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It would appear(through DNA testing) that my WILSON family originated in Ireland. Sometime and several times during 150 AD to 800 AD during wars between Ireland and Scotland peoples from Ireland settled and intermarried with the local Scots and Picts..Firstly probably around what is now Ayr and spreading out from there.

From research the Wilson name could have been Uilleam (gaelic)then anglicised.

My Wilson's are traced from New Zealand(emigrated 1800's) to Lincolnshire(moved there 1600's) although other family members were already there.
They moved from Scotland to Lincolnshire, probably stopping on the way at Penrith.


My connection to the surname of CRAIK is from Margaret Craik b.1820 marrying Alexander Philip b.1819.Their son William b.1840 married Caroline Lennie.Their daughter Margaret b.1889 married Alfred Ott.My mother was the daughter of Alfred and Margaret.

CLAYTON's from Clavering

To all those CLAYTON's from Clavering researchers.I have just been given information regarding John b.1795.Apparently his mother was unmarried.Name Frances.Daughter of John Clayden b.1727c.and Sarah(Chipperfield).Married 4/5/1729


My HOLLINGS family has recently become connected to the family of CLAYTON with the marriage of my youngest son.
This family of CLAYTON's were from Clavering,Essex,England.The name was originally CLAYDEN.We have back to John Clayden 1795-1852, who married Maria Woodcock 1794-1815.
Some of this family emigrated to Australia in the 1800's.
Through marriage Clayton's are connected to MARGETTS.

KING's of W.HAM, England

This family of KING's is connected to the CHALK and LODGE families.
Known is that there is ROMANY blood in the KING family and I think there may be in the CHALK and LODGE.Can anyone give me any information.
I have the family trees for these families.

BERESFORD's from Alvechurch,Worcestershire

The family of BERESFORD's that connect to me are all from Alvechurch.A relation has done the research and the line is back to 1745c.
Thomas Beresford b.1745c M.Sarah Griffin-6 children
William(2nd son) M.Mary Shooter 1795 -9 children
Their 2nd daughter Ann M.Peter Warren b.1800c Sutton,Staffordshire.

WOODCOCK's from Staffordshire

My WOODCOCK's emigrated from England to New Zealand as a family.Father was Alfred,a manufacturing jeweller from Staffordshire,mother was Mary Ann Warren from Aston,Warwickshire.They had eight children.They settled in Hoteo North.Their daughter Mary Ann married Herbert Wilson.They had 12 children.

CRAIK's from Angus,Scotland

My family connects to the CRAIK family through my grandmother Margaret OTT(nee PHILIP).She was born in New Zealand after her parents(William and Caroline(nee LENNIE) and siblings had emigrated from England 1879.(They had previously moved from Monikie.Angus, Scotland to Liverpool, England.)Her grandmother was Margaret Craik married Alexander Philip.


The surname WARREN fits into my tree several generations back.Mary Ann Warren married Alfred George Woodcock 29//11/1847 in Bordesley Warwickshire,England.Alfred and Mary Ann's daughter Mary Ann Woodcock married Herbert Wilson 1874 in New Zealand.They were my great grand parents on my fathers side.
Although I don't know if they are connected to the Warrens of Surrey who were Earls of Surrey dating back to 1300's,I do know that in the family were silversmiths,locksmiths,clockmakers and bell hangers.

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This family of SPEEDEN's were originally from Linlithgow in Scotland.They are now settled in New Zealand.The family has their tree back to 1730.They own a very successful mushroom farm in N.Z.