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SMYTH marriages (females) 1841-1861 Victoria Australia

SMYTH marriages 1841-1861 Victoria Australia.


Married: George MURPHY 1841.

Mary Ann
Married: Patrick GILMORE 1849.

Married: Walter ENGLISH 1849.

Married: John LYNCH 1852.

Mary Ann
Married: John CASEY 1853.

Married: James RYAN 1853.

Married: Henry GREEN 1855.

Married: Michael PRENDERGAST 1855.

Married: John PLOWWRIGHT 1855.

Margaret Newenham
Married: Burnet Patch MUDGE 1855.

Mary Lucinda
Married: James Atkin WHEELER 1856.

Married: Phillip CHANDLER 1858.

Married: Robert BRIEN 1858.

Married: William FRY 1858.

Mary Anna
Married: Arthur AHAIR 1858.

Married: Robert ANDERSON 1858.

Emily Henrietta
Married: Joseph King SMITH 1859.

Married: John FLINN 1859.

Married: John STANLEY 1859.

Married: George HANCOCK 1859.

Married: Thomas BARLOW 1859.

Married: William WARLGOCHS 1859.

Married: Edmond Boothey COX 1859.

Maria Belinda Grainger
Married: Daniel GRAHAM 1860.

Married: Alfred LARK 1861.

Leonora San Andero
Married: Dugald LITTLE 1861.

Mary Ann
Married: Valentine HALL 1861.

Martha Edith
Married: James FLETCHER 1861.

Married: Frederick DAWS 1861.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SMYTH lines.

JN 67781

SPARROW marriages 1901-1920 Victoria Australia

SPARROW marriages 1901-1920 Victoria Australia.


Married: Margaret Ellen MILLAND 1902.

Robert John
Married: Mary Christine CRESSWELL 1903.

Married: Alice MILLAND 1904.

Stephen Alexander William
Married: Elizabeth Mary MCDONALD.

George Thomas
Married: Grace NEWTON 1908.

John Abijah
Married: Ernestine Olive GROVES.

James Emmanuel
Married: Lilly Irene Victoria GROVES 1912.

Charles William
Married: Alice Ethel BUCKLAND 1913.

Louis Frank
Married: Elizabeth PERRY 1913.

Charles Edward
Married: Rose Maud HANDLEY 1914.

Married: Minnie WILKINS 1914.

Alfred Thomas
Married: May Winifred AYLIFFE 1916.

George Henry
Married: Lilian Letitia BUCKLAND 1916.

Married: Edith Rubina SHUTE 1919.

Alexander Francis
Married: Florence May DYSON 1920.

Donald Alexander
Married: Elizabeth Evelyn GILBERT 1920.

Francis Vivian
Married: Jessie May TAYLOR 1920.

Harold James
Married: Elizabeth JOHNSTON 1920.

Married: Geraldine Amelia Houghton EASTON 1920.

Married: Flora Jane GAY 1920.


Agnes Jane
Married: Joseph William ANDREWS 1907.

Maud Eveline
Married: Samuel NEWTON 1907.

Ethel Maud
Married: John Thomas CURRIE 1908.

Eva Emma Jane
Married: Walter Gordon GRIFFIN 1908.

Annie Alice
Married: Thomas Henry COLEMAN 1909.

Susan Carol
Married: Thomas Hamilton HUSTLER 1909.

Eleanor Georgina Elsie
Married: Frank ROWLANDS 1910.

Sarah Emma
Married: Daniel DYCER 1911.

Joy May
Married: James MEARES 1913.

Mabel McLean
Married: Claude GILBERT 1915.

Married: George Sydney AGNEW 1916.

Lillian Ethel
Married: Joseph Arthur OLSEN 1916.

Alice Maud
Married: Ronald Edgar BARTON 1917.

Amy Louisa
Married: Alfred Richard BUSHICK 1917.

Irene Elaine
Married: Albert HINES 1917.

Mary Evelyn
Married: William Albert GILBERT 1917.

Olive Elizabeth
Married: John Gordon GRIMMOND 1918.

Married: Robert Edward AMSON 1919.

Emily Inez
Married: Henry Thomas BRIAN 1920.

Florence Edith
Married: John Roy SHERREN 1920.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SPARROW lines.

JN 66627

SWAN marriages (females) 1847-1872 Victoria Australia

SWAN marriages 1847-1872 Victoria Australia.


Married: Robert BELL 1847.

Married: William FAULKNER 1852.

Married: James MILLER 1852.

Married: John STOKES 1855.

Married: Hugh MCCALLUM 1857.

Married: Jacob VEBER 1857.

Married: Robert MORLAND 1857.

Married: David DUDLEY 1857.

Catherine Ann
Married: Joseph Benjamin WHAYPOOL 1858.

Married: Charles SUBLET 1858.

Married: John BROOKE 1858.

Married: Francis David CAYZER 1859.

Jane Ann
Married: William DAVISON 1859.

Married: Abraham WEBER 1860.

Married: Robert MILLER 1860.

Married: Robinson SAGUR 1860.

Married: Peter STEWART 1861.

Louisa Frances
Married: Frederick James BOND 1862.

Mary Young
Married: Richard Pollard HURREN 1863.

Married: Charles TERRY 1864.

Susanna Jane
Married: Edward Andrew CROSBY 1864.

Married: Harry LOCKINGTON 1864.

Married: Henry GRUMLEY 1864.

Married: Samuel CLARKE 1864.

Married: Charles ODONNELL 1864.

Married: Hugh ROBERTS 1864.

Married: William OMAN 1865.

Mary Anne
Married: James Robert BOULTON 1865.

Married: Hugh Gault BREAKEY 1865.

Married: Ole Christian OLSEN 1865.

Married: John WARDROP 1866.

Married: William Macneil CARLETON 1867.

Mary Jane
Married: Oliver Augustus PETTERSON 1867.

Ellen Louisa
Married: Robert Walter MINETT 1867.

Married: Martin HARVEY 1867.

Married: Stephen COMTE 1868.

Married: Richard Samuel NORTON 1868.

Married: William DONALDSON 1870.

Married: John Thomas EDGAR 1871.

Married: James FERRIER 1871.

Married: George GOLDSTRAW 1871.

Married: William Baillie ENTWISLE 1872.

Married: John MCDOUGALL 1872.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SWAN lines.

JN 66558

SPARROW marriages 1883-1900 Victoria Australia

SPARROW marriages 1883-1900 Victoria Australia.


Married Theresa KELLES 1884.

William George
Married: Antje May SAYERS 1886.

Charles John
Married: Jemima Ann CALVER 1886.

Married: Fanny Luedser Brown 1890.

William Wade
Married: Mary Eliza CONOLLY 1890.

George Thomas
Married Jane MCPHERSON 1891.

Philip Louis
Married: Josephine Victoria MITCHELL 1892.

Married: Amelia WOODALL 1894.

Reginald Arthur
Married: Elouisa Mable HEATH 1894.

Francis Vivian
Married: Alice Jane PFEIL 1895.

Edward Henry
Married: Martha Jane HENDERSON 1898.

George Stephens
Married: Annie FRASER 1900.


Married: Richard PHILLIPS 1883.

Married: John STRAUGHEN 1883.

Married: Robert William DAVIS 1886.

Elizabeth Ann
Married: Albert TENNANT 1886.

Ellen Louisa
Married: Frederick Montague WATTS 1886.

Amy Blanche
Married: Henry William BOHUN 1886.

Lydia Jane
Married: Joseph BAVINTON 1887.

Married: Burns Baillie LANDELLS 1888.

Letitia Levinia
Married: Henry RUNDELL 1890.

Married: Robert DALGETTY 1892.

Rachel Susan
Married: Charles NUNN 1893.

Ada Theresa
Married: Thomas GRISDALE 1894.

Edith Elizabeth
Married: John TEAGUE 1894.

Married: William De Crillon BERTHON 1894.

Married: Frederick Thomas MCLOUGHLIN 1896.

Violet Mary Ann
Married: Frederick Arthur BOARDMAN 1898.

Eloise Mabel
Married: William Chris MCLOUGHLIN 1899.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SPARROW lines.

JN 66518

SHORTHOUSE marriages (females) 1862-1936 Victoria Australia

SHORTHOUSE marriages (females) 1862-1936 Victoria Australia.

SHORTHOUSE (females)

Annie Elizabeth
Married: John Francis SCOTT 1862.
Three Issues located.
1. Eliza Annie Georgina, born 1862, Richmond, Victoria.
2. Josephine Frances, born 1864, Gardiner, Victoria.
3. Julia Florence, born 1866, Richmond, Victoria.

Georgina Emily
Married: Alexander James CHARD 1887.
No Issues located.

Married: Harry MISKIN 1891.
Two Issues located.
1. Herbert Leslie, born 1893, Heidelberg, Victoria.
2. Frank George, born 1895, Heidelberg, Victoria.

Married: John HOLDEN 1895.
Four Issues located.
1. Violet May, born 1897, Elsternwick, Victoria.
2. Reginald John, born 1898, Elsternwick, Victoria.
3. Ada Isabel, born 1900, Collingwood, Victoria.
4. George Edward, born 1901, Essendon, Victoria.

Annie Georgina
Married: Justus ANGWIN 1895.
Five Issues located.
1. Justus, born 1895, Footscray, Victoria.
2. Eric John, born 1896, Footscray, Victoria.
3. John, born 1901, Seymour, Victoria.
4. William Penrose, born 1903, Seymour, Victoria.
5. Dorothy Annie, born 1907, Caulfield, Victoria.

Married: James Frederick VINCENT 1896.
No Issues located.

May Stoddard
Married: Edwin James HEWITT 1903.
Three Issues located.
1. Edwin John Hedley, born 1903, Brighton, Victoria.
2. Eva May Doris, born 1906, Brighton, Victoria.
3. Marjory Jean, born 1914, Brighton, Victoria.

Emiline Margaret
Married: Samuel Edward WINTER 1904.
No Issues located.

Susan Bertha
Married: Robert DEAN 1906.
Six Issues located.
1. Robert James, born 1907, Tallangatta, Victoria.
2. Violet Edna, born 1909, Bacchus Marsh, Victoria.
3. Benjamin George, born 1910, South Melbourne, Victoria.
4. Frank Edward, born 1913, Port Melbourne, Victoria.
5. Hector William, born 1915, Richmond, Victoria.
6. Norman Frederick, born 1918, Richmond, Victoria.

Married: Daniel HEHIR 1907.
Six Issues located.
1. Isabel, born 1908, Bacchus Marsh, Victoria.
2. James Patrick, born 1911, Bacchus Marsh, Victoria.
3. Clara, born 1913, Bacchus Marsh, Victoria.
4. Edward Francis, born 1916, Bacchus Marsh, Victoria.
5. Lillian Maud, born 1918, Bacchus Marsh, Victoria.
6. Benjamin, born 1920, Bacchus Marsh, Victoria.

Married: Arthur Joseph SHIELDS 1912.
Two Issues located.
1. Arthur Benjamin, born 1912, Port Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Gwenneth Cummings, born 1917, Richmond, Victoria.

Myrtle Alice
Married: Frederick GOLDING 1913.
One Issue located.
1. Ruby Mavis, born 1916, Brighton, Victoria.

Mary Elizabeth
Married: Cornelius HORRIGAN 1915.
Two Issues located.
1. Mary Elizabeth, born 1916, Richmond, Victoria.
2. Edna Celia, born 1920, Richmond, Victoria.

Married: James Joseph CONDON 1916.
Three Issues located.
1. Charles James, born 1916, Richmond, Victoria.
2. Jemima Ruth, born 1917, Richmond, Victoria.
3. James Joseph, born 1920, Richmond, Victoria.

Married: Ernest DINGLE 1917.
One Issue located.
1. John Benjamin, born 1918, Richmond, Victoria.

Florence Amy
Married: James Douglas HARGREAVES 1921.

Ruby Vera
Married: Forbes Alexander ANGUS 1924.

Gladys Flavia
Married: Stephen Leslie GIBBS 1925.

Bryden Amy
Married: Sylvester Harold TABUTEAU 1926.

Mavis Western
Married: Frank ROWLINSON 1935.

Ella Elizabeth
Married: William Alfred HUTCHINSON 1936.

Jean Isobel
Married: Richard Benson VINES 1936.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SHORTHOUSE lines.

JN 64408

SHORTHOUSE marriages (males) 1856-1942 Victoria Australia

SHORTHOUSE marriages (males) 1856-1942 Victoria Australia.


Married: Priscilla GREEN 1856.
Six Issues located.
1. Henry, born 1857, Collingwood, Victoria.
2. Ellen, born 1858, Daylesford, Victoria.
3. Emily, born 1861, Creswick, Victoria.
4. Priscilla, born 1865, Creswick, Victoria.
5. Clara, born 1870, Ballarat, Victoria.
6. Arthur, born 1873, Ballarat East, Victoria.

Charles James
Married: Eliza CHEESEMAN 1872.
Seven Issues located.
1. Annie Georgina, born 1873, Cheltenham, Victoria.
2. Ada Eliza, born 1875, Richmond, Victoria.
3. Charles Herbert, born 1877, Richmond, Victoria.
4. James Percival, born 1879, Richmond, Victoria.
5. May Stoddard, born 1881, Richmond, Victoria.
6. Alice Myrtle, born 1885, Brighton, Victoria.
7. George Alexander Neal, born 1887, Brighton, Victoria.

Alfred George
Married: Emma THORNTON 1873.
Seven Issues located.
1. Alfred George, born 1875, Burwick, Victoria.
2. Emmeline Mary, born 1877, Richmond, Victoria.
3. John Charles, born 1879, Richmond, Victoria.
4. Arthur William, born 1880, Berwick, Victoria.
5. Charles Edgar, born 1882, Berwick, Victoria.
6. Robert Alexander, born 1887, Berwick, Victoria.
7. Florence Amy, born 1894, North Broomfield, Victoria.

Charles James
Married: Annie HEWITT 1893.
Three Issues located.
1. Ruby Vera Hewitt, born 1896, Murrumbeena, Victoria.
2. Charles Rupert Hewitt, born 1898, Murrimbeena, Victoria.
3. Norman Leslie Hewitt, born 1900, Murrumbeena, Victoria.

Arthur William
Barbara Amy HEDRICK 1902.
Three Issues located.
1. Arthur Hedrick, born 1903, Hawthorn, Victoria.
2. Amy Brydon, born 1906, Hawthorn, Victoria.
3. Norton Thomson, born 1907, Berwick, Victoria.

Alfred George
Married: Lily Marion SKINNER 1905.
Two Issues located.
1. Gladys Flavia, born 1906, Berwick, Victoria.
2. Alfred George, born 1912, Berwick, Victoria.

Charles Edgar
Married: Annie SANDERS 1911.
No Issues located.

Married: Celia HINES 1912.
Four Issues located.
1. Jean Isobel, born 1912, Richmond, Victoria.
2. David Andrew, born 1913, Carlton, Victoria.
3. Ella Elizabeth, born 1914, Richmond, Victoria.
4. John William, born 1917, Richmond, Victoria.

Frank Guy
Married: Mary Vivien BANISTER 1912.
One Issue located.
1. Peter Howard, born 1914, St Kilda, Victoria.

Robert Alexander
Married: Marion Bayston WILKINSON 1912.
One Issue located.
1. Mavis Weston, born 1912, Berwick, Victoria.

James Percival
Married: Martha PHILLIPS 1914.
No Issues located.

George Alexander Neal
Married: Beatrice May BROWN 1919.
No Issues located.

Norman Leslie
Married: Edith Alexandra SMITH 1925.

Norton Thompson
Married: Jean Andrina MCPHERSON 1928.

Alfred George
Married: Violet Evelyn GRIEVE 1928.

Arthur Hedrick
Married: Lila Moronia CURRAN 1928.

Charles Edgar
Married: Erna Margaret KANTER 1931.

Alfred George
Married: Edith Irene CONNOP 1936.

David Andrew
Married: Audrey Corunna KING 1938.

Arthur Hedrick
Married: Helma Florence May KNOPP 1940.

Married: Margaret DOHERTY 1942.

Charles Rupert
Married: Jessie Kathleen Smith SOMERFIELD 1942.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SHORTHOUSE lines.

JN 64406

SHIRRA marriages 1854-1924 Victoria Australia

SHIRRA marriages 1854-1924 Victoria Australia.

SHIRRA (males)

Married: Anna Stuart FRASER 1858.
Four Issues located.
1. Elizabeth Catherine, born 1860, Geelong, Victoria.
2. Anna Stuart Fraser, born 1863, Geelong, Victoria.
3. Robert Thomas, born 1865, Ashby, Victoria.
4. Robert Bruce John, born 1867, Geelong, Victoria.

Married: Agnes URIE 1872.
Two Issues located.
1. Agnes Urie, born 1877, Geelong, Victoria.
2. Arthur Urie, born 1879, Geelong, Victoria.

Married: Jane MACLEROY 1882.
No Issues located.

Married: Matilda Evelina MILLER 1897.
No Issues located.

Arthur Urie
Married: Jessie Parkes ROBERTSON 1906.
Four Issues located.
1. Robert, born 1907, Geelong, Victoria.
2. Mary Urie, born 1909, Geelong, Victoria.
3. Bruce Robertson, born 1911, Geelong, Victoria.
4. Robert, born 1913, Geelong, Victoria.

Married: Mary HOLLAND 1908.
Three Issues located.
1. Vera Catherine, born 1910, Kew, Victoria.
2. Marjorie Mary, born 1913, Kew, Victoria.
3. Stanley Gordon, born 1915, Richmond, Victoria.

Thomas Jackson
Married: Lily JONES 1920.

Married: Dora WHITE 1924.

SHIRRA (females)

Married: William HIGGANS 1854.
No Issues located.

Alice Maud
Married: George Edward KING 1901.
No Issues located.

No SHIRRA marriages located in Victoria 1925-1942.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others
researching the SHIRRA lines.

JN 64072

STOCKER marriages 1848-1942 Victoria Australia

STOCKER marriages 1848-1942 Victoria Australia.

STOCKER (males)

Married: Mary Ann SANDERS 1877.
Three Issues located.
1. Sarah Frances, born 1879, Sandhurst, Victoria.
2. Isabella, born 1881, Sandhurst, Victoria.
3. Ernest Edward, born 1883, Sandhurst, Victoria.

... SANDERS recorded as LANDERS in the birth records.

Married: Lucy Lilly JACKSON 1886.
One Issue located.
1. Stella Maria Violet, born 1892, Hawthorn, Victoria.

Married: Isabella HERBERT 1896.
No Issues located.

George William
Married: Carol Edith BEULKE 1899.
Two Issues located.
1. Henry William, born 1900, Port Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Frances Kathleen, born 1901, Port Melbourne, Victoria.

Ernest Edward
Married: Alvina Alexandra WILLIAMSON 1916.
No Issues located.

Frederick George
Married: Alice Emily WILLIAMS 1931.

Henry William
Married: Edna LECOUILLIARD 1934.

Roger Percy Hydeman
Married: Jean Elspeth ROW 1936.

Married: Joy Agnes CLAYTON 1939.

Married: Thelma Elsie POWER 1942.

STOCKER (females)

Married: James WILLIAMS 1848.
No Issues located.

Sarah Martha
Married: John HUGHES 1854.
Four Issues located.
1. Elizabeth Annie, born 1855, Creswick, Victoria.
2. Sarah Harriet, born 1860 Mount Doran, Victoria.
3. Martha Mary, born 1863, Ballarat, Victoria.
4. Ellen Maria, born 1865, Clarendon, Victoria.

Sarah Martha
Married: William COOPER 1856.
Four Issues located.
1. William, born 1857, Castlemaine, Victoria.
2. Sarah Elizabeth, born 1861, Castlemaine, Victoria.
3. Edward Stocker, born 1863, The Loddon, Victoria.
4. Charlotte, born 1865, Strathloddon, Victoria.

Elizabeth Margaret
Married: Joseph SMITH 1868.
Two Issues located.
1. William John, born 1869, Sandridge, Victoria.
2. Charlotte Emily, born 1871, Sandridge, Victoria.

Married: Joseph ROBERTS 1869.
Three Issues located.
Elizabeth Ellen, born 1870, Ballarat, Victoria.
2. Amelia Jane, born 1872, Eaglehawk, Victoria.
3. William John, born 1876, Eaglehawk, Victoria.

Married: James WILLIAMS 1885.
No Issues located.

Married: Francis James MASKELL 1908.
Three Issues located.
1. Irene, born 1909, Brighton, Victoria.
2. Leonard, born 1913, Brighton, Victoria.
3. Ronald Francis, born 1917, Brighton, Victoria.

Married: George Edward COOPER 1915.
Two Issues located.
1. Dorothy Mavis, born 1916, Chiltern Victoria.
2. Herbert William, born 1917, Elsternwick, Victoria.

Charlotte Elizabeth
Married: Arthur COOPER 1933.

Married: Albert Arthur FARROW 1936.

Married: Leslie FARROW 1939.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others
researching the STOCKER lines.

JN 64060

STRUTH marriages 1856-1942 Victoria Australia

STRUTH marriages 1856-1942 Victoria Australia.

STRUTH (males)

Married: Susan TATE 1869.
Eleven Issues located.
1. Andrew Bishop, born 1870, Woodford, Victoria.
2. Henry James, born 1871 Woodford, Victoria.
3. Susan Jane, born 1872, Woodford, Victoria.
4. Alison Webster, born 1874, Nirranda, Victoria.
5. Susan Elizabeth, born 1875, Nirranda, Victoria.
6. Heleln, born 1876, Nirannda, Victoria.
7. Harriet, born 1878, Woodford, Victoria.
8. Martha Edith, born 1881, Woodford, Victoria.
9. Isabel Maria, born 1883, Woodford, Victoria.
10. Laura Lillian, born 1885, Woodford, Victoria.
11. Alexander George, born 1887, Woodford, Victoria.

Married: Frances MILLER 1870.
Five Issues located.
1. Frances Maude Victoria, born 1871, Warrnambool, Victoria.
2. Alexander John, born 1874, Warrnambool, Victoria.
3. Henry Harrington, born 1875, Warrnambool, Victoria.
4. Robert Nixon, born 1877, Warrnambool, Victoria.
5. Hamlet Bishop, born 1881, Ballarat, Victoria.

Thomas Nixon
Married: Ellie SUTHERLAND 1888.
Seven Issues located.
1. David Sutherland, born 1888, Tower Hill, Victoria.
2. Margaret Ellie, born 1889, Tower Hill, Victoria.
3. Rupert Nixon, born 1891, Woodford, Victoria.
4. Jean, born 1893, Woodford, Victoria.
5. Jessie, born 1895, Tower Hill, Victoria.
6. Alexander Lindsay, born 1897, Tower Hill, Victoria.
7. Mary, born 1899, Tower Hill, Victoria.

Robert Nixon Haye
Married: Margaret Cunningham CAMPBELL 1897.
No Issues located.

Hamlet Andrew Bishop
Married: Emily May GROVES 1899.
Three Issues located.
1. Victoria Theodora May, born 1900, Richmond, Victoria.
2, Dorothy Vera, boen 1901, Richmond, Victoria.
3. Doris Emily, born 1905, Geelong, Victoria.

Andrew Bishop
Married: Annie Elizabeth ODONNELL 1900.
One Issue located.
1. Annie, born 1902, Casterton, Victoria.

Henry James
Married: Mary Josephine CARROLL 1900.
Seven Issues located.
1. Jane, born 1901, Woodford, Victoria.
2. Alexander, born 1902, Woodford, Victoria.
3. Rose Anna, born 1904, Woodford, Victoria.
4. Patrick, born 1907, Woodford, Victoria.
5. Lillian, born 1909, Colac, Victoria.
6. Mary, born 1911, Warrnambool, Victoria.
7. Ellen, born 1914, Warrnambool, Victoria.

Henry Harrington
Married: Beatrice Mabel TALMAGE 1902.
Five Issues located.
1. Frances Beatrice May, born 1902, Richmond, Victoria.
2. Robert Alexander Henry, born 1905, Richmond, Victoria.
3. Elsie Theodora, born 1909, Richmond, Victoria.
4. Alma Dorothy, born 1916, Oakleigh, Victoria.

Married: Dorothy DOWN 1927.

Robert Alexander Henry
Married: Aileen Margaret MCINTOSH 1933.

Married: Ava VINNELL 1934.

Joseph Daniel
Married: Gertrude Gladys JONES 1936.

John Wilkinson
Married: Enid Muriel DAWSON 1942.

STRUTH (females)

Alison Virtue
Married: Thomas SIMPSON 1856.
No Issues located.

Jane Nixon
Married: Robert KNIGHTS 1864.
Six Issues located.
1. Andrew Bishop Struth, boen 1865, Warrnambool, Victoria.
2. Ambrose Robert, born 1866, Warnambool, Victoria.
3. Jessie Elizabeth, born 1869, Warrnambool, Victoria.
4. Alexander, born 1870, Warrnambool, Victoria.
5. Warburton Perry, born 1872, Warrnambool, Victoria.
6. George John, born 1873, Warrnambool, Victoria.

Married: Thomas OGRADY 1906.
Six Issues located.
1. Alice Agnes, born 1908, Warrnambool, Victoria.
2. John Lawrence, born 1909, Warrnambool, Victoria.
3. George Anthony, born 1910, Warrnambool, Victoria.
4. Harry Gerard, born 1910, Warrnambool, Victoria.
5. Gerard Thomas, born 1912, Warrnambool, Victoria.
6. Francis, born 1917, Warrnambool, Victoria.

... George and Harry were twins.

Married: Arthur HOGAN 1907.
Four Issues located.
1. Leonard Arthur, born 1908, Warrnambool, Victoria.
2. Alexander Struth, born 1910, Warrnambool, Victoria.
3. Isabel Edith, born 1913, Warrnambool, Victoria.
4. Arthur Stanley, born 118, Warrnambool, Victoria.

Married: Arthur COOKSON 1910.
One Issue located.
1. Dorothy Josephine, boen 1919, Melbourne East, Victoria.

Married: George Arthur LIGHTFOOT 1915.
No Issues located.

Louisa Lillian
Married: Leonard Leslie PARKINSON 1915.
Four Issues located.
1. Lillian Phyllis, born 1916, Warrnambool, Victoria.
2. Leonard Leslie James, born 1917, Warrnambool, Victoria.
3. Reda Mailer, born 1918, Warrnambool, Victoria.
4. Alexander Robert, born 1919, Warrnambool, Victoria.

Married: William James HECKLE 1920.

Victoria Theodora May
Married: Loughlin Neil SINNOTT 1922.

Frances Beatrice Maud
Married: Alfred COLLINS 1924.

Married: Oliver CHISLETT 1927.

Elsie Theorora
Married: Roy Ernest LINDSEY 1931.

Alma Dorothy
Married: Arthur Thomas NEILL 1933.

Rose Anna
Married: Gregory James OFLYNN 1935.

Married: Stewart CAMERON 1936.

Married: Lindsay Jasper VINNELL 1937.

Married: Raymond BARNS 1938.

Married: Norman Charles BRIDGMAN 1939.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the STRUTH lines.

JN 63863

SCRIVEN marriages 1901-1930 Victoria Australia

SCRIVEN marriages 1901-1930 Victoria Australia.

SCRIVEN (males)

Joseph Frederick
married: 1901 Sarah Jane OLIVER.

Lewis James
married: 1904 Rose OLIVER.

Donald James
married: 1909 Charlotte Bent BARTER.

married: 1909 Mary DAVIS.

married: 1912 Georgina Guthrie COPLAND.

George Francis
married: 1914 Rosina Ann HEADBERRY.

married: 1914 Daisy Mary HARD.

Frederick Claude
married: 1915 Rachel Priscilla BRERETON.

Walter Joseph
married: 1915 Daisy GRIEVE.

William Robert
married: 1918 Rose Minnie RADCLIFFE.

Henry Russell
married: 1920 Margaret Elizabeth BROWN.

married: 1920 Margaret Ann WOOD.

James Robert
married: 1921 Dorothea Mabel OBRIEN.

John Lawrence
married: 1923 Ethel May STEVENS.

Walter Joseph
married: 1924 Daisy Beatrice LONG.

James Robert
married: 1929 Mary CAREY.

SCRIVEN (females)

Charlotte Eliza
married: 1902 Arthur MILLS.

married: 1904 Patrick Owen OCALLAGHAN.

Amelia Alice
married: 1911 Edward James DALY.

Jane Margaret
married: 1911 Lennington Robert LOWE.

Jessie Ellen
married: 1911 John Michael LAWLER.

Anna Emma
married: 1913 James Edward NEALE.

Gladys Florence Letitia
married: 1913 Frank Herbert LOWE.

Carol Elizabeth
married: 1915 Francis Dixon MASON.

May Alice
married: 1917 Thomas DWYER.

married: 1918 Roland INGRAM.

Edith Maud
married: 1920 William Beresford SCOTT.

Emily Brice May
married: 1920 Alfred Cunningham TERRILL.

Elizabeth Dorothy
married: 1921 Thomas Patterson KELLOW.

Jane Rosehelena
married: 1921 Andrew Robert NEALE.

Eugene Mary Margaret
married: 1922 George Edward HEAD.

Charlotte Jane
married: 1926 Daniel GILLESPIE.

Sarah Elizabeth
married: 1926 Walter John GODDARD.

Evelyn Edna Emma
married: 1927 Harold Walter FITTOCK.

married: 1928 John FITZPATRICK.

married: 1929 William HENDERSON.

Sarah Ann
married: 1930 Henry Wood ANDERSON.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SCRIVEN lines.

JN 63318