Private William Burnett PHELPS

7486 Private Frederick Alfred PHILPOT

7346 Farrier John Donald PIERCY

7218 Private William Claymore PILMER

7345 Private Charles Francis POTIER

7214 Saddler Sergeant Albert Ernest POWELL

7545 Paymasters Clerk Henry Wilson POWER

7490 Private Thomas PRIEST

7091 Private Albert Edward PRINCE

7340 Private James PROUSE

7483 Private William Francis PULFORD

7215 Private John PYE

7099 Farrier Thomas Henry QUARTERMAN

7219 Private Ernest Joseph QUIDLEY

7546 Orderly Room Corporal John Edmund RAMSEY

7229 Private Charles RATCLIFFE

7494 Private Thomas William RAWLINGS

7226 Private Charles Alfred RAYNOR

7259 Private James Earl READ

7225 Private Robert REAY

7347 Private William Henry REED

7223 Private Harry REINHARDT

7224 Private Frederick Arthur RETTER

7493 Private John Benjamin RICHARDS

7227 Private Robert Sharman Hughes RICHARDSON

Lieutenant Thomas George Airey RICHARDSON

7220 Private William RIPLEY

7228 Private Joseph Thomas RITSON

7348 Private Ambrose John ROBERTS

7221 Private William Phillips ROBERTSON

7222 Corporal Edward Milligan ROBINSON

7350 Private Archibald Hugh ROSS

7349 Sergeant Albert James RUSDEN

7100 Private Charles William RYAN

7237 Private James Henry SADDLER

Lieutenant SANDLE

7231 Private Daniel George SAUNDERS

Lieutenant Ronald Gordon SAXBY

7496 Private William John SAXBY

7105 Corporal Thomas SCHOFIELD

7360 Private William Leonard SCORRAR

7106 Private George Andrew SCOTT

7230 Lance Corporal John Orlando SCOTT

7108 Private Middleton James SCOTT

7501 Private Daniel SCOWN

7355 Private Frederick SHACKLETON

7236 Sergeant Frederick Thomas SHAW

7498 Private Henry George SILVESTER

7352 Private John SILVESTER

7101 Private William SIMONS

7257 Private David SIMPSON

7356 Private Angus SINCLAIR

Private Alfred Leonard SKELLY

Lieutenant 4061 Agmen George SMITH
- later Quartermaster Sergeant
- married Mabel Keren Happuch Blundell in 1904

7500 Private Frederick William SMITH

7533 Private James SMITH

7235 Private Thomas SNOWDEN

7503 Private Alexander SOUTHCOMBE

7351 Lance Corporal Ernest Brinkworth SPECK

7499 Private Edward Black SPIERS

7233 Private Herbert Andrew STANLEY

7107 Private John STANLEY

7104 Private Alexander STEWART

7103 Private John William STOCKLEY

7234 Corporal Mark Foster STOTT

7358 Private John Thomas STRAWBRIDGE

7354 Private James STUART

7495 Private Arthur James Lawrie STYLES

7392 Private John SWANN

7357 Private Jonathan SWARBRICK

7232 Private Walter SYMONDS

7367 Private Walter TAIT

7126 Private Louis Bertram TAPPER

7361 Private Ernest Albert TARDIEU

7127 Private Ernest Edgar TATHAM

7504 Sergeant Frederick James TATTLE

7509 Private George TAYLOR

7510 Private George William TAYLOR

7110 Private Harry TAYLOR

7109 Corporal John Thomas TAYLOR

Lieutenant Thomas Sydney TAYLOR

7507 Private Walter TERRY

7369 Private Robert THOM

7364 Private Aubrey THOMAS

7363 Sergeant Gerald Harry THOMAS

7256 Private Edwin George Cowie THOMPSON

7239 Farrier Sergeant William THOMSON

7505 Farrier William George THURSTON

7365 Private Charles Henry TILL

7240 Private Patrick TIMMINS

7241 Private Ferrers Ernest Osborne TOWNSHEND

7368 Private Samuel TRASS

7366 Private William TREANOR

7362 Farrier Sergeant Thomas TRENGROVE

7112 Private Francis Arthur TRIGG

7113 Private Walter Robert TUCKER

7508 Sergeant Harry Octavius TULLY

7506 Sergeant Edward Charles TURNER

7111 Private George Archibald Fox TURNER

7511 Private Bernard ULRICH

7512 Private Alfred William VENNELL

7242 Private Albert Leon VETTER

7370 Saddler Thomas Rayner VILE

7513 Private Andrew VINCENT

7254 Private Charlton James WALKER

7524 Private Arthur Alexander WALLACE

7388 Private Daniel Vincent WALLACE

7516 Sergeant Harold Knox WALLACE

7245 Private Thomas WALSH

7380 Private William Henry WALSH

7529 Private Robert Henry WARD

7119 Private Robert WARNER

7374 Sergeant John WARREN

7381 Private William WATKINS

7375 Private William Bain WATSON

7379 Private Charles WATT

7377 Private James WATT

7378 Private John Walker WATT

7124 Private Horace Arthur WATTS

7383 Private Owen Walter WEBBY

7244 Private Charles WEBSTER

7122 Private Albert WEEKS

7247 Private Albert WELCH

7120 Private Barrett Foster WELCH

7260 Private Charles Leaning WELCH

7373 Corporal Arthur Trevor WELLWOOD

7520 Private Felix Ackerly WEST

7250 Private William WHALEN

7389 Private James Russell WHEWELL

7518 Private George WHITE

7385 Farrier Walter WHITE

7251 Private Arthur WHITEHEAD

7522 Private Edward WHITEMAN

7521 Private John Thomas WILKINS

7118 Private Harry Howard WILLIAMS

7394 Private Ernest Raymond WILLIS

7243 Lance Corporal Robert WILLIS

7246 Private James WILLOTT

7115 Private James WILSON

7114 Farrier Sergeant James Luke WILSON

7382 Private Lewis WILTON

7248 Private William Mooore WILTON

7547 Dispenser Corporal Alexander George WISHART

7386 Lance Corporal Richard WOLFGRAM

7384 Private Thomas Mallory WOOD

7517 Private Frederick William WOODFIELD

7121 Private Arthur WOODRUFFE

7129 Private Charles WOODS

7117 Private Leslie WOOLL

7116 Sergeant Ernest WOOLLER

7514 Private Ernest Edmund WOON

7372 Private John Worgan WORMALD

7128 Private Harold Augustine WORRAL

7123 Private William Thomas Charles WORTHLEY

7371 Private Ernest Alfred WRAY

7387 Farrier Charles Edward WRIGHT

7376 Private Alfred Ernest WYLDS

7125 Private Lance Adolphus YATES

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