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2 Years on and still searching!

I have made quite good progress since over 2 years ago! Most of my work as been for others but i have taught myself to give myself personal research time as well.
Initially my research was concerned with getting as far back as possibly which with my research background is quite easy but it all ends up as a collection of names, occupations and not much else.
Knowing who your 7xGGrandfather is is all very well but does he have any impact on my life at all now? Not really, it's just the one's in the last 100 years or so.
I have decided to thoroughly research all my 8 main lines back to the end of the 18th century and to settle with that.After all that's an awful lot of people to go at!
What about you?
Iain M Cooke

The value of checking alternative spellings

If you are having problems finding a person with a surname that could be spelt more than one way and lets face it most of them can!
Is the surname spelt correctly? try slight variations noting the variation each time so as not to go over old research.
Is the first name correct? Could it be a "known as* name?
Try the earlier generations first names and see what comes up!
Try phonetic versions!for example
Daker, Dacre and Dayker all sound the sound but spelt differently.
Could the Surname have been anglicized? for example Moss from the Jewish name of Moses.
Never assume that all the information as been given correctly, it very rarely is!

Cooke's and all those that come with them through the years!

I am a Genealogist who specialises in the areas of Leicestershire and Warwickshire in the East Midlands of England.
With that comes the fact that my own Ancestors lives gets pushed into the background when i work on behalf of others in the quest to find out why they are who they are.... So this journal / blog etc on Family Tree Circles will be all about me and my relatives and my search for them.
I will be concentrating on these surnames Cooke, Warner, Agar, Clarke, Morris and Foote. Let me know if you have a relative in the Leicestershire area with one or more of these surnames!