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Pekama Titari or Titari Pekama - This is my great great grandfather

I have a photo of Pekama Titari 1826-1891 I restored and enlarged. It shows him with an impressive moko and although the photo was small, the enlargement shows all the detail. This is as far back in the Pekama line I can go until the name changes perhaps to Titari.

Pekama Titari was the father of Hemi Tahuhunuiorangi Pekama who married Kuini Ngahiwi Kiwikiwi who had Renata Waikakari Kawana Pekama who married my grandmother Reiha Miria Edmonds who had my mother Rhybon who lives with me and is 88 this year.

Interested in any information.

Wihongi Pekama Whanau

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Parata Heta-Te Kauwhata

My great grandmother Meriana Kaio Muhanis 2nd marriage was to Parata Heta Te Kauwhata (The Heta and Hetaraka lines from Ngati-wai) who looked after both my grandmother Mereana and my great grandmother with a love far beyond their lives.

I am interested in this line because there were quite a few marriages and ours is only one line of many. There is much confusion over my great grandmother Meriana. Some link her to a marriage she never had to a Wiremu Tairua (although her sister Ihapera was married to him) and others link my grandmother Mereana to a Mere Kerepeti also.

My grandmother was Mereana Chris Galbraith...or in te reo, Mereana Kirihi Kerepeti. This is not Kerepeti for Gilbert although there was a 2 Mere Kerepetis linked to other family lines. SUch is life... learning is fun. Linking is so much better as it makes for a wider whanau.

Wihongi Pekama Whanau

Meriana Kaio Muhani - 1) Chris Galbraith 2) Parata Heta Te Kauwhata. Chris abandoned Meriana and Mereana so my grandmother was raised as a child with her mothers 2nd marriage.
Mereana Chris Galbraith - Atawhai Pere Wihongi
Ianga Atawhai Pere Wihongi - Rhybon Pekama

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The Children of John Tucker Edmonds and Raiha Pekama

Kia ora Whanau...

Am interested in the updates on my grandmother Reihas brothers and sisters and their descendents. Living locally and close to Ngawha I am fortunate to still have my mother Rhybon with me and visit St Michaels often. Its a blessing to live amongst whanau but I realise there are still so many I have not yet met. Thats where the website comes in.

It has been exciting learning of Ganny Nanakias (Kereama) line in the East Coast over the past few years. Even more so to recently read of a reunion held in the Coast some time ago. Where would we be with out tribalpages.com, msn groups (now finished but worth its weight in gold at the time) and bebo. Although I tried to start a group I failed miserably in learning how to add people to it so they only link into my personal page. Must revisit that again soon and get the hang of it just to make those connections. Will see...otherwise will start again.lol. I am listed in bebo as dund4u so if your related and you want to be added to my page, just send a quick note by email to [email protected] with your login info and I will search for you and add you.

This is one of the lines I am interested of the many that there are. I am interested in photos of nanny and her brothers and sisters and their families etc. If I have "done this wrong" please forgive a first-timer. It can only get better...

Wihongi-Pekama Whanau xxx

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