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see the 'other' Mary Jane Lovell (1848-1914)

MARY JANE LOVELL (1853-1932)
was born in NSW (possibly Glebe), a daughter of Charles LOVELL & Margaret CROTHERS. Her father Charles Lovell (1804-1870) was originally from Bristol. He was convicted at Jamaica Court Martial for the term of his life. He was 1 of the 240 convicts transported on the 'Portsea' 24 July 1838 into NSW. Her mother Margaret (1843-) was born in Ireland and arrived in Australia on the 'Thetis' in 1850
MARY married FRANK LAWTON (1837-1905) in Hokitika 8 Aug 1874
- Frank was born Rochester, Monroe County, New York
- He was a Master Mariner/Sea Captain

MARY & FRANK had 16 known children:
... 1 ...
1875 - 1953 ROSE Lawton

Rose married Edward NICHOLAS (1873-1959) in Wellington 26 June 1897
the known children of ROSE & EDWARD (possibly more):
1.a 1898 - 1899 INEZ Nicholas
Inez died aged 14 months

1.b 1900 - 1995 VIOLET MARY OLIVE Nicholas
Violet married Colin CAMERON in 1921

1.c 1901 - LORRAINE VICTORIA Nicholas
Lorraine married William Henry 'Harry' HAYTER (1899-1948) in 1923
- son of George Albert HAYTER & Georgina 'Nellie' MILLS of Onehunga, Auckland

1.d 1903 - 1977 ZILLAH ROSE Nicholas
Zillah married Murdoch Hector McKAY (1897-) in 1925
- son of James Donald & Isabella McKAY

1.e 1905 - 1977 HAROLD ROY Nicholas
nothing known

1.f 1906 - 1980 STANLEY Nicholas
nothing known

1.g 1909 - 1995 ALVINA BERNICE MAY Nicholas
Alvina married Andrew William HODGE (1904-1983) in 1926
- son of Roderick McGregor HODGE & Annie Eliza RODDA

1.h 1913 - PHYLLIS RONA Nicholas
Phyllis married Hughie Joyce HODGE (1907-1971) in 1931
- son of Roderick McGregor HODGE & Annie Eliza RODDA
* ROSE NICHOLAS died in 1953 aged 78

... 2 ...
1876 - 1931 FRANK HADFIELD Lawton
- born in Hokitika, Frank was the Chief Mate on the steamer PROGRESS which, in 1931, was blown on to the rocks while un-maneuverable through breaking her tailshaft and losing her propeller. Her recovery was botched by the Wellington Harbour tugs. Scattered pieces of iron littered the area, most unrecognisable apart from the boiler and engine. Four crew drowned, Frank was one of them (but read Peter Sharpe's (7th) comment below). His body was washed up onto the beach at Lyall Bay and was identified by his watch. He was 53
He is buried in Karori Cemetery Wellington, Plot 121 L, Section CH ENG2
FRANK married Matilda May COLEY (1878-1962) in Foxton in 1900
- Matilda was born in Foxton, a daughter of Henry COLEY (1853-1940) from Auckland & Olive SWAFFORD (1855-1937) from Taita. Olive's brother William Edward Swafford married Jane Daysh in 1866, a daughter of John Ings Daysh & Elizabeth CLARK
the known children of FRANK & MATILDA:
2.a 1901 - 1956 CECIL WILFRED 'Ces' Lawton
Ces didn't marry. He died aged 55 & was cremated at Karori, Wellington

2.b 1903 - 1976 GWENDOLINE GLADYS 'Gwen' Lawton
Gwen married Horace William PRINCE in 1930
- a son of William Henry PRINCE (1869-1954) & Frances Amelia BUDD (1871-1948)

2.c 1905 - 1986 REGINALD DUNDAS 'Reg' Lawton
Reg married Winifred Myra 'Win' WALLS (1901-1963)
- daughter of George Leishman WALLS (1874-1938) & Annie Caroline FARLANE (1875-1949)

2.d 1907 - 1951 VIOLET OLIVE 'Vi' Lawton
Vi married Leslie Charles WHINHAM (1906-1987) in 1928
- son of William Thomas WHINHAM (1877-1951) & Rosanna Ellen DRYDEN (1882-1935)
Vi next married William Griffith David DAVIES (1903-1982) from Adelaide
Vi & William had a son:
* 1945 - David Michael Davies (read Peter Sharpe's comments below)

2.e 1914 - 1998 LEOPOLD HECTOR FRANCIS 'Leo' Lawton
(born 19 April 1914, twin)
Leo married Dorothy Evelyn FISHER (1921-2003) & had 2 children

2.f 1914 - 1980 ALEXANDER HENRY 'Lex' Lawton
(born 19 April 1914, twin)
Lex married Mary Elizabeth JONES (1915-1997) & had 2 daughters

2.g 1919 - 1984 PATRICIA EDITH 'Pat' Lawton
Pat married Herbert 'Lionel' Arthur SHARPE (1920-1978)
- they had 2 sons:
* 1943 - John Francis Sharpe
* 1958 - Peter James Sharpe (see Peter's comments below)

... 3 ...
1877 - 1915 CLAUDE HERBERT Lawton
- nothing known
CLAUDE died 3 August 1915 aged 37

... 4 ...
1879 - 1947 CHARLES THOMAS Lawton
Charles married Harriett Elizabeth SPENCER (1881-1952) in 1905
the known children of CHARLES & HARRIETT:
4.a 1908 - 1972 SYDNEY WALLACE Lawton
- nothing known
Sydney died 23 May 1972 in Wellington aged 63 & cremated Karori

4.b 1909 - 1970 CHRISTOPHER CHARLES Lawton
- nothing known
Christopher died 6 February 1970 in Wellington aged 60 & cremated Karori

CHARLES THOMAS Lawton died 25 Jan 1947 in Wellington aged 67
HARRIETT ELIZABETH Lawton died 8 July 1952 in Wellington aged 71
they were cremated at Karori

... 5 ...
1881 - 1883 VIOLET MARY Lawton
VIOLET died aged 2

... 6 ...
1882 - 1883 LILY JANE Lawton
LILY died aged 10 months

... 7 ...
1883 - 1971 ETHEL Lawton
Ethel married Ernest George FEATONBY (1881-1956) in 1905
the known children of ETHEL & ERNEST:
7.a 1905 - 1980 ERNEST OGILVIE Featonby
Ernest married Ivy EYRE (1912-1971) in 1930

7.b 1908 - 1994 PEARL ETHEL MAY Featonby
Pearl married Kenneth Gordon SCOTT in 1928

ERNEST GEORGE Featonby died 4 Jan 1956 aged 75 in Wellington
he was cremated at karori
ETHEL Featonby died aged 89

... 8 ...
1884 - 1962 MAY Lawton
May married James TANNER (1882-1964) 19 Feb 1906 in Wellington
- son of Samuel TANNER & Elizabeth TAYLOR (both from Lancashire, died Queensland)
the known children of MAY & JAMES:
8.a 1907 - HAROLD JAMES Tanner
- born in Wellington

8.b 1908 - DAISY LILLIAN MAY Tanner
- born in Wellington

8.c 1911 - CYRIL CHARLES Tanner
- born in Brisbane

8.d 1913 - 1975 GLADYS Tanner
- born in Brisbane
- married Victor NAGEL

8.e 1916 - 1993 CECIL WILLIAM Tanner
- born (& died) in Brisbane
- married Ivy Sarah KEEN 8 Aug 1936 in Cooparoo, Queensland

8.f 1918 - GEORGE SAMUEL Tanner
- born in Greenslopes, Brisbane

8.g 1922 - BERYL AUDREY Tanner
- born in Greenslpes, Brisband

8.h 1924 - SYDNEY EDWARD Tanner
- born in Greenslopes, Brisbane

... 9 ...
1886 - 1961 MAUDE ALICE Lawton
Maude married Ernest Mark MINIFIE (1884-1968) in 1905
Ernest was born in Richmond, Victoria to Henry MINIFIE & Mary Jane HILL. He was the corporation beach custodian at Lyall Bay, Wellington in 1918. Four of his brothers served at the front. One was killed
the known children of MAUDE & ERNEST:
9.a 1906 - 1961 CECIL ERNEST Minifie

MAUDE ALICE Minifie died aged 75

... 10 ...
1888 - DAISY Lawton
Daisy married Alfred Allen WILTON (1885-1963) in 1906
the known children of DAISY & ALFRED: (possibly more)
10.a 1907 - 1982 CYRIL ALFRED Wilton
Cyril married Ola Gauletta BARWICK in Sydney in 1937

10.b 1908 - 2008 CLIFFORD HENRY Wilton
Clifford married Jean GANDY (1911-2006) in 1929
- daughter of Kenneth Scott GANDY & Ethel Harriett STUART

10.c 1910 - 1910 LESLIE OLIVER Wilton
Leslie died aged 27 days

ALFRED divorced DAISY for desertion in Wellington in Feb 1929
- Daisy next married William Steven OWEN in 1929
- Alfred next married Myra FIELDING in 1930

... 11 ...
1889 - 1889 MARGARET Lawton
Margaret Lawton died aged 2 months

... 12 ...
1890 - 1891 EVA FLORENCE Lawton
EVA Lawton died aged 6 months

... 13 ...
1892 - 1957 WILLIAM HENRY Lawton
William first married Alice Zeliah NEWLAND (1892-1964) in 1911
- Alice was a daughter of Edmund NEWLAND & Minnie Ellen/Elizabeth WELLS
William next married Ruth Elizabeth BENNETT (1898-?) in 1916
- Ruth was a daughter of William John BENNETT & Agnes SHELLAM

WILLIAM HENRY Lawton died aged 65

... 14 ...
1893 - 1941 CECIL JOHN Lawton
Cecil married Lillian Ethel Daisy NOOT in 1919
- daughter of William Charles NOOT & Ellen HUNTER of Wellington

CECIL JOHN Lawton died 3 June 1941 in Wellington aged 47
he was cremated at Karori

... 15 ...
1895 - 1895 RUBY Lawton
RUBY Lawton died 28 Jan 1895 aged 3 weeks
she is buried Plot 46 D, PUBLIC Section at Karori

... 16 ...
1897 - 1912 ROY Lawton
ROY died aged 14

FRANK LAWTON died 23 Aug 1906 in Wellington aged 69
Evening Post, 23 August 1906 LAWTON - On the 23rd August, at his residence, No. 10 Buckle-street, Captain Frank lawton, dearly beloved husband of Mary Jane Lawton, in his 70th year. Gone to rest. No flowers, by request.
MARY JANE LAWTON died 16 June 1932 in Wellington aged 79
Evening Post, 17 June 1932 LAWTON - On 16th June, 1932, at the Wellington Hospital, Mary Jane Lawton, relict of the late Captain Frank Lawton and dearly beloved mother of mr Charles Lawton, 6 Glenmore street; Mr William Lawton, Nelson; Mr Cecil Lawton, 71 Tirangi road, Rongotai; Mrs E. Nicholas. Coriglen; Mrs M. Minifie, Coriglen; Mrs G. Featony, Melrose; Mrs J. Tanner, Brisbane; and Mrs W. S. Owen, Sydney; in her 80th year. At Rest.
- they are buried PLOT 58L, SECTION PUBLIC2 at Karori Wellington

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GAMMAN to GUNTER Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke

The people with the surname G who are buried in the
Settlers Cemetery DANNEVIRKE, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
indicates a link to a profile

GAMMAN Samuel John, 27 May 1901 aged 66
- buried Grave unknown
NOTE cemetery database has Samuel twice, as above and also buried Plot 326, Block at Ormondville
- Samuel was a private and later a corporal with the Royal Engineers, stationed at Shorncliffe and Chatham in Kent as well as Port Louis Mauritius. He was a Sawmill owner with his sons in Oxford Canterbury, Hawke's Bay & Manawatu
Manawatu Times, 30 May 1901 A sudden death occurred at Makotuku on Monday evening, when Mr S. J. Gamman, sen., contractor for the Hawke's Bay Timber Company died at the Makotuku Hotel
... Quite a sensation was caused this afternoon when it was reported that Mr Gamman, senior, the sawmiller, had died at the Makotuku hotel. It appears that Mr Gamman had been in Makotuku since Thursday and Dr Francis had been attending him the last day or two. The cause of death is stated to have been heart disease
Bush Advocate, 1 June 1901 ESTATE OF SAMUEL JOHN GAMMAN, of Smith's Siding, makotuku, Sawmiller, deceased. All Persons having claims against the above are hereby requested to furnish particulars forthwith to T. H. G. LLOYD, Solicitor, Dannevirke
- Samuel married Eliza WOODCOCK (1840-1930) in 1859 in Brompton, an ancient village near Chatham, 37km NW of Sheldwich - it was once in the Kent county but now is in the Medway Conurbation, England.
their 10 children, all born in Canterbury, New Zealand
ELIZA died 23 May 1930 aged 90 & buried at Plot 323, Block 1 at Ormondville cemetery next to 5 month old granddaughter, Lilla Joyce Gamman, daughter of son Arthur

GARDINER Andrew, 20 Sep 1910 aged 60
- buried Grave 21, Block H
- Andrew was the Tiratau Sawmill Manager & was living at Mangatera, Dannevirke
- he married Minnie WEST on 13 Sep 1877
their known children:
1878 - 1964 David John Gardiner
1880 - 1942 Grace Athaliah Gardiner (+ Archibald Nimmo WATSON in 1903)
1883 - 1973 Andrew Fyall Gardiner
1885 - Isabel Mary Gardiner
1888 - Barbara Gardiner (+ Archibald Collins PRAGNELL (1887-1964) in 1908)
MINNIE died 3 Jan 1890 aged 31
- she is buried Plot 22, Block 86, Northern cemetery, Dunedin
Evening Post, 21 September 1910 SAWMILL MANAGER'S SUDDEN DEATH Andrew Gardiner, manager of the Tiratau Sawmill, died suddenly last evening at the Club Hotel stables. Deceased was a well-known resident of the district. He was a widower, and lived with his married son at Mangatera. Mrs A. C. Pragnell, of Masterton, is a daughter of the late Mr Gardiner. Much sympathy will be extended to the relatives in their painfully sudden bereavement
NOTE his daughter Barbara Pragnell had 3? children in Masterton before her husband Archibald deserted the family and went to Australia.
1908 - 1994 Clarice Sara Pragnell (m. Mervyn Craig JACK & had 5 sons)
1914 - 2006 Kenneth Archibald Pragnell (m. Minnie KEARNEY & had 3 daughters)
1917 - 2005 Avis Isabel Pragnell (m. Arthur James Wilderspin & had 3 sons)
...Archibald Collins Pragnell next married Daisy Winifred HOLMES (1890-1948) in Sydney in 1941. In 1943 he was in Wentworth, NSW. In 1946 Archibald, as manager of the Metro Theatre, Perth was awarded a special honour roll emblem for "outstanding exploitation" in connection with the screening of "White Cliffs of Dover" at his theatre. Advice of the award was received from New York this week by the West Australian manager of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayor Pty. Ltd. (Archibald was the manager of the Metro Theatre for 9 years until his retirement in 1953). Daisy died 7 Nov 1948 at Subiaco, Perth aged 58. They were then living at Wavell Flats, 921 Wellington Street, West Perth. An insertion in the West Australia 9 Nov read: "Sincere sympathy to Arch Pragnell from all members of the Reelers Fraternity. W.A." & "In fond memory of Mrs. Pragnell who passed away suddenly, on November 7. Inserted by executives and staff of Metro Goldwyn-Mayer Pry. ltd.". In 1963 Archibald was in Curtin, WA. He died in Subiaco, Perth 28 Feb 1964 aged 78 & his ashes dispersed at Karrakatta

GARFORTH James, 12 June 1911 aged 16
- buried Grave 87, Block K
- he lived in McPhee St, Dannevirke
- son of Charles GARFORTH & Emma BOX
the known children of CHARLES & EMMA:
1892 - Charles Alfred Garforth
- married Mary HENNESSY in 1923
- married Gladys May SIMS in 1932
1893 - Arthur Norton Garforth (+ Grace Ethel VICKERSTAFF in 1915)
1895 - 1911 James Garforth
1900 - Mary Norton Garforth (+ George Frederick Robson GORDON in 1923)
1903 - Sarah Ellen Norton Garforth (+ Alex Francis BROWN in 1928)

GARTNER Elizabeth 'Eliza' (nee PECK), 18 May 1899 aged 25
- buried Grave 85, Block B
- Elizabeth married John GARTNER in 1892
- Eliza was born in Stokes Valley, Wellington, the 5th child of 12 children of Charles & Anne (nee Gaskin) Peck. She and her sister Hannah had a double wedding, marrying two Gartner brothers John and William respectively on 31-3-1892.
they had 2 known children:
1893 - Charles William John Gartner
1895 - James Henry Gartner

GASKIN Leonard Gordon, 8 August 1906 aged 6 hours
- buried Grave 64, Block F
- son of Leonard Matthew GASKIN & Alice May HOOPER
- Alice was the oldest of 14 children of William John Hooper and Charlotte COMPTON

GAVIN James, 16 May 1910 aged 85
- buried Grave 60, Block K
- James was born in Tipperary, Ireland. He was a farmer in Omataroa, Dannevirke

GAYLOR William Edward Roncliffe, 3 Jan 1899 aged 14 months
- buried Grave unknown
- born 3rd January 1898 - died 2nd March 1899
- cemetery database has him as Walter aged 8 months. Walter was a son of George Gaylor & Amelia Emily Pavreal & died in 1907
- William was a son of William Edward GAYLOR (1870-1941) & Sarah Jane HERD (1875-1938), storekeepers in Dannevirke, trading as E. S. Clark and Co. (Edward Saunders Clark, Sarah's uncle)
the known children of WILLIAM & SARAH:
1898 - 1899 William Edward Roncliffe Gaylor
1899 - 1971 Sydney George Alfred Gaylor
1901 - 1974 Claude Reginald Gaylor
1903 - 1912 Myrtle Latonia Jane Gaylor (aged 8)
1907 - 1986 Thomas John Gaylor

GIBB John Allan, 21 March 1906 aged 54
- buried Grave 7, Block D (supposedly next to his wife Mary Ella (1860-1900) but not in the records, SEE BIO BELOW)
- (birth year of about 1852) John was a Railway Guard
Bush Advocate, 22 March 1906 GIBB - At Gisborne on March 21st, John Allan Gibb (Railway Guard) aged 54. Deeply regretted. Guard Gibb, who fell from the roof of a railway carriage while lighting the lamps on Saturday night, prior to taking a late train out, sustained a fractured thigh in a fall from the top of the carriage to the platform, and succumbed to his injuries in hospital. Gibb was an old officer of the Department, and for many years had been stationed in the Hawke's Bay district
Poverty Bay Herald, 21 March 1906 DEATH OF GUARD GIBB
... Guard Gibb, a well known official of the local railway staff, died at the Gisborne hospital this morning, as the result of the accident he sustained last Saturday night (17 March). Whilst on top of a carriage affixing the lights for the late train, the deceased slipped and fell heavily on to the platform. Upon being picked up it was discovered that his thigh was fractured, and he was accordingly removed to the hospital, where he died this morning. The deceased joined the Department in December, 1879, at Waipukurau, and but for a brief period in 1891 has been in the railway service ever since. He was promoted to position of guard at Dannevirke in 1893. He had reached the age of 56, and had about three years to serve before retiring on a pension. Guard Gibb had been 2 years in Gisborne, having been transferred here from Dannevirke, and leaves a family of four grown-up children. The eldest son resides in Dannevirke, whilst the other members of the family, a son and two daughters, lived with their father. The body will be taken to Dannevirke for interment alongside that of deceased's wife, who passed away about six years ago. It is understood that Guard Gibb was on the eve of transfer to Wellington. After inquiry into the circumstances, Mr Barton, S.M., district coroner, has decided that an inquest is unnecessary

GIBB Walter, 3 March 1903 aged 65
- database has Gill & GibbS
- buried Grave unknown
- Walter was born about 1838 in Lanark, Scotland
- He married Eliza (Reita) PALMER (1856-1957) on 19 Dec 1876 in Tokomairiro, Milton
the known children of WALTER & ELIZA (Baptised in Waihola, Milton):
1877 - 1945 Sarah Palmer Gibb (+ Albert Herbert HORNER in 1908)
1878 - 1879 Walter Palmer Gibb (aged 11 months)
1880 - 1956 Walter Edwin Gibb
1882 - 1883 John Allan Gibb (aged 9 months)
1883 - 1960 Thomas Gibb (+ Bertha Catherine CHAPMAN in 1911)
1885 - ? Marion Gibb
1887 - 1974 Eliza Gibb (+ Archibald Crawford FARQUHAR in 1911)
1890 - 1948 Annie Helen Gibb (+ John Joseph DOOLEY in 1919)
1893 - 1955 Daisy Gibb (not married)

GIBSON James, 3 July 1908 aged 52
- buried Grave 6, Block I
- James was a Labourer, living in Dannevirke
Bush Advocate, 3 July 1908 DEATH FROM EXPOSURE
... While the nightwatchman was doing his usual rounds at about 1.30 this morning, he came across a man lying on the pavement in front of the Junction Hotel, apparently in a senseless condition. Mr Coleman took immediate steps to have the man cared for, and summoned Dr Macallan, who had him conveyed to the hospital, where everything was done to restore him, but without success, death taking place at about 6.30 this morning. The man was named James Gibson, and he was aged 52 years. So far as we can learn, the deceased has been a resident of this district for over 20 years, and was for a considerable part of that time employed as a ploughman and horse-owner in the Pongaroa and coast districts. It is not known exactly when he came into town, but he was before the court on the 30th of June last, when he was convicted and discharged for drunkenness. Yesterday he had breakfast and dinner at the Mangatera Hotel, and came up into town during the afternoon. He returned to the hotel in a cab about tea time, and came back to town in a cab at about 7 o'clock. Constable Malone saw him after 10 o'clock, but nothing further is at present known of his movements from this time up to the point when he was found by the nightwatchman, and with a view to eliciting the facts an inquest will be held to-morrow morning, When the doctor first saw him the man was conscious, and told Dr Macallan that he had intended to go home, but lay down to have a sleep. When asked where his home was, he pointed to the opposite side of Miller's Road, indicating one of the boarding-houses there. In Dr Macalla's opinion death was due to exposure
The Inquest

GILL Walter BURIED 5 March 1903 aged unknown
- misprint at database (see Walter Gibb above)

GILMORECatherine, 5 Sep 1901 aged 27
- buried Grave 20, Block D
(database & BDM has Gilmore, Papers Past has Gilmour)
Bush Advocate, 9 September 1901 The wife of Mr Gilmour, railway surfaceman at Matahiwi, died on Saturday. The funeral took place at Dannevirke cemetery this afternoon, and was attended by a number of settlers. Rev Mr Robertshawe officiated at the graveside and Messrs Anderson and Son's hears left for Matahiwi this morning
* Frederick Gilmour was a Road Surfaceman. He was in Ormondville in 1908. He married Catherine CAMMOCK in 1893.
* Andrew Gilmour was the Waipawa County Road Engineer/Overseer (for 25 years by 1908), being in charge of the erection of 250 bridges and the construction of 500 miles of roads. He took up residence in Danevirke in 1892 on account of it being more central for his work. He built a residence of 6 rooms, having a good view of the town, at Mangatera on 21 acres be bought from Mr Carlson

GILMOUR James, 29 Jan 1911 aged 59
- buried Grave 54, Block H
- James was a Farmer in Umutaoroa, Dannevirke

GOGGIN Julia 1911 aged 66
- buried Grave
- Julia lived in Maharahara, Dannevirke

GOOCH William Arthur, 28 Sep 1911 aged 1
- buried Grave 30. Block H
- son of Arthur & Alice Maude GOOCH

GORDON Donald Kenneth, 5 June 1907 aged 2 weeks
- buried Grave 99, Block G
- son of John Albert GORDON & Elizabeth GUINAN

GREEN Beatrice, 17 Feb 1917 aged 48
- buried Grave 34, Block J with William

GREEN William Henry, 26 Dec 1908 aged 41
- buried Grave 34, Block j with Beatrice
- William was a Tea Planter. He lived in Edward St, Dannevirke

GREGG Caroline, 19 Aug 1929, aged 73
- buried Grave 97, Block G with husband Richard
- born 21 July 1856 in Magherabouy, Ireland. Caroline lived in Tiratu, Dannevirke

GREGG Richard, 4 Nov 1913 aged 59
- buried Grave 97, Block G with wife Caroline
- born 3 April 1854 in Ballynascadden, Ireland
- Richard was a Farmer in Mangatera, Dannevirke
- also see his family under daughter V FOR VICARY

GRIFFITHS Alfred Burgess, 18 July 1908 aged 57
- buried Grave 90. Block G
- Alfred was a Horticulturist. He was living in Miller St, Dannevirke in 1908
- he married Mary Jane MASON (1854-1938) in 1874. Known children were: Alfred Mason Griffiths (1874-1930) & Harry Mason Griffiths (1876-1890). Alfred Mason Griffiths married Alice Amy KENNEDY in 1906, he married Vivienne Elaine BOWYER in 1924

GRIMWOOD Annie Elizabeth Sarah (nee PATERSON), 27 Aug 1901 aged 59
- buried Grave 21, Block D
- married John GRIMWOOD in 1887
- aka Sarah Annie Grimwood
Bush Advocate, 27 August 1901 GRIMWOOD - On the 27th August, at her residence, McPhee street, Sarah Annie, the dearly beloved wife of John Grimwood, aged 59 years, after a long and painful illness

GRONNEBECK Bodil Marie (nee NISSEN), 27 Oct 1907 aged 85
- buried Grave 55, Block I
Bush Advocate, 28 October 1907
... GRONNEBECK: On the 27th October, at Dannevirke, Bodil Marie, relict of the late Jorgen Lorenzen Gronnebeck; aged 85 years
... We have to announce the death of another old settler, in the person of Mrs Bodil Marie Gronnebeck, which occurred yesterday at the residence of her daughter, Mrs P. Christiansen. The deceased lady, who had reached the ripe old age of 85 years, arrived in Napier on September 15, 1872, and had lived in Dannevirke for 35 years. Her husband predeceased her 12 years ago. The late Mrs Gronnebeck is survived by one son and one daughter living in Denmark, and by four daughters living in New Zealand. The names of the latter are: Mrs P. Christiansen (Anna Marie + Jens Peter Christiansen), Mrs C. C. Neilsen (Jorgine Helene + Carl Christian Neilsen) and Mrs McIntosh (Katrice + George McIntosh) of Dannevirke; Mrs Elmbranch of Auckland (Annie Hansina + Frederick Elmbranch). There are 29 grand-children, and two great grand-children. The late Mr and Mrs Gronnebeck took up the section on which the hospital now stands when they arrived at Dannevirke; and since her husband's death Mrs Gronnebeck had lived with her daughter, Mrs P. Christiansen, of McPhee street
... The Friends of the late Mrs Gronnebeck are respectfully informed that the funeral will leave the residence of her daughter, Mrs Christiansen, McPhee street, on Wednesday, 29th inst., at 2 p.m. FRAME & JOHNSTONE, Undertakers
note her son in Denmark was Soren Lorenzen Gronnebeck (1859-?)

GRONNEBECK Jorgen Lorenzen, 20 Oct 1895 aged 68
- buried Grave 57, Block I
- husband of Bodil Marie above

GUILLIARD Russell Cecil, 25 June 1909 aged 2 days
- buried Grave 37, Block K
- son of Arthur GUILLIARD (1888-1957) & Eva Grace Austin HARRIGAN (1891-1971)

GUNNION Joseph William Stanley 1900 aged 6 months
- buried Grave 10, Block D
- son of Joseph GUNNION (1873-1904) & Nora Amelia JANSEN (1871-1954)
the known children of JOSEPH & NORA:
1900 - 1900 Joseph William Stanley Gunnion
1902 - 1993 Valentine Frank Gunnion
1904 - Eileen Margaret Gunnion (+ Allan William Howard TILLEY in 1930)

GUNNION Joseph, 5 July 1904 aged 31
- buried Grave 2, Block F
- father of the above children
Bush Advocate, 5 July 1904
... We regret to have to record the death of Mr Joseph Gunnion, a wll-known resident of Dannevirke, which occurred to-day. The deceased had been in failing health for some time past, and the end was not unexpected. He leaves a widow and two young children to mourn their loss. The funeral will leave Tahoraite at 2.30 p.m. to-morrow
- his wife Nora remarried in 1907 to George EAGLE

GUNTER Lydia (widow, nee HANSEN), 20 Aug 1924 aged 59
- buried Grave 14, Block C with her son 'Tommy'
- Lydia was living in High St Dannevirke
- she married Thomas Edward Gunter in 1883
Daily Telegraph, 31 October 1883 GUNTER-HANSEN - At the Registry Office, Waipukurau, on October 24th, Thomas Edward Gunter, eldest son of Thomas Gunter, of Birmingham, England, to Lydia Hansen, second daughter of Samuel Hansen, Little Beach, Napier
the known children of THOMAS & LYDIA:
1884 - 1956 Lydia Elizabeth Louisa Gunter (+ Augustine Laurence QUINN in 1906)
- Lydia had a daughter, Amy Gunter in 1906 & 3 known Quinn sons
1885 - 1975 Ada Clarissa Gunter (+ George Potticarry HOLLAND in 1907)
1887 - ? Ada May Gunter
1891 - 1892 Thomas Samuel John 'Tommy' Gunter (aged 14 months)

GUNTER Thomas Samuel John 'Tommy', 19 April 1891 aged 14 months
- buried Grave 14, Block C with his mother Lydia above

... The A names ABBOTT to AYLWARD

... The B names BAER to BURTON

... The C names CALDER to CUNNINGHAM

... The D names DAILL to DUNSTALL

... The E names ECCLES to EVANSEN

... The F names FALCONER to FYFE

... The G names GAMMON to GUNTER

... The H names HAINES to HYNDES


... The J names JACOBI to JONES

... The K names KENNY to KUITI

... The L names LAMBERT to LYNN

... The M names MABERLY to MURRAY

... The N names NASH to NUTTALL

... The O names O'CONNOR to O'SULLIVAN

... The P names PALENSKY to PRIOR

... The R names RANKIN to RYAN

... The S names SARGISSON to SYKES

... The T names TACON to TWEEDDALE

... The V name VICARY

... The W names WALKER to WYSOCKI


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FALCONER to FYFE buried Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke

The people with the surname F who are buried in the
Settlers Cemetery DANNEVIRKE, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
indicates a link to a profile

FALCONER Elizabeth, 15 May 1905 aged 30 [Historical Record Only]
- conveyed to Masterton and buried Plot EF, Row 7, Plan V at Archer Street with husband Donald Lonttit Falconer (1859-1895) who was killed when felling trees on his brother David's property at Upper Fernridge

FARRELL Amelia Ruth (nee CURRAN), 31 Oct 1915 aged 24
- buried Grave 28, Block K with son Cyril Kenneth
- daughter of Thomas CURRAN & Emma BIRD
- Amelia married William George Farrell in 1908
their children:
1908 - Cyril Kenneth Farrell
1909 - Myrtle Gwendoline May Farrell
1911 - Vera Rose Farrell
1912 - Theodore Ronald Farrell
- lived in Tennyson St, Dannevirke

FARRELL Cyril Kenneth, 20 Oct 1908 aged 5 months
(database has 5.6 years)
- buried Grave 28, Block K with his mother Amelia (above)

FEATHERSTONE Isabella Mildred Whiffen 'Belle'
(nee HANNAY) 14 Aug 1908 aged 25
- (database has Eliza Mildred Khiffen)
- buried Grave 24, Block J with 6 day old daughter Maude Edith
- married Alfred Henry Featherstone in 1907
- lived in Umutaoroa, Dannevirke
- Isabella died 6 days after the birth of daughter Maude Edith
- Alfred remarried in 1909 to Margaret Winifred BRAMALD

FEATHERSTONE Maude Edith, 14 Aug 1908 aged 6 days
- buried Grave 24, Block J with mother Belle above

FERGUSON William, 16 Sep 1908 aged 7 days
(BDM has 7 days - cemetery database has 3 days)
- buried Grave 49, Block G
- lived in McPhee St, Dannevirke
- born 9 Sep 1908 to John Douglas FERGUSON & Catherine MATHESON
children of JOHN & CATHERINE:
1897 - John Alexander Ferguson
1898 - Catherine Elizabeth Ferguson
1902 - Flora Ferguson
1904 - Allan Douglas Ferguson
1906 - Jean Catherine Ferguson
1908 - 1908 William Ferguson (aged 7 days)
1911 - 1912 William Duncan Ferguson

FERGUSON William Duncan, 5 Jan 1912 aged 4 months
- buried Grave 38, Block I
- lived in Denmark St, Dannevirke

FIECKEN Christian George, 1913 aged 20
- buried Grave 45, Block B (double plot)
- son of Frederick FIECKEN & Marianne FRITZ (below)
- lived in Dannevirke

FIECKEN Frederick, 1947 aged 88
- buried Grave 91, Block B
- Frederick was a Blacksmith in Dannevirke
- the husband of Mary Ann FRITZ (below)

FIECKEN Marianne (nee FRITZ), 31 March 1945 aged 86
- buried Grave 90, Block B with husband Frederick
- married Frederick Fiecken in 1882
- lived in Dannevirke
the children of Frederick & Marianne:
1883 - Emma Matilda Fiecken - married Wilson Herbert NICOLL 1906
1885 - Frederick John Fiecken
1886 - Gustav Rudolf Fiecken - married Rose Ann O'HAGAN in 1910
1890 - Maria Catherina Fiecken
1893 - Christian George Fiecken
1901 - 1901 Wilhelm Ludvig Fiecken

FIECKEN Wilhelm Ludwig, 8 Dec 1901 aged 10 weeks
- buried Grave 50, Block D
- son of Frederick FIECKEN & Marianne FRITZ (above)

FIELD Sarah (nee CORBETT), 30 May 1908 aged 86
- buried Grave 21, Block J
- Sarah married William Field (1825-1880) in Ullingswick, Herefordshire in 1841
- they arrived into Wellington 30 Jan 1857 on the Indian Queen & settled in Carterton
NOTE Papers Past has a misprint of Jan 1875, which date has been copied from there by other researchers. However, the Indian Queen brought settlers to NZ in 1856-1857 & 1866-1867, then on 28 March 1867 the ship was destroyed by fire at Napier (just after landing the passengers)
- Sarah was living in Waterloo St, Dannevirke at her granddaughters home
Wairarapa Daily Times, 3 June 1908
... Mrs Sarah Field, relict of the late Mr William Field, of Carterton, who predeceased her about thirty years ago, died at the residence of her grand-daughter, Mrs Hennon (sic), at Dannevirke, on Tuesday last. She had reached the advanced age of 86 years, and the end was due to senile decay. The deceased lady, whose maiden name was Corbett, was born in Preston, Herefordshire, England. She married Mr William Field at Ullingswick in 1841, and together they arrived in New Zealand by the ship Indian Queen, in January 1875 (sic). A few years later they settled in the Three Mile Bush, now Carterton, where Mrs Field resided till her removal to Dannevirke, about a year ago. She had been in a weak state some months prior to her death

FILEWOOD Ann, 23 July 1910 aged 73
- buried Grave 71, Block J with James William
- lived in Burns St, Dannevirke

FILEWOOD James William, 12 Aug 1913 aged 80
- buried Grave 71, Block J with Ann
- born in Surrey, England to James William FILEWOOD & Susannah FIRTH
- James was a Labourer living in Burns St, Dannevirke

FINDLAY Agnes Ellen, 27 June 1906 aged 4.2
(database has Angus Ella)
- buried Grave 69, Block F
- a daughter of David FINDLAY & Rosina MIST who married in 1897
their known children:
1898 - Caroline Janet Findlay
1899 - Myrtle Mabel Findlay
1902 - Agnes Ellen Findlay
1906 - Jessie Rosina Findlay
1909 - Jean Findlay
1911 - Rosina Margaret Findlay

FISCHER Bernard Carl, 19 Jan 1908 aged 7 weeks
- buried Grave 36, Block F
- 2nd of 2 sons of Richard Max FISCHER & Mary Gwenda THOMSEN
- lived at Ruahine St, Dannevirke

FISCHER Richard Max, 4 Oct 1909 aged 43
- buried Grave 35, Block F
- Richard was a Storekeeper in Mangatera. He died of a fractured skull when driving his trap down a hill in Mangatera. The horse got out of control capsizing the vehicle
- he left a widow & 1 son. His wife Mary remarried in 1916 to Herbert Samuel TAYLOR

FIVEASH Annie Eliza (nee SKINNER), 12 Feb 1902 aged 57
- buried Grave 64, Block C
- married Thomas Fiveash (1849-1912) in September 1868 in Wadhurst, Sussex, had 8 children. Thomas was born in Wadhurst, Sussex, England to Thomas Fiveash & Mary Anne GIBBS
Bush Advocate, 13 February 1902
... FIVEASH - On Feb. 12, at the residence of her husband, Robjohns street, Dannevirke, Annie Elizam the beloved wife of Thomas Fiveash; aged 57 years. The funeral will leave the residence of mr Fiveash at 2.30 p.m. to-morrow for the Dannevirke cemetery
... We regret to have to record the death of Mrs T. Fiveash, which occurred at her husband's residence yesterday after about a fortnight's illness
Bush Advocate, 14 February 1902
... The funeral of the late Mrs Fiveash was held this afternoon. Rev E. Robertshawe conducted the burial service, and a large number of wreaths were forwarded by friends of the family. The large attendance at the funeral was evidence of the great esteem and respect in which the deceased lady was held

FORTUNE Albert John, 3 April 1900 aged 6 weeks
- buried Grave unknown
- son of John Hume FORTUNE & Annie Alice PECK
children of John & Annie:
1889 - John Fortune
1890 - Mary Elizabeth Fortune
1894 - Ethel Emily May Fortune
1895 - Florence Ada Fortune
1898 - Arthur Allan Fortune
1900 - Albert John Fortune
1906 - Eileen Susan Fortune
1908 - Gordon John Hume Fortune

FRAME Marjorie Lilian, 25 May 1907 aged 6 months
- buried Grave 100, Block G
- born 15 Nov 1906, 7th of 7 children of William George Francis FRAME (1868-1949), a Coachbuilder, & Mary JOHNSTONE who married in St Pauls Church, Napier 9 July 1892
the children of WILLIAM & MARY:
1893 - 1894 William Henry Frame
Hawkes Bay Herald, 10 Jan 1894 FRAME - At Napier on Tuesday, January 9th, 1894, William Henry, only child of William George Francis and Mary FRAME, aged 11 months
1894 - Agnes May Frame
1895 - Elsie 'Mabel' Frame
1897 - Maude Frame
1901 - George Edward Frame
1904 - Beatrice Mary Frame
1907 - Marjorie Lilian Frame (BDM has Margaret Lilian)
NZ Truth, 10 Feb 1912
What Happened at a Dannevirke Meeting

FRASER Archibald Ross, 7 Nov 1911 aged 72
- buried Grave 52, Block H
- lived in High St, Dannevirke

FRASER David, 26 Nov 1903 born still
- buried Grave 28, Block G
- son of David Henderson FRASER & Sarah HUTCHINSON

FRASER David Henderson, 18 Dec 1905 aged 31
- buried Grave 28 Block G
- David died at Wanganui Hospital

FRASER James Cumming, 21 Nov 1899 aged 51
- buried Grave unknown

FRASER James Lovatt, 20 Feb 1910 aged 72
- buried Grave 29, Block G
- he was a Settler & lived in Tennyson St, Dannevirke
His HEADSTONE READS: In loving memory of James L. Fraser, who died Feb. 20 1910, aged 72 years. Also of his son David H. Fraser, died Dec 18 1905, aged 32 years. Also of his grandson David, died in infancy

FRASER Margaret, 27 June 1916 aged 73
- buried Grave 27, Block G

FREEMAN Ada Emma, 1 April 1947 aged 61
- buried Grave 11, Block H with Anthony, Gertrude & Roger Freeman
- Ada mever married

FREEMAN Antony, 19 Oct 1941 aged 6 days
- buried Grave 11, Block H with Ada, Gertrude & Roger Freeman

FREEMAN Frederick William, 15 Sep 1956 aged 70
- buried Grave 13, Block H
- born 1886 to James Spier & Lucy FREEMAN

FREEMAN Gertrude Maud, 24 July 1956 aged 80
- buried Grave 11, Block H with Ada, Anthony & Roger Freeman
- Gertrude never married

FREEMAN James Spier, 22 Dec 1930 aged 78
- buried Grave 12, Block H with wife Lucy
- lived in Burns St Dannevirke & was the Secretary of the Hawkes Bay Jockey Club

FREEMAN Lucy, 6 March 1941 aged 93
- buried Grave 12, Block H with husband James

FREEMAN Roger, 30 Oct 1941 aged 16 days
- buried Grave 11, Block H with Ada, Anthony & Gertrude Freeman

FREEMAN Walter Yates, 22 June 1908 aged 17
- buried Grave 10, Block H
- lived in Burns St Dannevirke
- born 1890 to James Spier & Lucy FREEMAN
Bush Advocate, 22 June 1908 We regret to have to announce the death of Walter, the youngest son of Mr J. S. Freeman, which occurred at the hospital this afternoon. The deceased was a sturdy lad of 18, and came home from his employment at Waituna ill on Friday last. Mr and Mrs Freeman and their family will have the deep sympathy of many friends in their sad bereavement
Bush Advocate, 23 June 1908 FREEMAN - On June 22nd, 1908, at Dannevirke, Walter yates, third son of James and Lucy Freeman, in his 18th year. Will friends kindly accept this intimation
Bush Advocate, 25 June 1908 The funeral of the late Walter Yates Freeman was held this afternoon, and there was a large attendance of friends of the bereaved family. The service at the graveside was conducted by the Rev. E. Robertshawe, who was assisted by the Rev. F. W. Whibley. A number of wreaths and floral emblems were forward by sympathising friends. Mr and Mrs Freeman have received many kindly expressions of sympathy in their say bereavement

FRIIS Alfred Anderson, 4 July 1902 aged 33
- Grave 44, Block F
- son of Lauritz Andresen FRIIS & Mathea Caroline CHRISTOFFERSON
- killed in an accident
Bush Advocate, 4 July 1902 This morning a man named Alfred Friis was killed while employed in the Totara Sawmill Company's bush at Oringi. It appears that, at about 10 o'clock he was felling a tree when a dry linb came down and struck him. Deceased, who was a brother of Mrs W. Henderson, only commenced work at the Oringi sawmill last Monday. His parents are old residents of Dannevirke and he was a popular young man in the community, being highly esteemed and respected by his acquaintances. Deceased's relatives will have the sympathy of the townspeople in the sad bereavement they have sustained. The deceased, who was about thirty-two years of age and single, was killed instantly, being considerably injured by the falling limb.
The Inquest

FRIIS Lauritz Anderson, 1909 aged 50
- buried Grave 79, Block J
- he was a Sawmill Hand
- born in Denmark, Lauritz arrived in NZ with the early Scandinavian settlers about 1880. He married Mathea Caroline CHRISTOFFERSEN in 1881 & had 9 children
- they lived in Piri Piri, Dannevirke

FRIIS Marianne Pouline Christine (nee LAURIDSEN), 2 Feb 1894 aged 67
- Grave 46, Block C
- Marianne was born 12 Nov 1825 in Staby, Ringkobing. She married Johann Peter Andresen Friis (1827-1908 of Solderup,) in Hostrup, Tonder in 1855 and emigrated to NZ in 1875 with 5 children

FRY Walter, 11 Oct 1908 aged 55
- buried Grave 25, Block K
- Walter was a Boot Maker living in Tahoraiti, Dannevirke
Dominion, 16 October 1908 The death is announced in the Dannevirke Hospital of Mr Walter Fry, formerly of Masterton, aged 54 years. The late Mr Fry arrived in New Zealand in 1857, when only an infant, writes oour Wairarapa correspondent, and resided for a number of years with his family at Hutt, and then for a lengthy period at Featherston
NOTE c1897: Fry and Sons (Daniel Thomas, Henry Arthur, and Walter Fry), Bootmakers, Revans Street, Featherston. Bankers, Bank of Australasia. Estab. 1860.

FYFE George, 21 April 1909 aged 3 weeks
- buried Grave 36, Block K
(BDM has aged 16 days)

... The A names ABBOTT to AYLWARD

... The B names BAER to BURTON

... The C names CALDER to CUNNINGHAM

... The D names DAILL to DUNSTALL

... The E names ECCLES to EVANSEN

... The F names FALCONER to FYFE

... The G names GAMMON to GUNTER

... The H names HAINES to HYNDES


... The J names JACOBI to JONES

... The K names KENNY to KUITI

... The L names LAMBERT to LYNN

... The M names MABERLY to MURRAY

... The N names NASH to NUTTALL

... The O names O'CONNOR to O'SULLIVAN

... The P names PALENSKY to PRIOR

... The R names RANKIN to RYAN

... The S names SARGISSON to SYKES

... The T names TACON to TWEEDDALE

... The V name VICARY

... The W names WALKER to WYSOCKI


ECCLES to EVANSEN buried Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke

The people with the surname E who are buried in the
Settlers Cemetery DANNEVIRKE, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
indicates a link to a profile

ECCLES Catherine Eliizabeth (nee ADAMS), 18 Feb 1909 aged 24
- buried Grave 65, Block J
Bush Advocate, 18 February 1909 ECCLES - On the 18th February, 1909, at the residence of Mrs Adams (mother of the deceased), Swinburne street, Catherine, dearly beloved wife of J. Eccles; aged 24 years and 7 months. Deeply regretted
- born 10 Aug 1884, a twin with Thomas Adams, (of 2 sets) to Robert ADAMS & Rose Hannah PERRIN
- Catherine married James Eccles on 12 Nov 1900
their known children:
1901 - 1959 Charles James Eccles
1908 - 1911 Oswald Vivian Eccles (aged 3)

ECCLES George William Harold, 15 March 1906 aged 4 months
- buried Grave 76, Block F
- son of Robert ECCLES (1870-1939) & Rachel Lillian McGUIRE (1870-1939)
- lived at Maharahara, Dannevirke

EDKINS Catherine Grace, 18 Oct 1946 aged 74
- buried Grave 79, Block F with father Charles
- Catherine was a School Teacher in Dannevirke
- she was a daughter of Charles & Louisa
- in Feb 1893 (aged 21) Catherine passed Class D Teachers Examination in Canterbury

EDKINS Charles, 30 Jan 1924 aged 91
- buried Grave 80, Block F
- son of Thomas Oliver EDKIN & Louisa Ann de WINTON of England
- after the death of their father the family (with their mother) emigrated to Victoria Australia in 1852
- Charles married Louisa Jane HUEY in 1868
- his brother Edward Rowland EDKINS married his wife Louisa's sister, Edwina Marion HUEY in 1867
- they first lived in Christchurch & later lived in King St, Dannevirke
Christchurch Press, 10 August 1904
(5 weeks after the death of their son Charles Beresford, next)
Mr Charles Edkins, who is leaving Messrs P. and D. Duncan, Limited, of this city, after twenty-eight years service as accountant, was yesterday presented on behalf of the employees, by Mr P. Peebles, the oldest employee of the firm, with a handsome tea and coffee service. On behalf of the firm Nr J. R. Duncan presented Mr Edkins with a cheque. Mr Edkins leaves for the North Island shortly

EDKINS Charles Beresford, 30 June 1904 aged 28
- buried Grave 53, Block F with mother Louisa, below
- son of Charles EDKINS & Louisa Jane HUEY
- Charles was living in King St, Dannevirke
Bush Advocate, 2 July 1904 EDKINS - At his residence, Allardice street, on Thursday, June 30, Charles Beresford, eldest son of Mr Edkins of Christchurch, aged 29 years

EDKINS Louisa Jane (nee HUEY), 9 Feb 1923 aged 76
- buried Grave 54, Block F with son Charles Beresford Edkins, above
- she married Charles Edkins in Australia
The Cornwall Chronicle (Launceston, Tasmania), 5 December 1868 On 25th Nov. at St. Luke's Church, Emerald Hill, Victoria, by the Rev. Mr Dickinson, Charles Edkins, Esq., of Carpentaria, to Louisa Jane Huey, fourth daughter of the late Walter Huey, Esq., M.D., (1797-1843 + Alathea MARTIN (1797-1883) of Newtown, Llmavady, County Derry, Ireland, and Launceston, Tasmania
the known children of CHARLES & LOUISA:
1870 - Louisa Alathea Edkins (+William HARVEY in 1896)
1872 - 1946 Catherine Grace Edkins (above, didn't marry)
1876 - 1904 Charles Beresford Edkins (above)
- Louisa Jane was living in King St, Dannevirke

ELLIOTT Albert John Currie, 12 Aug 1905 aged 3 months
(his name is spelt with one T on the database - Elliot)
- buried Grave 84, Block F
- son of James Currie ELLIOTT & Elizabeth Charlotte CUMBERBEACH
the known children of JAMES & ELIZABETH:
1888 - Violet Gwyndoline Elliott (+Alexander Christopher HALL in 1905)
1889 - Mary Lilian Currie Elliott
1891 - James Henry Elliott
1894 - Ann Glendinning Elliott (+Otto LARSEN in 1910)
1895 - Gladys May Elliott (+Lewis Benjamin PARSONS in 1914)
1897 - William Victor Elliott (+Louisa MORGAN 1917)
1900 - Emily Christina Elliott
1903 - Alice Mabel Elliott
1905 - 1905 Albert John Currie Elliott

ELLIOTT Caroline, 3 Jan 1910 aged 80
(for some reason she is named Carstine Elliott on the database)
- buried unknown section

ELLIS Henry, 8 Oct 1910 aged 77
- buried Grave 97, Block K
- Henry was a Labourer living in Oringi, Dannevirke

ELLIS William, 26 March 1911 aged 75
- buried unknown location
- William was a Labourer. He died in Dannevirke Public Hospital

ENGLEBRETSEN Ada, 3 Feb 1915 aged 2 days
- buried Plot 56, Block B (double plot with brother? Frank, below))

ENGLEBRETSEN Frank 1914 aged 12
- son of Johannes 'John' ENGLEBRETSEN & Angelina MILLETT
- he lived in Kiritaki, Dannevirke
- buried Plot 56, Block B with Ada (above)
the known children of JOHN & ANGELINA:
1897 - Angelina Englebretsen
1901 - Richard Henry Englebretsen
1902 - 1914 Frank Englebretsen
1903 - Alice Maud Englebretsen
1905 - Cecil Englebretsen
1908 - Violet May Englebretsen
1909 - Peter Englebretsen
1910 - Ivy Maud Englebretsen

ERICKSEN Jessie Ivy Myrtle, 6 June 1904 aged 10 months
- buried Grave 57, Block E with sister Lydia
- born 29 Aug 1903 to Petrus & Josephine (see below)

ERICKSEN Lydia Violet May, 24 June 1903 aged 8
- buried Grave 57, Block E with sister Jessie
- daughter of Petrus 'Peter' ERICKSEN & Josephine Christine HANSON
- Petrus and Josephine married 12th Jan 1880 in Napier
- she was the eldest daughter of Samual and Oley HANSON of Napier
the known children of PETER & JOSEPHINE:
1889 - Hans Edward Weir Ericksen
1890 - Charles Oscar Ericksen
1894 - Lydia Violet May Ericksen
1896 - Peter Ericksen

EVANS Martha, 24 Oct 1899 aged 48
- buried unknown location
Bush Advocate, 26 October 1899 An old Dannevirke resident, Mrs Martha Evans, passed away on Tuesday evening at the County Hospital, where she had for some time been under treatment for tumours. The interment will take place here, the funeral leaving Mrs Wood's residence, Wright's block, at 2.30 to-morrow (Friday) afternoon

EVENSEN Lena (nee LARSEN), 29 Oct 1909 aged 38
(cemetery database has Evansen)
- buried Grave 43, Block I
- Lena married Carl Lauritz Emil Evenson in 1895
- died in the Dannevirke Hospital
the children of CARL & LENA
1896 - Hans Engebret Evensen
1898 - Gustav Adolph Evensen
1899 - Ivy Evensen
1902 - Syver Norman Evensen
1905 - Leonard Oliver Evenden
1907 - Clara Lillian Evensen
1907 - Edna Silvy Evensen
1910 - Violet Evensen

... The A names ABBOTT to AYLWARD

... The B names BAER to BURTON

... The C names CALDER to CUNNINGHAM

... The D names DAILL to DUNSTALL

... The E names ECCLES to EVANSEN

... The F names FALCONER to FYFE

... The G names GAMMON to GUNTER

... The H names HAINES to HYNDES


... The J names JACOBI to JONES

... The K names KENNY to KUITI

... The L names LAMBERT to LYNN

... The M names MABERLY to MURRAY

... The N names NASH to NUTTALL

... The O names O'CONNOR to O'SULLIVAN

... The P names PALENSKY to PRIOR

... The R names RANKIN to RYAN

... The S names SARGISSON to SYKES

... The T names TACON to TWEEDDALE

... The V name VICARY

... The W names WALKER to WYSOCKI


DAILL to DUNSTALL buried Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke

The people with the surname D who are buried in the
Settlers Cemetery DANNEVIRKE, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
indicates a link to a profile

DAILL Olive M, 30 Oct 1901 aged ?
- buried Grave 48, Block D
no such name (or variations of) found anywhere

DALES Charlotte (nee GOODING), 24 Aug 1909 aged 46
- buried Grave 36, Block H
- lived in High St, Dannevirke
- born in Featherston 14 June 1863, 2nd of 16 children of Jacob GOODING & Sarah Ann BURLING
- she married Robert Jackson Dales (below) in 1883
their 6 sons are at her link above
her HEADSTONE reads:
'Until the day break and the shadows flee away'
...She was ready for His coming, she was listening for the call
...and of the dark deep river tide, she had no fear at all.
...For she trusted in the finished work, of Him who came to save,
...and she knew that friend would bear her, in safety o'er the wave"
Erected by her loving husband & Sons.

DALES Robert Jackson 1925 aged 68
- buried Grave 37, Block H next to wife Charlotte
- Robert was a Second Hand Dealer. He lived in Swinburn St, Dannevirke
his HEADSTONE reads:
'And the Lord said unto him, Peace be unto thee, fear not'
...He laid his prayer before thee and trusting in thy word
...though all was silent in his heart, he knew that thou hads't heard.
...To that blest city lead him Lord, still choosing all his way
...Where faith melts into vision, as the starlight into day

DALY Mary Ann, 15 July 1911 aged 32
- buried Grave 52, Block K
Mary never married, she lived in High St Dannevirke

DALZELL Annie Wilhelmina, 16 Feb 1901 aged 3
- buried Grave 50, Block B
- daughter of Abraham DALZELL & Christina Margarethe Sophie GARTNER
the children of ABRAHAM & CHRISTINA:
1894 - 1894 Susanna Christina Dalzell (aged 4 months)
1895 - 1931 William John Henry Dalzell (+Jean WOODS, buried Mangatera)
1898 - 1901 Annie Wilhelmina Dalzell (born Ashhurst)
1902 - 1970 Samuel Abraham Dalzell (+Alice UNSWORTH 1923)
1908 - 1992 Frederick Alexander Dalzell (+Jessie Doreen BANNER)
1911 - 1984 Charles Morsid Dalzell (died aged 73)
1913 - 1993 Ronald George Dalzell (+Mona Grace ?)
1918 - 2010 Ethel May Francis Dalzell (+Gordon McDONALD)

DAVIDSON Edward David, 11 April 1909 aged 27
- buried Grave 64, Block J with Isabella Davidson (1844-1929)
- he lived in Taradale Rd, Dannevirke
Bush Advocate, 13 April 1909 Mr J. C. Davidson has sustained a sad bereavement in the death of his brother, Mr E. D. Davidson, who arrived from Scotland a few months ago. The deceased, who was a young man of 27, was in indifferent health when he arrived, and the change did not work the improvement hoped for. The interment took place this afternoon, the Rev A. Grant officiating
his brother was possibly John Cattanach Davidson (1876-1961), buried Mangatera

DAVIDSON Isabella, 1 March 1929 aged 85
- buried Grave 64, Block J with Edward David Davidson (1882-1909)
- she lived in Taradale Rd, Dannevirke

DAVIS Lawrence Joseph Rees/Reece, 22 July 1910 aged 11 months
- buried Grave 30, Block H
- he lived in Tiratu, Dannevirke
- son of Henry Edward DAVIS & Mary Julia WILLIAMS (1887-1967)
their children were:
1904 - 1988 Coral Louisa Jane Davis (+Henry Thomas Edwards in 1925)
1905 - 1987 Edward John Davis
1909 - 1910 Lawrence Joseph Reece Davis

DAWSON Hurren, 1 June 1905 aged 16 hours
- buried Grave 72, Block F
- born on the 1st wedding anniversary of his parents: James Martin DAWSON born Tokomairiro (1867-1952) & Janet Beatrice SHURY of Ashburton (1876-1962)

DEADMAN Harry Oswald, 14 March 1903 aged 4.7
- buried Grave 74, Block E
born 10 Aug 1898 to Arthur Augustus DEADMAN (1872-1952) & Bessie Elizabeth SHAW (1877-)
Bush Advocate, 16 March 1903 DEADMAN - On March 14th, at Dannevirke, Harry Oswald, youngest son of Arthur Augustus Deadman, aged 4 years and 8 months. [Wairarapa papers please copy]
... the children of ARTHUR AUGUSTUS & BESSIE:
* 1896 - 1960 Edward Alfred Deadman (+ Rosella Doris BERGERSON in 1921)
* 1898 - 1903 Harry Oswald Deadman (as above)
New Zealand Herald, 3 August 1901 WELLINGTON DIVORCE COURT - In the Divorce Court to-day decree nisi was granted in the Wairarapa case of Arthur Deadman v Bessie Deadman and Fred. Deadman (William Frederick Deadman) co-respondent and brother of the petitioner.
Fred (1869-1940) & Bessie married in 1909 (she used the name Bessie Shaw)
... the children of WILLIAM FREDERICK & BESSIE:
* 1901 - 1962 Albert Ernest Deadman (+ Mary Frances BOX in 1928)
* 1909 - 1984 Eric Frederick Deadman
Bessie's sister, Maria Shaw (1884-1907), married another brother, George Samuel Deadman (1874-? of Masterton & Makotuku) in 1906 (after the birth of their 4th child):
* 1900 - 1974 George Deadman
* 1902 - Ellen Deadman
* 1904 - Flora (Florence May) Deadman (+ Charles William RUNDLE in 1922)
* 1906 - 1972 Ida Hilda Deadman (+ Clifford John WAUGH in 1925)
Maria died in 1907 aged 23 (possibly during the birth of another son) & George remarried in 1910 to Annie Elizaneth BIRKETT.
In Feb 1919 George was sentenced to 7 years hard labour
NOTE These Deadman brothers were 3 of 7 sons of William DEADMAN (1839-1919, died Ohakune) & Elizabeth JONES (1839-1920), one of the first settler families of the Wairarapa. See also DEADMAN marriages

DEAN unnamed stillborn, 12 Oct 1913
- buried unknown location
- child of George Leonard DEAN & Mary BAI

DEAN Edwin, 16 Aug 1914 aged 77
- buried Grave 7, Block E with wife Mary Ann Dean (1863-1917) & granddaughter Rosie (1906-1942)
- was the Borough Ranger

DEAN Mary Ann (nee ALDING), 29 July 1917 aged 57
- buried Grave 7, Block E with husband Edwin (1837-1914) & granddaughter Rosie (1906-1942)
- she lived in McPhee St, Dannevirke
born in Milton under Wychwood in 1861, a daughter of William & Mary Jane Alding. She married Edwin Dean 18 Aug 1878 at Waipawa

DEAN William John, 2 Sep 1902 aged 22
- buried Grave 14, Block D
- son of William DEAN (1857-1929) & Harriet ALDING (1861-1928)
William was born in Lyttelton (1 of 16 children) & died in Piripiri, Dannevirke
Harriet was born on Oxfordshire, married 1877 in Te Aute & died in Dannevirke
the known children of WILLIAM & HARRIET:
* 1878 - 1960 Emma Jane Dean
* 1880 - 1902 William John Dean (as above)
* 1883 - 1962 Nellie Dean
* 1884 - 1964 Bertha Dean
* 1886 - 1968 Richard John Dean
* 1888 - 1953 George Leonard Dean
* 1889 - 1956 Bertie Dean
* 1890 - 1982 Frank James Dean
* 1892 - 1968 Alice Maud Dean
* 1895 - 1896 James Allan Dean
* 1897 - Frederick Lionel Dean
* 1898 - 1978 Linda May Dean
* 1903 - 1992 Charles Bathurst Dean
see also Bathurst Family in New Zealand

DEAN William, 17 June 1911 aged 1 day
- buried unknown location
- son of Johanna Dorothy and Richard John Dean

DENNIS Mary Ann 1911 aged 76
- buried ?

DICK (Mrs) Flora Beatrice (nee MAIN) 1906 aged 25
- buried Grave 16, Block G
- daughter of Frederick & Harriet Emily MAIN
- she married James Samuel Gibson Dick in 1901

DIGGLE (Mrs) Hannah Whytem 31 May 1910 aged 50
- buried Grave 9, Block 1
- she lived in Gordon St, Dannevirke

DINNESEN Anne, 19 Sep 1902 aged 42
(database has misspelling of DinMesen. Sometimes spelt Dinnesen, Dennesen & Denneson)
- buried Grave 8, Block C
- the wife of Dinnes Christensen Dinnesen, (a Dane, 1852-1928). He was a Labourer in Dannevirke when he received his naturalisation letter in July 1887. He is buried Mangatera
- died the day before her daughter Ivy
- buried Grave 8, Block C with daughter Ivy (below)
Bush Advocate, 19 September 1902 The friends of Mrs Dennesen (note spelling), of Mangatera, will regret to hear of her death, which occurred at an early hour this morning. The deceased was a resident of Dannevirke for about twenty years. The late Mrs Dennesen was aged 42 years, and she leaves a husband and five children to mourn their loss
the children of ANNE & DINNES:
1881 - Tonnas? Dinnesen
1882 - Thomas Samuel Dennesen
1886 - 1971 Caston/Kesten Dinnesen?
1884 - Hannah Maryann Dinnesen
1888 - 1951 Neil Christian Dennesen
1890 - Mabel Dinnesen
1896 - Alice Gertrude Dinnesen
1902 - 1902 Ivy Maria Dinnesen (father was not recorded)
- a John Frederick Dinesen (1848-1921) was a painter in Palmerston North in 1893 when he received his naturalisation letter

DINNESEN Ivy Maria 20 Sep 1902 aged 1 month
- died the day after her mother
- buried Grave 8, Block C with her mother Anne (above)

DITTMER Alfred Miro 1901 aged 16 months
- buried Grave 54, Block A
- son of August Frederick Ferdinand DITTMER & Mary KING
Mary King (born 1863 in Scotland), met her husband to be, August Friedrich Ferdinand DITTMER (born 1853 in Germany) on the HYDASPES which arrived in Lyttelton in Nov 1878. August was to make his last voyage as First Mate on the Hydaspes, had he made one more voyage as First Mate, he would have attained the rank of Captain. But Augusts seafaring days were over and he married Mary King at The Holy Trinity Church, Lyttleton in 1879. August owned property at Port Levy until late 1887 before moving to the North Island on to their farms at Maharahara, Umutaoroa, Te Pu (21km north of Rotorua) and finally their last farm at Ngongotaha (Rotorua). Here Mary and August celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary with a large gathering of family and friends and enjoyed several more years together before Mary died in 1938 and August 5 years later at the age of 90.
They are buried at the Kauae Cemetery, Ngongotaha, beside one of their 13 children, Brigadier George Dittmer
- August was a labourer in Lyttelton, Christchurch when he received his letter of Naturalisation in May 1883
said to have had 13 children - those known to date:
1880 - 1964 August Frederick Dittmer
1882 - Christopher Franz Dittmer
1884 - 1960 Edward John Dittmer (+Elizabeth GRANT in 1923)
1886 - 1976 James Flemming Dittmer (+Ruby Wileen DAWSON +Florence Jane EXTON)
1889 - 1975 Robert Dittmer (+Trilby Clarice CHAPMAN in 1915)
1891 - 1980 Agnes Dittmer (+William Herbert HAYDEN in 1915)
1893 - 1979 George Dittmer (+Leonie May DAVIS in 1919)
1895 - 1972 Rose Dittmer (+Charles Frederick TURNER in 1915)
1897 - 1992 Herbert Dittmer (+Vera Hilda Geraldine GWILLIAM in 1920)
1900 - 1901 Alfred Miro Dittmer (aged 16 months)

DOUBLE Alfred Martin 1903 aged 40
- buried Grave 15, Block F
- married Sarah Grace HUGHES (1865-1939) in 1885, had 9 children. Sarah remarried in 1911 to Andrew Honeyman BENNIE (1859-1928) of Polmont, Scotland who had previously been married to Mary Adelaide QUEALE (they divorced). Andrew was the Publican of the Railway Hotel in Johnsonville during the 1880s, the Caledonian Hotel in Adelaide Rd Wellington in the 1890s (he had a daughter Mary in about 1899 who had the middle name of Adelaide), also the 13 roomed Porirua Hotel in the late 1880s & 1890s

DOUGLAS James Walter, 29 June 1910 aged 67
- buried Grave 19, Block H
- James was an Accountant
- he lived in Mangatera, Dannevirke
HEADSTONE READS: Sacred to the memory of James Walter Douglas (Master Mariner), born London May 22 1843, died June 29 1910, aged 67 years. And Rifleman Percy Osman Douglas, died of wounds LeQuesnoy France November 10 1918, aged 33 years. Loved long since and lost awhile"

DOWNE Joshua Wilfred, 24 Nov 1911 aged 44
- Buried Grave 67, Block I
- Joshua was a Marae Interpreter
- he lived in Burns St, Dannevirke
- his name is spelt DOWN on BDM
- in 1884 (at the age of 17) Joshua was at Te Aute College when he won the higher Te Makarini scholarship

DRANE William Demmex, 11 July 1909 aged 19 hours
- buried Grave 42, Block K
- he lived in Maine St, Dannevirke

DRINKWATER George, 5 Sep 1901 aged 18
- born 10 Feb 1883, twin son of Henry DRINKWATER & Sarah FRANKLIN (below)
- died in Foxton
- buried Grave 53, Block A

DRINKWATER Henry, 2 Feb 1910 aged 61
- Henry & Sarah married on 14 March 1874 in the Upper Baptist Chapel, Milton, Oxford, England
- they emigrated to New Zealand on the Halcione which arrived in Napier in July 1874 (Henry was then 25 & Sarah 24)
- Henry was a Carrier
- Henry helped establish the Dannevirke Volunteer Fire Brigade in 1895
- he lived in Queen St, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 51, Block H with Sarah (below)

DRINKWATER Sarah (nee FRANKLIN), 9 June 1920 aged 71
- buried Grave 50, Block H
- she lived in Queen St, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 50, Block H with her husband Henry (above)
the 15 children of HENRY & SARAH

DULEY Jane (nee ROBINSON), 31 August 1911 aged 89
- Jane lived in Dannevirke
- buried Grave 92, Block K
- she married John Thompson Duley, possibly in Bendigo, Australia as some of her children are born there
- a son, [url=]John William Duley (1863-1956) married Mary Ann PECK (1863-1903)

DUNPHY Ellen (nee CAHILL), 2 January 1907 aged 66
(NOT at Settlers cemetery)
- buried Plot 260A, Block 1 at Ormondville
Bush Advocate, 3 January 1907
... DUNPHY - On January 2nd, Ellen Cahill, dearly beloved wife of W. Dunphy, of Waikopiro
Poverty Bay Herald, 3 January 1907
... DUNPHY - On January 2nd, at Whetukura, Ormondville, Ellen, the beloved wife of William Dunphy, senr., after a long and painful illness (Deeply regretted)
Evening Post, 30 June 1930 Mr William Dunphy, an old resident of Whetukura, Hawkes Bay, passed away recently at the advanced age of 91 at the residence of his daughter, Mrs Hawthorne, in Brougham street, Wellington. The late Mr Dubphy was born in County Kilkenny, Ireland, and came of an old and much respected family. His goldmining success, which enabled him to return later to Ireland, was gained in 1862 at the Dunstan rush, where he was one of the first to arrive, and at the Shotover. He took up farming later in New South Wales, and then in Whetukura, where he lived from 1890 to 1920. After returning, he resided with his daughter in Wellington. His wife died many years ago. He leaves a family of four sons and three daughters. A large number of friends paid their last respects at his funeral. The pall bearers were Messrs W. Chadwick, W. Williams, W. Clegg, J, Castles, F. Ellingham and J. M. Smith

DUNSTALL Ethel Rebecca (nee McHARDY) 11 Feb 1901 aged 15.5
(not listed on cemetery database but mentioned as interred with daughter Olive)
- Ethel was born 16 Sep 1885 to Alexander McHARDY & Mary Ann SUNNEX
- she married Samuel Dunstall (1877-1935) on 10 Nov 1900
- buried Grave 12, Block D with daughter Olive who died 5 weeks before her

DUNSTALL Olive Myrtle May, 5 Jan 1901 aged 3 days
- buried Grave 12, Block D with her mother Ethel

... The A names ABBOTT to AYLWARD

... The B names BAER to BURTON

... The C names CALDER to CUNNINGHAM

... The D names DAILL to DUNSTALL

... The E names ECCLES to EVANSEN

... The F names FALCONER to FYFE

... The G names GAMMON to GUNTER

... The H names HAINES to HYNDES


... The J names JACOBI to JONES

... The K names KENNY to KUITI

... The L names LAMBERT to LYNN

... The M names MABERLY to MURRAY

... The N names NASH to NUTTALL

... The O names O'CONNOR to O'SULLIVAN

... The P names PALENSKY to PRIOR

... The R names RANKIN to RYAN

... The S names SARGISSON to SYKES

... The T names TACON to TWEEDDALE

... The V name VICARY

... The W names WALKER to WYSOCKI


CALDER to CUNNINGHAM buried Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke

The people with the surname C who are buried in the
Settlers Cemetery DANNEVIRKE, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
indicates a link to a profile

CALDER Janet Muriel (nee HARDING), 7 July 1976 aged 87
- married John Calder in 1930 & lived in Dannevirke
- buried Grave 21, Block G with John

CALDER John, 24 July 1949 aged 86
- John was a builder living in Dannevirke
- buried Grave 21, Block G with 2nd wife Janet & beside Maria

CALDER Maria Jones (nee POTTER), 23 April 1924 aged 59
- married John Calder in 1889 & lived in High St, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 22, Block G next to Janet & John (above)

CAMERON Alexander David, 27 June 1909 aged 55
- a Horse Trainer
- husband of Margaret
- buried Grave 9, Block I

CAMERON Annie, 29 March 1901 aged 22
- buried Grave 42, Block J
Bush Advocate, 30 March 1901 CAMERON - On the 29th inst. at Miller's road, Annie, only daughter of A. D. and M. Cameron, aged 22 years. Deeply regretted. Funeral will leave her parents'residence, Miller's road to-morrow (Sunday) at a quarter to 2 p.m.

CAMERON Margaret, 30 Nov 1908 aged 65
- buried Grave 41, Block J
Bush Advocate, 1 December 1908
... Another old and respected settler of this district passed away at 11.30 yesterday morning in the person of Mrs Alexander Cameron, of Tipapakuku, after a long and painful illness
... The funeral of the late Mrs Alexander Cameron will leave the residence, Tipapakuku, at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon

CAMMOCK Alexander, 7 April 1916 aged 78
- Alexander married Esther Kelly 5 May 1859 in County Down, Ireland. They had 4 children then emigrated to New Zealand. They left Gravesend on the Montmorency 7 Dec 1866, arriving into Napier 24 March 1867 (written Cannock on the passenger list). They had another 8 children in Hawkes Bay
- buried Grave 91, Block K with Esther

CAMMOCK Esther (nee KELLY), 14 April 1911 aged 73
- married Alexander Cammock on 5 May 1859 in County Down, Ireland
- they had 12 children
- buried Grave 91, Block K with Alexander

CAMMOCK Ethel Maud, 30 Sep 1907 aged 2.1
- buried Grave 83, Block G
- born 10 Aug 1905, 9th of 11 children of Charles CAMMOCK & Ellen VERRY
- granddaughter of Alexander & Esther Cammock above

CAMPBELL Keith Keir, 4 Dec 1910 aged 2.3
- buried Grave 69, Block K
- born 27 Aug 1908 to James Henry & Rachel Agnes CAMPBELL

CANON Webb, 19 Oct 1903 aged 65
this insertion on the Settlers Database is incorrect (as at 2010)
There was no-one named Webb Canon and no 'CANON' are buried in the Settlers Cemetery. This was Canon Anthony Spurr WEBB 1st Vicar of Ormondville, who died 19 Oct 1903 aged 65. He is buried Plot 61, Block 3, Main Section, at ORMONDVILLE Cemetery (25km N of Dannevirke)
From his link above
... On 19th October 1903 Canon WEBB passed away and was laid to rest in the Ormondville Cemetery two days later. A firing party from the Rifle Club bearers caused some anxiety as they could not obtain blanks and live ammunition was used much to their Captain's concern

In loving memory of
Vicar of this parish and Canon of Waiapu
entered into rest 19th October 1903 aged 65
also his daughter MARY FLORA WEBB
born 1st June 1867 died 31st May 1909
also his wife MARIA WEBB
born 30th July 1833 died 8th December 1923
- (Separate plaque)
- (Separate plaque)
In loving memory of
youngest daughter of Canon A.S. Webb and Maria Webb 1876-1962.
In loving memory of
born 11th November 1837 died 12th May 1910
a biography of his life was written by his daughter Alice Frances Webb (1876-1963) in 1949: Pilgrimage: a biography of Anthony Spur Webb, M.A., Camb., Canon of St. John's Cathedral, Napier, and first Vicar of Ormondville, by Alice F. Webb

CARLSON Henry, 26 Sep 1912 aged 68
- Henry was born in Carlshamn, Sweden, in 1844. He arrived in Wellington in 1876 on the 'Shakespeare'. He began sawmilling in Palmerston North and later became a bridge contractor building the Manawatu bridge at Kaitoke, and many other bridges in Pahiatua and Mangatoro, including the Waipawa & Waipukurau traffic bridges and the Tamumu. In 1890 he started the Timber Bay saw-mill near Dannevirke and later owned and operated similar industries. He was a trustee of the Dannevirke Hospital
- he first married Careng/Karin NIELSON (1840-1900) in 1865
- he next married Hilda Weisert (nee Fredsberg) on 22 May 1901
- Henry was living in High St, Danevirke
- buried Grave 70, Block D

CARLSON Hilda, (nee FREDSBERG) 21 May 1949 aged 77
- daughter of Anders & Elsa Fredsberg, who opened the Bunnythorpe United Hotel in 1892. Hilda (& sister Christina) attended Ormondville School
- Hilda married Emil Frederick WEISERT (1864-1895) in Dannevirke 1893
Hawkes Bay Herald, 18 December 1893 WEISERT-FREDSBERG - At Mangatera, Danevirke, on the 26th December, by the Rev. H. M. Ries, Emil Frederick WEISERT to Hilda FREDSBERG
they had a son on 13 May 1895:
1895 - 1918 Godfrey Egbert Weisert. Godfrey served in WWI as Private 63801 with NZEF, 33rd Reinforcements Auckland Infantry Regiment, A Company. He embarked from Wellington 31 Dec 1917 for Glasgow, listing his mother as next of kin at Otuarumia, Waipawa. Godfrey died of his wounds in France 2 Sep 1918 aged 23. He is buried V.D.18. Bagneux British Cemetery, Gezaincourt, Somme, France
- Hilda next married Henry CARLSON on 22 May 1901 (see above)
- buried Grave 17, Block B with 1st husband Emil Weisert

CARLSON Careng/Karin (nee NIELSON) 1 Oct 1900 aged 60
BDM has Karing Carlson
- first wife of Henry Carlson (see above), married 1865 and had 2 sons
- buried Grave 71, Block D next to Henry
Daily Telegraph, 2 October 1900 One of Dannevirke's oldest identities passed away last night, after a brief illness, in the person of Mrs Henry Carlson. The deceased lady was widely known and greatly respected for her kindly disposition. She was quite well on Wednesday last, when she caught a slight cold, which brought on inflammation of the lungs. Unfortunately Mr Carlson was not at home, being at Rotorua for the benefit of his health, and he cannot reach here before Thursday morning. Great sympathy is felt for the husband and two sons who are left to mourn their loss. The funeral takes place on Friday afternoon. Flags were flying at half-mast on several of the business premises to-day
Hawke's Bay Herald, 2 October 1900 Mrs Carlson, wife of one of the oldest settlers in Danevirke, passed to her rest yesterday, and much sympathy is felt for her husband and sons in their bereavement. Out of respect many flags were displayed at half-mast to-day from public and other buildings
Evening Post, 6 October 1900 PAHIATUA, This Day. The death of Mrs H. Carlson, of Dannevirke, who died of inflammation of the bowels, has cast a gloom over that district. Deceased was one of the earliest settlers there, The funeral took place yesterday, some 500 people following, including some from here. Mr Carlson was away at Rotorua at the time of her death. Deceased was well known in this district

CARMICHAEL Eric, 6 Dec 1905 aged 6 months
- born 16 July 1905 to Christina Carmichael
- buried Grave 21, Block F with brother James

CARMICHAEL James, 11 Feb 1904 aged 4 weeks
- born 16 Jan 1904 to Christina Carmichael
- buried Grave 21, Block F with brother Eric
Christina also had a daughter, Doris Charlotte Carmichael, 2 Sep 1906

CARTER Elizabeth, 20 Feb 1910 aged 65
- Elizabeth was living in McCallum St, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 32, Block H next to James

CARTER Iris Amy, 20 July 1909 aged 5
- 1 of 5 children of William Henry CARTER & Emily CARTWRIGHT
- Iris was living in Dublin St, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 12, Block G

CARTER James, 5 May 1911 aged 83
- James was a Gardener in Dannevirke
- buried Grave 33, Block H next to Elizabeth

CHANDLER Olive Rita, 14 April 1907 aged 11 weeks
- a daughter of Alfred George CHANDLER & Emma May MORGAN
- buried Grave 62, Block G

CHAPPELL (Mrs) Mary, 8 July 1908 aged 75
- Mary lived in Stanley St, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 39, Block J

CHICK Jessie May (nee HENDERSON), 24 Jan 1910 aged 33
- buried Grave 93, Block B
- 1st of 7 children of Matthew HENDERSON & Elizabeth Annie Pillar Shapley ROSSITER. Matthew, with his brother William (2nd Mayor of Dannevirke) & George Wratt were sawmillers in Feilding & Dannevirke and was chairman of the first Town Board of Dannevirke. Matthew moved to Auckland in 1905
- Jessie married William CHICK on 9 Dec 1901 in Dannevirke
- they lived in Gordon St, Dannevirke
- there children were:
1903 - Ronald Leslie Chick
1904 - Isabel Phyllis Chick
William remarried in 1923 to Elsie Emily JOHNSTONE. They are buried Mangatera

CHRISTENSEN Laurits 'Laury' Christian, 11 April 1901 aged 38
- he was killed in the bush 11 April 1901
- buried Grave 86, Block A with wife Olena
- Laurits married Olena Christina PEDERSEN (below) in 1889
- (some?) of their children were:
1889 - 1963 Hans Henry Christensen
1891 - Annie Christina Christensen
1893 - Lenora Hansigne Christensen
1895 - Christobel Christensen
1898 - 1970 Edgar Lennett/Leonard Christensen
1902 - Lauritz Laurenzor Christensen

CHRISTENSEN Olena Kristina (nee PEDERSEN), 5 April 1928 aged 60
- Olena married Lauritz Laurenzor Christensen (above) in 1889
- she had been living in Taumarunui after Laury's death
- buried Grave 86, Block A with husband Lauritz

CHRISTISON Christian 'Christie' 'Chris', 11 March 1910 aged 43
- married Lydia Salter BRITTON in 1895
- buried Grave 39, Block H with wife Lydia

CHRISTISON Lydia Salter (nee BRITTON), 27 Nov 1948 aged 75
(cemetery database has 65)
- buried Grave 39, Block H with husband Christie
- married Chris Christison in 1895
the children of Lydia & Christie

CHRISTOPHERSEN Annie (nee McDONALD), 29 April 1905 aged 35
(cemetery database has ChristophersOn
BDM & Papers Past alternate spelling with E & O)
- buried Grave 60, Block F
- Annie married Marius Christophersen in 1898
their known children:
1899 - Ivy May Christophersen
1901 - 1981 William Chrisophersen

CHRISTOPHERSEN Clarence Norman, 10 Oct 1909 aged 2.7
(cemetery database has Gordon Christopherson)
- buried Grave 3, Block H
- born 20 March 1907, 7th of 12 children of Ole CHRISTOPHERSEN (1870-1932) & Hilda MAGNUSSEN (1878-1943), both buried Mangatera

CHRISTOPHERSEN Johanna Emily, 15 Oct 1900 aged 1
- 2nd child of Ole CHRISTOPHERSEN & Hilda MAGNUSSEN
- buried unknown location

CLARK Agnes Elizabeth (nee McPherson), 19 Sep 1975 aged 87
(BDM has her death date as 2 July 1975)
- ashes interred Grave 74, Block F with her father James McPHERSON, & next to her sister Jessie Robertson McPherson (1892-1976)
HEADSTONE READS: In loving memory of Agnes Elizabeth, loved wife of the late W. Clark, 1888-1975. In loving memory of Jessie Robertson McPherson, loved daughter of the late Agnes and James McPherson, 1892-1976
* Agnes Elizabeth Clark (nee McPherson) was born 8 Aug 1888 to:
James McPHERSON (1844-1926) & Agnes Drew CHALMERS (1855-1925)
- she was a twin with Annie Margaret McPherson
- Agnes married William Clark in 1932
* Jessie Robertson McPherson was born 8 Aug 1892 to:
James McPHERSON (1844-1926) & Agnes Drew CHALMERS (1855-1925)
Hawkes Bay Herald, 31 July 1884 McPherson-Chalmers - At the Manse, Waipukurau, on the 29th July, by the Rev. Alexander Grant, Presbyterian minister, James McPherson, Dannevirke (formerly of Strathspey, Scotland) to Agnes Drew, elder daughter of John Chalmers (formerly of Linithgowshire, Scotland)
* their mother, Agnes Drew McPherson & their brother, John Chalmers McPherson (1894-1904, accidently shot aged 10.10) are buried Grave 58 & 59, Block F

CLARK Christina, 5 Sep 1906 aged 75
- buried Grave 18, Block G
Bush Advocate, 7 September 1906 - KIRITAKI
... It is with much regret that I have this week to record the death of Mrs Clark, senr., who passed away at the residence of her eldest son, Mr John Clark, on the night of the 5th, at the age of 75 years. The poor lady had been ill for so long and suffered so much pain that though we grieve to lose her, her death cannot be looked upon as other than a happy release from severe suffering, as she had not even the relief of unconsciousness to allay the pain and weariness of her last illness. She leaves a family of six grown up sons and daughters to mourn their loss, three of whom, Mr John Clark, Mrs Mortensen and Mrs Philp are residents of Kiritaki. The others are Mr A. Clark, who resides in Dannevirke, Mr Malcolm Clark, of Kawhia, and a married daughter in New York. The funeral is to take place on Saturday. On account of the sad occurrence the management committee decided to postpone the concert, which was to have been held on Friday night, until Monday, the 10th September
Bush Advocate, 10 September 1906 - KIRITAKI
... The death of the late Mrs Clark cast quite a gloom over our district, and in consequence it was considered advisable to postpone the concert, which was to have been held on Friday evening until Monday as a mark of respect to the family of the deceased lady. It is hoped therefore that those having already bought tickets will be so kind as to present them on Monday evening, when the original programme will be presented. As will be seen from a perusal of the programme in Mr Prior's window, several of Dannevirke's favourite amateurs have kindly consented to assist, and there are besides items by our best local talent. To conclude there will be a most amusing farce, in which those taking part have been at much pains to make themselves perfect, and afterwards a dance will be held and refreshments provided, so that if the weather holds good we hope to have a crowded house.

CLARK William Chalmers, 25 April 1906 aged 73
- buried Grave 12, Block F
- William married Agnes Mary MILLIN in 1894
their known children:
* 1895 - Agnes Mary Clark
* 1897 - Ivy May Clark
* 1899 - Beatrice Ella Clark
* 1901 - Sydney William Clark
* 1904 - Gladys Maude Clark
* 1910 - Dorothy Rona Clark

CLAUSEN James, 13 Dec 1908 aged 77
- lived in Hospital St, Dannevirke
- buried unknown location

CLEMENT Mary Jane, 26 Feb 1899 aged 4 months
- buried unknown location
- database has ClementS
- 2nd of 10 children of Frank Ward CLEMENT & Emily MEADOWS

CLODE Emily Jane Victoria 1907 aged 6 months
- buried Grave 33, Block G
- daughter of Christopher CLODE & Lily Rosania PRICE

COCKERILL Esme Lillian, 22 Dec 1908 aged 6 months
- buried Grave 29, Block K
- daughter of Tasman Winnefred COCKERILL & Ethel KEYS
- they were living in Gordon St, Dannevirke early 1900s
- in August 1954 the late Tasman's estate was granted to his wife Ethel of Lindisfarne Tasmania. They were Orchardists

COE Mary Ann, 16 April 1910 aged 30
- buried Grave 15, Block I
- Mary was a 'Lady Help'. She died in the Dannevirke Public Hospital

COHR Christian Jensen 1901 aged 8 weeks
- son of Peter Marius & Jensina COHR (proprietor of Cohr's Saw-mill. Born in Denmark in 1866 & emigrated to New Zealand in 1891

COLLINS David, 22 June 1899 aged 43
- buried unknown location
- David was unknown in Dannevirke
- He arrived into town about 20 June 1899 and died 2 nights later of heart & lungs disease at the Central Boarding House, Dannevirke

COLYER Catherine May, 13 Oct 1902 aged 3.5
- buried Grave 51, Block E with her mother below
- daughter of Alfred COLYER & Dinah BRANT

COLYER Dinah (nee BRANT), 23 Nov 1918 aged 51
- buried Grave 51, Block E with daughter Catherine
- married Alfred Colyer (1871-1947) in 1896, had 3 children:
1898 - 1954 Louisa Maud Colyer (+Edward Steven James Le Comte in 1929)
1899 - 1902 Catherine May Colyer (aged 3.5 as above)
1900 - 1978 Henry Alfred Colyer (+Edna Olive May COPLAND in 1924)
- Dinah was living in Napier in 1918. Buried with Catherine above

CONNELL Irene, 23 Jan 1908 aged 5 months
- buried Grave 11, Block E
- daughter of Timothy (1875-1942) & Mary CONNELL of Burns St

COOK Frederick Charles, 18 Nov 1902 aged 32
- buried Grave 50, Block E
- born in Nelson, he was killed in a work accident at the Tiratu Sawmill at Mangatera
Wanganui Herald, 19 November 1902 DANNEVIRKE
... A young man named Cook, said to belong to Nelson, was caught in the belting in the Mangatera Mill and killed

COVENEY Elizabeth (nee LOWTHER), 15 Sep 1918 aged 92
- buried Grave 51, Block F next to her son John Lowther Coveney
(cemetery database says John (1852-1904) was her husband)
- Elizabeth was born about 1826. She married George Coveney (1817-1888) in 1845 in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Elizabeth was living in Martinborough in 1918
Dominion, 28 September 1918 A link with the very early days of Victoria has been severed by the death at Martinborough on September 15, at the age of 92 years, of Mrs Elizabeth Coveney. Seventy-seven years ago, at the age of fifteen, the deceased, with her parents (Mr and Mrs John Lowther), arrived at Melbourne in the ship Alexander. Married at nineteen, the late Mrs Coveney, with her husband (the late Mr George Coveney) spent many years in the Geelong and Bungaree districts. Here many thrilling encounters were experienced with the aboriginal natives. She came to New Zealand in 1885, where, with the exception of one son, the family has since resided. The deceased's husband predeceased her by some thirty years.
Of nine children, six are still living. There are also fourteen grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.
The four daughters are:
Henry Davis Williams (Taranaki) (Alice Lowther Coveney)
Robert Thomas SADD (Dunedin) (Anna Maria Lowther Coveney)
Fred McAllum (Martinborough) (Florence Coveney)
George William Cobb (Martinborough) (Ellen Josephine Coveney)
Of the two sons, one is resident in Victoria.
It is interesting to note that the deceased lady came from a historical Irish family, she being a direct descendant of Lord Edward Fitzgerald's family

COVENEY John Lowther, 18 May 1904 aged 54
- born 1850 in Kilmore, Victoria
- son of George COVENEY (1817-1888) & Elizabeth LOWTHER (1826-1918)
- buried Grave 50, Block F next to his mother

COWAN George, 28 Dec 1901 aged 29
- buried Grave 70, Block B
- born 10 May 1872 at Blueskin Bay, Otago to James COWAN (1837-1915) & Margaret POW (1844-1925)
Marlborough Express, 2 January 1902
... A man named G. Cowan, about 35 years, went bathing in the Manawatu River. Not returning, a search was made for the body, which was found this morning
... On Friday morning last (28 Dec 1901) a man named G. Cowan, who was lodging at Petersen's boarding house, went to the Manawatu river for a swim, and as he did not return information was given to the police. A search was made but without result, until Mr Drinkwater junr, and another who were fishing in the Manawatu river, yesterday discovered Cowan's clothes on the banks of the river. From this it was evident that Cowan must have been drowned, but no trace of the body could be found until this morning, when Sergeant Stagpool and Constable Baker, having received information that it was believed the body had been seen in the river, went out early and discovered it stranded in shallow water. The body was taken into town, and is now in a room at Mr Baddeley's hotel (Junction Hotel). The deceased was about 30 or 35 years of age.
The deceased, so far as is known, has no relatives here, but it is believed that some reside in Otago and that a brother lives at Greymouth.
The members of the Loyal Dannevirke Lodge of Oddfellows are requested to meet at 2.30 p.m. to-morrow to attend the funeral of the late George Cowan, who was a member of the Lodge

COWIE Helen Emily (nee MARSHALL), 27 June 1906 aged 27
- buried Grave 30, Block G
- married John Patterson COWIE (1872-1942) in 1900

CRALLAN Elizabeth (nee RICHARDSON), 2 Feb 1906 aged 73
- buried Grave 34, Block F with husband James
Bush Advocate, 30 May 1904 GOLDEN WEDDING
CRALLAN-RICHARDSON - May 29th, 1854, at Bishop Wearmouth, Sunderland, County of Durham, by the Rev Wallace, James Crallan, of Appelby, Westmoreland, youngest son of John Crallan, Appelby, to Elizabeth, second daughter of John Richardson, Sunderland [Canterbury Times please copy]

CRALLAN James, 6 Sep 1914 aged 82
- buried Grave 34, Block F with wife Elizabeth
- born in Appelby, England, had 2 sawmills in Dannevirke
- he married Elizabeth Richardson 29 May 1854 in Bishop Wearmouth, Durham, England. JAMES emigrated into Lyttelton 1859 & ELIZABETH with 5 year old daughter in 1861
TIMELINE for James & Elizabeth

CRESPIN Harry Douglas, 30 Jan 1908 aged 27
database has aged 26
Historical Record Only - buried Plot 67 K, CH ENG at Karori, Wellington
Evening Post, 1 February 1908 CRESPIN - On the 30th January, 1908, at Dannevirke, Harry Douglas, beloved husband of Ethel Crespin (nee Anderson), and seventh son (sic, 7th child) of Mrs A. Crespin, 7 Tutchen-street, Wellington, aged 27 years
- Harry was a son of Gidoin (aka Gordon) CRESPIN (alleged bigamist) & Anne Jane SNOOK (1838-1929) of Bristol. His mother brought the children to New Zealand. Some of Gidoin's brothers also came to NZ, via Australia (Ernest Bellow Crespin & Frank Froude Gervis Crespin at least)
- Harry married Ethel Barbara ANDERSON (1880-1943) in 1906
they had a daughter:
1907 - Gloria Astria Crespin (married Leslie Frederick Baker TITCHENER in 1930)
* Another son, Frederick Walter 'Fred' Crespin served in the South African War. He returned profoundly deaf and developed tuberculosis. He died 8 July 1906 aged 28 thereby leaving his mother in serious financial difficulties ... (more at link)
* Evening Post, 10 August 1929 CRESPIN - On Saturday, 10th August, 1929, at her residence, 7 Ellice avenue, Wellington, Annie, widow of the late Gedwin Crespin, and dearly beloved mother of Frank Crespin of Auckland and Mrs Frank Pearce (Bessie Jane Crespin), of Auckland; aged 93 years. A gracious mother, dearly beloved (Annie is buried in Karori)

CRIST Ella Mary, 7 Jan 1907 aged 3
- buried Grave 37, Block G
- daughter of John CRIST (1864-1931) & Bessie Barbara SUTHERLAND (1876-1939) (John & Bessie are buried Mangatera)
Bush Advocate, 8 January 1907
... We regret to record the fact to-day that Mr John Crist's little girl, who was severely scalded yesterday morning, died from the effects of her injuries at 5.30 last night. The accident occurred very simply, as from the evidence submitted at the inquest this morning it appears that while Mrs Crist was scrubbing the verandah her two children were playing at the other end of it. She left her work for a moment or two to go round to the back to get the hose with which to hose the verandah down, as the soap and water were drying too quickly in the sun. Before going she cautioned the children not to go near the water as it was hot, but as it had been out of the copper for some time and she had been using it on part of the verandah she had no idea that it was hot enough to scald them. While she was away she heard the child scream, and when she returned she found he lying in the passage at the front door with her clothes wet about the back and neck. She at once picked her up and removed her clothes, when she found the body considerably scalded. Dr Macallan was at once called in and applied the necessary remedies, but the child died later on in the day.
An inquest was held at the parents' residence this morning, before the District Coroner and the following jury:- Messrs T. Bain, J. Neagle, J. Cruickshank, J. B. Lloyd, J. Spencer and R. Pattison. The evidence of Dr Macallan and Mrs Crist was taken, when a verdict of accidental death was returned. The jury added a rider to their verdict expressing their sincere sympathy with Mr and Mrs Crist in their bereavement, and this expression of condolence was conveyed to the parents by the Coroner

CROWE Henry, 31 May 1905 aged 3 weeks
- buried Grave 73, Block F
- son of Caselia Crowe

CROWTHER Harriet Sophia (nee BURROUGHS, formerly CLARK), 15 May 1910 aged 71. - Historical Record Only - she is buried Plot 132, Block F at Hastings cemetery with 2nd husband Frederick Kershaw Crowther
- born 1838 in Alderbury, Wiltshire to Jesse & Harriet Burrough. Harriet first married John Stonehouse Clark (1842-1870), Schoolmaster of Wainuiomata, on 31 Jan 1866. John was born in Sunderland, Durham to John CLARK & Mary STONEHOUSE. He died 13 Aug 1870 in Wainuiomata aged 29, having gone looking for missing cattle. He became lost in the bush and died of exposure and exhaustion. His body was found 3 days later
- Harriet next married Frederick Kershaw Crowther (1833-1907) 9 April 1873
- they adopted a daughter, Frances 'Eva' Frear (1872-1896), a daughter of George (1841-1876) & Elizabeth (1845-) Frear who arrived on the 'Howrah' into Wellington Nov 1874. Her father died in Feilding
Frederick had a dairy farm in Wainuiomata c1867, lived in Lowry Bay, & was a storekeeper (of General Drapery, Clothing, Fancy Goods, Groceries, Ironmongery etc) in Foxton. In 1881 they were in Opunake. In 1882 his partnership with Joseph Pennington as Contractors supplying rations to the Armed Constabulary Force was dissolved in New Plymouth. In 1883 he he sold up his sections & goods, including a Bakers Stone Oven & Bakehouse etc, at Opunake. In 1884 he was a storekeeper in Opunake. In 1887 Eva was attending the Opunake School. In 1893 his Butter Factory was in operation for the season in Ngaire. In 1896 Hawera Electoral Roll, Frederick Kershaw Crowther was a shopkeeper, Harret Sophia Crowther, domestic duties & Eva Crowther was a shop assistant, all resident at Ngaire. In Oct 1896 Frederick sold his factory to the Crown Dairy Company.
Hawera and Normanby Star, 4 Nov 1896 The Egmont Post reports the death of Eva Frear Crowther, which sad event occurred at Ngaire at 5 o'clock on Saturday morning, after a severe illness of acute pneumonia for the last eight weeks. The deceased held the position of postmistress at Ngaire for two years, and during that time had won the esteem and friendship of nearly everybody with whom she came in contact by her kindness and many sterling qualities. During her stay at Ngaire she held the position of organist for several denominations, as well as giving valuable assistance at concerts and other amusements, and was also a member of the Christina Endeavour Society and Band of Hope, contributing several excellent papers at the meetings of the former society. The deceased leaves an only sister, Mrs F. E. McKenzie, and parents who adopted her nearly twenty years ago. Her fiancee (the Rev J. W. Hayward), and a very large circle of friends to mourn their loss
In 1900 Frederick & Harriet were at Opunake. In 1903 they leased their farm at Waiteika Road. In 1904 they bought a house & 5 acres at Opunake. In 1905 they were living at Greenmeadows, Napier
A sister of Eva, Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Frear (1869-1913, adopted by Joseph Masters of Sandon), married Frederick Ernest McKenzie in 1893, had 9 children & died in Dannevirke 7 March 1913. She is buried with him & a 12 year old daughter, Vera Elizabeth McKenzie in Mangatera

CULLEN Frederick George, 26 Oct 1910 aged 22
- buried Grave 55, Block H
- born 1888, 7th of 11 children to James CULLEN & Elizabeth KNOX
Evening Post, 26 October 1910 SUICIDE at DANNEVIRKE, This Day - A young man named Frederick Cullen, a cabinetmaker, 22 years of age, died in the hospital this morning from the effects of a dose of spirits of salts (Hydrochloric acid), self-administered

CUNNINGHAM Alexander Francis, 12 Feb 1908 aged 3 weeks
- buried Grave 105, Block G
- born 20 Jan 1908, 1st of 2 sons of Francis Andrew CUNNINGHAM & Margaret Isabel JAMIESON

... The A names ABBOTT to AYLWARD

... The B names BAER to BURTON

... The C names CALDER to CUNNINGHAM

... The D names DAILL to DUNSTALL

... The E names ECCLES to EVANSEN

... The F names FALCONER to FYFE

... The G names GAMMON to GUNTER

... The H names HAINES to HYNDES


... The J names JACOBI to JONES

... The K names KENNY to KUITI

... The L names LAMBERT to LYNN

... The M names MABERLY to MURRAY

... The N names NASH to NUTTALL

... The O names O'CONNOR to O'SULLIVAN

... The P names PALENSKY to PRIOR

... The R names RANKIN to RYAN

... The S names SARGISSON to SYKES

... The T names TACON to TWEEDDALE

... The V name VICARY

... The W names WALKER to WYSOCKI


BAER to BURTON buried Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke

The people with the surname B who are buried in the
Settlers Cemetery DANNEVIRKE, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
indicates a link to a profile

BAER Ernest James, 3 Feb 1908 aged 3 weeks
- buried Grave 109, Block G
- lived at Horoeka, Dannevirke
- son of Peter BAER (1871-1946) & Charlotte Sophia Courtney SKIPPER (1884-1950)
- buried Grave 109, Block G

BAINE Daniel, 11 Sep 1911 aged 70
- buried unknown location
(cemetery database has BAYNE)
- was a labourer in Dannevirke
Manawatu Standard, 11 September 1911 DANNEVIRKE - An elderly man named Daniel Baine, gardener to Father Cahill, was found dead in a paddock this afternoon. The body was fearfully mangled, apparently by a bull which was in the paddock. There were no witnesses of the fatality. An inquest will be held to-morrow
Dominion, 12 September 1911 DANNEVIRKE - At the inquest yesterday on Daniel Baine, gardener to Father Cahill, the medical evidence showed that death was due to injuries inflicted by a bull. Two of the wounds alone were sufficient to cause death. The jury returned a verdict accordingly. The deceased was an old age pensioner

BAIRD Andrew, 19 Dec 1903 aged 24
- buried Grave 22, Block F
(BDM has aged 24, cemetery database has 25)

BANKART Charles Norman, 13 August 1900 aged 2.3
- buried Grave 13, Block G with brother Cyril
- born 22 May 1898 to Charles Locking BANKART (1860-1931) & Susan Jane FRANKS (1870-1942)
CHILDREN of Charles Lock BANKART & Susan Jane FRANKS

BANKART Cyril Allan, 19 December 1906 aged 16 months
- buried Grave 13, Block G with brother Charles (see link above)
- born 20 August 1905 to Charles Locking BANKART & Susan Jane FRANKS

BARGH John, 29 July 1915 aged 61
- buried Grave 39, Block F
- born 30 March 1854 in Latham, Lancashire, England
- John was a Civil Engineer & Surveyor
- he married Karen Malena Nielsen in 1885 & had 5 children
- they lived Stanley St, Dannevirke

BARGH Karen Malena, (nee NIELSEN) 3 Nov 1915 aged 47
- buried Grave 40, Block F with husband John Bargh (see link above)
- born in Vejle, Denmark, 6th of 8 children of Lauritz NIELSEN (1830-1903) & Mette Marie SIMANS (1829-1915) (both died in Makotuku)
- married John Bargh in 1885 & had 5 children:

BARGH Thelma, 2 Nov 1904 aged 4
- buried Grave 6, Block F
- born 18 Nov 1900 to John BARGH & Karen Melina NIELSEN

BARKER Laffitte Charles William, 1 July 1908 aged 59
- buried Grave 7, Block H with daughter Marjorie Essington Barker
- Farmer, lived at Mangatoro, Dannevirke
- married Emma Harriett CANE in 1886
the children of CHARLES & EMMA:
1887 - 1962 Charles Ashton Barker, twin (buried Mangatera)
1887 - 1951 Marjorie Essington Barker, twin (below)
1889 - 1965 Sydney Francis Barker (buried Mangatera)

BARKER Elsie Adeline, 14 Sep 1903 aged 18 months
- buried Grave 71, Block E
- born 15 March 1902, 8th of 9 children of George James BARKER & Eliza Jane SMITH
the children of JAMES & ELIZA Barker

BARKER Marjorie Essington, 26 Aug 1951 aged 64
- buried Grave 7, Block H with father Lafitte Charles Barker
- born 1 Feb 1887 to Lafitte Charles William BARKER & Emma Harriett CANE
- Marjorie was a twin with Charles Ashton Barker
- she lived in Palmerston North & never married

BARKER Daisy Constance, (nee WEBBER) 1993 aged 93
- ashes interred Grave 44, Block H with parents Arthur & Mary Webber
- born 10 Nov 1900, 10th of 13 children of Arthur Charles WEBBER (1859-1936) & Mary Richards WILLIAMS (1861-1911)
- married Arthur Richard Barker in 1925

BARNES John James, 28 Feb 1904 aged 63
- buried Grave 16, Block F
Bush Advocate, 1 March 1904 FUNERAL NOTICE - The friends of the late John James Barnes are respectfully informed that his funeral will take place on Wednesday next, and will leave his late residence (Gordon-street) for the Dannevirke Cemetery at 3 p.m.

BARRETT Herbert, 17 Sep 1906 aged 18
- buried Grave 19, Block G
Evening Post, 22 September 1906 BARRETT - On the 17th September, 1906, at Dannevirke Hospital, of heart failure, Herbert Barrett, aged 18 years. Blenheim papers please copy

BARRETT Lillian Ada, (nee TAYLOR), 29 Sep 1980 aged 84
- buried Grave 81, Block D with mother, Catherine Taylor (1871-1900)
- born 1895 to William Henry TAYLOR & Catherine WALKER
- her mother died when she was 5
- married David Lawrence Barrett (1890-1981) in 1919 & lived in Dannevirke
- David is buried in Mangatera Cemetery

BASSETT Francis, 12 Nov 1922 aged 73
- was a farmer in Weber, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 7, Block I
- married Sarah PARKINS 12 Jan 1875 & had 8 children

BEARMAN Charles Cyril Carroll, 29 March 1904 aged 6 months
- buried Grave 47, Block F
- Charles was born 17 September 1903
- a son of Charles Ammon BEARMAN (1865-1938) & Evelyn Jane LLOYD (1871-1955)
online BDM has:-
: Charles Ammon BEARMAN & Evelyn Jane LLOYD (1897)
Birth: Charles Carroll BERMAN (1903)
Death: Charles Caroll BARMAN (1904)

BEECHER John, 17 Aug 1905 aged 70
- buried Grave 43, Block G next to Margaret
- John was a Stableman. Proprietor of the Masonic Stable. Was only in Dannevirke for 18 months before his death (came from Canterbury)
- husband of Margaret (below)

BEECHER Margaret (nee OR formerly McKINNON), 3 Oct 1908 aged 50
- buried Grave 44, Block G next to John
- John and Margaret married in 1896
- they had a daughter:
1893 - Elizabeth Beecher (married John Wallace in 1914)

BELL Andrew, 30 March 1911 aged 50
- buried Grave 34, Block I, beside daughter-in-law Annie (next)
- Andrew was a Fellmonger & lived in London St, Dannevirke
- he married Sarah CROWTHER in 1885
their children:
1886 - 1951 Sidney Charles Bell
1888 - 1918 Joseph Henry Bell
1890 - 1962 William Herbert Bell

BELL Annie Louisa, (nee McFETERESH), 11 January 1912 aged 21
- buried Grave 35, Block I, beside father-in-law Andrew Bell (above)
- Annie lived in Gordon St Dannevirke
- she married Sidney Charles Bell (1886-1951) in 1909
they had 2 daughters: (database says 1)
1910 - Louisa Annie Sarah Bell
1911 - Winifred Irene Bell (+Albert Edward WHITTER? in 1931)
Sidney next married Minnie Ada BRAY (1892-1959) in 1930. Sidney & Minnie are buried Plot 23, Block ZB at Mangatera with Victor Donald Bell (1933-1938)

BERKAHN Anna Mary (nee JENSEN), 17 April 1917 aged 55
- buried Grave 94, Block B
- married William Franz Henry BARKAHN in 1884
the known children of WILLIAM & ANNA:
1885 - 1888 Mary Gydine Berkahn (next)
1886 - 1972 Henry Francis William Berkahn (born Woodville)
1890 - 1916 Christian 'Christopher' Kolle Frank Berkahn, Trooper 11/1408 was Killed in Action in Egypt 24 July 1916 aged 25
1892 - 1986 William Landt Berkahn (Cheesemaker/Factory Manager, Tiratu & Umutaoroa)
1894 - 1985 Mary Frances Berkahn (married William Dougal in Dannevirke 1921)
1899 - 1972 Albert Leslie Ernest Berkahn (died in Sydney)
1901 - 1969 Johanna Jeanette Gladys Berkahn
1906 - 1990 Hazel Phyllis Eunice Berkahn (born in Napier)

BERKAHN Mary Gydine, 30 April 1888 aged 2.6
- buried Grave 135, Block B
- born 24 Oct 1885 to William Franz Henry BARKHAN & Anna Mary JENSEN

BERKAHN William Franz Henry, 27 Feb 1922 aged 62
- buried Grave 94, Block B
- born 14 July 1859 in Denmark to Franz Frederick Heinrich BERKAHN & Inga Maria POULSEN. He was a Justice of Peace, Maharahara 1901-1917, farmer & factory owner in Tipapakuku
- married Anna Mary JENSEN in 1884 (above)

BEST George John, 10 April 1911 aged 62
- buried Grave 88, Block K
- old resident of Ohariu & Otaki then a farmer at Kiritaki, (12km SW of Dannevirke)
he married Elizabeth GILBERT (1859-1937) in 1883 & had 9 children
- Elizabeth was the 3rd of 9 children of Thomas GILBERT & his 1st wife Mary Ann LEA (nee Stringer). Her father, Thomas Gilbert (1835-1916), remarried to Sarah Ann BRAND & had another 6 children. He is buried in Old Gorge cemetery, Woodville.
An ABSOLUTE MUST is to read this absorbing story of the life of Sarah Brand and of Thomas Gilbert & his descendants in New Zealand
(Elizabeth died 21 Feb 1937 in Rototuna, Hamilton aged 77 & is buried
location BB-Q-083 Hamilton East cemetery)

BILLOWS Gladys Mabel, 5 March 1901 aged 24 days
- buried Grave 23, Block D with her cousin Walter George Billows below
- daughter of Sydney Gordon BILLOWS (1878-?) & Emma Leah FRITH (1880-1946)
(Sydney was a brother of Walter George Billows snr, next)

BILLOWS Walter George, 2 Jan 1900 aged 28 hours
- buried Grave 23, Block D with his cousin Gladys Mabel Billows above
- son of Walter George BILLOWS (1867-1938) & Alice RICHARDS (1870-1951)
(Walter was a brother of Sydney Gordon Billows above)

BISHOP Elizabeth May, 29 March 1905 aged 9 months
PROBABLY George Francis Bishop who died that day
- buried Grave 59, Block D
- approx. birth date of June 1904
database has daughter of David BISHOP & Kate MAY, but David & Kate had a son, George Francis Bishop, on 29 July 1904, who died 29 March 1905 aged 8 months
There was no Elizabeth May Bishop recorded as born or died around these dates

BLAIR Barbara, (nee MOUAT), 24 Dec 1904 aged 59
- buried Grave 53, Block E with James
(birth approx. 1845), married James Blair in 1875
Bush Advocate, 27 December 1902 BLAIR - On December 24, at Dannevirke, Barbara Blair, relict of the late James Blair, of Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scotland; aged 59 years

BLAIR Helen, 21 Nov 1935 aged 72
- buried Grave 79, Block E
(birth approx. 1853)
- Headstone Inscription: In loving memory of Helen, beloved wife of James Blair

BLAIR James, 23 Aug 1909 aged 48
- buried Grave 54, Block E with Barbara
(birth approx. 1861)
- James was a Tailor living in High St Dannevirke
Manawatu Standard, 2 September 1909 Probate in the estate of James Blair, deceased, has been granted to Helen Young Blair and Charles Baddeley

BOSANKO Thomas, 2 Aug 1907 aged 67
NOT AT SETTLERS. Buried Plot 54, Block 3 at Ormondville
- Thomas was born 19 Feb 1841 in Crowan, Cornwall (making his age at death 66). He arrived on the Renfrewshire in 1878 with his wife Elizabeth Jane (1848-1903), 6 year old daughter Bessie (1872-?) and his son Edward Henry Bosanko (1866-1931). Thomas & son Edward later became farmers in Makotuku and were one of the earliest settler families of the district. Edward and his wife Mary nee Murphy (1863-1946) are buried in Mangatera
Thomas is now recorded as being interred in Plots 53 & 54, Block 3 at Ormondville Cemetery with a 'Mary Ellen' Bosanko (1848-1903). HOWEVER, this is the exact date of death (and age) of his wife 'Elizabeth Jane' Bosanko

BOSWELL Ada Lucy, 2 Oct 1901 aged 17
- Ada was born 4 May 1884 to George & Annie BOSWELL) who were settlers for a time in Awapuni
- buried Grave 21, Block D
Bush Advocate, 3 October 1901 BOSWELL - On the 2nd October, Ada Lucy, the beloved daughter of George and Annie Boswell, aged 17 years. The funeral will leave the parents' residence at 1 p.m. on Sunday next
Bush Advocate, 7 October 1901 Yesterday afternoon the mortal remains of the late Miss Ada Boswell were interred in the Dannevirke cemetery, being followed to their last resting place by a number of sympathising friends. The Rev A. Grant conducted the buriel service and Messrs Anderson and Son the funeral
the children of GEORGE & ANNIE:
1875 - Florence Victoria Boswell
1878 - Jessie Boswell
1880 - Archie Albert Boswell
1883 - 1921 Rose Boswell (married Cuthbert Scott in 1904. Buried with her 3 day old son Alexander Scott (Nov 1921) & her mother Annie Boswell (1852-1926) in Mangatera)
1884 - 1901 Ada Lucy Boswell
1887 - Percy William Boswell
1890 - Rebecca Boswell
1892 - Morris George Boswell
1893 - Gertrude Mary Boswell
1894 - Annie Boswell
1897 - Henry Boswell

BOURKE Dora O'Donel, 6 July 1986 aged 95
- born 15 April 1891 to Charles O'Donel BOURKE & Kate BEE
recommended reading at that link
- Dora never married & had been living in Napier
- buried Grave 63, Block I

BOURKE Florence Mary, 19 Jan 1909 aged 15
- daughter of Charles O'Donel BOURKE & Kate BEE
- buried Grave 62, Block I with Nancy
Florence & Nancy drowned in the Manawatu whilst on a picnic outing
BOURKE Nancy May, 19 Jan 1909 aged 8
- daughter of Charles O'Donel BOURKE & Kate BEE
- buried Grave 62, Block I with Florence

BOWEN Frederick Freeman, 16 June 1910 aged 20 months
- buried Grave 9, Block H
- son of Frederick Small BOWEN & Lizzie Alice FREEMAN
(grandson of James Bowen & Euphemia Small of Turakina)
- lived in Burns St Dannevirke
the known children of FREDERICK & LIZZIE:
1902 - Alice Beatrice Bowen
1905 - Roy Clifford Bowen
1906 - Gertrude Phillis Bowen
1908 - Frederick Freeman Bowen
1913 - Nancy Mavis Bowen

BOWERN Clara Edith (nee ERICKSON), 2 Nov 1923 aged 37
- married Gordon Stanley Bowern in 1904
- was living in Burns St Dannevirke
- buried Grave 64, Block E with her daughter Evelyn (below)

BOWERN Evelyn/Emmeline Ivy Myrtle, 29 Oct 1904 aged 7 weeks
- buried Grave 64, Block E with her mother Clara
- daughter of Gordon Stanley BOWERN & Clara Edith ERICKSON
- their other (known) children were:
1906 - Dorothy Eileen Bowern
1908 - Nancy Norine Bowern
- Gordon remarried in Woodville 1929 to Clara Annie SOWERBY

BREAKWELL Claris Hilda, 13 Oct 1910 aged 23 days
- buried Grave 59, Block K
- daughter of Henry BREAKWELL & Gertrude Amy RICE
the children of HENRY 'Harry' & GERTRUDE:
1899 - Harold Cecil Breakwell
1900 - Pearly Gladys Breakwell
1900 - Leonard Archibald Breakwell
1903 - Edward Charles Breakwell
1904 - Emily Thelma Breakwell
1905 - Annie Kathleen Breakwell
1909 - William Ford Breakwell
1909 - Ileen Helen Breakwell
1910 - 1910 Claris Hilda Breakwell

BRIGHOUSE Bessie (nee GREEN), 30 April 1933 aged 59
- buried Grave 68, Block C
- married Samuel Brighouse in 1896
their known children:
1897 - William Thomas Murray Brighouse
1898 - Alice Mary Brighouse
1900 - Ethel Rhoda Brighouse
1902 - Henry Clarence Brighouse
1905 - Samuel John Brighouse
1910 - Thelma May Brighouse

BRIGHOUSE Mary (nee JOHNSTONE), 30 Sep 1931 aged 80
- buried Grave 67, Block C with husband Roby
- married Roby Thomas Brighouse in 1873
their known children:
1874 - 1936 Samuel Murray Brighouse
1877 - Josephine Sarah Ann Eliza Brighouse
1879 - Mary Brighouse
1881 - Roby Brighouse
1884 - Minnie Maud Brighouse
1887 - Alice Jane Brighouse
1889 - Emma May Azalia Brighouse

BRIGHOUSE Roby Thomas, 13 Sep 1900 aged 50
- buried Grave 67, Block C with wife Mary

BRIGHOUSE Samuel Murray, 25 June 1936 aged 62
- buried Grave 69, Block C
- Samuel married Bessie Green in 1896
- they were farmers in Oringi, Dannevirke

BRIGHT Alice Maud, 11 Oct 1905 aged 31
- buried Grave 81, Block F
- Alice suicided at home (Salisbury street) at 9a.m. just after her husband, John Bright, left the house for work. Being Labour Day he did not stay at the office long and returned an hour later to find her. Newspaper reports said she had been married 5 years, had no family and had been in ill health for some time (suffering from Grave's disease and heart trouble). She and her husband had arrived in NZ, from England, 18 months previously for the benefit of her health

BRITTIN John Danns 1905, 4 Nov aged 89
- incorrectly spelt BrittEn on the cemetery database
- born in 1817 at St. Ives, Huntingdonshire, John and his family sailed from Plymouth 12 Oct 1852, Arriving at Port Cooper (Lyttelton), 2 Feb 1853 on the Minerva
- They settled at Pleasant Point (Timaru) and later were farmers at Umutaoroa, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 42, Block G with wife Mary Ann & 3 year old granddaughter Miranda

BRITTIN Mary Ann (nee MARSH), 5 June 1911 aged 97
- buried Grave 41, Block G with husband John & granddaughter Miranda next
- married John Brittin in 1840 & had 5 children

BRITTIN Miranda Annie, 19 Sep 1908 aged 3
- daughter of Brittin BRITTIN (1850-1922) & Angelina WILLIAMS
- buried between her grandparents above, Grave 41, Block G
known children of BRITTIN & ANGELINA:
1892 - 1971 Ada Brittin
1895 - 1985 Alfred Archer Brittin
1898 - 1954 Isoline Brittin
1901 - 1905 Herbert Clive Brittin
1905 - 1908 Miranda Annie Brittin
1905 - 1950 Goodwyn Brittin Brittin

BROWN Alexander Philip 1902 aged 9 months
- son of Thomas George BROWN & Elizabeth Craig STEWART
- their other children were:
Christina Gordon Brown
Margaret Gordon Brown

BROWN (Mrs) Bessie, 8 June 1903 aged 72
- buried unknown location
Manawatu Standard, 8 June 1903 DANNEVIRKE - DEATH OF AN OLD COLONIST
... The death occurred at Tahoraiti to-day of Mrs Brown, widow of the late Rev. L. Brown, Baptist minister, an old Napier resident and mother of the late Mr R. T. Walker, formerly editor of the Napier Herald. The deceased was 73 years of age
Rev Lawrence Brown (1829-1896), died Pukerau, Southland
son, Richard Thomas Walker, born in Manchester (1854-1901), was in business as Dinwiddie, Walker & Co, Tennyson St. Napier

BROWN (Mrs) Catherine Malloch, 2 Oct 1913 aged 34
- was living in Dannevirke
- buried Grave 61, Block J

BROWN Elizabeth Mary, 25 Dec 1947 aged 95
- buried Grave 69, Block J with daughter Jean & husband Henry Stokes Brown

BROWN Emily Grace (nee CRIPPS), 25 Dec 1909 aged 26
- born 21 Jan 1883 to George CRIPPS & Leah FRANKLIN
- married William Brown 1905 & had 3 daughters
1906 - Leah Brown
1908 - Helen Brown
1909 - Jean Elizabeth Brown
- was living in Waitahora, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 41, Block I with husband William & daughter Jean (below)

BROWN Henry Stokes, 17 Jan 1909 aged 57
- buried Grave 69, Block J
- Henry was a Platelayer, living in Christian St, Dannevirke
Bush Advocate, 18 January 1909 BROWN - On January 17th, 1909, at his residence, Dannevirke, Henry Stokes Brown (born at Welton, Lincolnshire, England on March 3rd, 1852); aged 57 years

BROWN Jean Elizabeth,16 Dec 1996 aged 85
- daughter if William & Emily Grace Brown, Jean didn't marry
- was living in Paraparaumu
- buried with parents Grave 41, Block I

BROWN Jonathan,11 April 1924 aged 65
- was living in Christian St, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 50, Block J

BROWN William, 30 Oct 1921 aged 45
- was a farmer in Waitahora, Dannevirke
- married Emily Grace Cripps in 1905 & had 3 daughters
- buried together with daughter Jean

BURNS James Edward, 13 Feb 1909 aged 10 weeks
- buried Grave 31, Block K
- son of James BURNS & Mary Ann NICHOLS
Bush Advocate, 13 February 1909 BURNS - At Dannevirke, on the 13th inst., at the residence of J. Nicholas, York street, James Edward, infant son of James and Mary Ann Burns; aged 10 weeks

BURRELL John Clements, 17 December 1928 aged 87
- married Mary Bridget GURNEY in Geraldine, Canterbury in 1863
- last lived in Rotorua, buried with Mary (next)
- buried Grave 68, Block E with Mary (next)

BURRELL Mary Bridget, (nee GURNEY) 31 December 1902 aged 54
- Mary married John (above) in 1863 & had 10 known children
- buried Grave 67, Block E with husband John Clements above

BURRELL Vera May, 30 June 1907 aged 3 days (same day as brother William)
- buried with 3 day old William James Burrell
- buried Grave 95, Block G with father Walter & brother William

BURRELL Walter James, 31 May 1909 aged 38
- accidentally killed at Turangarere
- married Keziah Jane CAWLEY in 1901
their known children:
1901 - Alfred James Burrell
1903 - Doris Irene Burrell
1905 - Horace Malcolm Burrell
1907 - Vera May Burrell
1909 - Ruby Maud Burrell
1911 - Kathleen Helena Burrell
- buried Grave 95, Block G with children Vera & William

BURRELL William James, 30 June 1907 aged 3 days (same day as sister Vera)
- buried Grave 95, Block G with father Walter & sister Vera

BURTON unknown baby, 6 Sep 1917 aged stillborn
- child of Charles BURTON & ?
- buried unknown location

... The A names ABBOTT to AYLWARD

... The B names BAER to BURTON

... The C names CALDER to CUNNINGHAM

... The D names DAILL to DUNSTALL

... The E names ECCLES to EVANSEN

... The F names FALCONER to FYFE

... The G names GAMMON to GUNTER

... The H names HAINES to HYNDES


... The J names JACOBI to JONES

... The K names KENNY to KUITI

... The L names LAMBERT to LYNN

... The M names MABERLY to MURRAY

... The N names NASH to NUTTALL

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ABBOTT to AYLWARD Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke

the European settlement of Dannevirke
began on 15 October 1872 with the arrival of 13 Danish and eight Norwegian families brought out under the Vogel Immigration Scheme.

These pioneers were immediately allocated sections and then it was to work, clearing the vast "Seventy Mile Bush", building roads and establishing the railway. In their spare time, which was rare indeed they put their efforts into housing themselves

The people with the surname A who are buried in the
Settlers Cemetery DANNEVIRKE, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
indicates a link to a profile

ABBOTT Marjorie, 25 May 1907 aged 5 months
- daughter of Josiah 'Jos' ABBOTT & his 2nd wife, Alice WILLETS
- buried Grave 69, Block G

AGNEW Robert, 10 Nov 1908 aged 40
- Robert was a Bricklayer of Dannevirke
- buried Grave 5, Block H

AHAIA Te Ngarara, 29 Jun 1904 aged 80
(database has Ahaia, correct spelling of his surname was IHAIA)
One of the principal chiefs of the district, Te Ngarara Ihaia died at Tahoraiti Pa 29 June 1904. See his bio at I surnames
- buried unknown section

ALDING George, 3 May 1912 aged 47
- born 7 March 1865 in Oxfordshire to William ALDING & Mary Jane IRELAND
- George was a labourer
- buried Grave 87, Block J with his brother William

ALDING James George, 29 July 1903 aged 2.11
- born 27 Aug 1900, a son of John ALDING & Caroline HARRISON
- buried Grave 77, Block E

ALDING Mary Jane (nee IRELAND), 6 Sep 1913 aged 77
- birth year of about 1836
- married William Alding (1835-1909) 24 April 1857 in Oxfordshire
- Mary lived in Dannevirke
- buried Grave 86, Block J with William (below)

ALDING William, 19 Oct 1944 aged 74
(cemetery database has aged 70)
- born 14 Aug 1870 in Oxfordshire to William ALDING & Mary Jane IRELAND
- married Catherine 'Katie' MORDIN in 1913
- William was a Sawmiller of Dannevirke
- buried Grave 87, Block J with brother George

ALDING William, 25 April 1909 aged 75
(2 days after his 52nd wedding anniversary)
- born 1 Feb 1835 in Lyneham, Oxfordshire
- he married Mary Jane IRELAND 24 April 1857
- they emigrated to NZ in 1874
- William was a Labourer
- he lived at Cadman Street, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 86, Block J with Mary Jane
Bush Advocate, 24 April 1907 GOLDEN WEDDING
Mr and Mrs W. ALDING, of Cadman street, celebrate their golden wedding of 50 years married to-day. Their descendants are seven children, 51 grandchildren, and 19 great-grandchildren.
NOTE A daughter of William & Mary Jane (therefore related to all the above) was Harriet Alding (1861-1928) who married William George Dean in 1877 and
had 13 children. They are buried in Mangatera

ALEXANDER Frederick, 27 June 1908 aged 35
(Cemetery Database has aged 55)
- Frederick was a Horse Breaker & lived in Tepapakuku
- he was found shot, 6 weeks after marrying Sarah Anne WINDSOR
- buried Grave 8, Block I

ALLARDICE June/July 1903 aged ?
- buried 2 July 1903, location unknown

ALLARDICE Dorothy Matilda, 10 March 1908 aged 3 months
- born 20 Dec 1907 to James ALLARDICE & Agnes LITTLE
- lived in Tipapakuku, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 38, Block C with her father James (on the same day)

ALLARDICE James, 10 March 1908 aged 61
(cemetery database has aged 64)
- born 23 Dec 1846 in Cumberland, England, James was a farmer, hotelkeeper, storekeeper, butcher and accommodation house-keeper in Tipapakuku, Dannevirke
- he had the Dannevirke & the Masonic Hotels
Bernt Amundsen (below), living near the hotel at that time, gave a personal reference for James
- buried Grave 38, Block C with daughter Dorothy (buried the same day)
Wanganui Chronicle, 12 March 1908 DANNEVIRKE - Mr J. Allardice, one of the first English settlers here, and well-known in southern Hawkes Bay, died this morning. On Monday, whilst wrestling, an old internal trouble was re-opened. He was taken to the hospital, where an operation was performed, but he died within 24 hours. An inquest will be held this afternoon.

ALLEN Alice Maude, 2 Aug 1908 aged 25 (nee Chegwidden)
(cemetery database has aged 28)
- daughter of Ambrose Alexander CHIGWIDDEN & Sarah HART Victoria, Australia
- married Samuel Allen
Bush Advocate, 3 August 1908 ALLEN
... On the 2nd August, at the hospital, Alice Maud, dearly beloved wife of Samuel Allen, of Mangatera; aged 25 years. Deeply regretted.
... The deceased lady, who was the daughter of Mr A. Chegwidden, of Victoria, was comparatively a recent arrival in the district, and her death at the early age of 25 is deplored by her many friends. The late Mrs Allen leaves her husband and two children to mourn her loss.
- Alice had given birth 14 days previously (19 July) to a daughter, Alice Zealandia Allen. Another NZ born daughter (Alice Allen) was born 8 Nov 1906 and lived for 1 day. She is buried Grave 16, Block H

ALLEN Margaret, 24 Sep 1906 aged 36
- buried Grave 20, Block G

ALLISON Caleb Powell, 10 March 1908 aged 2
- son of Joseph Powell 'Joe' ALLISON & Annie Lawson GRANT
- lived in Queen St, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 14-15, Block H

ALLISON Joseph Powell, 25 May 1909 aged 20 weeks
- son of Joseph Powell 'Joe' ALLISON & Annie Lawson GRANT
- lived in Queen St, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 15, Block H

AMUNDSEN Bernt, 19 Nov 1915 aged 74
- emigrated into Napier with his wife Ellen Marie (next) and 2 children on the HODVING arriving 15 Sept 1872
- Bernt received his letter of naturalisation in July 1883, he was then living in Dannevirke
- in August 1889 he was living in Maharahara when Agnes Gustava Aumndsen of Dannevire transferred his interest in the license to him of Section 58, Block I in Woodville
- he is buried Grave 46, Block D with wife Ellen (below)

AMUNDSEN Ellen Mary, 16 Oct 1901 aged 62 (nee Christiansen)
- Ellen was born in Norway. She married Bernt Amundsen and they arrived (with 2 children) into Napier 15 Sep 1872 on the Hovding. They lived for a few weeks in Napier then moved to Dannevirke
- they had at least 6 children
- buried Grave 45, Block D with husband Bernt

ANDERSEN Mary Catherine, (nee HAYWOOD) 19 Feb 1910 aged 34
(cemetery database has AndersOn)
- birth year of about 1876
- married Jen Hansen Andersen (1871-1921) in 1902
- lived in Tipapakuku, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 31, Block H
NOTE Jens is buried at Mangatera (under AndersOn on database)

ANDERSON Anne (nee LARSEN), 18 May 1936 aged 89
- birth year of about 1847
- married Carl Andreas Anderson & had at least 8 children
- lived in York St, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 66, Block F with husband Carl

ANDERSON Carl Andreas, 14 Dec 1907 aged 59
- birth year of 1847
- he married Anne Larsen (above)
- he lived in York St, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 66, Block F with wife Anne
Bush Advocate, 16 December 1907
... ANDERSON - At the Dannevirke Hospital, on 14th December, Carl Anderson; aged 59 [Palmerston North papers please copy]
... The death occurred on Saturday night of Mr Carl Anderson, a well-known resident of this district. The deceased arrived in the colony from Norway in 1871, and after spending some fifteen years at Palmerston, he took up residence at Dannevirke, and since that time has been largely engaged in contracting, while of late years he followed the occupation of a sawmiller. The late Mr Anderson developed a serious internal illness, and death came at last as a release to his sufferings. His death at the comparatively early age of 59 will be widely regretted. The deceased is survived by a wife and seven grown up children. The interment took place this afternoon

ANDERSON David, 16 August 1911 aged 79 (Historical Record Only)
- birth year of about 1831
- David married Elizabeth Bell in 1862 & had 9 children
Manawatu Standard, 21 August 1911 The death occurred at his son's residence, Napier South, of Mr David Anderson, the head of the firm of Anderson and Son, coachbuilders of Dannevirke, a well-known Hawke's Bay resident in his eightieth year. Deceased arrived in Lyttelton in the sailing vessel 'Fatima' in 1851, and after a residence in different parts of Canterbury for 35 years, removed to Dannevirke 16 years ago, where he was in business as a coach-builder

ANDERSON Jane, 30 May 1902 aged 10 hours
- daughter of Thomas & Edith Anderson
- they also had a daughter Marjorie
- buried unknown location

ANDERSON Mary Catherine, 1910 aged 34
(see ANDERSEN Mary Catherine, above)

ANDERSON Mary Ann, 21 April 1909 aged 46
- birth year of about 1862
- married Peter Anderson (1846-1929)
- lived in Kiritaki, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 63, Block J with husband Peter
Bush Advocate, 16 March 1909 KIRITAKI - It is with very great regret that I have this week to chronicle the serious illness of Mrs Peter Anderson. For some time past Mrs Anderson has been in indifferent health, and at last consulted a doctor who at once advised her removal to the hospital. Some inward growth is feared, but whether of the nature of an abscess or some more serious trouble canot yet be determined. The many firneds of the family will unite in hoping for the patient's complete restoration to health
Bush Advocate, 21 April 1909 KIRITAKI - It is with very great regret that I have to record the death of Mrs P. Anderson, which took place at her residence in Kiritaki on Tuesday night, after an illness of several months duration. All that skill could devise or love perform was done to combat the disease, but it was of no avail, and now we can only offer our sincere sympathy to the bereaved relatives in their grief. Of a most unselfish and happy disposition, the late Mrs Anderson will be sorely missed by both relatives and friends, but it is comforting to know that her end was peace, that death came to her not as "the king of terrors," but as one opening the door into that life where suffering and sorrow are not, and there are no more tears
Bush Advocate, 22 April 1909 The funeral of the late Mrs Anderson, of Kiritaki, took place this afternoon and was largely attended by mourning friends. The funeral service was impressively read by the Rev A. Grant

ANDERSON Peter, 10 Jan 1929 aged 82
- birth year of about 1847
- Peter was a farmer
- he lived in Makotuku, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 62, Block J with wife Mary Ann (above)

ANDERSON Peter, 27 Aug 1908 aged 69
- birth year of about 1839
- Peter was a Tailor
- he lived in Burns St, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 44, Block K

ANDREWS Eric William Hector, 13 July 1900 aged 38 days
- son of Sydney ANDREWS & Amy Isabell PEACOCK
- they also had a daughter Erita Shirley Andrews (1901-1997), married Alfred RAMSDEN 1930
- buried Grave 73, Block D

ANDREWS Annie Elizabeth, 12 Dec 1913 aged 67
- birth year of about 1846
- married William Edward Andrews (1848-1923)
- lived in Masterton, died in Coogee, Sydney, Australia
- buried Grave 72, Block H with husband William

ANDREWS (Miss) 27 Aug 1898 aged unknown
- buried Plot unknown

ANDREWS William Edward, 10 July 1923 aged 75
- birth year of about 1848
- William lived in High St, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 73, Block H with wife Annie

ARDELL Mary Ethel (nee LIGHT), 19 July 1940 aged 58
- born 1881 a daughter of William LIGHT & Mary JONES
- married Denzil Ardell (1881-1956) in 1909
Wanganui Herald, 30 March 1909 The wedding took place at St John's Church, Dannevirke, on Wednesday last, of Mr Denzil Ardell, of the Dannevirke Post Office staff, and only son of Mr John Ardell, Temuka, and Miss Mary Ethel Light, second daughter of the late Mr W. Light, Dannevirke
- they were cremated in Auckland
NOTE in the cemetery database of 2010 Mary was listed as buried Grave 68, Block J. The later database does not have them in Dannevirke at all

ARMSTRONG Herbert Maia 'Bertie', 2 Sep 1900 aged 2
- born Aug 1898 to Alexander ARMSTRONG (1870-1958) & Margaret Bryson WELLS (1869-1936)
- buried Grave 9, Block D
- his siblings were:
1901 - 1991 Hazel Maia Armstrong
1903 - 1963 Reginald Egmont Armstrong
NOTE Alexander & Margaret Bryson Armstrong are buried Plot 10, SALV ARMY at Karori, Wellington

ASHCROFT George Alfred, 10 June 1900 aged 5
- son of Robert Walker ASHCROFT & Elsie Day COBB
- buried unknown location
the children of Robert & Elsie

ASTILL John 1913 aged 78 (Historical Record Only)
- a birth year of about 1835
- born in Nottingham, arrived in NZ 1855
- he married Augusta Ann SALMON in 1860
- they had 7 known children
- died 13 May 1913 in Dannevirke
Dominion, 14 May 1913 News from Dannevirke records the death there of Mr John Astill, of Sydney Street, Wellington, formerly in business in this city as a butcher, who was on a visit to relatives there. The deceased, who was 78 years of age, succumbed to a heart attack
Evening Post, 16 May 1913 The funeral of the late Mr John Astill, a resident of Wellington since 1855, took place this morning. The Rev A. M. Johnson, vicar of St Paul's conducted the burial service in the Bolton-street Cemetery. Deceased was born in Nottingham, and came out to Wellington when he was nineteen years of age. He was married to a sister of the late Mr W. J. Salmon, who was one of the leading cricketers in Wellington for many years, and he himself was a great lover of the game. In football also he took a great interest. During the trouble with the Maori the late Mr Astill was a member of the Wellington Militia, and for the greater part of his life he belonged to the Loyal Antipodean Lodge of Oddfellows. He has left a widow and a family of three sons (Messrs John N. Astill, of the A.M.P. Office in Wellington, Wm. E. Astill and Walter J. Astill, also of this city, and three daughters, (Mrs Scutt of Auckland and Mesdames Neeley and D. Speed, of Wellington)
- buried Plot 2302, Section C of E at Bolton St Cemetery, Wellington

AUGUSTIN (E) Charles Emil, 7 Oct 1900 aged 55
- born 1846 in Brandenberg, Germany, arrived in Napier on the Fritz Reuter 25 Nov 1874, died Umutaoroa, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 25, Block C with wife Elizabeth (below)

AUGUSTIN (E) Elise 'Elizabeth' (nee ADRIAN), 27 March 1940 aged 84
- born 1853 Marienberg, Prussia
- married Emil in 1920
- buried Grave 25, Block C with husband Charles Emil (above)

AYLWARD William, 28 June 1905 aged unknown
WILLIAM died at Umutaoroa 28 June 1905
Bush Advocate, 29 June 1905 An inquest was held at the Mangatera Hotel this afternoon into the death of William Aylward, who was killed at Umutaoroa yesterday, before Mr T. Lindsay Buick, District Coroner, and the following jury:- G. Beckett (foreman), C. Robertson, R. Brighouse, A. McDuff, L. Dynan and Clem Knight. Mr Freeman Potts represented the relatives of the deceased. The evidence of E. Tapp and William Higgins went to show that deceased's wagon took charge of the team at a dangerous part of the road, and capsized over the embankment, pinning deceased underneath the load. The jury brought in a verdict that death was accidental, and added a rider that the road at the spot where the accident occurred is dangerous and requires widening
Bush Advocate, 20 July 1905 At Dannevirke Club Hotel Yards. W. Rose will sell by auction on account of Public Trustee in estate of William Aylward, deceased, without reserve - 4 Horse Team, with Timber Wagon, Harness Covers, etc., etc.
Bush Advocate, 21 July 1905 Mrs Aylward wishes to return her most sincere thanks for many kindnesses in connection with the fatal accident to her late husband
Bush Advocate, 15 August 1906 W. Rose has been instructed by Mrs Aylward to dispose of her first-class dairy herd at Tiratu, near Dannevirke
- buried Grave 87, Block F

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those buried at KUMEROA Cemetery WOODVILLE

A list of names of those buried in Kumeroa Cemetery Woodville:

ANSTIS - Ethel May 1890 aged 4 months
- daughter of William Charles & Mary ANSTIS
- their other children were:
James Herbert Anstis
Earnest William Anstis
Thomas Edward Anstis
Percy Anstis
Ellen Anstis
Leslie Craig Anstis
Harold Desmond Anstis

BROWN - William 1902 aged 58
BRYANT - Henrietta (nee JACKSON) 1918 aged 50
BRYANT - William 1939 aged 84
BURNET - Edward Lear 1909 aged 52
BURTTON - John 1922 aged 54
BURTTON - Sarah 1930 aged 82

DAVIS - Agnes Breingan 1985 aged 84
DAVIS - Katherine Margaret (nee McFARLANE) 1963 aged 82
DAVIS - Mary Catherine 1988 aged 85
DAVIS - William Carlile 1989 aged 82
DAVIS - William 1943 aged 74
DEBRECENY - Theresa/Terezia 1891 aged 49
- her husband Paul Debreceny (1831-1911) bought Section 17, Block 8 at Kumeroa in 1880, consisting of 5 acres 2 roods 16 perches for 2.10 per acre ($314 per acre in 2010). He went halves in that block of land with J. Kennedy. He also had Section 18, Block 8, Kumeroa Small Farm Settlement and Sections 12 & 14, Block 8. Paul helped build the roads around Heretaunga, Hawkes Bay in the 1880s.
- This was NOT the Paul Ernest Debreceny (1871-1924) who arrived in NZ from Miskolc, Hungary in 1883 and who was the proprietor of the Club Hotel in Pahiatua and later the Club Hotel in Carterton

HALL - Erik Charles 1886 aged 1 month
- son of Norman Gustave HALL & Elizabeth WALSH
- they also had a daughter Blanche Eilene
HUGHES - Mary 1913 aged 34
HYLAND - Charles 'Chas' unknown dates
HYLAND - Patrick 1887 aged 50

JONES - Edward Albert 1893 aged 2 days
JONES - George 1894 aged 3 hours
- both sons of Albert Jones & Kate Mason

KEMP - Lily Hannah Mary 1893 aged 5
- daughter of Daniel KEMP & Harriet GENTRY
KEMP - Maria 1937 aged 69

LEACH - Thomas 1887 aged 33
LILLEY - Charles Walter 1892 aged 3 weeks
- son of Walter LILLEY & Jane Allen Watt McKINVEN
- Walter was a twin with Alice Lilley (married Richard HOLMES)
- Walter & Jane's other children were:
Herbert James Lilley
Florence Jane Elizabeth Allan Lilley
Lennard Victor Lilley
Edward David Lilley (1900-1901, buried Settlers, Dannevirke)
LITTLE - James 12th Nov 1894 aged 21
LITTLE - James 20th May 1894 aged 52
LITTLE - John Stanley 1900 aged 2
- son of John Gilmour LITTLE & Eliza Jane CASTLES
LITTLE - Maria 1903 aged 63
LITTLE - Mathilda/Matilda 1891 aged 21
LYNCH - Eveline Olive Patricia 1899 aged 17
daughter of Patrick Henry LYNCH & Ellen STEVENS
LYNCH - Ivy Mary Geradine 1911 aged 21

MacLELLAN - Robert 1902 aged 47
McDERMOTT - Margaret Isabella 1904 aged 54 days
- daughter of Montague McDERMOTT & Annie (possibly HAMPTON)
McPHEE - Jane Kingston 1893 aged 5
- daughter of John McPHEE & Mary ENGLISH
- their other children were:
Malcolm McPhee
Isabella McPhee
name not recorded McPhee
John McPhee

O'HAGAN - John 1908 aged 69
O'HAGAN - John 'Jack' 1927 aged 46
- he married Rose Lucy MILNER in 1906
- he was a son of John O'HAGAN & Emma HALL
- their other children were:
James Andrews O'Hagan
Rose Ann O'Hagan
Agnes O'Hagan
Caroline Angelina O'Hagan
Ellen O'Hagan
Ethel Eva O'Hagan
Edward Irvin O'Hagan

PATTISON - Agnes 1939 aged 79
PATTISON - Jane 1909 aged 86
PATTISON - William 1890 aged 3 days
- son of Robert PATTISON & Agnes WRIGHT
- their other children were:
Robert Thomas Pattison
May Annie Jane Pattison
Mabel Mary Pattison
Herbert Campbell Pattison
PETTMAN - Henry 1923 aged 40

SMITH - Joseph 1904 aged 3 days
- son of William Walter SMITH & Sarah LAWES
- their other children were:
William Henry Edmond Smith
Sarah Ellen Smith
Martha Jane Parker Smith
Walter Herbert Charles Smith
Jusus Albert George Smith
Frank Ernest Woodford Smith
Sidney Alfred Gladstone Smith
Constance Isabella Smith
SMITH - Mary 1896 aged 23
STORRIE - James 1910 aged 78
STORRIE - Janet (nee McLEOD) 1923 aged 82

THOMSON - Andrew Thomas 1926 aged 59
THOMSON - Janette (nee BUCHANAN) 1939 aged 70
- they were husband and wife, married in 1889
- they had:
Nellie Thomson
Leslie Andrew Thomson
Roderick Duncan Thomson
WALSH - Mary 1894 aged 65
WALSH - Percival George 1896 aged 9 months
- son of John & Lucy Ann WALSH
- (some?) of their other children were:
James Michael Patrick Walsh
Justin Walsh
Francis Robert Walsh
Eileen May Walsh
John James Walsh
WOODLEY - Frederick George 1889 aged 1
- son of Charles & Mary Ann WOODLEY
- their other children were:
Henry John Woodley
William Charles Woodley
James Alexander Woodley
Phoebe Emma Woodley
Arthur Edward Woodley
Ernest Woodley
Albert Woodley
Horace Woodley
Myrtle Ivy Woodley
Amy Florence Woodley
Alice Woodley
Cyril Leonard Woodley
WRIGHT - Walter 1893 aged 12

John ADEANE + Eleanor Justin LEE - Auckland New Zealand

John Adeane was born in Berkshire England about 1856
- it is possible he sailed to New Zealand on the White Star Vessel CADUCEUS into Auckland on 12th October 1860 with his parents and siblings
- (can you verify this?)

John ADEANE & Eleanor Justin LEE were married in 1882
- they had 9 children:

1883 - John Stacey Lee Adeane
- he married Mary Agnes LYNCH in 1905
- John died 15th Feb 1932 in Auckland aged 48
- he is buried Area 10 Block A Lot No 378 Hillsborough Cemetery
- Mary Agnes was born on Xmas Day 1882
- she died 9th Feb 1979 in Auckland aged 96
- she was cremated at Purewa - her ashes were scattered

1884 - Charlotte Inez Adeane
- nothing known of Charlotte

1885 - Frances June Adeane
- she (possibly) married Bartholomew Sydney WOODLOCK in 1907

1887 - Frank Justin Adeane
- he served in WWI:
NEXT OF KIN - Mrs E.J. Adeane 32 Williamson Ave, Arch Hill Grey Lynn, Auckland (house no longer there)
ENLISTMENT ADDRESS - 7 Codrington St, Arch Hill, Auckland
EMBARKATION UNIT - Auckland Infantry Battalion
EMBARKATION DATE - 16 October 1914
VESSEL - Star of India
DESTINATION - Suez,Egypt (3 December 1914)
MILITARY AWARDS - British War Medal & Victory Medal
BIOGRAPHICAL NOTES - Promoted on the field and attended officer training at Cambridge University
- 1917 PHOTO (Frank is 2nd on left sitting)
- he married Leoni Elvira Ethlene KELLY in 1917
- Frank died on 15th Oct 1954 aged 67
- he is buried at Waikumete SOLDIERS BURIAL J Row 6, Plot 20
- Leoni died in 1965 aged 74
- she had been living at 50 Logan Avenue, Marewa Napier
- she is buried in PLOT 23 - SECTION 14 Wharerangi Cemetery Napier

1889 - Arnold Frederick Adeane
- Arnold was an Ironmongers assistant
- he accidently drowned at St Helier's Bay, Auckland on 9th Nov 1906
- he is buried at Waikumete Cemetery ROMAN CATHOLIC DIVISION A Row 4, Plot 27A

1891 - not recorded Adeane
- possibly died as an infant

1892 - Eleanor May Adeane
- She married George Ernest WALKER in 1912
- Eleanor died in 1952 aged 59

1895 - Ivy Adeane
- She married John Joseph HOARE in 1915

1900 - 1946 Henry Hellems 'Harry' Adeane
Henry married Thelma Agnes Lena (AKA Thelma Patricia) SEEBACH (formerly Howard), daughter of Otto James Anthony & Margaret Theresa Seebach of Maryborough, Victoria
NOTE The Argus, 1 Dec 1905 DIVORCE COURT - SEEBACH V. SEEBACH Misconduct was the ground on which Margaret Teresa Seebach, aged 25 years, of Swanston-street, Melbourne, sought a dissolution of her marriage with Otto James Anthony Seebach, aged 27 years, clerk. The parties were married in Melbourne in December, 1902. Mr Hotchin (instructed by Mr. S. M. Watson) appeared for the petitioner. The suit was not defended. It was alleged that the misconduct had taken place in New Zealand. A decree nisi was granted, with costs
HENRY & THELMA had at least one child in Ballarat:
1922 - 1989 John Stacey 'Stace' Adeane who died in Palmerston North
THELMA died in Auckland 29 April 1935 aged 32
- she is buried ROMAN CATHOLIC DIVISION C Row 20, Plot 27 Waikumete
HENRY HELLEMS Adeane was at Waterfall Sanatorium, Werriwa, NSW in 1943
(Waterfall Sanatorium was designed for the treatment of patients in the advanced and chronic stages of tuberculosis)
HENRY died there in 1946
Sydney Morning Herald, 4 June 1946 ADEANE June 2 1946, at hospital, Henry (Harry) Hellems Adeane, of 476 New South Head Road, Double Bay, beloved youngest son of the late Mr and Mrs John Adeane, of Auckland. N.Z.

Eleanor Justin Adeane died in Auckland on 26th May 1917 aged 50 after a long illness
- she is buried in Waikumete Cemetery ROMAN CATHOLIC DIVISION A Row 4, Plot 27B by son Arnold. She was recorded as Eleanor Gustino Adeane

John Adeane died in 1944 aged 88
- not known at this time where he is buried

According to the St Paul's register a John Adeane was buried 24 April 1879 aged 54 years, he had previously been in hospital.
This makes a birth year of about 1825
- was this John's father as per the ships list above?

The New Zealand Herald of 22nd April 1879 has John Adean died 21 April 1879, at Provincial Hospital, aged 54 years. He was buried at Block H 287 Symonds Street Cemetery

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