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Hattie Rugg
by Scott_J 10 years ago
Does anyone know this person? Her name is Hattie RUGG and it appears that this picture was taken in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
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Looking for some family
by marion302 10 years ago
I am looking for any one that has information on the following familys Thats is Morton, Hughes, Easton & Armstrong
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Lookin for any connection to Grimmer and Rebecca Fincham
by lpgoldcoast 10 years ago
I am looking for any connections to Grimmer and Rebecca Fincham I believe they had 12 Children. I am a grandchild of their son Charles and my Fathers Name was George Willam Fincham. Charles was married to Edith May Fincham in 1910 Oct. In 1915...
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Tips for researching your Texan Genealogy
by allycat 10 years ago
This is just a starting point for those interested in Texan Genealogy.... Texas Genealogy Forum Genealogy - Texas State Library and Archives Commission Cyndi's List - US - Texas Texas Almanac Texas Genealogy - The TXGenWeb Project...
elizondo of texas
by pedromoon72 10 years ago
Relatively speaking....
by allycat 10 years ago
I am my own Grandpa... By Dwight B. Latham and Moe Jaffe "Many many years ago when I was twenty three, I got married to a widow who was pretty as could be. This widow had a grown-up daughter Who had hair of red. My father fell in...
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by Mrnda 10 years ago
I am looking for some of My great relatives and all of my relatives that lived really back in the maybe cavemen time. Mrnda
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In search of my family The Calladine's of Heanor ,& Nottingham
by GTCal 10 years ago
The information I have gathered is based on original BDM certificates, Cenus from, contacts through genes reunited, & family members. Henry Calladine is my great Grandfather, he was born in 1865 the eldest son of William...
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ENGLAND: The Weald of Kent, Surrey & Sussex (updated)
by allycat 10 years ago
Dear FamilyTreeCircle Members, Hi there. Hopefully you've all been enjoying my website links... If your ancestors came from these areas, please do have a look at this beautifully constructed website. It contains clickable data such as:...
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A few skeletons in my tree
by allycat 10 years ago
I started researching my family tree when I was just a kid after my grandpa died in the 80s. I began by asking my grandparents who their brothers and sisters were, their parents' names and from whence they came. Then they started giving me their...
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GERMANY: Did your ancestors come from the Port of Hamburg?
by allycat 10 years ago
If in researching your German ancestors, you think they may have come from the Port of Hamburg, this website link is for you. Although it is user-pay service once you commit can actually do as many searches as you like first up....
Emigrants from Germany to Australia
by allycat 10 years ago
These sites do a lot to explain about the arrival of the Germans in Australia. German Australia - German Speakers in Australia (Click on Issues, Reasons for Emigrating, What effects did WWI have on German speakers in Australia...) German...
Family Trees in Cyberspace
by allycat 10 years ago
Caution is generally advised to all who enter their precious family tree data on the internet in general. I have seen all too many details on the living at the various gene sites such as genesreunited, gencircles, rootsweb world connect family...
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Looking for ancestors/descendants of Ernest JAHN & Elizabeth HANSFORD
by allycat 10 years ago
Ernest (or Ernst) JAHN was my 2g grandfather born 1851 in the Harz Mountains (Kingdom of Hanover), Germany. It is not known when he emigrated to England but he married my 2g grandmother 16 May 1875 St.Lukes Church, St.James, Westminster, England,...
ALL USERS: Surname Wikis (as in Wikipedia style)
by allycat 10 years ago
More will be updated as time permits. All users: If I don't have a surname definition in the Wiki section, it means I am unaware at the present time. Please message me updating of the uncommon surname meanings. Note to Users: Please...
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Looking for Ancestors of Samuel Elbert Wiseman
by jwiseman 10 years ago
Samuel Elbert Wiseman, Sam, was born in Vernon, Missouri. He had a sister named Ann who married a Veatch and moved to Rocky Ford, Colorado. He also had a brother, Tom, who had a daughter named Lucy. Another sister was Lucy. No information on...
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Francois Xavier Arosen - captured in French and Indian War in Deerfield, Mass
by ladyfox1938 10 years ago
am looking for info on Francois Xavier Arosen who married Eunice Williams of Deerfield, Mass. in Sept. 1696, who had been captured during the French and Indian War in Deerfield Mass.
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Meaning of the surname CHRISP
by ucantsayno 10 years ago
CHRISP - The English surname Chrisp is of nickname origin, deriving from a personal characteristic of one particular individual, thus affording him a suitable means on identity in his local community. In this instance we have a variant form of...
by ucantsayno 10 years ago
I am researching Thomas Chapple born in 1849 in Farnham Green, Essex, England. His father was also Thomas Chapple. Thomas married Sussanah Alice Parr, who was born in 1840 in Gedney, Licolnshire, England. Sussanah was the middle daughter of...
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Looking for Stevens of St Ives Cornwall UK
by Georgie 10 years ago
Any information on STEVENS (roundy) of St Ives Cornwall UK
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