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Edward STANTON & Catherine HAWKESFORD - Motueka

Journal by ngairedith

Edward STANTON was born 1817 in UK

Catherine HAWKESFORD was born 1820 in UK

Ernest & Catherine married on the 13 July 1840 at
St Martin's Church , Birmingham, England

- 2 years later they emigrated to Nelson on the
Prince of Wales which sailed from London on 2 September 1842, arriving in Nelson on 31 December 1842 with 203 passengers
- Edward was 25, Catherine was 22
- Catherine gave birth to a child while at sea
- The child died during the voyage

- they lived for some time in Waimea Rd, Nelson

? Catherine Stanton died on 6 May 1865 in Nelson aged 45
- she is buried Plot 084 - Block 01 at Wakapuaka Cemetery Nelson

Edward remarried in July 1875 to Hester LOVELL (1813-1898)
- he was then 58 and she was 62

? Edward Stanton died on 24 September 1902 aged 85
- he is buried with Catherine at Wakapuaka

the known NZ born children of EDWARD & CATHERINE:

... 1
1844 - 1928 Anne Stanton
- married Francis William FLOWERDAY (1832-1905) on 7 August 1860
- Francis was a Baker
FRANICS died in 1905 aged 73
ANNE died on 12 July 1928 aged 84
- she is buried in Plot 004 - Block 22 at Wakapuaka Cemetery, Nelson

- their known children were: ????
(possibly more than Ernest)

1880-1952 Ernest Edward Flowerday
- Ernest married Trixie Lily HICHENS (1886-1908) in 1907
- Trixie was born in Christchurch
- she died in 1908 aged 22

- in December 1924 Ernest was fined ?1 (in Petone) for committing a breach of his prohibition order

- Ernest remarried to Ida LYFORD (1884-1947) in 1928


... 2
1845 - 1915 John Stanton
- John was for many years connected with the Government Printing Office. In October 1885 he put up for sale his 'substabtially built, near new 7 roomed house' on the corner of Waimea Rd & Hampden St, near the College. Gas and water laid on with garden well stocked with choice fruit trees
- in January 1890 he put up for sale 118 acres with a new 7 roomed house and outbuildings at Foxhill, about ? mile from Foxhill Railway Station. It was fenced and sub-divided with about 40 acres in Native bush
- he moved from Motueka, Nelson in about 1889 to Wellington and then spent the last 12 years of his life (1903-1915) in Petone
- he married Ann BLAYMIRES on 3 June 1874 at the home of the bride's mother (daughter of the late Joseph Blaymires) in Picton, Marlborough by the Rev. G.S. Harper
- Ann was born 1854 in Bradford, Yorkshire
- she emigrated with her parents, Joseph BLAYMIRES & Mary WILKINSON on the 'MARINER' which left Gravesend on 1 January 1859 and arrived in Nelson on 20 April 1859 with 141 passengers

- John & Ann had 6 children:

1875-1949 Catherine 'Kate' Mary Stanton
- was educated at the Foxhill State School, the Nelson Girl's College and the Wellington Girl's High School. She won an Education Board Scholarship and also passed her matriculation examination and gained sufficient marks to qualify for her D certificate for the pupil teachership
- she married George Frederick GEORGE (1858-1942) in 1917
- George was 1 of 11 children of Thomas GEORGE & Mary WALL who emigrated on the Martha Ridway in 1842 and settled in Carterton
- George was previously married in Melina GOSS (1858-1916) in 1882
- he died in Masterton on 22 April 1942 aged 84 and is buried in Plot FGG - ROW 26 - AREA: PLAN I at Archer St Cemetery
- Catherine Mary died 10 months later in Masterton aged 65 and is buried with him

1877-1963 Elizabeth Annie Stanton
- On 7 April 1903 Elizabeth was welcomed at a meeting as a foundation member of the Petone Baptist Church
- she did not marry

1879-1922 William Edward Stanton
- married Edith Catherine ROBB (1889-1955) in 1911
- Edith won a State School Scholarship in January 1903, coming 1st with 475 marks, at the Nelson city girls examination

1883-1971 Alice Jane Stanton
- born 3 February at home in Waimea Rd, Nelson
- she did not marry

1885-1944 Sarah May Stanton
- married Harley Robinson LITTLE (1888-1970) 5 January 1916
- Harley had the 'Exchange Hotel' in Nelson
- she married Charles Edward SHORTT (1869-1922) 25 May 1916
- to marry Harley for 4 months ???
- and Charles was 37 years older ???
- Sarah died in 1944 aged 68 as Sarah May Shortt
- research is continuing on her 2 marriages as they both seem questionable?? ... can you help?

- Charles Edward Shortt died on 4 May 1922 aged 74 and is buried at Terrace End Palmerston North

1895-1986 Francis Newton Stanton
- was a manufaturing jeweller in Wellington
- he married Harriett May BEYER (1897-1974) in 1919

ANN died on 28 April 1914 in Palmerston North aged 60
JOHN died on 14 March 1915 at 3 Riddlers Cres, Petone aged 69, survived by 2 sons & 4 daughters

... 3
1847 - 1871 Edward Stanton
- Edward died on 19 April 1871 aged 24
- he was formerly of Motueka, Nelson but had been living and working in Opotiki (maybe with sister Catherine)
- he drowned in the Waireka river Opotiki whilst attempting to cross in search of cattle and was swept away by the current. He was a member of the Bay of Plenty Volunteer Cavalry and was buried with military honors

... 4
1849 - 1902 Thomas Stanton
- Thomas did not marry
- on 3 January 1902 he wrote a letter of thanks to Dr Mackie and the Nurses of Nelson Hospital for their kindness and attention during his last 5 week stay
- he died 28 February 1902 in Nelson Hospital of a 'painful illness' aged 52. He is buried in Plot 083 - Block 1 at Wakapuaka next to his parents

... 5
1852 - ? Catherine Stanton
- born in Nelson, Marlborough
- Catherine married Thomas BROWNE on 27 May 1884 at the residence of J. P. Murray Esq of Totara, Opotiki
- Thomas was from Cootehill, County Cavan, Ireland

- a daughter, Editha Jane Browne was born in Opotiki in 1887
- Editha married Edgar NEVE in 1906

... 6
1855 - 1910 Elizabeth Stanton
- Elizabeth married Thomas Henry SHONE (1857-1923) in 1879
- she died in 1910 aged 55

- the children of ELIZABETH & THOMAS:
1880-1941 Maud Shone
- married Henry Joseph MURPHY (1885-1936) in 1909

1881-1956 Alfred Edward Shone
- married Bridget Mary HANNAGHAN (1884-1981) in 1905

1883-1936 Eva Emily Shone
- married Thomas Charles BEAUMONT (1890-1974) in 1920

1886-1950 Olive May Shone
- married Charles William WHITE in 1905

1889-1929 Thomas Leslie Shone
- married Frances Bell POPPELWELL (1890-1961) in 1913

1890-1951 Ivy Sefton Shone
- married Marmaduke Alfred PIKE (1891-1958) in 1912

1891-1950 Harry Ashton Shone
- married Josepha Marie MEEKAN (1901-1974) in 1920

about 1860 - ? Joseph Stanton
- Joseph married Elizabeth Jane FULLER (1859-1933?) in 1881

- the children of JOSEPH & ELIZABETH:
1882-1955 Harold Edward Stanton
- he married Hannah HOWAT (1885-1958) in 1906

1886-1944 Alice Elizabeth Stanton
- did not marry

1889-1965 Joseph Bernard Leslie Stanton
- he married Myrtle Edith STEVENS (1898-1973) in 1920

1892-? Ivy Amy Stanton
- she married Albert Leonard WARD (aka) PARRANT in 1930
- there was an Albert Parrant at Petone School in 1909

1894-1950 Beatrice Marguerite Stanton
- she married Lawrence GOODMAN (1893-1963) in 1914

1895-1964 Cyril William Stanton
- no wife found


? In December 1843 - Edward & Catherine arrive in Nelson

? In February 1848 - Edward, a labourer of Motueka, was qualified to serve as a Juror in the District of Nelson

? In Fenruary 1850 - Edward, a labourer of Motueka, was again qualified to serve as a Juror in the District of Nelson

? In January 1854 - Edward was one of about 254 men who signed a letter of farewell to Major Mathew Richmond, C.B., M.L.C., upon his retirement from public afFairs

? In August 1859 - Edward gave 5s as a subscription towards a testimonial to Mr WiLliam Hough for his services in aiding the development of the Nelson Goldfields

? In October 1860 - Eward was fined 15s and cost for allowing 3 cows to wander at large

? In January 1864 - Edward was fined ?1 (equivalent, in January 2010, to $97) for being drunk and ?3 ($292) for furious driving

? In March 1864 - Edward was fined 5 shillings for allowing a cow to wander at large on the Waimea road. He was charged with a similar offence on another occasion, but because he did not appear the case was dismissed

? In March 1867 - Edward was find 10s and costs for a breach of the Cattle Trespass Act

? In July 1875 - Edward married HESTER LOVELL

? In November 1882 - Edward's wife Hester applied for a protection order on the grounds that since their marriage he had failed to maintain her and that she had, since that time, supported herself by her own industry. The order was granted.

? In February 1890 - Edward was described as 'an elderly man' (he was 72) when
he was sentenced at a special Court to two months imprisonment with hard labour (last entry)

? In January 1892 - The Committee of the Nelson Jubilee, his Worship the Mayor occupying the chair, decided that Edward should be given a ticket to the dinner of the Jubilee which was to commence on the 25th

? In January 1899 - Edward was granted the Old Age Pension of ?18 per year. He was then 82 years old and had been in the Colony for 56 years
(?18 per year is equivalent in 2010 to $2,918 or $56 a week)

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by val63 on 2011-01-07 15:40:16

Hi Ngairedith,
Thanks for your reply.
Edward Stanton's eldest daughter Anne married Francis Flowerday. Their daughter Clara Caroline Anne Flowerday married James Douglas Robb. Their first daughter was Edith, who married William Edward Stanton (son of John). They were my grandparents.


by Trevor Robb on 2012-12-26 04:25:22

By Trevor Robb. (email trevor@hadlow.co.nz )
By way of further information about Anne Stanton and Francis Flowerday, their daughter Clara Caroline Anne had two children prior to marrying (In Nelson on 26/07/1887) James Douglas Robb. Mr Robb kindly adopted Claras two boys, Thomas and Ernest.
Here are the full details of Claras children.
Clara Caroline Anne Flowerday/Robb
Born 1861 as Clara Caroline Ann Flowerday, mother ANN, father FRANCIS WILLIAM

These are the recorded live births of her children;

Date Family Name Given names Mothers Given Names Fathers Given
1882 Flowerday Thomas Clara Caroline Anne Not Registered

1884 Flowerday Ernest John Clara Caroline Anne Not Registered

1888 Robb Edith Catherine Clara Caroline Anne James Douglas

1890 Robb Myrtle Amy Clara Caroline Anne James Douglas

1892 Robb Nessie Marguerita Clara Caroline Anne James Douglas

1893 Robb Douglas Thomas Clara Caroline Anne James Douglas

1895 Robb Annie Clara Caroline Anne James Douglas

1897 Robb Eric Vincent Clara Caroline Anne James Douglas

1900 Robb Edmund James Clara Caroline Anne James Douglas

When she married Mr James Robb in 1887, he not only adopted Thomas and Ernest, but he also gave them his family name and new given names.
Thomas became Frank Robb
Ernest became James Robb.

Clara Caroline Anne Robb died in 1932, aged 71.
Her husband James Douglas, died in 1922, aged 70.

by Elaine64 on 2013-05-26 18:04:34

Elaine Shortt 27th May 2013

Sarah May Stanton was definitely married to Charles Edward Shortt. She was a friend of his daughter Lillian Shortt and it was his second marriage. Lillian Shortt was my husband's Great Aunt, and we learnt this from her. In fact I was given "May's" engagement ring as it was left to her when May died. Aunty Lil gave it my husband Derek for me as our engagement ring. To my knowledge she never remarried, however I cannot guarantee thatn.

by ngairedith on 2013-05-27 04:50:03

thank you Elaine for that info
Great too that you have the ring

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