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Any information on Joe Peters (black fiddler) fisherman Rosebud appreciatted.

Question by abbeyg

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on 2012-11-05 19:09:24

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by janilye on 2012-11-08 00:02:11

Hello abbeyg, I've got a copy of Dreantime Of Dromana in my archives which is in storage and unfortunately I can't get to for a week or so, but when I do I will have a look and scan for you.
What makes you think Black fiddler refers to Joe Peter's colour? I think his parents were both from Yorkshire.
He was a fisherman and in Dromana they used Black Fiddler crabs as a bait.
Might refer to that!
Anyway, as soon as I get hold of the book I'll send you pics.

by abbeyg on 2012-11-08 18:36:59

Hi, Thanks for your reply.

My grandmother told her son(my father) on her death bed that she had colored blood.
I have a photo of my great grandfather Joseph Peters (2nd) Joe Peters and Mary Ann's son and he is dark with tight wiry curly hair.
My father also remembers his grandfather to be very tanned and dad felt he looked aboriginal ( had a wide nose) he didin't die until my father was in his 20's so he knew him well.

My grandmother told her son (my dad) that her grandmother(Mary Ann) Joe Peters wife told her before she died that she was aboriginal.
Mary Ann (Born Wiltshire?? which we don't think)and Joe Peters (born Baltimore maryland)marry at Queenscliff in 1870 two colored people marrying back then would have be seen as acceptable.

Also my father has contacted a descendant of Joe Peters (Joseph Peters (2nd) sisters lineage and they claim to have Joe Peters nationalisation papers from Capee Verede Island. My father has Joe Peters will (Fathers name George Peters mothers name Mary Thersea) and he owned a block of land in Dromana, which we have just found out was next door to several other Cape Verde Islanders ( have names). They were all issued the land at the same time.

My great aunt (95yrs) who is Joseph Peters the 2nds daughter (my grandmothers sister) says she was teased at school because her father was so dark skined. Her mother in-law used to call her "the abo girl". Aunt Mary thought that her father may have been American Indian. Unfortunately because of the generation gap my great aunt isn't interested in the notion of having color in our heritage.

My father and I aren't concerned at all about it and are loving the jig saw puzzle of our family history coming altogether.

It also explains why I have been asked all my live what nationality I am as I am quite dark.
One of my sons has tanned skin also and has the dark wiry tight curly hair that would give any african a run for their money ( father is a pale red head).

Any information which you can find regarding Joe Peters is greatly appreciated.
Finding out where we originate from is both fasinating and frustrating I'm loving it!!

Kind Regards


by janilye on 2012-11-08 22:21:28

Thank you for that information Abigail. I wasn't aware that Mary Ann White was also coloured which does seem more likely. (for the times)
Did Mary Ann die as Peter's or Lewthwaite? Do you have a death date?
Trying not to get the Peters' families mixed up for I know there were a couple, one other quite prominate in Portland, Vic.
I wondered if this was your's;
I found a Joe Peters and Mary Ann who had a son named Stanley Paul Peters born in Queenscliff in 1891. He enlisted in the A.I.F Service No. 11985, on 23 October 1915 age 25yrs and 1 mth. On his enlistment he gave his next of kin as his mother Mary Ann Leuthwaite (2nd. marriage in 1904 to Thomas Daniel Lewthwaite) his father, he listed as Joe Peters deceased.
Mother's address in 1915, 13 Fischer St., Coburg, Vic. she was still living there in 1922.
His description was 5'5" Fresh complexion, brown eyes dark brown hair and CofE.
This could be the one who played footy for Dromana? There was also a Lewthwaite who played.
Anyway I should be able to get away and get Colin McLeach's book with the photos, at the end of next week.

by abbeyg on 2012-11-09 04:12:16

Hi, Thanks for getting back to me again.

Yes Mary Ann did remarry after Joesph Peters died to Thomas Lewthwaite.
She died 24/4/1925 as Mary Ann Lewthwaite and she is bruied with her son Albert in Faulkner Cemetary.

Mary Ann and Joseph had 15 children 3 died 2 sons both named Joseph and 1 daughter named Mary. We have names and birth/ death details for all 15 children. Stanley was Mary Anns and Josephs son and we also were aware of his service details.
There are Peter's everwhere and many of Joseph's children had very large families themselves and they all seemed to spread out over the state.

We aren't to concerned about tracing the children of Joseph and Mary Ann we are more interested in finding out the truth about where Joseph and Mary came from that s why I would love to see a photo of them.

Its interesting that Stanley played football for Dromana. I'll brag to my husband that stanley was a champion football player of old but decided to serve his country rather then follow his football career. I've had to hear of my husbands great grandfathers football heroics for over twenty years. James Henry Gardiner founder of the North Melbourne Football club. We have bought every book and visited or rang every football club, council officers, streets, parks collecting photos of the man. All very English and proper unlike what my family tree is developing into.

Appreciate anything that you find on Joseph or Mary Ann. We believe Mary Anns birth details were fudged to suit the times. In fact I am exhausted looking in to Mary Ann thats why I started looking into Joseph more closely. At this stage I don't care if Mary Ann came from under a cabbage patch!

Thanks again


by janilye on 2012-11-09 08:42:32

You can tell your husband the 'Peters' were quite prominent in the Peninsula Football clubs.
I only made a guess that it was Stanley who played because a lot of the old Newspaper reports mearly give just the surname and of course I haven't been through all the footy reports.

In 1890 A. Peters and J. Peters played for Dromana State School
1894-1902 ? Peters for Dromana
1905 Jack Peters played for Sorrento

Then I suppose the next generation


Stan Peters represented the Frankston High School in the Interstate match against South Australia on Tuesday afternoon. He worthily upheld the` honor of the school and was one of the best players on the ground although South Australia claimed the best player for the day: Victoria were winners.

Then hopping up to the 1930's T. Peters and C. Peters played for Flinders
and J. Peters played for Seaford

If you can get in touch with itellya he would surely know more about these teams.

by janilye on 2012-11-09 08:56:56

These articles don't tell us anything about Joe Peters but you can't let an opportunity to brag go to waste.

Standard (Frankston, Vic)Friday 2 May 1941

New High School Eighteen At a meeting of the High School Football Club held last night, Stan Peters was unanimously elected coach.
Captain and coach of the Frankston team last year, Stan is one of the best known footballers on the Peninsula, and as a student at the High School thirteen or fourteen years ago, captained one of the best teams in the history of the school.

by abbeyg on 2012-11-10 03:49:49

Thanks for all the footy details.

I know that Stanley's brother Joseph (my great grandfather) played football for merridith football club. Dad remembers talking about it with him.

Where are you getting all this information from? I'm new at researching my family tree and have been mainly doing my research through ancestry. I have also visited the Queenscliff historical society and of late found familytreecircles by plain luck.

Any pointers on where to find information of Joseph Peters would be appreciated.

Thanks I will pass on the football details to my Dad as he is making notes about each relation.



by janilye on 2012-11-10 04:49:26
by abbeyg on 2012-11-10 04:55:11

Wow! Fantastic I have never heard of it.

There goes my early night.



by janilye on 2012-11-11 19:31:11

See comments HERE
Frankston & Somerville Standard, Friday 18 May 1928
BALL AT SOMERVILLE. Of late months the mere mention of a ball at Somerville has been sufficient to assure a large attendance of dancers and it is anticipated that the grand ball advertised elsewhere in this issue will be no exception to the rule. The ball will be held in the Horticultural Hall, Ballacrane Orchestra supplying the music. A set supper will be served in the Mecha nics' Institute. There will be several novelty dances, and good prizes will be given. Proceeds are in aid of Somerville Football Club. Particulars of admission are given in the advertisement.

Go into TROVE Abigail and search 'Ballacrane' you will find several articles between 1926 and 1936.

by abbeyg on 2012-11-12 20:49:44

Thanks again..

Also have been speaking to my Dad about all the information you have been giving me and he extends his thanks.

I forgot to tell you possibly the most important bit of information regarding Joseph Peters Wife Mary Ann Peters tellING her granddaughtER that she was Aboriginal.


Sorry it's hard to remember every bit of information that has been collected in the last 5 years.
jOSEPH pETERS DIES 1916 but i'll have a look anyway.



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