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WHALEs on PECK of Taita

a list of the WHALEs on the tree as at 15 Oct 2010

1. Whale, Albert James (b.1881)

2. Whale, Alfred (1879 - 1968)

3. Whale, Alice Rita (1891 - 1986)

4. Whale, Annie Eliza (b.1879)

5. Whale, Arthur Edward (b.1885)

6. Whale, Charles (b.1862)

7. Whale, Charles Henry (b.1877)

8. Whale, Clara Elsa (b.1883)

9. Whale, Claud Hamilton (b.1881)

10. Whale, Edith Priscilla (b.1881)

11. Whale, Elizabeth Jane (b.1878)

12. Whale, Ellen (1855 - 1939)
- married Micaiah READ 1876 in Pukepapa
- had 9 children
- buried in Sandon

13. Whale, Ellen Robina (b.1880)

14. Whale, Emily Ann (1875 - 1969)

15. Whale, Emily Ann (1876 - 1969)

16. Whale, Florence Irene (b.1896)

17. Whale, George (1848 - 1922)
- married Ruth SIGNAL 1874
- had 12 children

18. Whale, Gilbert Lewin (1894 - 1974)

19. Whale, Hannah (1858 - 1936)

20. Whale, Henry (1847 - 1928)
- married Priscilla CRABB 1875
- had 10 children

21. Whale, Henry Thomas (1877 - 1962)

22. Whale, Isaac (1859 - 1885)

23. Whale, John Gilbert (b.1878)

24. Whale, Lewis Pierce 'PERCY' (1889 - 1974)

25. Whale, Lilian Isabel (b.1893)

26. Whale, Louisa Ruth (b.1898)

27. Whale, Maurice Herbert 'BOB' (1883 - 1972)

28. Whale, Myrtle (1896 - 1996)

29. Whale, Olive Emily (b.1887)

30. Whale, Raymond

31. Whale, Richard (1849 - 1924)
- married Mary Ann FREDRICK 1876
- had 13 children

32. Whale, Sarah Elizabeth (b.1890)

33. Whale, Sidney Norman (1886 - 1962)

34. Whale, William (1816 - 1881)
- married Sarah PEARCE
- died in Marton

35. Whale, William (1844 - 1899)
- married Sarah KENDRICK 1873 in Marton

36. Whale, William George (b.1875)

WHARFE marriages New Zealand 1863 - 1929

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WHARRY buried at WAIHI

the WHARRY buried at Waihi Public Cemetery as at July 2011:

- no details
- lived at Wharry Rd Waihi
- buried LOT 428 BLOCK H at Waihi Public Cemetery

- born in Te Awamutu
- died 18 October 2000 aged 64
- lived at Wharry Rd Waihi
- buried LOT 74 BLOCK H at Waihi Public Cemetery

- from Tauranga
- died 9 December 1984 aged 17
- buried LOT 73 BLOCK H at Waihi Public Cemetery

What day of the year has the most BIRTHS ?

What date of the year, I wondered, is the one that the most babies are born on

- I eventually found it
the date of the year with the MOST births is:

the date of the year with the LEAST births is
2nd MAY

They think the most births is because of the prior New Years Eve !!!
- however, using this conception date calculator
... conception would be between 6 - 12 January

No one seems to know why 22 May has the least !!!
- using above calculator the estimated
... conception date would be between 23 - 29 August of previous year

what do you know about JACK WILMOT FINK ?

searching for more info on Jack Wilmot FINK for a reader, Emily

going on what I have so far, do you 'recognise' him ?

In one article his birth date could have been 1889 BUT I have an article (not yet published here) that suggests a birth date of 1899

if you know of Jack please leave a message in the comment box below

from The EVENING POST (Wellington New Zealand)

9 August 1924
J. Wilmot FINK, alas FINCH, alias FISHER, who was remanded at Petone last week, appeared at the local Court yesterday, charged with three offences of passing valueless cheques. He was sentenced to six months imprisonmnet, and was further remanded to appear at Napier to answer similar charges.

16 June 1928
Jack Wilmot FINK married Elsie HOBSON in New Zealand

from The ARGUS (Melbourne Australia)

Wednesday 3 August 1938
Jack Wilmot Fink, aged 49 years, engineer, was sentenced to imprisonment for three months at the Flemington Court yesterday on each of two charges of having, by trick, stolen electric globes from Mrs Euphemia LAYCOCK, caretaker of the Kensington State School and from Bartholomew HOLDEN, butcher of Bellah treet, Kensington.
Sergeant A. C. PATTISON, who prosecuted, said that Fink was at present serving a term of imprisonment/

Mrs Laycock said that Fink told her he was an inspector or foreman employed by the State Electricity Commission. He said that he wanted to trace a leakage in the wiring of the school and asked her for the loan of globes. She loaned him three globes which Fink did not return.

Holden said that Fink todl him that he was wiring a cottage around the corner, that there was a 'short' in the wiring and that he could not find it without a globe of a certan candle-power. He loanded Fink three globes which he said he would return in 10 minutes but he did not do so

Friday 13 August 1920
FINK - On the 9th August at her home, Brighton Beach, the much loved wife of M. Wilmot Fink, and mother of Jack Wilmot Fink and Dorothy Wilmot Fink (Private interment). Loved by all who knew her.

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what happened to Charles HAZELDINE ?

James Stent was the 3rd child of 6 to Charles STENT and Sarah PECK who emigrated to New Zealand in May 1841 on the LORD WILLIAM BENTINCK

James married Francis 'Fanny' Harrison BUCKTHOUGHT (1853-1911) 18 Nov 1874 in Wanganui - they had 5 known children

James married Sarah WHITEHEAD (1877-1935) 29 Dec 1898 in Halcombe, Manawatu
- he as 45 and she was 2
- they had 8 known children:

... 1
1899 - 1915 Allan James Stent

- Allan died aged 16

... 2
1900 - 1984 Emma Florence Stent

- Emma married Stanley Clarence John OKE (1895-1981) in 1920
- son of John OKE (1858-1941) & Mary Ann DAVISON (1867-1953)

... 3
1902 - George Edward Stent

- moved to Australia

... 4
1904 - 1983 Laurel Amelia Stent

- Laurel married Charles HAZELDINE in 1922
- son of [url=]Solomon HAZELDINE (1854-1929) & Eliza Ann BATES (1853-1939)
- Laurel next married Patrick MOORE

... 5
1906 - 1871 Pearl Margaret Stent

- Pearl married Raymond Wilford DOUBLE (1899-1978) in 1923
- 8th of 9 children of Alfred Martin DOUBLE & Sarah Grace HUGHES

... 6
1910 - ? Cecil Norman Stent

- Cecil moved to Australia

... 7
1909 - 1987 Ralph Thomas Stent

- Ralph married Florence Adelaide MARTIN (1908-) in 1932
- daughter of John Thomas MARTIN & Alice Wilson MUMBY

... 8
1910 - 1975 Grace Eveline Stent

- Grace married ? CARTER

I would like to know what happened to Charles Hazeldine
- was he this Charles Hazeldine?
30 May 1911 - HUNTLY
... Charles Hazeldine, a young man employed as a trucker with the Taupiri Coal Company, was brought before a Justice of Peace Court at Huntly yesterday and charged with having committed a crime on Saturday in a shop owned by Mrs J. V. Johnson. The accused reserved his defence and was committed to the Supreme Court for trial
11 Nov 1916 - WELLINGTON
... George Crowther, John Birch, Hector McLean and Charles Hazeldine, who were recently found guilty of attempting to break out of the Terrace gaol, and for violently assaulting the warder, were to-day each sentenced with hard labor. The three first-named were declared habitual criminals

I have also found 2 STENT boys who were sons of a James Stent, but obviosuly not the above James as they enlisted in 1902 - too old to be his children:

ID: 3600
UNIT: North Island Regiment - B Squadron
SHIP: Surrey 1
DATE: 1st February 1902
RANK: Private
OCCUPATION: Farm Labourer
ADRESS: Pemberton, Feilding, Manawatu
NEXT OF KIN: Father - Mr. James Stent

ID: 3601
UNIT: North Island Regiment - B Squadron
SHIP: Surrey 1
DATE: 1st February 1902
RANK: Private
ADDRESS: Pemberton, Feilding, Manawatu
NEXT OF KIN: Father - Mr. James Stent

Can you please help with who these boys were
They were of the same area in Manawtau, New Zealand as the other Stents.
They enlisted on the same day into the same contingent, their ID numbers follow each other etc etc
I am sure they belong somewhere on the same tree as James Stent above

James Stent
(1853-1938) died in Ohingaiti

last updated 22-9-12

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What happened to the BOND children, immigrants from England to NZ in 1874

Sarah Ann Strawbridge arrived in Wellington, New Zealand in 1875 with her 76 year old mother Sarah (nee Showers) Strawbridge and an assortment of other family members ...

With Sarah was her husband John Bond and the first 9 of their 10 children
I would like to know about those children, who they married and when and where they died etc
It is possible they were born in Hill Head, Tiverton near Devon

They were:
Malachi Bond - b.1858 married Anne Kemp
Sarah Ann Bond - b.1860
Eli Thomas Bond - b.1861
William Bond - b.1863
Joseph Bond - b.1865
John Bond - b.1867
James Bond - b.1869
Ernest Bond - b.1872
Albert Bond - b.1873

Their 10th child:
Henry Oliver Bond - b.1876 in New Zealand married Alice May Benge who was a daughter of Reuben Benge b.1849 in Taita, Wellington, New Zealand and a granddaughter of DAVID JAMES BENGE, early settler in Upper Hutt, New Zealand

what happened to WILLIAM WARRAND CARLILE - Woodville, New Zealand

William Warrand Carlile married his cousin Julia Jane Begg, 4th daughter of 9 children of Agnes Warrand Wilson 1824 of Ireland and Samuel Begg 1812 of West Indies who arrived in New Zealand in 1860 and settled in Napier

William and Julia married in 1877 in Napier and did not have chldren

Julia drowned while bathing in the Mangaatua Creek on the 31st January 1891 aged 34, she is buried in the Old Gorge Cemetery, Woodville - read her story at the above link

On the 29th April 1892 William remarried in Featherston to Mabel Martin Monckton who was born about 1866, (one of 17 children of Frederick K Monckton and Ann Martin) she died aged 76 on the 11th January 1942 in Havelock North, Hawkes Bay (was living in Te Mata Road)

But I cannot find where or when William died
Can you please help ??

WHEATCROFT marriages New Zealand 1897 - 1929

known WHEATCROFT marriages New Zealand 1897 - 1929


David Wheatcroft
- married Marion Addison in 1897

David Berkeley Wheatcroft
- married Hazel Lois Annie Marter in 1922

Robert Campbell Wheatcroft
- married Kathleen Chater in 1930

Thomas Wheatcroft
- married Robina Kennedy in 1896

Thomas Ernest Wheatcroft
- married Elizabeth Rose Ellis in 1915

William Henry Wheatcroft
- married Mauriel Patricia Margaret Jones in 1929


Ellen Wheatcroft
- married John Meldrum in 1898

Ivy Amelia Wheatcroft
- married Thomas George Clow in 1926

Robina Sear Wheatcroft
- married Ernest Walker Bilkey in 1915

Where is GEORGE AVERY buried ? (1852-1907)

Where is George Avery buried?

? He was born 17 October 1852 in Taita, Lower Hutt
- a son of George AVERY & Charlotte TANDY
? He married Sarah SCRIMSHAW in 1876
? He farmed in Pahiatua for a number of years then moved to Kaponga, in Taranaki, where he owned the Commercial Hotel about 1900 - he was also a butcher there
? He and Sarah had 12 children
? In 1904 he moved to Hikutaia, near Thames
? He died 26 July 1907

If you read his profile here GEORGE AVERY you will see a newspaper article of how he was buried back on Kaponga...

Because I could not find his grave site I have been in contact with the Council in Kaponga and they told me he is not there !! nor are his two sons Alfred and Hugh although they are reported to have been buried there
... which does not mean they are not there

Because he was a very prominent business man in the town and was given a large farewell with expensive gifts it seemed to me that he should have some record, headstone etc - but no

I thought maybe the town of Kaponga just had a service for him in remembrance BUT the article names the pall bearers ...
His wife, Sarah, died 7 years later and she is buried in Omahu Cemetery in a double plot - the plot was "used" when she was interred but George is not with her there
- so it is not making any sense to me

Can you please help


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