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David Earl LINDSAY & Elizabeth BROWN - Napier, Hawkes Bay

Journal by ngairedith

- born in Glasgow, Scotland
married in 1856 to ELIZABETH BROWN (1838-1911)

the known children of DAVID & ELIZABETH:
... 1
1857 - Ann Earl Lindsay
- born in Wellington

... 2
1859 - 1907 David Earl Lindsay
- born in Wellington
- David was a Mail Agent to San Francisico
Hawke's Bay Herald, 26 Feb 1898
George Bee to David Earl Lindsay, small grazing run, No 14, Moeangiangi - Approved
DAVID died 15 May 1907 aged 48
20 May 1907 - With reference to the death of Mr David Earl Lindsay, for the past ten years mail agents on the mailboats running between Auckland and San Francisco, which occurred at a private hospital in Wellington last Wednesday night, the "New Zealand Times" says Mr Lindsay entered the hospital on Thursday week for the purpose of undergoing an operation (for a hernia). The operation was performed on Friday morning, since when the patient had made steady progress towards recovery. He was visited on the Wednesday evening by his brother-in-law, Mr R. D. Kelly (of the General Post Office), and when that gentleman left him, between 8 and 9 p.m., Mr Lindsay was quite bright and cheerful. A couple of hours later he complained to the nurse about his heart, and almost immediately died, death, of course, being due to heart failure.
Mr Lindsay was a popular and capable official, who might reasonably have expected promotion in the near future. He was extremely well liked by the officers of the American liners, with whom he had so frequently crossed the Pacific. He was in San Francisco during the big earthquake and fire in April of last year, on which occasion he distinguished himself by getting the mails away from the vessel in the harbour (after all steamers had been prohibited from leaving port), carried to the ferry depot, and from there transferred to Oakland, where they were placed on a Vancouver express. This was done by Mr Lindsay entirely on his own initiative, cable communication with New Zealand having been temporarily cut off. By his flight from the flaming city with the mails, Mr Lindsay was enabled to catch the mailboat at Vancouver and the bags were conveyed to Wellington weeks before they would have arrived had there been any hesitation on his part. Mr Lindsay's friend, who was staying in the same hotel, was killed in the next room to that occupied by Mr Lindsay. For his prompt action on the occasion mentioned, Mr Lindsay received the thanks of the head of the Postal Department.
Mr Lindsay, who was forty-seven years of age, was a son of the late Mr David Lindsay, an old and respected resident of Napier, and once a well-known contractor there. He was born on Wellington, but was taken to Napier when a child. He was there educated at the Napier Grammar School and on July 26th 1875, he entered the Post Office. He was at one time in the Christchurch office, and many friends in this district. The deceased gentleman was a bachelor. Mrs R. D. Kelly, whose husband is in the General Post Office, is a sister of the late Mr Lindsay and there are two brothers living in Napier
David is buried Plot 4 M, Section PUNLIC2 at Karori cemetery
December 1907 - David's Estate was certified for stamp duty at ‎£1549 (Dec 2012 equivalent of $243,800)

... 3
1861 -1865 Elizabeth Earl Lindsay
on 19th February 1865 at Napier, Elizabeth, second daughter of Mr David E. Lindsay, aged four years

... 4
1862 - 1865 Stephen Earl Lindsay
- born in Napier
on 19 November 1862, the wife of Mr D, E, Lindsay, of a son
on 16th April 1865 at Napier, Stephen, only son of Mr David E. Lindsay, aged 2 years and 6 months
He is buried Old Napier Cemetery

... 5
1867 - Agnes Earl Lindsay
on 19th February 1867, at Napier, the wife of Mr David E. Lindsay, of a daughter
- Agnes married Robert Daniel KELLY in 1891 at St Pauls Presbyterian Church, Napier. Robert worked at the General Post Office, Wellington

... 6
1869 - 1943 Thomas Earl Lindsay
* he was an Auctioneer and stock agent
Thomas married Cecilia Mary Lee RYAN in St Pauls Presbyterian Church, Napier
on January 21 1900, at Napier, Thomas Earl Lindsay to Cecilia Mary Lee Ryan, of Auckland
their known children
1900 - 1989 Eileen Elizabeth Earl Lindsay
- born 30 October 1900
- on 16 Feb 1914 Eileen, aged 13 years 4 months, of Omakere, was a 'first-day' pupil of the new Iona College
- Eileen married Gordon Spencer CAMPBELL in 1924
1901 - 1979 Kathleen Earl Lindsay
- born 12 December 1901
- on 16 Feb 1914 Kathleen, aged 12 years 2 months, of Omakere, was a 'first-day' pupil of the new Iona College
- Kathleen married Keith William Sutherland McRAE in 1923
1904 - 1993 Douglas Earl Lindsay
1910 - Ima Earl Lindsay
* Thomas died 16 Oct 1943 in Hastings, Hawkes Bay

... 7
1870 - 1948 Rosa Margaret Earl Lindsay
Rosa was a Teacher. She married Robert Finch HARRIS (1861-1906) in St Pauls Presbyterian Church, Napier 29 Sep 1899 as his 2nd wife. He had first married Ada Kate Norris in 1885. (In 1898 Robert was in Waipiro)
on 16 Aug 1897, at the Auckland Hospital, after a long and painful illness, Ada Kate, the beloved wife of Robert Finch Harris, and eldest daughter of the late Capt. Norris, of Tauranga, aged 34
their known children
1900 - Rita Louise Harris
on 17 Aug 1906, at Timaru, Robert Finch Harris, beloved husband of Rosa Harris, 2 Bristol street, St Albans, Christchurch
Rosa died 10 Sep 1948

... 8
1872 - Stephen Earl Lindsay
27 July 1915 in Waipukurau
Stephen Earl Lindsay was charged with the theft of an overcoat, valued at £2, from a motor car at the New Plymouth railway station, the property of W. G. Cresswell.
17 Aug 1917 in New Plymouth
Stephen Earl Lindsay, labourer, New Plymouth, pleaded guilty to a charge of failing to enrol as a reservist. It ultimately transpired that the defendant, who was 45 years of age was still liable to enrolment in the First Division. His Worship said he was satisfied that the man before him, James Williams (some reports have written James Wilson), was Stephen Earl Lindsay and that he had changed his name for the purpose of avoiding servie and he was convicted and sentenced to two months imprisonment with hard labour.
5 Nov 1918 at Gisborne
An arrest was effected at Tahunga station on Sunday last, by Detective McLeod and Constable Maloney, of a man named Stephen Earl Lindsay, alias James Wilson (some reports have written James Williams) who is thought to be a military offender. Accused appeared before Mr W. A. Barton, S.N., at the Police Court this morning, and was charged with having on November 28th, 1917, at New Plymouth, been absent from camp without leave; also on a further charge that, being enrolled in the First Division, he had answered questions by Detective McLeod in a false and willfully misleading manner. Sergeant Clarkson, in applying for a remand until the 12th inst., said that accused had only reached Tahunga station the night previous to his arrest, He had in his possession a leave-with-out-pay certificate in the name of William Hall, a C2 man. The adjournment was granted

... 9
1874 - 1930 John Earl Lindsay
John was born 2 March 1874
He married Julia Catherine Torr (1883-1916) in 1903 & had 6 known children
John died 24 July 1930 in Waipawa, Hawkes Bay

... 10
1877 - 1954 Elizabeth Earl Lindsay
Elizabeth was born 31 Dec 1877.
She was a School Mistress.
She married Thomas James BOLAND (1871-1939) in St Pauls Presbyterian Church, Napier 15 June 1909
5 February 1909 Thomas James Boland, was appointed deputy of the registrar of births and deaths for the district of Hutt.
Elizabeth died 25 May 1954 in Napier

... 11
1879 - 1948 Robert Earl Lindsay
Robert was an Engineer.
He married Gladys Barbara NEILSON in 1912 & had 2 known daughters
Robert died 23 March 1948 and his ashes at in Plot 37, Row F, Columbarium Niche Wall at Waikumete Cemetery

... 12
1881 - 1977 Jane Constance Earl Lindsay
born 7 September 1881, Jane didn't marry
She died 20 Aug 1977 in Napier

1858 WELLINGTON Electoral Roll
... David Earl Lindsay is a Carpenter in Ghuznee St

Wellington Independent, 12 April 1859
* Name: Lindsay, David Earl - Place of Abode: Thorndon Flat - Nature of Qualification: Freehold - Place where Property situate: Wingfield-street, house and land

30 October 1860 - PUBLIC AUCTION, Wellington
... Messrs SMITH & Co., have received instructions from the Trustees of the Land on Deferred Payments Society, to see by Public Auction at their Mart, Willis street, on Tuesday, 13th November, 1860 all that Freehold House in Molesworth street lately occupied by David E. Lindsay, with the land thereunto appertaining, having a frontage of 30 feet by a depth of 100 feet, now let for two years from 1st January, 1860, to L. Lewis, at a rental of ‎£50 per annum (equivalent to about $6000 in 2012). The above Lots are mortgaged to the Trustees of the Land on Deferred Payments Society, who will allow a large portion of purchase money to remain on mortgage if desired by the purchaser

11 January 1862 - Letter to His Honor Capt. Carter, Napier
... Sir, We, the undersigned, respectfully request your Honor to convene a Public Meeting, at as early a date as possible, for the purpose of discussing a system to be proposed for leasing the Agricultural Lands of this Province from their Native owners, and effecting an organization by which the views of the settlers on that subject may be laid before His Excellency Sir G. Grey.
We have the honor to remain, Sir, Your most obedient servants,
* Thomas Andrew Bridge
* John Buchanan
* W. Colenso
* G. Faulknor
* T. H. Fitzgerald
* John Garry
* V. Janisch
* J. J. Kelly
* David E. Lindsay
* Edward Lyndon
* W. Maltby
* Charles Mogridge
* W. Miller
* T. K. Newton
* W. Routledge
* H. B. Sealy
* James Symonds
* Thomas Dawson Triphook
* John Wilkinson
* Edward G. Wright

Hawke's Bay Herald, 8 April 1863
LIST OF THOSE PERSONS who during the months of January, February and March sent in the CLAIMS to the District of NAPIER for the purpose of having their NAMES placed on the ELECTORAL ROLL for the year 1863-64
Name: Lindsay, David Earl - Place of Abode: Napier - Nature of Qualification: Freehold -
Place where Property situate: Milton Road, Napier, part of Suburban Section No 24, consisting of a quarter acre with buildings thereon

30 May 1863 - O'CONNELL MONUMENT, Napier
... On Monday next, the 1st June, at ½-past 7 p.m. a Preliminary Meeting of persons disposed to co-operate with the Dublin Committee for the erection of a National Monument to the Memory of O'CONNELL, will be held at the Star Hotel, to arrange proceedings
* John Buchanah
* M. Boylan
* James Hoherty
* Alexander Browne
* R. D. Maney
* David E. LINDSAY
* Martin McNalty
* John Curling

13 June 1868 - in NAPIER
... It is hereby agreed by and between the undersigned WILLIAM MILLER and DAVID EARL LINDSAY, both of Napier, in the Province of Hawke's Bay, Builders, hitherto carrying on business in co-partnership together, at Napier, aforesaid, under the style or firm of "Miller and Lindsay," that the said partnership shall cease, determine and be dissolved by mutual agreement, as and from the fifteenth day of June, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight
- WILLIAM MILLER & DAVID EARL LINDSAY. Witness, Joshua Cuff, Solicitor, Napier
... In reference to the above notice of dissolution of the partnership hitherto existing between us, the undersigned, it is requested that all accounts against the late firm be sent in forthwith for liquidation, and that ll monies due to the same be paid without delay, to either, whose respective receipt shall be a sufficient discharge for all moneys paid to him on account of the said firm
THE undersigned begs to inform his friends and the public that the business heretofore carried on by the firm of "Miller and Lindsay," will for the future be conducted by himself alone; and trusts to merit as large a share of the public patronage as has been bestowed upon the late firm. DAVID EARL LINDSAY, Napier, June 11, 1888
- THE Undersigned, William Miller, in retiring from the late firm of "Miller and Lindsay," begs to thank the public for the support received during the time they have carried on business in Napier; and trusts that a continuance of that support will be bestowed upon his late partner, David Earl Lindsay, who will for the future carry on the said business on his own behalf. WILLIAM MILLER, Napier, June 11, 1868

... David Earl Lindsay applied to have his name erased from the list, as he was neither the owner nor the occupier of the section for which he was assessed. Name erased

... The following jury was impaneled:- David Earl Lindsay (foreman), J. Harris, C. Saunders, W. C. Hunt, C. Lamb, G. E. Toop, J. Wall, G. Clifton, T. Hyde, W. Tuckwell, J. Cooper and J. Morgan

... GENTLEMEN, My intention to stand at the approaching Municipal election is already known to you; and I now beg respectfully to solicit your votes. That the outlying parts of the Town and the Hill sections have not in the past had that fair attention which their due is a feeling no confined to myself. Representation on the subject have been made to me, and it will be my special care, if favored with your support, to endeavor to secure consideration for the wants of every part of the Borough in some degree proportionate to its contribution to the rates. I am, Gentlemen, Your obedient Servant, DAVID EARL LINDSAY

21 March 1879 - IN THE SUPREME COURT
... This is to notify that David Earl Lindsay, of Napier, in the Provincial District of Hawke's Bay, and Colony of New Zealand, Builder, has this day filed in the Supreme Court of New Zealand, Wellington District, at Napier, a Deed of Assignment, whereby the said David Earl Lindsay has conveyed all his property real and personal to John Buchanan, of Napier aforesaid, Gentleman, and Walter Guthrie, of Dunedin, Timber Merchant, as trustees for the benefit of all his creditors, and a meeting of the Creditors of the said David Earl Lindsay is hereby convened to be held at the Court House of the Supreme Court, at Napier aforesaid, on Tuesday, the 8th day of April, 1879, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, for the purpose of the said Creditors assenting to the said Deed. - Dated this 20th day of March, 1879, DUNCAN GUY, Registrar

... An arranging Debtor - Mr D. E. LINDSAY, is authorised to collect all Debts due to the Estate and to sufficient receipts for the same. All accounts must be paid forthwith. W. K. REES, Solicitor for trustees

7 December 1892 - DEATH of David Earl Lindsay
... At his late residence, Shakespeare-road, Napier, on December 7th, David Earl Lindsay, aged 68. The funeral will take place to-morrow (Friday), at 3 p.m.
... Mr David Lindsay, who has passed away to the unknown land, was for many years in business here as a builder, first in partnership with Mr William Miller, and later on singly. Mr Lindsay came to New Zealand from America some 30 years ago, in company with Mr Miller. Till a few years ago the deceased was a very prominent figure in local politics, taking a very deep interest in all that affected the well-being of the district. Mr Lindsay leaves a widow and grown-up family to mourn his decease, the news of which will be heard with regret by a large circle of friends and acquaintances

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