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Looking for MILLER of Omagh, Co. Tyrone, Ireland - NZ

I am looking for any information regarding the Birth of my Great Grandmother Mary Miller believed to have been born Omagh, Tyrone, Ireland c 1851. Her travel information to New Zealand as well. I haven't been able to find anything. Once here in New Zealand yes I have everything. Her marriage certificate to Samuel Smyth doesn't mention her parents names. She married in New Zealand in 1875. She was Presbyterian.

The story I have is that she fell in love with Catholic Lad, and of-course in those days... heaven forbid, so she was sent to NZ to be a Nanny, where she eventually met Samuel Smyth who was from Londonderry Ireland. I certainly don't think they travelled to
NZ at the same time, but I haven't found his travel papers either.

If someone is able to help xxooxx

Looking for CRAIG of Scotland-Canada

I am searching for the Birth/Death of my Great Grandfather ARchibald Craig who was born in Stevenston, Scotland c 1853-1855.
Parents Robert Craig and Jean Stewart. He and his wife Ann immigrated to Canada about 1905 (himself) the family must have followed later, although there is a passenger list 1913, but it doesn't include my grandmother. I suspect they went to & fro a few times. I cannot find a death record in Canada for either Archibald or Annie, but I have a burial at Brookside Cemetery, Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia dated 1919. There doesn't seem to be a record of him dying anywhere that I can find. He may have been originally buried elsewhere and that Cemetery was turned into a High School and the grave moved to Brookside. Last Census in Scotland for Archie was 1901 found him in Nova Scotia 1911 under the name Craige. Last Census for Annie was 1911
Bathgate, Scotland.
Any help would be appreciated.